Welcome! Glad to see all of you here~ let's keep this one simple, shall we?

I'm looking for someone to play a slave girl to my master character. I'm specifically looking for female characters, but beyond that the details are kind of up in the air! There are a couple slave options that I can think of off the top of my head that might be interesting, so I'll outline a few specific ones, then give some other options just for inspiration. Don't let my limited options deter you from messaging me if you have other ideas though!

The Princess - A former princess of a distant land, now sold at auction as a slave. Perhaps she's been sold out by courtiers that she trusted. Maybe her kingdom was invaded and she ended up shipped off to a far away land to live out her life in servitude.

The Sacrifice - A young woman who was once part of a very large family. She sold herself into slavery in order to help her family survive the harsh winter -- but will life as a slave end up being an upgrade from life as a poor peasant?

The Priestess - Your holy order considers submission and servitude to be virtues, and as such it is part of the holy rites of passage to become a fully fledged priestess to submit yourself mind, body, and soul to another. Usually, priestesses are pledged to the high priest of the temple -- but an error in the paperwork resulted in you being sold at auction to the general public, much to the outrage of the high priest who was... looking forward to having you join his harem.

The Thief - Sometimes crime pays! It certainly did for you. Right up until you robbed the wrong person and ended up slapped in chains. Instead of prison, the powers that be decided you'd do better to serve your sentence by being sold off to pay for everything you'd ever stolen!

The Heroine - Unfortunately, it looks like it's game over for you! You failed to save your homeland, and instead got yourself captured by the villainous dark lord's forces! Maybe you shouldn't have rushed straight into the final boss zone right after getting your first starter sword!

The Villain - Bad news! Your plot to take over the world failed spectacularly, and your power has been sealed away by magical collar. Now you're being sold to the very people you sought to subjugate yourself! How humiliating.

The Debtor - You were going to be an adventurer! Unfortunately, you weren't very good at it, and ended up racking up more debts than you could possibly pay off! So now you're being sold. Maybe your master will let you pay off your debt over time so you can one day be free again!

Other Ideas

Wild girl
Unicorn-girl (No anthro please~)
Blind and/or Mute girl
Fallen Goddess
Monster girl
Magical Android

We can discuss what kind of master you'd like to see, and what kind of story you'd like to focus on~ I'm partial to adventure and traveling the world -- but I'm perfectly happy to play out a lighthearted slice of life storyline within the master's manor or a small shop or something where your character is expected to live and work.