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Light slowly licked at some of the furnishings of the small room as the last of three men came and sat at the table. He set his candle down at the center by the other two and leaned back. His small grey eye darted back and forth to the other two men waiting for one of them to speak. They all knew the situation at hand, and they all knew it was up to them to solve it.

"What is the current energy level Horas?" One man finally said. He was a short man, with a pudgy belly match by what should have been cheery green eyes and a short gray beard. Now though his eyes dimmed with worry and his beard had grown past its normal length.

"Low. And growing lower by the day I'm afraid." Hoarce replied. He was thin, although an average height. In the chaos he seemed to have grown thinner. His brown eyes darted around the room nervously.

"Can we do anything?" The original man asked. He rested his arms on the table. Once a fine sorcerer, the had lost that ability when he was caught of guard by gryphon. In the fight he lost one of his eyes and the will to cast any more spells. A silence filled the room as the men thought about the question.

"I've got it!" The pudgy man, Stephen, finally exclaimed.

"Go on." Horace said.

"We all have young sorcerers we know of or are under us right?" Stephen said. The others nodded. "What if we get a small team of them together to find the problem?"

"I would rather we fix it." The one eyed man, Justus said flatly.

"Well, we are too old too." Hoarce objected. "I for one think it's a good idea."

"Fine." Justus said standing. "I will gather my apprentices and meet you back at the hall." He grabbed his candle and left.


Cara walked behind her teacher to the hall. Unlike the other students with her she was quiet. Yes, she knew the city was dying, and it wasn't that she didn't care, she just didn't feel like a hero. She followed Hoarce to the hall and up the steps. The door opened for the apprentices as they entered. In the hall one master, who she assumed was Stephen stood with his apprentices around him. He was clearly lecturing to them about something. What though she couldn't hear. Cara looked up at Hoarce as they walked to the other side of the hall. He had them all sit, then walked over to Stephen. They whispered back and forth, then her master came walking back. He seemed nervous and tense..then again he was always nervous and tense. She, who was still standing, leaned against the wall as her master came over. She listened as he explained that they were waiting on one more group. It wasn't that it totally mattered to her. Again, she wasn't a hero...why should she help?
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