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Time: Early Evening
Location: Caesonia Kingdom Ball
Interaction: Lorenzo@FunnyGuy Leo @Helo
Mentions: Mayet@13org Nahir@Rodiak Mina&Thea@Tae Amir @Omni5876 Layla @Potter
Attire: Click here

A beautiful woman from the Alidasht, adorned in red and fine jewelry, had been the first to respond to Charlotte. Her words were sweet but the look the girl gave told her everything she needed to know: the real snake was her, not the one around her neck. Despite the familiar narcissism that seemed to come with the package of being royalty, she and the other Alidasht were almost ethereal. If the situation had only been different, she would have been interested to learn about them more.

Of course, the feeling was not so mutual as the woman seemed to be threatening to feed her to her snake. Charlotte blinked in surprise. As rude as other nobles could be, no one had ever said anything of such a vicious nature to her before… And that look in her eyes! This woman was a villainess. As always, Charlotte had a number of replies swimming in her brain, but she knew better than to speak aloud any of them. She simply bit her lip and avoided further eye contact. Her stomach rumbled loudly in the brief silence, the sole reply Layla received. She had abstained from food all day in hopes of saving room for a delicious feast.

Woops. Forgot I only came here for the food in the first place.

Thankfully, a familiar and very welcome voice joined the fray before the girl could say anything about her stomach rumbling. Leo Smithwood stepped up to the center with that lovely smile of his and addressed everyone. Oh Leo. What are you doing? You need not involve yourself. If she had already not been drowning in her worry for Lorenzo, now her heart ached to see her dear old friend involve himself in such a mess.

Charlotte returned the bow to him nonetheless, managing an honest smile as she replied softly, ” I have all the time in the world for you, Lord Leo Smithwood.” She took the time to give him a questioning look, worry causing her expression to soften.

Leo seemed to have started a trend as others kept voicing their opinion from then on. Prince Wulfric’s words had both surprised and frustrated her. She had not expected him to defend her, but it took a lot of self-control not to blurt out that she had taken the responsibility of her own accord; Lorenzo had not asked anything of her. More children of the Sultan also voiced their opinions. The first was a girl of short stature who was awfully furious and certainly not shy about it. When she moved towards her father with that blade of hers, Charlotte had rushed over to his side in fear she’d strike him. The girl’s sister was at her side when Charlotte got her footing. Fortunately enough, all the angry yet adorable girl wanted was an apology. What a misleading buildup. Has anyone told these people they’re very dramatic? She knew the whole experience must have been as frightening for Lorenzo as it had been for her so she took her stepfather’s hand and gave it a comforting squeeze. He seemed a little too lost in his head to even notice, unfortunately.

Someone had come up asking to tell a story before the next Alidasht offspring had spoken, which struck Charlotte as odd, but she still had wanted to hear the story so she found herself disappointed that he had not been allowed to tell his tale. Meanwhile, the long-haired, handsome son of the Sultan was the voice of reason in all this, becoming Charlotte’s favorite of the children quite quickly as he was merciful and logical with the statements he made, as opposed to the others.

Though, at this point, she was hoping all these long monologues would eventually tire out the Sultan and Grand Vizier into just letting this all go at some point. Her heart was racing and she felt drained from the stress she felt.

I am going to plead with the Sultan to chop off my head instead if every single person in the room needs to have a say in this. This is absurd. Just let please Lorenzo go already…

The Sultan began to reprimand his children and she thought perhaps he’d give his reply to her offer but that wasn’t the last of the speeches. Charlotte’s expression almost became exasperated as yet the footsteps of someone up approaching to chat. She stared at the ceiling for a moment as if pleading with an invisible force, but the voice that followed was … Mina Blackwood? Her expression changed and she stared with curiosity at her as she spoke. She almost sighed out of relief. All she wanted was to make sure Lorenzo left this room alive. No matter what she agreed to, that was the next problem to try to talk her way out of. Lady Mina lived along with her uncle as far as she knew, so Charlotte could guess the girl must have empathized with her.

That was when the Sultan finally addressed Lorenzo in all this, who replied with sobbing and begging that broke Charlotte’s heart. Tears brimmed in her eyes. She knelt by his side and rubbed his back to soothe him, leaning in to whisper to him,” It’s going to be alright. Don’t give up yet, okay? I will not abandon you…”Charlotte gave him a hug, firmly telling him, ” I will work to talk ourselves out of this until I am out of breath. ”

She glanced up at the Sultan after a moment, hoping to hear his answer when yet another person started talking to him. Good God.

It was Prince Felix of the Varian Kingdom, accompanied by Lady Thea Smithwood. It was hard not to smile a little at the sight of darling Thea, who had once been one of her favorite people. But oh she looked so sad too… She wished she could pull her into a hug just as she did Lorenzo.

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Time: Early Evening
Location: Caesonia Castle Ball Room in Sorian
Mentions: @FunnyGuy Lorenzo @Conscripts John

The reaction of the culprit mildly surprised Sultan Raif and he found himself staring at him thoughtfully. This was a broken man, it was clear to Raif there was no malicious intent behind his actions. Something the redheaded woman said resonated with the Sultan as well. Before he could say anything, however, it seemed not everyone was done speaking their peace.

The Sultan began rubbing at his temples as yet another person and his betrothed entered the conversation. How many people needed to speak up? This was just getting tiring.

“Does anyone ELSE wish to say something before I speak my peace?” He asked with a frustrated sigh, glancing around the room now.

Queen Rosa was quietly telling Dr. John to hold off unless someone requested medical assistance. She smiled at him gratefully and told him softly,” Maybe when things settle down, Dr. John, you can offer up your expertise, but I think it might just rub salt in the wound right now. Thank you, my dear.”

Up until now, she had been pleading with her husband not to say anything. King Alixandre had been incredibly moved by the events that had gone by and had been tearing up at the sight of Lorenzo crying. He had wanted to help talk the poor fellow out of his corner. Every time he saw him, he was so pathetic and he couldn’t bear it. When King Felix introduced himself, he thought his son had been about to attempt to save Duke Lorenzo and Lady Charlotte, and could not have been more proud.

King Edin had his head back against his throne, absolutely tired of all this nonsense. Queen Alibeth seemed to have a neutral expression on her face, watching attentively.

No one else seemed to have anything to say, however, and the Sultan was quite relieved. Hafiz had also seemed to go quiet, silently stewing still. Raif’s eyes fell on Lorenzo once more as he opened his mouth to speak. ”Duke Lorenzo, you have humiliated myself and my family. This is something we do not take lightly and if this were in my court things would be ending very differently. We are not, however, so I must honor the court we are in. That being said, this is the judgment I pass on to you. While my family resides here in Caesonia, you shall come to the castle once a week…” His stern face transformed into a small smile as he knew his next words would be unexpected. ”And you shall have dinner with my family and I.”

King Edin picked his head up, staring in astonishment, What the fuck? After all that? Nonetheless, he wasn’t going to let this continue nor let the Sultan change his mind. He stood up, ”A dinner date! Splendid choice, Your Majesty. Your mercy will always be remembered. You will be cherished in our Kingdom and we are eternally grateful….ANYHOW… Musicians, please continue. Please, everyone, enjoy the food. Disperse and let’s have a fun night! Everyone treat the Alidasht with the highest respect.”

Alibeth stood up and added, struggling to be as loud as her husband ”We have rooms set aside for our guests from the Varian Kingdom and Alidasht Kingdom for the season. As discussed, this season will be a chance for our young nobles coming of age to all get to know each other and to start considering marriage prospects. We have had extensive effort put into tailoring each room to the liking of all of you. When the party ends, servants will escort you. You may have any of your favorite servants or belongings brought here upon request, but much has been provided to you.The Rulers of the aforementioned Kingdoms will return after the week while those in their younger years will stay for the Summer as planned. ”

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Kazumin Nagasa

Currently wearing: Caesonian traditional formal wear

(Minus the gloves and cape)

Location- Outdoor Balcony

Completely ignored and rejected....

The young blonde remained in place with head bowed and arms raised only to have his offer rejected by the sultan. And just like that he was forgotten as a number of people kept crowding around the sultan. This ended up becoming incredibly awkward for him and as if things weren't bad enough; now both Duke Lorenzo and lady Thea had broken down crying.* Well shit....should of stopped when the grumpy bastard warned me. What a waste.* He thought with a disappointed sigh though to know that Charlotte was safe from Layla at least lifted his mood a little, not that it mattered since the duke and Thea breakdowns made things impossibly depressing.

Seeing as he had no more reason to be out here nor could do anything and so Kazu quietly stood up to give a bow to Alidasht concession then to king Edin. No one paid him any heed as he did so. Which was more than fine with him if it meant him, and his nonsensical approach be forgotten; it also made slipping away easier as he made his way to the dining table once more.

Upon reaching the tables and no longer in view of everyone did he allow himself to let out a relieved sigh while hunching his shoulders." Woof...talk about rough. But hey...no cell or head chopping for this guy." Waving both thumbs pointed at himself with a short awkward laugh; no one still paying him any mind and who could blame them with what was going on out on the main floor still. Turning back to see the depressing sight and frowned as he found himself feeling guilty. For as disappointed as he was not getting to tell his tale, but after seeing Lorenzo on the floor a crying, broken man that it was probably best to not go telling a story that would have put the man down when the poor guy was already beaten enough as is.

Then there was the state Thea was in; distraught and frantic as well and from the things he heard her say as he slinked away seemed to point to her being unlikely to party or drink again anytime soon.

Letting his gaze roam over until his eyes locked with Asteroth and saw fury in the Baron's eyes directed at him. A harsh stare promising plenty of choice words for him later after this party was over. Kazu turned away letting his arms hang.* Just fantastic. I see extra lessons for a week in my future and probably lost the drinking buddy I almost made.* This party had become a real bust and waste of time in the end afterall. At this point maybe a few days in a jail cell might of been preferable; at least there he could actually get a break and relax.

Suddenly the sultan's voice rang out pulling him from his dour thoughts. He listened to the man proclaim Lorenzo's punishment; what was said was completely unexpected and took Kazu off-guard especially having not expected the man to be this level-headed and merciful.

Never thought a king could be this lenient and certainly not from a kingdom of overly prideful royals at that. In one fell swoop he felt great respect for the sultan followed by immense for laughing at the man, the rest though he had no qualms laughing at. And he couldn't very well go and apologize to him for laughing at him, but Lorenzo and Charlotte he would make sure to apologize at the first opportunity he got while making it up to the sultan...well that was going to take some more thinking.

Now that the punishment had been made and the incident dealt with, the festivities were able to resume. Before long the music began once more which alluded to one thing...dancing. Even thinking that word sent an unpleasant shudder down his spine as he was far from graceful hence why he only did so when plastered.

He had already embarrassed himself enough for one evening and was in for some harsh reprimanding by night's end because of it. Like hell he was going to give these prudes who thrived off humiliation and drama any more ample enjoyment.

Taking a moment to peer around to room where he took notice of a set of balconies on both sides of the hall; one already occupied by two others. He did not want them to mistake his intention to be spying on them. Opting for a balcony on the opposite end, but before doing so he went over to where the booze was located where multiple bottles were set up and grabbed one then started towards the dessert table." On second thought..." Stopping short as he reached back swiping up a second bottle." Good to have back-up." He whispered to the bottle of wine then continued on towards the dessert to grab a bowl of delectable pudding and with a single glance could tell it was of far higher quality than any he had ever eaten." Oh, I'm definitely going to enjoy this bad boy." Instantly his mouth began to salivate in anticipation of this most wondrous treat.

After a quick check to make sure no one paying attention to him and only did so out of a bit of a paranoia. As no one here knew him save ser Asteroth, so the mere idea that any of these people cared about where he went was purely laughable.

Booze and pudding in hand, Kazu snuck off towards the balcony before people could start pairing up to dance. What luck to find the balcony empty and quiet, the perfect hideaway to drink and eat in quiet solitude.

" Finally! Some actual alone time for the first time in months!" An exasperated sputtering of the lips as he pushed the door shut with the back of his heel then cantered over to the railings, humming as he went where he then placed a bottle down on the floor next to his right foot. After making sure it wasn't too close he then leaned over the railing making himself comfortable, bottle of wine in his right hand and bowl of pudding set to his left on the railing.

" Here we are! Just me, some booze and a fine bowl of pudding with the lovely a view of the night sky and moon to enjoy it with." A pop of the cork with his mouth that was promptly discarded over the railing with a spat followed with a toast towards the sky." To your health and whatever other frivolities that go with toasting." A shrug of his shoulder as he turned the bottle to his lips taking a large sip, the mildly sharp fruity liquor soothing his parched throat and roiling pit of guilt nestled deep in his stomach.

The cool, fresh air and booze were just the remedy needed for the sickening weight in his stomach, his nose thanking him for being spared that sweetly scented smog of perfume as well." Ah...can just feel the stress, depression and disappointment melting away." Taking a deep, slow inhale of the crisp night air followed by another sip of wine as he gazed up at the sky where a scattering of clouds could be seen partially obscuring the moon, but enough light seeped through to illuminate the area enough for him to take in the gorgeous scenery before him. A small somber smile on his lips as he beheld nature's majesty a moment longer before pulling the bowl of pudding over and without adieu took a bite.

"..... God damn is this pudding good." He stated through muffled words while shedding a few tears. The pudding truly was indeed unlike anything he had ever tasted.
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Time: Early Evening
Location: Caesonia Castle Ball Room
Interactions: Wulfric @SilverPaw, Lorenzo @FunnyGuy, Munir @Infinite Cosmos, Layla @Potter, Nahir @Rodiak, Amir @Omni5876, Felix @Mole, Thea and Mina@Tae, Charlotte @princess

It was no secret among the Alidasht royal family that Mayet wasn't that close to Amir, at least not as close as she was with the other siblings. Their opinions diverged in far too many points for them to keep each other company without clashing. With that said, Mayet couldn't help but to raise an eyebrow, surprised as she saw Amir to step forward and start speaking. Something he normally avoided as much as he could. Unsurprisingly, Amir seemed to be quite committed to make the foreign nobles to see him in a favorable way, taking a neutral positioning regarding the situation and suggesting that they should simply forgive Duke Vikena, not even mentioning any further punishment.

Mayet didn't even try to hide her reaction to Amir's speech, rolling her eyes and letting out an audible sigh. Even if his intention was to deal with that entire situation in a diplomatic way, giving Duke Vikena a punishment was a matter of honor. They had to show that anyone who incurred Alidasht's wrath or wronged them would receive what they deserved, no matter who they were.

When her sister Nahir spoke, Mayet couldn't help but let out a smirk as she looked to her. Staying true to her position and fame, despite everything that was happening and the absolute chaos, she was still able to remain calm and also tried reach a diplomatic solution to the situation. Unlike Amir though, it was evident that she was as offended by what happened as Mayet and Layla were agreeing that no matter how the situation might be solved, Duke Vikena still deserved a punishment.

"Sister Nahir, you give me too much credit. He won't get away from his punishment so easily. To see this vermin put into his rightful place, crawling, is only a fitting apology for me, whose grandiose entrance was so rudely interrupted and ruined." she said, looking to the Duke almost as if she was looking to an insignificant insect.

"I am sure our dear sister Layla, the Grand Vizier and the Sultan have different plans for him. They might not be as merciful as I am, given what happened to them. Don't you think so, Duke Vikena?" Mayet finished as she looked to Duke Vikena with a cruel smirk of someone who had given him hope just to take it away again.

Just as she finished saying that, once again she heard the sound of clapping. Despite her warning, someone still had the audacity to clap. Immediately after hearing the sound, Mayet turned towards the poor noble who thought that clapping was a good idea. To everyone around Mayet, her expression and her eyes were a clear indication that something terribly bad was about to happen, should that clueless noble continue clapping.

Fortunately, for everyone involved, it seemed like he was clapping merely to draw attention. Something very dangerous seeing what had just happened but technically it worked. Not only he had Mayet's complete attention, but pretty much everyone around as well. Despite the terrible first impression he caused, he was undeniably good with his words. His approach was adequate enough for Mayet to give him another chance, despite the clapping. Truth be told, after hearing his proposal, Mayet was somewhat intrigued by it. While she wasn't sure if the Sultan, the Grand Vizier or even Layla would allow anything less than severe punishment for the actions of Duke Vikena, she was curious to see what that blonde noble had in mind.

"A tale...? Intriguing..." Mayet said, looking to the blonde noble with sharp eyes. Whether the attention the blonde noble had earned from Mayet was a good or a bad thing, only time would tell.

Before the blonde noble could say anything more, the Sultan suddenly spoke up, harshly reprimanding both Layla and Mayet hersef. Something that made Mayet extremely angry. Especially when he compared her to the Duke.

"Don't compare me to that vermin!" Mayet replied, clearly outraged as she pointed the huge ring-blade towards the Duke, swinging it without any difficulty despite it's size before she put it over her shoulder once again.

"Don't you think I deserve at least a proper apology after having my entrance ruined like that? Whatever punishment you will decide for him later is not for me to decide, but I won't stand being insulted like that! Me? Mistaken by a commoner?! A mere tamer?!"
Mayet said to the Sultan, making her discontentment clear.

"Or would you expect me to simply lower my head after being insulted and humiliated? You know well I wasn't raised like that. You didn't raise me like that... Father." Mayet said, looking to the Sultan with a piercing stare.

Meanwhile, just after Mayet had finished to display her discontentment to Sultan's words, another noble approached the group. This time it was the same red-headed woman whom Munir was previously exchanging heated stares with. As she started to speak the red-headed noble mentioned how unfortunate Duke Vikena's life was, saying how he lost his wife recently and still fought to be accepted in the court. Despite her efforts to tell Duke Vikena's tragic story, Mayet didn't seem to care at all as she simply rolled her eyes. She didn't care if Duke Vikena had a tragic backstory or not. The fact that he insulted and humiliated them didn't change. While the situation that happened wasn't something that could be forgiven with just a pat on the back and a kind smile, Mayet still had her doubts upon accepting Charlotte as a servant. She simply couldn't see the logic in making someone else pay the price for the sins of another. But again, despite what she thought of that, accepting Charlotte as a servant or not wasn't her decision to take, besides, she had already spoken her mind about that.

Despite how serious the situation was though, it seemed like all the nobles from that ball were slowly approaching them, apparently seeing in that crisis, some sort of opportunity to make themselves known, earn good favor from the Sultan or try to at least express their apologies for the disastrous reception that the Alidasht party received. This time, the ones taking such 'opportunity' were the empty-headed girl and the ghost-like noble who had applauded them a while ago, before the entire problem with the Duke happened. Mayet couldn't help but simply sigh as she looked to the Sultan, which was clearly starting to get as annoyed as Mayet was with this entire situation.

Before any other noble had the brilliant idea to butt in, the Sultan finally looked to the Duke, asking himself what he had to say about all that mess.

The scene that unfurled in front of Mayet was nothing short of disgraceful. Nothing like the previous man whom entered the ballroom and insulted them with such confidence and arrogance, after everything that he heard, after realizing what he had done, the Duke simply crumbled, falling to his knees as he seemed to be unable to control his own feelings as tears began roll down his face and his daughter came to hug and console him. In the end, it turned out that it wasn't arrogance nor the story that the red-headed noble told about the Duke a lie in order to make others see him in a better light. Duke Vikena was simply a fool who ended speaking too much for his own good and was unfortunate enough to be exactly in the wrong place and in the wrong time.

Such display was so pathetic, so disgraceful that even Mayet ended up simply sighing as she looked away. Whatever she could do to that man wasn't worse than what he had done to himself. It was such a pitiful sight that Mayet's rage simply disappeared. Why would she waste her time and her patience with someone who didn't have a shred of self-respect or dignity? Words coming from someone like him had absolutely no weight, be them insults or praises.

Regardless of her feelings though, Mayet couldn't help but let out an acid, sarcastic chuckle once the Sultan said which would be the 'punishment' he had decided for Duke Vikena...

"... WHAT?! Father!? Are you serious?! A dinner? Once a week? Are you punishing him or giving him a reward for insulting us?! At least make him wash our dishes or something..." Mayet said, simply not believing what she had heard, before she walked towards Duke Vikena once again.

"Dignity and pride aren't things that are given to you, nor they are something that you are born with and can't be lost or taken away. They are things one must earn and conquer. Both with their words and their actions." Mayet said, looking to Duke Vikena with a cold, harsh expression. Unlike previously, there was less anger and rage on her face and instead, more pity and disgust.

"Raise your head. Understand and accept your mistakes and face the consequences for them with dignity and pride. Nobody will ever respect you, Duke Vikena, if you don't learn to respect yourself first. I don't want to see such a pathetic sight again, are we clear?" she said, with a cold stare towards him.

"With that said, regardless of this 'punishment' that was decided for you..." Mayet said, walking closer to Duke Vikena until she was just a few steps away from him.

"There won't be a second time, Duke Vikena. You should be very mindful of your words around me and my siblings..." She said, looking directly into his eyes before she turned away.

Both her tone and her eyes were more than enough to clearly tell that she wasn't making an empty threat. Despite her small size, those words and the stare she gave to the Duke were enough to send a chill down one's spine.

With the music starting again after the king and the queen's declaration, Mayet walked towards Nala, who was still agitated even with Munir calming her down, both given how agitated Mayet herself was, with many nobles were approaching them and the tension in the air.

"It's okay Nala, I'm calm, I'm fine..." Mayet said, hugging the huge tigress as she rubbed her face on Mayet.

"That is exactly why I don't use palanquins..." she said to Munir, with a mischievous smirk.

"Thanks for taking care of Nala." Mayet said, smiling towards him as Nala went to her side.

"Let's go, Nala. If any more nobles approach to try and gain some benefit from this situation, I'm afraid I'll tear them to shreds myself... Besides... I see someone that might be a bit more interesting than the rest of these nobles..." She said, as she walked towards Prince Wulfric.

With her eyes fixed on him, Mayet walked towards Wulfric with a confident stride, with both Nala by her side and carrying her weapon over her shoulder. Her intense, piercing gaze towards Wulfric was almost as if he was watching a predator stalking a prey.

"Prince Wulfric Danrose... That was the second time you surprised me since I entered this ballroom... You have earned my attention." She said, looking to him with a smirk and a wild curiosity in her eyes.

"Shehzadi Mayet Kadir." she said, in a brief introduction as she looked at Wulfric, her eyes seeming to analyze every bit of his body. From his clothes to his posture and even his movements.
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Fritz "Ryn" Hendrix
Interaction(s): Lorenzo @FunnyGuy

A smile spread across the Count's face when the Sultan announced the final verdict: dinner, once a week with the family. Ryn could think of worse fates than a weekly dinner. Then again, given the temperament some of the Sultan's children displayed, it was perhaps too early to claim that it was a merciful sentence. Nevertheless, the matter was settled. There were no fatalities or serious injuries. Since Duke Vikena was held accountable, it was unlikely that the servants' punishment would be as severe as it would have been if the blame had been placed solely on them. They would still be punished, of course. A Lord made a complaint that was never retracted. Nobles tended to forget to do so, but those tasked with keeping the staff in line were not prone to forgetting complaints. If there was the slightest possibility that the servants were at fault they needed to be disciplined, because apparently, the mere possibility that it could have been their fault… was enough to be their fault. It wasn’t the best way to start the evening, but like Duke Vikena’s sentence, it could have been worse.

Ryn should have prepared himself to resume what he was doing before this entire fiasco happened, but he found it difficult to move his feet forward. After a few failed efforts, a sense of panic slowly crept into him. He was able to do it before, what was so hard about it now? Perplexed, he lifted his hand to see it trembling. Ryn scoffed at himself. Whatever it was that carried him from the carriage to King Edin's feet abruptly lost its effect after being disarmed by the unexpected event. It was his music recital all over again. He closed his eyes.

'What’s the matter? Got stage fright?'

Little Ryn opened his eyes as he turned to see his sister come into view. They were standing off stage near one of the wings. She smiled and reassured him, 'Relax, you’ll do great. We practiced so much for this day!'

On his other side, his brother teasingly added, 'And if you mess up, we’ll be sure to laugh at you.' His sister lightly punched their brother, 'OW! Geeze, all I’m saying is that even if he messes up there’d be a next time! And we’ll be able to laugh about today.'

Will there be a next time?

'Always.' The gentle fragrance of lavender and rose that followed his grandmother filled the library, mingling with the smell of old books. Her hands caressed his head, 'As long as you live, there will always be a next time.'

Ryn took a big breath in, attempting to fill his lungs with the scents of a bygone time. Even though the smell was nonexistent in this room, the very thought of them calmed him. He let his hand fall back to their original position and he looked back at the options in the ballroom. There were so many options. So many factors, both known and unknown, to consider. So many decisions to make. What if he makes the wrong choice?

'Oh lad, sometimes I wonder how you get anything done with that over thinking of yours.' His grandfather shook his head and tapped his walking stick against Ryn's shoe, 'Nothing changes if you don’t take the first step.'

At the end of the day, it was why he was here. To take the first step and bring change to the stagnate state of affairs. Even if he was not successful, he wanted to have left a path that made it easier for others to follow. And to do that…

He took a tentative step forward.

'Excellent! The first is always the hardest!' His father beckoned him to take another.

Then he took another step.

'Don’t forget what you learned, Ryn.' This time his mother corrected his stance, 'In court, everyone is watching and judging you for even the most minor of things.'

He adjusted the third step.

'Confidence, Ryn! Confidence! You got to have so much of it that you ooze it!' The twins followed behind the black tigress which escorted her mistress as she walked away to greet Prince Wulfric. They snarled and pretended to claw at Ryn in mock ferocity. One said, 'I hear these people can smell weakness.'
'Like sharks smell blood in waters miles away,' the other interjected, 'Rawr!'
'Silly, sharks don’t roar.'

Every step after, Ryn made sure to keep his head held up high. When he reached his mark, Ryn was Count Fritz Hendrix again.

He bowed once, to indicate that he was sorry for walking between the Rulers. As he did so, his gaze was drawn to Duke Vikena's condition. The puffy red eyes and tear-stained face made Ryn pause to think what his next action should be. He turned to face the Sultan.

'After me,' Tej said.

Ryn bowed his head low, arms crossed at eye level, and thumbs facing down, as had those who came before him did. What followed after the formal bow were words that sounded completely foreign to those born and raised in the Northern Kingdoms. Some close enough to hear may have feared that another noble was about to humiliate everyone again by "singing" to the Sultan.

"<<Peace be upon you, Enlighted one. Your Excellency.>>" He nodded towards the Grand Vizier, before looking back at the Sultan. "<<Pardon the intrusion. Pay me no heed. I am but a nameless wind, here to whisk away a person who may need some time to recompose themselves. It would, however, be remiss of me not to greet Your Majesty and Your Excellency.>>"

In Alidasht, there was an antiquated formal way of speaking when directly addressing the Sultan and their kin known as the "golden tongue" which was characterized by its melodic structure. It was not singing, or at least, this manner of speech was not considered to be singing in Alidasht, but Ryn could see how it may have appeared like he suddenly broke into song. In ancient times, it was said that it was a requirement to be able to talk in this fashion if one wanted to commune with the Sultan, for it was believed that the common tongue was far too barbaric for their ears to bear. This practice died down over time; while the golden tongue may have sounded beautiful, it lacked practicality and served more as a barrier rather than a bridge between the ruling class and their subjects. Remnants of this tradition could still be heard during ceremonies and some forms of entertainment.

'Why should I learn it then?'

Little Ryn looked up at the older man. Tej met the boy's gaze with a smile, 'Because it feels nice knowing that someone made an effort to learn about the culture.' Ryn noticed how Tej didn’t say "my culture" and pointed it out. The smile on Tej's face faded as his eyes shifted to the side. 'My family has not set foot on Alidasht for generations. I only know the culture because my mother taught me, she because her father taught her. How can I possibly claim it as my homeland?'

Anywhere you want to be is home, Tej.

"<<Despite the unexpected mishap, I hope you enjoy the rest of your stay here. If fortune favors me, it would be an honor to meet you again. Until then, many blessings upon you.>>" Ryn bowed in the Sultan’s direction, then turned to face the Danroses and bowed to them as well.

After properly dismissing himself, Ryn proceeded towards Duke Vikena. He smiled as he pulled a handkerchief from his inner breast pocket and offered it to the man. "If I may be candid, Your Grace, it may be in your best interest to wash up a little."
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Time: Evening
Location: Caesonia Ballroom
Interactions: Sultan Raif Kadir, Mayet @13org, Charlotte @princess, "Fritz" @JJ Doe

It felt like the weight of the world pressed against Lorenzo’s back. He couldn’t dream of raising himself from the floor. Not now. Now when he and his daughter could be sentenced to death by the king who ventured across the wide sea. Perhaps if he allowed all of the tears to leave him, he might be able to face the Sultan, maybe even with pride… Even, he knew deep down that was impossible. Right now, he just wanted to disappear. Vanish from the ballroom. Vanish from the world. But…

The supple embrace against his body reminded him why he couldn't allow that, even if it were possible. Lottie... He couldn’t leave her, especially when she expressed her perseverance. She had faith in him that he didn’t have for himself. The young woman didn’t deserve him. Not as a father. To be tied to someone so awful was a curse, and it had not even been by blood!

If I died today, would she have a better life? Sure she would be sad at the start but in time… in time she would grow and blossom without an ugly black thorn protruding from her stem. A thorn that would leave untouched and unwanted. Perhaps dying in this court won’t be so bad. Maybe, just maybe my suffering would finally come to an end. I only hope it is a swift honorable Sultan. I only hope that there isn’t too much blood. That there aren’t too many tears. That… I don’t embarrass my precious Charlotte any further. He balled his hands into fists, awaiting the Sultan’s verdict.

“Duke Lorenzo, you have humiliated myself and my family. This is something we do not take lightly and if this were in my court things would be ending very differently. We are not, however, so I must honor the court we are in. That being said, this is the judgment I pass on to you. While my family resides here in Caesonia, you shall come to the castle once a week…” His stern face transformed into a small smile as he knew his next words would be unexpected. “And you shall have dinner with my family and I.”

Lorenzo heaved a deep exhale as he had been holding his breath while hanging onto every single word the Sultan said. Dinner… Dinner? Lorenzo’s head craned up with a bewildered expression, his face and eyes still red from his sobbing. He didn’t know what to think about this. He wondered if the Sultan Raif Kadir was deceiving him before giving the true punishment but nothing else followed.

“Th-thank you, Sultan. I-I am honored. You shall… You shall not regret this.” He sobbed once more in gratitude before hearing the voice of the woman who had berated him the most after the horrific incident he had caused.

"Dignity and pride aren't things that are given to you, nor they are something that you are born with and can't be lost or taken away. They are things one must earn and conquer. Both with their words and their actions." Lorenzo was afraid of this woman, yet he found her words to be constructive rather than destructive to him. Why was she giving him this? Why were these people sparing him?

"Raise your head. Understand and accept your mistakes and face the consequences for them with dignity and pride. Nobody will ever respect you, Duke Vikena, if you don't learn to respect yourself first. I don't want to see such a pathetic sight again, are we clear?"

Her words… Harsh, but so familiar. Haunting almost. Looked up as demanded, hoping to see the face of his late wife Emina, but instead caught sight of the bronze-skinned young woman that had been so harsh to him. He remained silent in her presence. He owed the woman that after the awfulness he had caused. He knew the woman was hurt by his actions, even if she reacted with such ire. It was the product of her feelings, and he would respect that.

"With that said, regardless of this 'punishment' that was decided for you..." She walked closer to him until she was just a few steps away from him. "There won't be a second time, Duke Vikena. You should be very mindful of your words around me and my siblings..." She said, looking directly into his eyes before she turned away. She would never know it, but he gave an assuring nod to her backside. If Lorenzo sought to keep his head, he’d have to do more than believe he was a better man… he’d have to be a better man. How could he accomplish what a year’s absence from the royal court could not?

"If I may be candid, Your Grace, it may be in your best interest to wash up a little." The gentle voice of Count Hendrix was accompanied by a handkerchief of the purest white. He blinked up at the count for a moment, surprised by the man’s kindness.

“Charlotte…” His voice was but a whisper. “Charlotte.” His volume was raised now. “Thank you. I will be fine… We will be fine.” He turned his head to his daughter with a forced smile on his red tear-filled face. He then turned his head towards Count Hendrix once more and grasped the handkerchief with a nod. “Thank you. I-I needed this.” He said just before wiping his cheeks and nose with the cloth. As he did so, he proceeded to pick himself up from the marble floor. “I can have this cleaned off if you’d like.” Lorenzo offered as he held the used handkerchief up. His face still showed defeat, but it was dreary now thanks to the count, Charlotte, the Sultan, and even his ferocious daughter, Mayet.

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Mentions: Essentially every noble present, but not directly interacting with them.
Interactions: @13org Mayet @Tae Lady Mina

So many voices spoke, yet the words all wisp around like leaves in the wind. Many offers of how to deal with this 'Duke Vikena' were given, yet none were by the offended yet. Munir drew in a deep, but silent, breath. He always hated stuffy gatherings like this. It always becomes a contest to see whose manhood stood more erect than others. Munir, without being told that he has to stay back because of his age, tend to keep himself away from situations like these already, being very confident about his manhood if it came to that.

One noble, two nobles, three nobles, four, even the king and queen chimed in. Munir would study the king quizzically when he spoke. For one reason or another, he feels like he wanted the Alidasht royals to be embarrassed, as to wipe them of their glory and radiance. Munir secretly scoffed at this. As if the actions of some plump, pale-skinned royal, can ever dull the sun-like shine that is god given to the House of Kadir.

His siblings had mostly all spoken, all out of turn and out of anger and indignity of course. When the reprimand came from his Father the Sultan, Munir was mostly spared based on his silence. Being the youngest in the sure to be bloody fight for the Alidasht throne, Munir knows where he fits in. He has learned to stay in the shadows, letting his older siblings bask in the glory when present or to soak up the blame when needed. One can say that may be Munir's greatest strength. The ability to remain away from the scrutiny that is typical of royal offsprings. His royal Father was the last to speak in passing judgement on the fool of a duke. Munir's expression went from stern to amused in a matter of moments. "Dinner. Oh thats going to suck for that man. To be seated among those who had, mere moments ago, threatened to kill him and enslave his precious Charlotte..." Munir chuckled ever so softly at the Sultan's decision.

"Of course dear sister Mayet. Out of all the royal pets besides my own lovelies, I adore sweet Nala the most... Don't tell sister Layla this however, she thinks I adore Zilal above all else..." He said, giving Mayet a small smirk and a quick wink. Meanwhile, his eyes looked back up and made another brief moment of contact with lady with the fiery hair and he gave her a small wink as well. However, during his, his brain was hatching another devious, perhaps even twisted plan...

"What if... Just what if... I was to take Lady Charlotte as my prize...just to torment that fool of a duke..." The thought alone brought another devious smile to his face. The king had ordered his court musicians to resume the music and the food to be brought before the gathered crowd. Munir was finally allowed to break from formation and to start enjoying the night for what it should have been.

Naturally, he walked lithely towards the lady he had been sizing up all night and introduced himself. "Shahzade Munir Ibn Raif al Kadir. But please, call me Munir." He said to the porcelain-skinned lady while doing his best impression of a Northern curtsy. "This...fruit juice they serve here is simply not up to par. Here. Try this, all the way from the vineyards of Alidasht. The desert grapes lends a...stinging bite...to the brew." He said as he offered to pour her a taste of the contents of his personal wine skin.
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Verrick Grumbled to himself as he stood near the edge of the ball room as he tugged at the collar of his Woodsman formal attire. All while keeping his eyes scanning the room. Keeping his eyes mostly on Princess Beatrice as she moved about the room. Far enough not to be obvious he being a bodyguard, but close enough to be able to spring into action. Which annoyed him, apparently his glare was enough to unnerve some of the pathetic excuses of nobles that tried to woo the beautiful princess. For ‘diplomacy sake’ the princess told him to give her some room. He would often move to another spot if the Princess would move a bit too far away, but never too close that she would notice him.

While she was ‘safe’ he would scan the room more. Not for threats, but to read the people mingling. Noticing when nobles from separate kingdoms would speak, how long, and how friendly. Of course everyone was ‘friendly’ but it was easier for Verrick and his fellow woodsman to see past the mask. While he could not get direct information from hushed conversations, it was still intell. Over the years he had come to know most of the Noble’s in Caesonia. Not that they would know him. Despite being Princess Beatrice’s bodyguard for eight years, he still performs his duties as a Woodsman. Any little details that could give Princess Beatrice an edge when it comes to politics.

He also kept tabs on King and Queen Camille. Despite his father actively standing near them…as he was their advisor. As well as Prince Felix and his fiance Lady Thea. To make sure they were safe as well…and more. Lady Thea was one to get drunk quite quickly, then quite talkative, and always seemed to corner him to talk with him. While he had nothing against speaking with her per say… he couldn’t allow himself to be caught in a conversation just now. So he had also been expertly moving silently out of the Lady’s path. Just in case.

Suddenly the doors swung open, and a parade entered. Verrick was prepared for this, From what the Woodsman knew of the Alidasht kingdom, they were a very proud and dangerous people. Of course they would try to show how great they were with this stunt. As soon as he saw the armed guards, he instantly went for Princess Beatrice. Moving silently and unnoticed
As everyone’s eyes were glued to the spectacle. He reached into the inner forearm of his gauntlets and made sure both of his hidden blades were accessible.

As he reached Beatrice, he moved around on her right side and stepped in-front of her. Not enough to block her view, but to firmly place himself between her and the ‘threat.’ His father mirrored his movements on the left of the queen, though a bit more casually. He glanced back towards her with a ‘look’ as if he was proven right and let out a slow breath as he looked back towards the Alidasht group.

What happened next was a carriage wreck. Duke Lorenzo made the first move to try to flatter the Saltan. Only to get too close and cause an over eager guard to rush him… and somehow trip into one of the palanquin bearers and knock the Saltan over. ”Are you fucking kidding me…” Verrick said under his breath, just enough for maybe Beatrice to hear, resisting the urge to facepalm. He glanced at his father who gave him a look that said the same thing.

This led to the Saltan being enraged and demanding for his head, the king and queen of Caesonia trying to appease him in other ways, to Lady Charlotte trying to fix her fathers mistakes again. Despite not being a part of this kingdom, it pained him to see a woman lower herself to do what she offered. He began to look around, his mind looking for anything that could distract everyone to forget what happened. The few ideas he had would certainly embarrass the King of Caesonia just so that the Saltan might ‘call it even.’

But as others continued to try and fix what happened it came to an end with a strange demand. Clearly there was going to be something that happened at that dinner to utterly humiliate Duke Leronzo.

King Edin jumped at the opportunity and moved on with the party. As soon as the music started, Verrick’s Father sighed, but with the tiniest smug smile on his face. ”Verrick, what were our lovely Queen’s exact words about wanting to keep our weapons and having extra armed guards nearby?” He asked, his voice had a clear ring of amusement on it.

Verrick would narrow his eyes, as if to concentrate. Then he replied in a soft grumble. ”Every time we come to these court gatherings we show respect by not bringing weapons. We shall continue to do this.” He looked to the Queen and bowed his head gently, “With respect my queen.”

”All very good when dealing with Caesonia. But It’s pretty clear that the Alidasht don’t Respect us. This could have been a bloodbath with that oaf of a duke’s antics.”

“And Yet it wasn’t.” The queen Retorted.” You fret too much over what could have. Enough grumbling, Let us all enjoy the night now.”

Duke O’Hare bit his lip before he bowed his head and took a step back. ”Of course, It is a burden I must bear. I will not speak of it again.”

Verrick frowned slightly. It was their duty to make sure the royal family was safe at all times. The Woodsman plans for things to go wrong because eventually they will. He did turn to the princess and said softly. ”If you would allow me to stand by you, in light of this new development.I promise I will…try… not to scare away any ‘suitors’.”
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Interactions: Queen Rosa, Charlotte @princess, Lorenzo @FunnyGuy, "Ryn" @JJ Doe

"I understood." The doctor nodded to the queen's sensible advice. That was partially why he wanted the royals to make the case for him since not only would they have more sway, they knew the royal intrigues way better than John did. Morally, there is nothing wrong with just offering his assistance, but for wounded egos, especially ones that were proven up until this point to be able to float in the sky like a balloon, he'd just end up getting squashed unnecessarily as it inevitably falls. But it was incredibly difficult to watch. The doctor shuffled uncomfortably multiple times, looking briefly away from the frankly depressing sight a couple of times. He might be a vain man at first, but John could hear genuine terror and fear in those quivering words.

John did appreciate some attempts at saving both the duke and his daughter, though a couple of them ends up being a bit tone-deaf that it ended up enraging the Shehzadies even further. But their valiant effort perhaps contributed to the Sultan's rather tame punishment. Dinner with the family? That normally wouldn't sound like a punishment, but politics meant that this wasn't simply just raising a glass of wine and everybody's happy. There will be more than that, John believed, but he'd abstain from making any sweeping statement, knowing nothing of the Sultan nor Alidasht.

The Danroses quickly jumped on this opportunity, made conciliatory statements, and just forced everyone to get the party back to normal. Some interesting details for his trip, but John didn't have any mind to care about that right now, as he was still a bit shaken from what just happened to Lorenzo and Charlotte. No one was physically hurt, but he still felt compelled to offer them help, if they wanted so. It'd be the right thing to do. And so John slipped away from where the Varian rulers sat, went around the crowd and approached the two of them, along with one of the Varian Count he recognized, in a rather reserved way but he kept his postures open and a friendly smile.

"Hello, if you don't mind me." He said, clasping his hands briefly before approaching them gently. As Count Hendrix was offering Lorenzo his handkerchief, John's focus was more on Charlotte, "Lady Charlotte, is it right?" He unassumed, "I've only heard about you briefly from Lady Mina, but I admire your courage back there." He said, now making sure not to leave out the Duke. "It must have been upsetting for that to happen. Is there anything I can do for you two? I can grab some food if you are hungry."

The doctor briefly remembered his introductions, but he decided to keep it short. "I am John Williamson, but just John would be fine." No titles, middle name, or anything fancy.
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Time: Early Evening
Location: Caesonia Kingdom Ball
Interaction: Lorenzo@FunnyGuy John @Conscripts Ryn@JJ Doe
Mentions: Mayet@13org Thea@Tae Leo@Helo
Attire: Click here

It felt as if Charlotte had been holding her breath this entire time and she could finally exhale, yet she still felt sick to her stomach. Of course, the young woman felt relieved her father was safe. It was supposed to feel as if the minecart had finally stopped, but had it? She knew she was expected to cry with tears of joy for the wondrous mercy bestowed upon her father, but Charlotte could only wonder if this was all a cruel joke the entire time. How long had the Sultan planned to respond in such a way as all had voiced their opinions in Lorenzo's fate? Those in power, no matter where they were from, were corrupt at the end of the day. She had no reason to be surprised right now. After all, many before Lorenzo had lost their lives to this cruel world of nobility.

Her head had lowered in response to it all, only half-listening to the dramatic girl from before to make sure she didn't go too far.
Dinner with these people was a harsher punishment than perhaps they had realized. If they thought for one second that she was not going to accompany her father... She would not let him go alone to the wolves.

When will we be free?

Charlotte finally picked up her head as a voice in closer proximity caught her attention. A dark-haired man, who was quite lovely, was offering her father a tissue. Kindness or a noble who saw an opportunity to manipulate a man they perceived weaker than him? Just how are we going to know the difference now? She wanted to have faith in her father to be able to tell friend from foe, but he had not the best track record of doing so. Charlotte usually could recognize most nobles after seeing them so often since birth, but this man did not ring even the smallest of bells. Who is he?

She hadn't heard her father when he had whispered as she had been balling her fists and drifting in her thoughts. She glanced at him as he raised his voice. "Of course, we will be fine." Charlotte agreed with a warm smile. Would they really be fine? Something gnawed at her gut and told her this was only the beginning. Another fellow approached them, but this time he spoke to her instead of her father.
Charlotte rose to her feet. His face was familiar and as was his name. Oh. Thea's physician. It was as if the universe had a sense of humor sending a doctor to answer her question. She let out a brief, hollow laugh to herself.

Her stomach rumbled again at the mention of food. "Your reputation precedes you, Dr. Williamson. I am glad that the good people of the Varian Kingdom have someone like you to look after them. Thank you for your kindness for me and my father." Charlotte gave the doctor a cursty, her next statement spoken in a joking manner, "I will be alright. I believe the cure to my affliction lies over yonder."Her gaze flickered to the table of different liquors and wines. She had a better feeling trusting Lorenzo with Dr. John than with the mysterious, handkerchief-wielding man. She then leaned in to whisper to John, "Please excuse me if I am rude. I know we do not know each other well, good sir, but my father could use a genuine soul like yours to accompany him for a little while tonight. Would you mind... making sure no one takes advantage of his current state for a moment while I step away?" She returned his space. Perhaps Lorenzo could make a friend tonight. The very idea made her heart flutter with happiness for only a brief moment.

Besides, it would certainly embarrass further Lorenzo to have his daughter babysitting him all night. Her gaze was pulled to Leo and Thea Smithwood. Her expression fell a little as she so much wanted to go speak to them, but she worried they would be vexed with her for not speaking to them for so long. Lady Thea was with her betrothed and though Leo's actions and words suggested otherwise, Charlotte did not feel brave enough to approach him just yet. The events of the night still had her head spinning and the inner sadness she felt was bearing down on her. She turned to address the three men in her vicinity, "Gentlemen, I am going to find something to eat. Let me know if you would like me to bring anything back."

Charlotte moved herself through the crowd, ignoring the whispers and glances thrown her way as she found her place near the wine table. A kind attendee poured her a drink without saying much, simply giving her a knowing look. After giving the woman her thanks, she found her way in front of the food table and exhaled. Ah. My true purpose. We meet again.

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Interactions: @Aerandir Verrick, Sultan Raif Kadir

Beatrice kept as much of a straight face as she could as everything quickly fell into chaos. She began to have a headache just hearing all these people trying to steer the situation into a more peaceful, diplomatic route only to be met by loud voices demanding justification for their humiliation. She tried so hard not to appear irritated by how loud these people were, like a pack of wild dogs barking at each other.

She wanted to say something but she decided not to as there were already too many people voicing out their feelings and opinions. It was a blessing in disguise in a way because the entire situation would have worsened if not for the efforts of everyone wanting to pacify the aggravated Alidasht royalty, although it seemed to Beatrice that it was mostly the sultan's children that were the angriest about the entire unfortunate situation. She was at least thankful Verrick quickly got in front of her to protect her just in case things did go south.

Fortunately, it seemed that everyone's efforts of pacifying the anger of the Alidasht royalty worked, for now at least. Seeing Beatrice's father cry made her smile a little bit as seeing King Alixandre being so soft-hearted warmed her own heart, and she was just as proud of her brother as Queen Rosa was when he did his part in asking for the sultan's forgiveness for the whole affair with his fiance in tow.

However, Beatrice felt a twinge of doubt upon herself. Maybe she would not have hesitated too long and gathered up the courage to speak before everyone instead of letting Felix do it. It would have been a great opportunity to introduce herself and put in a few good words for the kingdom of Varian. Doubt turned to a little amount of anger upon herself. She was sure it was not a big deal but it was definitely a huge waste of a good opportunity for her. If she wanted to be the queen her people rightfully deserved, she needed to act more and react less.

Beatrice could only sigh. What has passed had already passed and there was nothing she could do about it. The best thing she could do was to do her part and help keep the festivities going. The quicker everyone could forget about the humiliation of the Alidasht royalties, the better.

She put a hand on Verrick's arm. "There is no need for further hostilities, Verrick. We want to make the rest of the night as peaceful and joyful as we can possibly make it to be. The best thing you can do for now is to mingle with the crowd, eat as much as you like, and enjoy the ni... Hmmm..." Beatrice thought about it for a bit before saying more. "Well, I suppose it won't hurt if I bring you along to introduce myself to the sultan and his children. Please excuse me, mother. Father." She said, bowing before her parents as she made her way to Sultan Raif.

"Remember, these people are our guests. We must show them the utmost amount of respect and hospitality, especially after what they endured tonight." Beatrice reminded Verrick just as they stood before the sultan and his brother. Remembering the Alidasht custom of greeting royalty, she bowed in their way before the sultan, the vizier, and the rest of his children that stayed with him, and hoped Verrick did the same too. "Your Majesty, your Royal Highnesses, and your Excellency. Peace be upon you. I am humbled and deeply in awe to stand before you." She said before standing up and giving them a warm smile.

"I am aware that you must be tired of so many people wanting their voices to be heard all at once so I decided to wait for everything to simmer down so I can make a proper introduction. I am Beatrice Camilia, princess of Varian and firstborn to Queen Rosa and King Alixandre. With me is my bodyguard, Verrick O'Hare." She motioned to her parents and Verrick respectfully before continuing. "As such, I am eternally grateful that you have chosen the path of peace, Your Majesty. Your kindness knows no bounds. Please enjoy tonight's festivities to your heart's content. All of these are for you and your family, after all."
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Time: Early Evening
Location: Caesonia Ballroom
Interactions: @Mole Prince Felix @baraquiel Princess Beatrice @Aerandir Verrick
Mentions: @Helo @princess Charlotte

When Felix agreed to help her out, Thea wanted to breathe a sigh of relief, however she found she couldn’t. For one, she wouldn’t be able to relax until she knew her brother was safe from the wrath of the Alidasht. Then there was the fact that she’d just promised that if the Prince aided her, she would behave herself. She found herself silently scolding herself for not having drank more before this. Perhaps she could sneak some alcohol later. She definitely would need something before bed otherwise the nightmares would come. She’d rather not sleep then deal with those, but that brought other issues. She would then have to deal with her own thoughts and those could be just as frightening. Panic gripped at her, but she pushed it aside as they now stood in front of the Alidasht party.

Felix bowed and Thea followed his lead, keeping her eyes on the floor. She did take a brief moment to glance at her brother. She wanted to yell at him, tell him he was an idiot, but of course she wouldn’t ever do that. There was enough yelling in their house as they grew up, she didn’t want to add to it by yelling at him.

Things finally seemed to simmer down as the Sultan passed his judgment and it seemed Leo was spared from any backlash. She did finally let out a small, shaky breath, but then sucked it in once more as the Sultan briefly addressed them. It seemed Felix sister had approached as well to introduce herself along with her bodyguard, Verrick. Thea found herself staring a moment too long at Verrick before dropping her eyes back to the floor. ”It is a pleasure to meet you Prince Felix, Lady Thea as well as you, Princess Beatrice. Your praise is greatly appreciated. Now I must finish my introductions with your parents and the King and Queen of Caesonia. Enjoy the festivities as well. Excuse me.” With that, he left them. He also took a moment to give Leo a brief nod before approaching the King and Queen.

Thea took another moment to take a breath before glancing over at Prince Felix. ”Thank you, truly I appreciate you doing this. I was…” She paused for a moment as she tried to find the right words. ”I’ve already lost my father, I don’t want to lose anyone else. I was so frightened, as these people seemed so fierce.” This may have been the most she’d ever really spoken to her betrothed, she really didn’t know what else to say to him. She silently longed to follow Charlotte over to the wine table and maybe even the food table, but she’d made a promise. She would remain next to Felix until he dismissed her as a good fiancé should.

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Time: Early Evening
Location: Caesonia Castle Ball Room
Interactions: Lady Thea@Tae, Prince Felix@Mole
Mentions: Pretty much everyone in the drama

Leo, despite the tension that surrounded him, felt no real sense of danger, even as Mayet reprimanded him. He nodded his head, accepting it, but hearing his own name spoken by a Shehzadi was victory enough. He was comfortable, not because he thought the Alidasht were weak or simply being dramatic, but Leo lived under the assumption that danger could only truly touch him if he wanted it to. The young lord grew up with every imaginable privilege and comfort, danger was always something he had to seek out. Sure, the court could offer a scandal or two, hits to one’s reputation, but life or death, for a Varian noble, that was rarely seen in civilized society amongst one’s peers. The situation went more or less as he expected, Alidasht called for the Duke’s head, but they settled for a lesser punishment. Beheading, in the middle of a ball, in front of so many northern noblewomen, would have caused mass fainting spells and ruined the festivities.

The honor of having spoken to one Shehzadi only to have his name uttered by another one paled in comparison to having caught the glance of the third Shehzadi in the room. A quick glance but her gaze was not one that saw him as something more akin to an insect the way the other two Shehzadis’ seemed to, but one that held a mild interest. He resisted the urge to smile, now was not the time but the night was young, and the chance to speak with the royal would have to be revisited. Of the two Shahzades in attendance, one was very clearly, and understandably, entranced by Lady Mina, and the other seemed entirely collected and spoke of mercy. The elder of the two Shahzades seemed more easily approachable as well.

What he hadn’t expected was the intervention of so many notable people of the court. Prince Wulfric stepped up to demonstrate exactly how well prepared Caesonia’s prince was to one day hold the mantle of king. The man with the unsightly cowlick he’d seen earlier offered a story to the sultan, which was truly bizarre. Then Lady Mina, with her confusing words encouraged the Kadirs to accept Lottie as a servant. He had trouble pinning down her intentions; was she another wolf that roamed the court looking to extinguish any competition by any means available, or trying to spare Charlotte another loss? Mina had certainly always struck Leo as a bit of a mystery. His thought interrupted as more of the dramatic scene played out, only for Prince Felix and his own dear sister to approach as well. Why on earth did Thea look so deeply upset? Maybe he did need to keep a closer eye on the young prince.

Seeing Lorenzo reduced to such a weeping puddle of a man stopped any thoughts Leo had of the man’s questionable honor. It was embarrassing to watch as the man threw out what remained of his own dignity for the sake of his daughter. But to go to such lengths to protect one’s family, was an act of honor, a sign that Lorenzo deserved some credit and Leo was glad for the sake of that family that Sultan was a merciful man. The drama that began the evening began to subside, the music played once again and so Leo turned his attention to Thea, offering a small grin.

“That was thrilling. Did you hear, one of them even spoke my name.” Leo whispered to his sister before offering a bow to Felix.

“Your highness, a pleasure, I look forward to the day I call you a brother.”He added towards Prince Felix. “This season is sure to be anything but dull. What an exciting group of people.” He continued to speak to the both of them but kept an eye on the puzzling look of distress Thea wore. He also noticed how, although Lottie had claimed she did have time for him tonight, she quickly headed off without another word towards the feast. In all fairness, he doubted there was anything that would keep Charlotte from a feast.
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I N T E R A C T I O S N :
M E N T I O N S :

The events that transpired in the span of a few minutes had stunned the Knight of Varian. His gloved hand rested tentatively on the hilt of the small dagger at his waist, watching with everyone else as Sultan Raif and the rest of the nobles tried to delegate a punishment for Duke Vikena. Mathias felt for the poor man, while he was not versed in the politics and gossip of this court, he was aware of what had happened to Lorenzo. The passing of his wife had shocked so many people in this Kingdom and had reached the Varian court in just a few weeks. Mathias sympathized with the man in that regard, but as a noble, he should have been educated on who would be attending the ball, especially when the Alidasht were the guests of honor and it looked like the rumors of their temperament were true- partly true.

Person after person approached the Alidasht's ruined entrance in hopes of pushing a foot in, drawing some attention towards themselves, defending Lorenzo, or just to butt in. By the time Sultan Raif was ready to announce his decision in the matter, Mathias had concluded that there would be no blood spilled tonight. With a crisis averted thanks to the Sultan's light and yet cruel punishment Mathias made his way towards one of the servants carrying flutes of champagne.

Mathias could only hope that Lukas wouldn't grow up to be that impulsive - or entitled. He would not stand if his son thought others less than him, no matter their class, sex - anything just because he was a noble. Mathias was always careful when Lukas began to show any signs of being spoiled. Sir Oliver loved to give his son gifts, always saying that Lukas would grow up to be a good knight or noble or even a prince. It worried Mathias that his son would come to hate him due to his own upbringing. So instead of leaving Lukas with Oliver in the Larsen manor, he brought his son with him. While he was here not on duty, but as a guest thanks to Sir Oliver, Mathias would have more time to watch Lukas and enjoy the month-long break for his duties.

Fortunately, Mathias decided that a ball would not be a suitable place for a three-year-old so Lukas stayed in Mathia's designated room with his nanny, Emma. If Lukas had been here while the Alidasht were demanding heads he would be the first one out of the ballroom if blood had been drawn.

After taking one of the flutes that the servant offered him, Mathias began to walk around the ball now that the music returned and other nobles began to talk again. Most likely about the events that had transpired in the last few minutes. He'd only been a noble himself for a few years now, and Mathias still had trouble finding the correct etiquette when he was left alone to roam with others. He considered returning to the side of King and Queen Camille but he was not on duty and they would most likely dismiss him and encourage him to mingle.

"You would have loved this." Mathias looked around him. The dresses, the drama, the food- everything. Karla would have been thrilled to see the Alidasht royal family and taste the food of Caesonia. He raised his flute slightly, toasting to his late wife before taking a sip of the champagne. His nose wrinkled and his brows furrowed together. Gods, he hated the taste of champagne.
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Time: Early Evening
Location: Caesonia Palace-Library
Interaction: Thankfully alone

The Danrose palace in the capital of Sorian was sparling, and every effort had been made to ensure it was nothing short of grand. To Callum, this meant that room for just about everything. If one must live in a cage, he supposed a cage with dozens upon dozens of rooms was the best one could hope for. His favorite room was the library, filled with books and antiques, all of which really ought to be dusty, but the strict cleaning schedule of the palace never allowed a good amount of dust to collect anywhere. Other than the sheer amount of books to choose from, the best part about this room was his parents rarely stepped foot in here, they preferred to simply order someone else to fetch what they wanted for them. Thus it became Callum’s favorite place to lurk about. He knew the layout well enough that he could probably find whatever he was looking for while blindfolded if such a situation ever arose.

Cal, playing his favorite game of semantics, had followed his father’s instructions for the day to tee all while exploiting any loophole he could find. He was both dressed and ready for the ball at a prompt time, he had simply neglected to enter the ballroom itself. He wore dark dress shoes, new and not yet broken in, so they were unpleasant. Just as uncomfortably as the shoes, were the overly stiff trousers and dress shirt. The stuffy waistcoat was left behind on the chair because Cal hated it too, and his cravat was loosened as it had already been threatening to strangle him not ten minutes after he’d put it on. All of it was either black or a dark gray, chosen so that he would not draw more attention to himself as currently, the youngest Danrose prince preferred not to stand out whenever possible. Even worse than how uncomfortable the mandatory formal wear was, was the knowledge that all of it together equaled a substantial amount of money for anyone who actually worked in the damn palace. And that fact made him feel like shit for wearing it, hating it, and wanting to complain about it.

Cal could neither help the fact that almost every aspect of royal life made him deeply unhappy, just as he couldn’t help the fact that his father’s word was basically the law. So, he had followed the letter of the law, ignoring the spirit of it. Since ol’ King Edin had neglected to add actually show up to the ballroom on time, likely due to the king’s preoccupied mind with everything going on tonight, he spent his few remaining moments of imaginary freedom in the only room in the palace he actually liked, the library. He sat, back against the wall, on the floor, allowing his fine and fancy suit to get wrinkled, reading a book concealed behind one of the many rows of bookshelves. He found a small sense of joy knowing that his parents would disapprove of something as simple as sitting on the floor. Cal knew eventually he had to go to the ballroom, he had also been told that he would ‘dance, behave cordially and with manners, and greet the guests respectfully,’ but being on time, that was his loophole.

The library held no overpowering perfumes, only the comforting scent of ancient tomes, and no idle chatter or gossip, just simple silence, and best of all, in place of dozens of insufferable nobles, it held only one noble, himself, and stacks of books. Callum planned to miss all the obnoxious introductions and awkward hand, and ass, kissing that kicked off such events but arrive about when the good drinks came out to replace the wines. Next to him, on the floor, was a glass of whiskey, and it was far from his first one of the day. No one should endure his parent’s events, or company, sober, least of all him. So he sat, and drank, and read, and stalled for time, alone, in the very best room of the palace, until eventually, he forgot all about time and was lost in a book about a farmboy destined to stop a great evil.
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Time: Early Evening

Location: Caesonia Ball Room

Interaction: @princess Chartlotte Vikena

Mentions: Kadir Family.

wearing and weapons:

Once the second born had said his peace, he once more took his place to the left of his father. He sensed the approached of Lady Mina and gave her a side long look. A sweet scent wafted to his nostrils as the lovely lady did her curtsy and honored the Sultan. The Alidashti prince approved of her simple yet elegant wear. A woman of her beauty did not need additional adornments than what the gods had already provided.


Amir slightly raised an eyebrow at the use of the old way of addressing the Sultan. Only very formal functions, such as the appointment of another Sultan, ever uses such decorum. That meant that only high officials of Alidasht and the royal family knew of such a word. It would seem that Lady Blackwood was well read and the twin could not overlook that.

6It appeared that the fairer sex of these Northern kingdoms were not all dolls of lace and powder. The bravery that he had seen of Lady Charlotte and Lady Mina had been comparable. Maybe not as overt as that of his dear sisters which wore their deadliness on their sleeves, or revealing dress. However, he was sure that these ladies were no less deadly. A look at the serene visage of Queen Alibeth was enough to prove that.

Mina’s revelation that the clumsy Duke had not been born into that position also made the sun kissed man show the slightest of reactions as he furrowed his brow. The caste system in his sandy homeland was almost set in stone and opportunity to advance higher was almost none existent. It was widely believed that the gods had set up this system very much like the way nature had its own chain. For a man to raise to such a high position meant that the man who had caused such ruckus was quite skilled

The twin could see his father’s face begin to show signs of annoyance. The Sultan welcomed counsel but hated no clear resolution. A pang of annoyance at himself was felt deep in his chest. Why had he felt the need to share his own view? Was it because of the selfless act of Lady Vikena? He was still mulling his own foolish actions when Raif addressed the Duke. The man’s face brought mixed feelings. His weakness, worry, and desperation was quite palpable and it left a bitter taste in Amir’s mouth. Kahrem had always been one to please. The quiet twin would seldom if at all voice his opinion. He did not admonish but counsel. He did not punish but educate. He did not show his anger but showed the pain of the wrongs done to him.

Old Amir on the other hand had be quite liberal with his boastings and with his ridicule. He had often chastised both siblings and servants. He was quick to talk down and pounce on people if he felt even the least bit of weakness. His most obvious target had been his own twin who never seemed to stop the aggravation. Amir could see a small reflection of Kahrem in the Duke. As Lorenzo fell to his knees, the emotions being circulate was too much for the second born to put up with. He adverted his eyes from the broken man. Whiter it was out of respect, contempt, or indifference it as hard to tell. Nothing could keep his ears from hearing the pitiful request that the Duke was making to his father. Such words would never sway the Vizier but his father had always been firm but just.

Another couple approached his father. Much like his sire, Amir was beginning to tire of all these speakers. Unlike his father, he had to endure it as proper court politeness demanded. The regal demeanor of the handsome Felix was not lost on Amir. His introduction as a crown prince made sense. The way the handsome lad ported himself a benchmark for other to emulate. On the Prince’s arm was his betrodden. The lady must certainly come from a strong and old house to be an appropriate marriage a heir to the throne. She was definitely beautiful enough. Though the second born hoped Lady Smithwood would have more to offer than just her looks.

The twin could at the very least acknowledge that Prince Felix was educated enough and skilled enough to step in and diffuse the situation. Thankfully, certain responsibilities that some of these Northern royals had to perform were handled by the Vizier. As much as Amir disliked his uncle, he could not deny the man’s skill at court was praise worthy. However, it was this very skill that made him a dangerous person to cross.

Raif Kadir’s annoyance was palpable in his voice as he invited any further people to come and say their piece…which led to nobody else presenting any comment. This was for the best as his father, just as he was, still was dangerous when roused. The Sultan’s voice held all the authority his position commanded as he spoke to the Duke.

That being said, this is the judgment I pass on to you. While my family resides here in Caesonia, you shall come to the castle once a week…

Amir’s face remained stoic but for the lightest twitch of one corner of his mouth. It had been his mother’s favorite thing as children to have their father do such a trick on them. The lovely lady had tempered the red hot steel of a Raif’s soul to a powerful blade. It was her gentle hand that held that blade as it’s sheath. One could even say that she protected him. When she was gone, that blade was left out in the open. One could cut themselves on its edge but this also meant that the blade was open to the elements.

The court seemed to breathe in relief. Amir cast a glance towards Mayet. Her exasperated sigh had not gone unnoticed. Mayet’s tantrum spawned from the high opinion she had of herself but Amir knew that it also stemmed from a deep value of their father. After all, all the Kadir siblings had inherited something from the man. His younger sister just happened to inherit his fiery temper and did not have the benefit of having a sheath. Nahir seemed to fill that role at the second born was at least glad that somebody could calm the wild girl down.

The twin’s eyes narrowed slightly at yet another outburst of Mayet and he sighed softly. The girl did not know how to behave…. At first Amir had also felt the “punishment” had been quite mild but with his sister’s outburst perhaps it was more severe. The Sultan always seemed to have a motive behind every action. Some may say that Hadiz was perhaps the one gifted with more sly cunning but his father had always been a tactician and knew how to play his cards. The proof of this was the fact that it was he who sat on the Alidashti throne and not his younger brother the Vizier.

Still, the things that Mayet said was true. She had been fighting against these set rules all her life. However, Amir could not fault her ideals. It was true that at time those who demanded respect were often the least ones worthy of it. Kahrem would have stood by her side, if on principle if nothing else. Old Amir would have laughed at her and told her that her words were the desperate complaint of a younger sibling who was little more than spent seed upon their mother’s womb. Amir now only let her say her peace. Once their father’s will was made up not even the gods could change it.

Once more his eyebrow raised as a pale young man with dark hair addressed his father in a flowery tongue. The words were formal but what caught Amir’s attention was that the Northern man attempted a very fine impression of the Golden Tongue. While the accent made it obvious that the person was not of Alidasht and to his ear it could never match the practiced fluid voices of his homeland, still the twin could not help but feel honored that someone, probably a tutor, had gone to such lengths. Perhaps not every one in these Northern kingdoms was just a pale faced barbarian. Amir thought.

More people approached his father. Two of them claiming to be royalty. Their manner certainly suggested so. Amir could feel no danger from them. This meant that they only came to brush against his father. Other lords and ladies would follow. His father himself feeling the tightening of the noose excused himself and sought higher ground. Fewer nobles would dare to bother his father if he was surrounded by their own monarchs.

The job of socializing would fall to the Vizier but he doubted Hadiz would much mind it. The twin was sure that his uncle would wring every apology from those gathered as he could while fluttering his plumes like a peacock. The Lady Charlotte, the first who had seemed of any worth so far, appeared to have the best wits about the place as she also sought escape from the encroaching circle of royals and lords.

Trying to escape but still knowing that he could not show any disrespect that would invalidate Alidasht’s own claim of the same after the Lorenzo debacle. He performed his slight bow, though it was obvious that it was less deep than he had offered his father and their rulers. “I am Amir Ibn Kadir. Peace be upon you.” He straightened up again and with his voice still emotionless he addressed them. “If you would excuse me.” He offered no other explanation and moved on.

Kahrem would have stayed and made talk for propriety sake being polite and almost even friendly. Old Amir would have boasted and bragged of his own importance. He would have tried to make snide remarks to belittle those he felt were better than him in a way that was inconspicuous. The Amir now wanted as little contact as possible. Not because he was afraid….

His steps were firm so as not to appear like he was running away but also hurried enough to leave the royals and their friends no chance to hail him. He approached the food tables. The twin could see that there were dishes that had been meant to be pleasing to them. The cook was very talented but obviously not familiar with Alidasht cuisine. He sampled them none the less, giving an ever so slight approving nod. This was as much praise as the chef was like to get from the guests. He never lingered at a table long. His cold gaze keeping any would be feet kisser at bay. His old master at arms had taught him that in a fight, staying still made you vulnerable. Amir applied those concepts here at court.

His journey found him by the liquor table. He himself was not a big drinker. However, had he unconsciously been attracted here? He could not know. Acknowledging the bravery and presence of mind of Lady Vikena did not go against the second born’s ethics but any sort of attraction should be out of the question. Still, he found himself near her. With a few steps separating him, his voice was low enough for her to hear amid the din that had erupted in the court when the dancing and mingling commenced. “You did well.” Was all he truly said. His voice calm. Almost as a wind.

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Attire: Linen -> Ballroom Garment
Interaction(s): Callum Danrose @Helo

A bead of sweat ran down Auguste's cheek as his horse galloped towards the palace. While he was sternly warned to arrive at a specified time, he lost track of it indulging his swordsmanship. Including the time he needs to wash himself and dress up with some servants' help there was a good chance he would miss the beginning proceedings. Auguste handed off his horse to one of the stable-boys in a rush as he sprinted towards the palace. Horse-pulled carriages all appeared to be traveling towards the palace.

Auguste noticed guests had already begun slowly trickling into the palace. The Second Prince hoisted a fur covering over the high fence railing and clambered over it. He entered the palace through a secret back entrance. His current outfit, a simple linen shirt and trousers, was caked in dirt, grime, and sweat. Partly due to training, mostly due to his rushing back to the palace. As he got to his room, he had a servant help him with a bath and clothing.

At this point the servants knew of his easy-going nature, some even preferring to be assigned to him or his brother Callum. It seemed that Wystan was still away, and as such he requested assistance from Clifton instead. "Thanks, Clifton." Auguste smiled warmly, "... Ah Father mustn't hear of this... although on the off-chance he does, pin all the blame on me instead, eh? I can handle father's wrath." He gave a wink as he shed his current garments.

"Of course, your royal highness." Clifton said, face as neutral as always.

"There's no need to call me that without father, mother, or brother around, you know?" He replied.

"It wouldn't be proper." Clifton replied.

Auguste clicked his tongue playfully at Clifton's usual no-nonsense reply.

While Auguste could have (and usually preferred to) bathed himself, it was quicker with some else's help. And he was on borrowed time as is. In the interim of the bath and dressing, he made idle conversation with the listless servant.

"Is your family doing well?"

"As always, sir."

"That's good, that's good. I hoped the doctor I recommended helped."

"He was helpful, sir."

"Give my greetings to your family."

"I will, sir."

Soon enough, he was dressed into his assigned attire. The arms, waist, and leggings were particularly tighter than necessary. Recently his father had been trying to up his appeal, mainly through his body. All of his newly tailor-made clothing hugged his body tightly; all a dress size too small and each threatening to cut off blood flow. It was easy to piece together what his father had in mind, but it wasn't any less troublesome.

Auguste thanked Clifton one more time before he was stopped by the servant.

"I've received word that His Royal Highness Callum is not attendance. Your father has tasked you with, quote, 'Dragging his ass into the ballroom', unquote." Clifton's expression shifted yet remained unreadable.

"Ah, alright, I'll get Callum." Auguste nodded affirmatively. He had an idea where his brother would be. It appeared that Callum was somewhat of a troublemaker like Auguste, although much less covert in his methods.

Auguste had once more requested assistance from the servants, listing off possible places to search while he checked the most likely place Callum had stowed himself away in- the Royal Library. With a quickened pace he made his way to the library. As to be expected, no soul roamed the libraries due to the party.

"Callum? Brother? Are you in here?" Auguste called out, his voice echoed slightly, "Father has requested our presence in the ballroom, it appeared something big happened with Duke Vikenzo. The servants could scant offer any more detail."

"We have to make haste, you know how father gets."

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Time: Early Evening
Location: Caesonia Kingdom Ball
Interaction: @samreaper Kazumin

Attire: Here
Hair: Here

Ridiculous. That was the only word Persephone would use to summarize her experience. The hair, dress, makeup, and the event were all ridiculous. The dress felt overbearing, but it hid all her burn marks. All the money being put into making this ballroom, the food, the dishes, and the music could have been used for the lower class. Instead, they were using it to pat each other on the back for the King and Queen’s “efforts”. The servants were overworked and stressed. One mistake and their families' lives would be on the line. How unfair was that for them? All the servants wanted was to make a better life for their families. It only added fuel to her fire and an excuse to find more reasons to hate the monarchy. She sighed as she recalled her horse Buttercup waiting for her outside.

Persephone sat in the back of the room with a satchel around her shoulder. She would sip her wine every time she felt an ounce of hatred in order to try relaxing herself. Though she had a dagger in her boots she would not use it. She watched the proceedings as everyone fawned over the nobles entering. She rolled her eyes when nobody was looking. Since she was a commoner and alone, nobody was paying her attention anyways. When the nobles finally entered and the Alidasht arrived, Persephone began to rise. She needed to bring some of this food to her home. It would all go to waste anyway. She was the sound of crashing and drama that followed as she brushed through the crowd easily. Eyes were glued to the center of the room. It was as if she were almost invisible. Once behind the food table, she began to pluck a piece here and there from each dish strategically to make sure no one would notice anything missing. Persephone also managed to pickpocket the nobles for any loose “items” she could sell. Once she acquired as much as she could, Persephone took her satchel out to the balcony. She hid it under a vase in a corner. She also made sure to plan her escape should things go south. Despite the dress, she had practiced climbing and running in it. Her hair was out of her way. All that was left was to take more food and some jewels as the nobles became more drunk and less balanced on their toes.

Persephone went back inside to find the commotion had ended, despite Duke Lorenzo and Lady Charlotte having a breakdown together. Persephone sighed as she sat down at a table. She noticed two of the Danrose sons missing and smirked. She couldn’t wait to see King Edin’s displeasure. She noticed the Alidasht children mingling about and didn’t have any desire to meet them. She decided while she was at it, to take some more food for the poor who lived on her street. Persephone began to collect some bread then went back onto the balcony to put in the pot. That’s when she noticed a blonde boy on the balcony, eating pudding.

She frowned: Was that…? No. He wouldn’t have become a noble, would he? Betrayal and dishonor! Her smile faded. A distant memory replayed in her mind of the boy who she had grown fond of over time. ”Err. Kazumin… Is that… Is that you?” She frowned as if someone had told her she’d spent the rest of her life as a maid. ”You’re a noble now…?” The bitterness in her voice was unmistakable and she found herself crossing her arms and glaring. In the back of her mind, she heard the farm animals, the clucking of the hens and roosters and other animals. Was it the distant voice of the ball or something else she heard now? She glanced around and then faced Kazu once more with disbelief written across her face.
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Attire: This sans the cane
Interactions: Mayet@13org
Mentions: Lorenzo @FunnyGuy, Kazumin @samreaper, others (Nahir, Amir, the Sultan, Mina, Felix, Thea, Charlotte, Leo) more briefly

As he stared at Lorenzo, Wulfric got the distinct impression that the man was not paying attention at all. He was staring off into the distance, dazed, and his eyes were so glazed over one had to wonder if death by embarrassment was possible, after all. Given the watery sheen clinging to his lashes and lids, though, some of what was being said had to be getting through that thick skull of his. Disgusted at this waste of space bearing the title of Duke, Wulfric redirected his attention elsewhere.

Thankfully, there was much else to keep his mind busy. For one, Wulfric was drawn to the fierce young woman whose sentiments he shared. He caught her nod, returning it with one of his own. It was reasonable for her to reference his words, yet it pleased him to hear it. If nothing else came of this incident, then at the very least he knew to have made an impression on one of their guests, which spoke well for the potential to strengthen their alliance in the future.

Then there were the other of the sultan’s children. Nahir was level-headed, and subtle yet firm in her opinions. Amir, on the other hand, delighted with his viciously venomous account, veiled in a thin veneer of courtesy as it may be. When the sultan berated the two of his outspoken, impulsive daughters, it became clear he favoured the more diplomatic pair of his children.

Somewhere in the middle of their discussions, they were interrupted by some impertinent nobody. Wulfric’s lips thinned as he inspected the man. Listening to him, he grew all the more unimpressed. ‘We of Caesonia?’ Who did he think he was? I wasn’t aware we were in the presence of another royal. Perhaps he’ll shortly claim to be a long-lost brother of mine. Bored of his words, Adelard entertained himself by snarking at the man within the privacy of his mind. The speech was lengthy, and overly embellished, most of his words as empty as the air between the fluff of his hair.

Finally, the unasked-for interjection was over. All that drivel and not even an introduction? The glory-seeking would-be-storyteller must not have any credentials, then. Truly, the sultan’s positive response was surprising. Maybe those mentions of the sun did it. Though he found himself wondering at the sultan’s taste in people, he felt free to designate that bird’s nest of a man as someone else’s problem.

Then, even more people came to say their piece, to the point that the area around the throne became crowded. At least they were known entities. Mina Blackwood arrived to support Charlotte’s request. Though she professed to echo Amir’s words, her argument was contradictory to his. You do realize ‘his royal highness’ standing there right next to you is one of those who declared the duke a fool unworthy of his position, hm? He quirked an eyebrow at her, amused.

Finally, the sultan cut in, addressing Lorenzo. Duke Vikena promptly threw himself to all fours and burst into tears. It was a pathetic display, one that Wulfric found repugnant. Wretched man, quit your wailing! Some years ago while on business in the city, he once had the displeasure of being approached by a mangy stray. Its whining had grated on his ears, much as Lorenzo’s sniveling did now. Back then, he’d firmly kicked away the filthy thing. At present, he felt the urge to do something rather similar to the Duke. Of course, he merely remained as he was, still and silent. He breathed through his violent impulse, and for his own peace of mind, disregarded the elder Vikena’s piteous state.

In the end, the sultan announced his decision. Adelard raised both brows at the declared punishment. So, the universe has not yet run out of its tolerance for this man. Regardless of fate’s inclination, select individuals were not so liberal in their forgiveness. As Wulfric eyed the remaining irate nobles of Alidasht, it occurred to him that those ‘dinner dates’ would prove to be challenging enough for Lorenzo.

When things had all but resolved themselves, Thea Smithwood, and her fiancé and better half, Felix Camilia, came by to introduce themselves as well. Thea was awfully weepy, and Wulfric wasn’t sure if it was because of the wine or due to her concern for Charlotte. Either way, the duo of her brother and fiancé could handle that easily.

Meanwhile, he had much pleasanter prospects to consider. That firecracker of a woman once again set her gaze upon him, and strode towards him with clear intent. Wulfric turned towards her, the gesture inviting, if restrained in its propriety. She still wielded the curious bladed circle of metal she’d had brought to her to threaten Lorenzo with. It was a curious weapon, one he wouldn’t mind getting a try at. The tiger, of course, was by its mistress’s side, as per the usual.

Though he kept his eyes firmly locked with hers, Wulfric curiously noted the sway of her body. It was full of feminine grace, yet there was a thrilling note of danger present as well, and the effect was oddly complementary. It was somewhat reminiscent of the way cocky young men sometimes carried themselves, all easy confidence, though it was evident that in her case, the assurance was not entirely unfounded.

The corners of his lips ticked upwards as he watched her watch him. She was open in her assessment, and her boldness was refreshing. He briefly questioned what she might discern. The regal manner of bearing ingrained upon his very bones? The slight spark of genuine excitement at meeting her? The political machinations ever present within his mind? There would be hardly anything overt. Regardless, Wulfric was sure he presented a compelling image.

“Shehzadi Mayet, it is my honour. You yourself have caught my interest, so I am pleased to have your attention,” his small smile, and the minor crinkling at the corner of his eyes to match it, certainly reflected his words. “At your first steps upon our marbled floors, and through every of your subsequent actions, I was reminded of the mythical everflame, as bright and powerful as it is eternal.

“Watching you, I thought to myself ‘Would it not be worthwhile to risk being burned, if I were allowed the proximity?’ Well, the answer is self-evident at this point, I believe,”
he grinned playfully for a brief moment.

Then, he glanced at the tiger by her side, marveling at the creature. “Your mighty companion well suits you.” Though the animal was magnificent, he did not linger too long in his admiration of it. He turned back to Mayet to address her. “The two of you must surely enjoy hunting together, no? If you find it agreeable, I should like to accompany you on any such trips while you stay here for the season.”
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I N T E R A C T I O S N :
M E N T I O N S :
all of the Kadir family

Nahir wasn't surprised when she heard her father scolding Mayet and Layla. Both of them were always so quick to act rather than to wait and assess the situation. While Mayet was the youngest of the three daughters, her behavior could be excused but Layla- she was supposed to be the example. The nod the Sultan had given her told her that she had been right in keeping quiet and not drawing attention to herself- sparing her from the Sultan's angry scolding and public humiliation in front of the royals and nobles of the other two kingdoms. Amir seemed to have the same idea as her, but he'd been more outspoken and public about his own opinions, Nahir had shot her older brother a glare as he had finished his speech but covered it with a smile before anyone could look at her. Now the other royals would see him as the more merciful one and more fit to become the next Sultan. Thankfully, it didn't matter what others thought.

The punishment her father settled for was probably meant for Layla and Mayet as well. Nahir on the other hand wondered if she could perhaps convince the Duke to bring his ferret along for one of the dinners. Kayra, her Bombay cat, would love a playmate aside from Nala during their stay here. But that would come later, seeing at the Duke was still a mess on the floor and was being surrounded by others.

The second Shehzadi stayed close by her father's side but far enough for others to ignore her, looking at every noble and royal that approached the Sultan analyzing everything about them. From their choice of clothing to their hair and the way they attempted and butchered the Alidasht bow. It wasn't only those who approached her father but also her siblings. Mayet and Munir were quick to forget the whole ordeal and go on their way to mingle with the foreign nobles as if they hadn't been demanding blood be spilled over the ballroom floor. Amir had also excused himself, going off to tables of food.

She had stayed quiet, silently judging everyone with a critical eye until her father dismissed himself. Nahir turned to her father, bowing perfectly and staying bowed until her father left. She straightened out, examining those around her for a second before approaching the small group.

Both the Prince and Princess of Varian along with their companions had approached the Sultan to introduce themselves all the while Nahir stood to the side silently. When her father excused himself, she was left there alone with them. She had stayed quiet until her father was gone.

"His Royal Highness, Prince Felix, Lady Thea, and Lord Leo it is a pleasure to meet you." Nahir turned to look at the prince of Varian, examining the pale features of the prince before moving to Lady Thea. She could see some resemblance between her and Lord Leo. "Her Royal Highness Princess Beatrice," She smiled now, golden eyes looking over the princess' dress and delicate features. "The rumors are true of your beauty, I do hope my dear sisters did not sour the evening. The night is still young and there is plenty of wine to continue the celebrations."

Nahir could see Lady Thea's brother from the corner of her eyes as she spoke to the Princess of Varian but she did not wish to engage him directly- at least not yet. "Please extend my apology to Duke Lorenzo and his daughter, I am afraid if I approach the man right now I will spook him further than my dear sister Mayet already has." There was real concern in her voice as she continued to play the pacifist.

"Now if you could excuse me, I have to try the Caesonia wine and hope sweet and strong as they say." She smiled again, glancing at the Heir of Stravy before taking her leave in search of wine and a second to gather her thoughts.
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