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Grey glances behind him at the still-struggling Sougo. The rest of the goons have been taking care of- at least, for the most part. Now that they're out of the way, the fox turns his full attention towards the teammate. Recalling what Sougo had said earlier about 'the belt,' he lunges forward and secures a hand around Sougo's belt, quickly undoing it and yanking it right off in hopes that it would break the mind control.

"Got it!"

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Eric turns to the small puppet man and his broken nose. Tilting his head at the curious newcomer, he nods and steps over beside Spamton, untying his scarf and wrapping Spamton's nose firmly with it. He has to admit- this guy reminds him of St. Ring back in Vast. One could easily mistake them for twins... if it wasn't for the clear physical differences.

"Alright, buddy, I'm gonna need to set your nose back into place. You're gonna feel a bit of pain- you feel pain, right? Just keep looking at me and think of some fun things. Like... uh... what even are you, I need a reference angle here. Speaking of angles, your nose is definitely at an unhealthy one, so I'm just gonna go ahead with it. Ready, three, tw-"

Before he even finishes the countdown, Eric's gem glows and the scarf tugs on Spamton's nose, pulling it back into place.

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--Sougo Tokiwa--
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Seizing the chance, Grey lunged in at the opening provided by the distracting Shantae Monke and grabbed the belt with its bare paws. Undoing it is the hardpart, though. There doesn't seem to be an opening for the belt to be removed from, all that's left though, is the buckle. And is a whole other story.

Sparks fly and lightning seem to course around the buckle as Grey attempted to remove the belt directly. It seems to be latched in place--some mystical force keeping it there. Although the watches on the sides of the belt were different. During the struggle, they appear to shake, slowly sliding themselves off of the buckle itself. Before they can do so, however, Grey had indeed, managed to remove the belt by just yanking it off, causing Sougo's suit to explode as Grey and the Monke was sent flying. Sougo's armor glowed pink as it dematerialized, returning Sougo into his civilian form, now unconcious and laying on the ground.

On Grey's hand was now a large white belt buckle with 2 watches slotted on it.
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It seemed that they were dealing with the thugs well enough, hell their numbers were thinning! He turned to look over to Sougo to see that he was unconscious and grey and what he could assume to be Shantae as a monkey had dealt with him, which was great. But the feeling in his head...it was getting worst, there had to be something else here stopping them, right? He looked around to see if anything could be picked up by himself or Aiba. However, then his attention turned down to the clock that was underneath them all, what they had been using as ground. It was really fucking annoying, but also...maybe it had something to do with them being stuck in this nightmare land? Quickly, with Aiba's help, he determined where the clock's main mechanism would be, quickly pulling his evolver out as it seemed to transform from a normal gun to a sci-fi one, taking aim and firing at the glass, hoping that something good could come of it.

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The AI had some fresh hot information, though it appeared knowledge of Firefly was somewhat present. He could easily clear any other information. Uncaring of the spat between the alien and blue haired woman, though he paid slight mind to the hunter's words, he could share his sentiments to an extent. He also witnessed several things going on below and sent his final drone away to... Manage such, if the Kryptonian wasn't here he didn't need the units by his side. Ignoring further distractions he'd get to the point.
"His name is Garfield Lynn, he's a pyromaniac with burns on ninety percent of his body and still hasn't learned not to play with fire. The explosion fits his MO and the flying figure might have been him, trick of the light, or rather smoke. He's from Gotham and only recently started spreading over here in refent weeks..." He watched as the group huddled around a closet likely looking to kick the head of another goon in, with some hesitation he continued. "Additionally.... I have looked into Superman and... He's also been missing for a couple weeks. Which is all sounding highly calculated to our arrival to deal with Luthor's 'pest problem'." The hulking machine paced as he explained.
Watching as the closet revealed a man with a lightbulb for a head, which the spikey haired warrior was already harassing. The machine rolled his eyes in annoyance before focusing on the strange being. He was locked on his 'face' and trying to figure out who he was as well, though he might be willing to cooperate more than the thugs at least. For his own sake.

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Another drone descended from the sky and into the medical camp where chaos was presumed to be reigning. This one landed behind Voss with a metallic clank. Already with the hero's irritation a few drones were slightly watching Voss. Watching as he refused to hand over his weaponry and clumsily fumbled with it. All of the drones stared at him in unison as they worked. The soft cyan glow of their faces bringing less comfort than the blazing red Ultron himself bore. They said nothing, but the additional numbers and look alone showed the pirate he was on very thin ice and surrounded by attack dogs.
The drone that had been speaking to Hershel and All Might kept focus on Voss even as it's glow turned red and Ultron spoke. "I've completed my little investigation and found that a pyromaniac in a jetpack that goes by Firefly is responsible for the explosion via charges set off, he's from Gotham and only in recent weeks has he been seen in Metropolis..." The machine did not hide the bitterness in it's words as it continued. "Additionally up until now, Superman has been missing for weeks as well. Synchronizing with our arrival and Lex's 'request'." The unit had some blatant bias it wasn't revealing but the information was true.

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Grey holds the buckle in his hand, staring at it curiously. This thing looks completely alien to him... well, to be fair, everything he's laid eyes on today has looked alien to him. This looks as intricate as the two crazy-looking robots he saw back at Lex's office.


There was a glow in the buckle just now. Wait- did he really just see a glow in the middle of the buckle? As if there's something inside? Probably just his imagination. It can't be real, just like the rest of this place the Hatter's crafted. With how heavy his head feels right now and how hard it is to stand, it's not hard to rule it out as one of the Hatter's illusions...

No. The glow from the buckle comes back, a blue radiance, similar to his energy, completely lighting up the object in his palm; it then travels down the surface buckle and up his arm, stripping the fox of the heaviness in his head, just for a second. As fast as it had appeared, the glow fades, leaving Grey to stare down at the buckle in silent wonder.

Grey clutches his head. His brain feels like two-ton lead mush, and he can feel it weighing him down. He collapses to one knee, barely steadying himself with his sword. Still, he manages to push through and look around for the Hatter... he has to be here, right?!

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"Noooo!! Nooooo!!!" Mad Hatter cried, his screams turning into what sounded like sobs as he fell to the ground - totally unconscious due to Grey's efforts. "You defeated my pet!" The Hatter sobbed some more, and over the course of the next few minutes, those sobs turned to what sounded like a sort of low hiss. "It's not over... it's not over! My mind control still poses a threat!"

The income of the thugs was very few now - with only one or two every minute or so. It was pretty easy to remove the masks at this point, even if the compounding weight on your heads was enough to make the weaker-willed pass out ten minutes ago. But very luckily, just when it seemed like hope was lost, a bullet rang out.

The bullet from Date's gun had struck the clock, and with it, the world around you all seemed to distort just the tiniest bit. For a brief moment, the world itself returned to normal - and with it, your heads began to clear just enough for you to stand once more. But perhaps most importantly...

In a burst of red, the Mad Hatter was revealed. He was standing there with a fiendish grin, rubbing his hands together like a Saturday morning cartoon while humming to himself, and muttering the occasional taunt under his breath. He didn't seem to notice that his cover had been blown just yet...

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All Might

Toshinori Yagi

It was strange. All Might had spent the better part of the past year as a teacher to a class of twenty super-powered fifteen year olds, yet he couldn’t remember a time when he’d been this quickly exasperated by such childish behavior. Eric’s response was entirely too flippant for the given situation, but at least he seemed to be competent enough with first aid to not do much harm, especially now that he was left with only the proper supplies to use. He also seemed more than happy to take care of that strange puppet… thing

Negan, surprisingly enough, seemed to have the most reasonable of all responses from the group. He was a bit patronizing, sure, but at least he was easily convinced to take up a more appropriate role as a sentry of sorts. All Might would just leave him to it without further complaint.

Now Voss, on the other hand…

All Might could tell that even the relatively mild threats he’d made, as well as the much more clear and present ones delivered by Hershel, had a definite effect on the old sea captain… though not so much that it deterred him from twirling his remaining pistol around his finger. And then the fool dropped it. The retired hero’s eyes widened when he saw the pistol start to tumble to the ground, but Voss somehow managed to catch it before it could fall all the way.

Once Voss straightened up again following Hershel’s departure, he would find the hand that held his pistol suddenly caught in the vice grip of one almost twice its size, his aim redirected skyward with a sharp tug. Should the pirate care to look up at the owner of the offending grip in that moment, he would find not the thin, frail-looking man from before, but a looming titan of solid muscle that cut a significantly more formidable silhouette, though the piercing blue glare from earlier was unmistakably the same.

”I think your skills would be better served standing guard with that gentleman over there,” All Might began, making the slightest nod over towards Negan, his tone much quieter than before, almost so low that few others aside from Voss himself could hear. What his voice lacked in volume it made up for in intensity, speaking in such a way that it might have been less scary if he was still yelling. ”But, make no mistake: if any innocent person comes to harm by your hand, be it by bullet, blade, or otherwise, whether purposeful or ‘accidental,’ I will be very… upset. I can’t say what I might do to express that sentiment, but I trust you’re smart enough to imagine for yourself.”

As if to emphasize that unspoken threat, All Might’s grip on him tightened — not so much that it would cause Voss any injury, but enough to communicate that the only thing that kept the bones of his hands intact was the hero’s restraint. Normally he had a personal rule not to threaten bodily harm on anyone who wasn’t a villain — that wouldn’t exactly contribute to his image as the Symbol of Peace — but this man seemed to be toeing the line of villainy already, so he would match him apace.

Feeling that he’d delivered his message as effectively as possible, he released Voss’ hand and turned now to the dominant Ultron drone, deflating instantly back to his former scrawny frame.

”I see. That’s definitely going to be an important detail, I feel,” he replied to the robot, though his gaze soon shifted over towards the restrained men from the building, followers of this ‘Firefly’ fellow. ”Especially since Superman’s disappearance and this Firefly villain arriving in this city seem to coincide. In my experience, villains don’t operate outside of their home turf without having a damn good reason, and holding some random office building hostage doesn’t seem like the type of thing that would warrant a relocation. My money’s on him being hired to pull this gig, and I’m willing to double down and bet that whoever’s hired him has something to do with Superman’s behavioral shift. Do you happen to know if the team that captured these men got any information out of them? I’d hate to have to interrogate someone a second time if they’ve already talked.”

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Lilith and Shantae

Location: Mad Hatter's Arena

Thanks to Shantae's help Grey was able to get a hold of Sougo's buckle and unfortunately that caused an explosion out of nowhere that launched the both of them flying, this also reverted him back into his regular form, the explosion left her to fall to the ground and transform herself back to normal. "Uh, what...just...happened?" She said as her head started to feel heavy, she wasn't aware of this yet but for every mask the group pulled off they got more and more tired, let's hope they all don't pass out by the end of this. "Wait." Lilith said as she noticed that Grey was holding Sougo's buckle. "What is that thing?"

Well that doesn't matter now as luckily they were able rescue all the henchmen and pull through, leading The Hatter to go through a mental breakdown, and it turns out Date was able to stop this crazy illusion by shooting the clock they were standing on and bring them back to the dining room. All seemed to be good until The Hatter appeared back with a burst of red. "Alright We've had enough." Lilith said tired and annoyed. "Just let us go already."

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Red Riding Hood

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When the lightbulb man came out from the closet, Red's first instinct was to try and step into protect his would-be target, only for someone else to beat her to the punch - one of the two newer arrivals, courtesy of the now wide-open ceiling. The information Ultron provided the group however, was more fruitful - even if fending off this temporary problem, one Red opted to respond to as she kept on eye on the lightbulb man. "So this... Firefly, isn't from here but seems to have relocated here amidst this... Superman problem? As if it couldn't get any worse, here we are. Speaking of the Superman problem, he has been missing for a few weeks prior to this?" Red rested one of her hands below her chin and the other still holding her scissors over her shoulder - and with whatever luck she has, they weren't suddenly opening themselves by being held in the air and in place. "OK, but... this is a bit far-fetched to me! This Firefly guy going around in a place he doesn't belong and doing his thing, a rogue Superman, and the guy who brought us here to deal with his dirty work since the usual folks aren't around. Did I miss anything? Because we're juggling all of it at once."
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“So we’ve been chasing a ghost. Wonderful.”

Otto walked over to where Bardock was holding the lightbulb-headed oddity and gestured to the scientist. “Let him go, and don’t kill him like you did our other captives. If he won’t talk, I can’t stop you, but ideally it won’t come to that point now would it?” Spider Man looked over to the arrived light fixture as he said that last part. It was calculated, down to the glance, in order to scare the bejesus out of their newest hostage. But after that, it was time for questioning.

“Three things: who, what, and why? This is coupled by the less important fourth of if you know where Superman has gone, but I doubt someone like you would know nor would be necessarily inclined to answer that even if you did. But I assure you, cooperation will grant you protection to the best of my ability.

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'How pathetic', a single thought passed in the Nekomata's mind once the Hatter seemed to begin whining over the solution even a small child could have made. Honestly, at this point, Berit felt nothing but contempt for the man... And maybe just a little pity. It was more than obvious that he was no mastermind, and that for every bit of chaotic and entertaining, he missed... potential. Complete chaos was... unpredictable, and dumb. The lack of any kind of M.O. any sort of planning was the bane of any process. To fully abandon order was to fully abandon craftiness, was breaking up even with logic itself.

It was, a recipe for disaster really. And here it was, unfolding itself right before her eyes. How boring-

" 'How', he asks, unable to see that he's given the answer itself previously... Classic human blunder.", she smirked in amusement, going for another goon's face.

Oh, the sound of ripping flesh, the feel of it smoothly cutting under her claws, blood splattering left and right as the Youkai went in a frenzied manic dance of pain and misery! So good~ Her only regret was that Hershel couldn't be here to see this, though, the lack of a 'leash' was very much appreciated either way! What should she care about these people? Be the markdown their temple, nose and chin be a reminder of their lack of self-defence. Be a punishment for allowing themselves to get kidnapped in the first place.

Why would that be her problem...?

"You pushed for a drink that was clearly a trap, one of our own was under some kind of suggestion as a result. Really, it's like you've laid down the pieces of a puzzle for us to put together! Why are you surprised?", the next one went down, the two halves of the mask clanging against the clockwork grounds. Streaks of blood also went down the leaned surface dripping out of the 'world' itself, how fun. A dramatic pause was filled in with a lick of the soaked claws, obviously, an ex-actress would know how to make some impact!

"Be careful with playing games, my dear, or you'll end up being toyed with instead~!"

Explosions, new abilities, the crumbling of the illusion- All of that little mattered to the psychotic laughing feline, only the thrill of the experience, the rush of the hunt, the raw display of power working her up like a charging battery. It screamed for more, this wasn't enough, it would never be enough- It had been way too long-

It was like a drug, making her euphoric, heavy crazed breaths escaping from her lungs...

"Perrhaps you're not so out of place after all, darling~", a compliment to Date's ingeniously, though she had never faced him directly. All he could see was her tail, swinging with anticipation as Berit neared her prey, still unaware of the lurking predator behind him-

"And now he shows himself, the MAIN COURSE-!! It's awfully rude to ignore a lady's approaches, did you know?", no one else mattered. A glowing threatening gaze of turquoise was locked on the short man, hungry, merciless-, "Maybe suffering for it would make you a more respectful gentleman..."

Did he dare to turn around? The Nekomata was right there, standing behind him, merely a step away, the menacing aura no doubt sending a shiver down his spine. He'd be lucky if he got out of this alive-

"How shall we do this, hmmm~? I could go straight for the chest cavity... but that would be too quick- Maybe I'll tear you apart limb by limb for your insolence-! Ohhh that'd be good... But I might be feeling old school. How would you feel about having a chunk of your neck bitten and pulled out...? Now that'd be so messy!!", she laughed before getting even closer, now whispering at the foot of his ear...

"Why... I thought that you loved some chaos, or am I wrong?"
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The new information that Ultron would reveal to the group seemed to sour Bardock's mood ever so slightly, with the revelation that they'd been sent on what seemed to be a wild goose chase, in the sense that Superman had been missing for a few weeks now. Truth be told, a part of him couldn't help but get just a bit angry with that revelation. The saiyan let out an annoyed sigh, paying no mind to the man he'd grabbed by the arm a moment ago. That is, until both Ciri, and eventually Otto stepped over to talk to the man. He was a little thrown off by the fact that he did, infact, talk. Though, the request for Bardock to release his arm would largley go ignored until Otto told him to let him go. Though, the comment about killing their last captives did confuse him a little. Well, if he did, it was too late at this point to care. Finally, Bardock would release the man's arm and cross his own, backing off from the two that had apporached the man. They can handle the questions anyway. "Tch, I wasn't trying to kill him. Knock yourselves out. Find out whatever the hell he was doing in there, and why he's here, would ya?"

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Director “Piercer” Thomas Sinclair


Location: Working his way toward the giant “gunship falling” and its occupant. Observing camp from a distance// [Camp Group]
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Just barely getting out before the building somewhat collapsed from the inside, Sinclair cursed inwardly “That was close.”

Looking on the street, he found another woman in heavy armor, and some sort of ship nearby.

The Shadow Marshall director’s adrenaline was already pumping as he walked forward, observing the mere mess that had happened from the “incident” just moments earlier with no more information intact instead of a buzzing watch.

He frowned and looked up at the woman. Perhaps she needed help in this place just as much.

He dusted his suit off and eyed the woman, holding out a hand for her to get up “Who are you? You must have missed the main briefing.”

Not too far away seemed to be some sort of encampment for injured citizens. There were others there at the moment.

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Jak and Daxter
Finding themselves making it toward the “Mad Hatter’s location.” only to find out the fight had been almost done

Jak, what’s taking so long to get down in this stinking building? Light Jak looked up and frowned “I’m busy dodging pieces of building and more. Can it wait?”

The ottsel muttered “Fine, Fine, where are we going?”

Light turned and said “Toward somewhere or someone called the Mad Hatter to see what they found out.”

A bluish angel and orange ottsel landed in between a group of others still watching over this “mad hatter”.

“So what did we miss?”

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As the bullet rang out, and the illusion was broken, he couldn't help but smirk. He was right, the clock did have to do something with them being stuck in that weird illusion. However, the man behind it was right in front of them as well, too which with Berit's very slight praise and trying to make him afraid, Date simply picked himself up, moved over to the mad hatter and gave him a clean hook to the face, crouching down to find whatever he might have had to get them all stuck there "Nice try asshole, but next time, don't mess with a detective that's easy to piss off." He gave a glance to Berit to show the change in who he spoke to as he searched the mad hatter and as well kept ready to stop him from doing anything "And yeah, just cause I haven't seen someone go from cat to person before, doesn't mean I haven't dealt with psychopaths and murderers."

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Voss' CS

Voss hadn't noticed the drone behind him until Hershel left when he peered in the man's direction and then toward All-Might. It took the sea captain a double-take to register the machine's presence… Well, machines’, as there were multiple. The one that was focused on Voss, in particular, made the older man lurch backward in surprise. Voss had already regretted stepping foot into this camp for obvious reasons, and he didn't want what he believed were threatening futuristic robots staring him down like ravenous dogs. Thus, he went on the defensive, ignoring All-Might for the time being.

“Oi! Quit starin’ at me wit’ those big ol’ eyes!” He barked at the drone behind him, then waved his armed hand around as he addressed the other drones. “All o’ ye! Ye useless buckets o’ scrap-”

In mid-swing, Voss’ hand was suddenly caught by a tight clasp far broader than his own hands. Fearing it was one of those strange bots he'd just insulted, he prepared for the worse as he was roughly spun around and his arm yanked up toward the sky. But instead of coming face-to-face with those drones, he instead faced All-Might in his infamous strong form. Voss almost didn't recognize the man as he instinctively yelped in shock. He had attempted to pull from the blonde hero's grasp to no avail until he began speaking. By that point, Voss had frozen in place, staring back at All-Might like a deer caught in the headlights. His gaze would not leave All-Might until the exchange was over, nor would he speak until All-Might dismissed himself.

The older man listened very carefully to the man above him. Voss wouldn't do much else after that point except wince and whimper when All-Might squeezes his hand. When Voss is finally freed, he falls on his ass, where he stays there for a few seconds to recover. It would seem that it was this confrontation that finally broke Voss, as he remained silent even as he returned to his feet. Finally getting the memo, he holsters his weapon as he sulks off toward Negan in defeat. Not before mumbling a few more insults of everyone else who'd been keeping him in check - especially All-Might. He chooses to sit down and pout by the bat-wielder, clearly displaying shame and embarrassment from the beratement.

He huffs and says nothing more.

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Priorities reminded, annoyance dispelt.

By this point, the cleric had tried to put his mind to helping civilians again instead of reprimanding and reigning in troublesome people... only to listen to a certain purple cat ranting in the background right after being told off. 'Just bear with it Hershel, they will do more help than hurt being around...' As he had been trying to calm himself mentally while aligning broken bones together, he felt the nearby presence of the levitating one prodding at him with enthusiasm.

"...haaaa..." A small, defeated sigh escaped his lips as he waved at the purple cat after giving them a thumbs up with a bloody hand... medical work in emergencies gets bloody. And without getting even another second to focus on his work again, a certain puppet man would bust through the entrance loudly, demanding attention from him specifically right as he was bandaging the injury on a patient's leg and splinting it...

He remained silent as a result, finishing up the treatment of the civilian before moving onto what to do next. He had been quite well aware that his intimidation of the older man bearing a gun had worked, and as such was not paying any mind, even as he heard in the background the almost failed fiddling with the weapon... not his business, not his concern. A true missfire was a concern, but at this rate they would probably leave on their own.

Before he could act to help the weird puppet though, the purple cat had him covered... good, it was good that it was actively helping around, it made the cleric's opinion of them better. Right after, Ultron shared very interesting matters relating to the city's affairs, and how suspiciously everything aligned... which reminded him of the topic they had been addressing before the sudden and rude interruptions.

Seeing as the original trio had been left to their own devices (And after watching with a smirk at the retired hero putting the old bastard in his place), he joined their conversation after taking out the two watches from his pocket bag.

"Ultron, here... please do check if they are alright and the like." Giving a slightly coy smile during the window of time allowed to him, Hershel then turned towards the retired hero, trusting that Ultron would be quickly able to neutralize any possible eavesdropping.

"You... I never caught your name. Well, regardless, I am also interested in knowing if there was any extracted info already... beyond that." The cleric snapped his fingers, his hands becoming fully clean once again, cupping his chin right after while looking towards the floor.

"I am willing to gander that we are being used for a power grab, Lex Luthor attempting to make people hate superman before asserting control over what they used to protect... a power grab executed by depriving information and paying people to smear them or control them somehow... what a dirty fellow." Scowling for a moment before sighing, he turned back to the lanky man and the robot.

"What are we going to do about the rest of people? Beyond the watches, I also bear mediums of communication capable of contacting others mentally, but its slightly limited in the amount of words used. My partner will probably easily back us up in trying to undermine Lex's intentions, but I can't say for sure for everyone in the group... and that may be a liability." The duke frowned before shaking his head.

"I guess it will come down to our own negotiation and leadership abilities to keep that under control, eh?" Ultimately, all Hershel could do was smile wryly towards the tall blond man before letting a sigh escape his lips. Crossing his arms for a second, he silently moved towards the closest nearby patient, keeping his ears peered for any further piece of conversation coming his way.

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Around area: @Yamperzzz @Thatguyinastore @darkred @Lmpkio
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Mention: @darkred

As Samus proceeded forward, she quickly took note of a middle-aged man approaching her location, who seemed to be wearing a light armored-vest underneath a fine suit. For a brief moment, he reminded the bounty hunter of another individual she once knew during her time in the Galactic Federation academy - one Anthony Higgs - however this man was clearly older and more grizzled compared to Higgs' light-hearted and laidback demeanor. Still, Samus found herself on guard; warming her cannon's barrel in the advent of immediate combat. She knew well not to trust anyone until she had a better idea of the situation at large.

The individual in question would walk up towards the armored figure and offered his hand - before asking who she was - and mentioned if she had missed some sort of briefing. Samus' eyebrow cocked upwards as her head tilted slightly. What was he talking about? Was he talking about the main briefing to her original mission by the Federation? She doubted that's what he was referring to. After all, he wasn't wearing any sort of Federation garments or badges to signify himself as one of their agents. It was oddly suspicious, despite his pleasantries.

Samus' gaze stiffened, before her attention was drawn towards what appeared to be some kind of barricade in the distance. She wasn't sure if it was friend or foe, yet it was the only structure around that ought to be active. Perhaps she could find more answers there? The bounty hunter then glanced back at the man for a brief second, judging silently as whether or not to trust him. Without a word, the silent huntress would turn and make her approach towards the settlement with haste.

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Somewhere in Frosthelm Town...

"Wa-wa-wait, Boss!... Are you sure about this?!... This doesn't seem like an Ultra Wormhole!...", the Porygon-Z exclaimed as a group of Pokemon are staring at what appears to be a rift, smack-dab in the middle of town. Everyone seems to wonder what it is, and even the local children of Frosthelm are trying to get a closer look out of curiosity. For all they know, it could be another one of those wormhole that those Ultra Beasts travel with. There has been several documented cases of it, but none of them has ever occured in Steel Continent. "I-i-it could be dangerous!... We shouldn't be out here trying to mess with it!...

It seems this Porygon-Z is panicking out of their mind as two Pokemon decided to step closer to the portal. One of them is a Lycanroc, and another an icy blue Ninetales. The Lycanroc turns back to the Porygon-Z, trying to reassure it."Relax, Pez. I have a feeling this is gonna take us somewhere interesting... And besides, it's not like Palkia's gonna punish us for it, right?..." The Lycanroc turns to the Ninetales, who nodded at their statement "What's the worst that can happen?... Anyways, if nothing's coming out of it... I assume it takes us somewhere... And I want to figure out where exactly it goes..."

"What about the Guild?!... If both of you aren't here, we're all digging our graves-" The Porygon-Z's panic was interrupted by the Lycanroc "We have Hanabi, we have you, and Agent... I'm sure you guys can take care of yourselves... Come on Hel... Let's get to the bottom of this..."

The Lycanroc steps into the rift, followed by the Ninetales as it closes behind both of them. And thus, Fenrir and Hel's tales in the omniverse begins...

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