Name: Drachen Steinboden

Age: 29

Nationality: German

Base of Operations: Earth; Europe

Class: Duelist

Preferred Advanced Class: Knight


  • Main Weapon: Ion Ostryx Battle Axe
  • Secondary Weapon: Ion Throwing Knives
  • Armor: Ostryx Body Armor
  • Gear: Plasmic Grenade

Gene Mods:

  • Adaptive Nerve Firing: Allows a soldier to react faster to attacks. Boosting the soldiers Dodge that makes enemies miss more often.
  • Adaptive Bone Marrow: Allows a soldier to heal faster than normal and grants Drachen an immunity to Chryssalid Poison.

Drachen is a rather large man, standing at six feet four inches with a heavy build. Thick muscles that would look more at home on a Heavy unit than a Duelist. His skin is darkly tanned from being outside so much, and is littered with numerous scars from various wounds over the years. On his back are a set of draconic wing tattoos that look surprisingly real. He's strangely hairless as well despite his ancestry.

Like the rest of him he's completely bald, whether by choice or not is in his file. Thick black eyebrows rest on a rather thick ridge, making him look angry and casting a small shadow over his eyes. Said eyes are a steel gray in color and slightly sunken. Between his eyes and lower down he has a block-ish nose. His lips are average, but hold a slight natural frown that gives his overall look to be angry.

Drachen was born in Germany a year after the war for Earth was over. His name is kind of a give away on that along with some of a remaining accent. His younger years flew by in an unimportant blur until he joined up with the military. Schools didn't cover the Alien Invasion very well, a lot of hush hush details apparently. Here he learned a lot more on what actually happened in the war by checking records available in his off time.

During training he found that he preferred getting up close and personal instead of hiding a mile away to blow somethings head off. His size, endurance, and overall might, tended to win out over technique when it came to hand to hand. A few Veterans of the War that were still active compared him to a Muton. Although biologically his strength didn't compare to their brutish might. After learning hand to hand techniques he was moved on to learn the weaponry of a Duelist. Swords and throwing knives. Unfortunately the swords were simply too light and adding weight would make the weapon awkward and clumsy. So an axe was made with the same technology. Thankfully an axe tended to follow the same attack patterns as a sword minus drawing cuts.

Unfortunately, in his mind anyway, there weren't any Aliens around after all that training. It was basic patrols, hunts that came up empty, and more training. Well he trained on his own, going above and beyond the norm. Between orders he did everything he could to increase his strength, surpass his previous move speeds, and to hone his reflexes despite the Gene Mods active within his body. Hell the Adaptive Bone Marrow let him abuse himself to go even further beyond normal human standards.

Finally it was decades after the War and Humanity decided it was time to go Alien hunting through space. He didn't really understand the tech to traverse space, would they be in cryo like in the movies? Or did the ships just move that fast now that they could just...warp to the planets and go on the offensive? He'd find out soon enough.