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Sanford's CS

Between the time Sanford was teleported to the rooftops with the Hunter’s help and now, the Nevadean had become missing in action for the majority of the ordeal. Few knew where he ran off to, and to be honest, a few may have even forgotten about him. But good news! Sanford’s mind is a fortress and hasn’t forgotten you! … Whether or not that is a fortunate thing is subjective. Regardless, the grunt reappears shortly after Mister Combustible answered Red’s question as best as he could. Those standing close enough to a particular doorway may hear the distant pitter-patter of running feet approaching them, growing louder by the second, followed by exaggerated panting. In due time, the sound would rush past them and lower in volume for a few short moments before stopping entirely. The footsteps would return at a much more moderate rate.

Sanford backtracked to the doorway by moonwalking, and he curiously leans his head far back to peek inside the, erhm, interrogation room. Those who bothered to look at his would notice that the grunt was drenched in blood and other organic matter. It would seem that Sanford had gone off on his own little adventure while the other group did their job. He holds that leaning pose as he scratches his tattooed back with his gory hook.

“... Eyy! There ya’ll are! I was starting to wonder if you guys actually made it, aheha!” The Navadean turns on his heel and walks into the room, tracking bloody footprints everywhere. Then he approaches Mister Combustible rather calmly, where he’d pause and try to wipe his bloodied disembodied hands on the lightbulb man’s suit.

“Ah, excuse me. I’m just gonna borrow this… Yeaaaaaaaaaah…”

Whether or not this happens, Sanford will momentarily forget the thug was there as he turned to chat with the rest of the crew.

“Sorry I couldn’t help! My, uh, hands were full. Yes... That’s what happened.” He chuckled for a moment before continuing. “Anyway… didja bozos torture anyone for answers yet? … Hey, anybody see a Hunter dude around lately?”

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"Nefarious, you say?" A.M.A.Z.O. asks Combustible, his head zooming in as it briefly alters itself to be a replica of Combustible's, then transforming back to his standard blank slate, "I find it hard to believe that a man that my creator trusts so much can be described as... nefarious. You say that Gotham is more your forte and you cannot help us. Do you know who can, then?"

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Voss' CS

The old man hardly bats an eye at Fenrir's arrival. Even if Eric hadn't recognized the Lycanroc, Voss wouldn't have cared less. He didn't take his new assignment very seriously despite the reprimanding from All-Might and Hershel. Voss is stubborn and, in most cases, just plain selfish and stupid. Although, Voss has a chance to change that, given Samus' arrival. After hearing the commotion Negan was making, Voss peered behind the corner of a wall he sat against to get a gander of the "sci-fi marine" Negan had mentioned. Part of him hoped it was one of his old pals from his previous adventures, just so he could have a familiar face here and play the victim.

"'Sci-fi mar...'" He stopped as if he was trying to recall something. "... Huat the feck are ye on 'bout...?"

He shuts himself up the moment he spots Samus. After staring at the marine for several long seconds, the nervous sea captain slowly sank back into his spot and pretended he saw nothing, all while whistling.

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Cloud Strife

The show of lightning had brought nothing but a simple pigeon down, no use in trying to help increase the spells power with his own lightning. Superman wasn't here anymore, it was a warning hit- or a taunt. Whoever Superman was now, he was an asshole flaunting his power to someone who he knew. There had to be something they weren't being told, something that will put everything into perspective so they could see what was really going on. This had only revealed what he already knew, that Superman had ditched after the attack. There wasn't anyone for him to fight this time, a massive disappointment. It made the merc cross his arms with an annoyed huff, Turing back to the building they had first appeared in. Something was wrong, maybe Lex wasn't the bad guy here but he was holding something back. That small detail he's hiding could be the thing that kills more people than they ever will, unnecessary blood on his hands from hiding a little detail- but Cloud had a feeling Lex was the kind of man with tons of that on him already, he had a look to him that he didn't trust. It wasn't his problem he's just being hired to take someone out, Sephiroth is just the unfortunate baggage that Cloud can't get rid of. Seph made a better weight than actual help, but he was used to that so this was just the average day for the merc.

"He's clearly not here anymore, even if we had a plan it would have been useless. We should probably regroup, there's no more danger here."

Looking down gave Cloud a good view of the first aid camp set up below, frowning to himself. At least people were going to be fine, no major deaths at all. The team down at the camp must have things covered, it all looked fine down there. Maybe the merc should have went inside the building, surely they made more progress than him. All he had was that their big bad was a big scardy cat. During Clouds own thoughts and scanning of the ground below, he had noticed something coming towards them. It was a soft light blue and- a fox? Whatever it was, the quick approach made Cloud retreat from the edge of the building to get a safe distance away from its landing. It didn't look like it was going to kick their ass, so the merc remained calm as he sized it up. Maybe it's here to help, if it is it needs to know that there's nothing up here.

"Looks like our Superman is gone, hit the building then ran. Not really sure why, but I'm confident he's not returning right away."

There was no real use in staying up here to look, surely the other two would understand. They were needed elsewhere, probably with the rest of the group. Hopefully things were wrapping up by now, there was surely going to be more questions for their captor. Cloud knew that he wanted to speak up next time, but that had to wait. Their new roof top buddy here would probably want a word with them- if it could speak. It looks like something that would talk, the merc was confident it talked.

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Lucifer Morningstar

Everything on the ground level wasn't that bustling as expected, in fact it was quite quiet aside from a few bold individuals. It would be boring if there wasn't someone with an ego bigger than themselves, and lucky for them they had quite a few! But now he was stuck in a team with these people, absolutely horrid. Maybe playing along was the last thing he wanted to do, Lucifer was much happier back in hell. No super powered assholes to fight, and no team members that grind each other's gears. Though it is a much needed adventure, can't have fun without some hardship! And speaking of hardships, they seemed to avoid lots of deaths and major injuries with their quick reaction. Their thankful timing had probably saved many lives, or none at all. Who could really know, either way these people should get to a hospital fast- has anyone even called for medical assistance. Do any of them even have the means for that? Not to mention who even knew the address of where they were? Ooooh human technology, brilliant yet not good enough for emergencies like these. They would just have to make do and help people themselves. Someone around here had to have some useful ability to let these families wall home as if nothing was wrong. It seemed that they had more powers to harm all these people, especially considering the one who had walked up with more talk for a man of his size. He looked like a demon, it would explain the horrid behavior and rotten ego. All the devil could do was roll his eyes with a bored "tssk," going into the center of the camp to make use of his abilities as best as be could.

"We can't go a moment without someone throwing insults and fists, can we? I'll say we were doomed if we didn't have enough competence to carry half of you dolts.."

Lucifer conversed to himself with crossed arms, muttering complaints to no one in particular as he assessed the area. He wouldn't have chosen a team quite like this, but the more the merrier. Something is bound to get done with a cast such as this, though the devil was hoping for a face to face with their superdouche that evaded them. They would fight when the time was right, but until then they had this to deal with. Injuries civilians that got caught in a cross fire that had nothing to do with them, an unfortunate reality made worse with super powered assholes in capes. Nothing Lucifer couldn't handle, but that didn't stop the slight sorrow from innocents getting tangled in a deadly fight they weren't a part of. They had a good team of idiots put together, but this team of idiots was aiming to take out an even bigger idiot. No one knew what was coming, but that's what made it fun! The thrill of not knowing, everyone needs the rush of dancing with death at least once! Lucifer? He could stand to feel it multiple times in his long, long life.

"At least this wasn't as bad as it could have been had our super powered fiend had decided to stay and tango. He could be back so let's try to save all that fire for the real enemy, none of us want to go home in spirit now do we?"

It was too tempting to glance over at the most obvious three, Negan, that suit of armor, and the annoying blue asshat wanting to taunt them. At least he could laugh along with Negan, but that blue one was already rubbing him the wrong way.
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Mid-Chapter Update

"Turn Up the Heat"

Continued from here.

"Well, there's a few people, actually," Combustible said to AMAZO as he pushed himself off the wall. "But your best bet would probably be-"


Combustible was cut off by the sound of an explosion nearby. It was loud enough to shake the foundation of the already rickety building, which in turn, knocked Combustible off his feet and onto his ass. Those of you who cared to look out the gaping hole in the building would find that a car had exploded nearby... followed by another. And another.


The raspy, manic laughter that followed these explosions was from a new voice to everyone in the group. Well- everyone except Cole. He'd actually be quick to recognize it as the same voice of that Firefly fellow he'd seen in the thug's memories. He flew right past the first aid group with his flamethrower in hand. It left a trail of blazing, orange inferno in its wake - passing right through that camp with ease. Negan was quick to hop out of the way of the blazing trail, his grip on Lucille as tight as could be all the while.

Luckily, should everyone else had moved out of the way, they'd have been fine. The same couldn't be said for some of the civilians, though. Had they not been grabbed in time, they certainly would've been burned to a fine crisp. Those car barricades didn't stand a chance against the high-powered flamethrower Firefly had.

The group who'd just fought Hatter would have been exiting the building at this exact time, with Joel having been the first one out.

"Shit!" Joel cursed as he leaped into cover after nearly being roasted alive. He turned to the rest of the group, motioning for them to do the same. "Everyone, find some fuckin' cover!"

Firefly hardly seemed focused on any of the ground level groups, however. No, instead, the jetpack wearing pyromaniac flew up to the top floor and right through the hole that'd already been made. Combustible let out a sharp gasp and attempted to crawl back. Firefly, however, didn't care. His gaze was focused solely on the light-bulb headed thug as he burst forward and quickly yanked him up by his collar.

"You shouldn't go around spillin' other people's secrets!" The Firefly shouted in his raspy voice while the thug dangled in his grasp.

"I-I'm sorry!" Combustible cried, his smooth, calm air gone in an instant. His legs kicked desperately as they dangled in the air, but this was to no avail unfortunately. "P-please! Just lemme go! I-I-I'll make it up to ya!" The thug continued to cry as Firefly pulled him up nice and close to his mask. His hoarse breathing accentuated every begging breath Combustible gave, and once he was done, all Firefly could do was laugh.

"Sorry pal! That grovelin' may work on RATS like Cobblepot..." Firefly let out a dry chuckle as he floated back toward the edge of the hole. "But I'm much more interested in seein' if you're as 'combustible' as they say!"

With that, Firefly tossed him out the window. The man screamed as he fell down the building's side. What followed was Firefly firing a heavy burst of flame in his direction - which the man himself was soon engulfed in. His screams became even more manic and desperate as the fire climbed from his legs to his torso, until it finally reached his glass head. Once his head was engulfed, it trashed and shook violently... before exploding in a thousand tiny shards of glass. His body hit the ground with a sickening CRUNCH! soon after, with a small crater forming beneath him.

"Ouch!" Firefly laughed as he hovered above the two ground level groups - and just below the ones who were still on the top floor. "Well, that's one asshole down!" Firefly exclaimed, his flamethrower beginning to spark once more. "Let's see if the rest of you 'heroes' last much longer! AAAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAAA!!"

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What was behind the door…puzzled Maisha. He took a bit too long to process the form of the being, missing the opportunity to gun it down as it rushed out. All the Mando’ad could see was a flash of light and the blur of a black suit rushed past him and towards the lightning man.

Fortunately for the lightning man, a large, muscular man with flamboyant hair stopped the glowing figure like how a beskar stopped just about anything. With the figure restrained and complaining, Maisha was able to get a better look at the being that was very clearly not a droid, but also not like any living being he’d seen before, with its illuminated head. While that glowing thrashed about, the every unpleasant battle droid, Ultron, revealed a bit more information.

An awful amount of speculation and attitude for an objective machine, but the supposed timeline of the disappearance of Superman and appearance of Firefly was also suspicious to Maisha, especially when they attempted to hunt down Superman, only to run into the plot of this pyromaniac. Just like Red Riding Hood, Maisha was wondering if there was more to the scenario, which made it all the more frustrating that this glowing man revealed information about as useful as osik.

Mister Combustible was about to get his face busted if all he could give was that he was a petty lowlife…but then he revealed a little tidbit about Lex Luthor being not on the greatest terms with Superman because the latter always interfered with the former’s plans. While it was far from making Maisha entertain the thought that Luthor orchestrated this whole scenario, it certainly piqued his interest that Luthor was now the man hiring all these mercenaries to off Superman.

The Mando’ade tapped his helmet with his finger, as if he was imitating the motions of thinking. So many questions… Maisha wasn’t really the thinking or investigative type to be perfectly honest. He just shot things, burned things, and flew ships, but this job had his interest. Maisha brandished his tomahawk and waved it in front, “Oi, vod. Look at me. You’re being very helpful, but I gotta ask you: w-”

The sounds of manic laughter were pretty easily filtered out by Maisha, assuming them to be part of the other masked men in the building, but as it grew louder and louder, he became concerned. Then, a figure with a jetpack swooped in and plucked Mr Combustible out of the building. The accusations of being a rat were typical and the subsequent drop was honestly not out of line, but certainly sudden. The man that Maisha could only assume to be Firefly then really made the glowing man live up to his name with a gust of flame. Despite the apparent danger that came with the situation, the Mando’ad looked out the hole to see Mr Combustible impact the ground. He smacked his lips and then looked at Firefly sparking his flamethrower, continuing as if he was talking to Firefly just earlier, “Oi, vod. Look at me. The puddle on the ground was barely helpful and a bit annoying, but you…you were helpful! I mean, you saved me the trouble of killing the utreekov (emptyhead) and the trouble of tracking you down.”

“What I’m trying to say is…Ori’vor’e! (Thank you very much!) But…” Maisha grinned like a maniac as he pulled out his plasmathrower and primed his jetbooks. After cracking his neck, he leapt out of the window and into the air, letting loose a stream of scorching blue plasma down towards the man with the jetpack, Copikla shekemir’ade usen’ye (Cute imitators can f*** off)!”

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The Chosen Hunter

In the coming moments after ensnaring his ‘foe’ within his grappling hook, he could only fly by rather quickly… with the annoying dog bite such as having a burnt grappling hook that was regenerating after returning to its spot, long haired ‘person’ thinking everyone can be saved, Pah, as if they were. Maybe he could make fun of them more by killing even more people in their path, preferably ones that his allies wouldn’t mind seeing anymore. Now that was surely to get a rise out of them.

Other notable moments was everyone preparing to breach a goddamn closest, some lightbulb headed man jumping out of said closet and attempting to wack someone on the head. A comical moment as the Hunter watched and laughed from the sidelines as he let the others do all the work for him. He didn’t even need to lift a single finger… so, what better way to spend things now and waste some time, not like he couldn’t just teleport away if the building were to burn down.

That was the original idea, at least, until a series of explosions nearby knocked him out of his relaxed state, causing the Hunter to raise a brow from the mayhem as he grabbed Darklance from his back, and prepared for anything that may be arriving yet. And it appears some man wearing a jetpack based powered suit that looked like something Xcom would create if they had the kind to put forth the task, came right on over their way. Now this was getting interesting all over again, as the Hunter gave off his signature smirk, watching as the armored man grabbed the poor thug they were interrogating before throwing them out a window and setting them on fire.

Place your bets on who it can be people… they can both fly and shoot fire. Honestly, this might have been the most stupid move they could have done at this very second, as while the Chosen himself was… rather flammable to begin with, he was sure his allies and the possibility of there being some fire proof ones amongst their group would surely render the fires useless against them. Oh well, may as well see what kind of excitement he can get out of this, as he quickly manuvered to one of the windows, still holding Darklance in his hands.

Let’s see how well Firefly can do once they don’t have air superiority anymore… as the Hunter slowly aimed his rifle, peering a few seconds ahead into the future, guiding his weapon to where Firefly shall move next, before saying a small phrase to himself.


And as the bolts from the Mandalorian flew through the air, if Firefly were to make his obvious move of attempting to dodge it, well, there would have been a magnetically enhanced bullet heading his way, the trail of red and black smoke being let off by the bullet as it went straight ahead towards one of his Jet engines, seeking to destroying it and leaving Firefly with one less engine now. Now, let’s see where thing shall go from here… the Hunter thought to himself.

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Tosai “Fret” Furesawa
Fret’s fit as a fiddle.

What was Fret doing during the writer’s hiatus? Well, long story short, he had been helping civilians down low.

But, as Firefly zipped past, Fret leaped out of the way with ease, grabbing the woman he was helping and pulling her along. Good god, that was close - too close! As the newcomer went and acted on his own whims, Fret winced upon Combustible’s impact with the ground. To put the Player’s thoughts lightly - ouch.

He couldn’t just leave things to fester, now! But then there was the matter of the civilians… agh, decisions, decisions!

Just - dammit, forget it all! Looking to his fellow teammates, Fret put down the woman gently, and called out as he floated upwards; “I’ll be riiight back!”

Fret, Fret, sweet Fret; you are a fucking dumbass.

Once he reached the folks up on the building, he made sure not to interfere with those already coming right at Firefly… okay, Furesawa’s gotta admit - this villain guy, as bad as he may be, looks SOOOOO cool! But, wait, that’s not the point! Mentally slapping sense into himself, Fret then aimed right at Firefly, before shooting out bullets from his hands. Should he manage to keep it up long enough, a large bullet would come out - strong enough to possibly throw Firefly back.

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Lilith and Shantae

Location: Metropolis City (Firefly Fight)

Things weren't getting any better once Joel's group escaped the building they were in before, as a new threat would appear to make a fiery entrance. Say hello to Firefly, a guy with a jetpack strapped to his back and a flamethrower to boot, flying through the air he left a trail of fire in his wake and would burn a large group of people if not saved in time, the group would escape the building at the same time Firefly flew though the air so Joel warned everyone to find some cover, that made potentially everyone on the team to do so. "Lilith follow me!" She alarmed, the two ran off and luckily they were able to find a nearby alleyway to seek shelter in, there wasn't many options anyway.

The two would hide there out of Firefly's sights as Lilith put up another shield to protect the both of them, Shantae was clearly quite exhausted from a glance. "We just cant catch a break can we?" She said panting while looking to see the flying pyromaniac in the sky. "You seem tired, do you need a break?" Lilith asked looking a little worried about the genie's well being. "No no I'm fine, I just need some time to catch my breath." With that Shantae took a few deep breaths while the spectral lass tried her best to calm her down, all be it not very well, she's not super good at comforting people.

"Alright, I think I'm rested up enough." She said looking a little more freshened up, Lilith looked over to firefly as well and then back to her. "Hmm, maybe stay here until your fully ready to help out, as for me...well yeah." That confused her though, she was pretty ready to kick some firebug ass but it was like the ghost was being over protective with her, it's a nice effort but strange. Before Shantae could get a word out Lilith rushed off to swat some bugs, she kind of stood there for a bit before deciding to step out and joining in later. "I guess there's nothing stopping me to get out of here is there?" She thought to herself.

Lilith went up behind him and summoned a few of her spikes and sent them out to damage his jet pack, might be a risky move but what else is there to do?

(Open for interaction)
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Duke Nukem & Jeff the Killer

Duke appeared in a jetpack for the firefly fight! The sound of it might alert the villain and that's exactly what he wanted. The Duke is not going to be the one doing the fighting though. No, he had someone else planned for this. In fact, he's carrying that specific someone right now, and that kid was Jeff.

He's scared shitless of heights. You can tell by him latching onto Duke's arms.

How did this. . . Dynamic Duo meet up? It's a long, long story, but Jeff did mouth off about killing women for fun. And Duke really didn't like what he heard. That's all you need to know.

"Ready or not, let's rock!" Duke exclaimed, winding up to throw the teenager killer at the enemy.


Of course, Duke didn't listen to his pleads of mercy, only thinking about justice! So, with that. Once everyone was done with taking their potshots: He threw a panicking Jeff towards Firefly. If he successfully manages to hit the Pyromaniac, Jeff would latch onto him like an anxious beartrap, panicking as he hooked his sharp nails into him.

If he fell, Duke would most likely just catch him. . . And try again.

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Well. Honestly, Otto would have done the same in Firefly’s situation. Still didn’t make it any less sickening to watch. Or worthy of arrest. Well, he should really get on that shouldn’t he?

Wordlessly, Spider Man jumped through the same window as Maisha but instead used a nearby building to swing from using his webs. He couldn’t go for a full frontal assault, most likely the flames would catch the webs and incinerate them. However, there was very obviously a rickety aspect to the jetpack. He didn’t even want to arrest the guy who made it. Honestly, Otto just wanted to berate the designer’s inability to fabricate. But that would come once Firefly talked.

Swinging upwards, Otto leaped high into the sky to the point that Firefly would most likely have to divide his attentions or give one group his full view. If that group was Otto, he would attempt to dodge any gouts of flame while the ground forces made their move. But if Firefly looked to the ground and not the skies, Otto would attempt to drop onto the arsonist’s back. If he touched ground, a quick examination using Otto’s mastery of physics and Parker’s talents in engineering would hopefully lead to the right place for Spider Man to rip apart the junk wings used by Firefly to, well, fly.

Normally, he would have experimented with a long-running theory he had based on Parker’s wall crawling abilities. But since the positive result of the test would have resulted in a war crime and the negative wasted time, he neglected to do so in front of other people.

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Turing Webber
Turing is healthy.

Meanwhile, while on top of the building alongside everyone else - Yuffie had disappeared, and in her place was…


The little bot blue looked around, with an alarmed expression. This was… very sudden! Just as sudden as their prior appearance in an unfamiliar city. Though, the situation they now found themselves in was much more overwhelming, now with the fight going on! From flying teenagers, to armed hybrids, to people jumping off the metaphorical ship, even ghosts - oh my!

Turing really wishes they were back home with TOMCAT… if they were human, they would think this was a dream. But alas, the curse of being a machine means that they can’t have false hope about that.

The assumed “enemy” in this situation seemed quite intimidating himself, perhaps he was the cause of all this? Nonetheless, Turing can’t go anywhere else right now, can they? And they can’t bear to sit by and watch, either, they would be remiss if they did!

So, what did the sapient robot do?

Well… they looked around to get a grasp of things, first. Rubble, people… lots of rubble. Maybe Turing can use that to their advantage!

The ROM hurried to a rather large hunk of debris - not that big, but likely big enough to cause damage. Turing picked it up almost effortlessly, as if it was nothing but a feather. Then, they began to spin to gain momentum, before hurling it over at Firefly. ”I- INCOMING!” Turing warned, specifically to their supposed "allies".

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Condition : Fine
Location : ???
Status : Come on Hel... Get on their good side

Hel anticlimatically climbed her way up the building's edge, standing back up once all four of her feet are on steady ground. With a chilly breeze blowing around her, she's now silently scanning the rooftop around her, the three individuals being a point of interest for her. Seems like these are what humans truly look like when they're not spirited away into the Pokemon world... At least, that's her current hypothesis, not having seen a single human in her life. Let's see... There's the tall one with silver hair and a hilariously long needle-type blade, there's the one in purple (nothing else on them stands out. Talk about subtle), and the one with yellow hair and a comically large sword behind him... How does he carry that thing anyways, it looks massive!... It's as big and as bulky as the hatchet Karkadann uses back in her guild, and even then it's normal sized for him! Either they really are that strong, or humans in general are just tough as nails...

Anyways, the one with yellow hair backed away and scanned her... The moment they perceive her as a threat, it's game over, she thinks to herself... Maybe they have an idea as to what is happening here?... " I'm assuming you were looking for a certain Superman?... I hope you wouldn't mind if I tagged along... I'm also looking for a friend of mine, after all..." If sticking in a group until she can find Fenrir in this mess is what she must do, then so be it. Let's hope the other two doesn't mind company... And that this won't turn into a wild Psyduck chase. She'll have to see where they take her... Hopefully she'll bump into Fenrir along the way...

And just then, she could hear explosions going on over in the distance. One, two, three, a whole bunch of them going off in sequence. Peering over to the side of the building, she could see a lot going on... It's like a battlefield down there... A trail of fire and flames, a building, miraculously still standing considering the gaping hole it has, with the same trail of flames (and someone falling off of it... That's not gonna be pretty), and a camp set up nearby... Let's see... If she was Fenrir, where'd she go?... " I wonder if those explosions have to do with anything... Should we go check it out?..." Considering they're about to leave anyways, it'd be wise to investigate that way... But somehow, she has a feeling that things are about to get a lot more intriguing...

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Firefly had no idea what Maisha was saying in that nonsensical language of his, but what he did no was an oncoming attack when he saw one. Quickly, those thrusters turned into reverse, pushing the pyromaniac out of the way of the oncoming blast of plasma. He laughed, then, as it struck the building behind him. In fact, it was actually the building Cloud, Sephiroth, Schezo, and Hel were on!

"Nice try!" Firely exclaimed as he began to fire a large burst of flame from his flamethrower in Maisha's direction. The Hunter still managed to get a shot-off in the meantime, however, but other than slightly deterring Firefly's fight for a moment... it really didn't seem to do anything.

Before he could go and deal with The Hunter or Maisha personally, however, Fret made his grand reentrance and began to riddle bullets in his direction! The Firefly held up an arm at that, as his hand bullets merely bounced off his armor. He was just about to surge forward and tackle the boy... thing, before a rather giant bullet was hurdled in his direction.

"SHIT!" Firefly shouted as he quickly changed his flight trajectory - narrowly missing the bullet in the process. He growled and prepped his flamethrower, only for Lilith to suddenly appear behind him and hurl spikes at his jetpack! They didn't pierce the outer metal, though they did send him wobbling in the air a bit. He turned, then, so he could attack Lilith... only for Duke Nukem to hurl Jeff onto him. "GET... OFF ME!!!" Firefly shouted as he began to slam his foot into the killer's face until he inevitably let go and fell to the ground.

And it was in this moment that Otto had landed on his back, only to begin trying to rip apart the machinery that made his jetpack work. Firefly growled as this happened, before reversing his thrusters yet again. Before long, he'd slammed his back into the building Hel, Schezo, Sephiroth, and Cloud were on, with the intention of crushing Otto... or at the very least getting him off his back. Assuming he was successful, Firefly recovered just in time for that large chunk of rubble to be hurled right at his face. He swiftly dodged it, and as a counter measure, Firefly chuckled and reached into his pocket. It was then that he produced a handful of several tiny... bombs? Yes, bombs. With a manic laugh, he chucked the handful of bombs right into the building's massive hole. Within seconds, they detonated, causing the upstairs room to start collapsing! And it easily would have wounded anyone else in there, should they not escape in time.

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Metropolis - Refugee Camp
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The man plead his case, raising his hands up in submission to show the bounty hunter that the group here was no threat. Samus' stance would begin to slowly lighten up, despite still aiming her arm cannon instinctually. More people would begin showing up to the scene - being both those from within the building and those just coming to her position unrelated to her. They didn't seem like they were there to make trouble, convincing Samus enough to slowly retract her defensive posture and relax to a more neutral posture.

The same wouldn't be said to the blue horned devil-man who came waltzing into the camp with a snarky, pompous demeanor, whom she immediately disliked. She turned to face him, unamused by his rude antics, her piercing glare masked by her helmet's glowing visor.

But before either had a chance to introduce each other, a large explosion came from the refugee building followed by cacophony of rambling laughter. Once again Samus took her position as she aimed her cannon up and saw the individual that emerged. It was a disfigured masked man armed with a flamethrower and was flying around with a clunky jetpack on his back. He hovered around the perimeter, quickly disposing a burning man who fell off the several story balcony screaming for his life, before shattering to pieces upon hitting the ground.

Now everyone around her were trying to take down the masked arsonist, with more individuals now coming to support the majority. So many unique characters were all culminating in this one place; some being more human like Samus, while some resembled nothing like anything she'd seen before. Granted, this wasn't the first time she found herself in a multiversal "smash fest" scenario like this, but this was far more diverse than she was used to. She watched closely as a group of heroes attempted to bring down the masked menace, though it was clear that they were struggling in the process. How strong was this opponent?

And as the individual chucked a couple of bombs into the hole of the building, Samus realized that she was now apart of this fight. And so she began running towards Firefly's direction. She'd then leap into the air with a stylish summersault, before quickly firing three homing missiles at the enemy.

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The torrential downpour of lightning had to come to a stop at some point. That happened to be when he heard -- and felt -- something get struck. As his hands lower, the final few bolts strike, crackling and fizzling out as the last of their energy is spent.

Soon, his eyes open, and just in time to catch a glimpse of something falling. It lands with a punctual plap. Surely he's struck a figurative gold mine!

Alas, he is greeted with a convulsing, smoking mass of the wrong variety.

"Confound it... I've struck your one-winged friend," Schezo grumbles, letting out an almost gritty exhale. "Hmph! I shouldn't defile this creature's sacrifice like that! At the very least, it was useful."

What a waste. The magic he used was insignificant compared to what he has in store, but that doesn't make it any less of a waste of time. At least something positive came out of this, even if it took Cloud's perceptiveness to find it.

"Hm!" Raising a brow, Schezo places his hand on his hip and turns back to Cloud, now smiling at least a little. "That makes him a coward, then! He must have sensed my dark magic and run off. I'd admire his wisdom if that didn't make this more of a hassle."

His eyebrow cannot go any higher, though he does turn to follow his company's seemingly tactical retreat from the ledge. Out of curiosity, he moves toward it, peering down and almost squealing.

The creature with a cold air about it seems to strike his fancy! Something about it is almost too adorable to resist. It takes every ounce of self-control to move back and resist the urge to pet it. Despite his best efforts, it's still quite hard to miss his laser-focused, blush ridden stare.

"You there!" he finally exclaims, pointing at Hel with newfound vigor. "I have no issue with you joining us. In fact, I wish to gently grab hold of you and--"



The commotion going on beside the building had been relatively negligible for a while. When a searing mass of plasma exploded in their direction, however, the busy bodies below suddenly became much harder to ignore. Narrowing his gaze, the dark mage sprints back to the ledge and vaults off. Through some strange magic, he's able to keep pace with the approaching plasma. That was, of course, until it struck the building.

…Or at least it should have.

The plasma, in all of its radiant blue glory, is not met with glass and plaster for it to easily melt through. In fact, it's faced with the opposite -- the translucent blade of the Dark Sword. With no floor to gain footing on, Schezo is instead pressed against the wall, hitting it with a thud. Both feet and one hand splay out to disperse the impact, preventing him from going through it.

"Is that it?"

The moment he's finished fighting against the physics itself, he can focus on the attack at hand. With nothing more than that one hand, he drives the blade further outward, somehow bending the brilliant blue mass with it until its trajectory completely reverses. Instead of leaving it at that, he pushes himself off the building, corkscrewing alongside the plasma and swatting it down with a mighty slash, sending it right for Firefly.

"If you-"

He was entirely unaware of the string of small explosives that were sent to the building. Their immediate explosion was a bit surprising, and it would have been the perfect way to respond to his remark if he'd been able to finish it.

"Bah, nevermind! You won't have the chance to interrupt me again."

It almost seemed as if Schezo didn't have enough time to act. He'd been falling so fast by the time he reached Firefly's elevation -- wherever that may be following his reaction to the plasma -- it seemed as though he'd just sort of passed him up on his way to the hard, unforgiving concrete. A sharp magic sense may have noticed something about his descent, however. In truth, he'd been emitting small, nearly transparent spheres of darkness. They spread out from his body, indiscriminately drifting all around Firefly (and inside of him if he's unlucky)

Having landed with very little difficulty, perhaps stumbling forward a bit to find his footing, the dark mage brings his blade up.

"Sting Shade!"

True to the name, the masses of shade soon began to sting as they expanded, adopting a shade similar to most of his spells. The danger didn't come from how quickly they expanded, but rather, how unrestricted their expansion was. Getting caught between any number of the particles would be a lot like being compressed by a variable number of searing, unstoppable forces.

…Firefly isn't exactly small, either.

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Quivering somewhere in his boots, followed by an itchy mustache, a soon clear display of mixed anxiety and hesitation finding its foundation on his expressional features. Luigi's movements were.. gradual in the matter, with a few blinks, Luigi glanced around for a short brief period, as he wasn't sure where he could possibly go from here. Waking up was somewhat of an headache, knowing completely well that he might've slept a bit rough before having to wake up to.. this wild trip, but there's no time like tomorrow -- it was best he got on the move, asap! It'd probably be something that Mario would do in a time like this, maybe? Although, he was confident on the thought, the man in clad green was ready to continue until..

From the maniacal raspy laughter of some stranger in the distance, Luigi yelped out of pure fright. As his stance and body all together pounced, and his adrenaline spiked, now being caught off-guard by the supposed sadistic laughter. Luigi swiftly turned to the sound of the voice -- there were screams, one of the main fuels to boosting one of his many nightmares, and even still attached to him 'till this day. Fear.

The Plumber shook his head, tending to get distracted by his genuine worries, and.. paranoia.

... Trouble was nearby. Of course, this couldn't have gotten any worse than it needed to be: First, the disappearance of his brother and friends, now led him to some monster guy who didn't come with a leash, even harming others from the sound of things! Albeit, feeling as it'd be right to pursuit this villain with what seemed like more people up ahead, his instincts were speaking otherwise on the situation, he didn't want to join in and get cremated right away, but what else could he do without certain faces he knew of. Guess it had no choice but to be the 1-UP Man here. ".. Here we gooo.." Murmured Luigi.

Getting closer with time, and physically speaking. Luigi peered from the side of a wall making way into the campsite with an awkward reticent stare of his own, watching as there were fires blazing on deceased victims who were unfortunate in the incident here and now -- which as a result had the poor man jitter to the point his hat nearly fell off only for it to try and retain itself on side of his head. It seemed everyone else here already initiated into the fight, he could do the same too. Hopefully, that confidence doesn't end up backfiring if the outcome worsens overtime. Straightening his hat; Luigi fixates his attention back onto FireFly.

With an open palm, sparks of electricity were snapping in and out of life before completely rejuvenating again, now rethinking his choices. As the orb of lightning sparked, and violently danced around in his open hand before ceasing and disappearing, discharging as if your remote battery went out quickly to a certain degree. His other hand in contrast transitioned towards his pockets, pulling out his hammer.

The choice felt grim, but it was all or nothing. Coming into the horizon, a high floaty jump ensued, Luigi now moving forward in the air attempts to take a swing at Firefly with his hammer tool. Hoping both the forceful steel and other could make contact and connect.

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Perni watched the chaos with a deadpan stare. "Okay...", she mumbled. Nobody had had time to acknowledge her existence before some clown buggie showed up and started blasting flames everywhere. The goddess herself knew that she would be fine here. The mortal's fire had little chance of actually hurting her, but it did raise a few problems with keeping her false identity as a totally normal human if she came out of a fire completely unscathed. The best chance she had to avoid conflict with the guy, since she doubted totally normal humans would be able to take on a guy like this, even if she wasn't too worried about her own safety. Choices, choices... what to do, what to do? Her eyes flickered around the scene, searching for something that she could use to her advantage without giving away her divinity. She needed to employ subtlety.

Subtlety. That was it! She needed to use her powers in such a way that they wouldn't be noticeable to the other combatants around her, and definitely in a way that wouldn't draw attention to her. Turning towards Firefly, she narrowed her eyes at him, breathing as she called upon her powers, ancient forces that she hadn't drawn upon in a while. Her true form responded in kind as she began to strengthen any and all negative emotions he might be feeling. She'd read somewhere that angry folk tended to make mistakes, right? That should apply to most negative feelings in turn, she concluded. Whatever negativity that the fire powered supervillain had been experiencing prior to Perni's focus was intensified a hundredfold, the power of the goddess of conflict falling upon him.

As she exercised her authority over emotion on the supervillain, she closed her eyes, taking manual control of her breathing in order to calm herself and focus. She was a bit rusty with her abilities, after all. It had been a good amount of time since she'd last used them seriously, and she knew that allowing them to go haywire might not end well for anyone involved in this whole debacle. She used her power to dull her own negativity. Fortunately, nobody was focused on her specifically, meaning that stepping out of the way of wayward attacks wasn't too big of an issue without revealing her abilities. A few falling chunks of the wall trembled overhead, causing her to sidestep a bit to dodge it absentmindedly, most of her focus on controlling her emotional amplification power.
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While everyone was fighting Firefly head-on, Ben, still Diamondhead, took this opportunity to launch a volley of sharp crystals at Firefly's wings and backpack.

"Now you're just Fire!"

A.M.A.Z.O., on the other hand, used some of his newfound powers to swiftly net the explosives in a web net, before tossing them into the sky. That was when he took a great leap, unleashing another round of webs of old Firefly, aiming for his weapon and face!

"I believe that the best way to deal with a bug is by using the abilities of a spider."

He took this time to scan some of the combatant's abilities, his face shifting around as he contemplated the right combination of abilities to use against this pyromaniac.

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