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He didn't linger at the estate long, he wasn't eager to sort through his thoughts. He waited just long enough for Delilah to retreat with his luggage and then a moment longer to take in the main entrance before he'd made his quick retreat. He tore down the stairs and past the fountain without sparing either a second glance, putting it behind him for the moment and letting himself pretend that this was just a short visit. Some things were easier when he didn't put much thought into them, this was one of those things.

He could still remember his way to the park, luckily, and he hoped that seeing Charlotte would at least distract him. It wouldn't be so bad to see Lorenzo either. In fact, as he walked, he grew more and more confident in where he was headed.

He had almost settled himself entirely by the time the park was in view, the sunshine casting a faint glimmer over everything. It, too, was as beautiful as he remembered it being. A warm, open place with lush, green grass and flowers that made the air smell sweet. He, admittedly, felt a touch out of place in mostly tones of gray and black but he didn't think it really mattered. He could see some familiar faces, some... unfamiliar faces, and a--

--what looked to be a small gathering where the waffles were being served?

Something like anxiety washed through him when he recognized Charlotte and Lorenzo from where he stood, with some manner of reluctance, he quickly pressed his way over across the grass. By the time he was in earshot, he could only make out yelling. Those who weren't yelling were arguing quite loudly. He was stuck in place, watching in mild alarm as the good doctor pressed a knife to the throat of one of the patrons. He wondered, maybe not for the first time, if he could still leave.

He didn't leave, although this whole debacle might have provided the perfect distraction for a retreat back to the house.

He cleared his throat, spoke calmly and clearly. "Do I even want to know?" Which was an astonishingly uncolorful statement from Devan, not littered in every obscenity that he felt was necessary to the situation. "Good God, I'm starting to think my parents set me up."

As polite a greeting as this was, it wasn't exactly "hello, Charlotte, I'll be staying at your house all summer". Although, he wasn't certain he was her primary concern or anyone's primary concern, really. The entire gathering looked as if it had been doomed to fail from the beginning. Charlotte was standing defensively with a hand on the arm of a blonde girl that he didn't recognize and Lorenzo was facing off with a caned gentleman who seemed eager for a fight.

Or something. He mostly just seemed eager. People who weren't entirely in touch with reality usually seemed a little overly eager.

As an after-thought, maybe, he added, "Hello."
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Interactions: @heartfillia crystal, @prosaic kieran
Mentions: @13org mayet
Location: Pancake Central

Priscilla does not push shallow faith in her brother's ability to love.

Priscilla has admired true love in its most beautiful forms. The sonnets, every longing and grateful poem, and the recountings of great love stories from elders. And she knows her brother--honest and loyal and deserving of love. A home without it must return some karma, at least for one of them. She's bad, and possibly embarrassing, but it was not for wanting her brother to embrace happiness in honesty, have unbashful love without fear, and live fully for the both of them.

That interaction between the two of them does not escape her.

Nothing does.

It was something her parents weren't capable of."What? My parents did not reserve a moment to acquire all attention for any of their frivolous remarks. There must have been the most dramatic of happenings to finally overshadow them," she mused. Evil flashed through her eyes. Subtle, controlled evil that granted her happiness from the greatest of powers: bitterness.

Crystal now caters to whimsical strings of words once again, taking her to this woman from Alidasht just because Priscilla expressed some longing for it! Her kindness was good to have-- in a friend and in a networking connection. Priscilla let Crystal lead since this was a rare opportunity that she's witnessed her friend take charge in her presence. She stood behind at first-- letting the other two hover awkwardly around the stranger before she whipped her fan open to gently fan herself under the morning sun.
"I've seen tigers illustrated before but the real sight certainly adds much more," she hits Kieran's back to make him step forward instead of cowering behind her in front of a guest of their dear city. Priscilla's piercing stare at Mayet is just as intense as a tiger's-- hopefully, she did not take offense. This is just how Priscilla always looked. "We thought we would approach you since this park has been reserved for a social occasion. I am Priscilla-Rue Edwards and these are my dear friends who will politely introduce themselves. And-"

There is a stir. There is drama- and so Priscilla must go look.

And look she did.

Look who it was, Duke Lorenzo causing problems once more. "The Duke of Veirmont always seems to demand decorum where he possesses none, and only a penchant for attracting the worst of energies," she scorns.

The table flips-- and Priscilla is amongst those who gasp in the clatter.
"And madness ensues."[/b][/color]

It did.
"What is your name? I can only assume that you are from Alidasht, and I know many names of those who come to visit my city from there and unfortunately no names to connect them to. I missed any entrance last night due to an unfortunate physical ailment" What? Just because she was not royal did not mean Priscilla did not sit back and see what happened in Sorian like a passive unknowing bystander.

If she were running the event, the commotion would never come to the point of a knife against someone's neck. She would put her foot down-- but she hated dealing with the Vikenas more than anything. It was saying something when the mega-bitch of Caesonia's high society got tired of dealing with Duke Lorenzo-- mostly due to her mother's hatred of him. Priscilla would never hear the end of it if she got involved.

She did spy a tear falling down Charlotte's cheek-- in a way where someone crying tries to not recognize such. Pitiful, really. Unfortunate timing diverged their paths, but Priscilla did not hold any contempt for that girl one bit. She never could, but for her own sake, she had to stand back with a frown behind her fan.
"Do not try and run away from me Lady Priscilla!"

If she was the mega-bitch of high society, Lady Harlow was a coined wannabe in Sorian. [[color=f6989d]b]"Oh, what is it now?"[/b][/color]
"You spilled this syrup on my dress in the commotion and dare run away! You owe me a replacement right this moment!"

Priscilla sighed, a head-to-toe glance in contempt prefaced the snap that soured and leaped off her tongue. There was a threatening dirt-sprinkled waffle and napkin on a plate in the lady's hand that seemed ready to be thrown though. [b]"Honestly, Lady Harlow, I could have eight replacements tailored for you without a dent in my own p[color=f6989d]ocket that would actually compliment your appearance, but I will not do that. Ask my brother and the rest of your audience for this foolish accusation, I was here the entire time!"[/b][/color]

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Calbert & Cassius

Location: Outside the Damien Estate

At first, Calbert had no idea why the young man had started to sing. He felt awkward for a half second before the song began to sound familiar. The words unlocked within the depths of his brain. His vision seemed to change as he saw a blurry image of a dark-haired woman reaching her hand across a bed to his cheek. The male voice became a female’s. The silky feel of the sheets. Her blue nightgown. The way her streaks of silver lit up under the moonlight came in from the window. It was an ethereal memory. For a moment, he felt like he had traveled back in time.

Calbert’s expression softened as he listened. If he’s here… Then what of Meredith? He was silent in his thoughts as he met his son’s eyes.


“My son. He put a hand on his shoulder. “You are my blood… My family. “ He said with conviction. “I do not care to see you any other way… “He paused, his heart racing as he began the dreaded question, “What..” His eyes narrowed, and his gaze slightly lowered, “What of your mother?”

The seconds between Cas’s question and his father’s response felt like an eternity. There was a part of him that felt so awkward having just sung to a stranger. Another piece of him hoped the man did not recognize the song at all, as to prove Cassius right in assuming that this man never loved his mother and could never have been a father to him. He was torn…Silently ripped apart by what could be a better future for him and the very idea that there was a father here all along that could have helped fill the voids he and his mother knew throughout their lives.

Why were they not together? What had happened between them? Had he hurt her? Had she…hurt him? Cassius wanted to blame it all on this man in front of him. He wanted to ball up a fist and break his father's teeth down his throat for the pain of losing his mother. Though…he did not. Instead, he listened to the man’s response and was surprisingly moved by the words despite not trusting a single thing he said on the surface. The little boy he once was wanted to trust this man, but the man he had become knew better. For now, though, he would smile and see where this was to go. He had plans after all.

Then came the question about his mother. His eyes dropped to the floor and he answered.

“She has passed, father. She had been ill for a number of years and finally succumbed. I was not there to say goodbye to her. That is why I am here. Not just because she’s gone…but because I would like the opportunity to right that wrong. By getting to know you. By finding my family.”

Calbert’s expression fell even though the answer had been expected. It had hurt even after all these years to know that she was gone. There had been such turmoil between the two of them so long ago, but he had always cared for her. Maybe he hadn’t loved her in the way she had wanted but he had cared. He was silent as he took this in, his eyes narrowing with emotion. He then stared at Cassius and for a moment, wondered if he could trust this man and his words. He supposed if he indeed was his son, then he knew the answer to that infernal question. He clenched his jaw.

Finally, he moved forward and gave his son a hug, putting his arms around him. He had decided that it did not matter his intentions nor if anything he had been told was the truth. It only mattered that this was his blood and that meant he’d do anything to protect him. “I’m sorry Cassius. I will be here for you from now on.”

The man hugged him. At that moment, Cassius felt the briefest shock of vindication. Then…he felt nothing. This was by design. Of course he was happy to see this whole thing start off so positively, but he forced himself to calm the emotions stirring within him and refocused his mind on the bigger picture. This had been a great start, but he knew that trusting his father just based on this one moment would be a mistake. One that he and his plans would not be willing to make. He considered his next words for a moment before continuing.

”I want you to know that your words mean so very much to me, father.” Cassius rested his hand on Calbert’s shoulder and smiled at him. “I’m sure that there is much for us to discuss…and of course I look forward to all that comes next. Hopefully, I can be of use to this family…to you…and we can make right the wrongs of us never being side by side. It will be a wonderful and complex journey for the both of us I’m sure…but for the time, let us part before tears are spilled or this wonderful moment is ruined.” Cassius lets a sarcastic laugh follow his words and gives the man a hearty pat on the shoulder. ”It seems I have other business to attend to. There is an archery contest that I was sure I would miss, but given that our meeting went far smoother than I ever would have expected I believe that I can make it if I leave…well…immediately.

He didn’t even give the man a moment to respond. Instead, he gave a sly bow…turned heel as formally as he possibly could, and walked away back out the gate and towards the contest.

Location: The Archery Competition
Time: 10:00 AM

Cassius replayed the meeting over in his head numerous times on his way to sign up for the archery competition. Minutes passed like seconds as everything else around him was a blur. He had to stop and ask a rather attractive couple to point him in the right direction, and almost considered skipping the contest altogether to see if the two were up for a little fun, but alas…he had just arrived. Even he knew it was a bit too early to stir up trouble. Plus, the contest sounded like exactly what he needed to unwind a bit. His mind had been so focused on the business at hand that it would be fun to just enjoy himself in a friendly competition. Hopefully it would give him the opportunity to mingle a bit and get to know some of the other nobles floating around. He was now one of them afterall. He laughed out loud at the extreme bizarreness of the thought.

Upon his arrival, he signed in under the name Lord Cassius Vael of House Damien. He looked forward to any confusion this would bring. The very thought amused him. What a way to debut.

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Time: 10am
Location: Sorian Park
Interactions: Lady Priscilla @mellowdy, Crystal @Heartfillia, Kieran @prosaic
Mentions: Duke Lorenzo Vikena @FunnyGuy, Lady Charlotte Vikena @princess

Despite being an open event, where everyone was welcome, Mayet was quite surprised to see a number of nobles among the crowd at the park as she observed... Some of which were rather well known, such as the foolish Duke Vikena and his daughter, Charlotte, who seemed to be quite smart, despite always having to deal with her father's mess.

As she looked around though, she noticed a small group of nobles observing her from a distance, one of which, a beautifully dressed ginger woman, greeted her with a small curtsy, which Mayet replied with a discreet wave and nod of her head. Being who she was, Mayet was well aware that it was simply unavoidable that she would be observed wherever she went. Normally, Mayet wouldn't give these observers any attention, much less to waste her time greeting them. But the fact that the ginger woman took her time to greet Mayet instead of staring at her from afar, gave her enough reason to greet her back.

Despite the greeting, Mayet didn't thought that neither one of the nobles in the group would take their time to approach her. Both due to Nala being nearby, doing her best to scare away anyone who could potentially disturb her sunbathing and due to Mayet openly carrying her weapon with her. Surprisingly enough, neither one of those seemed to be enough to dissuade them to approach, more specifically, the blonde woman, whom, much to the dismay of her guards, simply decided to take another pancake and started walking towards Mayet.

Nala was already watching the woman with an intense stare once she and her guards began walking towards their direction, but when she continued approaching, despite the silent warning Nala gave with her stare, she let out a low growl, raising her head and looking directly towards the blonde woman. Even though Nala did not stand up nor took an hostile posture, the growl was already a clear warning for them to back off.

"It's okay, Nala." Mayet said, gently patting Nala's head as the tigress reluctantly laid down again, seeming to have allowed the blonde woman to approach them after Mayet's request.

"Neither of us will bite without provocation... Although... We might get a bit... agitated... with too many guards approaching us at the same time..." Mayet said, giving a sharp look at the guards who were with the nobles.

When the blonde woman began talking, inquiring if she had ever eaten it before, Mayet raised an eyebrow, curious as she looked to the food the woman brought in her hands.

"I can't say I have ever eaten those before." Mayet said, looking to the blonde woman, analyzing her as she did so.

It was clear due to her tone of voice and how she was staring at Mayet and Nala that the woman was quite nervous.

"I was not intending to eat anything... But it would be quite rude to not accept such act of kindness. After all... Plain as they might look, I would be lying if I said I wasn't curious about how they taste." she replied, giving a rather calming smile to the nervous woman and gesturing for her to get closer.

"With that said... I feel it would be only fair that you, after taking your time to walk all the way over here to bring me a plate, should get to enjoy the first bite." Mayet said as she, without getting up, gently took the pancake from the woman's hands, cut a small piece from the pancake with the fork that came with it and extending it towards Crystal.

"Please, I insist." Mayet said, with her tone of voice and her eyes having a strange pressure to them, despite remaining kind and not showing any hostile intention, showing that her words were a bit more than just a simple request.

Just as she said that, one of the other nobles that had approached her, a red-haired male with scars on his face, greeted her with a slight bow.

"Oh...? Just the tiger...?" Mayet asked, raising an eyebrow as the man mentioned how beautiful Nala was but failed to mention Mayet, carefully watching his reaction.

While Mayet had been ignoring the ruckus that was going on near the table of waffles, when obscenities began being shouted, she found it hard to continue ignoring it. For a moment, her expression suddenly became very cold and harsh as she looked to where the crowd was gathering. Unsurprisingly, Lorenzo Vikena was, once again, part of the confusion... And once again, Charlotte was dragged to the confusion, forced to try and take her foolish father out of the mess he had created himself.

Fortunately for everyone involved, Mayet had nothing to do with the waffles and what was going on.. And she intended to keep it that way. Thankfully, the same noble who was the first to greet her, approached after the other two, introducing herself to Mayet... and taking off her attention from the pitiful display that Duke Vikena was showing to everyone present.

"I'm Shehzadi Mayet Kadir and this one is Nala. It's a pleasure to meet you." She said after a brief moment, her expression going back to normal as she introduced herself and Nala, smiling towards Priscilla, Crystal and Kieran.

Before she could say anything more though, it seemed a rather tactless noblewoman, Lady Harlow according to Priscilla, decided to approach them with an accusatory tone, trying to drag them all to the confusion going on in the distance. Even though the accusation that Lady Harlow made had nothing to do with Mayet, she would not tolerate such behavior near her.

Nala, immediately upon noticing the noblewoman getting closer to Mayet, stood up, letting out a low, menacing growl as she began walking towards Lady Harlow, stopping only because Mayet gently touched Nala's back.

"I do not remember allowing you to approach me, 'Lady' Harlow..." Mayet said with a menacing tone, without even getting up.

"Leave. Before I change my mind and allow Nala to tear you to pieces... Or before I do it myself" she said, her stare towards Lady Harlow making it clear she wasn't bluffing.
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Banjo Music
Shooting Range

@Rodiak Zarai&Nahir&Matthias, @ReusableSword Roman @Heartfillia Crystal @PapaOso Cassius, @mantou Wystan @Alivefalling Tsuki @Aerandir Verrick @Silverpaw Wulfric @Mole Felix

Music for Readers

Harry Morgan once again walked forward with his huge megaphone, waving his arm as he began to shout into it.

"Welcome to the hundred and eighth Sorian Summer Archery tournament! I am your host Harry Morgan!" The crowd started to applaud. A lady or two screamed their support for the adored Harry Morgan. "It is now 10 am."

Harry picked up the sign-up list and moved his finger down the list until a name perked his interest, "First up, all the way from the Varian Kingdom, LORD LEOOO SMITHWOOOOD!” The Host gestured his arm, making way for Leo to come to the front. The Varians in the crowd went wild. "Then, representing Caesoniaaa, "Harry paused to add a little tension, "Ezra Turner!" Awkward claps initially, here and there, filled the air as people seemed confused about who he was. But then Harry started to wave his arms up from the ground into the air, "Come on! Give our Sorian man some love!" The applause grew into a much more acceptable reaction.

"Alright you two." Harry looked between them."The rules are simple: white is one point, black is three points, blue is five points, red is seven, and yellow is nine. You get four arrows each round and there are three rounds. Best total score moves on to next battle. Annnd try not to shoot out anybody's eyeballs."

He let that sink in and then told them, "Feel free to tell the crowd a little about yourselves or just go on for it. "

@Helo @Potter
The results of your shots will be PMed to you! Please write the narrative accordingly.

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S H O O T I N G R A N G E , 1 0 : 0 0

I N T E R A C T I O N S :

M E N T I O N S :

She could hear yelling when the palanquin arrived at the archery range. She pulled back the sheer white curtain to peek out, but from her position, she couldn't quite see who was making such a commotion.

"Shehzadi, we've arrived late; we should make haste." Ece, a tall woman with an ever-present frown, stepped in front of the window to look at Nahir. The two of them had known each other for a while now. Ece was the daughter of one of the great houses from Saru, making her a noble lady. She'd followed Nahir to her trip to Caesonia as a lady in waiting, but in truth, the woman would rather be a şövalye, or knight, than a lady.

Nahir nodded and hurried out of the palanquin while Ece instructed the driver to wait by the side.

The registration had almost closed when Nahir arrived and wrote her name quickly before she was instructed to the bows. With not many left, she picked the closest to her and hurried to the range where the other competitors were now lining up.

She spotted Lord Smithwood when the host announced the first round. Nahir clapped when his name was announced and tried to get closer to get a better look, but her spot wasn't the best due to her tardiness. Behind her, Ece approached the Shehzadi with a chair for her to stand on. Nahir smiled, climbed the chair, and waved at Lord Smithwood. "Best of luck!"
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Attire: No cloak
Time: 9:30 am -> 10:00 am
Location: His office -> The shooting range
Interaction(s): @mantou Wystan
Mention(s): @princess Anastasia, @Rodiak Zarai, @Potter Sadie
Wulfric had breakfast delivered to him right into his office, pot of coffee included. He ate quickly and perfunctorily with one hand, and leisurely perused the newspaper with the other. Despite his split attention, there were no stains or messes anywhere when he was done. He did take the time to enjoy his last cup of coffee (third today), sipping at it, and, for a freeing minute or three, thought about nothing in particular.

Then, he recalled the servant who’d brought him his meal. Haynes was a tad portly (but far less so than Edin), his black hair tied into a high ponytail, goatee neatly trimmed. “Did you enjoy your meal, Your Highness?” he queried while the prince set aside his napkins and stood up.

Wulfric tilted his head in consideration. The quantity had been sufficient, and there’d been nothing amiss about the food’s quality. After that swift assessment, he answered curtly, “Yes. Thank you.” He then moved from the seating area where he’d eaten to his study desk, so as to give the other man space to clean.

He engaged in busywork, reviewing some documents from the previous day. Peripherally, he noticed when Haynes paused to hover over Hendrix’s bouquet uncertainly, conspicuous as it was, lying near the table’s edge. Without lifting his gaze from the papers in front of him, Wulfric said, “Have that transferred to Curran.” The servant startled at being addressed unexpectedly, and responded with a prompt, “Yes, sir!”

Unperturbed, the prince continued, “He is to use it for my evening bath.” Light amusement laced his tone; not at the older man’s expense, but rather at the joke only he was privy to. Nevertheless, he got the impression that the retainer was embarrassed as he nodded contritely, and said, “As you command, Prince Wulfric.” Apparently torn between nerves and eagerness, he added, “I’ll attend to it! Right, ah,” he noticed he yet had a task to complete, “…after this.”

Wulfric made a sound of acknowledgment in the back of his throat, and followed with a neutral and offhanded, “Good.” There were no more words exchanged between them, and soon, Haynes departed. Not long afterwards, the prince was done with the paperwork as well. He stood and stretched.

Time to confront his sister.

However, Anastasia had already managed to free herself of her confinement. He did not truly resent her this, though it did delay his intentions of pressing her about Marek. Having surmised she and her group had gone to the shooting range, he elected to do the same. If for no other reason than to provide additional security.

It was a swift journey to the archery contest, as he and his guards had forgone a carriage in favour of each riding their own steed. In light of the time constrain, Wulfric remained dressed the same, though he’d left the cloak behind. His treasured sabre, however, was still in its rightful place at his hip.

Out of the six guards, two were left behind to watch the horses and the parking area in general. The other four followed him to the range, where Anastasia was immediately spotted. She sat near the top, in company of Zarai. Even Princess Sadie was present, with armed escorts of her own. Wulfric took a moment to quietly confer with his guards. Then, they dispersed. One guard was stationed at the bottom of each of the two staircases, one at the summit of the yet unguarded stairs, and one was to find a seat next to Anastasia. The two up top were both people whom he knew could be trusted to handle his sister.

Meanwhile, Wulfric ascended the staircase Wystan was guarding. Many in the crowd were still watching him, as they had since his arrival. But he ignored them; sooner or later, they would be return their attention to the announcer.

He stopped once at the watchdog’s side, standing next to him. He looked towards his sister, nodding at her and her company if they saw him, then let his gaze travel over the other attendees. Finally, he looked towards the front, taking in the people there, including the first competitors; Leo and Ezra. Only after all of this, did he greet the man besides him. “Morning, Wystan.” His gaze remained affixed forward, and his tone was fairly cool. Though he’d stationed himself so that the battlemaster was the one with the better view of the seated audience, Wulfric kept himself partially aware of them as well.
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Time: 10:00
Location: Park / Archery Range
Interaction:Kieran@Prosaic, Pricilla@mellowdy, @13org Mayet,@RodiakMathias, @AerandirVerrick
Mentions: Lorenzo@FunnyGuy @princess Charlotte, @Conscripts John

Crystal froze when the large animal growled at her approach. She felt her heart leap into her throat. At mention of the guards she was trying to find her voice when a calm but firm voice came from the normally silent Liah. ”Be as agitated as you wish. We are not moving.”

”Aye, Don’t insult the wee lass by thinking only ye can have an armed guard.” Jacob motioned to Nala with a head nod.

Crystal turned and raised her hand to motion to them that it was ok…she hoped. She was then gestured to come closer then only confused her when she mentioned She should have the first bite.

”O-oh… but I have my own already these are fo-She started to shake her head, wondering if this was some Aladashi tradition. But then the woman insisted. Crystal blinked and swallowed. Her nervousness rose. This was to test if she poisoned it. These Aladashi are really paranoid… Why would she poison it? What would that gain? She let out a breath and took a bite of the pancake offered to her, despite the woman turning towards Kieran as he spoke up.

She took a half step back as she heard swearing behind her. Looking towards the ruckus she saw Uncle Lorenzo right in the center of it, Charlotte next to him But she couldn't see her face. As much as she loved him, she did see he did get in quite a bit of trouble. She also noticed the man she ran into in the library the night before.

The woman spoke up and introduced herself. Crystal turned around and tried to smile, ignoring the growing ruckus. ”I-it’s a pleasure She-shehzadi Kadir “She fumbled, trying to wrap her tongue around the new word. Only causing her to redden with embarrassment. It was at this moment Lady Harlow came up and suddenly started accusing Priscilla of spilling syrup on her. Mayet’s tiger quickly stood and moved towards the snotty woman. Crystal took a few steps back, suddenly even more terrified. The tiger stopped at Mayet’s touch. Who in turn threatened the noblewoman.

”Allrightte thats enouf excitement.” Jacob said, suddenly moving between Crystal and the tiger. ”Sorreh, but I think it's about time we move on.”

Despite being frightened, Crystal still wanted to talk. But before she could say anything. Jacob, not even looking at her, shook his head. ”NOPE. DONE. NOW.” As if he knew she was going to protest.

Liah took Crystal’s shoulder gently. ”Come on.” She said, eyeing the sudden brawl that started. Confident enough in Jacob to watch the tiger.

“O-o-okay…. It was um nice meeting you…” She said while being escorted away. ”If you wish, you can come sit next to us at the archery competition!”

Crystal and her guards arrived just as the announcer finished announcing the first pair. Most of all the seating was taken, so Crystal decided to sit next to a tree. One of her guards unfurled a blanket she had asked him to hold onto while she looked at the contestants. She was pleased to reconize one in particular. She moved to the fence that separated the audience from the range and raised her hand while standing on her tippy toes to get as much height as she could. And started waving. ”Sir Mathias!!! Sir MATHIAS!” She waved till she gained his attention. ”Good luck! I Do hope you win!” She said with a bright smile. Her smile faltered when she realized who was standing next to him. Her face turning a bright shade of Red as she began turning back to walk away, hesitating, turning back to the two men to raise a finger as if to say something else. Only to stop before she could and quickly retreated to her blanket.

It was then she realized and frowned. Kieran still had her waffles…
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Location: Archery Range
Mentions in order: @Rodiak Sir Mathias Larsen, @Tae Thea Smithwood, @Helo Leo Smithwood, @princess Anastasia, @Rodiak Zarai, @Aerandir Verrick O'Hare, @Potter Erza Turner, @Heartfillia Crystal Damien, @SilverPaw Wulfric Danrose, @mantou Wystan

Clothes for the day (No cape or weapons)

Roman was quite enjoying himself, the warm tea, the sounds and cheers of the spectators, even the sun was enjoyable at its current position. The atmosphere was joyful with the smell of good food on the air. It would seem that even a small commotion was brewing in the park behind them, a commotion that only garnered a short glance long enough for him to figure out he wasn’t interested.

As the competitors were finishing up their practice runs he began to spot several faces he recognized, Sir Mathias Larson and his adorable son Lukas. He enjoyed playing with children especially given that he had a brother and sister the same age as the boy. Roman had only met the young man a hand full of times but when he didn’t have to act proper he let the boy ride on his shoulders a time or two.

He noticed Leo and Thea also gunning for a spot on the archery range and smiled. Seeing Leo out here wasn’t unexpected, at least he was wearing shoes this time. It was unexpected to see Thea out and about during the day. It did not look like she had slept well from the day before, Roman would have to find her sometime today and see how she is handling things. Another one of the nobles he took a special interest in keeping an eye on them, he wasn’t quite sure why he did that he just assumed it was part of his nature of fixing things.

Speaking of people he had a special interest in, Princess Anna and Lady Zarai were quick to make their presence known after the first competitors were announced. The shouting from the two balls of energy from the stands was enough to make him turn around and spot them. At least they had a couple escorts with them, Roman couldn’t quite place the one next to Zarai but he recognized the one with Anna but couldn’t place his name.

He could have sworn he saw the familiar shadow of Verrick the queen’s woodsmen stalking through the contestants. That man could out do all the others here if he really wanted to, Roman only saw him use a weapon a handful of times but even by just looking at the man he could get a good idea just how dangerous he could be if he chose to be. Roman began clapping for the contestants as his eyes wandered the crowd again to see if he could see any more familiar faces. He wasn't too sure about this Erza fellow but did remember something about cakes from the night before.

The giant could see his old giant friend and his quite friend off by the trees with the ever captivating crystal Damien sitting on a blanket under a tree. She came up to the railing nearby calling out to Sir Mathias for good luck. He wasn’t quite sure if he made eye contact at this distance but he was sure to wave and smile at the big guy and crystal but he couldn’t quite make out their expressions.

Still turning his eyes fell on Prince Wulfric and a few of his guards, looking stoic as ever he wasn’t quite sure how to judge this one in public places. The others in attendance seemed to stop and stare at the prince so perhaps he didn’t get out much. He did notice Wystan was next to him, if he remembered right it was his favorite guard or something, he was sure it was more than that but he couldn’t really remember.

Before the competition truly got underway Roman was able to get the attention of one of the young ladies that was offering tea and refreshments to the people at the tables and smiled,

“Excuse me miss could I trouble you to do a couple tasks for me? It seems some of my friends couldn’t find me when they got here could you please invite them to my table?”

Roman dug into one of the pouches on his waist and pulled out about 20 coins offering it to the young girl. She looked at him for a moment before taking the coins and smiling,

“Do you know where your friends are and what would you like me to say Sir?” she was obviously fishing for a name.

“Ah Lord Roman Ravenwood, if you could let Princess Anastasia and her company know that they are welcome to join me at my table as well as letting Sir Mathias Know that his son and care taker are welcome to join us as well.”

Roman continued to smile and point out the princess in the stands and Sir Mathias where the competitors are at.

“Oh and one more thing, can you tell the announcer to send the top three commoners to see me for a prize once they are done. Thank you very much for allowing me to interrupt you for a moment.” Again he smiled and the young lady gave a small curtsy then left to go talk to the others. Roman returned his attention to the competition sipping the tea he was given.
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Time: Morning
Location: Archery Competition
Attire: Outfit
Interactions:@helo Leo
Mentions: people

The confusion following his name did not bother Ezra. The anonymity of it was soothing. Not enough people knew him, which meant his background was shrouded in mystery to most. He had rolled his eyes at Leo’s announcement though and the Varian crowd. They would soon be disappointed. When he thought about telling them about himself, he decided he’d rather take an arrow to the knee. His gaze flickered to the audience towards Annie and Zarai. He was surprised and also elated to see Anastasia here. It would be important to win now; disappointing her was out of the question. Then he noticed Zarai, who looked as if she had been attacked. Briefly, he wondered what had happened but decided he didn’t really care as long as Anastasia was safe. His gaze slid further and he spotted Wystan and her brother Wulfric. If he decided to approach her, he knew he’d have to be careful with those two lurking about. It didn’t surprise him to see them there; not after whatever fiasco happened at the party. He turned away and focused back on the archery competition.

Ezra turned to Leo and smiled kindly. However, his bow was mocking. ”Hey Leo.” He greeted while grabbing his bow and stringing an arrow. ”I’d wish you luck but I heard you may not need it. I’ve heard great things about your kingdom.” He paused, allowing his voice to soften so only Leo could hear it. ”And how quick your mother got over your dad’s death. I’d say it’s a shame, but I guess the heart wants what it wants. Your sister looks like she’s taking it well though. Looks great today.” He grinned at him with a wink. He turned back to the range and stepped up to take his shot with smugness written across his face.

There, he took a deep breath while feeling the grooved marking of the bow between his fingers. It wasn’t as heavy as he expected, though he figured it was so it was fair to everyone. He rolled his eyes. If someone was too weak to handle the bow then they didn’t belong there. Ezra fired his first shot and grinned when it hit the blue circle, scoring five points. He strung the next arrow and he imagined Anastasias’s giggle and smile. The arrow soared as he was still in the daydream and he did not even notice immediately that he hit the bullseye! Ezra grinned as he continued to fire, his mind reeling as he continued imagining Annie, but the disappointment of last night seeped into his mind. The sight of Wystan and Anastasia dancing made him grit his teeth and he lost focus. The next score was only in the black circle. Only three! He growled audibly and then strung another arrow. Here, he did better for his final one, scoring five points for a total of twenty-two. To his dismay, it was announced that Leo scored twenty-three. His expression contorted and he clenched his fists. After a moment, he gave Leo an unnerving grin that promised vengeance.

Ezra rolled his neck and stretched for a moment. He contemplated the next round of shots and readied his next. He took a deep breath and fired the next shot for another three? What was wrong with him? He looked foolish and that could not be! No, this next shot would be for Anastasia! He focused with all his might and got another bullseye! Ezra glanced over slightly to see Annie’s reaction and she was applauding him. A smile stretched across his face. The next shot was three then a seven. Twenty-two again! But this time, Leo failed. He only scored seventeen.

“Heh.” He grinned again at Leo. The final round he was feeling a little overconfident, but he managed to shoot four fives in a row for a total of twenty. He noticed during this that Leo had missed twice and kept cackling maliciously to himself. It wasn’t audible to anyone but Leo as well and if anyone noticed, he would have a “coughing fit”.

It was clear who the winner was. Ezra turned to the crowd with a genuine smile and bowed. ”Ezra Turner, ladies and gentlemen!” The Caesonia crowd cheered and for once, Ezra felt as if he … was worth something.
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Time: Morning
Location: Pancakes at the Park
Interaction: Ruby @SausagePat, Charlotte @princess, John @Conscripts, Devan and Kieran @Prosaic, Mayet @13org, Priscilla @mellowdy

Lorenzo glanced from person to person caught in the chaos he felt he might have caused. The waffles were ruined, those wanting waffles were desperate, Charlotte was in tears, Devan had arrived seemingly out of nowhere (seriously where the hell did he come from!), the homeless girl named Ruby was curled up in the fetal position, and John had turned his intimidation up to one hundred with a knife in hand. Oh, and there was one other thing. Lorenzo’s gaze finally stopped on the man who had organized the serving of waffles during the Pancakes at the Park event. The mystery man was issuing a challenge, at least that’s what it seemed to be with the way he kept Charlotte from leading him away.

Also, the way he pointed that cane of his… He wants me to make the first move… Concern painted Lorenzo’s face as he instinctively took a step back not wanting to escalate things even further. He might have been able to simply run around the man. In fact, Lorenzo was a decent enough runner, or at least he thought so. The idea of zipping past the man was favorable in his head before he realized something. Something that kept him frozen in place. Oh dear… What if he’s faster than me?! I-I can’t tell whether or not he’d catch me. I can’t chance it! Lorenzo was panicking now as he did not wish to fight this man or anyone for that matter. He glanced at John again, but the thought of having him fight in his stead was risky. What if this man bested John? Lorenzo wouldn’t be able to live with that kind of a shame. To have your new doctor-friend get beaten up over spilled waffles.

Lorenzo was looking around now, almost like someone searching for the nearest weapon as he backed away from the ever-still cane-wielding man. He hadn’t even taken a step forward, but Lorenzo found his stillness unsettling. All hope seemed to drift away until…

YES! HER! Hope finally returned to Lorenzo as his eyes landed on the perfect person for his dilemma. She was with a particular pair of children of a particular woman he had never seen eye to eye with. Literally, Lorenzo and Victoria Edwards almost never made eye contact if either of them could help it. He didn't enjoy being rude to the young Edwards but this matter in front of him was pressing!

“Mayeeeet!” His voice almost cracked with glee as he waved at the Alidasht royal. “Mayet! My good friend! Whoops…” Lorenzo had noticed he forgot to address her by her title. That was a mistake he did not wish to make with the fierce young woman, especially with her tiger in her company. “Shezzz… um uh… Oh! Shezhadi Mayet! Shezhadi Mayet, please come here! No need for a royal like yourself to sit in the grass of a public park when my garden is right across the way!” He pointed at his estate. “You can bring the big cat too! My chef, Gil can prepare a tasty rare steak for the feline! We just need to walk right past this gentleman. Him!” Lorenzo was pointing at the man in a similar fashion, except with his index finger. In a low voice, Lorenzo replied to the mysterious man wielding the golden skull staff.

“I love waffles… I really, really do but today you lose good sir.” Lorenzo’s confidence was returning as he felt he had the scariest woman he had ever met on his side now, or so he hoped…

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Time: Morning, 10am
Location: Shooting Range
Interactions: Ezra @Potter
Mentions: Nahir @Rodiak

Leo had given a smile and returned the sentiment when Nahir had wished him luck. He’d been wondering if he should ask how she was after last night's bizarre party, immediately apologize for suggesting said party, or simply refrain from mentioning the disaster of last night, when he’d heard his name being called.

“Hey, Leo, Leo sized up the man who spoke, his competition was the baker from yesterday’s ball, hardly someone worth having a conversation with but he headed over to him anyhow.

I’d wish you luck but I heard you may not need it. I’ve heard great things about your kingdom. And how quick your mother got over your dad’s death. I’d say it’s a shame, but I guess the heart wants what it wants. Your sister looks like she’s taking it well though. Looks great today.” Ezra’s words hissed out, a venom that only aggravated old wounds. Leo paused to look around as if confused for a moment before whispering back to the baker.

“And where might your family be seated? How strange, I don’t see anyone here to cheer for you. No parents, no siblings, and not a single man or woman around who seems to want your pitiful name on their lips. That’s awfully sad, to be loved by no one.” Leo made a show of smiling widely as he returned the less-than-friendly goading.

The first round began, Leo notched the arrow and pulled back.


The arrow soared striking the target’s red inner ring. A respectable score of seven points, not a bad first go. Not bad is not good enough. The process repeated, Leo focused only on that centered golden circle in the target, this time only hitting the middle blue ring for five points. How dare he mention my mother. A nobody. What does he even know? Nothing, that’s what, well maybe how to bake a shitty cake... Another arrow left his bow, another falter, and it struck only an outer black ring. Only three points, he was getting worse. Keep it up Leo, disappoint Varian, start now and they’ll be used to it later. His fourth arrow found its way back to the red ring for another seven points. Smithwood’s do not celebrate mediocrity, Leo. His first round was average, and even though it had been better than Ezra’s first round, it did not feel like a victory. He should've done better, he was here representing both Stravy and Varian, in a foreign city after all.

He fared worse in the next round as his first arrow hit nothing. The second and third arrow both found their way to the blue ring. The fourth arrow faired better, striking the red ring. Ezra had taken the lead as far as the points went, and Leo found it more difficult to focus on anything more than how irritating it would be to lose to Ezra.

The final round began, and his first arrow hit the outer black ring. Two more arrows missed their mark completely. There would be no win for Leo, and sure, he disliked losing, and had this been a friendly competition, it would be no big deal. He had not figured he’d be winning this contest, there were several here whose skill outmatched him even on his best day, but losing to a snide weasel-faced baker was what left him feeling bitter. There was nothing friendly here, Leo hated Ezra as soon as the baker had opened his mouth and he only hoped the time would come where they could settle things in a far less public forum and in a far less civilized way.

His last arrow, one sent flying without a thought, having already resigned to the loss, struck the middle of the target, a bullseye in the golden circle. There was no pride in that shot, just further proof that he wasted his potential.

He held up his composure as he turned to Ezra and offered a simple bow as the baker was announced as the winner. Poor sportsmanship was not a flattering look for a nobleman so he did his best to look cordial. Ezra’s win had been fair, and it wasn’t as if Leo had placed any bets on this contest. “Congratulations.” He said nothing further to Ezra, and the farther he walked away the less he could see the weasel-like features of the other man’s face. That only made the archery range a far more pleasant place and he reminded himself that he was now freed up to get something to eat and to enjoy watching the other matches.
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Banjo Music
Shooting Range

@Rodiak Zarai&Nahir&Matthias, @ReusableSword Roman @Heartfillia Crystal @PapaOso Cassius, @mantou Wystan @Alivefalling Tsuki @Aerandir Verrick @Silverpaw Wulfric @Mole Felix

Music for Readers

"We have our winner! Ezra Turner! Caesonia showing off its greatness time and time again!"

Harry turned to Ezra and picked up his arm into the air with a grip on his fist as the crowd cheered and applauded. After that had concluded, he let go and looked at him, "Now, Ezra. It's time to find out who you will be facing next. Will it be..." He picked up the list and ran his eyes over for a name, "Verrick O'Hare from the Varian Kingdom! Ooh will he avenge the Varian Kingdom's honor in Lord Smithwood's place, or... " He paused for dramatic effect, "Her Majesty, Shehzadi Nahir Kadir all the way from the Alidasht!"

Once the next two opponents had joined, he reiterated the rules and stepped back for the next battle to begin!
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Interactions: @mellowdy, @heartfillia, @13org

"Kieran--" Then he stops. He exhales through his teeth, he attempts to re-situate himself. "Lord Kieran Edwards, it's a pleasure to make your acquaintance, Mayet."

He hates when Priscilla expects him to speak up because it always goes about as well as one can expect, he's no socialite, he's never been a socialite. There were times, of course, where was capable of eloquence but he was usually content to keep his mouth shut. Priscilla was better spoken, she wasn't as prone to overthinking. He was better at being a wall ornament at this point in his life, looking pretty and idling about like he cared about what was going on.

It didn't help that Mayet seemed sharp, someone who didn't miss many details. There were many details that he could do with someone missing when they looked at him.

He tried to straighten out his posture before she addressed him directly, do something to prove that he was nobility and not just some battle-scarred fool accompanying a band of nobles. Although, he often felt as he was just that. Semantics. He was taken aback by her comment but it didn't immediately register in his face, so, he pulled himself together to incline his head to her.

He even managed to make himself sound charming, imagine that. "It would take a fool not to notice the lady accompanying the tiger," he responded smoothly, "You're very beautiful yourself, however, it's not so polite to murmur that from a distance, I'd much rather tell you in person."

He did mean it. He wasn't blind yet, by any means.

He didn't have long to think about the ways in which he'd probably misspoken because very soon after he'd finished speaking, Lady Harlow was in pursuit of his sister. This annoyed him, or Lady Harlow annoyed him. He bristled despite himself, "You really have a way with showing up when you're least wanted, Lady Harlow." He heard himself saying it before he could really stop himself.

He'd never had much luck with keeping his mouth shut when he was annoyed, a polar opposite to the mild-mannered way he spoke when he felt he was on the spot. "If my sister had time to stumble about spilling her breakfast on every high society hack at this park then-"

Luckily, he didn't have to continue because Mayet had spoken up herself to Priscilla's defense. His brows raised consideringly as she threatened Lady Harlow and he just managed to bite back a laugh. Mayet had very quickly become someone he liked with that response.

"Seems smart to listen to her, Lady Harlow. She doesn't strike me as a lady to hurl false accusations about." This was both a compliment to Mayet and playful burn to Lady Harlow. The barely disguised mirth in his eye was a dead giveaway for how he felt this had gone, as was the sliver of a smile that had touched his lips. If there was nothing more that Kieran loved than avoiding other nobles, it was making a fool of other nobles.

Sue him, sometimes it was funny to see the utter bafflement in their faces.

It was around this time that he realized Crystal was orchestrating a retreat and he still... had his hands full with waffles. Fuck. "I should probably bring these to Crystal, shouldn't I?"
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V E R R I C K O ’ H A R E
V E R R I C K O ’ H A R E



collab between @Aerandir & @Rodiak

Mathias had spotted Verrick when he arrived with Princess Sadie. He had pointed him out to Lukas, who had wiggled in his arms with excitement. When the man finally approached them, Lukas had practically hopped down from his father's arms and ran to Verrick.

"Ve... Verrick!"

Verrick looked down as Lukas ran to him he raised his right hand slightly to perfectly catch the blonde boy’s head to mess up his hair.

Overtaken by the excitement of seeing the man, Lukas pulled on his sleeve, trying to get Verrick to pick him up. When that didn't work, he began to jump up until he found the perfect angle and wrapped his arms and legs around the right arm.

He wasn’t expecting the kid to jump on his arm. Normally it wouldn’t have been an issue, but by some unfortunate luck, Verrick felt a jolt of pain in his shoulder with an audible ‘pop’. He grunted in pain, but held his composer. Years of training to be silent certainly paid off. ”Hello there Lukas.” He said in a slightly pained smile.

Before Mathias could even greet the man, Mary spoke up. "Caesonians, as barbaric as ever." She had put down the paper and was now looking at them. "Are the people here so deprived that they will act in such a way over waffles?"

"Perhaps they were very good waffles? Like the ones from Puerto Vira, where they fried and rolled in cinnamon and sugar. And Lukas, please get down."

”I think it had to do with Duke Vakenia…being Duke Vakenia. I swear that man is Chaos incarnate.” He said slowly, still hiding the fact he was in pain. Only sounding like he was slightly straining to hold up the boy.

"That man is a menace to society." Mary agreed.

Mathias walked over to Verrick and patted his shoulder. "It is good to see you, my friend." he smiled, "I reckon you and Princess Sadie had a relatively peaceful trip here, aside from the brawl." He glanced at the cape Verrick had covering his back, noting the outline of the bow.

Verrick eyes were the only betrayer of the added pain from Mattias patting the same shoulder Lukas just popped. He nodded to Mathias as he greeted him. ”It’s good to see you as well.” His tone changed slightly to that of a more sarcastic tone. ’ I didn’t even allow her to get out of the carriage. I simply snuck in and got her breakfast.”

"Take it you will be competing as well?"

”Nope. I just wanted to put a little practice in this morning.” He said dryly while looking up at Mathias. He looked down at Lukas. ”I didn’t expect weight training as well, but I guess I have no choice.” He added while lifting the boy again. Despite the pain, hoping that letting him down quickly would jolt his shoulder back into place… It didn’t, and only sent more pain coursing through his arm. ”I am surprised you are here though. I thought you didn’t like competitions.”

"Lukas, if you let go of Verrick, I'll buy you a fruit tart." Mary walked over to the boy and offered her hand. In a heartbeat, the boy grinned and let go of Verrick, taking Mary's hand. She nodded at both men before letting Lukas pull her to the concession stand.

Mathias watched Mary and Lukas go before turning back to Verrick, "I don't, but Mary and Lukas somehow convinced me of it. Mary said it would be a perfect opportunity to meet eligible ladies. He shrugged, "In all honesty, I doubt I will win. My archery is not what it used to be. Now, you, on the other hand..." He grinned. "You'll have no trouble, I'm sure!"

Verrick watched when Lukas hopped off him and took Mary’s hand. Letting a small sigh of relief as the weight was suddenly gone. He nodded to Mary as well as she left.

“You spoil that kid too much. You’re going to have a new Felix to deal with when he gets older.” He said calmly.

"The Prince is not as bad as you think." Mathias rolled his eyes; Verrick wasn't the only one telling him that. But how could he not spoil Lukas, if he could, he would give the whole world to his son.

He looked at him when he explained how he got here. Blinking with a now a look of hard skepticism at the fact they somehow ‘convinced him.’ ”Right…” In a very sarcastic tone. Knowing Mattias, he probably caved to the mere fact his son begged or threw a tantrum wanting to come. But he said nothing about it.

He then mentioned the fact that his archery was not what it used to be. Verrrick tilted his head. It wasn’t very good, to begin with, as he often joked with him about it. Matthias was far more talented with a blade. However, he didn’t make that joke but instead looked back to make sure Lukas and Mary were not looking or close enough.

”About that…” Looking back at Matthias, then passed him. He walked around him without another word to a light post and twisted his waist to his right. Then without hesitation used his body to shift and put all his weight into his right shoulder and slammed it into the post. With a shocked gasp escaping his lips as he felt another pop and then a very relaxed sigh of relief.

"Verrick—" Mathias frowned, watching slam himself against the post. He dismissed the strange looks from the people around them before approaching the man again. "I'll tell Lukas to be more careful and not climb on people." He shook his head, "Are you okay? How’s the arm?"

He lifted his right arm sorely and rotated in a slow circle as he turned back to Matthias. ”I might have to shoot with my left arm today...”

"Verrick, are you sure your arm is okay?" He asked with worried eyes, and was about to ask again when he heard his name being called. Mathias turned around to see the source of the voice was none other than Lady Damien.

“Yeah I’m fine.” He said rubbing the shoulder and feeling the decade old scar on his shoulder as he did. Every once and a while he would teak it wrong and his shoulder will pop out of place. ” Just the old wo-“ before he could finish he could hear someone yelling over everyone.

”Sir Mathias!!! Sir MATHIAS!”

A bright smile crossed his lips as he waved back, matching her enthusiasm.

”Good luck! I Do hope you win!”

He was relieved to hear her wish him luck, especially after last night's dance. Mathias was no stranger to women changing their attitude when he mentioned he had a son, and he had thought she would too, but there was Lady Damien proving him wrong. Mathias was about to yell something back when Lady Damien suddenly went red and turned back. He only grew more confused when she doubled back but said nothing, leaving the knight blinking. "Well," he turned back to look at Verrick, "Looks like I have two people I will disappoint today."

Verrick raised an eyebrow. Confused at the girl's action as well. However he noticed the smile on the taller man’s face. “Well well. SIR Mathias. We can’t have that.” Verrick said, slapping his much taller friends shoulder, “Come on. I’ll give you a few pointers before your match.”

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V E R R I C K O ’ H A R E
V E R R I C K O ’ H A R E



collab between @Aerandir & @Rodiak

Nahir watched arrows hit the target with hopeful eyes, and some missed entirely. Her eyes went to Leo, wondering if the events from last night or this morning had affected his concentration for the competition. And she wondered the same thing for herself. The absence of her memories, the blank spaces, the empty lapses in her mind only spread it’s doubt through mind like a plague.

Would she be able to hit her target? Nahir looked down at the unfamiliar bow in her hand. It was a tad too heavy, but she had done just fine before in other competitions. Then why was doubt growing heavy in her chest?

It wasn’t long before the six rounds were over that her name was called shortly after. Ece helped Nahir down from the chair and escorted her to her position. She glanced to Lord Smithwood, offering a small smile before she turned to her opponent, a man of the same stature as him. Despite the heavy cloak he wore she could note his stocky built, and if she could, she would bet he had an affinity for the bow.

”Mr. O’Hare,” She smiled at the man as a greeting, ”May the best one win.”

Verrick had watched very little of the first group. Surprised slightly that leo lost. But didn’t think much of it. Spending his time giving his friend a few woodsman tips. As well as realizing he couldn’t use his own bow. Annoyed but begrudgingly understanding, he retrieved the last bow.

As he picked it up he let out a disgusted sigh. It was significantly lighter than his long bow… probably half the draw weight. He could also see instantly the arms were twisted significantly. He didn’t have a moment to get a feel of the bow, but he felt confident he could learn it in a few rounds.

He placed his own bow with Matthais, only trusting him to not mess with it. He walked over as the announcer finished introducing the two of them. Though he didn’t need the introduction, he recognized her immediately from the night before. He was curious to see an Alidashi style. He could tell instantly by looking at her that she was stronger than she looked, her shoulder muscles were a bit more developed than most women. Archery was not a side hobby for this woman.

He bowed his head to her when she spoke to him in respect. “Verrick will do just fine Shehzadi Nahir.” His low grumble just loud enough between them amongst the noise of the crowd. He shifted his bow to his right hand and used his left to motion to the range. “After you…” he said respectfully.

Nahir had witness the passing of the long bow before the man took his position beside her. From the way he held the bow to the way he stood and carried himself with a sense of familiarity around the range down to the way his left moved she could see then. She smiled again, nodding her head before taking her stand and raising her bow and nocking her arrow.

Four shots hit. Some better than the others. They were quick, her arms and shoulders tensing with every draw and release of the bowstring. The last shot just a hair away from missing completely. Nahir stood still, looking at the arrows sticking out from the target, but it was clear in her eyes that her mind was elsewhere. Her grip on the bow too tight, and her shoulders in an awkward position. She couldn’t blame the bow, no. She knew it was her.

She stayed still for a few more seconds, eyes trained on the arrow that almost did not land. Nahir did not know what to feel, or what to really think. Back home, she would be able to land a bullseye while on horseback, but she wasn’t home. She was across the sea with gaps in her mind. No matter what the feeling crept up deep within her to the surface to her arms and shoulders. She could not shake it away.

Nahir looked at Verrick, nodding again and lowering her bow to allow him his turn.

Verrick stood there rubbing his shoulder as he watched as the princess of Alidasht had an awkward stance, and her grip causing her arrows to go wide, one barely Staying on the target. He assumed it was the jitters of having a crowd. He nodded and took four arrows from his quiver into his draw hand. Holding the them all between his knuckles.

He took a moment to look at the target before knocking one and pulling the bow back. In a normal upward stance. Save for the arrows being on the outside of the bow, rather than the inside as many archers would have. However he winced at a sharp pain in his right shoulder as he did and let the arrow fly by accident. Soaring high and over the target and hitting a tree branch far behind it.

He cleared his throat as he glanced at Nahir and said softly. “There was a squirrel looking at me…” he said with a serious tone. But the tiniest of smirks. Clearly just trying to cover up why he missed.

Nahir tried to smile, seeing the smirk in his features but failing to do so. Her chest starting to feel heavy.

He shifted his bow more at a 45 degree angle, as one would use on a horse. This twist gave his shoulder a bit more stability as he brought up the arrows and placed them on the bottom of the bow and pulled back. His next three shoots were quick. All within 4 seconds. The first two hit the threes on either side of the bullseye, as he was trying to get a feel of the bow. The final shot aiming true and hitting the bulls eye.

Despite gaining the bullseye, it was clear he was not happy with the two 3’s. He rotated his shoulder as he grimaced before lowering his bow to his side and looking to the Princess with a nod. His eyes then glanced towards the audience, scanning the faces as he did.

Nahir tried to breath in, but it caught in her throat until she forced it down. She raised her bow and arrow again aiming for the middle of the target but her eyes could not focus. The dot yards away became blurry, the yellow and red turning into a blob of orange. She drew the bowstring back until the feathers of the arrow tickled her cheeks. The sensation made her vision black and she suddenly felt hands on her wrist, on her back and on her hips. She recoiled sending the arrow past above the target to the canopy of the forest behind.

Behind her, Ece frowned and walked forward until she was waved back by Nahir.

Unlike her competitor, Nahir did not make an excuse for her complete miss. Instead she continued to shoot, nocking and releasing each arrow in a quick progression. Two arrows landed on the blue and one in the black. This time she didn’t look to Verrick but continued to stare at the yellow marker in the middle as if it was taunting her.

Verrick pulled four more arrows out as he did before. Annoyed with himself that he couldn’t even bullseye at this distance. Even in pain. He knocked his first arrow, and pulled back. The pain in his shoulder grew as he did. A brief hesitation from him as he held it as a flash of a memory from eight years ago came to mind. The first time he felt the pain in his shoulder. The sudden memory threw him off as he launched his first one,black. followed up quickly by another black.

He closed his eyes and took a breath. Forcing the memory from his mind with it. Opening his eyes once more he fired off two rapid shots, both embedded next to each other in the center of the bullseye.

Nahir did not wish to be in the range any longer. She did not wait for Verrick’s turn to be over before she nocked her arrow again and began to shoot. The first shot landed in the middle of the yellow, but there was little celebration on her part for the bullseye. The next one landed just above the landing on the red followed by another near miss. Her last shot landed just next to her first, another bullseye, but she was already turning to her competitor.

Verrick was slightly surprised when she had started shooting, he could tell she was having some of her own issues and probably wanted to just end it, even though she could possibly still win. He quickly pulled out four more and within 4 seconds he shot as fast as he could. Gritting his teeth his arrows hit in the blue, black and red twice. Just in time for her to start speaking to him.

”Congratulations, even with the injury you were able to score higher.” Nahir smiled, finally allowing Ece to approach her to take the bow. ”I wish you luck in the other rounds to come, Mr. O’Hare.”

He lowered his bow and looked towards Nahir and met her gaze. “Thank you for the match. I would be honored to have a rematch when we both are not dealing with personal ‘handicaps…. He bowed his head in respect.

With that, she gave the man one last nod before she turned to face the crowd, signaling them to give the man well deserved applause. She flashed a smile to the audience, waving with a shaky hand before retreating to an empty seat besides Lord Smithwood. Above them, cheers and applause continued as she folded the gold and emerald shawl on her lap.

”Such an eventful morning,” Nahir smiled at the man beside her.

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Time: 10 am
Location: Archery Competition
Interaction:@Rodiak Zarai @ReusableSword Roman
Mention: @Silverpaw Wulfric @Helo Leo

Anastasia glanced over to find a woman sitting beside her. It did not take long for her to recognize her nor for the guard to give her a warning glance. With a sigh, she glanced around until she found Wulfric at Wystan's side. She wasn't sure how she felt about Wulfric at the moment, and it certainly did not help that he brought her a babysitter. She had been about to complain in Zarai's ear when the competition began. As Lord Leo Smithwood was announced, she narrowed her eyes as a memory resurfaced, his voice replaying in her ears

“There was another with us whose face I do not see here today. The same odd man with a cowlick from the ball last night, the one that gave the youngest Lady Damien quite the freight. He was picked up by the carriage on the way there, already quite inebriated on some substance...”

"Nope."Anastasia crossed her arms, firm in her grudge. She looked at Zarai and shook her head in disapproval, "He gets no applause from me." Sure, she had known Leo longer, but the attempt to throw Kazumin under the bus was uncalled for, and she planned to let him know that. His opponent was announced as Ezra Turner, whose name she recalled clearly from the night before. No way was Anastasia going to forget the name of somebody who could bring excellent cake. But he looked so... different? She tilted her head. Anastasia could have sworn he had green hair. She shrugged it off. He looked certainly better with the dark hair. However, Anastasia felt a strange sense of discomfort when staring at this guy. Maybe it was the random expressions of rage, maybe he had an off vibe... Either way, she was going to root for him because she was angry at Leo right now. "Woo Ezra! Go, cake man!"

It was around then that a young girl approached them. The guard at her side immediately gave the poor girl a stink eye. "Step back. Not too close."The woman ordered the young girl, hand on her sword, "State your reason for approaching the princess."

"Take it easy, Joan." Anastasia told her softly and then smiled warmly at the girl, who proceeded to invite them to join Lord Roman Ravenwood at his table. Her expression lit up and she craned her neck to spot her dear friend. "Zarai, it looks like we got an invite to the VIP table! Wanna go over and see Roman? It looks like he's got the best view too!" She stood up and waved at Roman with a smile, "Hi Roman!"
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Banjo Music
Shooting Range

@Rodiak Zarai&Nahir&Matthias, @ReusableSword Roman @Heartfillia Crystal @PapaOso Cassius, @mantou Wystan @Alivefalling Tsuki @Aerandir Verrick @Silverpaw Wulfric @Mole Felix

Music for Readers

"We have our winner! Verrick O'Hare! A win for the Varian Kingdom!"

Harry turned to Verrick and was going to pick up his arm, but something about his expression told him he shouldn't do that. He instead gestured to him as the crowd grew into applause. After that had concluded, he let go and looked at him, "Now, Verrick. You will next face Ezra Turner. For now, we have our next battle... Lord Cassius Vael of House Damien against ...Isaac?" Harry's expression contorted with confusion, "Who's Isaac?"

Once the next two opponents had joined, he reiterated the rules and stepped back for the next battle to begin!
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Location: Archery Competition
Time: 10am
Interaction: @ReusableSword Roman

Princess Sadie, with pancakes in her hands and a guard carrying her drink, strode towards the archery competition and stayed near the back. Being a Varian princess who had missed the ball would be quite the story in this gossiping hellhole. She arrived in time to watch Leo vs Ezra and felt a pang in her chest when he subsequently lost to the Caseonia male. Part of her wanted to comfort him and let him know she was proud of him, but his earlier reaction to her caused her to decide otherwise. Instead, she waited by the sidelines to watch Verrick vs. Nahir.

However, Sadie couldn’t contain her excitement and happiness at watching. ”Go Verrick! Wooo! You got iit!!” Her cheers could be heard loud over the audience. ”GO V-E-R-R-I-C-K! YEAH!” She let out an excited yell once he’d won his match and won against an exotic looking woman. Was she an Alidasht? Her eyes widened with curiosity and wonder and watched as she joined Leo. Had the two met at the ball yesterday? They seemed to be on friendly terms. How cool for Leo!

Sadie knew Verrick would have to wait for the next round. Wanting to stay out of the limelight, she directed a guard to pull her up a chair near Roman’s table. Seated under a tree in the shade, the Varian princess was inconspicuous almost, save for the guards around her. While she ate, a figure out of the corner of her eye caught her attention. Briefly tensing up, Sadie turned to see the man who’d beaten Leo standing nearby. She didn’t know him and it made her anxious inside to speak up.

Sensing her anxiety, the man turned and bowed to her. ”Good morning, Princess.” He greeted and smiled at her kindly. ”Enjoying the match? Are you the Varian princess who didn’t show up yesterday?”

Sadie’s cheeks flushed red. She turned to glance at her pancakes and then took a sip of her apple juice. Was he a nobleman? Had she offended him by not coming? After a delayed pause, she turned and smiled. ”Yes, I had some work to finish up at home. I’m inventing a surprise.” One of her guards gave Ezra a glare but he smiled through it. ”I take it you went to the ball?”

”Yes. I am the town baker and provided the bakery for the ball, per King Edin’s request. I was humbled to be of service to the great kingdom.”

”You’re a baker? How cool! I love bakery!” Sadie’s smile was wider than ever. The cupcakes would be great! Annie, Zarai and her could share them! ”I’ll have to stop by your shop this summer! Where is it?”

”August lane, fifth street.” He bowed to her and was flushed in his cheeks, as if embarrassed by her reaction. ”You are too kind, Princess. It is truly appreciated. Your purchases will be on me.” He scrutinized her and smiled maliciously, lowering his voice while one of her guards coughed in the background. Over the crowd noise, his voice was quieter than the breeze ruffling the leaves above them. ”I don’t think you need anymore though, Princess.” With that, he nodded to her and walked off after nodding kindly to her guards.

Sadie’s smile fell. Her stomach churned as if she’d been punched. Her eyes teared up and she bowed her head so that her hair covered her expression. She glanced at herself and the pancakes and frowned. After taking deep breaths, Sadie sat back up after pretending to move a spider away from the field so it wouldn't get stepped on. Sadie didn’t want to admit her feelings at the moment, and therefore she savagely began eating the low carb pancakes with a vengeance. Later she would have to deal with the results.

Once she finished, Sadie strode over to a garbage can and pitched her food and drink. When she turned around, she found Roman and strode over to him. Happy, just be happy.... She gestured for her guards to follow her and pulled over a seat next to him. ”Good morning Roman! How are you? Good to see you! Isn’t this competition great?”
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Time: Morning, 10am
Location: Shooting Range
Interactions: Nahir @Rodiak
Mentions: Verrick @Aerandir, Thea @Tae, Sadie/Ezra @Potter, and the mysterious Cassius Vael @PapaOso

Leo only gave a casual and indifferent bit of applause as Verrick was announced the victor of the second match, he’d have much preferred to have seen the woodsman defeated, but Verrick’s win was at least a win for Varian. A small disappointment, but not a surprise, if Leo were going to bet money on this contest he’d have bet on Verrick because for men like Verrick archery was more than a hobby, it was a part of his way of life. Without mastery of his chosen weapon, a woodsman and a royal bodyguard would not last very long. Despite knowing Verrick to be one of the finest marksmen of Varian, Nahir had given the woodsman quite the competition.

Leo stood from his seat as Shehzadi Nahir approached, bowed, and sat back down again after she had, even in a more casual setting respect for royalty was never forgotten. Once again it seemed, he was deemed worthy company for the Shehzadi, and he would have to try not to disappoint. “Such an eventful morning,” Nahir had an enchanting smile, one that compelled him to return the expression without thought.

“Indeed, your highness,” Leo nodded. “But a well-shot match, especially given how apparently eventful last night was, a shame to now remember none of it.” Leo said, and it was a shame, something about the party felt important like there was something he should remember but to think about it only brought forth a headache just as he had discovered this morning. The memory loss was troubling, the likely cause, that they had all been drugged, was even more troubling, because it lacked an obvious motive. None of them had mentioned anything being stolen, and they were all more or less doing well, so if not to harm them, if not to steal from them, then why go to all the trouble of drugging them? That seemed almost an even more pressing question than who had done it.

“And my apologies for the distress last night caused you and your family, suggesting that party was reckless of me, a habit I should not have brought to court.” Leo spoke sincerely, even though the Alidasht royals would’ve likely gone with or without his involvement, he had suggested it as a good idea without knowing anything about it, and that had been reckless. His judgment last night had been poor, but there was one good thing to have come from last night, and that was knowing that Thea had chosen not to go. Based on Thea’s behavior, her now choosing to stay out of trouble, was something he was going to take as a good sign.

The archery contest continued forward as the next competitors were announced.

"Lord Cassius Vael of House Damien against ...Isaac? Who's Isaac?"

Leo’s attention turned from Nahir to the announcer. Another mistake, anything less than giving one’s full attention to a royal when given the honor of speaking with them was rude, but a new and unknown player from House Damien was something that demanded attention.

Nevermind who Isaac is, who the hell is Cassius Vael? Leo was not the only one in the crowd wondering that, he was sure of it. Many faces around him seemed equally puzzled, and many, did as Leo did, and strained to catch a sight of Cassius Vael as his name was called.

“Strange, a Damien I’ve not heard of, makes one wonder where they’ve been hiding him,” Leo said, his head turning back to Nahir. And why. He thought. This Cassius was close enough to the Damien family to be competing under their name, and this was a clear announcement of his presence in court, but who exactly was he? A cousin? Leo would’ve figured he’d have at least heard of him. Had Count Calbert taken a ward? Did Calbert even know this man was here? Calbert was a hard presence to miss and Leo was sure he hadn’t seen Calbert at the archery range. He had a lot of questions, but more than confusion, Leo found himself excited by the thought of additional drama for House Damien.

“Seems Sorian plans to be full of both mysteries and surprises this summer.” He added. Something else briefly grabbed his attention, Ezra the insufferable baker slinking and stalking about as he drew nearer to where Princess Sadie sat beneath a tree. Sadie looked to be trying to enjoy breakfast in peace and away from attention, though with her bodyguards it was hard not to notice her. He felt the hairs on the back of his neck rise much in the same way they would when out in the wilderness, when even if he couldn’t see it, he could feel when a dangerous animal was lurking nearby. That was exactly the sort of feeling that followed Ezra.

Though too far away to overhear any of the conversation between baker and princess, Sadie’s reaction gave away that whatever Ezra had spoken, had been unpleasant. Leo remembered the way Ezra had spoken to him, in a hushed voice that prodded at known wounds, no doubt he was trying to expel the same venom towards the Varian princess. Another mysterious ‘why’ hung about the air, though for Ezra chaotic deviance could simply be the explanation.

From then on Leo did his best to stay present, and keep most of his attention focused on Nahir and anything she had to say, but he did track Ezra’s movements. He kept a careful eye on the baker to ensure the man did not stray too close to Thea, with every intention of intervening if Ezra did so.
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