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Name: Minato Ishida
Favorite School Subject: Japanese Literature
Favorite Food: Takoyaki

Theme Song:

Why They Fight:
Minato Ishida is somewhat of an anomaly. Born in Tokyo, he grew up as a mostly affable and friendly young man, always demonstrating good manners and consistently being polite. He was respectful, charming, and quiet – never causing issue or uproar and never being considered an “interruption” or a “disturbance” by his teachers. There were however, glimpses of another side to himself that would spill out, teasing a strict code of ethics and morals reserved for an older man.
Minato was raised by a father in the criminal justice system, and it was engrained into him at a very early age the importance of justice, of the stark difference between what is right and what is wrong. Young Minato took these lessons to heart – he became a member of his school’s “Disciplinary Committee” reporting on those he would have considered wrong-doers with a cold and ruthless demeanor, and reporting directly to the highest social level at the school:

The Sarayashiki Student Council.

It wasn’t uncommon for the elite group of students to take personal umbrage with Minato – his willingness to commit violence against those he considered a “disruption” and the “riff raff” he had associated with – including “Ten Ton” Takuya and Ana Tamura. The first being Minato’s first “real friend” and the second being his closest to his Lieutenant. Others in the Student Council committee wielded the 3 delinquents as a personal spear against other schools, wanting to crush any competition and growing addicted to the power. It wasn’t long before the “Disciplinary Committee” was considered more of a gang of street punks than anything else. Minato and the others didn’t mind, they were fighting for their own reasons…

A series of events in his personal life, as well as the corrupted nature of both the Student Council and those who were in power, Minato and the others abandoned their role as arbiters of justice. The final straw came after a vicious fight between their ranks and a rival school's gang. Likely a set-up by their own student council, Saryashiki's Delinquents were joined by a classmate - Yonaka Aimi - a particularly volatile girl with a connection to Minato.After that particularly violent encounter, the earliest incarnation of the Sarayashiki Gang realized that they didn’t need their schools support or approval. Minato swore that they would take Sarayashiki by force, and from there they would “correct” all of the other schools that would try and make their claim. With split lips and bruises, the four of them promised to crush everyone who broke their view of “justice” beneath their heels. With that, Minato and the newly christened Sarayashiki Gang began to align themselves with similarly broken people, coming together under various reasons in order to force the world to work to their perspective.

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Favorite School Subject:

Favorite Food:
Pocky (or just sweets)

Theme Song:

Why They Fight:
Akina fight because she want to stand up for what is right, even if she has to become a delinquent

Akina was born in a high class family, by day, she is picture perfect daughter with a respectful rich man and his rich wife, that acts prim, proper and of course, perfect but by night, she is part of Sarayashiki Gang, that acts as a head strong and strategies of the gang, trying her to best to separate her perfect life from gang life cause unlike her rich family, she thinks of gang as her real family “....But um, don’t tell them that”
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I’m just missing a picture.
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What she looks like in normal life. She has wigs and contacts as to change her looks for jobs or to create a new identity.

Name Morrigan

Favorite food depends on her mood. But spicy stuff.

Why she fights
To survive as it the only thing she knows. To find purpose and a few other hidden things.

Um as for song shrug. There a few im stuck on as they all fit her.

She very quit and not very social and prefers being alone. She never causes trouble and grey morals based on what she was taught. She really like a robot or a person going through the motions. She has perfect scores and yet seems like she not trying. Secretly she very caring and gentle. But deep down is a abyss of darkness. She not sure who she is or about normal life or anything. For a person with perfect memory. She lacks her own identity and has lot learn. Shes just knows her training and what they forced her to learn.

Short version of her history

Born a clone who was used in illegal experiments. She was trained as a assassin and investigator. Her nick name was Killer Holmes. Her mind was genius level and yet her assassin skills where impressive. She never really had a childhood. From birth her life was training and experiments. After passing her final exam she broke out of the site and fled. But she soon started developing health issues. She realized she needed a place to stay. She then choose a shady alley for her home. She decided to enroll in school as to appear normal. She developed her own spying and assassination business and taking shady jobs. She got enough money to get clothes and a old abandoned home. She soon became famous in the crime world with a new name Lady Reaper. She slowly improving her life. But with multiple identities she struggles to be herself. Recently she gained enough money to upgrade and use a old facility for her needs and hideout. Add a fe connections who owe you a favor. She makes it work. It is never easy and never will be. Her health is slowly fading and yet cant afford medical stuff. So she been looking for a gang or crew to join. So she can move forward and have people to call family.

( hope this ok.)
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Hey Leyroy - there's some character things in there that don't fit our story, a famous clone assassin is too high concept for the street level story we're going to be playing.
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(高梨裕矢 Takanashi Yūya)
Birthday: April 14th
Blood Type: B

Food——————————Strawberry Parfait
Class——————————Japanese History
"Wait a minute. Is that little Rin-chan I see in tow? How you doing, kid?"

"Hello, mister."

"Thanks for letting her tag along, dude. I ... had to get her outta the house."

"Say no more. Rin-chan, would you like a melon soda? Or an apple juice?"

"Really? Is it okay?"

"Whatever you want, you've got it."

"Hmmmmmm ... soda, please!"

"Here you go."

"Thank you very much!"

"Rin, just be careful, alright? I'll be right here ............ You didn't have to do that, man."

"I was already at the store, so don't go pretending it was some noble thing. As for us grown-ups ... They were outta Yebisu, but Asahi is fine, right?"
"As long as it's cold, and as long as you got enough."

"Shit. Things must be pretty bad at Castle Takanashi if you're sayin' moody crap like that."

"She ain't safe in her own house right now, never mind the park at 9pm. So, yeah. You could say that."

"It ain't all bad. She's got her onii-chan to protect her."

"From the chairs and dishes flying at her head, maybe. But the words? The crap he's said to her? I dunno ... Drunk old bastard. Piece of shit. Ah, sorry for blabbing, man; I'm pissed off."

"You're allowed to be, brother. Crack one open; cool yourself down a little. Forget about that scumbag for a while."

"Kanpai ... Heh. I'm surprised Oguni-sensei hasn't confiscated that cooler from you yet."

"Ah, the other troublesome old man. He hasn't confiscated it because he still hasn't found it. Blind as an earthworm. I leave it right there, you know, under the old jūdō mats that no one uses, but he don't notice shit. Hey, how about a cigarette in exchange for the cold one? I'm all out."

"Oh, so that's how it is. Too proud to just mooch like anyone else, so you bribe me with beer first."

"Heh heh heh heh."

"Hah hah hah ... You need a light, too?"

"Nah, I got one."


"K'shuuuu, that hits the spot ..."


"... Eichii and I got a question for ya, Yūya."

"Oh, yeah? Maybe he should freakin' be here if he wants to chat. Where is that joker?"

"He still walks home with that sweet thing from Class A. I think it's finally about to get serious."

"For real? No kidding."

"I don't kid. Anyway, this question is from both of us."

"Well, that's enough suspense outta you, anyway; so what the hell is it?"

"... When are we takin' it back, man?"


"Come on, Yūya; no playin' dumb. We both know you better than that."

"No, really ... Don't look at me like that."

"Then stop playin' this game. You want me to spell it out for you? Fine: Ishida, man. Ishida! He and his little groupies ambush us in our spot one time, one fucking time, and now you're gonna just let him keep it, let it all just happen without our input or approval? No, man, no-no-no-no; that ain't you. You're planning somethin', Yūya. You gotta be. And it's about time that Eiichi and I got in on it."

"Onii-chan, I'm about to jump! Look, look!"

"Yeah! Way to go, Rin! ... He's the banchō now, dude, and we're his soldiers. What you're proposing would be treason."

"So what? You don't wanna be his lackey. You don't wanna roll over and wag for him like all his little bitch-whelps. You don't."

"... You're right. I don't. But—"

"'But' what?!"

"... I've just never seen the school like this before. Things were fine before, but under Ishida-san—I dunno, dude, we've been—what's the word?—... more serious. Yeah."

"I can't believe what I'm hearing."

"I command more soldiers as his vice-captain than I did as banchō. But you heard him at the last rally, too. Saying that once we've mopped up Sarayashiki, we're gonna expand to the—"

"Enough. Enough, before I puke! ... Hold on, I'm gonna need another beer for this ... Look, Yūya, I know you haven't been to literature class but one or two times all year, but you oughtta know what they had us reading a few weeks ago."

"This leads to a point, right?"

"Paradise Lost. You know, that poem about Lucifer. And you wanna know what Lucifer says, dontcha? He says: 'It's better to rule in hell than serve in heaven.'"


"I ain't angry or betrayed or nothin', man. Not yet. I just think you've forgotten the rules of nature around here. I dunno, maybe you've grown fat and placid on the ... the milk and honey of Ishida-yarou's new world."

"Man, I hang out with you to get away from poetry, not to catch it from your dumbass mouth."

"I'm only trying to help you, bro, so listen up for a minute. Just one. If you take nothing else away from our little pow-wow, then this is the important part."

"Onii-chan, you're not looking!"

"I'm looking right now! ...... Alright, Hiroaki. I'm listening."

"We're third-years now, brother. High school's less than a year away, and then what? Come April the three of us will be ripped apart and thrown into different schools? Forced to start over in new hallways, against new gangs and new banchō all by ourselves? We'll wait for the guys a year, two years above us to start graduating out before staking a real claim, all the while defending our little scraps? Not a chance, Yūya. Not while we're still here, together, letting another chance at our legacy slip through our fingers."


"You know, for a while there, we were the big dogs that everyone had to worry about around here. And it's not too late to become those wolves once again. Chrissake, it's only our third year! But this year is our last chance, bro. At Sarayashiki greatness; a legacy unbesmirched by that Ishida bastard and his ... upstart ideas. We could still be like 'Piston Fist' Genda, or like Momoko the Razor: legends."

"Hey, we could always play a few really good games, make it to the prefectural playoffs."

"Very funny. Come on, bro. You don't actually wanna be remembered as some nobody's lieutenant. You don't wanna wither and die under any shadow, but his least of all. You wanna remind these twerps how it felt to measure every step they took, for fear of crossing Sarayashiki's Three Kings. Don't you?"

"......................... I dunno, Hiroaki. You're right, but—"

"Fuck yeah I'm right."

"—but what if it's just the way things are supposed to be? Maybe we lost fair-and-square."

"Hey, look. C'mon, look at me. How likely is it that some skinny, long-haired faggot and his gaggle of fangirls took down the baseball club without any tricks or schemes? That they beat you because they were actually stronger than you?"

"... I guess pretty unlikely."

"And you would guess right, my friend. That's why you're thinking about this all wrong. You didn't 'lose' our turf; they stole it from you, through deception. And dishonor."

"Maybe ... Yeah, maybe."

"So that's the crux of what Eiichi and I have been wondering ... How long are we gonna let this transgression stand?"

"And when are we making it right. Rising to retake the Sarayashiki crown and become the Three Kings once more."

"So? What's your answer, 「bosu」?"

"......... I dunno. I need time to think about it. Even if it's what I want, we gotta gather allies, be sure it'll succeed this time ..."

"Hmmm. Then, I need your assurance on something else."

"... Yeah?"

"The way you're lookin' at your little girl right now; makin' sure she doesn't fall from the jungle gym, or God forbid, get approached by one of those playground perverts ... wanting to be there in a millisecond, so you can make everything better, and keep her safe. You've got a heart, Yūya, even if you wanna look like you don't. But promise me that your big friggin' heart ain't tuggin' for anyone in the gang. Promise me there's no skirt you wanna protect; no pity for the losers who'll inevitably go down with Ishida's sinking ship; nothing to stand between you and what's gotta be done."

"It ... it ain't like that, Hiroaki."

"You sure? Can you look me in the eye and make that promi—"

"It ain't like that!"

"... Alright ... Good enough. It sounds like we'll at least know your real intentions soon. Maybe after the next war-council."

"After the next war-council. Maybe."


"It's like you said: we've got until the end of the year."

"Think about it, then, if that's what you need. But if you're gonna stand up to him, know that you've got the two of us watching your back. Even if the rest of the baseball team has forgotten."

"The best in all of Sarayashiki, right?"

"................. Another beer?"

"No. I need another fucking cigarette."
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Kevin Nogliny

Favourite School Subject:
Shop class

Favourite Food:
Fried chicken (KFC specifically)

Theme Song:

Why They Fight:
Why not? Kevin's been a pretty rough guy since he was little and tussling has been a great pass time.

Kevin's mother and father met while his dad, an army man, was stationed in Japan. His dad was leaving the army pretty soon after his son was born but things didn't work out with his mom and the two split, Kevin's dad taking custody of the baby and bringing him to be raised in the states. Most of Kevin's life was spent in the land of the free and home of the brave but when Kevin's dad got another job as a private security consultant based out of Japan, the two moved back to the land of the rising sun and Kevin was enrolled in the new school.

Luckily Kevin's dad wanted the boy to keep in touch with the other half of his heritage and made sure to teach him enough Japanese to now finish out his schooling in this new land. There was definitely a lot of prejudice against the new kid from far away at Kevin's new school but being able to handle himself in a scuffle let Kevin build up enough of a reputation to not be picked on for his accent though this left him with little to no real friends. During this time Kevin got really into his bike, a stand-in for the camaraderie he lost moving here. Eventually he found some friendship in the Sarayashiki gang and built up some semblance of respect from his other peers.

Calling Kevin a delinquent is a bit of a stretch to begin with. While he has no qualms throwing down at the drop of a hat, Kevin is mostly an easy going, upbeat guy and isn't wholeheartedly opposed to following the rules when it suits him. He doesn't break the rules because he can, he does so when when it's in direct opposition to what he wants to do.

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