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Ruby & Charlotte & Ryn “Fritz”

Count Damien’s sudden appearance in the tavern was not entirely unexpected, but two other things were. One was that he was accompanied by Dr. Williamson and the city guards. The other was the fact that they left almost as soon as they arrived. Ryn regarded the door the men exited with confusion. He couldn't tell what kind of game Count Damien was playing. Did he come to check if Ryn and Lady Vikena really went to the Tough Tavern? Why, then, did he need to bring Dr. Williamson and the guards? Ryn was missing an essential piece of information, that much was clear. What was unclear was whether this had anything to do with Duke Vikena's disappearance.

Another matter that had been bothering him was the bartender. Right before Count Damien busted open the door, the red-haired woman began vigorously mopping the floor leading to the stairs. It was a hasty job, as if her life depended on it, and she would have been more meticulous if she had more time. She then dove behind the bar, head first, as soon as she could.

When the guards disappeared up the stairs, Ryn walked straight to Marceline. One look at the blood-stained mop and some pieces of the puzzle started to put themselves together. Some time during the alcohol showdown, Ryn heard someone run into the tavern and up the stairs. It happened so fast that he only managed to catch a glimpse of someone in black, but it would not be too farfetched to suspect that the blood came from the individual. However, he had not the foggiest idea if the blood was theirs or someone else’s. Could it be that Count Damien came to the tavern for a reason other than Lady Vikena?

Lady Vikena… Who followed the person in black upstairs. Where the guards headed.

Ryn bolted towards the stairs and skipped a couple of steps at a time to reach the second floor quicker.

“How dare you attempt to barge into a woman’s quarters! She was changing!!”

Ryn halted. The guards were standing in front of an open door, Lady Vikena glaring at them.

“Is this how you boys plan to get a glimpse at a woman? Because the lord only knows that one would never choose to be in your presence otherwise!” Another person inside the room stomped their feet. “Well? What are you looking at!? If you have nothing to say, then get out! A woman with short platinum hair and not wearing black approached the door and slammed it in the guards’ faces. The guards exchanged dumbfounded looks at each other before deciding that it would be in their best interest to wait for the woman to change her clothes.

Seeing that Lady Vikena had everything under control, Ryn quietly retreated back to the bar. He stared at Marceline, “If there’s other evidence you want to hide, now’s your chance. The guards are distracted.” He leaned over the counter to look at the bloody mop, then looked at the items the bar had available. “Since it’s fresh, I think you can still remove the blood with just cold water.” Marceline stared quizzically back at him. “If that doesn’t work, you can try using baking soda... Although I personally prefer hydrogen peroxide.” His response only deepened the lines between her brows. Ryn raised his hand to wiggle his finger, “Tick-tock.”

Charlotte glanced at Ruby once the door was closed. “I have a feeling they weren’t satisfied with that answer. They may return so you may want to change your clothing..” She commented lowly. Charlotte nervously twirled a lock of hair around her finger as she started to pace around the room, deep in thought.

Ruby hesitated, then nodded at Charlotte. She searched around the room for something more appropriate to wear. “I cannot stand knights!” She announced while sorting through her crates of clothing. A sudden burst of anger pulsed through her, and she grasped one of the crates and chucked it at the door. Charlotte blinked in surprise, simply staring at the door after the crate had hit it.

“I do not want them coming back here,”Ruby stated roughly, then sighing as her anger subsided. “But if you don’t mind, I want to help you look for your father!” She proposed, not looking to take no for an answer. She then pulled out a dark purple, cotton dress from her trunk. It looked a bit dirty, but Ruby held it up to her body and threw Charlotte an inquisitive look.

”Oh. That’s lovely. The two of us are both in shades of purple. We’re a pair of grapes, aren’t we?” Charlotte first commented, giggling a little at her only little quip. She turned on her heels to give Ruby privacy as she changed, continuing on to address her proposal, “You really want to help me? You don’t have to but… I suppose maybe it’s not so much an intelligent idea for you to stay here right now anyway..”

”Yes!” She bellowed, turning around, “If I am going to be dragged into this, then something of some excitement must happen.” Ruby sounded a bit insensitive, eager to be a part of something inconsistent with her everyday doldrum life. “Besides, two heads are better than one. I can be your lookout!” Ruby finished changing into her purple day dress, doing a thrilled little jump at the thought of going on a perilous adventure. Starting to steer off course, questions began coming to her mind. “What is your father like?” she asked.

Charlotte gave the girl a small smile, “ An adventure it is then.” She then moved to slowly open the door, peering outside. The guards had moved down the stairs; it seemed as if the way was clear before them. Though, she did recall that Marcy had stated that the people of the bar were not supposed to let them leave. She wondered if they could perhaps hang their heads and quickly make their way out with Fritz. She glanced back over her shoulder at Ruby, dimly aware of her question as she had been considering her thoughts, “ He’s only slighter taller than I with a mustache and scars on his face. His clothing is very expensive-looking… His facial expression… He probably would look sad if you saw him.” After preparing herself with a low inhale, she took a step down the stairs. “Well. Down we go.”

Ruby did not reply as she thoughtfully pictured the man in Charlotte’s description. A sad man with nice attire and scars on his face. That should be easy enough,Ruby thought to herself. She glanced down the stairs and promptly followed after her.

Ryn was sitting at the counter when the two came down the stairs. He smiled at them, “Good evening.” He said to the platinum-blonde he saw upstairs, before turning to Lady Vikena, “Any luck?”

Seeing the short version of the answer on her face, Ryn said, “I should inform you that Count Damien and Dr. Williamson dropped by.” He pointed at the entrance.

Charlotte had also smiled upon noticing Ryn, moving closer to address him, “Hello again! … This is Ruby, she wants to help us search... Ruby, meet Count Fritz. ” She gestured to Ruby, then to him as she spoke. Her lips parted to speak in regard to his second statement when the red-haired girl from before suddenly launched herself over the bar. She threw her arms around their shoulders and began to talk lowly in their ears. Ruby had waved to Count Fritz enthusiastically.

“We’re going to talk about what just happened. Outside.” Marcy abruptly ordered. Her gaze slid to Ruby and a smile lit up her freckled face, “Ruby Booby. Guess you finally met Persephone…If you guys tell me what’s going on with Seph, I will help you all get out of here without issue from Olga.”

“Yeah I met her; why didn’t you tell me about her living up there?” Ruby asked but Marcy had mouthed later, waving her question off.

Charlotte pursed her lips but had braced herself ahead of time she’d have to tell Fritz and Ruby what she had been told for the sake of their safety. “Alright. Is that okay with you two?”

“Sure.” Ruby said with a shrug.

Outside? Ryn looked to see where Olga was before whispering to Marceline, “Are you allowed to do that, Ms. Marceline? I was under the impression that you were ordered not to… for ‘safety’ reasons.”

Marcy’s arms moved out from around them, “I am definitely not supposed to, but….” She nodded toward the other side of the room, where Olga could be seen now speaking quietly at a table with the two guards from before. “Now or never.”


Once the group had made their way outside, Charlotte came to stand before them and took a deep breath. “Alright, well, Seph was quite upset when I approached her… She said that she stumbled upon a corpse with an ax embedded in her head. Mind you, I had to push for this information, so I do believe she was truthful with her words. The poor girl was traumatized.”

“Oh.” Ruby was taken aback.

Marcy’s expression broke. “...That explains the blood. Ugh… Poor Seph. Poor dead person.” She jumped practically with wide eyes as the reality dawned on her, “Oh God. The guards think she did it because she tracked the blood here. Persephone would never do that to anybody!”

“Yes, I do believe that is the case. Normally, I’d suggest she aid the investigation with what she knows… But King Edin is sometimes a little hasty with his executions. I don’t blame her for laying low for now.”Charlotte explained sadly.

The ginger groaned audibly and threw her head back to glare at the sky as if it was the cause of all their problems.

Charlotte rubbed her arm as she spoke again. “Um, so given that there’s a potential ax-wielding murderer about, I think we should be cautious and...“ Her gaze moved to Fritz. ” It goes without saying that I am very concerned for my father’s wellbeing currently.” He nodded in agreement.

Murder? Ryn rubbed his chin thoughtfully. Murder would explain the presence of the guards, but what of the count or good doctor? It was possible that they were witnesses to the murder, however, considering the time span and last location they saw him at, Ryn doubted Count Damien was one. If he was a witness, then it was odd that both Ryn and Lady Vikena did not notice such an event happening. They came straight from the Damien estate to the Tough Tavern then were promptly trapped in by Count Damien’s orders. If the murder happened before they arrived to the estate, then the count’s demeanor was as much out of place as his order to keep them in the tavern was. Why did he want them to stay at the tavern? Did he think they were involved in some way? Then they should have captured them when he spotted Ryn. Could it be, as Olga said, that it was for their own— no… Lady Vikena’s safety?

Assuming he wasn’t a witness, then the question was why he was so interested in this particular murder. Murder was, from what Ryn could gather, not uncommon in Sorian. What was uncommon was when the murder victim was a person of some import. “Does Count Damien normally involve himself in murder cases?” Lady Vikena had shrugged at Ryn, indicating this was news to her as well. If Lady Vikena did not know Count Damien as a man who would investigate murders, then it was more likely that he personally knew the victim so took it upon himself to take part in the investigation. Not the best idea… too much emotion and assumptions involved to not be biased. Then again, maybe the count wanted to be part of the investigation so that he could frame someone he wanted to get rid of.

Ruby was trying to absorb the details of what was being said. ”M-murder case..MURDER!?” She had agreed to look for Charlotte’s father–but this– it was more than Ruby knew how to handle. As her panic grew, she began biting her nails and pacing back and forth at the thought of an ax embedded in a girl’s head. At this point, Ruby desired to bolt from the situation. She looked over at Charlotte and said with great distress in her voice, ”You know, I don’t know if I can be of much help here… with a m-m-murderer on the loose. You see,” Ruby started laughing hysterically out of nervousness. ”My brother Jack will be worried sick if I do not show tonight. I totally forgot! For his sake, I should probably stay back.” The adventure that Ruby had been excited about was now of no interest to her. She liked the idea of a dangerous escapade, but once she realized the real danger that was present, her mind changed.

“Wow. Ruby…You’re a chicken. Marcy was struggling not to laugh at her. She started to mock her with chicken noises and waved her arms about, despite being scared herself. The night was awfully silent and dark. Knowing there was an ax-wielding maniac made Marcy slowly step back into the tavern, clucking the whole way, ” Anyways. I gotta, uh, bartend. Good luck! Bye!” She shut the door rather hastily.

Ryn stared wide-eyed at the closed door. Well, at least this saves us the trouble of getting past the guards. He hoped the red-haired barkeep did not get into serious trouble for letting them out like this.

Charlotte could not quite blame Ruby. It was not like she had a weapon nor had she herself ever encountered anything of this nature. They were in very much the same boat. As for Fritz, she had no idea what he could handle. Her own hands were a little trembly at the moment. She was surprised she wasn’t acting more like Ruby at the moment but it might have been because she was more afraid for Lorenzo than herself currently. “Ruby, if this is too much for you, you don’t have to come.” She assured her.

Ryn looked at Lady Vikena, confused as to why they were taking Ruby along. It was one thing if the girl knew this Persephone, but it was clear from her exchange with Marceline that she was not even aware that they lived in the same place. He then reminded himself that technically the same could be applied to him. He also did not have to follow Lady Vikena, but he was going to do so anyway. So why not take Ruby along? She may even have some insights into things that only the locals were privy to.

”Chicken!?” Ruby raised her fist and shook it toward Marcy, who had already entered the bar. As terrified as Ruby was, her ego stood strongly in the way. ”No, no. It is not too much. Do you know how many potential murderers I have encountered in my time on the streets? I could have easily had a..an ax thrown at my head.” She trembled, attempting to sound unphased. ” You’re right..you need me. I will just quickly let Jack know that I have business to attend to.” She shot Charlotte an awkward wink, letting her know that she could keep a secret.

“Okay, but let me know if you are afraid. We’ll take you back home any time... If we stay close and be careful, I’m sure we will be okay. There’s three of us.” Charlotte said with a smile, though perhaps a nervous one. After Ruby had alerted her brother, the three had made their way down the road toward the library. She paused suddenly as she caught sight of red footprints in the dirt. She frowned, kneeling down to get a better look. “I-I think that’s....” Her gaze followed the trail footprints forward. They led up to an alleyway across from the library. She glanced up at the others with a worried expression.

Ryn sighed at the amateurish work the guards were doing at preserving evidence. The red footprints may not be vital in the grand scheme of things, but they were evidence nonetheless. Ryn expected a little more surveillance. If the guards’ only link between Persephone and the murder were bloody footprints that could be easily tampered with then their charges wouldn’t hold up in any decent court. On the flip side, it could mean that the Caesonian judiciary did not require solid evidence to convict someone in practice.

“Would you like to see the scene, just in case? We may not find anything related to your father, but it won’t hurt to check.” Ryn turned to Ruby, “I can go alone, of course, I wouldn’t want either of you to be scarred from… well, let’s just say that it might still be gruesome over there depending on how far along the forensic team is.”

Charlotte had initially grimaced before she rose up to her feet. After a moment she looked at him and said, “It is best we stay together.” In every novel she had ever read, splitting up always went dreadfully wrong. As much as she was not excited to see anything that could be in that alleyway, she did not want to see Fritz go in, only to be never seen again.

Ryn studied the two women’s faces before he started towards the alleyway.

Ruby was at the point of trying to stay agreeable; besides, she felt more comfortable going as a group rather than straying off by herself. She gazed at Ryn with apprehension as he walked toward the alleyway. Then, she stiffened up and said shakily to Charlotte, “After you, new friend!”

Charlotte paused to pick up a rather large stick. With a tight grip, she raised her body. She glanced at Ruby and nodded, bracing herself as she moved forward toward the alley.

That was when the sound of something moving made her halt. ”Count Fritz. Oh God. Wait.”She whispered as loudly as she could to him.

Her eyes widened as a shadow began to grow on the ground, the silhouette of someone approaching down the alleyway growing with every moment. The tension was palpable and Charlotte was starting to lose the cool she had been holding on to. With rising panic, she suddenly grabbed Ruby’s arm and held the stick outward as if she was going to threaten the person with it. As it became clear the approaching person was about to emerge, Charlotte had squealed a little, flinching.

When Ruby felt Charlotte jolt against her arm that she had grabbed onto, she could feel her panic. This uncertainty caused Ruby to panic as well, and as she heard the rustling of leaves in front of them, she let out a loud screech– “aaaAHHHHHHH!!”

That was when a ferocious, furry being revealed itself! It was a black kitten with small legs and big eyes. He was perhaps a little cross-eyed at that. The fur stood up on the cat as he hissed and arched his back. Though absolutely tiny, the feline was absolutely ready to take on all three of them.

If hearts could appear in Charlotte’s eyes, they would have. She dropped her stick and immediately moved forward. Then she put her hands on her knees as she bent down. “Oh my goodness, look at you. The kitten charged at her. She watched with a huge smile as he scampered toward her with a loud, angry meow. Once in front of her, the black furball got up on its hind legs in a strange attempt to look menacing. However, it fell onto its back and then started frantically trying to roll over. “Oooh brave warrior..” She cooed. Kneeling down, she offered a hand to the kitten. His face scrunched up. With laid-back ears, he sniffed Charlotte’s hand, still growling. “Come now, you need to settle down. You are misbehaving.”

Ruby came bounding up to it and immediately scooped up the kitten to give it a kiss on its head. It screeched and jumped out of her hands. Charlotte was quick to gather it in her arms and held it close to her, petting him gently yet stubbornly. The cat did indeed begin to submit to the gentle pets but he still hissed.

As Lady Vikena and Ruby had been engaging with the cat, Ryn took a moment to move into the alleyway… To find… nothing. Absolutely nothing. Not a single guard, forensics team, or pool of blood. The crime scene was practically spotless. Ryn narrowed his eyes. The Caesonian law enforcers apparently were more adept at making evidence disappear than preserving them. Not the least bit surprising, I suppose… His mind was about to wander to a time long past before he forced himself to remain in the present. Stay focused.

He swept through the alley, confirming that it was the cleanest it had ever been in a long time. They even picked up a lot of the litter commonly seen in these types of places. Unfortunate that it had to take a murder to make that happen in this part of town.

As Ryn returned, he stopped in the middle of the alleyway and then lowered himself close enough to the ground to sniff. Whoever cleaned up the mess must have decided that splashing water was enough to hide evidence of murder since he could still smell the blood. There was also a hint of alcohol, though he wasn’t sure where it came from. He picked himself up and turned his attention higher, to the walls of the neighboring buildings and their rooftops.

The clouds above parted, allowing for the moonlight to illuminate the dark alleyway just enough for Ryn to notice the twinkle of a small glass vial. He picked up the vial. It could have been random trash, but the purplish red drops of liquid piqued his curiosity. He brought the vial closer to his nose. It was the same smell from the ground. Then it clicked. It was wine. … Wine? Who would put wine in a vial?

Ryn walked back to Lady Vikena and Ruby who were acquainting themselves with a black cat. “I’m sorry ladies for making you wait. It seems the authorities have cleaned up most of the evidence,” He showed them the vial in his hand, “except for this.”

Ruby took the vial in her hand with a quick snatch and peered at it closely. She opened it up and took a big sniff. “Wooooowee! That is wine. I suppose it won’t matter if I take a drink?” She said with a big smile, holding the vile open near her mouth. But she hesitated to continue until there was reassurance from the others.

“Uhhh maybe you should refrain.” Charlotte suggested nervously, coming closer as she hugged the hissing kitten in her arms. “We don’t know what’s in there, Ruby.”

Ruby’s boldness to drink from a random vial that was laying around in a dark alley made Ryn smile just as broadly as she was. “You most certainly have a more daring spirit than I, Ms. Ruby. Buuut… please do keep in mind that it’s a mysterious vial that was left at a crime scene. A murder scene I might add, so I’d be… cautious. You never know.” As Ryn spoke, he slowly lifted his fingers towards the kitten, but stopped short from actually touching the frightened creature. He left his fingers hovering within sniffing range of the cat and avoided making direct eye contact with it. Ryn would have felt a random lick against his finger. Then came another hiss. “Do you think it’s expensive wine?”

Looking disappointed, Ruby slowly moved the vial away from her mouth. “Looks expensive! I mean, why else would it be in a vile?” She held it out for the others to reach. “I will refrain.. for now.” Her face held an uptight expression before she started scanning the room for other souvenirs.

Charlotte moved to put the kitten down, only for it to scramble up to her shoulder and cling onto it. She glanced towards it and he met her eyes, giving her another hiss but his body language was fearful. She smiled to herself then reached over to take the vial from Ruby, both for her own good and to inspect it. The only way to answer such a question was to taste it. She imagined that even if it was poisoned, then a little dab on the tongue wouldn’t have been potent enough to do much. And if the person had been killed by ax, poisoned wine was unlikely. However, she was apprehensive. She paused for a while as if bracing herself, then tapped her finger in the wine ever so lightly and tapped it on her tongue. It wasn’t enough to tell its quality, but… ” I think this is the wine that was served at the ball…Peculiar.” Her eyes rose to meet the others, “To the library?” Once they had agreed, the trio was back on their original route, now with a furry friend still rooted to Charlotte’s shoulder.

Ruby watched with surprise as she dabbed a little on her tongue. How come I couldn’t any…

When Lady Vikena tasted the wine, it left Ryn stupefied. Since the murder was committed using an axe, he thought a poisoned vial of wine would be overdoing things —leaning on the theatrical even—, but it still never hurt to be careful. There were plenty of poisons in the world that required very little of it to be lethal. Yet Lady Vikena decided to take the risk. Even Ruby would have done it had he not asked her to err on the side of caution. Ryn was not sure if he should be impressed by their courage or be deeply concerned for their safety and the lack of venturesomeness on his part. Should he not be just as daring as they, more so if he wanted to be the kind of effective leader that brought about change?

He stared at Lady Vikena, waiting to see the signs of poison taking effect. When it did not, Ryn told himself that he should check again later. In the meantime…

The same wine served at the ball, huh? Peculiar indeed… The wines served at the party were of the variety that the average person would find difficult to obtain. Though not entirely impossible, especially tonight.

As the library came into view, Ryn spoke up, “Lady Vikena, in the tavern, I heard from the owner that it was Count Damien who ordered her to keep us in the tavern.” Lady Vikena’s gaze shot to Ryn. “She said she was told it was for our own safety… it may have to do with this murder, or maybe it doesn’t, but… I just thought Count Damien’s actions felt out of place. Especially considering—...” Ryn stole a glance at Ruby’s direction then returned his eyes to Lady Vikena. He was not sure how much detail he should divulge to their new acquaintance. “What you’ve told me about him.”

” When my mother died, Count Damien made no move to involve himself in the investigation. I don’t think he did when my blood-father did either…” If one was paying attention, they would have noticed a flash of anger briefly cross her expression. ”...I agree it’s out of place. He involves himself in many affairs he should not, but only when it benefits him… I don’t have a good feeling in my tummy. “ With a frown, she looked at Ryn, ” I have quite a bit of investigating to do…. Though most likely, this will occur after I finally get some sleep tonight.”

Ryn nodded before turning to Ruby, “Does Ms. Olga work for Count Damien?”

”Nah. Think she owes him or something though. “ Ruby had answered.

And there it was, the wiggle room.

Once inside the library, they discovered it was grand inside with more books than one could imagine with a high-glass ceiling that allowed them to see the stars above. It was dim and quiet, with barely anyone inside at the late hour. Charlotte moved forward as the moonlight glimmered down on them, ”Lorenzo!” She called, enticing somebody curled up in a chair to shh her, but she could not be bothered to pay them any mind other than to apologize quickly. It only took a few minutes of searching from then on to figure out Lorenzo wasn’t here either. With distress, she sat down in a chair and buried her face in her hands. The cat was now seated on her lap and nibbling on the fabric of her dress.

… Will I ever see him again? … I don’t want to lose my family a third time.

A hand reached over to touch her shoulder. When she looked up, she saw Fritz sitting next to her. He was smiling at her reassuringly, “You will, Charlotte.”

One way or another. “You will see him again.” Ryn’s hand moved to the kitten and scratched its chin long enough to make it purr. A soothing rumble that never failed to make him feel better when he felt down. “We only searched two places… both which Count Damien suggested and it’s only been a few hours since Mr. Benjamin last saw your father. It’s too early to give up. Lorenzo is out there.” Dark eyes held Lady Vikena’s blue eyes. He nodded slowly, “yes?” Lady Vikena smiled faintly and nodded, though there was some residual fear in her expression. “Yes,” he reaffirmed.

Ryn stood up from his chair and bowed. “Forgive me if I have offended you for being overly familiar, Lady Vikena.” He straightened himself up, “There were not that many people left in the library, but Ruby and I asked around to see if anyone might know something. Apparently, there’s a secret party being held tonight. Very exclusive, invite- only, by the sounds of it.” Ryn wondered if it was the one and the same invitation the Danrose children had.

“Thank you Fritz.” Charlotte reached out to take his hand and squeeze t gently. ”I appreciate you being so nice to me tonight… You’re right I shouldn’t give up. I’m just a little overwhelmed.” She sighed, composing herself as she straightened as well. After a pause, she lifted a nearby novel from a side table called ‘The Great Hero of Avalia,’ Charlotte managed a playful smile, tapping the book with her finger. ” If the brave Darius did not give up when the odds were against him, then neither shall I…. As for that party… I have no idea where that could be. ”
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Wystan VS Tsukigami

Location: Secluded area near Edin avenue and flora road conjunction.

Tsukigami had been leaning against the wall for a few minutes now. Dressed in the Sorian guard uniform, he had blended in with the guards here now as well as he had at the ball. He had stationed himself near the door and watched until his target had finally entered, late and with the princess. It was not difficult at all for him to recognize Wystan’s face, especially since he had been so close for a moment. Following him for the rest of the night had been the trickier part. But once he saw Wystan make his way to the back gates, Tsukigami had put two and two together: He was off to find the rebellious royal children who had snuck off to Marek’s party.

From that point, Tsuki had decided to position himself along the wall of the noble district like other guards were. Wystan would have to leave through that exit after all. The moonlight shone over him, comforting him in his tense state. After all this time, Wystan had been living quite literally like a King, meanwhile… He gritted his teeth.

The bodyguard in question appeared then. Mounted atop a dark steed, he rode towards the opening of the district at top speed, seemingly eager to get somewhere. Under the brightness of the moon, his robes billowed in the wind granting him an almost graceful appearance, especially in the eyes of those without knowledge of the weapons concealed beneath them. Wherever the destination was, it was certainly important to him. Even from afar, anyone would be able to see that his gaze was clear, keen, and focused on it, almost like a sharp blade thrown swiftly through the night, inching closer and closer to its mark. Such was fitting for the watchdog, a mutt born from the ring and born a second time again as the prince’s living and breathing weapon. If he was not efficient, or deadly, then he was nothing.

Alongside him rode a fellow in a cap. Sitting on top of a fairer horse with a more lax posture, his was a gaze less serious than his leading rider. Perhaps a friend, perhaps a contingency plan. Either way, they both seemed to be acting purposefully. Such could be gathered when the watchdog barked an order at his companion, coupled with an aggressive yet obscure gesture with his arm. Still, the capped man understood. In a few whips and a bout of encouragement, he urged his own mount faster, speeding far ahead from the bodyguard. In no time, he was gone.

Upon confirming this, Wystan pulled on Dusk’s reigns, riding off into a more deserted part of the residential area.

Tsuki caught sight of the traitor as he rode past and knew he could not waste another second. Even now, he recognized the look on Wystan’s face when he was on a mission. He had always been so focused. But now that would be his downfall as perhaps for once, Wystan would not see something coming. He strung an arrow on his bow with ease and charged forward. Swiftly, he rolled forward on the ground and knelt as he pulled the arrow back and let go, letting it fly toward Wystan and past his face. He knew it would miss, but it would be enough to get his attention.
The sudden displacement of air urged the bodyguard to lean backward on his mount, narrowly missing the arrow by a single hair. In the time it took the projectile to embed itself in the nearest wooden door, Wystan had already dismounted and given Dusk a rough clap on the back. Having seemingly understood her owner and the danger that was about to ensue, the horse galloped away without a second wasted.

With all else out of the way, the watchdog followed the trajectory of the arrow’s flight before scanning the environment. Sure enough, hidden behind the shadows of the residential buildings, the sender was concealed. He faced himself forward, readying both hands to unsheathe his weapons should they choose to reveal themselves. Assassination attempts like these were commonplace, and more often than not, he was prepared to deal with whoever decided to take the risk against him. A fact was made clear to him, however. And one that put him on his best guard.

…Whoever sent that arrow missed on purpose.

Tsuki removed the false guard armor, dropping it to the ground as he stepped forth into the light of the moon. “It’s been a long time, traitor. A masked figure stood before the watchdog. His eyes were filled with deadly hatred and lifted his chin as if to signify his condescendence toward his enemy. “I will kill you for what you have done to me,”Tsuki spoke with smoldering conviction. He then pulled the sword from its sheath behind his back. Then Tsuki charged toward Wystan.

Without any hesitation, the target deftly guided away the blade from his chest. The stranger’s forward thrust was an exceptionally strong one, and after narrowly dodging its path, gave the watchdog enough time to unsheathe his own blade. There was without a doubt in his mind that this perpetrator’s movements were practiced. Eloquent in the way he spoke with his sword. Perhaps even honed specifically to kill. ”Whoever you are, I have no time for you.” He raised his seax in a defensive guard. ”I am not the person you are looking for. Step aside.”

Tsuki moved along with Wystan’s motions. His expression had twisted with mixed emotions underneath the mask. His words were the final nail in the coffin. “You’ve forgotten me, Wystan Blackmane.”He retorted, his voice both pained and cold. He shook his head in repugnance. He raised his gaze to meet Wystan’s, his eyes red with both emotions and with fury.

“You disgust me.” Tsuki said finally with deep anger. He passed with the forward thrust; Tsuki ducked low sweeping his foot towards Wystan's legs in an attempt to trip him, turning his head to keep an eye on his opponent and positioning his sword to strike if he fell.

The night was dark, but the watchdog’s senses stayed sharpened. He promptly stepped backwards to avoid the sweeping movement, but not without a bit of a struggle. It was not the man’s advances that shook him - it was his words. ”...You– How do you know of this name?” The bodyguard spoke as he narrowed his eyes in an attempt to glean the attacker’s identity. Of course, as the second prince’s retainer, many knew of his name… but not of his patronym. This was a fact. Aside from the Danrose family and his closest messengers, not many should have known of the watchdog’s surname. It was a false moniker, after all. One that birthed him the right to enter the ring and fight for his life. Why did this man know of it? Why did this move to anger him? Who has he forgotten?

Without waiting for a response, Wystan raised his sword to the masked stranger and spoke with words cold as steel. ”...Rid yourself of that visage. If you wish to fight, then show me who you are.”

Tsuki stood up, ”So, you really cannot tell… I shall reveal the truth.” He stated as he lifted his hand to his mask, unclipping the buckles that kept it stationary on his face. He let the mask drop to the ground. “Was it really that easy to forget me, Wystan.”

The face that stood before him was one that Wystan knew very well aside from the fact of glowing red eyes and long black hair. “I was turned into this, and when I came to, you were gone. I once believed we would get out together but I survived for years after you left me in the pits. I killed everyone in my path to reach you.” The emotions in his words were a volatile mix of sorrow and hate. Tsuki readied his sword and stood there motionless ready to strike at any sign of an attempt to attack from Wystan. “What will you do my friend?”


”How dare you…”

The watchdog huffed as he spoke, fist tightening painfully around the hilt of his sword. If one were to listen close enough, they would have been able to hear his heart thundering against the padded layers of armor. If one were to have looked close enough, perhaps they would have seen the bodyguard’s hands quiver just a moment before moving to strike. But outwardly he was unmoved, the gold in his eyes dulled over years and years beaten down under a thousand fists; his heart cut into by a hundred or more knives. And yet, this was something more painful than any jab to the face and stab to his ribs.

This was the face of a man he once spent his earliest life with, wondering each day if they’d be alive for the next. A man he once fought with, bled with, and called ‘brother’. A man that he was sure to have seen killed in front of his eyes, and whose life ended long ago. And now…

No, it simply could not be. A hundred days spent wishing would bring no friend of his back from the dead, no matter how badly he wanted it. This much he knew for sure. Wystan refused to believe him.

”I have betrayed not a single man...” He growled behind clenched teeth. ”...because all those that I once knew are now dead.”

With that, the watchdog rushed forward into the perpetrator's boundaries and raised his sword arm into a downward slash.

Tsuki sneered. “I see how you feel about me.” He said as he parried the attack of Wystan’s blade. He kicked Wystan back, “What more do I have to say for you to believe me, 118. I am far from dead. But I will make you wish I was.Tsuki said with hatred boiling in blood, attempting to slash Wystan’s stomach.

The bodyguard barely regained his composure just in time to step back from the quickness of the attack. Even as the blade only found purchase in the leather of his armor, a jolt of… a feeling completely unfamiliar to him suddenly froze him in place. It was as if his body grew a thousand times heavier; the grip on his blade loosening ever so slightly. The watchdog rarely ever made mistakes; for accidents and unforeseen circumstances on his watch were his responsibility. However, for the first time, the watchdog felt that such a fact had been disproven with this man’s utterance of a single phrase.



Wystan’s sword fell slack as memories of his past caused him to falter in his stance.


”…117. There can be no way…” The bodyguard desperately readjusted his grip on his blade. His nails were short, but they still dug into his gloved hands enough to turn his knuckles white. ”...There is no way that this can be you…”

“This cannot be you.” The watchdog’s tone was grave, anguished, and heartbroken all at the same time as he tried to convince himself. In ragged breaths, his chest began to rise and fall harder this time. His grip had tightened so much that his fist began to ache from the pressure as for the first time in a long time he pleaded for reality to play on his side. Tell me that this is a sick, horrible joke, you bastard. Tell me that this a figment of my imagination.”

...Tell me that this is not real!

Perhaps this was fate’s way of playing games on those who were brought into this world and made to survive unwillingly. Because more than a decade ago, Wystan cried out the same string of words when he had heard the ringleaders announce his dear friend’s untimely passing. Tsukigami, his only brother in the world didn’t need to share the same blood as him; he only needed him to stay by his side until they could leave the ring together. He only needed to stay alive. However, now that could never happen. The young Blackmane had tried to forfeit his life on stage the next day, submitting himself easily to his opponent as his limbs were torn into and his vitals damaged. It was then that Prince Auguste had found him broken and nearly dead. Perhaps it could be considered a wholly fortuitous event - a show of rare kindness gifted to him by fate herself… but obviously, good things do not come on their own without taking from him. If only he had double-checked with the ring leaders then. If only he had more faith in his friend to survive that fight.

If only he did not have to stand here on this day, with nearly buckling knees, begging for the man he used to know to simply be a product of delusion. ” This can’t be you, right…”


Tsuki took this moment of faltering and swung his sword to Wystan’s neck, stopping the moment it touched skin, drawing blood. A tsunami of emotions and memories ran through Tsuki’s body and mind. He remembered all the years they had spent together, all the fights they fought, how they promised each other to get out together. A single tear dropped from his eyes as he had trembled, staring at his old friend. For the first time, he was unable to kill someone. “Yes…Wystan.” He spoke, his voice shaking with emotions. He dropped his sword to the ground, running off behind a building and disappeared.

Wystan paid no mind to the thread of crimson that opened up and trickled down his neck. His own sword fell to the ground, the bodyguard wholly unsure of what to make of the situation. With his mind racing at a thousand miles per minute, he struggled to calm himself down despite not having moved at all after Tsukigami seemingly disappeared. Whether it was for his own good or the watchdog’s, it did not matter. The workings of his head swelled, almost threatening to pour out of his eyes as his heart ached, but for some reason his face stayed bare. It had been too long since he had shed his last tear, and too long since he’s forcibly learned to keep them all contained. And now after all this, they were filling him up with no place to go. He balled up a fist and slammed it hard against his chest. Teeth grit against each other as he repeated this over and over in a desperate attempt to ease the furious beating inside his chest. It would not stop.

Perhaps it would have been easier if he had killed him instead.

Several long minutes passed writhing in pain. What frustrated him more was that he himself could not understand where it was coming from. The bodyguard would continue to struggle until he’d finally manage to catch his breath laying on his side, gasping for air as he kept a palm on his chest to steady his breathing. As he slowly regained his sense of composure, he shambled to his feet and picked up the sword Tsuki had left behind.

It felt heavy in his hands. Incredibly heavy. Dark as the night. The sound it made as it swung through the air was phenomenal, and perhaps Wystan would have stood to admire it if only the circumstances had been much more… different. In fact, there were still traces of his own blood on it after being nicked ever so slightly with its exceedingly sharp edge. Needless to say, it was an excellent weapon of a high caliber; one he wished to return to its owner. For what reason? Even he did not know. All forms of thought were wiped clean.

There was much left to do, after all. Prince Auguste would be expecting him by the end of the night with Anastasia and Callum safely in tow. Those two hadn’t left his mind, and thus he effectively decided to shelve Tsuki for now. There was only room for so much in his mind and heart; the latter of which being normally what gets a man killed in this line of work. This event was more than enough proof for it.

A whistle sounded through the night air. In a few minutes Dusk appeared once more at her owner’s call, and they were once again on their way. A deep sigh left him as he rode, not forgetting to sheathe Tsuki’s sword. It was at this moment that he noticed a strange series of grooves at the bottom of the hilt. With a swift flip, he rotated the sword in one hand as he rode in the direction of the warehouse, and on the underside it read:

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Locations: Guesthouse

Coming back from that meeting with Calbert and Prince Wulfric, the Varian doctor was just autonomously putting a foot in front of the other. His eyes were burning, blurry and heavy. Twice he felt himself wandering in a different direction before realizing he had strayed and corrected his path. It had been what had been a very long night. The travel fatigue from Varian, the long ball, 2 dances, the library, a murder, and a long investigation that he was unsure why he was substituting for an investigator. He even got to hear about the disappearance of the Alidasht nobles nonetheless. What a wonderful process the glorious kingdom of Caesonia had here. A murder case investigated by a vengeful emotional creep father and a prince. Blame him for growing up in the somewhat more egalitarian, or rather less elitist, society but unless the prince had worked in the law, two guys in an office playing detective could only be worse by two royals in an office playing detective.

Arriving at the guesthouse a lot later than anticipated, John had to show himself to the other physicians, to at the very least let them know that he was safe. The Surgeon Dentist of the team was known to over-worry things like king Alixandre. He might find himself being burst in by armed guards and princess-carried if their minds ran wild enough.

At the end of the day, he shouldn't be interested in the case. He was an outsider unfortunate enough to discover the mess. It was heavy knowing a young lady getting murdered in such cold blood, royals or not, but six times out of ten were probably disgruntled peasants/employees getting screwed by the family, and three were probably petty noble's pouring molten gold into a dead body. He had no interest in middling affairs when he had work to do, and people to care for - actual people to care for. However, there was something about this case that continued to bug him. Not the evidence, that were clearly up to proper analysis, but the people behind them. It hit a little close to home for him.

"John?" A door opened to the familiar voice of Dr. Hunter, his former academic advisor. "Where have you been tonight? It's quite damn late." He asked, upon seeing his former supervisee.

"It's a long story." John replied, scratching the back of his head. "I can explain if you want, but it might take a bit."

"We can always chat later." The middle-aged man replied. "Have you reported to the surgeon dentist? He's asking where you are." John just shook his head, and Dr. Hunter leaned his head over. "He's with the queen I think. I'm heading there anyway briefly, so I can always let him know you're here." He replied.

"Well, let me know if I am summoned." John replied, and was met with a thumbs-up from the old doctor as he departed.

John returned to his room, waiting for Dr. Hunter to return the all-clear before he could finally go to sleep. But the soft cushion, the pillow next to him, seemingly whispering for him to lend an ear, was too tempting. The moment he laid himself on the bed, he lost control, even as he was awake for a few more minutes. The dream world soon whisked him away...down into the abyss.

'Let me out of this...'

He felt his eyes shut, his chest a thousand weighs heavy. His fingers could curl, but he could not open his eyes. His fingers curled, his teeth clenched. The freezing cold did not leave him...


Finally, his eyes opened, and lights rushed in and overwhelmed his fovea. John quickly sat up from his bed and leveled himself. He rubbed his temple as air rushed through his lungs. The sweat soaked his hand. There was no one around. It was just sleep paralysis, accompanied by a horrible dream.

"Why did it come back just now?" He asked himself, his two hands cuddled together. It was cold, just like that canyon. How could it be? He thought he had already left it behind, ever since he became apprentice to the doctor at Kolonivka. He thought he was able to sleep soundly now, after finally being able to forgive himself. Why did the memories have to come back?
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The Return of Ashe

Time: Late Evening
Location: City Gates
Interactions: NPC - Caravan Leader
Mentions: N/A

Alright! We’re here! Good job with those wolves. If you need another job, I’m leaving in 2 weeks. ” said the caravan leader as he handed out a pouch of coins to Ashe. A meagre pay but money wasn’t what she sought in Caesonia.

She accepted the pouch with grace, shook her head and started walking. A moment later Ashe stopped and turned her head around and said “ I ain’t leaving Caesonia anymore. Not alive at least.

And so, she arrived in Caesonia. Nine years ago when she was forced to leave, she was merely a child. Now, she was back and a child no longer. The first years of her voyage away from home were hard. A woman that does sword work didn’t get jobs and most tried to take advantage of her but it never worked. She did what she had to in those first years. Stealing, begging, murder whatever was needed to survive. Things changed after a while as her reputation grew. More reputable employers sought her out and in only five years, everyone in the business knew her moniker.

That ended as well after discovering a passion for duelling lordings in the tavern or different brothels who couldn’t keep their mouths shut. Bets were placed and at the end of night, she’d be richer by a not-so-modest sum. Of course most of the coins were spent just a short while later on alcohol and entertainment in the form of sexual organs of all kinds. From that, her duellist career and reputation only blossomed. While still taking jobs here and there for an extra income, her mercenary career was in the past.

Time: Late Evening
Location: Streets of Caesonia
Interactions: N/A
Mentions: N/A

As she arrived during the night, not many people were outside but she remembered bits and pieces of where she had to go. First objective was to secure something to drink, eat and a place to sleep which meant only one thing. The Tavern! Guards were out and about, patrolling the streets and after a quick question to one to point her towards a tavern that’s closest, she arrived. The raunchy songs, the laughter and occasionally drunk made the tavern an easily recognizable spot. That and the sign that read “The Tough Tavern”.

Time: Late Evening
Location: The Tough tavern
Interactions: Barmaid - Marceline/Drunk
Mentions: N/A

Gripping her sword tightly and taking a deep breath to center herself, Ashe entered the tavern. The night was close to its end but there were a lot of people still inside. Taking a seat at an empty table, Ashe waved to the barmaid, a very cute ginger girl. Exactly Ashe’s type.

With a smile and a coin lifted into air, Ashe said, in what was her most charming voice :

Hey there. Bring me some ale and whatever food you make the best and for some extra coin, answer some questions perhaps?

A small girl with short red hair and black lipstick moved up to the bar and leaned on it with a smirk, looking her up and down a moment before declaring and retreating backward, “ Hey there…You can call me Marcy. I’ll have your ale coming right up. As for the questions.” Marcy paused as a few more guards suddenly burst through the door. She chewed her lip for a moment as they moved over to also speak to Olga. With a worried expression, she leaned on the bar again to crane her neck and watch as some of the guards broke away from Olga’s table and then proceeded to ascend the stairs.

Marcy cursed under her breath a moment then looked back to Ashe with wide-eyes and a huge grin, ”Sorry! Uh.... Sure. Questions. Oh wait for coin, eh? I like the sound of that.”

Ashe watched as the guards burst in the tavern and shook her head.Some things never change, no matter what kingdom she finds herself in. There is always someone in trouble, there’s always a game afoot. Returning back at Marcy, Ashe looked deep in her eyes and smiled.

Pleasure to meet you Marcy. As long as the information is good and you won’t lie to me, I will pay 2 coins per question answered. I hope that’s fair. First of all, what are the latest news? What’s up with those guards? Will you join me in bed later? Who are the important people in the city? ” all the questions came in rapid succession, one after another and 2 coins were put on the table after each question was asked.

Marcy pushed the ale across the bar to her, meeting her eyes as the girl piled on questions. She leaned on the table as she casually answered after a brief pause, “ There was a big ball tonight; some people from the Alidasht and Varian Kingdom brought their rich offspring over to spouse-hunt for the summer. Somebody was murdered and those guards are trying to find out who dunnit. I will not join you in bed. Obviously the King, Queen, their three-no four kids, the Duke, the other nobles from all over the place... And me. “ She poked both her own cheeks, ”Cus I’m the cutest they got here.” Licking her lips, she hungrily grabbed onto the coins, emitting a pleased giggle.
Listening closely as she started sipping on her ale, Ashe smiled. “ It was worth a try, love. So, we’ve got nobles from quite a few kingdoms and people murder each other stil. Drama always feels at home in Caesonia.” said Ashe while also thinking to herself that the ale was as bad as she expected.

Nodding a thanks to Marcy, she turned around on her seat and surveyed the tavern. The commotion the guards made could still be felt but it didn’t stop people from having fun. As she was looking over, a song started at one of the tables and soon others joined it. While not actively listening, it was hard to ignore it. A song about the great Caesonia kingdom. Ashe shook her head and spit on the floor.

A man that was sitting at a nearby table noticed her gesture and with wobbly steps made his way to her. Anger and drunkenness clear on his face.

Hey! HEY YOU! ” said the man, liquid dripping on his chin.

Initially ignoring the man, Ashe continued to look around and sip quietly on her ale while one of her hands rested on her sword. Seeing that he’s being ignored, the drunk took another step and raised his hand towards her.

In a lightning fast movement, the type that has been honed after years of constant training, Ashe’s sword went out of its scabbard and a small thin line of blood soon formed on the drunk’s cheek.

Raise your hand once more at me and I’ll take an eye. That was just a warning. ” her voice was curt and to the point as if it wasn’t a threat but just a fact that Ashe was stating.

With a hand on his face, blood pouring from the cut, drunk started shouting and a shush overcame part of the tavern as if they smelled the blood that was about to be spilled. Soon enough, a few more men stood up from their seats and approached.

Leaving a few coins at the bar, Ashe winked at Marcy, shook her head and started walking, if they want a fight, a fight they’ll get but outside the tavern.

5 coins that I win against these 4. To the first blood. ” shouted Ashe just before exiting the tavert. The drunk men followed her quickly, alongside other patrons. Some to watch, some to gamble.

Taking a position in the center of the road, Ashe closed her eyes and took a deep breath. The cool sting of night air on her skin giving her goosebumps. With her sword, Ashe drew a circle around herself and then waited, eyes closed. The drunks surrounded her and they all had makeshift weapons, farming tools or simple daggers.

Look at her lads! Falling asleep in the middle of the road. Dumb woman! No wonder why your kind can’t fight, falling asleep during a fight ” said of the drunks, followed by laughter from the others and other different types of sounds.

Breathe. Breathe. Wait for them. Don’t kill them. ” thought Ashe to herself.

Two of the drunks ran towards her, one armed with a sickle and the other with a wooden club. One step, two steps, three steps and they didn’t have time for the fourth step as Ashe’s blade sang its deadly song. A trained fighter would have no issues seeing her sword’s movement but for the drunks, it moved like a blur.

One cut, two cuts, three and then a few more. Each followed by a yelp of pain from two men that dared to enter Ashe’s circle. “ By the rules of the duel, you two are out. Step inside again and I’ll start cutting body parts. same tone as before. These were facts and nothing more. She couldn’t treat this as a real duel otherwise the men would die and she’d be in trouble for no reason.

The drunks looked at each other and one more stepped in the circle, only to be awarded with a cut just above his eye. A crowd slowly gathered from the tavern and others that came to see the commotion.

This kept going for a few minutes with each drunk getting a series of cuts at different places of their body but nothing that would impair their work the next day or that could lead to further trouble. The crowd soon got bored soon after as the drunks lost their fighting spirit.

Now, why don’t you men go over to your wives? I’m sure they’re wondering where you are. ” said Ashe in a friendly tone, her sword once more in its sheath.

Collecting her money from someone in the crowd who held the bets, Ashe nodded a thanks and walked towards the brothel. After every fight, she’d get the desires that only a brothel could satisfy.
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Time: Night
Location: Afterparty
Attire: Outfit
Interactions: @Potter Ezra @princess Anastasia
Mentions: [@InfiniteCosmos] Munir @Lava Alckon Farim

Saiya was concerned about leaving Farim there on the steps, but she needed to get the others. She needed to get them all back home before it was discovered that they were all missing or even before they were caught coming back in as complete messes. Something told her that her hopes would be dashed, however, as many in this room were incredibly messed up. Perhaps this would be the night that caused her to lose favor with the Sultan. Perhaps she would be cast out once and for all. The thought worried her some, but she couldn’t dwell on it now.

Upon entering the room again, Saiya saw quite the sight as a man seemed to have Princess Anastasia by the hair and Munir seemed to be attempting to save her, yet failing. Alarm bells rang in her head as she realized she was likely one of the only ones in this room sober enough to deal with the situation. She immediately went into a protective mode as she weaved through the crowd on completely silent feet. Her one hand found the hilt of her hidden dagger, keeping it there for a moment as she assessed the situation. She certainly didn’t need to get the Princess injured, but she also couldn’t not get involved.

Like a wraith, she moved up behind Ezra. She quickly grabbed hold of his wrist that held the piece of glass while her other hand discreetly pressed the tip of her dagger against his lower back. ”I suggest you let her go, friend, otherwise you’ll find a dagger impaled in your kidney.” Her voice was low, calming almost, but there was a seriousness there as she glanced up at Ezra. Her eyes revealed she meant to do exactly as she said.

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Time: Night
Location: After Party
Interactions:Everyone at party

What was another fun-filled night for Marek to make fools of the royals and other high end society had now become a shit show; there were people crying everywhere, others were mad at each other. He had workers over the hours report information and secrets they listened in on. Marek checked his watch. ‘Well, it’s about time I wrapped this up.’ He thought to himself. He walked over to the booth where the music was being played and picked up a megaphone as well as pressing a button on a strange device in front of him, releasing a light blue fog into the room. “I apologize to everyone, but it is time this party ends.” He announced “I will have you all escorted out.” He added as his workers began leading and helping people out of the warehouse. While they were all removed from the building, Marek took a back exit leaving the building along with one other masked man.
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L A D Y T H E A & P R I N C E F E L I X

L O C A T I O N : C A E S I O N I A N G U E S T R O O M]

The world had just stopped spinning and Thea was beginning to calm some, close to drifting off into blissful sleep, when the light was turned on and she jumped a little. A voice hit her ears and she was filled with excitement and dread all at the same time. His words registered with her and that sadness came crashing into her once again as she let out a mirthless laugh. ”I ought not be here, I don’t belong at the ball, my mother barely wants to look at me. It seems I’m unwanted by all…” She said as she threw her arms up, then let them fall beside her. ”I suppose that’s not entirely true.” She slowly began sitting herself up, realizing her face felt incredibly numb. ”My father wanted me. Oh, he LOVED me.” She found an odd spot on the floor and focused in on it, thoughtlessly speaking as she did so. ”Yes, see, he loved me more than he should have.” She let out a giggle, but there was something dark and concerning about that giggle.

The prince carefully watched as she trickled information from her drunken lips. It was a toxic conversation, now lingering between them. The words danced around in the shadows of the room, like a secret aftermath of the party, to which he was only being forced to join.

”But shhh, I’m not supposed to tell anyone. Otherwise Leo will be next.” She said as she pressed a finger to her lips, still staring at that spot as tears slipped down her face now and hit the skirt of her nightgown.

Again, she was making a plea for his help to save her dear brother. “If you are not supposed to be telling anyone, then you ought not to be getting so inebriated,” he spoke while moving closer to her. His own shadow casting its lots through the bedroom.

During his youth, he occasionally pondered his future wife. He had imagined someone like Beatrice. She would be well-trained. Her fingers would be light as they made their touches. She would stand and sit perfectly erect with her head held high. Her grace would be like a silent flutter, and all of this would somehow be really genuine. Perhaps, he had spent too much time pondering in his imagination and was allowing his boyish notions to get in the way of his relationship with Lady Thea. No, there was still something else.

It was a fact that he felt sorry for the young lady. The feeling stood in the middle of the emptiness that he always had for her when they were together. The feeling cast its own small flame against the loneliness that enveloped the empty memories they shared. And as he thought of her downcast gaze after the dance, he corrected himself.

“Forgive me,” He found it difficult to be gentle with her. For the past months, she had been nothing but trouble for him, throwing his reputation into the depths of the seas. It all seemed to happen without remorse from her. And yet, here she was, pleadingly sitting upon a bed for him. He understood just enough.

“My love,” his body bent towards her, kneeling by the bedside. His hand reached out and stroked her cheek. It was blushed with delicacy. “You have been through too much, my dear.”

“Please, rest, you do not need to speak,” he thought of getting a servant to help her, but thought in such a state, she would embarrassingly jeopardize herself.

His initial words caused her heart to sink as she began to wonder if he actually cared about anything she said, if he actually cared about her. Would he be another that just wished for her to keep her problems buried, hidden deep within herself for all of eternity. Of course he did, she had to appear as the perfect bride. She was to be a princess, she need not have any flaws. To speak her mind wasn’t something she’d ever be allowed to do.

It was his next actions that softened her some, the warmth of his hand pulling her eyes up to meet his. Red rimmed eyes stared at him as she trembled some and sadness gripped her once more. ”Love…” The single word left her lips in almost a longing plea. A small laugh escaped her, but there was deep despair there. ”Oh how I wish you actually loved me, but you don’t. How could you?” Her face turned from his once more as tears began to fall again. ”All I am is a broken doll, my father made sure of that. All I’m good for is being discarded, forgotten.” Her words came out in little more than a whisper as she began regretting not throwing herself from that balcony.

Prince Felix said nothing for a moment. His hand steadied against her feeble nature. His eyes studied her through the darkness in the room. A pale gentle moonlight from the window cast on Thea. It outlined her silhouette and glittered the milk of her skin, like that of a porcelain doll.

And, although words kindled in him morbid thoughts, the prince knew better. She was terribly ill, and he was certain she was not entirely sure of what she was saying to him. His eyes looked away from her briefly and dwelt somewhere benign next to the bed. She had said many things, and he could not leave them untouched. Corruption would never be a surprise, but how nobility handles such atrocities was an entirely different matter. He let out a breath and looked at her, again.

“My Lady, you are not well,” he tried to assure her. His hand brushed several strands of hair from her face, and then, touched against her shoulder. His body began straightening, but his eyes continued to study her, “Please, lie down,” his voice strengthened with the command as his other hand took hold of her and began to lean her numb body into the bedding. “I won’t let anyone harm you. You are safe with me.”

Thea’s brows furrowed as his words hit her. Not well? He thought she was unwell? Did he think she was crazy? Would that be surprising? Everyone else seemed to think she was, so why shouldn’t he? Still, there was something about it that frustrated her. He went on to urge her to lie down, making promises to not let anyone harm her and claiming she was safe with him. She didn’t doubt he meant what he said, but she couldn’t get past that first statement. All she wanted was for one person to realize she wasn’t crazy, to understand her pain, to help her…to love her. ”You think I’m insane…while I am broken, I am not unwell. Truly, Felix, I’m perfectly fine.” She said as she shooed him away from her before standing. The room spun some, but she kept her footing.

”This was a mistake….” She mumbled before turning to head for the door.

Prince Felix stood from the bed quickly after Lady Thea began for the door. She was acting foolishly on multiple accounts. He believed she may forget this whole ordeal and broaching the subject matter would take some patience. Now was hardly a good time. She had drunk too much, and he saw nothing heroic in prying more information out of the exhausted woman. It would have been cruel to indulge her feelings in such a state.

“My lady,” the Prince walked towards her, trying to catch her. “My love, you are not insane. You are making statements you shall regret by morning. You are distraught enough. Please, do not leave.” He hesitated, as his hand grasped her arm. He thought of what her brother had said as he made his next suggestion, “Or at least, allow me to escort you to your room.”

The prospect of allowing her to leave his guestroom in such a state sounded disturbing. He imagined her pulling him into another laughable situation, in which he would have to strategically maneuver in his favor — an example scenario of her brokenness; some newly formed habit she was trying to avoid; and yet, he found himself completely powerless to her. She was not a broken doll.

“My Lady has been through a lot. And, I would prefer it if she stayed here, with me,” his eyes looked into hers. There were those odd eyes again. He wanted to see past them, and he wanted to believe the fear he felt, when he looked into them, would slowly go away with time. However, he was beginning to wonder if it was the burden that he had been afraid of the whole time.“Please…” he pulled her close to him, letting his arms embrace her. He could smell the perfume of her hair. It was gentle and enjoyable and nothing like the disaster toiling in her life. He could feel her small body breathing, as his hand pressed against the white of her back. There was something else about her he feared. It was not her past; for now, he would save those answers for later. “Don’t go anywhere.”

Thea wanted to scream at him, to demand he stop calling her his love unless he truly meant it. She wanted to demand he let her go, that he leave her be as she fled back to her own room. She wanted to beg him to break off the engagement, to free her from marrying someone who could not love her. She wanted to do so many things, but then his eyes met hers once more and she heard his last plea. His arms wrapped around her, engulfing her in his warmth, and she finally realized just how tired she was. Not just physically, either. No, the emotional exhaustion she felt was catching up to her and she didn't know what to do about it. Perhaps, for now, she could just stay here with him. To listen to that plea and do as he said to make him happy. Wasn't that always what she did? Give in to make others happy?

”Fine…on one condition." She finally voiced as she forced herself out of his embrace to look up at him. ”I'm tired of being called 'my love' when it's painfully clear it's not meant. I am more than my title as well. I have a name, use it." Her gaze was unforgiving, demanding, and full of heartache. She just wanted to feel more than just a pretty little accessory for him to flaunt around.

The prince respectfully laid her on the bed, pulling the covers over her body and proceeded to sleep on the floor next to her. There was no need for more drama. He unbuttoned his jacket and used it as his own cover. His rapier lay next to him, just in case.

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Roman Ravenwood

@Reusablesword and @13org

Roman could only smile at the woman, the tigress, “Shall we?” motioning his arm towards the dance floor. The lights and beat of the music were almost as intoxicating as the drinks and Mayet herself. stepping onto the dancefloor was a little awkward at first but he soon let himself move freely with the beat of the music and the other patrons around him. It reminded him of how some of the old nomads used to dance around a big fire and celebrate the summer solstice. something told him that Mayet would also find this type of close dancing interesting, at least by the way she was acting.

While Roman did take a moment to start dancing freely, thanks to the strange drink Mayet had taken, it took her little effort to start moving herself to the rhythm of the music. Her movements were quick and agile, with a certain predatory grace to them. There was no sequence of movements to Mayet's dance, no choreography. Instead it was something that was almost entirely instinctual. Her fast and light steps as she danced around Roman, the way she got close to Roman, rubbing her body against his, letting him feel the her well toned muscled while letting her hand trail through his body, only to dance away when he tried to touch her was an accurate reflection of her wild and whimsical nature.

From time to time, Roman's persistence would be rewarded in moments where Mayet did not dance away after getting close to him, instead leaning closer, playfully biting the base of his neck and running her nails through his back, enough to make him feel the marks she was leaving on his skin.

Every time Mayet approached him like that, the hunger and desire in her eyes grew. Even though she knew that she was acting like that due to the drink, the temptation to simply forget about her pride, reputation and status and devour the man that stood in front of her, to leave her marks on him, to bite, claw and taste every single bit of his body, was always there. The only thing that was able to hold back the enormous desire Mayet felt right now was her pride, which made her always dance away from him just the moment she felt it was getting hard to control herself.

This dance surely was different. nearly gone it seemed was the princess he danced with earlier. what he found before him was someone that did not seem to be themselves almost running on instinct. The look in her eyes could have given most others a chill down their spine but somehow this look was familiar to him like he had been in its company before.

Roman let her come in close and drag her nails against his skin. Every time he would pull her closer with his hands on her hips letting both of them move with the sway of the music. He could feel his heart racing. his smile never fading with the occasional raised eyebrow with how close she kept coming towards him. it was like the billows of his forge back home. every breath, bringing heat, every step forward towards him making his chest burn. his muscles tensed every time she pulled back waiting for the next strike in this strange dance they found themselves in.

A flash of light brought a new color to mayets eyes for a moment, in that moment he was brought back to a scene of his younger self getting in between a hungry wolf and one of his trouble-making brothers that pushed his luck too far. The yellow predatory eyes were only there for a moment but they were the same as the wolf. another flash, another bite near his shoulder brought him back to the present. at least it didn't seem like she wanted to eat him, not yet anyways.

with mayet coming in close again he didn't let her back away as she dug her claws into him. with one hand on her lower back and the other under her thigh gripping tight the giant picked her up and twirled her once then twice quickly releasing her back to the ground. if she was going to try and mark him for whatever reason then he would do the same or at least try to.

Mayet couldn't help but let out a surprised, but amused smirk as Roman grabbed her thigh and picked her up and twirled twice before putting her down again. Feeling Roman's hand on her thigh, his firm grasp as he lifted her, only made it even harder for Mayet to control herself. For a brief moment, all rationality left her mind as she pounced on Roman, taking both of them to the ground and pinning Roman under her, holding his arms with her hands. Despite her relatively small frame, Roman could feel her thighs on the side of his body, her skin pressing against his and the muscles from her legs firmly holding him under her.

Sitting over Roman's stomach, she slowly approached her face from his, letting out a provocative smirk before she approached his neck, letting her tongue gently trail through his neck, giving playful bites as she did so, slowly going up until she was looking directly into his eyes. For a moment she simply looked deep into his eyes, a deep, pure, almost primal desire in Mayet's eyes as she approached her lips from his...

When their lips were about to touch though, Mayet suddenly hesitated, moving her face away from his. For a moment, Mayet simply stood where she was, sitting on Roman as she regained her bearings. Roman could see Mayet's eyes slowly returning to normal. Almost as if all the effects from the drink suddenly stopped, Mayet couldn't feel that extreme desire and lust anymore. Instead, all that intense lust and desire was suddenly over, leaving a total emptiness on its place.

Sweating profusely, almost as if she had just finished a heavy session of training or sparring, Mayet took her hand to her forehead, regaining her bearings.

"Stop… My head… I need some water..." Mayet said after a minute, slowly getting up.

The sudden pounce caught him flat footed and sent both of them to the floor regardless of the other dancers. She had effortlessly pinned him, he thought he might just have been able to wrestle out from under her but they were both fighters and ground fighting was not the best situation for him. while she was distracted and honestly distracting him with her tongue and teeth Roman slipped one of his legs up resting his knee right behind her, this way if id did turn into wrestling he could easily buck her off.

He could see the color and intent in her eyes, for a moment he knew he was in trouble then with a flash it changed again. He was hoping she wasn't about to vomit on him but it seemed like she was just as confused as he was, “You okay?” he asked with a bit of worry behind his words. they had both worked up quite the sweat during their dance and he was entirely sure he worked his buzz out of his system.

"Stop… My head… I need some water..."

It took her a minute to get up and he was quick to do the same, staring at her for a moment trying to wrap his head around what just happened. “well judging by how everyone else was acting i'm guessing that wasn't you back there?” Even if he was right she was still very interesting and seeing this side of her he was expecting it but not with so much power behind it and her actions.

Mayet was already feeling awful due to the after-effects of the drink, but Roman's words only made her mood even worse. Truth be told, she didn't know how to reply to him. The drink definitely affected her but despite the strong 'impulses' she felt... That was still her. Giving the correct time, person and location... She could indeed think of herself doing the same thing, maybe going even further... but for now, there was not even a single trace of lust or desire in her being, instead being replaced by an extremely bad mood.

"That drink... I would love to have a few minutes to 'talk' with whoever made it..." Mayet said with a dangerous expression.

"And you... You should feel honored. Not many had the chance to even stand this close to me and even fewer were able to leave intact after doing so." Mayet said, looking to Roman with piercing eyes.

While Mayet did not answer his question, Roman would quickly notice by her eyes and her tone that it would be incredibly unwise to insist on that matter. She already seemed to be angry enough as it was.

The very moment Mayet looked towards the bar, looking both for some water and for the woman who served that drink, both to ask for some water and to demand an explanation about the drink and its effects, she was met with a scene that immediately made her blood boil. The fact that Anastasia was being threatened was bad, but still, it was not nearly as bad as seeing her dear sibling, Munir, being thrown over a table by the very same man who was threatening Anastasia.

Without saying a single word, Mayet simply walked towards the table where her blade was, grabbed it and took of the silk wrapping around it with a single, fluid pull and with her blade unsheathed, she began walking towards the weird man holding a piece of glass and threatening Anastasia..

Not a single word was said by Mayet, but despite that, the people in front of her almost instinctively opened the way for her to pass, as her eyes and her posture left no doubt that she wouldn't hesitate in cutting down anyone who stood in her way, no matter who they were.

The atmosphere around the princess shifted to one of imminent doom, at least that was the best he could explain it. Her own explanation did help him understand what they had just done a little more. He was even surprised at himself for how far he went with it. Perhaps it was because of this place and no titles or responsibilities. At least he didn't drink one of those fancy drinks that could have gotten ugly.

They both seemed a bit parched as they made their way back towards the bar and some commotion. by how everyone was acting the other patrons seemed to be coming down from their high, people fighting, vomiting, sinking into themselves and hiding away. The raised and emotional voices at the bar caught his attention and was able to look just in time to see Munir tumble over the bar and Mayet begin walking with purpose back to where they were earlier.

Observing the scene for a moment Roman moved towards the wall and then began approaching the man that was threatening his friend. He didn't say anything but was purposefully moving towards the man from an angle where he would have to lose line of sight with Munir and a few of the others to look towards him. Slowing his pace as he began to get closer, staring the man down with building anger in his eyes.

Before the giant of a man could react or say anything someone approached behind the man and sized his hand that held the glass. quickly before he could react Roman came up and tried to pull Princess Ana away from the man trying to place his large frame between this crazed man and Ana to protect her. His only words held authority and anger, “Let her go or I will break your arm and then you.”

While her eyes were fixed at Erza as she approached, Mayet was still able to see Saiya suddenly approaching Erza from behind, moving quickly as she held the arm that was holding the piece of glass and told him to release Anastasia. Immediately following Saiya's movements, Roman, who was able to be surprisingly agile and quiet, despite his size, silently approached Erza, and when he was close enough, tried to pull Anastasia away from the man, putting himself between Erza and Anastasia, to protect her.

Normally, Mayet would have said something about that situation, demanding silence and the attention from the other patrons before making that man a bloody example of what happened to those that offended the Alidasht royalty. This time though, Mayet simply couldn't be bothered to do that. The entire warehouse was incredibly chaotic, with the other patrons suffering equally impacting after effects due to the drinks. The sounds of fighting, vomiting and exalted voices drowned even the loud music that was still playing...

It would be easier to just cut down that pathetic excuse of a man... Together with anyone who tried to stop her or defend him. Both her eyes and her posture as she approached Erza with her blade in her hands, made those thoughts clear to anyone looking at her. Unfortunately, some of the patrons, which had started to form a crowd around what was going on, were too distracted by the situation to realize Mayet approaching from behind them.

"Stand aside or be cut down together with that vermin!" Mayet shouted, making the patrons who were looking towards Erza, Anastasia and now Roman, quickly get away from her and opening a way for her as she continued walking towards Erza.

Roman heard the announcement that it was time to go home but would not relent his position until The man threatening his friend released her. If he did, Roman would not break the man's arm even if he deserved it but would make sure that Ana and the other Alidasht nobles made it back to their rooms safely even if he had to carry all of them.
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T H E W A T C H D O G ' S T R A I L
INTERACTIONS: Princess Anastasia @princess, Prince Callum & Leo @Helo, Queen Alibeth @princess


In the midst of the night, Wystan approached the warehouse with increased caution. Thanks to Clive’s thieves’ cant left along the way, the location of the warehouse was easily narrowed down to just the one before him. This could be the only time he would be grateful for the messenger’s barely readable signage, for he wouldn’t have to worry about being followed by any more tag-alongs. For the first time this evening, at least this part had been just as planned; he was alone and could feasibly carry out the second prince’s bidding.

After thoroughly scanning the perimeter, the watchdog deemed the docks as… quiet. Serene, almost. There were no signs of life around other than the lone bird overhead and a couple of rats or two. His mount, Dusk, had been safely parked in a location within the residential area a fair distance away, and so he was free to navigate as he pleased. However, in time he would soon come to regret this decision. Indeed, the docks were quiet… for all the reasons behind his worries he would soon find contained inside the seemingly lone storage unit.

As if floodgates had been opened, a line of unrecognizable individuals began to stumble out one after the other like shambling corpses. Based on their clothing and certain pieces of regalia, they seemed to be nobles or at least high-ranking officials. There were even those who looked to be from Alidasht; surely not something the visiting Sultan would be happy with. He sighed in his heart - this was a matter that unfortunately Auguste would need to get his hands dirty with once more.

Needless to say, all these people’s departure from this building meant that they did not look like a pretty sight. Some tripped over their own feet as if they weren’t theirs. Some gave it their best effort to crawl out on all fours as if their lives depended on it. Some seemed completely dazed and didn’t dare to move at all. And before any of them could notice just exactly who had been making these observations, the bodyguard had quietly slipped himself into a hiding place behind some cargo boxes. A high-pitched whistle would sound then, calling for Dusk to come.

Obscured behind the shipments, Wystan narrowed his eyes in concern as he continued to watch who all exited the warehouse. He… could not find the prince nor the princess. Clive was not present, which only meant that he had confirmed the Danroses’ presence tonight, and had already gone to inform Prince Auguste and Wulfric. Surely, this was the right container. The bodyguard’s eyes continued to dart back and forth from the beginning of the crowded line, quickly sweeping through the faces to find the ones he was looking for. They had to be here. Otherwise… had he been too late? Had something happened?

In time he would spot them. One with dark brunet hair, and another with platinum blonde. The watchdog let out a breath he didn’t realize he’d been holding until then, resting a hand on his heart as if to calm it for the second time that night. He shot out from between the cargo and swiftly made his way to find Callum and Anastasia while carefully moving aside the rest.

As he approached, he took notice of the man with the third Danrose prince hoisted nonchalantly over his shoulder. A sigh was given and not much else before the watchdog executed his retrieval plan. In a sentence or two, the bodyguard would collect the youngest prince of Caesonia and hoist him over his own shoulder. If the man would need credentials, then he would expertly flash his badge detailing his position as the Second Prince’s retainer before lifting the brunet onto Dusk. Wystan took the horse by the reigns and guided her around the crowded exit before stopping abruptly after honing in on a disgusting sight.

After a rough exchange and a bloody nose later, he took Anastasia into his arms and let the man who tried to slip her away fall to the floor. The poor fellow’s nose gushed a waterfall of crimson, bleeding all over himself as he deigned to cast an accusatory glance at Wystan, who simply looked back down at him, sparing not a single word. He rolled his neck and cracked both his gauntleted knuckles around the princess, his eyes giving a clear warning for a second approach (and probably a worse outcome) if the bloke stayed any longer, effectively convincing the man to scramble to his feet and excuse himself. With the rubbish thankfully showing itself out, he turned his attention back to the princess in concern.

”Your Highness, are you awake? Can you hear me?”

Anastasia’s eyes fluttered open slowly to the sound of a voice. For a moment or so, a thought could not proceed through her brain. Even the world around her was fuzzy as she stared forward above.. Her vision registered the stars twinkling above over time as well as the overwhelming feeling of illness. Her heart was still racing yet she was too exhausted to panic or to even move. She did not know where she was nor could she register much feeling to her skin. However, she could certainly feel awful in other ways. In fact, she felt so awful that she could only assume these were her final moments. She felt as if someone was banging her head with a bat over and over. Her stomach was so upset she felt if she had any energy she might cough up all her organs.

Then there was the strong urge to shut her eyes. Would she ever open them again if she did? Tears spilled from her eyes soundlessly. A thought crossed her mind that hurt worse than anything else she was feeling: no one would even remember her. If she hadn’t mattered in life, why would she matter in death? She supposed even that idea did not matter. Soon she would be gone. As she let her head tilt to the side, a face moved into her vision. A… beautiful one. At first, she thought it was an angel. The voice from before came into memory as the face started to take shape. Wystan. She suddenly felt a sense of comfort and … perhaps even happiness.

Maybe she was already gone.

She stared at him for a moment and then through the pain and exhaustion, she managed a weak smile. Anastasia weakly raised a hand to cup his cheek. Then darkness returned to consume her vision as her consciousness slipped back into the void. Her hand would fall limp from his cheek as she passed out once again.

”Your– Your Highness.” Wystan shook her very lightly, keeping a tight leash on his quickly increasing concern as best as he could so as to stay calm and in control. Still, there was no response. ”Your Royal Highness!" There needed to be a response. Now, he was alarmed because he needed her to stay conscious. Immediately, his hand shot up to hers to keep her palm resting on his cheek. ”Princess, stay with me.” Goosebumps spiked his skin, realizing her skin felt abnormally chilly. Nothing like the warmth he had known the princess so well for. Pressing it to his face, he tried desperately to warm the princess’ hand as he kept the rest of her steady. The circumstances were dire, and even though his heart began to race a hundred miles per minute, he could not let himself panic.

”Ana, if you can hear me... Everything will be okay.” He whispered gently to her, his thumb stroking the back of her hand slowly. Whether he knew he was speaking into the air or perhaps trying to comfort himself, nobody would know for sure. ”...Alright? You will be okay. You’re with me now, and nobody can hurt you. I will not allow it.” Some time would pass while he brought her to the cargo to lay her down to rest, carefully wrapping his cloak around her to allow her to stay warm. Dusk followed them in turn with Callum safely nestled atop her back, whinnying to get Wystan’s attention for something else that seemed to follow.

Expecting the worst, the watchdog clicked his tongue as he heard the sound of carriages drawing near. Perhaps news of there being nobles present spread fast. It would be no surprise to him that looters and mercenaries would come for such an opportunity ripe for the picking, especially when said nobles were inebriated as a result of drinking themselves to kingdom come.

However, when he turned around ready to unsheathe his weapons, the sight of the carriages in question brought him down to one knee almost several seconds after an unexpected realization.

These carriages were no mercenaries’ after all.

Adorned in yellow and blue, the Danrose banners flew viciously in the wind as the horses sped closer and closer to the warehouse’s location. The Royal family's crest grew clearer in sight, and with the regalia embossed on each knight's armor, the bodyguard had no more room left for doubt about who this could be. There was a sigh of relief in his heart. For tonight, it seemed retribution had come early.

On one bent knee, he would speak respectfully under his breath as he awaited her, while keeping the prince and princess safely by his side.

“Your Majesty.”

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Good morning Sorian!
The night has passed and it's now 9am.

Time: Morning - 9am
Location: Sorian

Mentions: @Helo Leo & Callum @Tae Thea, Saiya, Mina @baraquiel Beatrice @Mole Felix @ReusableSword Roman @Rodiak Nahir, Matthias, Zarai @JJ Doe Ryn & Riona @Aerandir Verrick @Conscripts John @Infinite Cosmos Munir @Potter Layla, Ezra & Persephone @13org Mayet @Heartfillia Crystal @Timemaster Ashe @samreaper Kazumin @Silverpaw Wulfric @Inertia Auguste @mantou Wystan @Terrance420 Alden @Lava Alckon Farim

Those who went to the after-party were all escorted back to their rooms after a wild night by the kingdom guards under Queen Alibeth. Luckily, no one was hurt. The sunrise brings a new day, but unfortunately for these partygoers, their parents have not forgotten as much as they have.

As for the rest of you, a new day awaits! Please see the daily paper below:

Here are the events of the day that your characters can attend. Let us know if you would like to host an event.

Here is the map below. Feel free to go to other places on it or invent your own shopping/restaurant establishments. Pay attention to the opening times in events above if possible please.

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Time: Morning
Location: Sorian Vikena Estate Garden
Interaction: Charlotte @princess

“What have I done? Oh heavens, what did I do this time?” Lorenzo groaned shielding his eyes from the sunlight beaming through an oak tree’s branches and leaves. The man couldn’t quite take in his surroundings due to the tight squint of his eyes, yet he knew where he was. “Ugh… am I?” Though not as familiar to him as his own garden in Veirmont, Lorenzo had still spent plenty of seasons lightly tending to this one where he now lay. Peering down, he noticed the warm-colored tulips and sighed knowing he had crushed plenty when making a bed out of them. He did not need to ponder why he had come out here. He was used to waking in odd places, especially after he drank, which was often.

Between the drinking and his narcolepsy, Lorenzo sometimes found himself resting in unfamiliar places. Normally, he was lucky enough to find his bed, but there were times when he awoke without the warm embrace of his pillows and blankets.

With a deep sigh, the duke rolled over from his backside, sacrificing more tulips, and pushed himself up off the ground. Brushing his clothing off, he realized he was still dressed in his ball attire. Good. He was clothed. That means he at least had a few ounces of dignity. Just a few, unfortunately.

After regaining a sense of direction, Lorenzo trudged toward his home on the estate property. There was no dizziness or headache, fortunately. This morning actually felt easy as he just needed to deal with tiredness. He made sure to stick to the stone walkway, as it gave him something to focus on while he walked along it. The shapes of the various stones used to make the path grabbed the attention of his brain which was still waking. He also wanted to avoid flattening any more of his flora on the way. To devastate something so precious… So precious…


He stopped in his tracks before his gaze looked upon the rear of his home. How could he have been so irresponsible? So selfish!

“No no no no no no no. I-I… I must locate her.” Lorenzo’s eyes shot open as he started briskly for the rear doors of his estate. Bursting through, his eyes searched for his beloved daughter or anyone who could provide him answers.

“Nathaniel! Delilah! Benjamin!” Lorenzo called as loudly as he could upon entry. His eyes were still desperately searching the empty lounge area as he walked through with quickness. “We must find Charlotte this instant! Charlotte! Charrrloootte!” He walked briskly into the hall spotting Nathathiel’s startled face as he jogged to his lord

“Good morning Duke Vikena. I-”

“Where is the lady of this house?! Where is Charlotte?!” His tone was almost accusatory as if she were Nathaniel’s responsibility last night, yet the deep pit in his stomach reminded him otherwise. He didn’t want to face but he knew he’d never escape that feeling. Like shackles tugging at you ever so slightly only to remind you of your sin. Invisible to the eye but so significant to your past failures. Even if the world was oblivious to it, it would haunt you without mercy or compassion.

The poor pathetic man was nothing more than a victim to the grim presence of guilt.

“She is here m’lord. Sleeping in her room. But… Where have you been? I believe Lady Vikena was searching for you for many hours of the night? We saw you come in yet…”

“Lord Vikena! You’re home… You look-”

“I must see her, Nathaniel! Now!” Lorenzo demanded to which Nathaniel replied with a silent nod as he led the duke to Charlotte’s room. When Nathaniel poised to knock, Lorenzo simply burst into the room.


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Time:8:50am --> 9am
Location: Medical Chamber in Danrose Castle

The feeling of cold water on her face was not ideal to wake up to. The girl with pale blonde hair did not have enough energy to do more than flutter her eyes open to the sight of her mother, barely noticing the maid with the cloth by the bedside. There was a look more frigid than even the water as Alibeth stared down at her. Alibeth's hair was in a tight bun and her face was adorned in makeup. The queen wore a regal dress as if she were expecting company. Anastasia simply stared back at the brunette queen as she tried to register the events of the night before. Her head was pounding with an awful headache and she felt fatigued.

Alcohol...Dancing... Pain...Then Wystan's face in her hand. Very few blurry images that could not be strung into a story were all she had. She must have overdone the drinking again. Oh well.

"Nice of you to join us, Anastasia." Alibeth greeted her finally, though her tone was without amiability. Anastasia met her eyes silently. They had been caught to some extent, but how many of them had been? She wasn't sure what to say as Alibeth took a seat on her bed, her gaze studying her.

"Where's...Callum?"Anastasia finally asked. Her brows furrowed and she began to weakly sit up on her palms, "Is he okay?" Alibeth gestured to a nearby bed. His dark hair could be seen over the rim of the blanket as he slept.

The queen narrowed her eyes as she lowly sneered, "I hope so for your sake."

Anastasia's expression saddened, her gaze not returning to her mother's. Was Callum hurt? Why is he here... Why are we... Her gaze took in the white room of the medical chamber, taking in her surroundings until she noticed King Edin himself asleep on a couch. For once, Anastasia was very shocked. It was very uncharacteristic for him to ever want to sleep anywhere but his own bed. Alibeth leaned in by her shoulder, following her gaze. "He's been here all night."

"Why... Aren't we just hung over? We would have been fine in our rooms."

"Hung over? Anastasia, you coughed up blood."Alibeth was now emphasizing incredulously, "We thought you were poisoned. We could barely keep you two awake!" When her daughter neglected to answer, she continued, "You endangered your own little brother, your friends, our guests, and even our country. You realize that, don't you? "

"Everyone else was like us too?"The princess asked, her eyes beginning to brim with tears.

"Anastasia, we had to bring the Sultan's son back sobbing as if he was a toddler once again. He could not walk and was in a state similar to Callum's... Then the two daughters were suffering minor effects but effects all the same..."Alibeth continued to whisper with venomous anger in her ear, "If you thought their reaction to Lorenzo Vikena was bad, how do you think he is going to take something like that? That, someone, DARED to do that to his son? Oh, and here's the cherry on top, we found the Grand Vizier's son there in bad shape too. A man much less merciful than the Sultan if you recall."

Anastasia was at a loss of words. She did not understand why people were in a state like this. Had someone infiltrated the party to hurt them? Marek was such a sweet man and he'd never let anyone get hurt at his party normally. She would have never taken anybody somewhere she thought they'd get hurt. Tears streamed down her face. "I don't understand... I don't even..." She tried to focus but the memories would not form and it only made her headache worse, "I can't remember anything."

"Where did you bring them? Who did you bring them to?"

"He's my friend! He'd never hurt anyone. It's a safe place. Callum and I have gone before. Mother I would never bring Callum or anyone somewhere I didn't think was safe for them." Anastasia defensively explained to her. She slowly swung her legs over the side of the bed to sit at her side.

"Your friend!"Alibeth snapped back at her and whirled her head to glare at her, "Your judgment is as reliable as a teapot made of chocolate. Who. is. he?"

Anastasia stared back wordlessly.

A laugh without humor escaped the queen's lips. She grabbed Anastasia's shoulder. "I should have known you'd choose others over your own family. Who is it going to be? Him or your family? Who do you care about more?" She coldly demanded. When Anastasia did not answer, a look of complete betrayal crossed her face, "If you are insistent on protecting a criminal, you will be treated like one." Alibeth rose to her feet and yanked her up by her arm.


"Oh hush. That's nothing compared to the stress you are causing me."Alibeth bitterly retorted and dragged her out into the hall. Once down the stairs, she let her go none-too-gently. Anastasia stumbled into the center of the hall.

"Everyone who attended the party will be meeting us here now, Anastasia, along with their parents."Alibeth announced, "And if I do not hear that man's name out of your mouth, there will be HELL to pay, for perhaps all of us." She moved up to her daughter with a look that could kill, "Someone needs to be blamed or we might have a war on our hands."

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The Hangover of Ashe

Time: 6:15 AM → 6:30 AM
Location: Brothel
Interactions: N/A
Mentions: N/A

A knock on the door. Nothing. Another knock, louder this time. Nothing. A few sharp, strong knocks on the door.

Alright, alright. I’m awake. Gods above and below. Stop it! ” yelled Ashe as her eyes opened but curiously she couldn’t see and quite a lot of weight pressed down upon her.

Pushing herself up, a naked man moves a bit allowing Ashe to stand up. Looking behind her on the bed, a group of 5 or 6 women and men were sleeping soundly on the bed. Memories from the previous night started to flood in.

She arrived at the brothel, ordered herself a few pleasure workers and a lot of alcohol. After that, the fun began. Dressing herself up quickly, Ashe checked her belongings carefully. While she knew that it was bad practice for pleasure workers to steal from clients, it always paid to be careful.

Minutes later, after she was sure everything was at the right place in her bag, she quickly dressed up and went out. Outside on the hallway, clients too drunk to walk were thrown from their rooms, other more respectable clients quickly left the establishment to go back to their wives or businesses. The usual.

Training of the mind and body

Time: 6:40 AM → 8:30 AM
Location: On the coast
Interactions: N/A
Mentions: N/A

After leaving the brothel, Ashe started walking towards the coast. A habit of hers was always, no matter how drunk, how strong the hangover was or how tired she was, to train in the morning. An hour or more depending on circumstances.

Finding a quiet spot this early in the morning wasn’t hard. A few stones that were being washed every few minutes by the morning waves. Perfect place for training. Undressing fully and revealing a big number of scars on top of a well toned body, she took out her sword and gave it a few test swings, feeling the perfect weight of the blade.

Her sword was an odachi, masterfully made with a handle made to fit Ashe’s hand perfectly. It took her 4 years to gather the small fortune it cost to be made but more than worth it. This sword was meant to be an extension to her arm, a deadly extension. Sharp enough to cut you by just looking at it too much or so Ashe would always say.
Securing her bag to make sure it doesn’t get wet, Ashe waited for a wave to crash and then climbed on the rock and then started going through the motions. Eyes closed, her body and the sword becoming one. Each time a wave would crash into the rock, Ashe would change positions and movement. A training of swordsmanship, dexterity and willpower.

Training of the mind and body

Time: 8:30 AM → 9:00 AM
Location: On the road + tavern + training area afterwards
Interactions: ???
Mentions: N/A

With her training done, both mind and body were clear. It was time for her to do what she came for. Getting more information about her targets and what’s the best way to do that but by talking with the guards and soldiers. If anyone is to know what’s going on in the kingdom it would be those working for it. Either information or at least some playtime for later.

A short stop at the tavern for something to eat revealed the day’s events and a plan formed in Ashe’s mind. With only a few minutes to spare, she quickly made her way towards the training area. People were already gathering there to get self-defence training from “Vincent”.

Looking at those that showed up not to watch but to actually participate, Ashe shook her head in disappointment. In a real fight, they’d all run and hide or die in the most horrible ways possible.

Quickly joining the trainees, Ashe took the sword from one of them and started doing kata in perfect motion while waiting for the event to start.

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Time: Morning, ~9am
Location: Sorian Palace; Medical Wing to anywhere but here

Callum's night was spent tossing and turning, muttered strange things, and at many points during the night he wined and cried like a child. Even as the effects of the drink wore off, the melancholy of the experience lingered on. His restless sleep was disturbed by the sounds of faint feminine voices, the familiar sounds of his mother and sister in yet another argument about something. Well, "argument" might be the wrong word for it, if he knew his family the way he was sure he did, it was more likely that his mother was berating Anastasia for something. Funny how he only really noticed that sort of thing after her kidnapping, before he’d only ever thought of his father as the one who liked to drive the will to live from his children.

Callum groaned as he rolled over in the bed, planning to whine to his mother that he felt sick and needed a cup of tea just to distract her from her tirade just as he heard them leaving the room. That was when his brain finally woke up enough to wonder what was going on.

Why the hell were they even in his room? His eyes opened and looking up at the ceiling he realized he was not in his own room. Where the fuck am I? He realized he remembered almost nothing about the party last night but the way his head pounded when he thought about it was a pretty strong indicator that he’d blacked out. Shit. He was in the medical chamber. Double shit. Apparently sneaking back in undetected had not happened.

He sat up only to be greeted with instant nausea and the urge to dry heave but another set of eyes, crazed with fury, locked onto his. Edin. Callum bolted from the bed, his limbs tangled up in a sheet as he did so, which cause him to only fall wildly onto the floor. The prince, however, didn’t miss a beat and popped right back up, tossing the sheet and making a frantic dash for the door.

He knew that look and knew how much trouble it meant he was now in. Callum reacted on instinct with the desperate fear of a child and ran as if his life depended on it. He knew running would only make it worse, the only thing his father hated more than disobedient children would be the absolute spectacle of his cowardly son running from him. But he also knew that no king wanted to be seen in front of his oh-so-important guests chasing down his son through the palace. Maybe he could buy himself some time before he’d have to face the beast.

Callum’s mad dart through the medical chamber continued with him loudly slammed slamming the door closed and continuing to dart down a hallway. He was exhausted, felt a weird sense of déjà vu to be running like this, but thought nothing further of it. He paid little attention to where he was going or if anyone was watching, and focused only on getting as far away as he could, wondering if today was finally going to be the day his father sent him to the executioner. It seemed entirely possible.
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Time: 8:00 AM --> 9:00 AM
Location: His bedroom --> Hallway
Attire: This
Mentions: Callum @Helo

Wulfric awoke feeling terrible. He’d slept a scant few hours, and even that fitfully. While his blinding wrath from the previous night had cooled, he was still furious. He grit his teeth as unbidden, memories resurfaced.

It had been very late when the missing nobles had been recovered. All of them were in an awful state, some delirious, some hysteric, some violently ill, others comatose. But by far the worst among them was Anastasia.

His sister was carried in by someone, he didn’t know who – nothing and no one else in that moment mattered. Wulfric’s focus zeroed in on Anastasia. She was sprawled across a servant’s arms, slack and motionless. She was far too pale, her features wan, lips bluish. From afar, she looked like a fresh corpse. Wulfric marched up to her, and firmly pressed two fingers to her neck. Her skin was cool and damp with sweat. Her pulse was erratic; fast but weak at first, faltering as it skipped a beat here and there, then growing weaker till he hardly felt it. From up close, he could see her chest raise with breath – slowly, shallowly, barely visible. He snarled at nothing when he noticed she must have been crying, but stepped away from her.

Having confirmed Anastasia to be alive – for now – he urged for her swift transfer to the medical chamber. His searching gaze flicked from noble to noble, servant to servant, but he did not truly see anything until his eyes alighted on Callum. His youngest brother was slung over someone’s shoulder, limbs swinging around listlessly. Wulfric rose a palm to have them halt, and approached.

His fingers carded into Callum’s hair, and he craned his brother’s head up and back in what would be, if his sibling were awake to feel it, an uncomfortable maneuver. Wulfric peered into Callum’s face. There were not-quite-dried tear tracks upon his cheeks, and he’d obviously vomited at some point. He was completely out of it, in a deep state of unconsciousness. Wulfric’s grip tightened as he briefly considered the possibility that the younger man might not awaken. That perhaps neither he nor Anastasia would.

He inhaled sharply, and abruptly released Callum, whose upper body fell back atop the person carrying him.

Wulfric didn’t know how long he remained nearby; he was vaguely aware of looming over the doctors who were attending to the prince and princess, barking orders, pacing between his siblings’ beds like a caged animal.

When Anastasia began coughing up blood, he had to storm out – he wasn’t sure if it was a decision he’d made on his own, or if his mother had sent him away. Either way, he might have strangled one of those useless fools blathering on about the possibility of
“poison,” or how they “couldn’t be certain, Your Highness,” if he’d stayed but a moment longer.

He had no good way to dispel this restless, angry energy; no target to hunt, because whoever had done this had somehow evaded all notice. He spent some time traversing the gardens, thinking of ways to kill or torture whichever damnable host was responsible for the state of
his siblings.

Eventually, though, he’d found himself in his room, lying in his bed, staring at the ceiling as he fumed. He went through a series of breathing exercises, tensing then relaxing his muscles in turn. That, combined with the exhaustion after a taxing day, was enough to lull him into a restless sleep.

Oh, yes, there was the fury. But rather than raging freely as it did the night before, the emotion was contained, crystalized into precise focus. Though still concerned for his siblings, his priority was the imminent political situation. Concerns would have to be allayed, retribution granted, accords made.

What price will be extracted? Whom to sacrifice?

However, another way of thinking was that they all, the Caesonian and Alidasht royals both, had one target – the person or people responsible for organizing such an event, and introducing what were certainly illegal substances to their nobles. If all went well, this was an angle that could work.

Wulfric stood up, cool determination settling upon and around him as if he were donning a heavy but comforting mantle.

Unfortunately, a glance as he passed by the vanity revealed it was quite obvious that he was poorly rested. Well, this will not do.

He had some servants bring him water to wash his face with, a large cup of coffee, and one of his most formal outfits. He even tolerated having his face lightly adorned with some cosmetics. In consideration of what would follow, he was dressed to the nines. Dark blue trousers and tunic, both embellished with golden thread; a variant take on the Caesoninan royal colours of blue and yellow. To his left hip went his sabre, in its ornamental sheath given the occasion. It was truly artistic, as expected of a craft made by Lord Ravenwood. However, the beauty of the case and handle belied the deadly functionality of the blade within. Across his shoulders, a beautiful black cloak was set, golden epaulettes and a cloak pin engraved with his family’s crest finishing the look.

Pushing his shoulders back, and raising his chin, Wulfric exited the room – only to witness his youngest brother running at a full sprint past his room. “Callum?” he questioned rhetorically, utterly taken aback. The unexpectedness of the sight had him still for a brief moment within his doorway, but he soon stepped out, peering down the hallway in the other direction. Either there was something or someone there, or his sibling was still suffering the aftereffects of whatever drug he’d taken during the after-party.
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Time: Morning, 8am-9:23 am
Location: Sorian Palace; Guest Room to the Castle Hall
Interactions: Several with the floor

“Lord Smithwood, your presence is requested in the castle hall.” The room to Leo’s guest room was cracked, and a servant, one of his mother’s as Leo faintly recognized him, cautiously peaked his head into the room.

“Who and why?”

“That would be Dutchess Smithwood, who sounded very cross this morning regarding certain activities that took place last night.” Leo didn’t care for how smug the servant sounded. If he could remember the creature's name he would’ve made a mental note to complain about it later, but fortunately for the man Leo barely remembered his own name right now.

“You are excused.” Leo muttered and the door was quickly closed again.

Leo could barely remember what activities took place last night; he remembered the two youngest Danrose’s, a group of Alidasht royals, Roman, and a few others all going to an after-party, but everything past that was a blur. Which was strange considering he rarely drank enough to forget an entire evening but apparently it had been one hell of a party. Why that needed his mother’s opinion was beyond him, as far as who was causing the biggest scandal in the family she was still the clear victor.

He let out an annoyed sigh and rose from the bed, taking his time getting dressed for the day. It was around the time that he got his shoes on, tied, and went to head out for the day that his foot slipped across the floor and he landed flat on his ass with a thud.

What the actual fuck. He knew he’d been right about the servants here over polishing the floors but this was beyond ridiculous. How did anyone walk about in this palace with the floors like this? Even getting back up off the floor proved to be damn near impossible as every time his feet touched the ground they slipped about as if his shoes were made only of melting butter.

The shoes? Oh goddamnit. He thought as he took off one of his shoes and tossed it across the floor. Sure enough, it slid across the room and as he touched the sole of the other one it was proved to be the slippery culprit. A fine pair of shoes, absolutely ruined. He shook his head, normally a prank such as this could be easily laughed off but today was not the day for it. He wondered who the culprit could be, Thea came to mind but based on the state she’d been in the last few months he couldn’t see her pulling any pranks.

He was willing to shelve the thought for later, maybe another mystery to bring up to Charlotte if the conversation of more serious mysteries turned too grim. He grabbed a different pair of shoes, ones he liked far less and noted that in socks alone the floor was perfectly manageable.

Leo’s ass again met the floor. No. He thought, no longer finding any amusement in the situation. Surely this prankster hasn’t ruined every shoe in this room. To his horror he discovered that every pair of shoes that come with him from Stravy was, in fact, slipperier than a greased-up pig.

What was he to do? He was already going to be very late to the unnecessary tongue lashing and walking around in slicked-up shoes taking baby steps and hoping not to fall was not a great option. Walking around the Sorian Palace wearing only his socks seemed equally idiotic. So for a few more minutes, Leo stood bewildered in his guest room with every pair of shoes tossed all over the floor. The sock option seemed better, less of him continuing to become overly acquainted with the floor.

He went to storm out of the room in a huff of annoyance, his weight leaning against the door handle as he went to throw the door open. This time the gods saw fit to spare his ass and he instead slipped forwards, out the door, and his face became acquainted with the floor. At least the incidents with his shoes had happened alone because the fall outside of his room happened in front of several servants who now either held their hands over their mouths or had their backs turned so that he could not see their snickers. As if he didn’t know.

Leo hopped back up off the floor for what felt like the dozenth time this morning. The back of his neck all the way up his ears was noticeably red from embarrassment.

“Sir you seem to be missing your shoes.” The servant who had woken and was tasked with escorting him to his mother’s lecture spoke, clearly struggling not to laugh.

“I am aware, go ahead, lead me to this idiotic lecture and while I’m there go and fetch me shoes from the market. Whatever it costs, this should cover it.” Leo pulled a fair amount of money from his pocket and handed it to the servant. “Normal shoes, quick as you can and the rest is yours.” Leo clarified because a vague order was no one’s friend and ‘if you want something done correctly and expediently it always costs extra’. He grinned a bit at that last thought, his father had taught him that one.

Due to the shoe debacle, Leo not only arrived at the Castle Hall in his socks but was noticeably late. Leo hated being late, more so than he hated being lectured like a child for attending a party because being late was a sign of incompetence. He muttered a soft apology when he arrived but said nothing further, excuses were also a sign of incompetence and he’d already spent most of the morning looking and behaving like a fool, there was no need to add to it.
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Good morning Sorian!

9am Events

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Vincent's Self Defense Training


"Ay you! Look at that!"

Vincent had moved straight up to the girl swinging her sword around and grabbed her wrist. "Drop! No need for this! Today we are using our fists, lass! Let me see you put 'em up!" He moved from her and stomped to the front of the area. The training area was a small fenced clearing with dummies scattered about as well as weapons available in a nearby building. "Most importantly before we begin, I want everyone to understand that if things can be deescalated, that is the first option we want. This will mean less risky to your meat bags. Next, I want you all to try to keep your distance from your attacker and to be very aware of your surroundings. You never know what can come in handy. Not always a sword! HAHA! Sometimes it is a knife, sometimes it is a lemon. Ya. Neva. Know.." He shrugged.

Vincent subsequently waltzed up to Ashe. "Let's say this isn't possible! I am an attacker! Hoho! Be afraid." He put his arms up threateningly, "So. YOU! What will you do if I were to grab your arm? Do you know how to break free?" He leaned in, whispering, "Can I grab your arm?"
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Time: ~8:50 AM
Locations: Guesthouse
Mentions: Thea @Tae

The night for many royals in Sorian were bad, but they weren't the only ones having to endure. John's was as short as his current temper: a burnt-out candle.

However, despite the uneventful trek through the dream world this time, his night was still ruined. He barely managed several hours before the sun peeked over the horizon, not enough in his eyes, or under his eyes. He'd hold back the urge to engulf himself in the blanket and hibernate until that fiery orb in the sky disappear, but he remembered what was said yesterday. He did leave Thea alone once he found out she was in Felix's room, but he informed the Smithwood's servants to tell her that she's to come to him first thing in the morning for a checkup. So, begrudgingly, he forced himself up on his feet, went for a quick wash, got himself dressed and ordered a cup of tea while waiting for the knock on the door. God forbid if she ignored him this time too.
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Trigger Warning


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