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Wulfric & Anastasia

Mentions: @Helo Callum @Alivefalling Marek @Lava Alckon Farim @Rodiak Zarai

Anastasia's gaze shifted to Wulfric before nodding in agreement. Her eyes had been wandering over the beautifully decorated cakes while the servants inspected them. With a gentle sigh, she stepped back and leaned her head delicately on Wulfric's shoulder. At that, her brother wrapped her in a light half-hug, moving his arm to rest across her collarbones.

"Look at these cakes," she said softly, gesturing to the intricately decorated pastries. "Each one must have taken so much time and dedication. You can see the passion in the baker's work… His eyes were sparkling when he first came in here... This must be his dream." A tinge of sadness crept into her tone as she spoke in a low voice. "I imagine he thought being able to showcase his work to the king could have been his big break."

Wulfric’s gaze tracked the exquisite delicacies. They were beautiful, no doubt about it. Yet, that they came from Ezra coloured how he viewed them. Granted, he was generally wary of things brought to them by strangers. But with this man, he couldn’t help but think only of the avenues of attack he might pursue.

“His work is still here to be showcased, is it not?” Her brother seemed entirely unmoved by sympathy. “As you have heard, father is considering hiring him…If everything checks out, I suppose he will be attaining his dream.” By his cool tone, it was clear Wulfric disapproved of Ezra on principle alone. He thought that if the baker genuinely wished to work for royals out of the passion for his work, that would be acceptable. However, he did not believe it was just that.

Anastasia fell silent for a moment, lost in thought, before continuing. "I understand that being part of the royal family means we need to be careful and all that, but I can't help but wonder if we should be so quick to look for the evil in others… There is goodness to be found in people, Wulfric."

Unseeing to her, a frown formed upon his brow. “Have you ever felt-” he began, but cut himself off with a sharp exhale. “This…may be a more involved conversation,” he remarked. “Shall we relocate?”

He felt her nod against his shoulder. “Sure… We can go to my room.” She had then raised her head and looked toward King Edin. For whatever reason, she felt sorry to leave him on his lonesome. “...We’re finished with dinner. We’ll see you soon, father.” She added before turning to head upstairs. King Edin glanced their way and waved them off, finally standing up himself.

Wulfric was led upstairs to her bedroom, where they were greeted by a loud squawk. In the center of the round feminine bedroom perched a falcon, seated comfortably on her jewelry stand.

“That’s Thara.” Anastasia immediately explained as she closed the door. “Pretty girl, isn’t she?”

Wulfric was immediately distracted by the falcon. “A beauty…” he affirmed. There was a restrained, quiet marvel in his tone and expression. Though he kept several birds of prey in their royal mews, he did not interact with them on a daily basis. That, and he always enjoyed meeting a new one. Cautiously, he drew closer to the bird, observing its reaction.

“Thara,” he called out to it softly. It seemed content, preening its feathers. From the dishes that had been set out for it, he picked a piece of raw meat, offering a treat to the bird. For a moment, the falcon simply stared at him, but after fluffing its feathers, it obliged, and gently snapped it up.

Clicking his tongue, he extended a palm towards it slowly, though he was ready to withdraw it in case of an aggressive reaction. However, the creature was both tame and friendly, and allowed itself to be pet by a stranger even without its owner present. “Good girl,” he complimented with a tiny smile as he trailed his hand along its feathers.

“Whose is she?” he asked curiously as he stepped away, and found a seat for himself.

Anastasia had stepped forward behind him, her eyes on him. She smiled to herself upon seeing his. “Farim sent her to me for a visit. If you recall, he is visiting from the Alidasht.”

At her sister’s answer, he nodded, and returned to their previous line of conversation with a more serious expression. “Being kind and trusting are good traits Anastasia,” she could hear a ‘but’ coming. “Traits which certain individuals will happily take advantage of. People have all sorts of potential…both for ‘good’ and for ‘evil’. I believe it prudent to recognize both.” Though he was personally a proponent of the adage that it was better safe than sorry.

“Now, I do not know Ezra,” he admitted. “However…Have you ever felt about someone that they are simply off somehow?”

Anastasia shuffled her feet. She certainly had on many occasions, but she had also ignored the feeling. Sometimes it had been because she wanted to give people the benefit of the doubt, other times it had simply been because she didn’t care. “...I have.” She answered softly nonetheless, opting not to give further context.

Wulfric quirked up a brow. So she did have some sort of a danger sense. “And?” he prompted, urging her to elaborate.

She was hesitant to answer. “I guess I ignore it sometimes…I assume I don’t have the best judgment based on my track record… It doesn’t help that I’ve screwed up a lot today.” She admitted sheepishly. Anastasia had never been comfortable opening up. She paced in her spot for a moment before sitting down on the edge of her bed. “When you feel that way, do you end up right?”

“Ignore…?” Wulfric frowned. “Sister, there is a reason we have these instincts. Their function is to protect us.” This was a notion he hoped to imprint upon her. “As for mine, they are fairly well-honed. I am usually right,” he asserted. “Though, I have been wrong before. Both to trust, and to doubt.” He paused. “Being wrong about trusting someone tends to be more,” painful, “harmful.”

He tapped his fingers against his leg as he considered how to address her other remark. “I do not frankly know what your judgment of the present situation is. If you want to know mine, I would caution that this so-called friend of yours - Marek - is not to be trusted.

Anastasia knew his advice made sense. It was better safe than sorry when it came to such a matter. The problem was that the princess never quite lived her life with much regard for the consequences for herself.

As for Wulfric, it was different. He was so important to the kingdom and his people. Everything he did mattered. Though a heavy burden without a doubt, she wondered what it was like to feel as if one’s life truly mattered.

Her thoughts were cut through like a knife at the mention of Marek. She stiffened as she considered his words. “I don’t know about Marek.” Anastasia admitted both to herself and her brother.

“He’s been our friend for a long time and I’ve never seen him ever try to hurt anyone… When I saw what had happened to Zarai, I felt confused and angry. …But I didn’t want to send him to his death without knowing for sure.” She met Wulfric’s eyes, her tone etched with sadness. “I need to know for sure before our parents hurt him… If it wasn’t him, then it’s not fair to do this to him…”

At that, her brother’s expression hardened, his eyes narrowing. Know for sure? he repeated, quiet but aggravated. “It was at his party where you were all drugged, your memories taken. His party where each and every one of you could have died. Where you had nearly died. Do you have any idea what states you all returned in?” Anger blazed in his gaze, and tension had gripped his whole body. He had leaned forward, expression stern and intent, fingers digging into the upholstery of his seat. Upon becoming aware of his agitation, however, he visibly took a moment to calm down.

“Besides, just what do you think the investigation is for?” he questioned, traces of frustration still remaining. “To find out precisely the what, how, and who. Yet you, while claiming you would like to know are acting in his protection. Your silence hinders our attempts to explore the lead we do have, Anastasia,” he told her seriously. “Do you think that fair?” he couldn’t help but wonder.

Wulfric then sighed. “I don’t expect you’ll tell me more about him. But think on this carefully. How many of the times that you were with him do you even remember? How would you know if he had or hadn’t done something? If last night hadn’t been the first occurrence, then when and what else? And if it had been, do you think it a coincidence? Or insignificant? That so many people were put at risk?”

He gave her a look of grave significance. “You call him your friend, but just how well do you truly know Marek Delronzo?”

Anastasia’s brows slowly furrowed. “I know him enough… Can’t you at least try to understand how I feel?” She finally argued defensively once space was available in the conversation.

She got to her feet once more and approached him with her hands on her hips, visibly frustrated, “Don’t you have friends, Wulfric? If your friend was being accused of something, wouldn’t you want to at least talk to them yourself before just throwing them to the wolves? Yeah, it was his party but for all I know someone else did that to us! I don’t remember, remember! I don’t have any info for your investigation.”

“What I understand…” Wulfric tilted his head and gazed at her calmly, “is that you do not agree with some official procedures, nor trust that the ‘right’ thing will be done unless you do something by yourself.” Just what did she expect to find out from her position of blind faith, however?

“Moments ago, you said it yourself; you don’t actually know about Marek. Yet it seems to me that all you want is reassurance that it wasn’t him.” What was worrying was that he knew perfectly well she was ready to act on that, and approach Delronzo by herself.

“If it were me, I would want to know the facts.” He gazed up at her, not feeling it necessary to stand up as well. “And there are some available already. Someone put Fletcher up to bringing you all to that party. The party where you were harmed. Yet, none of you remember any of it. Your memories cut off precisely before arriving at that location. When you were retrieved, your states were critical, but there was nothing to see there anymore. Because the evidence had been disappeared,”he layed out the events.

“Don’t you see how convenient this all is for him? The very man responsible for the event?”

Her eyes had begun to brim with tears at the mention of Darryn. She felt as if everyone had spoken down to her like she was an imbecile today: Darryn, Wulfric, and even Callum, who usually was on her side. Anastasia could not help but wonder if her words would always fall empty on the ears of others.

“If the responsibility falls on me to give up a man’s name to our parents, people who had Darryn tortured this morning, then yes, I do want to find out the facts first. I want to know everything for certain… I care about these people, Wulfric…” Anastasia ran a hand through her hair stressfully and then looked upon her brother again after a shaky exhale.

Witnessing her distress, he took the time to think about this one. “So do I.” The assertion was solemn. Their ways of caring and their viewpoints were entirely different. But perhaps, if he offered her a concession he hadn’t to Callum, they could find common ground?

“I don’t want to fight with you too, Wulfric… I’ve fought with both Darryn, who’s lost his mind, and then Callum, and now Callum basically hates me because he thinks I gave you Marek’s name. I promised him I would talk to Marek tonight and now I am giving you a promise too.”

At the mention of Fletcher and Callum, Wulfric blinked in surprise. However, he focused on what his sister wanted to tell him presently.

Anastasia moved closer to him, her tone pleading and weary, “Please just give me tonight to see if I can find anything out...Then tomorrow I will give up everything I know about him. I promise.”

What if you can’t? What if she was silenced? But he knew that regardless of what he said or did, she would go.

A deeply conflicted expression set in. After a long moment of silence, he finally stood up. “Fine,” he gave in unhappily. Her brows lifted in surprise at his words.

He stepped closer, and settled his palms upon her shoulders. “But I will set some people on you - covertly - for your protection.” This was a condition he wouldn’t relent on. “Please do not attempt to seek them out, nor to avoid them.” If she was this set out on acting as the proverbial ‘bait’, then at least it would be better if she had a fallback.

In a rare show of vulnerability, he enveloped her in a full hug. “I need you back safe,” he told her quietly. This was paramount.

He released her, though his touch lingered. “Alright?” he asked as he met her gaze.

“Oh… Okay, that’s fine.” Anastasia replied with hesitation. She was surprised that Wulfric was compromising with her. She had been certain he’d have given her more of a pushback on that one. Then he hugged her and she found herself even more surprised, both by the embrace itself and by what he had told her.

Anastasia tensed up for a split second, unsure of how to react, but then his words registered. She gradually relaxed and wrapped her arms around him, returning the embrace. “I promise I will… You’ll always have me, Wulfric.”

I hope so. He reached out to gently brush back her hair, smoothing it down caringly. His expression was difficult to discern; besides the barely visible concern, there was very subtle melancholy there. With a heavy sigh, he sat back down. It appeared as if this all had taken much out of him.

She then asked after a pause, “…Who gave you and mother his name anyway?”

“The name…” he nodded slowly. He had a concern about revealing it right now, and he decided to be frank. “I fear Delronzo may have the means to make you tell him whatever he wants without you knowing.” He wouldn’t mention magic to her. Not…yet.

Anastasia was perplexed and did nothing to conceal so from her expression.

“So, once you’re back, I will tell you,” he promised. “Callum too,” he glanced at her. “I believe…I have an idea how he came to his unfortunate conclusion.”

He then leaned back into his seat, clearly in deep thought. His demeanour gradually shifted towards neutral, even businesslike, which was more usual for him. “I would also like for you to be openly escorted by one or two guards.” He paused to gauge her reaction. “They should remain by your side throughout the visit. If your friend is reasonable,” or if he wanted to act that way, “he will understand that we are concerned for your safety.”

He gave her the time to opine, but she merely nodded.

“While you are visiting, do your utmost to be careful. Don’t carelessly accept anything,” he warned. “Even if he regains your trust, do not agree to be alone with him, not even for a moment. Be cautious of any future potential meetings as well.”

He tapped a finger against his knee, and gave her a serious look. “If anything feels amiss, even slightly, listen to your instincts, and trust them.”

Anastasia had nodded to each and every statement, though her nods grew less enthusiastic and more weary as he had droned on.

Once they’ve discussed the safety procedures, Wulfric decided to address a somewhat related topic. “Mind telling me about Fletcher?”

“I found him outside and well, he was not happy.” Anastasia decided to make up for her lack of information to tell about Marek, she proceeded to recount her conversation with Darryn, giving him most of the details. She left out the little gift he had left with her, unsurprisingly. Her tone was guilt-ridden and the conversation was reiterated in a manner that revealed her view that he was a victim and she agreed with what he had said. “...Then he left me on my own…He’s never gotten angry like that. I felt so horrible about it.”

Wulfric’s expression had darkened as she had recounted their meeting.

That’s what I get for letting a traitor live.

In one brief instant, a strong murderous intent flared up. It was akin to the split second in which an ambush predator made their appearance, aiming for the kill. But then, Thara made a distressed sound, and had puffed up comically, so Wulfric reigned it in.

Easy. He took a deep and slow breath, exhaling just as carefully. Even if the utter scum did not deserve it, the prince had promised his life to Callum. Besides, even as a part of his mind whispered that they didn’t have to know, he realized his siblings would be upset for him to die. Unfortunately, Anastasia too was much too much sympathetic in regards to Fletcher.

“No doubt he has been fed strange substances too. Emotional instability like that is one of the signs of drug abuse,” he said cooly. He felt like ‘drugs’ might become his go-to euphemism for magic, but what he said was true too. Her eyes averted at that statement.

“Besides, he was the one using you, Anastasia, not the other way around. He knew perfectly well what he was doing when he drove you to that party.” At the very least, he would have known the dangers of bringing royalty anywhere dubious, even more so when it’d been on someone else’s orders.

“I know maybe he’s not the person I thought he was, but I feel guilty for my part… But I guess all I can do now is try to be a better person… I just hope he’ll be okay.” Anastasia replied to Wulfric and rubbed her arm with worry. After a moment, she gestured to the bird. “Well, I suppose I better go give Farim his bird back…He invited me to that dinner anyway… Don’t suppose you wanted to come crash it with me?”

Wulfric shook his head at that last question, though he smiled faintly. Anastasia did seem to be feeling a tad better. “Do you know where he might have gone?” he questioned in regards to the stableboy.

“He went south from Alibeth Avenue... I don’t know where he was going.”

He then confirmed when she intended to visit Delronzo. “I suppose you have some time then. I recommend keeping your dinner crashing short, so you can get some rest. It would be best if you were in top form for that meeting.” She had struck him as quite tired, after all.

Having concluded their chat, Wulfric stood up to leave. He approached Anastasia before departing, however, and laid an arm across her shoulders. “I shan’t oppose your determination to change for the better, as I find it admirable. But don’t believe someone’s malicious opinion about you so easily. You aren’t a bad person, sister.” He could have found countless reasons to refute each and every one of Fletcher’s statements she’d relayed as being bothered by, but he hoped his gaze told her all.

Anastasia smiled genuinely at his words.

“Well, why don’t you go show them all?” he smirked, clapped her back, then took his leave.

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Time: 6pm
Location: Guest Dining Room

Attire: Her dress
@Rodiak Nahir, @13org Mayet, @Lava Alckon Farim, @Helo Leo. @princess Charlotte, @FunnyGuy Lorenzo @Inertia Auguste, Ariella@Tpartywithzombi Nahir @Rodiak

Layla glared towards Charlotte. What could she possibly have to say? The stupid girl would have been wise to hang her head in shame as always. It was obvious as she spoke that she was still a shaking little mouse and could not ever hope to stand as strong a woman as the Alidasht women. She did little to hold back sounds of restrained laughter as the girl proclaimed her pride in her moron of a father. Layla could not believe she even had the nerve to look at Mayet and her and speak. She simply narrowed her eyes at Charlotte once they met hers.

Apparently, the vampiric doll had the nerve and turned to talk down to her uncle. The way she had spoken to him reminded her of one reprimanding a child. Layla felt fury rise in her and she looked at Mayet in disbelief. It was clear from the look on Mayet’s face that the feeling was shared.

"I think you aren't well aware of how serious your father's offense was against us, both on the welcoming ball and now, Lady Charlotte. For you to speak about decorum, civility and respect after everything your father has done towards us is laughable, to say the least. I will warn you and your father one last time..."

"Do not try my patience."

”And don’t you dare ever look at Mayet like that again.” Layla added ferociously.

Hafiz responded accordingly and with cunning. Layla was not a stranger to her uncle’s manipulative tactics. Though perhaps there had been a split second of sympathy, it was more fun to watch it directed toward someone other than herself. Due to the subtle threat toward Charlotte that went over his head, it didn’t seem as if he was intelligent enough to notice. Layla decided she couldn’t blame him for that, because from what she understood, she wasn’t even his real daughter.

Then, Duke Lorenzo was stupid enough to keep trying his luck with the Grand Vizier. Layla wondered if he had ever said anything remotely intelligent in his life. Somehow the Prince of Caesonia agreed with him, which was another bizarre story. Is everyone in this Kingdom on drugs?

Luckily, her father put a stop to the petty arguments and called for the food. Layla could not be bothered to be surprised that the duke thought hummus was whipped peanut butter. Furthermore, the notion of him leading grace was absurd. Thus, she turned to Mayet fondly. Her eyes sparkled with pride at her youngest sister. “Let’s start a new tradition. Idiots who cannot hold their tongues should lose them.” she whispered to Mayet, so the others couldn’t hear.

Then a burst of inspiration came from her. If they were to indulge in this ridiculous grace, she had other plans. Layla gazed up at Zilal and whispered to him and watched as he slithered off her chair. The snake disappeared onto the floor and under the table carefully to avoid people’s feet. Then, once he found Charlotte’s chair, he began to slither up the back of it silently until wrapping around by her head. Once he was positioned and the vampiric doll’s eyes were shut, he would unleash a loud, menacing hiss and then return quickly under the table and back to her side. Layla had learned the trick in her earlier life from Hafiz, so she knew he would also find it amusing.
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Interactions: @FunnyGuy Lorenzo @Rodiak Nahir @13org Mayet @Potter Layla @Helo Leo @Inertia Auguste @JJ Doe Riona @princess Charlotte @Lava Alckon Farim @Tpartywithzombi Lady Ariella @Infinite Cosmos Munir

The Sultan had initially chuckled at Lorenzo whilst Hafiz was openly staring with disbelief, wearing a grimace on his face. “Ah, Duke Vikena. The disc-shaped bread is called naan, then those are chicken kebabs…” He pointed to the chicken kebabs. “Those sticks are called skewers… Then that is not peanut butter, it is made of chickpeas. We called it hummus. Please enjoy and feel free to question what anything is….”

His attention was stolen by the young lady serving drinks. He noticed that one of his favorites, Lord Leo Smithwood, had not been given a drink and he snapped his fingers to get her attention. “Young miss… Please make sure Lord Smithwood gets something to drink and feel free to help yourself to some as well.”

“Ahem! With everyone here and the food ready to be devoured, I think it is a good time as any to say grace over the food served this evening. I am not sure if the Alidasht practice something similar but it is an old Caesonian tradition of giving humble thanks for our meal. I can lead it if you'd like your highness.”

The Sultan smiled and graced the Duke with a nod, but Hafiz was quick to speak up. “Perhaps…Someone else should say grace, brother.”

“Nonsense. We are here to get to know Duke Vikena formally. Let him speak.” Raif disagreed firmly, his tone carrying no opening for argument.

Hafiz scoffed lightly and folded his arms. With an eye roll and smirk, he turned to glance at Duke Vikena. “Very well. Surely you can say grace without being offensive.”

It was then a sudden hiss filled the room. Hafiz glanced beside him to see Layla’s snake on Charlotte. After how irksome the Vikena woman had been earlier, he could barely hide his delight. He covered his mouth to conceal a \ smile.

Meanwhile, the Sultan rose to his feet and shot Layla an intense glare. “Layla. I have observed your behavior tonight. To be quite truthful, I am constantly watching all of your behavior.” His gaze shifted to Munir then back to his daughters. “I have comments for later, good …and bad. “

The Sultan looked upon his eldest daughter with disappointment. “Though there are many things to be proud of you for… This is not one of them. “ Layla’s behavioral changes had not gone unnoticed by him and neither had the increased time she had spent with his brother. “Please fill your plate and take it to your room. The servants will ensure any additional food is brought to you, but I can no longer ignore your behavior. You must go. “

“Brother, with all due respect, why should Layla leave for her pet’s actions when it has been-”

Raif held up his hand to silence Hafiz, who closed his mouth.

It hurt to cast his daughter out in such a public and shameful way, especially as the eldest of his offspring, but he knew it was necessary. With a heavy heart, he watched as Layla left the room, hoping that she would eventually understand.

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Time: 6pm
Location: Guest house
Appearance:Dress, Hair style but red,

Ariella looked at the bottom of her glass as she realized she had finished the entire drink. Lifting her head and looking around the room began to sway slowly from left to right. Her vision warped as she tried to squint hoping it would somehow fix it. She leaned back in her chair, her hands fidgeting on her lap as she tried to hide this new feeling.

As she scanned the room she still couldn't help but think How are they all so freakishly beautiful...And even more so when they get angry* Ariella shifted in her seat as she started to fan herself with her hand. "Is it getting hot in here?" she asked with a panicked tone to her voice but it wasn't for the reason someone may think. She tried her best to listen to everything being said, but the room continued spinning, so she decided to focus on one painting across the room. Her eyes nearly tossed anchors into the spot on the wall.

All of a sudden her nose perked at the smell of all the amazing food. She drew her attention back to that realizing that the conversation had calmed ... for now. " Mmm! Whipped peanut butter " She said enthusiastically after Lorenzo's interpretation of the food before reaching for some herself. As Ariella took a bite of the hummus she paused for a moment as a frown appeared on her face. She struggled to swallow the dip, her face trying its best to hide her dislike of the taste.

She leaned over to Farim and whispered "That's not peanut butter"
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Location: Guest House Dining Room
Time: 6pm
Mentions: Ariella @Tpartywithzombi, Lorenzo @FunnyGuy, Charlotte @princess, Layla @Potter, Leo @Helo


Much occured in the short span of a few moments. Hafiz, to no one's surprised, managed to win the favor of the more .... passionate members of his family while also creeping out those who weren't particularly fond of him, Farim included. Yet even as that conversation began to settle, another stirred almost immediately as Leo's drinks appeared to be forgotten, Lorenzo offered to say grace, and Layla for some reason decided to just sick Zilal on one of the supposed 'guests of honor'. He began to see his cousins would do little to take that title with any degree of sincerity. The Sultan, in his usual calm and cool nature, swiftly dealt with the situation. He would be sure Layla would be quite furious and possibly even blame poor Charlotte for the actions of another.

As that last debacle settled down he couldn't help but notice the interesting reactions to his homelands food. "Ah yes, peanut butter." He couldn't help but have a sensible chuckle as he watched Lorenzo mislabel the common food item and Ariella take a heaping bite not realizing what it truly was. He motioned for a nearby servant to bring her a glass of water to wash it down with, and motioned towards some nearby celery that was on the table. "You wouldn't be the first to be surprised by this food. It's not normally served outside of our country. But to us its a rather simple delicacy!" He truly loved eating the varieties of foods the world had to offer. He had to stop himself from thinking of various other things to enjoy this hummus with before looking back to Ariella.

"If it is not to your liking, may I recommend the kebabs? It is nice to have both meat and vegetable ready to eat so close to one another without the need for any fancy utensils." He reached for a kebab, placing one onto his plate. He was about to start digging in when he remembered the request of the Duke. "Right! You said something about 'Grace'?" In my travels I have come across a few folks from here who typically performed some sort of ritual before eating. Some sort of religious purpose if I am not mistaken. At least that's all I heard, would you be willing to tell me more or perhaps demonstrate it for us?" Farim figured that if he simply moved along the conversation that there wouldn't be time for anyone to say any biting remarks or quips at each other, no matter how funny or clever they would be.

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L O C A T I O N : Sadie's Party
I N T E R A C T I O N S : Princess Sadie @Potter
M E N T I O N S : Drake Edwards @Lava Alckon

Sadie had a way with other people that Prince Felix admired. She could make anyone and everyone feel comfortable and at ease. Personally, it was not his way of doing things, but it worked beautifully with Sadie. The Prince was quite honored to have her as a sister.

When the letter arrived, he assumed privacy for the Princess, but she pulled him in close. His eyes narrowed as it continued down the letter. Who was this man? His eye glanced at Sadie and studied her reaction. The letter was written by a buffoon. Although, his words could not be closer to the truth.

Prince Felix sat quietly for a bit after rereading the letter once more. Alas, he decided to speak quietly into the Princess’ ear. “I doubt his honesty, as flattering as his letter may appear to be. I would only advise caution, dearest sister.”
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Time: 6pm
Location: Guest House Dining Room - Dinner with the Sultan
Interactions: Nahir @Rodiak, Layla @Potter, Charlotte @princess, Lorenzo @FunnyGuy, Munir @Infinite Cosmos, Leo @Helo, Sultan Raif Kadir @princess

Mayet was incredibly grateful for her father for deciding to serve the food. Not only just because she was looking forward to it, but because it was very effective in shutting up Lorenzo, who seemed to, even if momentarily, become distracted enough by the food to make any more blunders that could further enrage either Mayet herself or her family. But even with that, Lorenzo still seemed to find it quite... difficult to keep his thoughts and words to his own.

"It seems enjoying your food in silence isn't a custom he is acquainted with either..."
Mayet whispered back to Layla.

"Does he still think he is the 'guest of honor' for this banquet? I have never in my life met someone as tactless and incapable of reading the situation as him." Mayet said, whispering to Layla as she rolled her eyes, making no attempts to hide that she was speaking of Lorenzo, especially with how she was looking at him.

Just as Mayet finished saying that though, she noticed that Riona, as she moved to serve Lorenzo, said a few words that ended up making Lorenzo have quite a reaction. Even if Mayet wasn't able to hear what Riona had said, she had a sneaking suspicion that it wasn't something that Lorenzo appreciated that much.

The moment Riona approached her, to both serve her and laying down a bowl of water and some meat to Nala, Mayet let out an amused smile as she looked at Riona.

"You are... different from these people, aren't you? Not only the other servants, but the Caesonian nobles as well." Mayet said, looking to Riona almost as if she was studying her. While it was subtle, Riona would realize that she had earned Mayet's attention in a good way.

Nala sniffed Riona's hand as she put down the piece of meat for a moment, letting out a satisfied huff, before she started eating the food Riona offered her. For some reason, Nala felt a vaguely familiar scent coming from that woman. A scent similar to the noble that had offered her some food in the very first day she arrived at Caesonia with Mayet.

"Nala also seems to approve of you. Don't hesitate in approaching me in case you need something or want to tell me something." Mayet said with a smile, before she turned her attention to the ongoing situation once again.

"Shouldn't the feelings of appreciation and thanks for the food be given to the cooks instead?" Mayet asked to no one in particular, raising an eyebrow as she let out a sigh.

Even in an Alidasht dinner, Lorenzo still wished to push Caesonian traditions onto them... Such behavior was... curious to say the least. Perhaps even a subconscious tell of how Lorenzo saw the relationship between the two nations?

Regardless of what were her thoughts and despite the Grand Vizier's suggestion to let someone else saying the graces, the Sultan ended up allowing Lorenzo to do so, which made Mayet let out an discreet, but definitely noticeable sigh of annoyance.

Unfortunately, her father didn't seem to let Layla's previous comments and especially her little prank of making Zilal scare off Charlotte pass without voicing his dissatisfaction, ending up sending Layla to her room. Not only shaming her in the presence of the other guests but also denying her the opportunity of participating from the dinner.

Even though Mayet knew Layla could be very venomous with her words, she was still very hurt to see Layla being sent off like that. Besides, Mayet didn't think her small 'prank' was entirely uncalled for, seeing how the situation was developing regarding both Charlotte and her father.

Both Lorenzo and Charlotte would certainly notice a burning stare coming from Mayet as she waited for the former to say his 'graces'. Her attention was entirely upon them. Any reaction to the fact that her sister was sent away would have serious consequences for them. Despite Mayet not saying anything, her stare was more than enough of a warning.

"Please ask one of the servants to send my sister something sweet, of her liking, as a desert." Mayet said, in a low discreet tone as she called for one of the servants before she looked back to Lorenzo and Charlotte once again, watching their ever movement and every breath with a burning stare.
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Alden & Anastasia

Mentions:@Lava Alckon Farim @FunnyGuy Lorenzo @Inertia Auguste

In the dimly lit road, only being illuminated by the firework show that was being held a distance away, Alden was making his way towards the guest house. His mind was focused on one thing: to gather information, and to “stir the pot”, leading into his plans of destruction of the kingdom. There was nothing that could distract him from this moment.


When Alden had turned around, he’d see the blonde princess running toward him down the cobblestone path. She looked as she usually did, clad in a pink dress. However, there was one unusual detail that would have stuck out to him: the random falcon perched on her arm. She came to a halt in front of him, beaming. “I can’t believe you’re back after all these years! I thought you’d never come back!” The falcon on her shoulder echoed her sentiment with a caw.

What in the world?! Alden looked at the falcon with bewilderment, confusing him in the moment and making him lose his train of thought. He was glad to see the princess doing well, but was confused as to why such a bird was perched on her arm. With a confused and concerned look, Alden addressed the princess.

“Ana! It has been so long!” Alden had said with a puzzled look on his face. Normally, he is in control of his emotions, but this had thrown him off, a feeling he hasn’t expressed in a long time. It was as if reality somewhat broke inside him for a moment. He took a deep breath. “Umm, yes, it has been quite a while since we have seen each other. You have grown so much. And I see you became, umm, a tamer as well…?”

“Yes I know I can’t believe it. I thought I’d grow more but looks like I’m stuck with this height. “ Anastasia enthusiastically replied with a smile. “You look great though. You haven’t aged a day! Amazing! … As for the bird, this is my friend’s pet, Thara. He’s from the Alidasht and they all just carry around animals for some reason. I reckon it’s because they live in a dangerous desert filled with all kinds of fiends. “

“Even though you may be stuck with this height, you still stand tall as a princess of the kingdom.” His reply was as genuine as they come. He remembered always having a soft spot for the princess, and one of the few he actually cared for. He gripped his hand behind his back, feeling the ring underneath his glove. He’s glad he kept his memories now, but would things change in the future? He had wondered this at this moment. But then he recalled a word the princess had said. This… bird belongs to the Alidasht. Interesting…

“That truly is a remarkable bird, and shows your prowess as a figure of power by being entrusted with such a creature. You never cease to surprise me, even now.” . Alden gave a warm smile, with a sinister grin appearing in his subconscious. He had thought this could be more useful than it being weird.

She paused thoughtfully, considering his words. Finally, after a pause, she nodded with a smile, putting her hands on her hips with a show of confidence. “You know what. I am pretty great, aren’t I? Thanks for all that. I had a really bad day and I was not feeling so great about myself. “ Anastasia then added earnestly, “But I got very excited when I saw it was you out here. I was worried something had happened to you and you’d cross my mind often.”

“Well princess, my apologies that you had a bad day. Things such as this do happen from time to time. What is important to remember though is that what has happened is now in the past, and what you do tomorrow is what will matter. But best live in the moment, that's why they call in the present'' . Alden expressed his words as fruitfully as possible. He figured life with “your majesty” hadn’t been easy these past several years. But he was glad to see she is doing well, and still the same happy-go-lucky girl he had remembered. “So tell me Ana, what brings you out here on this wondrous night? I figured you would be enjoying the fireworks right now.”

“That’s some wise words you got there, but you listen here and you listen close.” Anastasia moved up to him and gave him a gentle punch in the arm. “If you disappear like that again, I’m gonna come drag you home myself.” She raised her brows as if it would intensify her “threat.”

A slight chuckle escaped through his smile. “I would be counting on that.”

After she felt her point was made, she regarded his question, “I am going to the guesthouse to bring Thara home and check out how the infamous dinner with Duke Lorenzo is going. Should be fun. Where are you off to? … Wait.” Anastasia paused to listen as a firework crackled above their heads. She turned on her heels and stared with awe as bright colors lit up the sky to their east. “I didn’t know this was happening!”

“Ha haha well yes, fireworks were on display tonight. Gorgeous sight, isn’t it?” . Anastasia and Alden viewed the fireworks going off together, lighting up the sky upon the rising moon. “You know, it’s actually quite a coincidence, I was off a dinner with the Alidasht right now…” Alden’s face turned a bit concerned for a second, realizing he might come face to face again with that idiot, someone he wanted to leave alone because he was trouble anywhere he was. “Wait, don’t tell me that's the one Lorenzo is at??”

“ Oh yeah he’s definitely there. That was Sultan’s mercy deal after he made everyone fall or whatever… I’m excited to see Duke Lorenzo. I haven’t spoken to him in like, more than a year! … I think he’s a dreamboat. “ Anastasia explained to Alden. “Nothing more attractive than a man with a sense of humor and a great mustache.”

Alden began to grow concerned about the princess at this moment. Surely she’s being sarcastic, right?”

She saw his expression and quickly clarified, ” Yeah, I know he’s too old for me, but I can adore from afar, right? I just like to look.”

Alden gave a smile, but had gritted his teeth hidden from her. Dear God…” Even though he did not expect these words to come out, they were still destined to go to this dinner now. Alden couldn’t help but to think how Lorenzo would single-handedly bring the downfall of Caesonia. In fact, Alden was a bit jealous of this fact. At the very least he would be treated to dinner and a show. And he would make sure Anastasia would stay as far as possible from this man as well. Her words definitely caused concern in his mind. But he still needed to watch and talk to Auguste; hopefully he will get the chance.

“Well then, my dear, shall we walk together?” . Alden held out his arm so that she may grab it, while being cautious of the falcon on her other arm.

Anastasia smiled and looped her arm in his, “Heck yes!”

Anastasia, Alden, and Thara then made their way together to the dinner, while observing the fireworks overhead. Alden smirked at the thought of what they were going to encounter, and what kind of trouble would come to the kingdom after.

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Time: 6pm
Location: Vikena Estate
Mention: @FunnyGuy Lorenzo @Rodiak Nahir @13org Mayet @Potter Layla @Helo Leo @Inertia Auguste @JJ Doe Riona @Lava Alckon Farim @Tpartywithzombi Lady Ariella @Infinite Cosmos Munir
Attire:Bun, Dress, Gold haircomb

Mayet’s words distressed Charlotte greatly, but since speaking further would not be in her favor, she did the next best thing and did little to acknowledge her. It infuriated her that Hafiz could freely insult Lorenzo while defending himself was deemed unacceptable. Charlotte averted her gaze from Mayet's penetrating stare and deliberately avoided making eye contact with both her and Layla.

The patronizing manner in which Mayet spoke to her as if she were a misbehaving child for daring to request basic kindness, deeply bothered Charlotte. It was evident that Mayet and she were not on good terms at that moment, which would likely pose a problem later when Charlotte intended to discuss Mayet’s recollections of the party. After listening to Calbert twist his words in and out as if he were tying a lace, it was easy enough for her to pick up on the same manipulative behavior from Hafiz.

Perhaps Caesonia and Alidasht were not all that different, much to the entire room’s displeasure. She forced a polite smile when acknowledged by the Grand Vizier, but made no comment even when he had sat beside her. She glanced down at her lap, becoming finally aware of her trembling hands in her lap. A profound sense of déjà vu enveloped her, as her mind conjured the haunting imitation of her mother's voice, evoking memories of a past encounter that mirrored the present situation.

” You must diligently conceal any fear in the presence of others. Once they discern even a hint of vulnerability, they shall exploit it without hesitation.”

Charlotte pressed her nails into the fabric of her dress to try to steady herself, barely glancing up even when the food had been brought in. The sounds of food and her father requesting to say grace were all dimly heard in the back of her mind, but she had not budged from her position, not even reaching for food.

It’s going to be like this the entire season…It was only a chair within the first few minutes. What will be next? Will the manner we eat cause an uproar? If we survive this time without creating a rift between our kingdoms, then what are the odds we survive the next?

The weight of the entire day pressed upon her like an insurmountable boulder. From the altercation at the park, Kazumin and Persephone’s situation, to the disheartening revelation about Lorenzo's condition as conveyed by Wulfric, and further witnessing undeniable proof of it firsthand... There seemed to be no relief for Charlotte, no space to catch her breath. It was as if the universe took pleasure in taunting her once again, as she suddenly became aware of an eerie sensation wrapping around her head. Before she could fully comprehend the situation, darkness engulfed her vision, accompanied by a piercing hiss that filled her ear. Her anxiety, already on the rise, surged, causing her to gasp in fear. In a reflexive motion, she attempted to grasp at the presence on her face, but it vanished before her hand could even reach it.

She rose up to her feet and looked around, only to find the rest of the table staring at her. A frown etched across her face and cautiously lowered herself back into the seat. Her heart pounded forcefully against her rib cage. Charlotte turned to Leo and leaned in, whispering softly into his ear, her voice tinged with vulnerability, "...I'm uncertain if I can endure this... Should I excuse myself momentarily or would that make it worse?" Unaccustomed to revealing her weaknesses, she fought against the welling emotions that threatened to overwhelm her. She knew all too well that shedding tears would be the last thing she should allow herself to do in this setting.

Before Leo could offer a response, the commanding voice of the Sultan resonated through the room, instantly capturing everyone's attention. Layla was chastised, then removed. Charlotte was unable to conceal a brief look of relief.
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Time: 6pm
Location: Sorian Park, Princess Sadie's picnic
Interactions: @Tpartywithzombi Violet @JJ Doe △△△ @Potter Sadie, @ReusableSword Roman, @Rodiak Mathias

Her name is Violet. It really is her.

"My name is John. Dr. John Williamson of the Varians."

Contained behind the friendly and polite greeting, his mind continued to run amok. He knew it was virtually impossible to medically revive someone. He knew it was possible to even heal from such an injury within a single night. He knew something weird was going on with some of the people around him. This made too little sense.

A metallic taste formed in his mouth. John barely was able to contain his panic as he took a gulp from the cup of water he had. Thankfully, the taste went away, or it was made up by his own mind.

'Why would anyone be dabbling in this? Don't they know how dangerous it is?'

Speaking from first-hand experience, this was looking very serious, even if people around him hadn't realized it yet. Maybe except for one individual.

"Oh yeah, now that we're both here, Lord Ravenwood. Is it alright if I can see you later tonight? There's something I want to discuss with you."

Two even...but that person John didn't have much trust in.

"Anyway. Hope you'll enjoy the picnic Lady Violet." John gave the lady a bow before excusing himself to a different area of the picnic, exchanging a glance with Count Fritz inbetween. He stopped by Sir Mathias and offered the man a cup of water.

"Good evening Sir Mathias." John greeted. "It's been a while, eh? How's your trip been so far? And Lukas too, how's he been doing?"
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Ríoghnach "Riona"
Time: 6PM
Location: Guest House Dining Room
Interaction(s): Mayet @13org; Leo @Helo; Charlotte & Raif @princess

Tension-laden seconds inched forward with an excruciating sluggishness. Riona found herself trapped in an anxious limbo, waiting for the pivotal juncture when the Shehzadi would expose her as Reohg Knock. To her great relief, those seconds glided past without incident, releasing her from the grip of anxiety that held her captive.

"You are... different from these people, aren't you? Not only the other servants, but the Caesonian nobles as well."

Was she? Riona’s gaze swept across the room, taking in each servant and Caesonian nobility until her eyes finally came to rest on Prince Auguste. The answer came to her effortlessly. “Hardly.” She murmured, “Sometimes I wish I was… then things might have played out differently.” She was as guilty as they were, and she knew her excuses of powerlessness and inopportune timing only went so far.

"Don't hesitate in approaching me in case you need something or want to tell me something."

When Shehzadi Mayet broached the idea of accompanying her back to Alidasht, Riona brushed it off as a passing fancy. It sounded like the sort of proposition people tossed around without thinking, much like the one Shahzade Munir made about sending his personal clothier to her. Such fleeting remarks were sparked by the thrill of finding something shiny new, only to be dropped and forgotten once the novelty lost its luster. For some reason, this time, Riona was still shiny enough for this Shehzadi to be willing to meet the maid outside of work.

"...in case you need something..." SNAP!

“Young miss,” the Sultan said, “Please make sure Lord Smithwood gets something to drink and feel free to help yourself to some as well.”

The maid dipped her head and pivoted on her heel. “Your tutelage,” she breathed, her voice a whisper that brushed against the air surrounding Shehzadi Mayet.

The cup placed in front of the Varian Lordling barely held enough beverage to moisten a parched throat. Nevertheless, Riona had given the man a drink as the Sultan requested. “Should you desire more,” she stared down at him with her dark eyes, “all you need to do is ask, milord.” She only broke eye contact because the jolt from his neighbor forced her to redirect her attention.

Lady Charlotte sprang upright from her seat, on the verge of tears and ready to run out the doors. Lost in her distress, she didn’t realize that Riona could hear her say, "...I'm uncertain if I can endure this... Should I excuse myself momentarily or would that make it worse?"

Visions of the ebony-haired child crying in a dim room, far away from the adults, flashed across her mind. His body convulsed uncontrollably while he swallowed his sobs, desperate to remain unheard. Ríoghnach’s tiny hands rubbed his trembling back as she told him what her parents told her. “It’s okay to run to fight another day.” Riona didn’t realize she spoke aloud as she knelt down to press a handkerchief into Lady Charlotte’s hands. “A tactical retreat holds merit, My Lady.”

She performed a slight bow and stepped back just in time to catch a glimpse of Shehzadi Layla’s facial expression. Riona frowned in thought, her fingers rubbing the brooch adorning her neck. She then resumed her retreat to the sequestered corner, where the rest of the servants huddled together.

After dumping an assortment of random ingredients available into a tinted bottle, Riona gave it a good shake. For extra measure, she labeled it so that it wouldn’t get mixed up with any other bottle. Satisfied with her clandestine creation, the maid faced her fellow servants. “If Lord Smithwood doesn’t say ‘please’ when he orders refreshments, serve him this, will you?” The servants gave her puzzled looks. “It’s code.” Riona said, which elicited a chorus of whispered ahhs and nods of understanding.

“If he complains, just say it was me. I sometimes forget what the secret word and drink of the day are.”
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G U E S T H O U S E 6 : 0 0

I N T E R A C T I O N S :
everyone at dinner

M E N T I O N S :

Nahir had had her handful of dramatic dinners. From small disagreements about the food to full-out arguments over mistresses, and politics, to family feuds and the occasional assassination attempt. While nothing would top the attempted assassination of the ambassador of Catalonia, this would forever be her favorite.

Nahir tried to catch the eyes of Charlotte across from the table, hoping to offer a sympathetic smile instead of the pity she felt for the woman for the words that were being said around her. No daughter deserved to be in such a position; to hear the flaws and faults of the person that cared for you in public and from strangers nonetheless. Humiliating. But the young lady had different plans.

The words that were spoken from Charlotte’s mouth, and the intensity in her eyes as she defended her stepfather made Nahir’s lips pull into a slight smirk. A brave woman, she decided as she sipped the drink that had been placed before her. To stand up against her uncle, and before a den of lions and a laughing hyena was truly admirable.

And to actually get results!

Unfortunately for Charlotte, Hafiz sat directly by her side. You win some, you lose some, Nahir supposed.

“Being second isn’t a bad thing, vizier. It’s almost as good at being first like the Sultan.”

Nahir pressed her fingertips against her lips, holding back a giggle at the light gab. And then, as the cherry on top, Prince Auguste agreed. She coughed lightly into her napkin, looking to the side to Layla wondering if she find all of this nonsense just as amusing as she did but the Sultan spoke before she could say anything.

"...I'm famished. Farim is famished. Let's begin the first course, shall we?"

Nahir nodded, smiling towards her father as she folded her hands on her lap and waited patiently for the food to be presented. She thought this would be the end of it, until the youngest daughter spoke and brought them back to the same topic of conversation.

"Do not try my patience." Mayet had said, and Nahir had to fight the urge to roll her eyes. As if your patience isn’t the size of my thumb, sister.

"Sometimes, harsh words can teach more and be more helpful for one's growth than kindness and sympathy."

Although Nahir agreed with those words, she thought that mixing harsh words with public ridicule and humiliation did more harm than good. There was always a time and place for such words, and out in the public were not it. Still, Lorenzo seemed to be adjusting– somewhat– into his spot on the table and suggested saying grace.

Nahir hoped this wasn’t the end of the fun, and just in queue, the unmistakable hiss from Zilal filled the room. She glance to her side expecting to see the snake on Layla’s shoulders but instead found it on Charlotte before it slithered away.

“Layla–!” Nahir had tried, but their father interrupted whatever she had to say to stand and glare down at her sister. Even if not directed at her, Nahir could feel the weight and intensity of their father’s glare.

Did Nahir feel bad for Layla? Somewhat. Layla deserved punishment for the cruel prank she had pulled, but dismissing her so publicly was just as cruel as the prank. Although, to witness the bruising of Layla’s ego in such a public space was enough to appease any protests Nahir had.

She glanced at her older sister, brows pulled together into a false look of worry. Layla did not want Nahir’s sympathy, that she was sure of.

“Brother, with all due respect, why should Layla leave for her pet’s actions when it has been-”

“Father–” But she was silenced too as Hafiz had.

“Make sure she gets dried dates.” Nahir said to the servant Mayet had instructed, “Shehzadi Layla likes them.”

In truth, Nahir did not have anything to say in Layla’s defense, nor would she have shared some if she did not know their father would silence her. Instead, she left it alone and turned her attention to Charlotte. Poor Charlotte, two days now she had been flung toward a beast that seemed determined to eat her and her stepfather alive.

What must their guest think of it all?
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Time: 6 p.m.
Location: Guest House
Interaction: @princess Hafiz, Raif, Charlotte, @Lava Alckon Farim, @Potter Layla, @13org Mayet, @Rodiak Nahir, @infinite cosmos Munir, @Helo Leo, @Tpartywithzombi Ariella, @JJ Doe Riona, and @Inertia Auguste

Lorenzo was completely unbothered during the brief discussion of whether or not he should be the one saying grace at the table this evening. This always happens hehehe. No one can ever decide who to choose to say the good word before dinner. Can't say I blame Hafiz and Mayet for trying to steal away my spotlight. And then the sultan made his decision. But it won't happen today! I'm the guest of honor after all. Ha!” He didn't even realize he was wearing the goofiest smile on his face.

Now with permission from Raif, Lorenzo was prepared to begin but a sudden hiss and a yelp from Charlotte drew his attention to his left. A single eyebrow raised in confusion as Charlotte was now standing up, yet the cobra was on the other side of the table. She didn't… did she?” Lorenzo's confused expression slowly morphed into one of contempt as his gaze remained glued to the serpent and its fancy little bowtie. The duke was somewhat torn as he realized Layla had used the well-dressed cobra to terrify his daughter. He hadn't been the biggest fan of snakes but the sight of the classic black adornment tied snuggly on Zilal was one of his personal highlights of the night.

Still, no one attacks Charlotte. A young woman who's done nothing wrong! This truly is a punishment, is it? Was this… He looked across the length of the table at Sultan Raif who was extremely aloof compared to the others. He wasn't hot-blooded like the rest of his family. Not speaking to be heard like his family or even like Edin but to bring forth action with his words. If this was a play, he was the director amongst turbulent actors. Was this all his intention all along? Lorenzo's remembrance of the conclusion of the previous night's blunder struck deeply at his thoughts.

“Duke Lorenzo, you have humiliated myself and my family. This is something we do not take lightly and if this were in my court things would be ending very differently. We are not, however, so I must honor the court we are in. That being said, this is the judgment I pass on to you. While my family resides here in Caesonia, you shall come to the castle once a week…And you shall have dinner with my family and I.”

Coincidentally, at that very moment, Raif spoke, addressing and scolding his children. Not only that, he sent Layla to her room as if she were a disobedient child. He watched as she departed, surprised the woman had been sent away for her actions. And he thought these royals were untouchable within the confines of this space. He was just about to give Charlotte a look of assurance that everything would be fine but her eyes were looking across the table at none other than Mayet who was at the moment gazing directly at him.

Is she staring at me? And did she say something about having patients? A doctor and a princess all in one, huh? Lorenzo awkwardly turned to look behind himself to see if there was anyone else she'd be staring at in such a way but there was no one there. Again he met her gaze. It was a look he recognized far too well, especially during this past year while he resided with Veirmont. A look that could break a man's spirit and intimidate him into a state of freeze. He felt an unexpected wave of heat across his body as he took a shallow yet deliberate breath. With the most stoicism he could muster up, Lorenzo presented Mayet with a single nod before addressing the table.

“Just one moment, Raif. I need to sort something out very quickly. It's very important, my friend,” Lorenzo grinned before he leaned to his right to whisper to Farim.

“Sorry to interrupt but your cousin. Mayet. She's making eyes at me in an intense thirsting manner and I… Actually, I'll just address it.”

“Ahem. Raif, I humbly apologize for the sidebar conversation and for making you wait on your well-prepared feast but there is something I must address and it cannot wait. I have come here as a guest of honor but also to repair the damage I have done to you, your family, and your culture. Leading with that, I want to express that I do not intend on courting, wedding, or bedding any of your daughters this season. Normally, I wouldn't state such a thing but Shezadi Mayet has been rather obvious with the type of eye contact she has been giving me. So, I must humbly decline her advances. You see, she is very beautiful but she's about Charlotte's age, a cat person… No offense Lottie But- Nevermind. And lastly, I don't believe I'm quite in the courting spirit as I am still grieving my late wife Emina. It just wouldn't work. But, I do have an olive branch I am willing to extend…” Lorenzo's stomach suddenly grumbled with hunger.

“BUT that can wait! I think grace is in order. Uh, everyone, join hands. Come on, don't be shy. ” He surprisingly grasped Hafiz's hand with an almost unnatural accuracy and swiftness. “Now bow your heads in silence while I give thanks.” Lorenzo smiled with glee as he shut his and bowed his head. Shit! I know how to do a combined Caesonia-Varian grace but I don't know what the Alidasht people worship!

“Eh… Gods of Eromora, we of three peoples of three kingdoms are harmoniously joined here in your everlasting presence to give thanks for the sustenance you have provided us this evening. Gods of beasts and hunting have given us the means to use the creatures of our land, skies, and seas to fill our vessels. Gods of harvest grant us the means to take in the nutrients of Eromora's produce, grains, and spices. We ask that this meal be blessed with benevolence and for any gods of mischief, deceit, and death to stay your hand from this gathering of men and women seeking to find at least a semblance of unity amongst us as we pray and eat together this evening. We ask that you bring fortune and good health to not only us but those who have prepared this meal as their fingertips tingle with the touch of the Gods of creation. Just as you shaped and brought forth the life we now experience, the cooks and servers in this room created this moment where representatives of three kingdoms share a warm delicious meal. Allow fortune to find us all in the good that we do and love for those who seek to find their other half for as grand as your love is for us, it will never be enough… And I must not forget. Please forgive Shehzadi Layla Kadir and her snake as they do not deserve punishment but instead your guiding hands to place her on a more virtuous path. Again we, the Caesonian, the Alidasht, and the Varians give humble thanks to the gods we worship and revere. Amen.” Lorenzo finally lifted his head cheerfully, opening his eyes that let loose streams of tears as he was so moved by his own words.

“W-we can eat now.” He said with his voice slightly cracking at the end.

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Lord Leo Smithwood

Time: 6 pm
Location: Guest House; Dining Room
Interactions: Charlotte@Princess, Mayet@13org,
Mentions: Lorenzo@FunnyGuy, Layla@Potter, Sultan Raif@princess, Riona@JJ Doe

Leo, despite attempts to keep a neutral expression, held a glare in his eyes as Riona served the big cat while his glass remained empty. The chair incident could have been written off as incompetence, but this, like her actions this morning, was clearly deliberate. Once again the question of why dragged its way across his mind like nails scraping down a chalkboard. Additionally irritating because such a mystery was hardly worth his time. With curiosity killing him as if he were the metaphorical cat and satisfaction remaining out of reach, he intended to simply snap his fingers and glance at the empty glass but the Sultan rectified the situation almost immediately.

Now about half the table seemed to argue about who was to say grace and the Sultan gave the final word on this as well. This entire dinner did much to show how grand a leader the Sultan was as his words effortlessly held commands. As Shehzadi Layla sent her cobra to frighten Charlotte, the Sultan quickly banished his own daughter. There was no preferential treatment at the Sultan's table; family and guests alike were simply judged by the respect they showed. This was a good sign.

"...I'm uncertain if I can endure this... Should I excuse myself momentarily or would that make it worse?"

Leaving would be a mistake; a predator is bound to pounce the moment it sees weakness in its prey; this was not the place to be seen as easy prey. So when he heard Riona speak to Charlotte he’d just barely managed to stop an eye roll at what he deemed to be ruinous advice. Leo had waited until Sultan Raif had finished speaking before answering her.

“I am certain that you can handle just about anything. You have shouldered worse and carried it with grace. The only person you need to win over tonight is the Sultan, and you are doing that.” Leo spoke in a whisper, leaning just close enough to Charlotte to be easily heard and with absolute certainty as if he were merely confirming the color of the sky.

Then came Lorenzo’s speech.

“Ahem. Raif, I humbly apologize for the sidebar conversation and for making you wait on your well-prepared feast,”

Leo gave a quiet breath of relief as Duke Lorenzo graciously offered a respectful apology.


Oh no. In a feat that Leo was almost sure only Lorenzo could accomplish he earnestly rejected Mayet’s, entirely imagined on Lorenzo’s end, romantic interest in a way that was respectful in its words but outright insulting by its implications. The poor Duke continued with a very well-said grace, and Leo bowed his head respectfully while using the opportunity to gently reach for Lottie’s hand to hold as the meal’s grace was said. He also knew Mayet’s fiery response would be heard shortly. Nothing he’d seen so far suggested she’d just forgive and forget such a thing for the sake of a nice dinner.

“Shehzadi Mayet,” Leo bowed his head when he spoke her name, “might I ask, what I assume every Northerner must be thinking; how did you manage to gain such perfect trust with the radiant Nala.” Leo was absolutely sure of two things; that anyone with a pet, especially one that demand the sort of attention a tiger did, enjoyed speaking about their pet, and that the tale of how a bond was formed between a royal and tiger would be a more pleasant dinner conversation than anything else so far.

He went to drink from his glass and found only a meager sip of wine there. Riddiculous. Riona was quickly becoming more than a minor annoyance. He suspected this was some sort of ploy to make him look like a drunkard who needed his glass constantly refilled. Well, Leo was not going to be outsmarted by a servant so useless they could not even fill a glass. He elected to wait an appropriate amount of time before signaling for a different servant to refill his glass. A refill would be requested by a glance and gesture toward the glass, possibly a finger snap if needed to secure their attention, but without words. There were people far more worthy of his attention in the room after all.
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◆◆◆◆ "△△△" ◆◆◆◆◆◆
Location: Sorian Park
Interaction(s): Major General Lyra Carris @Blizz; Dr. John James Williamson @Conscripts; Lord Roman Ravenwood @ReusableSword; Lady Violet Damien @Tpartywithzombi; Sir Mathias Larsen/Lukas Larsen/Ms. Mary @Rodiak

A peculiar sensation tugged at the very essence of △△△’s being as his gaze collided with the woman with striking crimson eyes. At first, she paid him little mind, her attention consumed by Lady Damien, relegating △△△ to the periphery of her awareness. He would have remained an inconsequential figure had her focus not momentarily shifted.

Indifference dissolved into a dawning realization. Recognition danced with emotions he struggled to decipher in the depths of those red eyes. Though, it could have been a figment of his imagination. After all, he could not recall ever encountering this woman before. No matter how deep his mind groped for memories, he found no traces of her. Yet, there was an undeniable familiarity in the way she regarded him.

When △△△ failed to mirror her expression, the woman’s eyes burrowed deeper into him, searching, questioning.

On any other day, he would have offered a proper introduction to dispel any uncertainties. Unfortunately, since this was the one thing △△△ could not do without someone’s aid, he had no choice but to substitute the introduction with a friendly smile and a graceful bow.

"Oh yeah, now that we're both here, Lord Ravenwood. Is it alright if I can see you later tonight? There's something I want to discuss with you."

Dr. Williamson’s words drew △△△’s attention. The good doctor appeared markedly less inclined to conceal his suspicions of △△△, a departure from the guarded countenance he had worn during their last conversation at the Vikena Estate. Given the circumstances, △△△ understood his apprehension.

“What a coincidence! I too have something I wish to discuss with you, Lord Ravenwood. Could you spare me a moment of your time later as well? But for now…” He faced both Lord Ravenwood and Lady Damien. “Enjoy your time together.” △△△’s voice dropped a few octaves as he placed his hand over his heart. “Truly.”

Leaving the two nobles, the count trailed behind Dr. Williamson, ever mindful of his steps or breaching the bounds of the doctor’s line of sight. △△△ positioned himself in the man's shadow, then waved at the onlookers who noticed him. A finger pressed against his lips, silently asking them not to alert Dr. Williamson of his presence.

While the adults graciously complied, young Lukas bubbled with irrepressible giddiness. His smile spanned from one ear to the other, glee sparkled in his eyes. The boy’s restless form betrayed his eagerness to pounce △△△ as soon as the opportunity presented itself.
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Time: 6pm
Location: Guest House Dining Room - Dinner with the Sultan
Interactions: Nahir @Rodiak, Charlotte @princess, Lorenzo @FunnyGuy, Munir @Infinite Cosmos, Leo @Helo, Sultan Raif Kadir @princess

Mayet listened to Riona's reply with a curious expression. It wasn't the usual reply a servant would give to a noble, being careful to always flatter them and not offend them. But what did draw her attention the most was what Riona was about to ask of her, after Mayet offered to help her in case she needed to.

Not money, power or to make her into a noble...

“Your tutelage,”

Hearing that reply, Mayet couldn't help but let out a clearly satisfied expression, easily noticeable by Riona. She couldn't help but be quite curious about the reasons why Riona needed her tutelage and especially... how much was she willing and able to learn if she accepted.

"Definitely a request I was not expecting... Good answer. Ask for me once you are ready to meet me and we shall discuss further about your request." Mayet replied with a smile just as the maid turned away to continue with her duties.

Unfortunately, despite the small exchange of words with Riona being able to distract Mayet from the infuriating dinner with Lorenzo, as soon as the maid went away, Mayet's focus went back to what was currently going on and her mood immediately worsened as a result.

Despite knowing Lorenzo would come to that dinner, Mayet sincerely hoped that she would be able to enjoy some traditional Alidasht food prepared by the cooks her father brought from Alidasht... Unfortunately, it soon became clear she had greatly underestimated how much of a fool Lorenzo could be. Since the welcoming ball, that bumbling idiot had been offending and disrespecting them, only to be met with smiles and forgiveness. Even now, after the sultan was kind enough to give him a chance to redeem himself in a dinner, he dared to think he was some kind of guest of honor!

If that all wasn't already irritating enough, seeing Layla being sent to her room after giving only a small payback for the Vikenas' rudeness was infuriating. To make it even worse, both he and his daughter had the audacity to ask for hospitality and politeness, immediately after insulting the hosts of the dinner.

While Charlotte's look of relief once Layla was sent to her room did infuriate Mayet, she was at least smart enough to understand her stare and not react in an obvious manner or say anything. In a certain manner, Mayet couldn't help but feel sorry for Charlotte. It was quite clear that the girl went through a lot of issues... Many of which were either directly or indirectly caused by her foolish father. In the other hand, Mayet couldn't help but also to think of Charlotte of a fool for condoning her father's outrageous actions and words.

Unfortunately, much to Mayet's horror, Lorenzo would once again surprise Mayet. Unlike Charlotte, not only he seemed to not understand the message she wanted to send with her stare, but in his own arrogance, he had the gall to not only think, but outright say she was infatuated by him, going on and on about it for everyone to hear. With every outrageous, insulting word that came out of Lorenzo's mouth, the more Mayet's blood boiled.

Even though most of the people present at that dinner had seen how irritated Mayet got on the welcoming ball after what Lorenzo said and did, that scene paled in comparison to how furious Mayet was at this moment. Even those who were close to Mayet, such as her siblings, cousins or her father, had rarely ever seen her as angry as she was right now. To think the Sultan would sit idly and let someone humiliate them as much as Lorenzo did since they arrived on Caesonia was unbelievable. Not only he sat by and let Lorenzo make a fool out of them, but he went as far as sent Layla away to her own room despite everything Lorenzo did to them.

What was maybe even more frightening about Mayet's current state was how she simply stood completely silent as Lorenzo said that, her eyes fixated on him with a murderous look, almost as if trying to measure how much was that insignificant man capable of saying.

Still without saying a single word, just as Lorenzo started to say his graces, Mayet stood up. Both Lorenzo's words and even Leo's inquiry about her and Nala's bond were but a distant murmur for Mayet. The hatred in Mayet's eyes was more than enough warning that what was about to happen wouldn't be pretty.

Sensing Mayet's anger, Nala, who had finished eating the meat Riona had offered her, immediately stood up walking together with Mayet, staying close to her in case someone approached her.
Completely ignoring the graces being said by Lorenzo and not even acknowledging Leo's comment, Mayet simply walked towards one of the servants on the corner of the room, suddenly taking the sharp knife he was wielding to help cut and serve portions of food and immediately threw towards Lorenzo. The sound the knife made as it flew through the air and the noise it made as it pierced the chair he was sitting on, missing his neck by centimeters and going almost halfway through it, leaving half of the blade exposed in the back of the chair was enough to make it clear that it was throw with pure hatred, even if she intended it to miss.

Still without saying a single word, Mayet walked towards the wall, where two scimitars were being displayed as a decoration and swiftly unsheathed one of them as she began making her way towards Lorenzo, with her eyes still fixated on him.

"I have never once in my entire life met someone who had the audacity to even think to humiliate me like you have done repeatedly. Whether out of foolish bravery or ignorance." Mayet said, her voice coming out almost like a growl as she continued to slowly approach Lorenzo.

"I have given you more than enough chances to redeem yourself. Many times I overlooked your insults without punishing you for them, instead even offering words of wisdom... But no more. I grew tired of simply watching as you humiliate me and my family again and again and go unpunished." Mayet continued, her steps echoing through the dining room as she slowly walked around the table, getting closer and closer to Lorenzo as she continued speaking.

"I am truly sorry father, but I simply can't stand being quiet and seeing this insect insult, disrespect and humiliate us with impunity, despite our repeated warnings." Mayet said, looking towards the sultan, her stare making her feelings very clear to him regarding how he kept letting Lorenzo get away despite repeatedly insulting them.

"To think someone as insignificant as you can even find any reason to justify thinking so highly of yourself is simply incomprehensible. Is there even something for you to be proud of? What makes you think someone like me even cares about your insignificant existence? Is there even a reason for the pride and arrogance you so proudly flaunt around despite being utterly incompetent and ignorant? Or it is just a fruit of you being a foolish idiot, incapable of reading your surroundings and think for yourself, instead simply saying whatever you want without thinking about the consequences?" Mayet said, turning towards Lorenzo again, her eyes filled with hatred as she did so.

"To think you thought I felt anything for you other than contempt! There is a limit of how highly one can think of themselves and how arrogant they can be, Lorenzo. If that was a joke, I would even be tempted to laugh... Before cutting your tongue, that is." Mayet said with a twisted smirk as she continued approaching him.

"The only reason I can think of as to why you have gone unpunished for so long or even why you are still alive is out of mere pity for the sad excuse of a human being you are. The Caesonian nobles might tolerate your foolishness... Some may even find your antics amusing, but I do not." Mayet said, now only a few steps away from Lorenzo.

"What should I do with you, Lorenzo? Should I cut your tongue? Give you a nice scar for you to remember the consequences of insulting me? Tell me how should I punish you for everything you said and did so far?" she said, stopping just besides Lorenzo, with the blade of the scimitar touching his neck. Both her voice and her expression clearly showing that she wasn't bluffing at all.
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Location: Guest House Dining Room
Time: 6pm
Mentions: Ariella @Tpartywithzombi, Lorenzo @FunnyGuy, Charlotte @princess, Layla @Potter, Leo @Helo, Auguste @Inertia


The immediate sound of Farim's chair being pushed out was what all that filled the hall during the immediate silence of Mayet's display. While it was certainly in character, Farim had a few choice words to say to her, and he regretted it had to be in front of family and guests like this. His steps echoed across the room as he walked firmly yet briskly around the chair where Lorenzo sat. He stopped himself and calmly pulled the knife from the back of Lorenzo's chair. He walked around Mayet and placed the blade on the table gently, and turned around so he would face her. His arm reached out and two fingers gripped the flat edge of the blade, pulling it away from Lorenzo's neck. His expression, for the first time in some time, was unapproving. His mouth stretched into a frown on either side of his face, his eyes looked down at Mayet with a cold indifference that would only be mimicked by one other man in the room. This gaze was the same cold heartless stare that the Sultan's brother had perfected on Farim. A stare that seemed to permeate his now sour mood to the rest of the guest as he stood there for several seconds looking at Mayet. Farim then drew a very, VERY, slow breath before speaking.

"Are you quite finished?" His tone was ice, threatening to chill the very air as the words snuck from his mouth. It was very unlike Farim to behave like this, but the behavior and etiquette he had seen today had simply been too much for him to sit by and act his usual chipper self. For once he had to bring out the firm and dispassioante side of him that he would write off as being one of "genetic flaws". But here it would hopefully do him well to deliver the message he had for his dear cousin.

"Not just that. Do you know what it is you are doing?" He then let the sword hang in the air where she gripped it and moved his arms and hands behind him, taking a stance not unlike a parent scolding a child. "I don't think you do, cousin. Because if you did, you would realize just how folly it is to threaten death on a guest of the Sultan. To bring blades within an inch of his skin while the man sits in a table and chair made in his own country." He would stand his ground no matter how Mayet would react, because this dinner had gone far too off the rails to be simply and quietly obsolved of all misgivings and malcontent. Farim decided it was time to end this constant back and forth ego-fueled chicanery.

"You come to their country. Insult their people. Look down on their traditions. Speak nothing but thinly veiled insults under the guise of 'wisdom' and then threaten violence to them when they do the same? In front of an audience no less? Have you gone mad or are you simply looking for a reason to cause the worlds first international war? Or perhaps be thrown in the stockades for murder in a foreign land? If not either of those, do you think yourself above everyone here? That you can threaten violence in someone else's home and be waved off just being a 'spicy shehzadi'?" He figured the last line might be a bit silly, but it held a nugget of concern for his cousin. He didn't exactly want her to be disciplined for acting reckless in a precarious situation such as this. His tone and body language gave no clue to this currently, as he elected to keep his firm voice pointed in her direction as he said his peace.

"You have the gall. To use decorations on their own dining room to murder one of their nobles. Do you want to go ahead and surmise if someone had done that back in our country, Cousin Mayet? Think strongly now. How do you think they would react if the shoe was on the other foot? Did you consider that perhaps? In fact, there is no need to ponder! Look right there. The SON OF THE KING of the very land you are standing in right this second is right here at the dinner table with us. Would you like to ask him what he thinks on the matter? Or, even better, on what authority would you be able to carry out such an execution? I'm sure my questions are getting rather dull so allow me to paint the picture." His tone became sharp, like a bird of prey who could tell that danger was coming, yet chose to stand its ground. He knew Mayet would hate this next part, but it was precisely why she needed to hear it.

"The Sultan invited this man to have dinner with us for weeks. You did not make it one single day without letting your temper do the talking for you. How do you expect to rule a country when the tiniest slight against you means death on sight? You have no decorum, no patience, very little respect, and demand all of those things from others. That is unsightly, unfair, and undignified. Not to mention, you are completely stepping all over the Sultan's choice of guest, and actively voicing your disapproval- no - your HATRED of this man. Do you not trust his Radiance's plans or ideas? What do you think he would think if the person he invited to dinner was killed in hot-blooded anger right before his eyes. Tell me Mayet. Look at your father and tell me that's what he wants his children to do. Because I am willing to bet ALL THE GOLD IN MY VAULTS that he would very much NOT approve. I would highly suggest you return to your seat. I do not speak for his Radiance, but gods above I do not wish to see another cousin ejected from tonights proceedings before we even get to the main course."

With his intense display of words he walked back around the chair and bowed before the Sultan. "I am sorry for speaking out of turn, and if my choice of words were poor, then I pray I find better ones for the next time I speak so boldly." He pulled his chair back in and sat up staright, eyes locked onto Mayet for what she may decide to do next.
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Interactions: @FunnyGuy Lorenzo @Rodiak Nahir @13org Mayet @Helo Leo @Inertia Auguste @JJ Doe Riona @princess Charlotte @Lava Alckon Farim @Tpartywithzombi Lady Ariella @Infinite Cosmos Munir

(95% written by @Tae)

BAM! THUD! CRACK! The loud and forceful sounds reverberated across the room as Raif’s fists crashed down upon the solid surface of the table, impressively cracking that end. His chair toppled to the ground, drawing many eyes to him now as he stood there enraged. “THAT IS ENOUGH!” His voice was forceful and commanding, causing some of the servants and guards to jump. His eyes were fixated on his daughter, clear she had crossed the line and pushed her father too far.

“You’ve tried my patience, now I fear you all must see the man who won the title of Sultan. Not only have your actions disrespected me, Mayet, they also disrespect your country and they disrespect the memory of your mother. How disappointed she would be in your actions tonight. Please go to your room. Your weapons will be taken from you as long as you remain here henceforth. We will speak in private later.” Hafiz seemed to open his mouth to speak once more, but a quick glance from Raif shut him up quickly. This was the man who had fought and killed his siblings for the throne, the man all of Alidasht feared before he married the mother of his children. This was the man that would execute his own children if pushed that far.

“I cannot stand aside any longer as you and your siblings continue on thinking you’re untouchable. You cannot throw weapons or threaten others in their homeland.” His words were directed at her, but they pertained to all his children. The only one he didn’t entirely feel this way about was Nahir.

“And if the rest of my family have anything else to say about this matter, might I suggest you keep it to yourself..” He briefly glanced at Farim and then the rest of his family before the Sultan was now looking at Lorenzo.

“Duke Vikena, while I understand you may have felt uncomfortable and I greatly recognize that she has overreacted, if you feel something like that is occurring again then I implore you to approach me privately about it. Embarrassing my daughter with such nonsense is out of my question.” He glared at him momentarily, his eyes narrowed. “Do not speak of my daughters inappropriately. Mayet would never be interested in you in that way and you must know that deep down. Any attempt to embarrass my children will not be tolerated. That was that. The once patient man now held a serious and dangerous expression. His heart began to ache because he had to discipline his children so vehemently in public.

I am going to have to speak to Lorenzo after this dinner.
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S O R I A N P A R K , 6 : 0 0 P M

I N T E R A C T I O N S :
@Conscripts@JJ Doe

M E N T I O N S :

Mathias, far too busy with pillow stacking, did not approach the small group that had formed around Lady Violet. He had smiled her way, bowing his head in respect before Lukas ordered him to stack another pillow. Not five minutes prior, the boy had begged his father to build a pillow castle for Princess Sadie and Prince Felix; they were royals, and royals needed a castle. Mathias tried to say no, but the puppy eyes Lukas had given him rendered him helpless, and he finally caved in. As a result, Mathias was tasked as the builder, Mary the collector, and Lukas, the architect.

Mary, being Mary, was all too happy to help the boy with his quest to build the best pillow castle Caesonia had ever seen. She walked around, snatching unused pillows from the ground and dumping them on a pile next to Mathias.

They had already built the four walls of the castle that went up to Lukas’s height. It was quite sturdy, and the floor had been covered with more pillows to make it comfortable for the prince, princess, and Lukas.

“I.. I will… will be their k-knight!” Lukas had proclaimed as Mathias placed the last pillow on the last wall, securing the blanket roof.

“Of course, they’ll need protection from the dragon!” Mathias laughed, digging into the inner coat to pull out the stuffed toy sword. “Approach, Lukas. For I, Commander of Royal Guard shall knight you.” And so the boy was unofficially knighted by his father, and the toy sword gifted to him.

Lukas grinned and held his sword up high. Applause from Lady Zarai and her knight welcomed the new member into the ranks and the castle he’d protect from any dragon.

And then, the little knight saw it. The dragon! The smile on his face widened as he saw Fritz trailing behind the doctor. Lukas had to protect Mr. Doctor from the dragon at all costs. The doctor had always been nice to him,

"Good evening Sir Mathias… It's been a while, eh? How's your trip been so far? And Lukas too, how's he been doing?"

“Dr. Williamson,” Mathias stood from the ground where he had just knighted his son. He opened his mouth to say something else but was taken back to see Count Hendrix behind the good doctor from the corner of his eye. “Wha–” He swiftly caught himself before he could spoil the Count’s plan, “What a pleasant surprise. Quite a while, it is good to see you doctor. The trip was smooth, and it has been a pleasant stay so far.” Without Lord Larsen, everyone would enjoy their summer in Sorian. “How about you? I heard you were busy earlier today–”

Lukas sprinted to Count Fritz, sword raised over his head. “Get back, d..dragon!” He positioned himself between Fritz and Dr. Williamson, knees bent, and toy sword pointed up. The little knight was ready to take down the dragon.
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