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Learning from your mistakes?

Novel concept. Good luck with that.

I'm sticking with the tried and true stubbornly stagnate. Never let me down. Also never worked particularly well for me, but hey it never let me down.
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The most cringe-worthy OC I've ever encountered was last year on tumblr, when I was active in the TWD RP community there. I ran a Negan blog and at some point got a request from someone wanting to write their OC in a romantic story with Negan.

When I read the profile on this girl I facepalmed so I hard I gave myself a concussion. This OC was like 20 or so, which already was a red flag because Negan is like 50 and she wanted to pair them up. She had a Super Tragic backstory with a ton of abuse and sexual assault from nearly every family member for many years, but She Would Not Be Broken! No, she escaped her family but not before killing them all with a katana she somehow got her hands on because... Japan is cool? I mean, it is but c'mon. She also got her hands on a crossbow because of course she did, and found a badass bike somewhere because again, of course she did - she also shipped this OC with Daryl - and from the character pictures that were posted this girl dressed like she got everything fresh from Hot Topic. Years into a zombie apocalypse. Because that makes total sense. And the suggested plot was that Negan was gonna save her from some walkers because I guess she's suddenly defenseless now despite her fancy katana and crossbow, and then they were gonna fall in loooooove.

Yikes. The kicker? The person behind this OC was also in her 20s instead of a teen like I had expected with a character like that.

As for my own cringe OC - in my defense I was 14 and it was my first ever RP, but here you go. It was based on Medabots which was one of the most popular anime on tv here at the time, alongside shows like Pokemon, Digimon and DBZ. My friends were all big Medabots fans and my character, Melissa, was some kind of... human-medabot hybrid android thing. Like she was kidnapped as a baby and... gasp, experimented on. She grew up not knowing this happened to her but at some point she found out that she was half Medabot and could switch out every part of her body with every Medapart imaginable, which allowed her to fight like a medabot and access all of their abilities and it made her grossly overpowered. She was also crazy aggressive and violent but somehow never got into real trouble because she was so very special. She also had a Metabee, which is the equivalent of giving your pokemon trainer OC a Pikachu because that's what the main character has.

I really did love writing her though, she was my first OC and I still have all the logs of this 20+ year old RP. It's an amusing read in a hilariously bad way. I was talking to one of the people I wrote that story with a few years ago and we drew up to date redesigns of our characters. We briefly discussed writing a 2.0 version of the story, with a proper plot and sensible adjustments to our characters, but it never happened. Good times lol.
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God, you just reminded me of my own cringetastic Medabots OC. What is with Medabots and cringe?
(We were all watching as kids and made the OCs as kids. That's probably it.)

I don't remember the original context for my OC, but I'm pretty sure they were a Rokusho rip-off. If, you know, Rokusho was a dragon/dragonfly. And quadruped. And totally did not fit with the style of the show (@younger me, WHY were they a natural quadruped, no fucking Medabot was a proper quadruped). I kinda remember my revision where they were rusting and trying to hunt down someone, fuck if I can remember. And they die and it's upsetting and it's plotted as well as a kid writing fanfic can do. Sadly, or maybe fortunately, I never got around to writing it.

(Some warning for casual discussion about rape)
As for someone else's character, I need to emphasize this was on a chat-based site several years ago. The user may have changed personally, the user may have been projecting, I don't know. All YOU need to know is I was a mod for a pokemon rp chat, and this user came in with a character: female trainer with a Sneasel starter. Ok, I don't have a problem with that. Trainer's backstory involves her being raped by her dad. That's concerning but, if I'm frank, I see a lot of characters with rape in their backstory. I mentally check 'rape' on my 'Is This Character Too Edgy' list, move on. There's a Sneasel egg. The Sneasel egg hatches. The Sneasel joins in on the rape.

Ex-fucking-cuse me?

I read that shit like three times, and am still not convinced to this day I didn't misinterpret this. Because there's just no way someone meets their starting pokemon because it RAPED them.

It takes a while but I do persuade the user to tone it down significantly to 'trainer is being assaulted when the egg hatches and the Sneasel chases off her assaulter'. So, maybe not the most cringy/confusing OC given the fact that the player was willing to change. I probably do have cringier and more convoluted characters in my archive, from people unwilling to change.

But dear lord, I'm still confused why that happened in the first place.
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She also got her hands on a crossbow because of course she did,

>To be completely fair, they sell those at pawn shops and Walmarts here in the US. And it is a very good weapon for a zombie apocalypse, since it's silent and deadly if used right, so I could see why the character had one. Well, if it were in any other context anyway. As it's described, the author probably just wanted to imitate characters from the show because they thought it was cool, which fair enough I guess?

>I'm trying to wrack my brains for cringey OCs I've seen, but I've honestly forgotten most if not all of them. They don't tend to take up much neural space as their authors inevitably improve their craft as time goes on, hopefully, which makes dwelling on the more novice material a waste of time and energy for me. Time and energy I could spend on finishing my own stories and improving my own work, etc.
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The ones I made on the forum when I was still a baby. Please don't look I will cry
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So I came across a character....

A princess vampire assassin mayor who:

-Wears 12 inch heels in combat.
-Has met every American President. Responsible for the assassination of Kennedy.
-Can disarm men with a smile.
-Knows all magic.
-Been an intern for Apple, Sony, SpaceX, etc.
-Can speak ten thousand languages and is an animal whisperer.
-Is a poet, a mother, married to Matthew McConaughey.
-Graduated from Princeton.
-An immortal.
-Advocate for orca rights. Also can turn into one.
-Won three Academy Awards, the Noble Peace Prize for a hip hop album.
-Cooks 5 minute rice under 30 seconds.
-Is 12 years old.

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5 minute rice in under 30 seconds!!!!

She's a wizard!
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Dude not necessarily a cringey OC but a cringey thing young RPer me did with a certain character (in my defense I was like 12 haha) is whenever someone would do something crappy to my character she'd run off and sing an original song I wrote like a damn musical. I'd always write in brackets at the end of the post 'Yeah, I wrote that' as if they were actually cohesive lyrics and not cringey writings of a 12 year old bahahahaha. Moshi Monsters RP forum was a weird time in my life
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Just, me.

Now,I was roleplaying on *Pokemon Netbattle* of all things. Of course, this was pre Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, so about 2005ish. Making me about 10 or 11 (I only know this as Netbattle never updated for Gen 4 mechanics.)

So, with it being a Pokemon based programme/chat, I of course was roleplaying as a Pokemon trainer. Who was basically a self-insert, but he had *Pokemon*! So of course he was much cooler than me and therefore edgier, so needed an edgy nickname. Sam ShadowSoul.


Anyway, he was apparently the son of Giovanni and Misty because that was an excuse to give myself a shiny shadow Mewtwo and a shiny Sucuine which "I got from my mom b4 she dided and I don't know who my dad is but Mewtwo likes me!" Because of course.

I insisted on getting let into a Roleplay that was way beyond my level at the time, but the mod must have taken me seriously or wanted to humour me because he (bless him) would coach me on how to write and how to battle in the server. I ignored him because I thought I knew best.

By the end of day one, my character had somehow discovered his father, aged 11 years, caught 5 legendaries, got a Shiny Mudkip, made 18 friends and was the champion of all 3 regions and was in "a new region" which was basically me acting like my fucking hometown counted as somewhere to base a region! I even named it after my street and it had 27 badges because what was my house number.

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Hands down, my characters from when I first started RPing. I constantly pulled stuff out of my butt for them because I thought it would be cool. And I got away with it a lot because this was literally on a forum devoted to Legos, including said RP I was in.
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I have a few from my old roster I consider cringe for one reason or another, but I remember once during my early 1x1 rp days here using some stock photo of a random ass girl I found on Google and naming a character Scarlett Sapphire because her hair was red and she had blue eyes... 🤦🏽‍♀️ And @metanoia asking me if she was a stripper LOL.

As for the cringiest, I won't name drop the user or character's name, but it's one I'm sure @POOHEAD189 remembers well:
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all of mine ever

except yung steve he rocks
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