Plot : Dragons or Drakons have been a part of humanity's strange fascination for over a few million years. But now the reality of dragons have all come to main orbit. 2021, in modern day America several young college students have run across....strange eggs.....only when these eggs hatch can the adventure unfold.

6 Lucky college students 21-24 years of age, have ran across strange eggs and all have unknown unlocked the old cryptic world of the dragons. In Modern day what can these college students do, what happens if the Military catches on? Goverment? teachers? Dangers are endless but friendship and strong bonds can make amazing stories.

6 Dragons

Darkness - Most silent of all dragons these dragons often are the strongest with brute strength

Deep Ocean - Strangest of all the dragons able to fly and glow in the dark and expert swimmers and build more like serpents, is very old by myth and nature, their magic runs deep and old {Taken by me}

Sky - The friendliest of dragons, very selfless and willing to do what's right, very curious and very fast of the breed of dragon

Fire - temperamental dragon, very aggressive and often snappy. Very intense heat and watchful dragon, the most explosive of power

Earth - Peaceful and down to earth dragon often trying to keep the peace as much as possible but very strong and can take massive damage

Venomius- The most cunning of Dragons, very dangerous and manipulative, these dragons get what they want by backstabbing and being the most cruel of the breeds.