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CS barebones:

Name: What you go by in general.
Callsign: How you’ll be referred to on-mission.
B.A.S.E. Degree: Refer to the Database Logs in OOC post zero. Standard humans are Banal.
Threat Level: Refer to the Database Logs in OOC post zero. Only applicable to paranatural agents.

Age: The length of time you’ve lived or existed for, if applicable.
Appearance: What you look like, including off-mission outfits if applicable.
Personality: Your psychological profile - general traits, likes and dislikes, etcetera.
Background: The events of your past, and more specifically what has brought you to PZPRS. Exacting detail is not needed for unimportant stretches of time.

Specialty: What role you take on in the squad.
Gear: The equipment you utilize for missions, including weapons, armour, and general utility.

Paranatural Effects: List abnormal features the agent possesses here, if any. Bear in mind that these are not outright superpowers - at best, most people viewing somebody throwing fireballs from their hands will be disconcerted if they are not used to them, plus you’ll be scolded for reminding the world that there are things they don’t want to think about out there. (Also, for balance’s sake, try to avoid making your character too strong with these. You’re agents, not superweapons.)
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Name: Winsler Isom
Callsign: Mirage
B.A.S.E. Degree: Strange
Threat Level: Concern

Age: 45
Appearance: Mirage appears as a man wearing a dark brown long coat that reaches down to his ankles with exaggerated collars around his neck, with an ivory cowboy hat with wide brim. His face tends to be obscured due to a conveniently placed lighting or shadow, or mostly hidden by his hat and coat collar.
Winsler, despite his shady appearance at first glance, is a communicative and friendly individual. Decades of separation from the world has made his mind far from an average human being, but with the help of PZPRS personnel providing him the necessary help he has gotten much better and maintains a healthy mindset compared to when he was first recruited by PZPRS.

His name and age has been confirmed by consulting the subject himself. Winsler claims that he had been roaming the world of reflections as his current self for 27 years. He made contact with PZPRS when he had been roaming for 15 years in mirrors, agreeing to work with the installation to keep the dangers of the world in check and preparing a countermeasure should he go rogue in some way. The Director of Many Things partook in the questioning.

Specialty: Informant/espionage
Gear: Pen and paper, a .44 magnum revolver

Paranatural Effects: Winsler can only be observed via viewing him through a reflective surface. He will appear within it, and is able to hear sounds made near the reflective surface he is appearing on. He himself cannot make any sound/physical effects that can effect the world out of the reflection, except for a few exceptions. He communicates via pen and paper, as sound cannot be made from him.
His pen and paper never seems to run out of ink and supplies. The .44 magnum he carries cannot physically damage anything except for certain reflective surfaces. Should Winsler aim and fire at the reflective surface he is being seen through, he can disrupt the surface. Mirrors would crack as if it had been shot by a handgun round, puddles would ripple violently to disrupt the view.
Most phenomena do not have an obvious effect on him, whether S.A.M. or paranatural, due to his disconnected nature. This includes all physical phenomena, and most psychology-altering effects, barring certain exceptions. More research is required to know the exact guidelines.
He seems to be able to move around a space even if it does not include reflective surfaces. This allows him to infiltrate/enter dangerous environments without risking his life, allowing him to gather information that isn't in an enclosed location.
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