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Personal Quote: Sometimes, I think I'm the only thing keeping this town form going to total shit.

Name: Joshua Reilly

Gender: Male

Race: Mixed Caucasian/Hispanic

Nationality: American

Age: 31

Occupation: Town Sherriff

Family: Richard Reilly (Father, Deceased), Luisa Espinoza Valdez (Mother, Deceased), James Reilly (Brother, lives in California)

Horse: Sultan

Possessions: Josh generally wears comfortable clothes in the summer and sports a long duster for the winter months. He wears a Schofield in a holster on his waist and carries a double barrel shotgun when he's patrolling the town. One of the local bar flies nicknamed Josh's shogun "Knock Knock" and the name sort of stuck.

If he ever feels the need for an extra bit of range, Josh has a Spencer rifle in his lock up at the sheriff's office. Never far behind Josh is his dog, Deputy He is well trained and a loyal friend to his master.

Skills: Josh is a good shot and a fair rider, but most of his time spent as a sheriff is talking to people. He believes that talking someone into giving up is better than wasting a bullet on them.

Personality: Josh is friendly and affable with the folks in town, but he finds the job of policing quite exhausting. Still, it's his job and he gets paid for it, so he does the best he can. He's been thinking about hiring a deputy (a human one) for quite some time, but the right person hasn't come along yet.

Likes/Dislikes: Josh likes peace and quiet, as it means his job is very easy. If it's not, the Josh likes to get the job done in a way that leaves the most people satisfied, as that generally keeps the peace better. When he's not working, he finds joy in enjoying food and drink at Roy's Saloon.

Josh doesn't speak much about his past, but he has mentioned that he's had a few odd jobs before becoming sheriff. He's been a gunhand, a bounty hunter and a driver for Wells Fargo before arriving in Longwater. Once he arrived, he decided that this was a good town to make a living in, and he's stayed ever since.
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