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Time: Morning 10 AM
Location:Ironhold Gakhumi’s Tavern
Interaction: @Helo Bowyn & @Potter Rue
Equipment: basic travel pack, medical pack, foot soldier armor, foot soldier shield and weapons. 800 Amas

Mead trickled down the young corporal’s throat as he remembered the events of his meeting with the dwarven king. He had never even met the general of his battalion as a lowly medic, so he was glad for the stoic training that allowed all dwarves to be able to face down a horde of charging orcs as if their faces were cut from the mountain that held their beloved Ironhold. The air in the small council chamber he had met the king and just three other people, had been so heavy that it could have converted coal into diamonds.

The poor medic had heard carefully the quick back story as to how he was blood related to the imposing king. His eyes had widened at the indiscretion of his otherwise saintly mother. It was hard for him to believe that somebody as pure as the woman who had raised him had committed such a faux pas. Verna must have really loved the king to do something so scandalous.

Arn held his father, (step father) in much higher esteem. Not once had any differing attitude towards him when growing up. Even now, as they prepared to have a little girl, Thur had shown him nothing but love and kindness as if the young corporal had come from his own seed. It was actually because of his urging that he had come to Ironhold in the first place.

While the young dwarf had seen the broadcast like many other, it had not felt personal. He was only a nameless cog in the war machine. He knew that the army would mobilize which is why he had taken some leave to come home and tell his parents he would aid in the war effort by reenlisting. Thur of course had been proud and Verna had been the worried mother.

In comparison, the king had shown no concern or care for the young medic’s feelings. He was briefed what was necessary and then assigned a mission. This did not feel like a family reveal but rather a suicide mission. He had been given all the responsibility of all of a sudden belonging to the royal family without the benefits as he was ordered to not reveal his parentage to any other than Lady Annya herself.

There was another groan that escaped the soldier as he sat there drinking his mead. He was not drinking it to forget as he was to immediately embark on his new mission, but rather, it was to aid him in his deliberation. He had to come up with a plan. He always came up with a plan. War had already been declared and sealed in blood.

There was no hope of negotiation. I had been lack of communication that had led to such an act. Perhaps if he managed to somehow find, and join Princess Annya, he could steer her into a more peaceful approach. But he knew that this would be like trying to dam a raging river with sticks at first. It was clear that sadness, turned to rage and rage to death. Often the death of peace and joy inside a person. Even when that blood debt should be paid, there is only emptiness that remains.

Again the young corporal groaned as he knew the long hard road in front of him. Yet, like any forced march, all one could do was keep their head down and put one foot in front of the other. He was about to take another swig of his mead when some one bumped his arm causing it to spill. The young dwarf promptly up righted his tankard and looked at the stumbling person who promptly sat in the seat across from him.

His medic eyes immediately registered the man to be completely inebriated but something in his pupils told the trained dwarf that perhaps there was something else in side the man’s system .There was a sadness in the man’s eyes that mixed with, probably a mind altering, substance. The slurred speech produced nothing but drunken nonsense. Or was it nonsense? Apparently, he had heard Arn ponder out loud. There was a saying amongst dwarves that children and drunken men tell no lies.

The man had a point, the light elves had been the leaders in dishing out reparations in the last war, or so he had heard. The rest of the races were content to rebuild and did not want any of the nasty trouble of the aftermath. Much death had happened on both sides but perhaps the light elves felt the dark elves had not paid enough of penitence.

The young corporal after a few seconds of scrutiny produced a wide smile. Though the man looked rough and the worse for wear, there seemed to be no malice in the icy blue eyes. “Hail there friend. You offer some sage advice. Though I feel that we can’t place all blame on the light elves. You are correct in your assumption that I am geared for battle.” He looked at his own mug which was emptying. While he did not want the man to get alcohol poisoning, he also knew that he was not in any position to convive him otherwise so instead he signaled the bar maiden for another round for the two of them as he continued talking.

“Before I answer your other inquiries, allow me to introduce myself. I am Arn Thurson, medic of the second infantry battalion….” He was still talking when a lady’s voice interrupted him. The dwarf turned to look upon a pretty face with ice blue eyes framed by white hair with purple hints. He swallowed hard at such cutness. “Um Hi…” he said curiously then stood up respectfully and offered the lady his own chair. “I am assuming you two know each other. Please join us.”

The young medic removed his tankard, which the bar tender had just deposited there a few seconds before, from his old spot and moved to a spot on the table between them. Arn waited until the bartender was out of ear shot and then addressed both of them again. “It is a pleasure to meet you both. As I was saying. I am Arn Thurson, a medic.” He turned to the lady, “your friend here was giving me some advice on how one goes about meeting Sun Elf royalty.”

Realizing he was talking to a lady he lowered his head shyly and instead turned to the silver haired lad. “I would very much like to know who I have the pleasure of meeting if you don’t mind.” He gave him a pleasant smile. Then with a meeker tone and smile he half turned to the fairy lass. “Um, and you too miss if possible.”
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Time: 10:00 AM!!
Location: Leaving Roshmi City Alleyway ---> The Nest Exterior
Interactions: Orias @helo, Sivaros @GingerBoi123, Kuroi @hide on mana, Mika @Tae
Equipment: Sidesword, dagger, billhook, and armour. A pouch with 112 amas in. A long-sleeved cloak and a cat mask.

Nabarra's eyebrow shot up at Koldar's statement. She did not consider that he'd be unable to see this under the mask. "Your kingdom? Yer king won't be fuckin' happy with tha' choice of words. But whatever, this fuckin' Kasai chap sounds like a right cunt. He ought to 'ave a bloody responsibility. When we get this goin', if he's not fuckin' with us, he's fuckin' against us," she said, adjusting her cloak.

Nabarra watched Koldar leave the alley, and all she could think was Thank fuck. She had no idea where this "nest" was, and the thought of both leading and finding the way was not one she treasured. But as she stepped out of the alley and began tailing Koldar, all traces of that vanished. She kept close. Never letting him get out of sight. The crowd clamped around her. It squeezed into her consciousness. But this time she had Koldar to tail, and he seemed to cope well with this. Cope better at least. There was no real way for her to gauge how he felt about it. The noise bludgeoned her ears, but at least nobody stared. Not this time. She focused on her feet. One in front of the other. Left, right, left...

And before she knew it they had arrived. The din was unbearable here, but what could she expect? It was a pub. Koldar began talking, but was cut off by the doors crashing open and several patrons spilling out. Nabarra looked over to Koldar, catching his eye with a twinkle in hers. "You were gonna say as foolish as you?" she asked with a chuckle. "I think we found our motherfuckers. Kicked out of a bar notorious fer fuck off fights, for what bloody well sounds like a fight? Yeah."

She turned to Koldar and said "Righto, let's fucken' do this," before ducking through the crowd towards the entrance to the bar. Unlike before, she was deftly weaving through the people, pushing some aside and darting out of the way of others. She had a goal, and she would get it. She tapped the closest of the group on the shoulder, saying "Oi fucker. Do you hate Dark Elves too? How do ya feel about helpin' my friend and I bloody well kill some?"

She hated being so forward, but what else can you do with drunk people? Either way, this approach tended to work. More often than not anyway. If they happened to love Dark Elves, the rest of the crowd would back her.
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Time: 10am
Location: Gakhumi’s Tavern - Ironhold
Interactions: Arn @Omni5876, Rue@Potter
Equipment: 1 hunting knife, a flask of alcohol, a backpack, small tent, blanket, waterskin, rope, fire starting kit, light maker, cooking pot, a bar of soap, some drugs; skaula (8 grams) and zemak (1 ounce), rolling papers, and 83 amas.

Bowyn nodded and tried to listen to everything Arn said, he caught most of it. Arn from the army, that was good, he knew very well that dwarves knew how to hit hard. Even better than Arn being from the army, he also ordered more drinks. He had been paying close attention to the dwarves' words, trying not to focus on the way the man's beard moved as he spoke that Bowyn had not noticed another entering the tavern.

“You are excellent company, Arn.” Bowyn said as he smacked the table with appreciation.

"Fancy meeting you here."

A familiar voice. It had been a long time since he’d seen anyone from his own village, anyone he would call a friend. He was caught off guard, an immediate feeling washed over him. The same one he used to get back home when the first real day of winter came. The day where it was proper cold again when the first real snow arrived to coat the ground and everything about the world felt beautiful and serene. They didn’t have proper cold and perfect snow like that away from home, or maybe they did and he just couldn’t find the peace in that anymore.

For a second he smiled like a child does on a perfect day and then his happiness shifted into terror.

Why was Rue here? What was she doing so far from their village? The village was safe and the rest of Avalia was unforgiving. It chewed a person up, it hurt, and it took things that no one could ever heal or make right again.

He would not allow Avalia to do to Rue what it had done to him. He didn’t just know that like a thought, he felt it, in the same place that he felt the dangerous cold that wanted to steal the life from every dark elf. The part of him that felt like he could walk through fire and still be cold.

Everything in his head grew too loud to hear what Arn and Rue were saying. There was the cold, and the rage, and knowing that perfect days of winter now felt like nothing. and the fear, and deep dread that something awful could come close to someone he still cared about. There was no more euphoria; there was only a tavern with too many people and too much noise, and he was too far from the door and the outside.

Arn’s voice was calm and even, something grounding to focus on. But Arn wanted basic introductions, and Bowyn only found himself distracted by the strange feeling of distance he felt from Rue. His mind spun trying to figure it out. Was she mad at him? Annoyed? Disappointed that he was different? Or was it more than that? Was it just uncomfortable to be near him, a physical reminder of what many fae considered an unthinkable fate? Bowyn knew of worse fates.

Bowyn once had the kind of hope that overfilled its vessel, enough so that it flowed out of him and into everything he did. The world had not just simply poured his vessel empty, leaving only drops and remnants of what was once there and a vessel that longed to be filled again. It had shattered that vessel, broken that part of him that had ever dared to have hope. A vessel left in jagged pieces unable to hold shape, unable to contain anything. He had been reduced to shattered pieces with more things missing than just wings. There were worse things to lose than wings.

“Bowyn, winter fairy and provider of poor advice.” He said, addressing Arn first with a thankful nod as he gripped the new glass of mead. “If you're going to help the light elves, I wish to join.” Arn seemed more level header than most dwarves Bowyn had met. He seemed like he would be good company to travel with and Arn provided a calming energy that Bowyn appreciated.

“I know what you're thinking. Bowyn’s different.” He looked at Rue as he spoke, his fingers drummed lightly against the table as he thought. Then he snapped his fingers as if it had suddenly come to him. “He’s lost something. His wings, yes, but maybe something more as well. His mind? You wouldn’t be the first to think that. It comes and it goes and then it comes back again.” He spoke flippantly, gave a sad smile and casual shrug. Bowyn was not ashamed that he had changed. He had survived, and it had required him to sacrifice part of himself, but he would make sure that sacrifice was worth it.

“How are you?” He asked, his tone only soft and earnest now. He studied Rue, unsure if he had made things less uncomfortable or more so or if the strange distance had only been all in his head.
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Time: Morning
Location: Ironhold Tavern
Interaction: @Helo Bowyn & @Omni5876 Arn
Equipment: Small backpack, two knives, rations, water flask, hygiene products

Rue beamed in the dwarf’s direction as he greeted her. She could feel his shyness and reciprocated it by averting her gaze. When he offered her his chair, Rue hesitated and then took it. She hadn’t meant for him to move. Still she kept quiet. ”Oh um, thank you! Yes, I do.” She paused and then listened as he continued speaking. Her eyes widened when he mentioned being a medic. How awesome. Maybe it would come in handy later if he could be trusted.

”It’s nice to meet you too. I'm Rue, a winter fairy. Also I’ve never met royalty before, wouldn’t it be exciting?” Her voice softened so only they could hear it. Her eyebrows raised in curiosity. How did Bowyn know the royalty or know how to meet them? Part of her felt gleeful to meet royalty, then it melted like snow in fire. She couldn’t help but feel a surge of what felt like... Envy? They had everything given to them by birth and never had fought for a scrap in their life. The other races had it much easier than they did, including those bubbly forest fae. She sighed and pushed it out of her mind.

Then, Bowyn began to speak and she turned her attention to him. She analyzed his expression and watched his smile fade into terror. Oh no, was there something on her face? Was he upset she had found him? Would they stop being friends? Rue’s mind ran a mile a minute, but slowed down once he spoke. She glanced at his fingers drumming and bit her lip. His tone, his words, and actions were so unlike him. Her heart sank. Bowyn must have been suffering a great deal on his own. How he had come here she didn’t know. Now he wouldn't be alone anymore. This she would promise to him.

Rue listened calmly as he spoke, and took her water and whatever food she’d been given. She quickly began to eat and listened intently. Then, realizing he may have been rough, his voice became softer and earnest. She smiled faintly and spoke as softly as he had. She could feel the awkwardness in the air and tried to hide it. She couldn’t imagine the pain all of these dwarves and Bowyn were feeling. What had happened to him? Now clearly wasn’t the time to ask so she put it in the back of her mind for later.

”I’m doing okay.” Her voice trailed off meekly, then she managed a smile to continue. ”I’m so glad to see you again, Bowyn. The village hasn’t been the same without you! Moony will be happy to see you too. He’s outside because you know, dwarves aren’t accustomed to wolves walking down the street.” Rue giggled at the memories and sipped her water. "What is he talking about?" She glanced at him now with raised eyebrows and continued to eat quietly. Later, when they were alone, Rue would tell him about her adventure. However now wasn't the time, not in a tavern, especially with people she didn't know or trust. She glanced at Bowyn, then set amas down for her meal.
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Time: 10 am
Location: Outside Sun Elf Kingdom
Interactions: Rosaria @Potter, Sophie @princess, Caelan @Alivefalling, Nuallán @13org, Aurora @chrysocoma
Equipment: A dagger, fake elf ears, a ring of disguise, bag full of supplies, and some new schweet clothes

Getting to know each other? These elves stressed about being up against seemingly powerful foes and instead of training to fight the enemy, they want to waste time by introducing themselves? To be fair, it was an efficient way for soldiers to form a much more solid bond with their fellow men so they could fight better as a team, at least that's what the resistance thought so. They were born from the same motherland so it made sense to form camaraderie between them so they could unite better against the bastard colonizers.

Still, Jomari wanted nothing to do with these irritatingly bright elves. The sooner they're done with all this, the better. He guessed he had no choice but to go along with whatever Rosaria and the other elves want to do, listening to everyone introducing themselves. He glared at Rosaria and Nuallán but this time it was in utter shock and confusion. These people were hundreds and thousands of years old and yet they didn't look a day over 30. Nanay Minda had always stated that 'diwata' were long-lived creatures as they harnessed the power of nature to retain their youth but he didn't realize they were this old!

Based on what Jomari saw earlier, Caelan could manipulate the very earth below them so at least the elves weren't lying about humans having the power to control the elements. It also seemed that each human could control different elements, but if these elves and other creatures had thousands upon thousands of years to perfect their magics and whatnot, what could a couple of decades-old humans do against them anyway?

Jomari looked at his fellow humans and it looked like they were taking this fine like thousand-year-old, magic-wielding humanoid creatures were as normal as night and day. There must be something in the food they ate or maybe they just gave up on trying to perceive what's normal from what wasn't based on human standards. For Jomari, he was too busy trying to live another day to care about anything else. He didn't even have time to have a boyfriend, though there was this one time... Eh, it was a story for another day.

He listened to his fellow humans introducing themselves as Sophie and Caelan with Sophie telling that she admired Jomari's outfit. She probably wanted to say something nice to him amidst all of the negative vibes Jomari was putting out and if there's one thing he knew, one must always reward kindness with kindness in return. "Your outfit is pretty too, I suppose. That shade of blue works well with your hair. Perhaps try violet next time." Jomari complimented her back, not smiling at Sophie but not sneering at her either.

When it was his turn to introduce himself, Jomari rolled his eyes and blew away a strand of his hair. "Jomari Lodegrano, 24 years old. Born in a time where those Spanish bastards sailed across the seas, spreading the word of their wretched god and killing those that got in their way. They stole our motherland from our own forefathers generations ago and we've been fighting for our freedom ever since." He nonchalantly said then he added. "I'm also gay as fuck, so yeah."

After introducing themselves to each other, the elven princess brought them over to a stall that sold random objects that were all alien to Jomari. 'Oh great, the constant threat of being attacked by the enemy is always present. Why we waste more time by wasting money?' was what he said in his mind but he kept his thoughts to himself. No use in spewing out more words as he reckoned he's getting on Rosaria's last nerves. Even the kindness of a thousand year old magic elf had its limits.

He looked over the assortment of choices and was surprised to find some things that he thought might prove handy. The explorer pack should work wonders for someone like him who's used to camping out into the wild and the choices for dresses could be very useful for him to trick some rich men at a tavern for some quick cash or two.

As he was contemplating on what to buy, Jomari was surprised when another elf approached their group and talked to Rosaria. She said her name was Aurora and she wanted to join their group. Jomari only tsked in silence and rolled his eyes. Great, even more elves decided to join them. No doubt this seemingly very youthful-looking elf girl was just as powerful as Rosaria and Nuallán and his fellow humans were too busy acting like lovebirds, even though they just met an hour ago!

He just shook his head at his hopeless comrades and continued to look over the assortment of items when two things piqued his interest. He picked up a vial giving off a fragrant scent and a jar full of viscous green liquid with a skull mark on the outside. The green liquid must be poison and a smile slowly formed on Jomari's face. He had never actually killed anyone though something told him he'll have his first time sooner than he thought.

"How does this poison work? Is this potent enough to grant your enemies a swift and painless death or hours worth of pain and anguish before they draw their final breath?" Jomari asked Rosaria with an evilish twinkle in his eyes.
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Time: 10 AM
Location: Odds and Ends ---> Ship
Interactions: @Benzaiten Éliane @Helo Nym @Potter Tigerlily @Alivefalling Barboda @princess Helio

War? Lizzie wanted to question more about this war, yet it seemed like things were rather obvious to everyone else and didn’t wish to reveal the fact that she wasn’t from here. How long could she keep that a secret from them all? If she had to guess it wouldn’t last too long. At some point she would have to be open with them all if she wished to gain more information on things.

Her attention was once again caught by Helio as he responded with another smooth and rather flirty comment. She gave him a playful smirk before looking back to Tigerlily who had asked if she’d had all her belongings robbed. ”I suppose you could say that, in a sense, they were robbed from me.” She said in response with a shrug, wondering where the guards of the prison she’d been in had stored her things. They likely actually sold them for some coin as she had owned nice equipment. That thought made her a little angry, but it didn’t matter now.

After the brief encounter with Éliane she ran to catch up with the others. She watched the others buying things, glancing around as well before Tigerlily approached her with some clothes. She took the clothes from the woman, but narrowed her eyes a bit at her words. She needed to blend in? Lizzie felt like she didn’t look all that different from the woman who seemed to appear human like her. Lizzie was also already wearing clothing that was similar to a lot she’d already seen in this port town. Sure they were a little worse for wear thanks to the rats that nibbled on her and her clothes in the cell, but it wasn’t terrible. Though she wouldn’t deny these new clothes as she actually liked the appearance of them. ”I thank you for the clothes, however let me make something clear to you. If you are joining my crew you shall address me as Captain or Lizzie, not lass. Do I make myself clear, lass?” The woman likely didn’t mean any offense, however Lizzie wanted to make it clear to everyone that she would take her role as captain very seriously.

Everyone seemed to finish up their shopping, yet Lizzie found herself not needing to purchase anything. She would eventually like to acquire a hat, but for now she would survive. Perhaps she would find one on the ship. They met back up with Éliane and the woman seemed to get excited over the parrot, going as far as naming him herself even though it was purchased by Tigerlily. Truly Lizzie wasn’t fond of the bird yet, not understanding why someone would want an animal unless it served some purpose on the ship. She wasn’t one who liked to keep animals as pets. ”I didn’t find anything of interest and Tigerlily was kind enough to purchase me a new outfit.” She said in response to the woman as she continued on to the ship.

As the group boarded the ship there was an amazing smell coming from below decks. It made Lizzie’s stomach growl and she was wondering what was happening. Part of her wanted to go down and find out, but she had a matter to attend to first. She turned to her new crew, knowing Barboda wasn’t there currently but she could go over what she needed with him later. ”Before all of you go about exploring the ship I have some matters to discuss with you all. There shall be laws on my ship and if you don’t wish to follow them then you can head right back down that gangplank.” She started looking at all of them.

”First and foremost, every person a part of the crew has a vote in affairs of moment. You have equal title to the fresh provisions or strong liquors, at any time seized, and may use them at pleasure unless there are scarcity on the ship. Then it shall go to a vote on how much each person receives of these things.

Second, loot is to be divided out fairly amongst the crew with each crew mate receiving an equal share. If one is caught taking more than their share or stealing loot before it is divided then the punishment shall be marooning. One that is marooned shall be left with one bottle of water, their pistol if they own one with one shot, and their cutlass. If the crew feels the punishment may be too harsh at the time then it shall be put to a vote on how to deal with the offender. If the robbery is between two people then the one that is guilty shall have their ear or nose sliced unless the crew votes on a different punishment.”
She watched the reactions of each person as she continued.

”Third, one must keep their piece, pistols, and cutlass clean and fit for service. If one does not adhere to this law then they shall be cut off from their share and the crew shall vote on whether there should be further punishment.

Fourth, to desert the ship or quarters in battle is punishable by death or marooning, whichever the crew deems fit. If someone shall snap his arms, smoke within the hold without a cap to his pipe, or carry a lit candle without a lantern shall suffer 40 stripes to their bare back.

Lastly, there is no striking of one another on board unless it was unintentional while practicing swordplay. If a quarrel happens onboard, the punishment shall be 40 stripes on the bare back. If a quarrel is deemed to only be resolved with a fight then it shall happen on shore. Each of the parties shall be given a pistol with one shot and the first mate shall delegate the duel. They shall walk a determined amount of paces away from each other before turning and shooting. If both miss then the duel shall proceed with swords. The first to draw blood is the victor.

Are these laws clear to everyone here?”
She looked between each person, awaiting their answer before thinking of something else. ”How many of you have actually sailed a ship before? Not just been on board one, but worked one?”
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Time: 10am
Location: Gakhumi’s Tavern - Ironhold
Interactions: Rue@Potter Bowyn @Helo
Equipment:. basic travel pack, medical pack, foot soldier armor, foot soldier shield and weapons. 830 Amas

The young soldier watched the interaction between the two fairies with interested. He could tell that there seemed to be some history there. The lad’s fair face painted with a myriad of emotions before setting again. Arn was not the most savvy when it came to matters of relationships. His duties as a medic allowed him to meet many people but he did not form any bonds due to his very real fear of losing them to death. The dwarven soldier's line of work lent itself for these types of situations. The look on the lad’s face, one of worry and concern for his acquaintance, gave off a hint that it was not that much different that Arn’s own misgivings.

The medic was thankful for his training and experience in the battle field. He had nursed many soldiers back form the brink of death and he had helped many more pass on to the eternal feast on the halls of their forebears. It never became easier. Yet, it had allowed him to be empathetic of emotional distress as much as physical distress. The wounds of the soul were harder to mend than those of the body and it had much longer implications.

“Bowyn, winter fairy and provider of poor advice. If you're going to help the light elves, I wish to join.”

Arn raised his own tankard and nodded with a slight smile towards the fairy. He took a gulp of his own drink to show comradery but he could not help to think that a man who so readily takes to the drink and so readily runs towards battle is actually fighting a different type of war. One that the young dwarf knew could not be won without self forgiveness.

The medic watched the interaction between the two over the rim of his tankard. He blended into the background knowing that the history that the two shared needed to be reconciled before anything else happened. Bowy’s speech gave many answers to the questions that had started to form in the analytical mind of the young solider.

He imagined that a fairy loosing their wings was equivalent to a dwarf having to shave his beard after they had brought shame to their family. It was like loosing a part of oneself. It would explain the mental state of the lad. He felt bad for the lad but he wondered why he would think that the lass, if she was truly his friend, would care?

The softness in his white haired companion’s voice betrayed a concern and closeness with the young lady that touched Arn. The question was not a simple small talk question. It carried with it a desire to hear that the other was well and safe. A sentiment that was doubly valuable with the impending war looming over every one’s head.

Rue’s bubbly and sweet personality was one that would make sense to want to protect. The horrors of war could easily change that positive outlook. Arn wondered if perhaps Bowyn had been like her once. A great pang of regret filled the dwarf and he took another swig of his drink to push the knot he felt starting to form in his stomach. He knew it was wistful thinking trying to protect or heal everybody but he could not help it.

When the food arrived, and thankfully more drink, he slipped some coins to the bar maid. He figured he was the unofficial host seeing that the two fairies were in his home turf. He also slipped an extra ama to the perceptive bar maid for bringing another round of drinks. It would certainly help judging by the direction he conversation was going.

To preempt any argument about the bill, the young medic gently pushed the amas back towards Rue and he raised a tankard. “I hope you don’t mind but I insist you let the drink and food be my treat. Consider it me paying back the pleasure of your company. To both of your health.” He said downing a good gulp of mead.

He whipped his mouth and then set his drink down. “Now, Mister Bowyn, you mentioned accompanying me and joining in the fight. Honestly, I can’t really prevent you from travelling where you wish. IF that be in the same direction as I then that is just coincidence. If I am completely honest, I would welcome the company.” He turned and smiled awkwardly to Rue. “Yours as well of course miss”

Clearing his throat he continued. “It was not in jest when I asked you how one goes about meeting royalty.” His face lost a bit of its smile. The task that he had been given was simple enough. Meet up with Princess Annya and offer her any help she required. The execution of that mandate however, was going to be harder than he figured.

He looked at Bowyn. “If nothing else, I am sure that Princess Annya would welcome your assistance. I fear that troops will mobilize soon.” His countenance fell even more. The legions would more than likely start moving. Dwarves were not well equipped at fighting magic in the open field but he was sure that the upper leadership would provide some soldiers to the alliance while the Homeguard safe guarded the motherland.

“I do not mean to be rude, but while I truly do relish the pleasure of meeting you. I fear that I do not have as much time as I would like to sit here and get to know each other. I must catch a Helius to River Port. As I have already stated, I would be more than happy to have you as travelling companions.”

The young soldier offered them a warm smile. He was not truly sure why he was inviting them on this secret mission but it could be that he was still rocked by the discovery of his heritage and the sudden weight on his shoulders. He felt alone and somehow he felt that fate had brought him and these two fairies together.

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Time: 10am
Location: Jungle
Interactions:@Tae Raven @baraquiel Ismael @Kazemitsu Kharne @Potter Saoirse
Equipment:Outfit visible from Disguise Ring,Armor(Not visible); Chest plate is enchanted with Armor of Absorption, Map of Avalia, Water Flask, A bag of elf and demi-human ears and tails, Ama pouch with 2000 amas on hand, Three large red potions, Wayfinder, Hygiene supplies, Rose-scented Perfume, Location Sender, Shower Tube, Transmission Bracelet, Bedroll, Water Purifier,Axes with returning enchantment,Her backpack

Annya glanced Kharne's way as he spoke, her brows raised, as she had chimed in,"Ah! But mercenary or not, you deserve respect too!" However, she didn't pipe up too much and allowed the Dragonborn to introduce himself. She had always been believed that everyone deserved an equal degree of respect. Though respect was something often earned, she did not like when others were treated less due to who they were or due to their class. Kharne introduced himself and she smiled. It was interesting to also hear Kharne was sixty-eight. No matter how old she got, it was still so bizarre for her to consider the aging of other races in comparison to elves. She continued to lead the group deeper into the jungle, carefully observing her surroundings. "Ismael Helstein!"Annya repeated fiercely after he spoke, "What a name! Oh, I like that!"

She turned around, walking backward for a moment as she faced him to answer his question, "Ismael Helstein, I am taking you all to a small town called Riverport, one of many villages of Avalia. Settlements aren't so much in this jungle here but once we get into the forest, you'll probably spot them in the distance along the way. The reason I am taking you there is that it's quite possible our Kingdom may be attacked, but our army is strong. They will endure."

She turned her attention toward Raven as she spoke next. Her eyes lit up with curiosity. "Boring! Certainly not! I cannot even decipher these peculiar words you are spewing so I am very interested in what you have to say. What is cosplaying? What is a Chicago?"Annya moved over to Raven and bent over to put her face under Raven's as she had been bending over to look at the carbuncle. "That's a carbuncle! Pleasant to the eyes right? Are they in your realm?" Annya asked her with a smile, "I had kept one as a companion when I was a child named Apple! What a joy he was!"

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Barboda Teff

Time: 10am
Location: Port Vanarosa; The ship.
Interactions: @Tae Lizzie @Benzaiten Éliane @princess Helio @Helo Nym @Infinite Cosmos Tesoro

Barboda had spent the time he had in the ship’s kitchen, preparing the most
one could lay their eyes upon. He had laid out plates of the food on the table in the living quarters inside the ship. As he delicately placed the final touches on his dishes, he exclaimed,“Voilà!”

He walked up the stairs, the sea breeze hitting him as he came to the deck. He watched as finally, the others began to make their way on the ship. He waited for Lizzie to finish stating her rules. Barboda listened intently. He was content with the rules and voiced aloud once prompted to, “Yes. I have worked on a ship before.”

”As you are answering her, please follow me. I have a surprise that needs urgent attending to.”Barboda gestured for them to follow, then he moved down under the deck. He then gestured to the table of food. There was a colorful salad with all sorts of vegetables and fruits. Steaming chicken wings and legs were on a plate. The smell of the perfectly cooked meat filled the room. Cheesy bread and a small pastry could be found as well. The glazed steak was on another plate and a huge plate of Sarelion was on display in the middle. Everything was wonderfully seasoned and expertly prepared.

He looked at them, ”Also, I saw a man in the cargo hold inside a metal cage. I am going to go inspect him now. I had initially ignored him as I was too busy cooking.” Barboda wasted no time abruptly going deeper into the ship away from the others. Once he reached the bottom he approached the cage and locked eyes with the black-haired elf. ”What is your name and why are you imprisoned?”
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Time: 10am
Location: The ship, namely the cargo hold
Interactions: @Alivefalling Barboda
Equipment: The clothing on his back: A unbuttoned dress shirt of the pirate-y variety, leather breeches, matte black in color, leather boots, in surprisingly good shape

The gentle rocking of the ship had been lulling Tesoro to a daze. Sure, he was captured and was probably going to get turned into some mob boss for a prize. That did not dampen his spirits however. He was sure that he can talk his way of a death sentence. Surely a man like a mysterious mobster can use a man of his talents. After all, if that is how the world is going to be for him, thats what he will do. He will serve this mobster, bide his time, then be back out on the sea one way or another soon enough.

Now. He is out on the sea. That much is a fact. But not the circumstance...

Tesoro found himself gagged, bound, and otherwise generally abandoned. He rolled his eyes, and literally passed out. One might call that careless, but in Tesoro's eyes, what else was he going to do? His fists were bound behind his back, and his mouth was clothed shut. Two of his favorite tools were both out of commission. He was like...a fish out of water...essentially.

When Tesoro would wake, he figured he should at least try to free either his hands, or his mouth. After all, he needs to eat, and potentially use his fists if a fight broke out. After much struggle, he found that whoever took the time to bind him took much greater care to tie up his hands than his mouth. He could not undo the knot on his wrists but he was able to slip past the gag that was on his face.

Tesoro sighed. He would try to get out of the cage he is in but that will undoubtedly cause some commotion. Normally, Tesoro would not mind. But with his fists restrained, he preferred not to fight and to talk to whoever will come and visit him first.

A short while passes. Tesoro was still in his predicament. However, he started to smell someone cooking. The food smelled mighty fine. That made Tesoro hungry and therefore antsy. He wanted to get out of the cage he was in. As luck would have it, an armored man stepped into the hold.

"Shit. Its the bounty hunter. Barbosa or something or another. In any case, he is seriously the green cunt people said he would be." Tesoro thought to himself. He kept quiet, but Barboda spoke to him first, asking who he was and why he was bound. "Captain Tesoro Takeda of the El Dorado. Formerly of the El Dorado anyways... I'm bound because apparently some scallywag is a sore loser, or I might have had a go with the wrong wench, or something. Whats it to you? You're not Roper. Fucking Roper. I can't believe I let that cunt get to me... Anyways. Let me loose, yeah? Whatever your purpose is on this here ship, I can help." Tesoro said to Barboda, hoping that he would actually free him.

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Aiko Yume

Time: Too early
Location: Small Rashmi Tavern
Interactions: None


Why had they waken so early? It wasn't even noon yet. As though disbelieving the light seeping into the room from around the edges of the curtains, Aiko rose from their bed, wrapped in a blanket. They peered out from behind the curtains to gaze balefully toward the sun for a moment before turning away with a grumpy hiss. It was too early to be up, before the sun has even started to go back down. Stay up to the peeking of the sun on the horizon and then off to bed until well into the afternoon. Yes.

But no. About to question why yet again, a gurgling reminded them of a discomfort in their belly. Food, was it? Yes, perhaps a variety of drinks did not count as sustenance. At least they'd had the sense to stay hydrated. At any rate, downstairs for food.

The tavern keeper was quick to remark, "you're rather early, aren't you?"

"My stomach brings me." Aiko was still wrapped in a blanket as they sat at the bar, tail poking out, "what's for breakfast?"

Always feed your good luck charm. Ever since Aiko started staying here, customers had become more plentiful. The foxly thing also had a habit of bringing folks with money back. As far as he was concerned, he has feeding his advertising staff, "I'll fix something up for ya." The place was a little ramshackle, and the location wasn't great, but that was part of the charm. There were plenty of regulars, but new customers were hard to come buy.

A plate of battered and cooked bread and fruit jam and even some meat and eggs were laid before them. "Oooh, good night last night, I take it?"

The tavern keeper just smiled and nodded before heading into the back to ready up for the coming midday business.
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Time: 10:00am
Location: The Nest Exterior
Interactions: Orias @helo, Nabarra @nasty, Kuroi @hide on mana, Mika @Tae, 'Slick' @FunnyGuy, Orias @helo
Equipment: Bladedancer Sword, leather armour, cloak, an empty coin pouch.

Sivaros dropped the half full mug of ale as he was literally dragged out by Mika. With a sigh, he would relent the quest for free booze as the group would make their exit but he could easily be heard laughing as they all took their leave from the chaos at their backs. Whether it was the rather rapid intake of alcohol or the alleged spiking of said alcohol, Siv was having a bit of trouble finding his footing even for him. However, he couldn't help but have a feeling of relief having to run into Mika so easily. He was assigned to be her ward by the Sun Kingdom so she could safely meet with the Elven Princesses and their entourage of humans. For once, Siv had eagerly taken on the assignment when he heard who exactly he'd be protecting.

What his superiors probably didn't know, is that Mika and Sivaros had met before when he was on another assignment in Roshmi... was it eight... No, must've been at least twelve months since their paths had crossed last. The Elf would be lying to himself if he wasn't hoping to meet Princess Mikazuchi just on her own, but having extra protection in this Kuroi and 'Slick' wasn't necessarily a bad thing either. It seemed they both liked to fight or at the very least used to it. Kuroi seemed to have garnered a bit of a reputation for his skills around these parts which piqued Siv's competitive nature greatly. Even more unknown, he hadn't had a good chance to say hello to this 'Slick' or get a good look at him but Sivaros figured there'd be time for pleasantries when they were sober. Suddenly, his attention was turned as there was an unfamiliar voice behind them.

"Oi fucker. Do you hate Dark Elves too? How do ya feel about helpin' my friend and I bloody well kill some?"

Siv would sigh before letting down the hood of his cloak, revealing his pointed ears without any clue of who was tapping his shoulder. "Well as much as I'd LOVE to drop what I was doing to join you, we've got some pretty important business to take care of so I'd say me and my friends here might have to decline." He'd reply, slightly slurred and with a bit of a wobble when he turned around, greeted by the visages of the two masked individuals. "Although I do love these get-ups... Where did you get these charming little masks from?" The Bladedancer inquired drunkenly, slowly raising his finger to tap the cat mask on the nose. While he did not say 'boop', he was thinking it.
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Time:The previous night
Location: Gakhumi’s Tavern - Ironhold
Interactions: Arn @Omni5876, Rue@Potter
Equipment: 1 hunting knife, a flask of alcohol, a backpack, small tent, blanket, waterskin, rope, fire starting kit, lightmaker, cooking pot, a bar of soap, some drugs; skaula (8 grams) and zemak (1 ounce), rolling papers, and 83 amas.

No, it wasn’t imagined. The distance lingered, vast and uncrossable. Was it him? Was this yet another thing that would always be different? No more perfect days, no more freedom of the sky, and uncrossable distances between him and those he’d felt close to. It felt true. Everything was different, he was different. Bowyn was glad that he had not had this realization in his own village. That he had not been surrounded by everything and everyone he knew when he realized that it would all feel so far away. He could feel the drugs waning, the world dulling in its vibrant colors, the euphoria ebbing into exhaustion. But from Rue and Arn he still felt the warmth of good company.

He kept his focus on Rue studying her, fixated on the sensation of distance. He was cold, and numb, and cracked. And Rue had a warm smile and kind eyes. That’s where the distance was, and he didn’t mind it if it meant Rue remained whole and unbroken, and on the other side of that distance. So he nodded when she talked and smiled as she mentioned Moony. It was an empty smile but he tried.

He also tried to think of an answer to Rue’s question, but he didn’t know exactly what Arn was talking about either. Bowyn hadn’t the faintest clue about how one went about meeting royalty.

“What makes you think either of us knows how to meet royalty?” Bowyn asked. “Or that we even need Biren welcome or permission for anything? Last I checked none of us are light elves and I certainly bow to no royals.” Bowyn took long gulps of what remained of his mead until it was gone. It was a terrible thing to leave a drink unfinished and it sounded like Arn was getting ready to go.

“I thought you were with the army here?” He asked looking at Arn who was certainly dressed like he was from the army and conducted himself with the sort of discipline that made that seem more true. He did not act like the dwarves from the mines, that much Bowyn had certainly noticed. So he had expected there would be marching and camping and traveling with other dwarves. Not a cramped Helius full of people hurling about in the sky with no way out. But even if traveling with Arn meant traveling in a most unnatural way, if Rue was going he was going too, and that he had already decided.

“Better not keep Moony waiting, we can all walk and talk at the same time.” Bowyn stumbled out of his seat as Arn paid for food and drinks and Rue had finished eating. He held the table for stability and kept himself from tumbling to the floor. He shifted the weight of his backpack until it sat as a comfortable weight upon his shoulders. It was easier to have the pack there, focus on it, and feel its weight as a distraction from what was not there.
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Time: 10 am
Location: Port Vanarosa-The Ship
Interactions: Helio @princess, Barboda @Alivefalling, Éliane @Benzaiten, Lizzie @Tae and Tigerlily @Potter
Equipment: A cutlass, 2 knives and a dagger strategically hidden, a spyglass, a wayfinder, a pouch of amas, various jewelry, and an empty stomach.

Nym eyed up the parrot that Tigerlily carried upon her shoulder. It would offer no use to them, save for one, it did look rather plump. He got to thinking how it had been a while since he’d had a good meal and if he were a betting man, which he was, he’d wager it wouldn’t taste too much different from chicken. Éliane then went about fawning over the creature, calling it Knuckles of all things.

“Knuckles? Overpriced snack seems a more fittin’ name but even the feathered beasty ain’t gonna cause half the racket as that.” Nym spoke as the messy noise from Helio’s accordion reached his ears. While it seemed it would cause too much of a fuss if he were to eat the damn bird, perhaps later he’d be allowed to take a bite out of the damn noise machine. The crunch would be a lot more pleasing to the ears than what Helio was currently doing with it.

Nym shook his head and followed the others aboard the currently unmanned sailing vessel. She truly was a beautiful boat, and his boots made a heavenly sound as they clunked against the wood. Even the air smelled better aboard a ship like...was that roasted chicken? Nym’s stomach roared in excitement as the smell of a great feast cut through the briny air. He listened to the articles put forth by Captain Lizzie and found no quarrel with any of them. Even as he listened his nose picked out the different scents that wafted in, there was chicken, red meat, and fish.

“Got ‘round forty plus years sailing experience and ain’t a lick of it done without sweat on the brow. Yer terms are fair, Capt’n.” Nym said with a nod, although he would’ve likely agreed to any terms if it meant a seat at the feast he could smell. He followed Barboda until finally, he caught a sight that rivaled even the ship’s beauty. A fine spread of things to eat, and the bounty hunter had even gone as far as to decorate the table with the food that food eats. He eyed the salad with suspicion as he helped himself to a chicken leg, biting into the well-cooked offering, eating both soft flesh and crunchy bone with ease.

“Now this be my sort o’ bird.” Nym spoke as bone crunched between his teeth until nothing remained of the chicken leg he’d grabbed. He may not know much about Barboda but he was currently Nym’s favorite new crewmate. He also couldn’t help but wonder why the man seemed more interested in a fella in a cage than eating.

“Better than the grub on port, sure hope it ain’t poisoned.” He added. It occurred to him only after he had devoured a chicken leg that it might’ve been wiser to let another eat first given that the chef had chosen not to dine with them. Nym only licked the remnants of chicken from his fingers and decided there were worse ways to go.

“Got a name for this boat, Capt’n?”
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Time: Morning
Location: Ironhold Tavern
Interaction: @Helo Bowyn & @Omni5876 Arn
Equipment: Small backpack, two knives, rations, water flask, hygiene products

Rue beamed when Arn decided to pay for her meal and drink. Though guilt rose inside, she did not decline. She normally would have argued it, but now wasn’t the time. She pushed it to the back of her mind and knew she would pay him back in return. Gestures of kindness such as that were not meant to be ignored. ”Oh goodness! Thank you!” She then fell silent and listened to Bowyn and Arn converse. Her eyes widened. Bowyn wanted to join the war against the dark elves? Rue bit her lip and decided she couldn’t blame him. Who else had ripped off his beautiful wings? Her stomach churned, but she kept it to herself. If Bowyn was joining the war, it was more incentive. She then looked up when Arn mentioned her and smiled back as shyly as he had.

As Arn finished speaking, Rue bit her lip. A Helius filled with other Avalians made her uncomfortable. She didn’t voice her disconcern. At least she was with Bowyn, and they both had transportation now to Riverport. Rue folded her hands together and rested her head on to pof them as she fought her inner turmoil.

Next, Bowyn began to speak, so Rue remained silent and observed. She didn’t have the faintest idea of how to meet royalty. While she had initially been excited, dread washed over her. Elves were arrogant, haughty, and also snobbish from what she’d heard. Her nerves roiled up, Rue began to pick at her nails idly. He was right though; and she wondered if the Elves would laugh when they saw the pair of winter fairies join them.

When Bowyn mentioned not bowing to the royals, Rue giggled. Arn apparently had an army here, which surprised Rue. Where were they and did they believe in the war? It was likely seeing their prince die would have stirred them up. Was it safe to be with them? Rue could only hope. Her mind raced as scenarios played out in her mind, whether they were outrageous or not. As Bowyn mentioned Moony, Rue returned to reality. She blinked and looked around, then remembered her wolf was outside. She nodded in agreement and felt as if she were in a daze. Her mind raced: meeting royalty, Arn’s dwarven army, a Helius filled with others, perhaps more than dwarves...

Then again, the idea of traveling in a Helius was exciting. However, would the rest of Avalia be as exciting or terrifying, or both? She couldn’t decide, and her mind was waging war on it. When Bowyn seemed to nearly stumble, Rue had stood up and moved her arms over if needed assistance, but Bowyn steadied himself by grabbing onto the table. She sighed with relief and stood up quickly, and then left the tavern. Once she was outside, Rue whistled and watched as a white blur entered her vision. She didn’t flinch when Moonlight joined her and peered up at her intently. She smiled and patted his head gently, but he did not relent.

I sense your anxiety. What happened? The wolf was determined to figure it out, but she couldn't tell him here. No, in private she would. She sighed and began to feel antsy to get out of the public. She had so much to tell Bowyn, and now, Moony.

”Oh, I’ll tell you later, sweet one. Did you find any other animals to make friends with?” Rue glanced at Moony with a smirk. Along their travels, Moony had befriended a deer and an owl. She quite missed them now that she thought of it, but she pushed it out of her mind.

Moony shook his head at her. No, I kept watch over the tavern and hidden from the dwarves. Rue nodded and didn’t reply as she glanced over to see if the others had joined her yet. She pulled her hood back up as well.
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Basilian, Amarantha, Myra, & Vrexen

Time: 10 am
Location: Amora over Ironhold

The sky was clear but noise filled the air with the whir of the propellers and the sound of speaking on the amora. Anyone that looked above them at the amora flying through the air probably wouldn’t think much of it. They might wonder if there was some noble on the ship but then go about their day. Little would they know that the occupants of said amora were far more dangerous than likely anticipated. Within the belly of the amora resided the most elite guard of the Dark Elves and their leaders.

In a separate room of the amora sat the twins as they discussed the plans for their day. Amarantha casually sipped on a cup of tea as she listened to her brother complain. They’d received word early that morning that King Kasai was willing to hand over the throne, but there were conditions and Basilian wasn’t thrilled. “I do not want to be married to this pathetic king’s mutt of a daughter. I would rather kill myself than stoop to the level of doing such a thing.” The anger bubbled and overflowed on his face at the thought of such an idea. “I will never marry such a creature, no I will kill her before I do so.” He threw his tea across the room, shattering the cup against the wall. Basilian’s body started to become cloaked in a shadowy aura, his pure hatred toward this plan showed and it was not pleasant.

”So dramatic.” Amarantha sighed as she sat her cup down and looked at her brother. ”Calm down, it’s not the end of the world. It’s merely a political move to solidify your rule over the city. Not everything can always be murder and force, some things have to be handled delicately.” She paused for a moment as she called someone in to clean up the mess Basilian had made. Once that was being taken care of she continued. ”I don’t even understand what the big deal is anyway, it’s just a marriage. You don’t even have to fuck her if you don’t want. We can orchestrate a little accident after the marriage too, then you have a legitimate claim to the throne.” She picked her tea back up now, sipping on it again.

The shadowy aura dissipated from Basilian “The problem is that I need to be associated with a Demi-human. I completely disagree with this arrangement but you have points.” He leaned back on his throne. As one of the elite guard stepped into the room with a message. “Your Highnesses, I come with a message from General Dreadclaw. It seems his daughter, Nimueh, is heading to the Roshmi palace in order to prepare for your arrival. She shall be seizing control of Roshmi’s military for you.”

So the child was grown now and beginning to make a name for herself. ”Very good, thank you.” Amarantha responded with a nod, but it seemed like that wasn’t all as the man opened his mouth to speak again. ”We also have a transmission coming through for you from back at the palace. Apparently, there is someone who wishes to speak to you.” Basilian spoke up. “Send it through immediately.” He ordered, having someone directly contact them now must be important. Moments later, Basilian and Amarantha both received a call on their bracelets answering it. “Yes, What is the situation?” Basilian questioned the diplomatic advisor on the other end. “We have someone here wanting to speak directly to your Highnesses.” The advisor saluted. ”Well go on then, send them through.”

Meanwhile, in Malthemoor, Myra was extremely nervous as she waited in the room together with Vrexen. She had no idea of when the dragon would appear and if he would be calm or not. Dragons, especially wild ones, were famed for their temper. If that 'twin-headed dragon' didn't like Vrexen's presence, Myra would definitely be in danger as well, being so close to it. They waited and waited, still on high alert but the dragon never came. Instead, another image appeared in the air, just like the previous night when she saw the two dark elves kill the others. Coincidentally or not, the two dark elves that appeared in the image were the same as that time. Strangely enough, even though there didn't seem to be a real dragon, looking at the two dark elves that appeared through the hologram made Myra incredibly nervous, almost as much as the idea that they were about to face a real 'two-headed dragon'. While it didn't take much for anyone to realize that the two were very dangerous, after the image they showed last night, something inside Myra told her that she should definitely be wary of them.

Back inside the amora, the holographic image of the dark elven advisor's head vanished before the projection suddenly displayed the face of the demon known as Vrexen. His eyes studied the two elven rulers, even going as far as to sniff at them in an attempt to catch their scent. Nothing?

“This is your dragon?” Vrexen narrowed his eyes at the two. “Mother would not make such a mistake… Could she? No… Yes… No no, no mistakes from mother. Where is the two-headed dragon of the dark?” He asked the two before him.

“This is no mistake we are the Twin-Headed Dragon. It is a nickname, not an actual dragon. What did you seek to contact us about and who is this mother you speak of?” Basilian answered the strange-looking demon on the other end of the transmission.

Amarantha had quietly studied the demon that appeared before them, watching him sniff the air and speak. He seemed...confused? Interesting. What did he want? Basilian finished speaking, feeling a twinge of annoyance as he revealed they weren’t actual dragons. Perhaps she could still have some fun, though. ”However, if you prefer…” She began as she began to conjure forth shadows, forming them into the twin-headed dragon she’d sent flying around the night before. She made sure it blocked her and Basilian’s form as one head leaned down closer to the holographic form of Vrexen.

Myra couldn't help but move back, wary when Amarantha had suddenly made the image change into the one Myra had in her head when she first heard about the "twin-headed dragon", a huge, two-headed dragon made completely out of shadows. Myra's blood froze and every hair of her body stood up as her instincts told her to immediately get away from the shadows. Even if that was just an image, the shadows were real and something inside of Myra yelled to her that she should avoid even letting those two in the image see her.

”We can speak to you in this form.” The mouth of one of the shadow dragon’s heads opened as if it were speaking. Vrexen just stared silently. Magic had always been a spectacle to watch. The unnatural shaping and weaving of one of reality's very aspects or constructs. His center eye blinked. This was the two-headed dragon of the dark. Not what Vrexen expected, but it was what he sought nevertheless.

“It is unwise to keep one’s eyes off of a powerful female creature. A mother, wife, sister.... or even a daughter. Showing yourself is best.” Myra, who was backed away from the center of the room, afraid of the shadows, couldn't help but to think that one part of what he said was partially directed at her, but no matter what he said, she wouldn't carelessly show herself to those two dark-skinned people, especially those two he was talking with. Not only that but Myra was particularly wary of the female, since she made the dragon from the shadows, meaning that if she wanted, even though they were seeing them just as a projection and not personally, she could potentially try doing something against them.

“Are you fucking wasting our time? I demand you tell us the reason you contacted us.” Basilian said frustrated. “Sister, maybe you should deal with this one before I kill someone.” He turned to face Amarantha.

I WOULD TEAR THE SKIN FROM YOUR FLESH AND BATHE IN YOUR- Vrexen held his violent thoughts back, taking a breath before interjecting.

“No need for me to address her... I am Vrexen, emissary… yes. Emissary to Lilith, the mother of all demons. Blessed or cursed, she recognizes you both as allies, especially in this war that has only just started, yes?” He asked rhetorically. “Through me, she shall reign in many of my brethren to your side. You weave the dark, we thrive in it. Only natural, yes?” As Myra heard Vrexen speaking about his motives, she couldn't help but notice that once again, he mentioned this 'mother' person he spoke so much about. While she had no idea of who it was, it was probably very important to Vrexen, judging how often he mentioned it and how it seemed to guide his actions and choices with that 'mother' always in his mind.

Amarantha smirked at the demon’s words and slowly let the shadows dissipate. ”Come now brother, I like this one.” She said as she grinned at Vrexen, the shadow dragon completely gone, but still tendrils of dark magic danced around her form. Vrexen had earned her respect the moment he’d called her a powerful female. ”I do like this idea of an alliance, Vrexen, though I must ask one thing. What shall be the price of this alliance? Is there more to it than just being natural for us to form an alliance?” She truly was just curious about this and the slight narrowing of Vrexen's eyes in response made her even more so. It was clear he intended to make this deal without this question being posed.

"Lilith seeks a home for her children. A true home. She relates your people to her own children… Trapped and forced to adapt to harshness… to violence. Our goal is not so different. Our motives are not so different. In the end, we just want a suitable place to claim as our own. Besides, if your enemies seek otherworldly power, why not you as well? ”Especially if we are willing to lend it."

Basilian spoke up the moment Vrexen and his sister had stopped talking. “I have decided to help you. Demon, may we take this land for ourselves. Advisor, I know you can hear me summon the Dread Order and have preparations to open abyssal rifts. I will end this conversation here. It has been a pleasure doing business.” He finished closing transmission with the demon and the advisor.
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Time: Morning
Location: Outside the Nest, Roshmi!
Interactions: Orias @helo, Nabarra @nasty, Kuroi @hide on mana, Mika @Tae, Sivaros @GingerBoi123

"That… that damn… that damn fuzz-tailed beast of a harlot… she's… whoa…" Slick had been cursing the mischievous bartender who slyly drugged him. He wanted to drown out the strange world around him, not distort it! His surroundings tilted, sharp corners smoothed out into round ones, and sounds came out muddied and garbled. His only sliver of fortune was his newfound fuzz-tailed lover of a woman offering a good time. At least that is what the outlaw perceived. The young beauty also scored some additional points for stealing him away from the dangerous poisons the vicious squirrel harlot concocted. He figured she might have fur in some odd places but what woman didn't? Besides, a little fuzz never hurt anyone.

Perhaps because he was eyeing his perceived potential bedmate, Slick took a little longer than normal to notice he and Mika were not a pair, but a party of four… no six! Four… four other suitors? A pointy-eared man, a dog man, two cat… wait what the hell?. A cat man and a tall cat woman, but they don't… they don't look right compared to other ones I saw. And then…

"Well lass, much aside LOVE, to wrap what I was using to own you, we've got some pretty impotent biscuits to take hair off so I'd say me and my friend’s hair might have to decline."

“What?” Slick commented with a twisted and confused look on his face. He looked to Mika inched closer to her.

"Oh though I do love these giddy-ups... Where did you get three charred mint litter mats from?"

“Hey darlin’, name’s Slick, how ‘bout you and I get goin’, y’know to the lovin’ you were proposing ‘bout a minute ago…” He winced and let out a low groan as he felt everything start to tilt again. Squaring his feet, he attempted to gain better balance. “Trust, I reckon it’ll be better than listening to these touched nonsense-talkers chipping their teeth. Can’t even understand a lick of what this pointy-eared fella is saying. Now trust me, a lady like you don’t need to be messin’ with a man that ain’t right in the head. Come on, you and… Whoooaaa!” He went to nod his head to the right to indicate the direction he wanted to go in, only to feel his whole world lean in that very direction. His eyes were wide with fear of falling over as he tried to regain his balance as he flailed his arms about, unintentionally creating a light breeze amongst the group.
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Wumong & Faye

Time: 5 am
Location: Wumong’s Monastery in the meditation room

Breathe. It was a simple command, but Faye was finding it difficult to accomplish ever since last night's events. She felt like there was a heavy weight on her chest and every breath she took was painful. She felt ill to her stomach and wondered if she was going to throw up again. Her eyes were bloodshot and puffy, but no more tears fell. She was fairly positive her body was all out of them. She'd expelled all of them last night after watching Echo die and through the night. Unfortunately she didn't get much sleep through the night and sleep wasn't about to take her any time soon.

What was she to do now? Go back to the River Kingdom with war on the horizon? Did she just let Echo's death go? Could she? Another wave of pain hit her and she sucked in a sharp breath, holding it as she closed her eyes trying to will it all away. She lay there on the floor of a room in Wumong's monastery where she "slept" the night before. She didn't even feel the hardness of the ground as her limbs felt numb. Was he really gone?

Slowly she pushed herself off the ground. She had to do something, she needed to find people who opposed the Dark Elves. How was she supposed to do that, though? She knew one person who had been involved with the resistance in the past, but the thought terrified her. No. You need to find him. It's for Echo. She took a shuddering breath as she slowly left the room to find Wumong.

When he would see her she didn't look well. Her hair was unkempt and ratted. Her dress was disheveled and her eyes had dark circles under them on top of being red and swollen.

Wumong was cross-legged in his meditation room, eyes closed, when he heard steps coming from behind him. The red-furred monkey was in navy blue pants with a part of a tiger pelt wrapped around his waist. He also adorned beautifully crafted red and gold bracers on his wrists; his quarterstaff sat just in front of him. The wood room around him was quite empty aside from the scent of rose incense burning on a pedestal at the front of the room. He had been there for quite some time now.

“Dear, I can tell by your footing that you are not well,” He spoke quietly before he stood up. He stood up slowly using his staff to pull himself up, he turned around with sad brown eyes to see the sorrowful fairy walking towards him. He knew this was not a time to play and joke but a time to provide support. “Listen dear, you will get through this. I have felt the pain of being hopeless and lost but such are the never ending tides of life. Things come and things pass.” He walked toward Faye placing his hand on her shoulder. “I will help in any way I can, you need but ask.” He said, smiling towards her.

Faye forced a small smile on her face, truly grateful for his words of kindness. She felt bad that he was having to see her at one of her lowest points. "Thank you, my friend. Your words truly help." Her voice was scratchy and hoarse which made her wince slightly. She swallowed, trying to help her voice be back to normal. "I think I want to find Helio." Her voice faltered a little as she said the dark fairy's name, but she continued onwards. "I think I want to help the resistance, but the only way I know how to find them is through Helio."

Wumong’s eyes widened at the mention of his old student; he had heard the dark path the fairy had taken and what he had done to Faye. He was intrigued why she would look to him for answers, even if he knew something about any resistance who knew where in Avalia he would be. Wumong was lost with no leads. It would be a hard task to follow. “Well dear, if that is truly the path you would like to follow, would you have any idea to help guide our way?” He questioned, raising a brow in her direction.

Faye slowly nodded as she remembered a friend of Helio's. "We'd need to go to Roshmi and seek out a man named Bastian. They were best friends and he'd likely know where Helio is at. He may even be there with him honestly." She informed him as she bit her lip.

Wumong pondered a moment thinking about it before he abruptly spoke. “Hmm… Well I suppose we shall get ready. I will pack things we need and meet you out front after I let the students and other practitioners know I will be away until further notice. You should get yourself washed up in the springs behind the monastery and put on some clean clothes. It will be a fair bit of travel.” Faye listened to Wumong as he spoke then suddenly threw her arms around him in a hug.

"Thank you." She said before letting him go and doing as he said. She soon was flying out to spring to wash up and change into her clean clothing.
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Time: 10AM
Location: Jungle
Interactions: Annya @princess , Saorise @Potter Raven @Tae, Caelan @Alivefalling, Ismael @Th3King0fChaos
Equipment: Cobalt Saber, Cobalt Half Plate, 1330 Amas, Map of Avalia, Lantern, Water Flask, 3x Torch, x10 Travel Rations, Washing Brush.

Kharne just shook his head at Annya's words. "I don't believe anyone deserves respect. Common courtesy, yes. But respect has to be earned...my opinion on that subject." He rumbled out. He clearly respected the Princesses because of what they've been doing. Not because they were royalty, if he respected them for their position it would be a hollow respect. Then again this was the opinion of a brusque mercenary who probably ran on might makes right for the most part.

Raven introduced herself, she was quite young. A fraction of Annya's age, and nearly a third of his own. What was a cosplayer? Annya was curious as well, but it seemed Chicago flew over her head. The small young girl had mentioned she lived in an apartment in Chicago, so that was possibly a town in the human world? The princess was asking questions so there was no point repeating them.

Her mumbled words were caught by his ears, which were flared out and swiveled towards her. He could see hints of pain in her eyes, what a lot of people said were a window into the soul. This would be out of character for him, she wasn't his comrade yet, he didn't know her beyond her name and where she lived, but the towering reptilian man laid one of those giant hands on her shoulder and gave a slight squeeze. A comforting gesture from a long time warrior, he wasn't one for hugs.

Annya said the girl wasn't boring simply because she didn't know what it was Raven was talking about. But the pair got onto the subject of the carbuncle which got him to shift away from them a little. He wasn't here to get cozy, he was here to protect. So he reached over his shoulder and unsheathed that giant blade that was often lost between those mammoth wings that rested on his shoulders like a living cape. Their destination was said, they were going to Riverport.

"Would you like me up front or at the back, my Lady?" He questioned while his blade flicked up and rested on his shoulder. It seemed to be a relaxed stance but his footing indicated he could move in almost any direction he chose to counter a surprise attack. Given his ears were moving like small satellite dishes that seemed hard to do.
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Time: 10am
Location: Jungle
Interactions:@Tae Raven @Kazemitsu Kharne @Th3King0fChaos Ismael @princess Annya

Saoirse listened as Annya cued them all to introduce themselves. The dark-haired male was named Ismael and the dragon was named Kharne. She, of course, already knew Raven’s name and story. She caught Raven’s glance after she spoke. Saoirse thought about asking her about it but decided not to do it right now. It wasn’t as if they were friends still, and were more like acquaintances. She wondered if they would ever return to their old friendship, but she doubted it. She was a criminal and the girl was a professional nerd. They had nothing in common other than then being here together, but then realized if she hadn’t jumped off the roof onto Raven, she wouldn't be here, and Raven wouldn’t have been dragged into this fantasy world. Saoirse sighed and rubbed her temples. Was it a good thing? She realized if the others had been with her, perhaps they could have lived and come here with her. But would they treat the world the same? It was unlikely.

When Annya spoke to Ismael and repeated his name, she snickered. So he was German; was he from their time frame? She shrugged it off. Who cared? Though, she supposed that getting to know who she was traveling with would be smart. Saoirse glanced over at the others finally and took in Ismael and Kharne’s appearances. She scrutinized them momentarily then looked forward again. She listened to the warrior princess speak and raised her eyebrows. They were going somewhere named Riverport. Cute. She rolled her eyes.

Then their kingdom might get attacked but they weren’t worried? Interesting - and they had a strong enough army to protect it. This was truly a fascinating world. However, once Annya returned her attention to Raven and began asking her about her life, she couldn’t help but snicker again. What was Chicago? She pressed a hand to their mouth. Then her attention was pulled to the fox. She didn’t know what the fuck it meant, but she was excited and had apparently one as a pet. Saoirse saw it and blinked with surprise. It was actually quite … adorable. She grimaced at the word adorable and wrinkled her nose. Oh God. If Declan had heard her say that… She sighed and pushed it out of her mind and continued walking.

Once Kharne began to talk, Saoirse turned to glance at him, realizing she was head of the group now, lost in thought. Tension ran through her head. Saoirse ran a hand through her messy red hair and took it out of the ponytail. She let it hang loosely around her face in messy waves and turned to face the group. She kept the hairband around her wrist.

”My name is… Shae.” She decided to go with the nickname she had gone with for a large part of her life. Her gaze moved over to Raven, who she hoped would understand and go along with the ruse. Once upon a time, she had asked Raven to call her the same thing. Saoirse, as much as she liked her name, was a big hint to who she was. She had no idea what other humans were here, and if she had screwed them over or not. Saoirse bit her lip. Had the portals taken in or appeared near the rest of her gang? She wasn’t sure if she wanted to know.

”I’m twenty two years old. I know how to use a gun and a bow to an extent, and I was trained in martial arts and parkour. I also know hand-to-hand combat but I’m no expert in it. I also am Irish, which is a nationality on Earth, so I have an accent.” She paused and shuffled her shoes and avoided everyone’s gaze and looked forward more. She did not elaborate on her job or history and glanced at Raven to warn her not to divulge it. To help prevent this, she changed the subject. ”When or how do we find out what our powers are? What are our options and is it random?” She leaned against a tree and gazed at the scenery around them.

This world was truly something. She wondered how long she could hide what she was and if it was revealed, what they would do to her if anything? It wasn’t as if she could return to earth and not get sent to jail. She shuddered at the thought of it and knew it was perhaps a miracle she was in this weird world. Saoirse bit her lip and glanced at Raven again with a side-eye warning her to keep her mouth shut.
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