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Red Riding Hood

Mood - Battle mode
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In response to the question she had asked earlier, Combustible seemed none the wiser. He's more in tune with Gotham, he says - as opposed to Metropolis. Given what the group knows on him already, that makes some sense - but what happened to Superman to go from... toppling schemes, belonging to Lex? Digesting this information was big news, to Red at least - with a strike of surprise, she receded into her hood and kept thinking ever more. So Superman and Lex not only have a bad relationship, but Superman is foiling schemes from this egghead business man... or at least was, before this. That's all she'd gathered - but if that's the case, what the heck happened between then and now for it to get to this point? That's the big question she wanted to ask, but one with no available answers...

Before she could even open her mouth in response, a mighty explosion sounded off nearby. And another, then yet another - and peering into the broken hole in the building, ruins of cars and rising smoke appeared to meet her, followed by a resounding and mighty laugh by the would-be culprit. Though the building shook when these explosions first took place, Red stabbed her scissors into the ground and held onto the handles tightly - maintaining her footing without moving an inch, and yet somehow not damaging the ground any more than it had been. Within a few seconds, the flying madman appeared - the Firefly that was mentioned earlier... And then he swiftly disposed of Combustible, with the lightbulb man being thrown into the open space outside the building, burnt to a crisp mid-flight before his head shattered vividly on the surface that awaited him far below. It all happened so fast. Red was practically stunned. Looking down to the flying pyromaniac, Red narrowed her glance and raised her scissors once more - Superman can wait, the current scene is all about this guy and what he and those thugs had been up to! Then bombs started dropping...

"Well, this sucks! Thanks for bringing both the moth 'and' the flame by coming to clean up the mess yourself." Red quipped aloud as she promptly ran away from the scattered bombs and some kind of green orb manifested in her hand, seemingly having 'absorbed' some of the air around her. With a little jump first, Red shattered this orb below her - launching her further into the air with a mighty gust of wind, avoiding the explosions of all of the scattered bombs while also potentially scattering some of them elsewhere nearby. While in the air, Red raised her weapon as the tips of it were slowly glowing blue, before taking on a water-like appearance coating the majority of both of the weapon's blades - and swung it down below her when she was close enough to Firefly, attempting to smack him right on the head with her scissors - and upon impact if she was successful, the flying pyromaniac would be rudely cut off even further and weighed down by a sudden downpour of water all over himself. If Red missed however, it's straight into that open gap in the floor she goes, inevitably to be landing with a loud crash and with no idea where she is.
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Condition : Fine
Location : ???
Status : We're diving straight into the action!

So. Remember that bad feeling Hel had earlier? Well it turned out to be more than just a hunch. Hel watches as more and more people show up to the scene, pelting a certain troublemaker with every kind of attack one can imagine. Someone from the group on the adjacent building seems to be readying a beam attack of some sorts, only for their intended target to strafe away from it, leaving the attack to aim at... The building which the group she is with is on "... Oh cra-" And just like that, the previously unremarkable dark mage seems to show what they are really capable of. Hel watches as they dive down with their sword, deflecting the plasma attack back at the manic flying rascal it was intended to hit in the first place. But not before they send some explosives at the other building!... Not good... If only there's something she could do about it...

As for the Dark Mage... It seems they've got a trick up their sleeve... That landing didn't affect them whatsoever, and as she looks back at the manic flying rascal, she can notice a number of dark spheres surrounding them. Hang on... Are those Shadow Balls?! Humans can do that?!... Hel shakes her head in disbelief, before snapping back into it... Let's see... What CAN she do in a situation like this?... An imaginary Luminous Orb lights up in her head as an idea begins to jolt inside of her head like a lightning bolt. Before the building collapses, Hel fires an Ice Beam directly at the collapsing half, focusing on it so it would be able to make a pillar of ice. That should give everyone in there ample time to evacuate before the building inevitably collapses. Or so she hopes. She's not sure if they have more explosives on them, or if their fire thrusters will melt the wall anyways. It's a temporary solution, but for the time being, that's the best she could do

Still, nothing's stopping Hel from making her way to the ground. She decided to create an ice slide to help her get back to the ground easier, without the risk of being a target by climbing down the same way she climbed up. Weaving the icy slope around the floating Shadow Balls, she continues gaining more and more momentum. And as she reaches the approximate level where the hole in the other building is, she fires a couple more Ice Beams to help reinforce the ice pillar she set up. After all that, she continues on the rest of her way down, the slide reaching the ground and her eventually coming straight to a halt right next to Schezo. That was fun, she should do that again some other time. "So, what did you want to say to me earlier?..."

Obligatory mentions : @Thatguyinastore @Mav @ratKing (dunno who else to ping)
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Jeffrey Woods


Oh, is he so glad that his pain receptors are too worn down to properly register that fall. Jeff stood up slowly, cracking his back before looking up in a blood curdling rage. Those two are gonna be fucking toast if he gets his hands on them. So, he took out a bloodied climbing pick along with his iconic knife and started climbing up a building to reach the two assholes duking it out. You'd be surprised how much distance he went in a short amount of time. When they were at reach, Jeff flung himself towards Duke with both blades on his hands, screeching as he was airborne.

Nukem was busy with the enemy, but the high pitched wail made him stop abruptly. Once he turned around, he saw Jeff pouncing towards him.

"Holy shit!" Duke exclaimed. He had to act fast, so he immediately flew away from Jeff's attack.

The killer didn't mind his failure since he's set his eyes on a new target. Firefly was close enough to Duke that he can redirect his attack towards him. If he does manage to stick his landing at Firefly, he'd start stabbing and slicing with his two blades.

Duke would watch as this happened.

"This kid." He gritted his teeth before breaking into a small chuckle. "He's certainly something."

Once Jeff is fended off and given a second concussion, Duke would quickly throw a pipebomb towards Firefly while he's distracted.

Pipebomb Reference

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Cloud Strife

Just has he had made the conclusion that all was fine for now, it definitely was not fine. A crazed pyromaniac went through the camp with his flamethrower, quickly starting a fight. It had mostly been ignorable until the villain had slammed into their building, causing Cloud to lose his footing for a second. It wasn't hard for the merc to gain stability again, taking his sword out instantly. Sephiroth probably wouldn't help, but displays of power are always welcome when it gets him further. A simple slash of his weirdly long sword or a nice stab and it's done, but thats too easy and they all need some entertainment. Cloud would get bored if he didn't do all the heavy lifting, swords and killing is just his thing. If he tries hard enough maybe something he does will be impressive- or get his ass kicked by his silver haired stalker. Though for now the main focus is the flame slinging bastard right at their feet. Shezo had already launched an attack against the enemy, showing Cloud that this guy was much better as a friend rather than foe. Though it also stranded him on the roof as soon as the oddly coloured fox had made its leave, the merc would be fine. He had to launch an attack of his own, rushing up closer to the edge of the roof before waving a hand and casting lightning on the jetpack. He hoped enough of it would fuck up the machinery and cause the firefly become no more than a firewalk, a simple man in armor with a flame thrower. If his sword was longer he could probably swing right here and hit the other man, but for Cloud to land a real hit he would have to jump- and he wasn't too confident about landing at this height.

Giving himself room for a running start, Cloud rushed at Firefly and jumped off the ledge. His sword was held above him, quickly slashing down at the armored man. The merc didn't care where it hit, as long as it hit once Cloud would swing again a few times before letting himself fall. He wasn't sure how he'd land but it didn't quite matter, being caught by another or not the merc landed pretty safely. He had to lift his sword back up into position, looking back at the action above. So many people attacking him all at once, what was this dudes plan? Just storm in and burn them all? Hopefully his plan wasn't as stupid as it was turning out to be, it would be a shame if he was just some idiot with fire and man made wings. Either way one blow from his Sword is going to be enough to leave even a tiny opening for another attack. The second that jetpack stops working that man was fucked, so Cloud knows exactly where to aim. Not that he would share the idea with anyone, he needs to keep that pack open for attack. Revealing anything might make him guard it even more, and they didn't have time for that.

@Mav @SkiptheKip

Lucifer Morningstar

Fire ripped its way through the camp with ease, some flame obsessed freak causing quick trouble. It had made everyone scramble to fight the cause of the flames, though Lucifer had other plans. He couldn't be scorched or touched by the heat, it was no sweat off his back as he had been standing in the middle of the chaotic heat. The injured had to be helped before they were engulfed in the fire, and Lucifer wasn't needed right away anyways. With a flap of his wings he was able to get to the people and get them a safe distance away in Seconds. He could only hold one or two at a time so it made it take longer if he had no help, but either way he could get everyone to safety the moment the fires broke out. It didn't help all the explosions and action happening in the sky, a major distraction as he tried to focus his efforts on the helpless. Once again he was shoved back to a helping role, not even trying to rush into the action yet. He had to make sure everyone was okay and safe, the devil easily getting everyone out of the danger zone. Once everyone had been accounted for he had lead them farther away from the fighting, taking note of all the street names and where he was. It was important he knew where he was, dropping the group off somewhere he was confident they could escape or be picked up by paramedics. Before Lucifer left to rejoin the fight he had to make sure one of them had called for medical assistance, not wanting to leave everyone god knows where while injured and near a very heated fight.

Once satisfied with his deed he had taken flight to the skies and rushed back, not taking very long to get into battle. In fact, he entered the battle by ramming himself into Firefly at full speed. The moment he was close enough to see the enemy he had rushed towards him, slamming his shoulder into the man. The force had made Lucifer stop, though the same couldn't be said for the poor jetpacked man he threw himself into. The devil had made it just in time for Cloud to finish his attack and fall, coming out of almost nowhere and dealing a simpler one of his own. Lucifer pulled back for some distance while he waited before dealing another blow, wanting to let the others more equipped for fighting to handle it more. Lucky for Luci, none of the man's fire would work on him so staying close was no issue for him. Why be far away when fire doesn't hurt and he can bend metal to his will? The Devil had no fear of this man, he was rather annoyed honestly. Now wasn't the time for wits, everyone was too busy bombarding the poor man with attacks that it didn't matter. Lucifer hung back out of safety and anticipation for another attack from either side.

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From the pan and into the fire of spite.

The process of healing would go on as usual while events unfolded. Newcomers arrived at the outside perimeter of the area, the weird puppet seems to have been fixed up quickly by the purple cat, who just happened to meet a new friend... all while a sequence of patients kept being fixed while the cleric waited for their conversation to progress.

Eventually, Ultron would restart the flow of their meeting by confirming that they had run out of sources of fresh info, prompting the duke to frown while bandaging someone's arm which had had the clotting powder applied to a wound, keeping it naturally closed, cleaned and now covered.

"Tch... at least exposing that we are being lied to should smoothen the process of having the group work for a better cause"With a click of the tongue, his tone remained serious if also slightly annoyed at the turn of events, ultimately sighing in resignation at the end of his sentence.

The arrival of someone relating to 'space' and 'marine' together caused the man to focus his attention in their direction, mostly in curiosity at first, but completely stopping the start of his next treatment upon spotting they seemed to be readying a weapon... this could spell trouble if ill-handled, and Negan with the old man weren't the epitome of tactful. Yet things couldn't remain uninterrupted for even a second as an obviously condescending blue man strut into the scene, calling everyone weaklings...

This in itself didn't matter all too much to the cleric on a personal level, but this individual spelled trouble by the fact that they seemed... unhinged. Even his slight and automatic empathetic read would give him some modicum of information on people he met if the emotion was strong enough, but this one, it was akin to trying to listen to dozens of different parallel voices at the same time, a fact that only happened when a person's mind was an absolute mess from the start.

Hershel was already standing up, somewhat tensed by this point and getting ready to act while keeping an eye in the direction of the possible trouble in silence... his nerves only eased somewhat at the appearance of a familiar man, someone who called themselves Lucifer. Maybe it was one that remembered, maybe it wasn't, didn't matter, the cleric appreciated their presence, especially as despite being willing to verbally throw down with the blue shit-talker, he also advocated for peace.

Yet, irreversibly the cleric would remain on edge for now, even as he crouched down to attend to another individual, alert to his surroundings and noises and visuals that could be related as an attack of sorts... from either the inside or the outside due to that armored individual originally threatening to blast them... in the middle of this tense scene, one of the pained civilians accidentally dropped the glass vial which contained a mix of water and sleeping powder onto the floor.

And every single concern on camp Avad held at that moment vanished within the time it took for the glass to clank against the concrete under the fabric... the earth-shaking boom rocking the entirety of the first-aid camp, the clanking of supplies and people screaming in confusion and falling over resounding like a cacophony of chaos.

Hershel, unsurprisingly, dug his heels and remained standing, turning his body right after the shaking subsided in the explosion's direction, cold, alert, and narrowed eyes scouring every single bit of the scene down the street. A manic man flying through the air, torching cars with a crimson streak coming from their weapon, laughing like a true unhinged man while doing so.

And they approached, and kept approaching in their direction, in the direction of many injured and scared people who got caught up in this whole mess and lie... This instant, it was as if everything had slowed down in front of Hershel's eyes. The fluttering rushing flames coming from the weapon, the panicked people trying to run away from the man, right into a funnel that could be blown up. The thundering booms in front, the abundant thumping of shoes on concrete behind...

A wave of rising, flaming anger was sparked within the duke, observing how a ruthless individual was attempting to undo all their work so far... whoever it was [I]didn't matter[/].

Hazel eyes started shining in a fierce and unwavering blue light, alongside the pendant handing down Hershel's nets, starting to flow alongside his cloak as if there was wind blowing. The tip of his fingers, and a bracelet hidden under his sleeve started glowing as well, like an electric circuit coming alive in brilliant blue.

For a moment, all this flowing 'power' funneled towards a stone and circuit in the man's bracelet, detonating into the surroundings behind him with great power, reaching anyone awake who was a civilian.

"Stay put if you want to stay alive" A mental message, delivered with chilling authority and cold anger behind it. A seemingly counterproductive order coming from the voice that would be recognized as the head of the first aid team by anyone that had spent time in camp for more than a couple of minutes.

And as the attacker's flames inched closer, more and more magical power started flowing through his body, the circuit of magic coming alive once again after being spent. As the scorching heat started to be close enough to be felt by the cleric, the man staying in front of the scrambling civilians, his 10 fingers started moving like inked pens on parchments, inscribing a variety of characters and glyphs into the air, voice rising and speaking at an incredibly high speed from the magical duke in a seemingly foreign and odd language, understood only to him.

"Oh magical power that aids us in our struggles, heed my call and materialize, not as a wall of blades, but as the staunch shield wall made from the metal of eternal winter, obey my wishes, and protect at my will, TRUE SHIELD!"

His cold and severe voice boomed into the surroundings, as from both hands materialized two sets of magical black-ish blue kite-shields, interlocked to perfection like plate armor with each other, over the two civilian holding areas where the man's open palms were pointed right as the pyromaniac had started to sweep.

His body starting to elicit a cold sweat, moved, shifting the barriers under his control to intercept the barriers that could directly torch innocent people as they executed their strafe-run, the height of it making it impossible to tell at first what was exactly happening (barely hovering over two meters in height). The magic material itself seemed to greedily swallow the flames that came in contact with it after letting them flow for a moment on its surface. These two true shields would follow the attack of the man, focusing on shielding the people who had all been told to stay put by Hershel, straining as they grew further from the man...

The eventual moment of truth would arrive as his blue-shining hazels locked onto the car barricade of his own making, the shields abruptly shifting to staying in front of both areas, hoping to minimize the explosions and flying shrapnel as much as possible, but the shockwaves themselves would probably still harm the people closest to them... nothing much he could do about that.

A stone-cold sense of anger fuelled his endeavor as his body strained, the shields complaining and cracking under the intense detonations' strain which sent shrapnel and fire in all directions, but holding just like the duke's steel will, only being dispelled after the flying mad pyromaniac had shifted to going up to the crumbling buildings, Hershel's posture slightly breaking as a long sigh escaped the man's lips.

His cold and furious eyes stared at the scene that devolved in front of every single group: the merciless and cruel incineration of what seemed to be a peculiar individual. All this did cement a single fact inside the duke's mind, one that manifested from his own lips the moment his breathing had become steady again.

"I will make that bastard pay, FOR DARING TO ATTACK THIS PLACE" A truly uncharacteristic, raspy, and furious shout escaped the usually composed Hershel, booming into his surroundings as his heels dug into the concrete.

"Anyone not caring to fight, lead the civilians away. Anyone else..." A speech addressed to anyone left within the camp with power was paused for a moment, eyes locking onto the ongoing struggle.

"Sink that bastard with everything you got" The tone of gelid fury once again rung out as Hershel sped away, breaking the concrete as his sprint was directed towards the combat area engaging the pyromaniac, his barriers redeploying as he did so to cover any further attack.

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Samus' first two homing missiles were narrowly avoided thanks to Firefly's impressive flight skills and itchy flamethrower trigger finger. However, the last one struck him head on, sending him spiraling back a bit. He let out a cry as the missile stung against his arm - although his suit seemed to be protecting him from any true, vital damage. The subsequent redirected plasma shot had struck Firefly head on, causing him to scream out in pain as it struck his arm. The plasma was hot enough to melt past his suit and single his arm a little. Smoke quickly began to pour from the bubbling wound, which Firefly quickly covered with his other hand.

"Gaahhh... you'll... PAY for that!" Firefly cried as he lifted his flamethrower and shot a large burst toward Schezo.

Whether or not the fire struck Schezo, he still managed to get his shot off when it came to his dark matter balls. Firefly growled as they began to chase him, trying their best to surround him. His jets were pretty fast, though, and his goal was to hopefully just outrun them so they didn't do whatever attack they had in store. However, this manic flying came at the price of being completely oblivious to Luigi's next attack! The mighty swing of the plumber was an instant success, landing on Firefly's side and sending him skyrocketing toward the ground with a sharp yell!

The only problem? Schezo's dark matter balls were now focused on Luigi.

Unfortunately, Firefly was quick to get back up. So quick, in fact, that Ciri missed her mark entirely as he flew back up into the air! Yup, even her blinking couldn't save her from the speed of his thrusters. He simply dodged it like a pro, watching with a snicker as she fell to the hard ground below. This time of inner-gloating proved to be detrimental, however, because Tess had actually managed to get a shot off! The bullet struck the back of his jetpack, sending sparks flying from it for a moment. It remained in tact, however, and before Tess could reload, Firefly had already turned around.

"You think that PEASHOOTER will stop me!?" The pyromaniac shouted to Tess as he reached into his pocket and produced several more bombs. He threw them at the group angrily, mostly aiming for Tess.

"SHIT!" Joel shouted as he stood up and broke out into a full sprint toward Tess. He leaped into the air just before those bombs went off, arm wrapping around her stomach and pulling her out of harms way - just as the bombs went off. Hopefully everyone behind them got out safely as well.

Firefly was about to open fire again, when Ben made his move. Diamondhead's... well, diamonds, were unfortunately pretty visible in the bright, sunshiny area. One of them had managed to strike Firefly's wing just barely, though the rest were dodged pretty swiftly. AMAZO, meanwhile, may have stopped the building's upper level from blowing up... as well as successfully attacking Firefly. The sticky web wrapped around him long enough for him to get blown away by his own bombs. Another shout escaped him as they all exploded in his face, sending him flying back through the air and into the nearby building.

AMAZO's subsequent scan would reveal that he was weak to other sticky-based attacks like the web, as well as physical attacks. Fire-based attacks like the bombs, on the other hand, wouldn't do much against him. His suit was pretty much indestructible when it came to anything fire-related. This much was obvious as Firefly soon re-emerged from the rubble moments later with a growl, and began to fire a huge burst of flame toward AMAZO - as well as Ben.

During this time, Red managed to strike him head on with her scissors! This sent him fumbling in the air for a bit, before the water came pouring down on him as well. The water... really didn't do anything besides make him wet, unfortunately, but at least the scissors seemed to hurt him a bit. He rubbed his head and growled for a moment, before raising chucking a few bombs in the direction of Red... wherever she landed, that is. Before he could do any further attacks, however, he turned just in time to see Jeff flying toward him with both knives in hand.

Firefly quickly changed the direction of his thrusters again, sending Jeff flying right past him. The pyromaniac turned to laugh at his expense, only to be met with Duke's pipe bomb to the face. That sent him flying again, crashing into the side of yet another building. But once more, he was unharmed, due to the aforementioned fire resistance. A growl escaped Firefly as a bomb of his own was sent flying down towards Duke. Lucifer had managed to leap up and ram into him while he was focused on the action hero, though, which left him open to Cloud's attack!

All those slashes did quite the number on his jetpack - enough to actually send him flying back by the time it was all said and done. But unlike before, his jetpack was very clearly becoming damaged. Smoke rose out of its center as sparks began to fly out. Firefly growled angrily as this happened, and reached behind him.

"I WON'T... LOSE!!!"

Firefly's angry exclamation was followed by him throwing his biggest heap of bombs yet. They were all sent flying down toward the group, each one landing all around the ground level groups. Hershel's shield managed to protect anyone who got behind them - but everyone else? Well, there were enough bombs at this point to line the entire street, and all of them were set to go off in a couple of mere seconds. So... do the math.

Negan was luckily hidden behind the shield during all of this, but Joel? Well, Joel didn't have any such luck. The best he could do was hunch over and flinch, holding onto Tess all the while.

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"All this over some dude with a jet pac and a flamethrower...? By the looks of him, even Diddy Kong could beat this dude with half the effort that everyone's throwing at this guy...Like everyone is REALLY looking to kill this guy, like ALL this effort is SO unnecessary....I'm highly disturbed by this....So I'm just gonna...Step back...At let them have at it...." Captain Falcon slowly steps back behind everyone else as they attack Firefly

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Lilith and Shantae

Location: Metropolis City (Firefly Fight)

Unfortunately Lilith's attack didn't do much aside from throwing Firefly off balance a bit and his attention shifted straight towards her, but before he could get a hit on her Duke Nukem threw a edgy teenager at him, weird method of attack but at least it diverted his attention from her for a bit. The battle continued as everyone tried to stop Firefly whichever means possible, though another person was about the enter the ring unexpectedly, and without someone's permission. Shantae watched everyone battle it out with their opponent and thought it would be a good time to join in on the fun.

Lilith continued to attack Firefly she suddenly saw some sort of harpie creature shoot a swarm of feathers at him. "Wha-Who are you!?" She asked in fright, having no idea that it was actually Shantae who just used another one of her transformations. "Don't worry Lilith, it's just me again!" She said in reassurance, Lilith calmed down slightly and responded, she would recognize that voice anywhere. "Oh, didn't except you to be back so soon."

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"Everyone," A.M.A.Z.O. advises, "it appears that my assumption was correct. Utilize adhesives to suppress him and his movements. He is wearing fireproof equipment."

"Darn it," Diamondhead said, "should've picked Stinkfly."

"Actually, this form might prove useful. Your properties should be used defensively in this."

"Don't need to tell me what I already know!" Diamondhead erected a crystal barrier to shield others from Firefly's explosives.

Meanwhile, A.M.A.Z.O. would use his old trick to web some of the other bombs and swing them back at Firefly.

The moment they detonated, A.M.A.Z.O. would use this small sliver of a distraction to release even more webs, this time aiming for his wings, followed by a powerful swing into the ground!

"My turn!"

Diamondhead then created a crystal platform to raise himself up, before he prepared to take a big leap and punch Firefly from the sky!

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Of course, just as things seemed to be making some headway, what seemed to be the main event had to rear it's head and get in the way. Wonderful timing. Bardock put his guard up once Firefly had initially made his appearence, just incase he'd had anything else planned for them once he'd made it up to them. The explosion heard before his arrival was slightly concerning after all, nor did he feel like falling through what was now essentially the roof again, god forbid multiple floors. Thankfully, he didn't seem to be aiming to do that just yet--rather he was getting rid of their current lead. Shit. As Mr Combustible's body hit the floor, Bardock's expression went from a scowl to one that was much more annoyed. Just as they were about to find out huh? Really. Well, at least people didn't seem to waste too much time on starting to try wailing on the maniac, what with the fact that anyone that was intereted in him seemed to be trying to bring him down, instead of jumping ship.

Granted, things were off to a good enough start. Though, speaking of jumping ship. Seemed like Firefly did indeed have plans for those that were up top. Huh, wait a second those are bombs- The saiayn threw his arms up in suprise, getting ready to back off and try recover from the exact thing he was dredding, when A.M.A.Z.O made his move to get rid of the bombs. looks like he wasn't going to get blown up just yet, sweet. "Good work." Bardock gave what might as well have been his thanks once they were taking care off, before watching A.M.A.Z.O leap off to begin his own attack. As the fight continued, Bardock decided it was probably about time he joined it. Didn't want to give the Pyromaniac another chance to try taking them out after all. Better time than never anyways, seemed like that jetpack of his wouldn't be able to take too much more. With Firefly focused more on the ground, Bardock took the oppertunity to lunge towards him. His fist Leaving a slight trail of yellow Ki as he flew forwards, aiming to plant his fist in the man's face, what else would he do?

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The carpet bombing was annoying, to say the least, since the fiery explosions didn't do much to help her line of vision. Still, it had its benefits, since the gouts of flame erupting everywhere hid her from the sight of others, meaning that she didn't have to bother to dodge. Watching the chaos from below, she took note of all the combatants around her, before an idea struck. Hey, if nobody could trace an attack back to her, then her identity would be safe with her helping out! She'd have to hope nobody here knew the exact powers of everyone else, but life without risks was boring anyway. "Well, here goes nothing..." She murmured as she gathered her power and prepared to attack. She'd have to sacrifice brute attack damage for subtlety, but it was a trade off she was willing to make.

Feeling her power bubbling up within her, she concentrated on Firefly, making sure to hide herself from the sight of others. She raised her arm, and glowing bronze javelins appeared around the supervillain, all of them floating in place and thrumming with suppressed energy. She was looking to knock out here, not kill, though that might be hard to tell as the javelins began to fly as one towards Firefly at incredible speed. Satisfied with her handiwork, even if the javelins happened to miss, she crept back out of the front lines of the fray, hiding herself behind a chunk of the wall that had fallen down in front of her. For all who didn't recognise her, this would appear as if a frightened civilian was hiding from the battle, perfect for Perni's purposes.

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Turing took note of the bombs being thrown into the building, exclaiming in surprise. What have they gotten themselves into?! Well, technically they weren’t the cause, nor did they intend to get wrapped up in this - but still, the phrase works here.

Just in time for the bombs to detonate, Turing leaped off the building… they hadn’t thought far enough in regards to who would catch them. Oh god.

But, oddly, they felt themselves in someone’s arms… and who was that someone? Well, we’ll let him speak for himself.

“That was, wow, reaaally close. You okay?” Fret asked, having caught Turing. The robot nodded, practically clinging onto the Player. The ground below was hard and chaotic, everything around them was also chaotic - everything was just topsy-turvy!

Fret himself wasn’t sure where to put down the little bot blue, but after all the bombs were planted down low, the Player decided to… uh.

“Hey, uh- sorry in advance!”

“Sorry for whAAAAAAAAAA-”

Fret threw Turing right onto the now-crumbly building from prior. Dumbassery strikes back once more.

The little bot blue was lucky enough to land with nary a crack or scratch, due to the length between where Fret had caught them and where the building had been. It's safe to say that Turing was now glaring daggers into the teenager. They were about to burst out at him right then and there - before realizing, hey, there’s an entire fight going on! There’s better things to do than go around cursing others out… that can happen later, maybe. Electronically huffing, Turing proceeded to rerun their actions from earlier - a fancy way of saying they were now hurling more rubble at Firefly. The Webber wasn’t entirely sure what else they could do, but it’s the thought that counts! Right?

Meanwhile, Fret inhaled sharply as Turing stared fiercely at him, smiling sheepishly and waving his hands. He then looked to the enemy, Firefly, before he was suddenly coated in electricity! The Player then charged right at the supervillain, possibly knocking Firefly back, should Fret hit his mark.

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Initially, Schezo doesn't react much to Hel's arrival, gaze still glued on their flying foe and his incoming string of fire. It takes a second for him to peel his glare away from Firefly and look at the Ninetails, immediately grabbing hold of them and very casually stepping to the side, carrying them along. That left more than enough space for the flamethrower's thrown flame to miss its mark.

"Oh, it's you!" he chimes, setting her down. "I wanted to say you're absolutely adorable, and that I wish to display my affection!"

He refuses to elaborate further, instead looking back to Firefly, or at least where he was. In his place is now a lanky man, dressed in green and holding a comically large hammer. Below him is their target, recoiling in pain, and surrounding him is...

Ah, the spell. That's a little bit of an issue.

"Why in the world are there so many people!? I could end this much quicker if they weren't all in the way! Hmph! And people wonder why I prefer to work alone."

Luigi would soon find that he is no longer in trouble. With nothing more than a thought on Schezo's end, what seemed like an unfavorable position turned out to be a great choice! Almost immediately, the masses of dark magic collected around the steel end of his hammer, giving it an ominous aura of pure black. It didn't seem any heavier, but it does seem like it'll hurt an opponent much more. Though, more importantly, he wasn't harmed! How nice.

Between the crystal barrier overhead and Cloud's swift slashes to Firefly's blind spot, there was a lot to take in. Were he not convinced that he could do all of that on his own, he might have even been impressed. Still, he's at least somewhat thankful for the extra protection. That's less effort he needs to put forward, which is an absolute win.

In the spirit of using little effort for a massive payoff...

That plasma from earlier seemed incredibly effective on that flying fiend. As someone that deals with lightning, both on the giving and receiving end, Schezo was able to make a connection between it and what he deflected earlier. Unfortunately for Firefly, he has a very easy way to test this theory.

He raises a hand, grinning maliciously.


The spell is nearly spontaneous, sending a slew of lightning bolts from the sky and raining them down on Firefly. There's no real difference between this and a lightning bolt aside from their origin -- both move at roughly a third of the speed of light, can heat the air around them to more than five times the temperature of the sun, and qualify as plasma. The only thing Firefly has going for him is that there's not nearly as much lightning involved as there would have been with less people around.

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Red Riding Hood

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Well hey, what do you know? She hit him! Though the splash of water that covered Firefly after it did very little, Red bounced off using the recoil of the impact to keep herself moving, eventually landing on the ground and grinding her movement to a halt - applying more force to her feet to stop herself from suddenly falling or crashing, to hold her ground. After she did so, Red was greeted by a few bombs thrown her way after her attack, as a retaliation - and with little time to react after her recent landing. All she could do was raise her weapon to incept it, but alas, the blasts of the bombs knocked her down to the ground and tumbling around from the impact, sustaining a fair amount of damage from the explosives in question. It wasn't too pleasant, that feeling - a surge of condensed fire erupting before her and around her, torching her very body with intent to harm - and though she struggled, getting back on her feet wasn't too bad. Until the carpet bombing began, to scorch and absolutely devastate everything they could touch. Dread settled in almost instantly.

"Well, that's not good... Alright!" With a heavy sigh, Red focused for a brief moment as a light blue (almost teal) glow suddenly emitted from her, and with time, slowly spread to everyone else - the dissolved interrogation team, the folks down below - everyone that isn't Firefly (and the people who are already dead/people who have nothing to do with this). With a shorter delay then after, everyone affected should feel some of their strength returning and some of their injuries fade away - and when this glow faded, Red opted to focus on Firefly once more. This time, she dug her scissors into the ground as the blades turned a shade of orange, before she raised it up and swung it towards Firefly. Though the blade would not reach him at all, Firefly would probably be surprised by a small amount of moderately sized rocks trying to knock him out of the sky. If they missed, these projectiles would either end up hitting someone else, or the wall.
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--Sougo Tokiwa || Penny Polendina--
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Sougo snapped awake as soon as the Hatter Business was all done, stirring through the sound of a thunderous clap. Was he dreaming? Or was all that real? Either way, as the young Time King rubbed his head, a fellow brown haired child sporting a unique looking watch approached him, asking if he's fine.

"Yeah...I feel a bit weird, though." Sougo groans with a sigh, maybe that's what it feels like to have the belt just forcibly yanked out like that. It was then that Grey approached the two, handing him his Driver and the Zi-O watch. "I'll be fine. The strain of being forced out like that should be gone be by the time I need to fight again." He nods as he stands up, with the brown haired child approaching the locked door and transforming into a being made of pure green crystal, smashing it open.

The gang would move through building just as an explosion shook the very building, causing Sougo to stumble a bit as everyone was leaving to fight the very villain behind the building's destruction--some guy in a jetpack?

"Wait, I thought we were fighting Superman?" Sougo asked, soon shaking off that question with a growl. "Ugh, whatever!" Once more, attached the Driver onto his belt, sparks of electricity combing through his body, the strain being recent enough to still affect him. "I think...I can do this...!" He groaned, taking out the Zi-O Watch once more, along with another watch--this once being a red and blue one, depicting a rather asymmetrical looking helmet with a blue and red visor--the blue one shaped like a tank, and the red one a rabbit's head.


Timing his entrance to the fight with Diamondhead's punch, Sougo, once more wearing his suit with two bottles protruding out of his shoulders and a noticeably large drill grinded on rapidly appearing and disappearing dashed lines similar to that of geometry charts, sliding in towards Firefly's wings, intending to bring him down using his comically large drill.

Penny, meanwhile, attempted to the same. Launching her swords towards Firefly's bombs, attempting to detonate the incoming bombs by using her swords' laser functionality, hopefully to prevent further damage.
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Metropolis - Refugee Camp
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Despite only one missile successfully hitting its mark, Samus had a decent amount of missiles that she could spare. However, it would be smarter for her to save them for more intensive conflicts. She knew that at this stage she didn't have to do much in this stage to ensure Firefly's defeat. Nearly everyone was going after him, racing forth to to see who would be the one to initiate the final blow. And in such a crowd, the chance of friendly fire greatly increased - both regarding her's and those from everyone else.

As Firefly began carpet bombing her location, Samus quickly fired a volley of shots to avoid getting pelted by the bombs. Perhaps she would even spare her nearby allies some damage in the process. Despite their overwhelming numbers, they still had to be extremely cautious against a desperate opponent. And despite her initial thoughts about joining in, the bounty hunter still felt obligated in helping out.

And she already had an idea.

So Samus ran after the pursuing group, running as fast as her legs could possibly take her. Her suit's double thrusters began working overtime and streamed a bright bluish-white, before she was flashing all over. The faster she ran, the more energy that flickered around her. Still she made sure to keep an eye on the battle above, as if searching for an opening to launch her attack. Even if her opening wouldn't shine, Samus was simply acting as back up in the case they needed a desperate spark to action at a moment's notice.
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Of course, with Spider Man’s reflexes, Otto was able to jump into the air just as he was going to be crushed, hanging onto the side of the wall that would have seen him become a red smear. Using his wall crawling, he hung off the side. However, Firefly still had some tricks and a whole lot of explosives. Honestly, now he was starting to remind Octavius of a pyromaniac Green Goblin without the funding.

But this one wasn’t prepared for web fluid.

Shooting out webs to catch the bombs, Otto attempted to twirl as many explosives as he could web up in one place like a flail before throwing them back at Firefly. If he died, that he being the culprit, Otto didn’t care. Firefly was trying to harm innocents and disturb the peace. Unlike Peter, he would lose no sleep if the pyromaniac was detonated.

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Cloud Strife

Attempts to strike the pack down had worked, the mercs sword dealing a good enough blow to start to stagger it. Cloud wasn't about to let up now, synergizing with Shezos thunder for a combined spell with more power. He said nothing as he did a simple wave of his hand to join in on the assault, though Cloud was aiming more for the pack. He wanted it down, there were enough people aiming elsewhere that he could go straight for it. His bombardment hadn't stopped at the magic, taking an unusually large leap up to get close enough that his Sword would hit. He was depending on the distraction of everyone else to let his swing land, a possibility to land three hits with the way he spun himself- using the momentum to get a good few blows before he naturally fell back down to the ground again. The merc had no care for the bombs, he could heal himself after if it was terrible enough. Cloud did block with his sword, bracing himself for the impact of the bombs. This wasn't anything he wasn't used to, with all these people helping it was almost too easy- so far. He didn't want to speak too soon, someone had yet to die in some horrible dramatic way- or casually and with great disappointment. Either way no one had died yet so it was best to hold their breath.

@Mav @Thatguyinastore

Lucifer Morningstar

Letting out a triumphant laugh from hitting Firefly, it was quickly cut off by the fact there was now bombs ready to explode any second now. With little time to think Lucifer had swooped down and planted his feet on the ground, a big flap of his wings causing a decent wind that he used in hopes to blow them all away from the group. Though he wasn't really watching where, all Luci cared about was keeping the group as safe as he could while they focused efforts on the flaming fuck. With the bombs hopefully out of the way Lucifer turned his attention to Firefly, sending a gust of wind with another strong flap. He was hoping to knock him off balance again with all the attacks going his way, jumping back into the sky hopefully in time to avoid any explosions.

A time like this didn't call for much thought, his mind was pretty empty aside from racing thoughts that passed too fast to be processed. His main tactic was to hang back until he had an opening to do something, letting everyone else show off. All he had was speed, strength, and an immunity to flames. Useful, but not as useful as the others were. Firefly would go down easy with or without him, but he's helping and that's what matters.
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Of course, with Spider Man’s reflexes, Otto was able to jump into the air just as he was going to be crushed, hanging onto the side of the wall that would have seen him become a red smear. Using his wall crawling, he hung off the side. However, Firefly still had some tricks and a whole lot of explosives. Honestly, now he was starting to remind Octavius of a pyromaniac Green Goblin without the funding.

But this one wasn’t prepared for web fluid.

Shooting out webs to catch the bombs, Otto attempted to twirl as many explosives as he could web up in one place like a flail before throwing them back at Firefly. If he died, that he being the culprit, Otto didn’t care. Firefly was trying to harm innocents and disturb the peace. Unlike Peter, he would lose no sleep if the pyromaniac was detonated.

(Ignore this.)
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How well did Maisha really think charging in with only a burst of plasma would work? Not all that well, but it was more for the rush than anything else. As Firefly dodged and gave Maisha a blast of flame to the face, the Mando’ad laughed. The plain-old flamethrower licked at his armor, but it ultimately just rolled off like water against the beskar and flame-retardant material that made up the armor, “Try better, vod!”

Maisha reorientated himself and let his jetboots push up towards the other armored pyromaniac. The others seemed to be putting in a considerable amount of work, which was all well and good, but it was getting in the way of Maisha’s personal grievance with this shekemir’ad. There can only be one armored pyromaniac around!

Plenty of people seemed to be going for the jetpack, between the spider man, the floating girl, the white-haired lady, and a man with an absurdly large sword. That is why jetpacks are the worst! Everyone always aims for the massive explosive target on your back if they have half a brain and even if they don’t, a few stray blaster bolts are all that’s needed to turn a machine for flight into a bomb.

Maisha was pretty much ignoring those firebombs that Firefly was flinging around. He honestly could not care about collateral, but the others hired by Lex sure seemed to be focusing a lot of effort to protect themselves and civilians. Some of them even attempted to fling those firebombs right back at Firefly.

That didn’t deter Maisha’s plan at all as he fired out a fibercord towards the jetpacked pyromaniac. If it latched on as planned, Maisha would use both his fibercord and his jetboots to accelerate towards his target with plasmathrower in one hand and blaster pistol in his other hand. He would unload his arsenal on this run, firing off a continuous stream of blue plasma while shooting off those powerful blaster bolts from his pistol and launching a salvo of micromissiles from his left gauntlet. This shekemir’ad better go down for the count!

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