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Hi all. I’m F 21+, and looking for a long-term rp partner.
I’m mainly looking for:
- Who has experience and writes lit/liberate.
- Oc’s only.
- Third person/Past tense.
- MxF only (I prefer to write as the F)
- You have to be 21+ (Even if the storyline isn’t 21+ related.)
- Dark/Angsty romance themes is what i’m mainly looking for.
- The storyline and the characters must have alot of dept.
- Realistic/slice of life. (No Fandoms/Supernatural/Medieval)
- I’d like to plot a little beforehand.
- Realistic face claims.
- Someone who also gets excited about our characters, sending songs that reminds us of the storyline, etc.

A plot that I’d love to do is where the male character accidentally (or not accidentally) killed someone, and needs to quickly get out of town. But before he does a runner, He can’t help himself but drag the female character who he’s in a relationship with into his mess.

(We can get more into detail if you’d like to do this plot, but we can of course make a whole different plot if you want us to come up with something together.)

If you’re interested, pm me on here. Or pm me in discord: Rpacc#4078
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Hi there,

My name is Bri. I tried to add you in Discord, but for some reason couldn't find you with that username. I am interested in this plot idea, if you are still looking for partners.
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