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Kurumi Amano

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Hee-ho! That’s a relief-ho! My master here can recharge your batteries lickety split, ho!Nahobino nodded, agreeing, holding out a hand that crackled with electricity in response to Cole. If she could help in any way possible, then it would help all parties involved, and increase their success in getting out of this predicament. Then, after that.. she could discover what was the root of all of this was, and how to go back home, to Tokyo.

Superman, ho? Who the hee-ho is that? Hey, it’d be appreciated if someone could explain what’s going on fully, ho — what’s that sound?

The two of them turned to the thumping closet. Nahobino’s blue laser blade extended from their hand, eyes creasing into a tight-lipped scowl.

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Tacit understanding, harmful stupidity.

Considering the new group had gone out of their way to reach the safe area for civilians, that they would be able to offer some form of help towards himself and the retired hero, some kind of support or even just extra safety towards the area itself. Specially so after interrupting the one opportunity their little group had found to air their suspicions and concerns about Lex.

This is why he had been so brief and business-like with them, and why he had been quite willing to go back to work. The odd-looking speaking animal was... fine enough. It started by being quite cooperative enough, even if a little weird. He wanted to respond to their inquiry as soon as he had listened to what Ultron had to say... smirking ever so slightly at the suggestion to 'fix' their watches.

Yet the purple quadruped with forked tails decided to butt-in at their own leisure, possibly risking their talk being leaked. Hershel felt his annoyance rising by the second, at the very least easy to contain for now.

But the whole dam broke the moment he had glimped past the floating cat-like being, seeing an older man aim a gun at an innocent person. Letting gently go of the person's limb he was treating, the entirety of the duke's body and muscles tensing up in an instant, preparing to sprint with all his strength towards the imbecile attempting to maliciously murder someone innocent.

Only by virtue of the bullet being stopped by an influx of power he had sensed beforehand, had he not gone further than turning around and standing up. But by this point, enough was enough. The retired hero snapped first, helping the cleric temper his nerves, sighing a long time before his eyes locked onto the gun-wielding buffoon who had attempted murder before returning to the other two.

"Stole the words right out of my mouth there... You, the forked-tails one. If you promise to behave and use normal supplies in the crate while here, you can keep helping, but otherwise get away from injured" A cold anger permeated his words, only slightly aimed at the purple one he talked towards. Turning his sight towards where the stinking booze had been poured, Hershel snapped his fingers, the wounds of the poor invidual cleaned in an instant before turning towards the biggest offender of the day... slowly walking towards them with a cold, slightly cruel smile.

"And you. Try to attempt murder on innocent bystanders again, and I'll make it so you receive the harm back tenthfold" He sounded the angriest he had been so far since they arrived to this world, staring daggers at the confused older man, his foot digging into the fabric under them, and into the concrete harshly, cracking noises spreading around him.

Another long sigh escaped his lips before turning towards Negan with a more neutral expression.

"And you, I think you would be far more fitting going off to fight... thanks for dumping people here at least. Just don't dump weird drinks onto people... instead, bash any poor bastard's head that may try to damage this place." A serious and business-like tone reigned his voice when talking to the bat-wielding maniac and trying to get them to cooperate the best he knew... the gun idiot was a lost cause, but there was still possibilities with the other two... as much as he wanted to click his tongue.

Turning away, he went back to the patient he had left mid-treatment in fixing their injuries, thankfully they were lower urgency.

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The Espeon waves the two rightfully concerned men (those being All Might and Hershel, of course) off, as laid back as ever. "Calm down, you two. Especially you, blondie, you're starting to sound like my pal Larry. I warned ya' guys! I don't have much experience with human treatment. But trust me- if these traditional Pokemon treatments didn't work, I wouldn't be using them!" Eric gently rubs some pine sap over another gash to disinfect it. Reaching for another canteen, he tips it only to see one measly drop slowly drip out. He then checks his bag. Out of berries, too. "Lucky for you, I have to switch now anyway. Woulda packed more medical supplies if I knew you'd be blowing up buildings!"

He helps set a broken bone of one of the civilians, wincing a little at the snap.

"But really, you guys seriously NEED to get some Pokemon Berries around here, at LEAST. I mean, c'mon, one Rawst is enough to treat any serious burn," he continues as he wraps a splint around them. "By the way, I charge extra for preventing executions. Take it out of the pirate's bank account." He moves to another civilian and starts treating their burns. "Nah, just kidding. Unless you want to pay me. I mean, I'm kinda rolling in money back home, but I can't exactly make withdrawals from Duskull Bank here. Most I've seen are ATMs and I'm pretty sure every single one has a guy with a knife waiting around the closest corner." He glances up at the wounded person he'd been helping. "How's the burn feel? Don't touch it, okay?" The Espeon then promptly zips towards the next patient and gets right back to rambling. "I think the crime rate here really adds to the experience though, y'know? Exploding buildings, killer aliens, creepy billionaire guys, I think it all comes together in one really neat package. Oh, and by the way, Hershel-"

Eric smirks at the man, resting a paw on his cheek and swishing his tail playfully at him as he uses Psychic to continue working on the patient behind him.

"'Good behavior' is my middle name!"

The cat salutes, jovial as can be.

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He could only frown at Berrit's response to his shock "Hey, I'm one of those 'brought not because of combat experience' kind of people, so I'm just a little out of my element right now, so maybe just some leeway being given would be nice."He then simply listened along as the others continued to talk about their teams, about to speak up before Aiba told him she already had it handled, too which he then kept to himself, at least he would of if the building nearby didn't seem to just explode.

With a look of shock, he quickly moved to the windows to see the event occur, taken aback by the sight of the building in ruins and the faint figure of superman floating there. Without lex's screaming, Date was already on the move, a determined look on his face as he quickly moved out of the building. At the bottom of the collapsed building itself, he stared up to the top, but seeing Joel run in he quickly spoke aloud without thinking "Aiba, grab blueprints of the building, we can use it to cross-reference what we see inside and what's still standing." He followed after Joel the moment he had them, seeing the two had helped some rubble off of a lady, afterward heading in deeper. He followed behind them silently as they started to come across more and more cleaner rooms, no fires anywhere, and also the chaos seemed to have been completely silenced. At least until a voice seemed to ring out throughout the building.

Date had reached for his own gun as he watched Joel take out his, making sure he was at the ready as well, looking like a simple revolver in his hands as he looked around for the source of the voice. Then, Joel seemed to slowly start moving inwards, to which others followed and so did Date himself. Entering a room, the door shut behind them, to which since Joel had a flashlight, Date went with his light and squinted at the scene in the room, yet continued to keep quiet. However, at the man and the weird fox person actually sitting he could only look surprised at them, he himself staying standing as he stared at the figure at the end of the table. That man might have been part of causing this...he was the problem here, so they should deal with him, but the two of them are talking? No...he should just be dealt with now...like being shot. Yes, he should be shot, like righ-. "Date, I can't allow the use of the Evolver yet, he hasn't done anything hostile"He shook the thoughts from his head, that was a weird train of thought and Aiba was saying he couldn't anyway, so he simply observed.

Some people seemed to be willing to actually Drink this guy's random stuff? Geez, and that cat person chick thought he was going to be trouble. After the weirdly dressed man actually took a drink of the liquid, the man seemed to hop on the table, walk over, and then...everything went dark, too actually being on a giant stopwatch with rabbit masked thugs falling and trying to attack them? Date quickly took a defensive position, finding a spot to protect himself as he waited for the thugs to approach them. Then, the man who actually drank the tea seemed to transform, and attacked the fox dude! Quickly, he turned to move towards him, but then Grey called out about how he could take care of Sougo for now, to which date hesitated a bit but then nodded. He ran for the closest thug, gun being put away as he focused on hand-to-hand combat, more so looking to incapacitate the thugs rather than kill them, even with the sound of Joel and Tess's guns going off. Then, hearing the girls shouting about the masks controlling them, Date switched up his strategy a bit, fighting off masked invaders while also ripping off the hats they were wearing. It seemed to start working, as they went from fighting thugs to confused citizens, he'd have to thank that scantily dressed girl for the idea of doing it.

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Trevor simply pour himself more to drink from, listening to others join teams as he simply enjoyed himself at least until the chaos nearby began, causing his face to sour as he, unfortunately, put down the drink. Seeing out the window at the...odd city, he looked to the burning building, and hearing the bald man yell at them to run out and deal with it, he did just that. Moving out with the rest of the others, he could only follow Neagen's thinking of not wanting to completely just rush in there as Joel and others had. However, looking around at the situation as citizens were making their way out and injured were being dealt with, he realized his talents, unfortunately, didn't reach helping people. So with some thought, he moved around the building trying to find a way up, finding a door into the building that was on the opposite side near what could be assumed waste and such was dumped. What an odd structure, either way with little care of what was around him, he quickly threw the door open, and ran into the building, looking to the set of stairs. Upon entering it and looking up, he realized...man, that was a fucking lot of stairs. With a heavy sigh, he started to run up them...and continued to run...and run...

Before anyone could actually reach the closet, the door to the fire escape could be heard to be kicked open, as trevor stepped in with morning star and sword in hand, looking around to see...the situation having been handled, as well the roof seemed to have. Looking a bit confused, he could only awkwardly scratch the back of his head "Whoops...looks like I might have burst in a little too late. Sorry" After realizing that most of the people seemed to be dealt with, dead, or not there, he held his hands to his legs, bending over as he breathed a bit heavily. He muttered under each breath "Fucking...stairs...so many"

Interacting: Mostly just top floor gang in general, making an epic entrance
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Spamton laid a Pipis on Lex Luthor's desk the moment the explosion went off next door. He was too young and beautiful to get a hole punched through him by some caped maniac no matter what baldy said. That said he had to be carried out by staff as he struggled to climb over them back into the safety of Lex lair.
Once outside he froze as he watched a giant dragon fly into the affirmation building. "WHAT THE [!$$!] IS THAT!" He stood in awe practically laying another Pipis. He needed to find somewhere to hide and wait this whole ordeal out. Perhaps this world had better garbage cans to offer. Thus he scampered off in search of one. Which unfortunately drew him closer to the building, but he saw the outline of a dumpster in an alley near it and dashed for it, standing proudly before a fire exit door. "HA! SPAMTON G. SPAMTON LIVES ANOTHER DAY!" He said before seeing a humanoid figure booking it towards him.

He couldn't react in time as a metal door was slammed in his metal face leaving a Spamton patented dent and hole. "YOWCH! I THINK MY NOSE IS BROK3N!" The puppet felt his face and surely enough his nose was bent upwards. He'd track down the nose breaking bandit later but for now he needed to find medical help.
After some searching he did come to find the medical area, it seemed as though a lot were going down between the gunfire and yelling. Not very medic-like the salesman would say. But he walked into the area looking at his good ol' buddy ol' pal Hershel. "HEY SPECIL NON-CUSTOMER YOU WOULDN'T HAPPEN TO BE ABLE TO HAVE ANYTHING THAT COULD FIX THIS WOULD YOU?!" He gestured to his bent nose.

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Captain Falcon opens his eyes only to look around to see everyone has gone "Oh shoot, everyone's gone.... Uuuuhh, I should probably get going before I start getting lost again. Getting lost is NOT fun." The pilot shakes Luthor's hand once again "Again, pleasure to meet you! You're the best at what you do" Captain Falcon remarks in a gruff voice "And whatever have you! Stay bald! Stay beautiful! See you later!" Captain Falcon pats Lex on the shoulder and wastes no time trying to retrace everyone elses steps, which lead him through a door "Hey guys, I apologize, I kinda zoned out for a second...Or two...Okay several but I'm here now! Sooo, what're we do-?" Captain Falcon is taken aback as he now finds himself in a completely different world space. He was in some sort of dystopian Victorian setting complete adorned with clocks and bleack, sickly skies over head "Welp! I'm must've gotten high somehow. Don't know how, but it's happened. And it's about as unnerving as I thought it would be...Oh!" Hits himself upside his helmet "Duh! I OBVIOUSLY went through the wrong door! No one sane would just continue through the wrong door! I am certainly sane! So, Imma leave and find everyone el-" Suddenly, anthropomorphic rabbits spring up from thin air and begin to attack the pilot "Oh my gosh! HAAAAAAAAA! I'M BEING ATTACKED! BY RABBIT PEOPLE! WHY RABBIT PEOPLE OF ALL THINGS?! WHAT IS GOING OOOOOOONNNN! AND WHY ARE YOU ATTACKING ME?! I WAS JUST ABOUT TO LEAAAAAAAVVVEEE! HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLP! Wait...."

Captain Falcon stands up as the rabbits continue to attack him, but now the pilot doesn't even seem to be bothered by them "What am I don't, letting these random rabbit mutants get the jump on me? I have fought a retarded Italian plumber, a gorilla that looks like Jimmy Neutron, a mute twink, an a elector-rat, a dinosaur with the world's biggest nose--" One of the rabbit people sock the pilot across the face "Hey, I'm trying to monologue here! Chill out!...Point is: Imma bounty hunter! I hunt people, dang it! And non-people too! And you." Captain Falcon catches two of the rabbit's fists "Are non-people.." The pilot casually tightens his grip on their fist, crushing them instantly. He then kicks the rabbit in front of him in the groin, a nasty squishing sound ensuing as a result as the rabbit falls over motionless. The pilot then kicks behind him, breaking the other rabbit's leg by the knee. With all the rabbits surrounding him incapacitated, Captain Falcon begins to take them all by the ear, tying them together and begins to spin himself and the rabbits around by the ear, continuing to pick up speed "So long, gay wabbits!" Captain Falcon responds in the best Italian accent he can muster as he lets go of the ears, letting the rabbits fly off into the sky. "And that takes care of that!" The pilot wipes his hands with a triumphant smile "Now what was I doing? Oh yea, I was leaving! Forget this place, I don't have time to be jumped by rabbit people...Who do I look like, Rayman?" Captain Falcon turns and prepares to leave from whence he came, only to find the door missing "Ofcouse. Ofcourse! OFCOURSE! Ofcourse it would be gone! Why wouldn't it be?! Just...! FFFFFFFFFFFFFF-Forward I go, I guess!" Captain Falcon grumbles angrily as he makes the journey to this madness inducing world he found himself in

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A sharp inhale caused Samus Aran to suddenly snap back to consciousness. One moment the bounty hunter was flying towards her mission objective - a space station orbiting a massive gas giant - to apprehend a space pirate remanent under the Galactic Federation's orders. Then she unexpectedly lost consciousness and blacked out momentarily, only to shortly awaken to find her ship spiraling out of control while plummeting towards a metropolitan skyline below! The bewildered bounty hunter had numerous questions coursing through her head at breakneck speed, desperately trying to make sense of the situation. Yet now was not the time to dwell on the matter when her life was once again on the line!

Quickly Samus sat up and began scrolling around with the holographic gyrosphere with one hand, while her other pulled back on the throttle to force the ship's landing thrusters upwards to control her descent as much as she could. Her purple gunship wailed as smoke could be seen trailing from its left wing from bystanders on the ground. It was clear things weren't looking too good. And worse still, the landing thrusters refused to activate! Samus tried several times to activate them but to no avail. This was going to be a rough landing; and all she could do now was brace for impact.

The ship was able to swerve past the tallest skyscrapers but her current trajectory wouldn't spare its damaged wing from scraping off one of them. Samus was jolted forward by the collision, as her ship span rapidly before crashing onto the street below. Sparks flew against the sickening screech of metal before the gunship slowly came to a grinding halt.

With an audible groan, Samus rose her head before slowly getting to her feet. She hadn't experienced a crash-landing like this in awhile, although knowing her luck it was bound to happen again eventually. Trouble always seemed to have found her at the least opportune moments. Instinctually, she issued a quick scan of her armor to make sure everything was in place. And indeed her visor would report back negative. She was still in her Varia Suit with all the current upgrades she equipped prior to the mission.

With her ship now compromised, the bounty hunter would have to search around for supplies - if not another way off this planet. At the very least Samus wouldn't have to search for any of her lost equipment. Yet she had a feeling that wherever she found herself in was far larger than she knew. She opened the emergency hatch on the ship's roof and proceeded climbed out, where she would first step foot upon this world. Taking in the sights of the metropolitan environment, she quickly realized that this planet felt familiar to her...

Was this Earth?

Samus hadn't stepped foot on the Galactic Federation's home world since her days in the academy; training alongside those born in the cradle of the human race. That was many years ago. But the more she observed her surroundings, the more alienated she felt all the same. It was a weird feeling; as if the Earth she stood on wasn't the Earth she knew. The buildings here were more primitive then she remembered; and she could hear sounds of unfamiliar origin echoing in the distance. Was Earth being invaded? Surely the Federation would've been the first to alert her if this was the case. But as far as she knew, Earth was protected by a massive defense fleet - ready to take down any alien invaders that dare attempt to wipe humanity off the intergalactic map.

She needed answers.

Leaving her ship behind, Samus made her way down the street to wherever fate would lead her...

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Cloud Strife

Getting onto the roof was a piece of cake for this other guy, easily jumping up with alarming speeds. Going fast is always a good way to get that blood pumping! Cloud had made a grunt in surprise when dragged along so fast. Sure it could be rather fun, but it was still one of the less preferable travel methods. Whatever gets the job done, you know? Speaking of jobs, he had one of his own. The man from before seemed to be nowhere in sight, but the chaos down there didn't seem cleared yet. Looking to the sky gave nothing, no one was there aside from some obnoxious angel who soon went down after someone else had approached him. Nothing useful, the man seems to have moved on or is in hiding. When asked what his plan was, Cloud could only give an amused breath before glancing at Schezo and then back at the sky. His hesitation came from the wonder on if Superman was even around. Maybe they should wait a moment, see if he strikes again. He was their worlds greatest hero was he not? Or at least one of them. The merc only knew of one situation where a hero fell into darkness- and now the asshole follows him around like some deranged mutt. Though Sephiroth had some method to his madness, this didn't seem to make sense quite yet-

Cloud glanced back at Luther's building, then over to the one destroyed. It was in perfect view of Lex's window, and so was Superman for a mere moment. A taunt before fucking off, a warning to someone he might know. Was this man going about things for no reason? Or was there some pattern they couldn't see? Some missing piece they hadn't gotten or overlooked, maybe the answer was staring them in the face and they just couldn't understand or see it yet. Cloud knew nothing about Superman so it made everything more difficult than it should be, was he even around? This would be too easy if he just showed up guns blazing- though if he did then it would still be too easy, there could be something puppeting the poor man like some play thing. Maybe he was overthinking things, they should first find out if the dude was even there.

"He might not even be around, so we should try something eye catching. If he's close enough or even cares, it should draw him here."

Turning back around and walking more to the middle of the roof, the merc pulled out the sword with ease and started to scan the area. He looked ready to block at any moment, trying to spot anything hiding. Maybe he wanted to watch the chaos, or perhaps left a trail of where he went? Cloud needed some sort of clue to go off of, right now he had nothing at it was frustrating. Sephiroth wouldn't be of any help even if he wanted to be, what insight could someone like him even provide? Other than harsh jabs verbally and physically. This other guy though? He seemed helpful, cocky but someone who could get the job done and not be a sassy bitch.

"If you have anything to add now would be the time, I'm starting to wonder about our enemy."


Lucifer Morningstar

Efforts proven fruitless, The Devil couldn't help but give an annoyed huff and cross his arms. Their superfiend might have slipped off for one reason or another, whatever it was it couldn't be good in the slightest. Before Lucifer could delve too deep into his thoughts he was met up by the lovely lady from before. Seeing her brought a smile to his face, one that only got bigger when he noticed the wings. She could fly as well? How exciting! Once they weren't under so much stress and danger he had to get to know this woman, even if she had just mocked him. He didn't take it too personally, she was probably just joking around anyways. Either way Luci had clearly loosened up and started to look towards the action. Maybe he was more useful down there, the superasshole hasn't gotten back yet so they should focus on the other chaos. While his words were deserved she was right, Luci should calm down and save the lines for a real fight. Right now wasn't the time and he was getting too frustrated too soon, everything would fall into place he just had to have faith. Not that it was ever easy, but faith is all an angel like him could have at times. A hope that it would just work out somehow, that even the prayers of the highest beings can be answered. If miracles happened to him, it could happen here. Not that one was needed yet, but Morningstar had a feeling they were getting into something deeper than a simple hero gone rogue.

"You are right dear, I should save it for later. It seems that he doesn't even want to come out for a little fun this time. Ah, we'll get him next time."

Bayonetta had suggested to fly down, not even waiting for a decision. Lucifer admired it, so much so all he could do was grin and chuckle before following behind her. They had planning to do anyways, and if Superman wasn't coming back it might be for the best. Though it was undeniably strange this whole situation, and he had a sense that something was missing or about to happen. He had to know more, and now he had the right questions- sort of. He was on the right track, but right now there were other things to be worried about. Survivors and those injured, anyone trapped under rubble, and a sweep for any fires any those trapped in them. If Superman really wasn't around, he should focus on the people and saving lives. Lucifer had to concentrate even if the sketchy feeling seemed to eat at him. Something wasnt totally right, where was the big bad? Why here and now? It bugged him to no end not to know, but he couldn't afford to stand around and waste more time. Still...

"Goodness- something just doesn't feel right to me. Something isn't totally adding up, should we wait a second and see if there's another strike? It can't be just one, this can't be some random attack but I can't prove any of it. Maybe he's just off somewhere else doing the same thing..."

Lucifer took a moment to take in his surroundings, putting his wings away with a roll of his shoulders and a groan. A few seconds wouldn't hurt when his wings take him at light speeds, if they don't wait they might miss something important- or more people will die for no reason. Maybe they should move along, there doesn't seem to be anything here yet. The Devil looked nervous and in his own head as he glanced around and stayed near Bayonetta, for his own sake more than anything. He was comfortable enough to have his hands in his pockets, but his face and posture still read as stressed. Then again, who wouldn't be?

"We shouldn't lollygag too long, people might be dying! Don't want to miss all the fun you know."

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As Maisha held the axe towards the masked man, the white-haired woman with the silver kad got a bit more physical with their prisoner, planting her boot onto the masked man’s chest as if he were a prize to be conquered. Then another one joined in, this time, a girl in a red hood and massive scissors. This was...excessive, even by Maisha’s standards. Interrogation was usually a two-person job and three people was pushing it, but four? That was absolutely too many. The thug already looked like he’d haran itself!

If four was too many, then the...back-up from Ultron was even less relevant than any other threat. What kind of utreekov offered a bribe after they started threatening the man? Other than being a completely dishonorable act to accept, muchless give a bribe, you use money to weed out those of a lesser moral character and then use violence to weed out those who can resist the temptation of a few extra credits. Some walking supercomputer he was!

Once again, as with many things in life, events occurred at a breakneck pace. Almost literally if any rubble had fallen on Maisha! First of all, the sniper began to use some Jetii Force magic, complete with glowing hands and eyes. As Maisha was revulsed by the sight, thud rocked the building. Just as Maisha was running through the possibility of a secondary explosion, the roof began to give way, revealing a set of giant claws.

The Mandalorian didn’t stick around to find out what those claws belonged to as he began to sprint for the open window. His life was not worth a little bit of information and he wasn’t sticking around to handle whatever could tear apart a building like that! He fired out his whipcord at the ledge and engaged his jetboots, yanking himself out of the building as fast as he could.

It was as he was making his unceremonious exit that he noticed the damnned WINGED KRAYT DRAGON!!! What in Mand’alor’s Great Crusades could possess nature to create an abomination like that??? A regular krayt dragon was bad enough, but one with WINGS??? If Maisha was a far lesser man, he would sooner renounce his heritage than face a beast like that...but he was Mando’ade and he had to see whom among his fellow coworkers survived.

Thankfully, through the supernatural abilities, incredible technology, or clever movements of everyone else, no one seemed too harmed aside from a few bruises and scrapes. When Maisha thought it safe to return, he walked in on the sniper speaking with Ultron regarding a man named “Firefly” supposedly responsible, or at least involved with this attack. As it turns out though, the sniper wasn’t the only one with Jetii mind powers, as the lightning man revealed that Firefly was some pyromaniac in armor and a jetpack and confirmed the theory that he was the man behind all of this.

Maisha processed this for a moment and noticed how similar this Firefly’s description was to his. He looked around the room a few seconds before quipping, “Hey, don’t start pointing any fingers at me, I was with you this whole time. Besides, jetpacks skanah. I wouldn’t trust those things with my spare wrench.”

Just as he finished, a thumping sound quickly reached his ears from a nearby closet that was suspiciously intact. Maisha was no fool to think it was a coincidence; it must be some sort of saferoom, vault, or the effects of some power that kept it from collapsing. A slick metal battledroid that was not Ultron wasted no time in approaching with the lightning man. Anticipating that they were opening the door, Maisha quickly drew his heavy blaster pistols and pointed both at the entry way, waiting for another twist to come jumping out at them, “Come out, come out...whatever you are...”

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"I could have guessed that much..." Schezo grumbles, cheeks filling with air to match his gradually furrowing eyebrows. He was expecting something more specific as a plan. Nevertheless, he's received an answer — one that gives him plenty of room to utilize his magic. That in and of itself is enough to make the activity somewhat interesting.

On the note of using his magic, Schezo mulls over the thought of trying to feel for Superman. Everyone has at least something he can sense. Everyone has dreams, and everyone carries some intention or another. Even if their target doesn't have a shred of magical prowess to their name, they should still emit some sort of ill will, provided they're as horrible as everyone's been led to believe.

Though, when he lowers his head, he's not met with anything decipherable. Instead, with only a vague thing to search for, he'd exposed himself to the raw, unfiltered cesspool of auras brewing in the vicinity.

"Mh!" he grunts, visibly reeling back from his endeavor. "I would easily resolve your concerns if there were less people around," he reveals, planting the Dark Sword in the ground at his side to rest his hand on. The opposite hand naturally finds its way to his hip as his face deflates into a displeased, almost sour one. "Between the dragons," a scoff can be heard, "and flying people, what might be his power is being drowned out. I'm not familiar enough with this -- this Sub-par Man to sense him like this. Your presence hasn't helped relieve me of this either, you know!"

"Anyway, you wanted something eye-catching to get his attention. Unless you have something to add to it, I'd advise stepping back to make room for my...!"

The dark mage then pulls the Dark Sword from the ground. Both of his arms fold over his chest, blade in tow, and his eyes close once more.


The instant the spell's name left his mouth, the air around them began to crackle. Bolts of lightning seemingly appeared from out of nowhere, streaming in by the dozen, cascading down like rain, and striking nigh-indiscriminately. From a distance — and even up close — it all seemed like a massive, nearly endless stream of electricity.

Surprisingly, with how much of it there was, and how close all of it seemed, none of the electricity hit either of them. In fact, it seemed to be circling around them, albeit very loosely. This was clearly meant to draw as much attention as possible. Frying any violent observers with red capes would have been a nice little bonus.

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The source of the thumping noise was soon revealed to be that of a man...

Well... sort of.

The fancily dressed lightbulb man came running out of the closet with a sharp yell. His cane was raised high up in the air, and he seemed to be running at Cole in particular. Should no one stop him, surely Cole would have quite the bump on his head from the incoming cane smack!

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Well, Captain Falcon would find that he was just on a single falling clock. And the rabbit people just kept spawning in and attacking him, no matter where he went on said clock. He was pretty much trapped here for now.

But as the others removed the masks in the meantime, more and more of the thugs looked pretty confused in the brief moments before they disappeared in clouds of smoke. The influx of incoming hostiles was only about a third of what it once was. It seemed like the group would only need to push a little bit more! The only catch was that your heads felt heavier than boulders at this point... but you could fight through the struggle, right?

But subsequently, the control over Sougo seemed to be loosening. It was still there, of course, but the Rider would at least have an easier time fighting it off than before as he continued getting the shit beaten outta him.

"Stop it! Stop it right now!!" The Hatter exclaimed as his pleads and cries became more desperate. "How did you figure it out? How? HOW? HOW!?"

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Negan stared in honest to God confused him as the cat thing who'd just scolded him on using swear words mere moments prior tried to help him make better tasting alcohol. His gaze shifted from the bowl of fruits to the cat, looking just downright confused all the while.

"This... ain't poisoned, is it?"

Before Negan could even get a response (or try out Eric's concoction), the skinny blonde guy started yellin' like there was no tomorrow. Negan wasn't exactly "intimidated" by his gaze, per say, but he was certainly taken aback by the sudden outburst. By the time he was done, Negan was left in silence. He blinked and stood there for a moment, before his lips crept into a smile and he let out a breath. Leaning forward, a hand was pressed against All Might's shoulder, which Negan proceeded to squeeze and rub comfortingly.

"Relaaaax, old timer," the southern psychopath said with his usual grin. "It ain't like anyone's gotten hurt yet!" All Might's shoulder was released as Negan then turned to face Hershel. He heard out the man's orders, although it was clear that Negan wasn't exactly taking them very seriously. All the man did from there was raise his hand in a mock salute, like a soldier.

"I shall keep my eyes peeled, GENERAL!"

And with that, Negan let out a "hmph!" and stomped his foot on the ground, before walking off to the side of the camp. From there, Negan set Lucille down on one of the nearby tables, as he himself made himself comfortable by leaning against a pole. He'd let the others sort their shit out from here. Last thing he needed was to be on blonde and brooding's bad side, after all.

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Unfortunately for Schezo, no flying, red-caped intruders were hit by his spectacular lightning attack.

What was hit, however, was a single pigeon. It was struck head on by the lightning and instantly fried to a crisp. Its smoking, charred body immediately fell from the air and landed right beside Schezo.

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Well, this was...something. Truth be told he wasn't expecting a pretty classy looking person with a lightbulb for a head to come running out of the closet, but then again, what was he expecting to happen really? The man seemed intent on giving Cole a wack though. Bardock didn't think he was much of a threat, but maybe it's better to just stop this here, as funny as it might be to watch him bonk Cole with the stick. With a brief sigh, Bardock made a dash for the man, reaching for the arm he held his cane in. If he managed to grab him without a problem, he'd tighten his grip just a little bit, if only to deter him from attempting it. "Watch it." Bardock shot a glare up at the strange man's...face? It's a little hard to tell. Oh well..anyone else was free to interject if they wanted.

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Voss' CS

When Eric had prevented Voss' bullet from properly "misfiring," the sea captain was this close to charging at the pink cat himself with a saber in hand. Eric can stop a bullet in the air, sure, but can he stop a sword from swinging at him at full force? ... Probably. It wouldn't hurt to try, Voss thought. However, before he could even begin to draw his saber, All-Might's voice boomed across the camp. Voss flinched, causing him to almost drop his Jakobs onto the floor as he fumbled. After a few short seconds of juggling a live gun in his hands, Voss gripped the holster securely and faced All-Might all disheveled-like. The old man feigned confidence and courage, none of which managed to show through well.

"Calm yer nips! all I want is me stuff back, is all. Then I'll show meself out the doo-" Before he could continue, Voss was interrupted by All-Might who had now directed his attention on HIM. Voss chokes as he stumbles over his words. He then proceeds to correct himself by, once again, pretending the hero wasn't getting to him. To do this, the sea captain foolishly poked the bear with insubordination... and gun twirling.

"I'm nay handin' ye me guns! An' I'm sure as Hell ain't puttin' 'em away. Huat if somebody runs in, an' I'm nay ready? I promise ye this: ye willnay get anymore issues from me, matey!" He twirled his Jakobs on his finger more vigorously. "That, er, 'misfire' was jest a one time thin'. Won't happen agai-"

The pistol then slides off his finger, causing it to tumble below his feet. Thankfully, it never "misfires," but Voss would be lying if he said he hadn't felt his soul leave his body between the moment his finger lost contact and the gun finished tossing about. He froze until the latter occurred, which he then lurched for it as quickly as possible. On his way back up, his gaze meets Hershel's, who was already threatening the cowering older man under him. He almost didn't register the crunching sound he heard, until his eyes briefly darted at their feet, where he noticed the indentation where the concrete was damaged. All he utters before Hershel departs is a quiet and feeble "okay" which was barely audible.

Once the other man leaves, Voss returns to his regular height as he rubs the back of his neck in Hershel's direction. He turns to face All-Might where he awkwardly chuckled and pointed a thumb back at Hershel.

"... Heh... tough crowd...!"
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The frail-looking lightbulb man was very easily restrained by Bardock's vice grip. He let out a sharp gasp and immediately dropped the cane once his arm was grabbed.

"Of course I can speak!" The man shouted despite lacking any sort of mouth. He struggled in Bardock's grip, trying to free himself. But of course, the Saiyan was far more powerful, so this was pretty much fruitless. "If you're not here to hurt me, then maybe try letting go of my damn arm first!!" he grunted.

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--Zi-O OOO Armor--
Interaction: @Thatguyinastore@Second2Last@Attesa@Crow@Midle1998@Starmaker@Jeff Jones@TheElenaFisher

Whilst airborne, Sougo struggled to get the pesky monkey off of him, soon falling onto the ground doing so. At the time it took for him to fall, the rest of the group had managed to take care of the Hatter's goons--except for Sougo, who had now started to swing his claw wildly, hoping to shake the monkey off of his body.

Although Sougo's movements are now more obvious, almost as he's purposefully trying to miss everyone else whom he's supposed to be fighting. . .
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