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Found a formattting cheat sheet, yay

Hello there, I am the Cocobean. You can also call me Bubs or Bubbies, or whatever you want really. I am a newcomer to the roleplayer scene and I was recommended by a friend to check this place out.

I am into a lot of different kinds of stories, be it slice of life, dramas, high and low fantasy, sci-fi and everything in between. I've even written a story, which is a neat, little high fantasy story about a family that spans generations. That will never, ever, ever see the light of day, however...

I'd like to write another story, but with you. I'm not the most confident writer, but I look forward to finding people to meet and share ideas with, and hopefully someone that tickles my fancy enough to trust my writing with. Thanks for having me :)
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Hello and welcome to the Guild.
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Howdy! Welcome to the guild! Enjoy your stay in our little asylum of fucked-uppery!
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Welcome to the guild 🤟😎
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Hello and welcome! Glad to see more people getting into role-playing!
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@cocobeanhello and welcome to the guild
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@cocobean Welcome, Bubs!
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Hi, Cocobean! Welcome to the guild!
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