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Thank you for stopping in and checking out my ideas and plots. -Bows gratefully-

I work night shift and looking for some rp partners to help pass the night.

I go by Kilin it's an old nickname I was given and happens to also be the first character I ever made. She's an amazing character that if you are interested in I would be happy to fill you in on something I have in mind for her just let me know. I am not the best in my grammar but i am working on it and get better with it. I usually make sure my post is at least spell checked and minor things fixed.

So if you think you can deal with that and are willing to give me a shot then let us continue on. Now on to the ones I have up, and what I am looking for in a partner.

Looking for

* Long or short term, active partner (I am highly active on this site and check it a good amount of the day I realise not everyone is like that but I'm hoping to find an RP partner that can post once a day hopefully)

* pm posting

* Creative (i love expanding and talking idea's and more)

* More than a one-liner (I'm no million paragraph writer but I can post at least up to two full paragraphs and more depending on my partner)

* Another person that likes to have some darkness to the story or plot.

Plot ideas and what im intrested in. The * ones are the ones im hoping to play or create something with

Anthro ~ Human
Lord ~ Peasant
Princess/Lady ~ merc/ bandit ****
Highland lass ~ Viking *****
Master ~ Slave
Werewolf ~ Human ****
Hunter ~ Hunted
Demon ~ Witch

New World
(would love to do his one with anthros but can be used for time travel or to a world of Viking like humans)
Mc finds a ring in a book and magical is transported to another world or back to médiéval times (can be with or without magic)

My character finds herself falling through a portal of some kind and waking in a new world that is nothing like earth that she left behind at all.

I even have a Few D&D story plots that I would love to discuss and even look at rping out with someone.

These are the main ones I'm wanting to talk and try and figure out with a partner. If interested please hit me up.

Here are some simple pairings if anyone is interested and we can come up with something fun.
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Bump still looking and always up for ideas as well.
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Pm me when you get back with the favorites your wanting to do. I’m open for anything
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still looking for partners. Im really wanting to rp with the
Princess/Lady ~ merc/ bandit
Or opposite
Prince/lord - servant/peasant
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