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Name: Wolfram Melusina

Age: 16

Grade: Sir Clausewitz' School for the Militarily Minded, 2nd Year

Biography: Wolf is the son of a retired soldier and a demon hunter. With his parents being so serious and at times strict, Wolf was... a little on the meek side. The combined pressure was simply too much. After time away from their professions and years spent as his parents, the two slowly eased up, realizing to some degree how overbearing they'd been, but the damage was done. They were not bad parents, nor abusive, but, well, nearly every parent tends to mess up their child in one way or another. On the bright side, it was hard to find a more responsible, well-mannered child than Wolf.

In his early schooling years, he met two people who would shape the rest of his life, perhaps more than his parents ever could have. Two girls, one name Vera, and the other named Alexandria. Vera was an extremely forward and confident girl, the daughter of well-off merchants. Alex was more like him, though notably more awkward and bit of a... dreamer.

He met Vera first, her family having been aided greatly in the past by Wolf's parents. Alex he met shortly after, realizing how similar their abilities were. They abilities both manifested psychically. When pooled, their powers could create entire illusory worlds for them to play in. They could even manifest these worlds enough for Vera to join them.

Of course, two quiet kids sitting in a corner conjuring imaginary friends tended to draw disparaging stares and negative attention, but Vera, despite having no powers to speak of, would defend them. So ardent was her defense of her friends that even those well practiced, for their age, with abilities would soon learn it wasn't worth the trouble or ear-ache.

For them, it was the perfect set-up. None seemed to enjoy their time more than when they were together. After all, how could one beat a world crafted just for them? But, as time passed, and Wolf's abilities grew, Alex struggled more and more to keep up. It soon became apparent just how much more gifted he was. Not once did he or Vera hold it against the girl, but Alex herself refused to fall behind. She pushed herself to play an equal role, insisting that Wolf help her with ever grander experiments and ideas.

Until one day something strange happened. Their imaginary world felt a little... too real, too far removed from where they'd begun, and too... different from what they'd intended. Before they could figure out what had happened, it all collapsed in spite of their efforts. In the moment, everything seemed fine, though the two were understandably spooked.

The next thing any of them knew, Alex stopped coming to school.

The girl could no longer wake up. Wolf's power's could not penetrate her mind to see what was occurring in her dreams. He could do nothing. In some ways, it felt like she was no longer there at all. In the end, she was taken away to be cared for, in the hopes one day she might wake up again.

Wolf was left behind, his mind filled with the thought that this was all because of him. He'd gone too far, he'd hurt her somehow, and then after all that he'd been too useless to fix it.

-And Time Passes-

No one is quite sure which god granted Wolf his abilities, but a display of them was enough to pique the interest of those running Sir Clausewitz'. His parents were shocked and a little worried when he insisted he apply there, especially considering his mental state in the months leading up to that moment. They told him how needlessly strict and trying the program at that institution was, saying that he was more than capable of enrolling at St. Laurel's, but this only furthered his resolve.

He wanted to put himself through their punishing regimen. Maybe he felt he deserved it, but more so he felt if he'd been better he wouldn't have hurt his friend. He felt he needed to be better so it never happened again. Once the school granted him admission, there was little his parents could do to stop him.

His first year was not pleasant. By comparison to most he performed poorly, but never so poorly that they could find a reason to expel him. He'd always miraculously scrape by. In some ways, this got him more attention than simply being an overachiever, for by the end of the year there was a secret betting pool to see if he'd survive the final tests and trials. True to form, just barely, he did.

With that, and neither cheers nor complaints, he prepared himself for another year.

Core: Psychic Warp
He can create psychic "bubbles" brimming with potential energy. He can simply let one collapse catastrophically to attack those nearby it, or he can choose to shape that energy. The bubbles are not terribly mobile, however. He can move them, but it takes time. That said, it is not inherently dangerous if one passes into a bubble, and generally they can just as easily walk back out... unless he decides otherwise. An unwary opponent can find a bubble forming around them very quickly if they don't watch their step. Being in the center of a collapsing psychic bubble is... not pleasant.

Currently he can maintain up to three bubbles at a time.

Ability 1: Formation
There are two ways the energy in the bubbles can be used.

Waking: reshape the whole bubble into its own, semi-autonomous entity. These entities will follow his orders, but he does not have to directly puppeteer them, rather, their potential is tied to his subconscious. He simply has to give a command and the entity will do its best to carry it out. Currently, he can control only one autonomous entity.

Unconscious: attaches the bubble to a living being, causing it to expand and create a room of sorts. This also has two different functions: malicious and benign. A benign application simply projects a room based off of the targets mind. Malicious actively attempts to entrap and torment the target. The contents will shift and warp, preventing them from walking out again. Wolf cannot actively affect the contents of a bubble, benign or malicious, unless he enters it as well.

The bubbles can still be collapsed after forming a room, but the effect is weak as most of the energy has already been spent. However, a malicious bubble will slowly drain the target of energy, steadily weakening them, allowing the bubble to build up a new store of energy, allowing it to eventually collapse catastrophically around its weakened victim.

Bubbles cannot be seen or entered without Wolf willing it. From the outside, one would at most see a faint shimmer. However, the occupants can still be affected by outside forces. While the contents have a real, physical presence to the occupants, one could still be, for example, shot through a wall by someone outside the bubble.

They are not pocket dimensions so much as a conditionally tangible overlay of reality and thus requires open space or building around what already exists. It cannot, for example, create a doorway to pass through a solid wall in reality.

Ability 2: Intrusion
He can hijack other people's psychic abilities. If they have created an illusory space, he can enter and modify it should he manage to overpower the original user. Can also be “reversed” creating a manifestation of a target's mind for Wolf to explore. Changes made to this manifestation will be reflected in the target's mind. The latter affect will work on anyone, psychic powers or not, so long as they don't have a way to resist. For example, he could make someone feel like they're falling, inducing intense vertigo.

He can also use this in conjunction with his first ability to manifest and autonomous being from someone else's mind instead of his own.

A byproduct of this ability allows him to, instead of competing with others psychic abilities, reinforce them.

Only open if you don't want to be surprised later.

Vera Goh: Childhood friend and current girlfriend. After they lost Alex, the relationship became... rocky.
Alexandria Sova: Childhood friend and source of all his guilt and self-loathing. Also the source of his motivation to improve himself.

Name: Vera Goh

Age: 17

Grade: Lady Deva's Prepatory School, 2nd year.
(A private all girl's school for those, for one reason or another, unwilling, unlikely, or just unable to participate in combat or the arena. She did apply for St. Laurel's, but was rejected due to not fitting into any of their programs despite having good grades.)

The daughter of merchants, in many ways she is a typical rich kid. Her value of money is heavily skewed and she spends it as easily as she breathes, and with just as little thought or consideration. She is not terribly friendly to most she meets. She has long since stopped seeking the friendship and acquaintance of others. For anyone who earns her ire, a verbal beat down is just around the corner, and she's indiscriminate with her victims.

There was, however, one debt that her parents could not pay with simple money. Their lives, and business, were saved by a duo of warriors shortly before Vera was born. The two went above and beyond, but in the end didn't seek payment. They had simply been doing their job. Years later, in a chance meeting, Vera's parents once more insisted they pay the two back somehow. Finally, a way to pay their debt was presented.

They wanted their children to meet. At that age, Vera had yet to be spoiled completely rotten and so got along with the boy, Wolfram, well enough. So, to see to it that the debt was well and truly put to rest, instead of putting Vera into the most prodigious, expensive private school they could find, they allowed her to be enrolled at the same school as Wolf.

There the two met a girl, Alexandria, and friendships were well and truly cemented. With no powers of her own manifesting, Vera was fascinated by the psychic abilities of the two; their ability to seemingly craft entire worlds for them to frolic in. These moments were precious to her. There was no such warmth to be found back at home, for her parents were always too busy -- too distracted for her.

Anyone who dared step in the way would be in for a rude awakening. These two were hers, and no one else could touch them. Anyone who sought to tarnish was she had found would be torn apart with words until they were a quivering, sobbing mess on the ground, pondering what cruel fate had led them to being born.

For those too thick skinned for a verbal flaying, well, Vera was not afraid to spend every other afternoon in detention for leaving them black and blue. She learned how to fight beyond simple self-defense just so that her friends wouldn't have to dirty their hands protecting themselves -- so that she could keep up with those more gifted than her. So that her friends need only worry about crafting more of those precious, special moments she craved.

In a way, it was greedy of her, but they never seemed to mind. It wasn't like it was all just for her.

Then, one day, abruptly, it ended. Alex was gone. No one could say why or how, but she simply wouldn't wake up.

Wolf blamed himself, and it was the only answer ever offered, so she blamed him too. Yet, ironically, he was all she had left, so she clung to him tighter than ever. If he left too, she'd be all alone.

If he left... she couldn't punish him.

Core: Subject of the Goddess of Love
Every year, dozens of newborns are chosen by the Goddess of Love. Instead of being granted the power to fight, or anything else practical, they are instead puppeted around in the midst of an ever ongoing soap opera for the Goddess's own amusement. Their every action is not spoken for, but when it comes to love and relationships, they will be hit by strong compulsions to guide them on a predetermined path.

That's it.

Wolfram Melusina: Her childhood friend. At first, pushed upon her by her parents, but now the only one she cares for. This sort of twisted co-dependence eventually led them to start dating, though he wasn't her first choice.
Alexandria Sova: Her dearly missed childhood friend. If Vera comes across as bitter, Alex is half the reason why.
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Permission given by Supertinyking:

Name: Ken Illustrious Ikari

Age: 16

Grade: St. Laurel’s, 2nd Year.

Biography: Ken’s earliest memories were of flames, blood and hunger, as his family fled with a convoy of refugees towards a flotilla of ships which led them to the city of Rhea, the jewel of the world. There, he remembered kind faces, warm soup, and the faces of his parents, who had fled their plagued homeland of Izumo in order to find refuge in foriegn lands. As his parents worked to feed and educate him, Ken’s gifts, physical, mental, and magical, manifested themselves, opening the gateway to a more privileged life, as it was clear that he was given the favor of a very powerful God or Goddess.

Nevertheless, despite the privileges given to him, Ken remembered what it was like to be weak, to see himself and others suffer, and appreciated the sacrifices his parents made for their family. But at the same time… There was something dubious about the stories they told him about why they left, about the details of the plague in Izumo. For one thing, they refused to discuss why they became refugees, being content to imply that they were mere civilians, even peasants, who fled the plague. But if they were really peasants, why did they look so… aristocratic?

One day, an envoy from Izumo came to their house, addressing his father as ‘Imperial Prince’ within Ken’s earshot, and Ken’s life changed forever. It seemed that the reason for the plague was Ken’s grandfather, the Emperor of Izumo, trying to experiment with a piece of the Ancient Evil in an attempt to win a tournament, and cursing his land for ten years as a result. Now, those ten years had passed and Ken’s Uncle was the new Emperor and was inviting him and his family back to Izumo to take their place as Imperial Nobility.

The following night, both of Ken’s parents, whose real names, he learned, were Shinsei and Maki Ikari (with Maki’s madien name being ‘Illustrious’) receieved a message from a mysterious source saying, ‘Don’t trust the envoy’. Said message came from a member of the newly-formed Vigilantes, but he didn’t know who. And sure enough, when Shinsei followed the mysterious advice and refused to return to Izumo, the Envoy left, but not before making veiled threats, which were followed up by assassins trying to kill the family during another night - The family was able to easily beat this challenge.

After that, Ken, who was already studying at St. Laurel’s, joined the Vigilantes, hoping to find the person who gave them the mysterious message and also to find out how and what they knew. Earning a reputation as a courageous, intelligent, and driven boy, Ken also learned to respect King, the leader of this new faction, as well as his fellow group-members, many of whom he learned to sincerely like. He also discovered he was bisexual and liked both other boys and girls, but he regarded that as unimportant when he still haven’t found the person who gave his family the message which had saved their lives.

He did, however, discover that the assassins targeting his family were sent by his Uncle, who was afraid that Shinsei, Maki, and Ken were able to claim his throne…


Core Power: Highest Heaven, Lowest Hell - Ken has the power to strengthen all nearby Blessings and Magic, whether it be positive or negative effects, his own or other people’s. However, he can control what specific Gifts and Spells he strengthens and who he empowers. If need be, he can either empower a group of about six others with his powers as well as himself, thus making him an asset in single or group fights.

First Power: Gimlé, the Glittering Paradise which survives Ragnarök - Not actually a power so much as an enchanted item Ken commissioned from St. Laurel’s Engineering Section and then amplified by his abilities, Gimlé is a ring which when worn by Ken, projects a shield of glittering, golden light which protects against magical and physical attacks, but can be broken by enough force.

Second Power: Ankh of Life - Another enchanted item, the Ankh contains a mild healing spell which Ken can amplify until it can regenerate major wounds and replenish blood, and (at a high cost to magical energy) regenerate limbs.

Third Power: Ame-no-Murakumo - A straight, double-edged sword which is nevertheless unlike ‘western’ blades, the Ame-no-Murakumo is an ancient heirloom of the Izumo Empire which nevertheless ended up in the possession of Ken’s parents as they fled towards Rhea. This sword not only has a fine edge, but can also control the wind; both attributes can be enhanced by Ken’s Core Power.

Nevertheless, Ken holds himself back when using this blade unless facing a serious threat; he does not want to waste its power on trivialities…


- Part of the Vigilantes.
- Loves his parents, Shinsei and Maki.
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Name: Erisse Augusta Narrativia.

Age: 25

Grade: N/A

Biography: The Narrativias were a family tasked by the God of Stories to record the ongoing tales and epics of the world; heroic and villainous both, and guide worthy warrior's hands to their victory, romantics to a chance at true love, and those who yearn for redemption for an opportunity to get it. This has made them masters of infilitration and magical surveillance, explorers of the physical and spiritual worlds, and translators of a hundred languages. And above all, mentors of a hundred heroes, crafters of five dozen magical relics, and healers of a hundred fatal injuries, sicknesses, and disorders.

Erisse was all right with that, but her brother, Kyros Narrativia, was not. Kyros wanted to be a hero himself, to use his knowledge of how Narrative worked to solve others' problems for them. He knew better than they did, can glimpse tropes and plot devices at work and even invoke them. Why shouldn't he have a turn saving the world? The answer was that someone who thought like that was not worthy to be a hero, that he didn't realize that heroism meant something, and he'd only cause more damage to people than he actually fixed. Neeedless to say, Kyros ignored the advice he was given and went off on his own.

Whenever Kyros went, he caused disasters in his wake, and Erisse had to clean up after them. Broken relationships, revealed secrets, lost trust and a trail of dead people and destroyed neighborhoods, that was the damage her brother caused. However, she was going to find him and put a stop to it, going to find him and... And... What would she do? Reason with him? Fight him? Maybe even kill him? Or should she just yield to her own desires and join him in trying to make things right?

Let Fate be the judge.


Core Power: Narrative Role of the Fairy Godmother - The specific blessing given her by the God of Stories, Narrative Role of the Fairy Godmother allows her the power to vaguely sense a person's current needs, whether it be food and water, good advice, clothing and weapons, and grants her a mystic reserve of energy which allows her to conjure any mundane item she has seen, read about, or personally handled. However, she needs her other powers in order to produce anything with magical attributes.

First Power: Workshop of Heroic Desire - Erisse, by talking with a potential Hero or Heroine about their hopes and dreams for thirty minutes or an hour, is able to establish a mental bond with them which allows her to craft a magic item, not necessarily but often a weapon, which allows them to achieve their hopes and dreams more quickly. However, the hero/heroine has to be sincere.

Second Power: Bottomless Storage - Erisse has access to a lifeless parallel plane that exists alongside the real world and universe as a whole. Because of this, its size is effectively bottomless, and it exists in concert to all other places at once. Erisse can transport herself or items to or from this plane at will, but not other living beings. She is unable to transport a singular object larger than a tank in this way, and targets must be freely movable and not nailed down or otherwise physically tethered to the world in some way. For example, she could transport a chain link or the shackles linked to it but not an intact fire hydrant that is built into the ground.

Because the pocket dimension is connected to all places at once, Erisse can teleport anything inside it, including herself, to anywhere else that she can remember or visualize well. This cannot cause the phenomena known as "telefragging", so the transportation will only succeed if the destination is sufficiently spacious. In this way, she can easily clear vast distances, and merely being able to see the horizon is sufficient to burn it into her memory well enough to jump there.

Third Power: Narrative Role of Familiarity - To get a story, sometimes one has to get close to people. This power makes doing that easier by making people think Erisse Augusta is part of their inner circle. For example, Erisse can use NRoF to give herself the 'Narrative Role' of 'School Teacher', making people beleive that Erisse is genuinely a Teacher in any of the Schools in Rhea, including the ones with Magical powers.

That said, there are drawbacks: Narrative Role of Familiarity does not alter one's abilities, powers, or physical capabiliites. That means that you can make yourself part of a paratrooper unit yet not be able to use a parachute right. Or join a world-class chef competition yet not be able to cook. So Erisse has to be careful. Not just that, but Anti-Magic can break NRoF when Erisse is touched by someone with this power.

Narrative Role of Familiarity is stronger when:

1.) There is a set number of 'slots' in the organization to be infiltrated and one of them is empty.
2.) A member of the said organization or someone that said organization trusts vouches for Erisse.
3.) If false evidence supporting the altered memories of the infiltrated organization is planted; the more believable, the better.
4.) The infiltrated organization does not have a set limit of members at all.

However, Narrative Role of Familiarity is weaker when:

1.) There is a set number of roles in the infiltrated organization and all of them are filled up.
2.) If a member of the infiltrated organization is naturally paranoid to the point of distrusting their own memories.
3.) If Erisse is called upon to use skills expected of a member of the organization, but she does not have.
4.) If someone else uses memory-altering magic on the infiltrated organization.

Erisse can reflexively exempt any person she wants, preferably an ally, from the effects of Narrative Role of Familiarity, preferably if they can keep their own mouths shut. Also, this power is ineffective against anyone who actively realizes that it is being used; that's why the second set of conditions weakens the power's potency.
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