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Attire: Formal attire.
Interaction(s): Everyone currently present at the Dinner. Riona @JJ Doe.
Mention(s): Wulfric Danrose @SilverPaw,

Auguste sat in silence as the dinner unfolded. Duke Lorenzo's words served to incense the rest of the participants. Auguste did not have the time to palliate Lorenzo's words. Layla had served a rather cruel prank to the nervous Charlotte. For him it was too much but the Sultan had already doled out his punishment and him pressing the issue would be fruitless. This brought up memories of his own private family dinners. This dinner was up there with some of the worst he has partook in.

Now Duke Lorenzo had accused one of the Shehzadi of giving him 'bedroom' eyes before giving grace. Auguste's neutral expression twitched at this comment. He now slightly understood his brother's point of Lorenzo's mouth being his downfall. Soon grace was said and Auguste could only join in it, respectfully lowering his own head.

What came next was a flurry of blades and threats. Auguste's chair scraped against the floor, his right hand hovered above his waistline to grasp at a missing hilt, he had not brought a blade to the dinner because he did not believe it to be needed. It appeared that he was mistaken. His expression was cold, adorned with a scowl. His friendly countenance gone, as if it had never existed. His expression mimicked his dear older brother Wulfric, a relatively rare event.

While he understood Shehzadi Mayet's feelings towards Duke Lorenzo's rather uncouth and plainly wrong observation, this was a bit too much. To draw your blade towards the nobility of the land you are currently a guest in... Auguste believed that to be too much. Even looking past everything else that occurred tonight, him staying silent on this matter would portray his kingdom's nobility and royalty to be weak by allowing physical threats towards them- even from important guests.

He listened to Farim's words and silently agreed with the man, noting his astute words and observations. Even if traditions were meant to be respected, there should be some allowance of failure since Duke Lorenzo did not hail from Alidasht. Even if his undignified words were seen as insults, to draw a blade in-front of him, who is currently acting as his family- the Danroses' representative was much too much. Even for him, it had crossed the line that if Shehzadi Mayet had no royalty, she likely would be put to the gallows.

Auguste listened to the Sultan's words and punishments. While he agreed with most of them, he personally believed that Shehzadi Mayet had gotten off much lighter than he expected.

Before saying anything he beckoned Riona over. “Riona, please step outside of the dinner room and tell the knights to stand down.” Auguste said with a low voice and a neutral tone. He was well aware and used to his mother's propensity for over-protection and sending knights to his dinners, but this time it did seem warranted. “Tell them it's a command from me, they will not step into this situation and escalate it any more than it has. Er- don't be surprised if they have already drawn their weapons.” Though unintentional, some sharp-eared individuals may have heard his words.

“... Sultan Raif Kadir.” Auguste finally spoke out sharply. “I understand that this is a dinner to make up for the Duke’s… misgivings in the entrance ceremony and that the rest of the Shehzadi are not too pleased with him, this whole event was a bit too much.”

“While I respect your decisive and magnanimous decisions, Shehzadi Mayet had taken it a step too far. I personally apologise for Duke Lorenzo’s words but drawing your blade and throwing daggers at Caesonian nobility in-front of me, representing the Danrose royalty. Her punishment is too light. There were many things I overlooked tonight, but this… I cannot.”

“I also understand you would dole out punishment for your own, please understand we are in Caesonian land. Under our laws, drawing your blade against another, especially that of nobility, carries a serious crime... The Law tends to not discriminate.” He looked deeply into the Sultan’s eyes, ascertaining his reaction. The very least he could do is not have his family stand for blatant threats directed at their own citizens.

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Time: 6pm
Location: Guesthouse
Mention: @FunnyGuy Lorenzo @Rodiak Nahir @13org Mayet @Potter Layla @Helo Leo @Inertia Auguste @JJ Doe Riona @Lava Alckon Farim @Tpartywithzombi Lady Ariella @Infinite Cosmos Munir
Attire:Bun, Dress, Gold haircomb

“It’s okay to run to fight another day.” Charlotte glanced over at the servant in surprise, a pretty dark-haired girl she recalled seeing prior. She had given a Charlotte a handkerchief, which she had accepted and turned to face her as an excuse to dab at her eyes. “A tactical retreat holds merit, My Lady.”

Recalling a past encounter, Charlotte struggled to recall the girl's name and finally, it clicked. With a warm smile, she softly uttered, "...Riona, right? Thank you. I won't forget your kindness."

Leo's words reached her ears next and she squeezed his hand. She took a deep breath. She was stronger than this.

At least.... She wanted to be.

"You're right. I just need to sit here and eat... Shouldn't be too difficult." Then Lorenzo spoke.

She instinctively reached for her wine glass, hoping to conceal the anxious expression etched on her face, and started sipping it slowly. However, as the topic shifted to Mayet, Charlotte's throat tightened, causing her to choke on her wine. Hastily, she placed the glass back on the table, coughing gently to regain her composure.

In a state of surprise and mild distress, Charlotte patted her chest with a closed fist and cast wide-eyed glances at her stepfather. Leaning closer over the table, she whispered in a hushed tone, "Lorenzo... You're embarrassing her. Apologize quickly please." Though Mayet wasn't her favorite person at the table, she would have been mortified in her shoes and she supposed perhaps being an adult man may have distanced Lorenzo from the viewpoint of how a young woman would feel being spoken about in such a manner so publicly, true or not. As someone who had been under Mayet's gaze, she could confirm it was anything but lust.

“BUT that can wait! I think grace is in order. Uh, everyone, join hands. Come on, don't be shy...Now bow your heads in silence while I give thanks..."

Charlotte wasn't sure if he had heard her over his own voice as he began a long speech once more. As he finally concluded, she realized she had inadvertently emptied her glass while fixating on its now vacant bottom. Casting a grateful glance at Leo for his attempt to redirect the conversation, she silently mouthed to him, her words tinged with remorse, "I'm so sorry." She couldn't help but wonder if bringing him to this event had been a mistake. Although he had managed to earn favor with Sultan and hopefully impress Nahir as well, she worried that the situation might have been too overwhelming for him.

Before she could check on him, Mayet reacted as if she had become a tiger herself. Her expression morphed into one of shock upon witnessing the fierce determination in the woman's eyes. As a knife was hurled through the air, Charlotte instinctively froze up. However, as Mayet advanced towards Lorenzo with a scimitar in hand, Charlotte's body surged with adrenaline, propelling her to rise from her seat, ready to tackle Mayet to the ground if necessary. A determined look adorned her face as she silently vowed, No. Not again. I refuse to lose my family again!

Fortunately, before Charlotte could take action, Farim swiftly intervened, diffusing the tension in the air. Charlotte's reaction was far from composed. Her body remained frozen in a standing position, forgetting the very act of sitting. Anger, fear, and a torrent of unresolved emotions surged through her, threatening to engulf her.

Lost in the darkness of her own thoughts, Charlotte found herself unable to comprehend or absorb any spoken words around her. It was as if her mind had erected a barrier. A blurry face filled her mind.

The jarring sound of fists colliding abruptly against the table shattered the grip of her inner turmoil, momentarily wrenching her attention back to the present.


The Sultan started speaking and Charlotte quickly sat down. She glanced over at Lorenzo, who seemed unharmed. Mayet was soon asked to leave, which she hoped she would as she wasn't sure if she could handle not strangling the girl at the moment. Subsequently, Prince Auguste let the Sultan know his displeasure as well as the weight her actions could carry.

Charlotte had nothing nice to say about that and instead started to push a falafel around her plate with her fork.
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Time: 6 p.m.
Location: Guest House
Interaction: @princess Hafiz, Raif, Charlotte, @Lava Alckon Farim, @Potter Layla, @13org Mayet, @Rodiak Nahir, @infinite cosmos Munir, @Helo Leo, @Tpartywithzombi Ariella, @JJ Doe Riona, and @Inertia Auguste

With the conclusion of grace…

Lorenzo had nearly cried
But remained dignified
Mayet sought to threat
Blade and neck had met
Lorenzo could have died

Or at least thought that's what would happen. The threat of a blade from Mayet was upon him yet again. Being two for two in a situation like this with the same individual almost marked the young princess as his reaper. He was silent and still, afraid that any sudden movement might further provoke her. He wondered why he had gone forth and embarrassed Mayet in such a way. He didn't intend for things to turn out like this but his words were his worst enemy, only second to his actions.

Mayet's intimidating presence had somehow dwarfed that of the deadly tiger that accompanied her. He could only think of one person he had enraged to this level, to the extent that he was sure they'd find pleasure in ending his life. Emina… The scars that decorated his face were not from war or any form of mutual combat. The intense stare, the unmoving lips, and eyebrows that furrowed so tightly, they threatened to touch the bridge of one's nose. There was no point speaking when a person became like this. They loathed everything about you, including your voice. Like a storm, they could not be reasoned with. Try demanding a storm to cease. Try to beg it for mercy. It will destroy you just the same. The best thing he could do now was patiently wait for it to die down and endure what was in store in the meantime.

The voice of Farim broke through the silence as the young man moved to de-escalate the situation. And though Lorenzo was grateful and slightly relieved, he remained silent. His hand slowly reached the nearest reprieve from the massive pressure he was feeling. One wrong word could put his life in danger once more. One more wrong word could have another Alidasht at his neck. He needed to grab hold of something that could rescue him from this dilemma.

Lorenzo felt as if the entire room had slowed with the attention of eyes off him and on Mayet and her cousin for the moment. He had to get it he had to save himself! The moment his fingers touched what he was aiming to grab off the table, he grabbed into his hand without hesitation. It wasn't perfect, but it was the closest thing he could get his hands on. And even if he weren't saved by it, at least he'd be satisfied. Not only would he have attempted to help himself but also his rumbling belly. The disc-shaped naan he acquired was pulled back towards him and with a careful movement, he brought it to his mouth. The bite he took was especially big, more than enough to stuff his mouth and stay his tongue for a while. A skewer might have been tastier, but the bread would do just fine.

Raif erupted from his end of the table but Lorenzo was too swift. He was already taking his second chew. He kept his jaw still as the sultan snapped his children before aiming sharp daggering words in his direction. Lorenzo nodded silently, failing to hide the fact that his mouth was bulging with naan. The moment Raif ended, Lorenzo resumed his strategic chomping, taking sequential bites before he managed to swallow all that was being chewed. As long as he had the bread in hand, he'd continue his long cycle of continuous chewing. Even if he had a disagreement, he would be unable to voice it clearly. In essence, he was somewhat safe as ridiculous as he might appear.

My mouth is getting so dry right now.

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Time: 6pm
Location: Guest House Dining Room - Dinner with the Sultan
Interactions: Everyone at the Alidasht dinner.

Mayet's expression as Farim began to talk was a mix of disappointment, anger and irritation. One single look at her would be enough to tell him that it wasn't only the usual irritation. There was something much more difficult to appease in her expression as she looked at Farim. Something that she would not forget... The loss of her trust on him. She felt betrayed.

"I would have gladly unsheathed my weapon for any one of my family members, should they were as insulted as I was today. I am glad to know now that you would not do the same, Farim. Neither you Farim, nor you father or any of my siblings or cousins." She said, looking straight into their eyes.

"I sat down and watched in silence as this bumbling fool called us circus clowns, acted rudely in a number of different occasions and now said I was giving him 'bedroom' eyes, while not a single member of my family, apart from my dear sister Layla said or did nothing." Mayet said, quickly snapping her wrist and pulling the scimitar away from Farim's hands, leaving a shallow cut on them as she did so.

Most people from the table would know well she was skilled enough to not leave any wounds if she so desired.

"Even after all this, I have never mentioned an execution. It seems you are quite willing to escalate this issue. Maybe your eyes are growing greedy with the possibility of getting the throne for yourself, cousin Farim? It would be a good moment to escalate this issue and get rid of the competition... Of getting rid of your cousin, which would have gladly put her hand into the fire for you, or anyone in this family, if she had to. The one member of the Alidasht Royal family who puts more importance into the well being of her family than the race for the throne." she continued, looking straight at his eyes, her expression clearly showing just how betrayed she felt.

"You claim my mother would be disappointed in me? My mother would have NEVER let someone else disrespect us like this without saying anything. Her way of dealing with the situation would be much calmer and more different, but she still wouldn't have sat down and did nothing. Your inaction, your passivity as someone insults your country, your culture and your family is disgraceful, Farim! Besides, you should know better than to try that pitiful discourse on me, trying to make me feel emotionally guilty. I know your tricks well, Farim. Don't even try. You ask me if I don't trust my father's plans? I WATCHED as this bumbling fool did nothing but insult us since we arrived in Caesonia, without ANY consequence either from the Caesonian royalty or from the sultan!" Mayet said, her voice burning with hatred and dripping with venom as she said though.

"I will tell you this, Farim. I will overlook what you did and said to me today, but don't expect any mercy from me. Ever again. You are alone. Do not consider me as being part of your family or your cousin ever again. Should you spout the same words again in the future. We will solve this in the Alidasht way." Mayet said with a cold, threatening expression as she looked at Farim.

"So I highly suggest you to never direct your words at me, ever again or as much as look at me again. Unless you want me to learn how cruel I can really be. Farim." Mayet said. Both her words and stare towards him made it painfully clear that it was much more than just something said on the heat of the moment.

Noticing Charlotte suddenly getting up, Mayet simply sent her a cold, threatening gaze, before she spoke to her.

"Sit down, Lady Charlotte. I said I would teach him a lesson. I have never said I would kill anyone today. Besides, no matter how innocent it might be, not even your unconditional love towards your father will save you, should you raise your hand against me... Or look at me with such intentions ever again." Mayet said in a cold tone, giving a quick glance towards Charlotte as she suddenly stood up. The coldness of her eyes and the way she said those words, without a single hint of hesitation, were enough to send shivers down one's spine.

Even though Nala seemed to be a bit confused with the situation and the scent of blood, especially since it came from someone Mayet considered as being from her family, or a least once did, she still kept a watchful eye around Mayet, growling at anyone who as much as dared to approach and doing the same to Farim, should he move in a sudden manner.

When the sultan began to speak, Mayet couldn't help but to laugh. What was that? Even her father, the mighty Alidasht sultan, seemed to be more willing to punish his own children than to do anything to a mere duke who was insulting them? It took all this time for this to merely SAY a few words about the duke's actions and words?

"Do you intend to take away every fork, every knife, every pencil and sharp stick away from me, dear father? Would you also want to cut my hands and feet off while doing so in order to 'take away my weapons', dear father? Maybe pulling my teeth from my mouth as well?" Mayet asked as the Sultan said he would take away her weapons, plunging the scimitar deep in the table, just in front of Duke Vikena as she said so, letting go of it.

"My mother would have said something the moment the Duke started to insult us. She wouldn't have let the situation get to this point. She wouldn't have let him feel he can do whatever he wants and say whatever he wants. Even if she did so delicately and calmly. And you know that, father." Mayet said, looking to the sultan with a serious expression.

"It seems the mighty sultan of Alidasht is more willing to make a public scene punishing his own children than to do anything to a mere duke insulting his entire family and culture. It took me throwing a knife to scare that insect and even unsheathing a sword and pointing at him before you finally addressed him, didn't it? I would like to extend the same words I said to Farim, to every single one of my family members present at the table. Once, I would have gladly spilled blood to defend my family's honor... Although it seems I would be the only one to do so." Mayet said, looking straight to the Sultan's eyes with a fiery glare, then looking straight in the eye of all the others in the table.

"Your words to Duke Vikena are nothing but insulting to me, considering everything that happened. Your daughter was already insulted and embarrassed many times since she arrived at Caesonia by this man, father. It is a bit late to say you won't tolerate them now, isn't it?" Mayet asked, both her expression and tone of voice making it clear how wounded she felt by the lack of action from her father until now and his words now.

"Let me make it clear, prince Auguste. Even if your knights wanted, I highly doubt they would be able to do as much as touch me." Mayet said while looking at Auguste with a threatening expression.

"And prince Auguste, let's stop with this farce. I doubt that your family would react calmly if the same insults were said to them. Considering how an innocent stable boy was almost executed recently only to cover up for a certain situation... It almost sounds suspicious to how the Caesonian Royal family seems to be fine with such insults being said publicly to the Royal Alidasht family, isn't it?" She asked, looking at prince Auguste.

"Quite ironic, isn't it? That your family didn't even try to punish Duke Vikena for this insults against us, but you are so willing to demand me to be punished. How curious it is that you are willing to ignore what happened the other night, with royals from Alidasht being poisoned and how there were no punishments given to the Caesonian royals that were involved with this matter but you seem to be so excited to have me punished... The Caesonian law does seem to discriminate. Quite a lot in fact, doesn't it?" Mayet asked, looking furiously at Prince Auguste.

"I beg you, father. Ask yourself this question: Can you really say the Caesonian Royalty are really treating us as equals? With everything that happened so far? The way they are treating us, it feels almost as if they consider us their vassals... I wouldn't think the mighty Alidasht would lower their head so easily. Neither me, nor our proud people." Mayet said, looking to her father before she turned to Auguste once again.

"But even if the law is apparently discriminating against us, it seems my dear father isn't willing to do anything to protect his own family. So who knows, your little charade might be successful and even manage to get me punished, arrested, exiled or even executed. That would be quite something, would it not? But if that is the case, I promise you I won't just lower my head and accept it." Mayet said, looking to Prince Auguste with an acid, sarcastic expression before it suddenly changed to a cold threatening one on the very end. Her words clearly suggesting how much the Caesonian royal family loved their schemes and political games.

"Despite my effort, despite my attempts, this family seems to be quite intent on tear itself from inside out at the mere mention of any problem. Maybe in the end, I was the fool. A fool to think bloodshed between members of our family could be avoided. A fool to think we could walk together as a family. In the end, it seems that throwing your own family members to the wolves and tearing each other apart in the pursuit of power is on this family's blood." Mayet said, looking at her own family with a wounded expression, which seemed to surpass her anger, only if for a brief moment.

"But I have learned finally my lesson. I will only act and move for myself and my interests. Nothing and no one more. Thank you for finally making it clear... How this family works, that is." Mayet said, looking to her family members. There seemed to be nothing more she wanted to tell them.

"Do not show your face in front of me ever again, Duke Vikena. Let that be a warning. My final warning." Mayet said, turning to Duke Vikena once again, clearly threatening him before she stormed out of the dinner room, soon followed by Nala, which refused to look away while getting out of the room, keeping a watchful eye on everyone present before she finally exited it, only then to turn and catch up with Mayet.
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Time: 6pm
Location: Sorian Park
Interactions: @ReusableSword Roman, @Mole Prince Felix, @Conscripts John, @JJ Doe Fritz @Tpartywithzombi @Rodiak Zarai/Matthias @Lava Alckon Drake

By all accounts, no one seemed entirely bothered by Lyra's intrusion. This made it easier. She didn't dare leave while it was walking around. Certainly not when someone like Sadie was this close along with her family.

"Oh, well, it's a pleasure to meet them." She said, warmly."General Carris. A pleasure, gentlemen." Lyra addressed the boys present, deliberately avoiding eye contact with Violet. If they locked eyes, then surely she'd notice something off about Lyra, but that couldn't happen just yet. "I hope I'm not disrupting anything by being here, I just happened to be walking by and saw you. Since we parted ways earlier, I found myself in the throes of combat with a Shezadi. Layla, I think her name was. She had a temper, but I went easy on her." Lyra boasted without a care in the world. She certainly looked the type to duel others with the sword she wore so openly.

The enigmatic greeting of △△△ was not lost on her. Nor was that enrapturing familiarity. His face looked so much like theirs, enough that Lyra could remember that steely undertone in every word that echoed the halls. But why?

"Count." She greeted him, having heard Lord Ravenwood address him as "Count Fritz." It perplexed her enough to take her mind off of Violet for a moment, but if it really was true, then she couldn't have said it here. That would-

Lyra was snapped out of her thoughts when a stranger came by to hand Sadie a letter. She caught the red flush on her face, and leaned over to read it. And she couldn't help but grin.

"Oh, of course. He certainly has a way with words, doesn't he? But, they all find their way with words when they see a prize they want. Mind yourself around men like this, Sadie," Lyra said, "Men are rarely worth your hand in marriage, especially as a princess. So many men these day only want the status of a wealthy woman's name, and not the love in her heart. Most are more trouble than they're worth." She said this, knowing she was surrounded by multiple men. Most of which were royalty. But alas, Lyra's demeanor didn't seem to convey instigation. Perhaps she was just being honest?
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◆◆◆◆◆ "△△△" ◆◆◆◆◆◆
Location: Sorian Park
Interaction(s): Lukas Larsen/Sir Mathias Larsen/Lady Zarai Lesdeman @Rodiak; Dr. John James Williamson @Conscripts

A deep rumbling emanated from the dragon’s throat, building in intensity until it erupted into a malicious laugh. “Fool! You dare order me, a mighty dragon? Our kind will never submit to a puny human.” His massive maw revealed rows of razor-sharp teeth that glistened in what little light the night provided. “Your words shan’t stop me from executing my diabolical plans!”

“After I rid myself of the bothersome Grand Healer and your father,” △△△ gave both Dr. Williamson and Mathias a wink as he unveiled his nefarious scheme, “I shall snatch your beloved prince and princess away. Condemn them to a life full of daily vegetables, with extra servings of onions and broccoli, and boring studies!” The horror of a nutritionally balanced diet and proper education drained the color from the knight’s face. “And you’ll be utterly powerless to intervene!”

“Long have I slumbered, biding my time, gathering my strength, and now the hour of reckoning has arrived!” With a majestic sweep of his massive wings, the dragon loomed over the knight, casting a foreboding shadow that enveloped him. “So revel in the spectacle, humans, as I lay waste to your kingdom. Bear witness to the chaos I bring, and tremble in the face of true power!”

The air was punctuated by the dragon’s laughter—an unhinged, maniacal cacophony that heralded suffering and brought promises of ruin.

But as his eyes fell upon the knight’s sword, his mirth came to an abrupt halt. “That sword… It cannot be! That sword was shattered and scattered to oblivion! How is it here!?” Disbelief widened the dragon’s eyes. “Unless… you’re the fabled hero of prophecy.”

“... No,” the dragon’s initial shock gave way to a renewed resolve. “You may wield the sword, but you will never defeat me! Prepare to meet your end, human!” On cue, Lukas lunged forward, his wooden sword aimed at △△△.

As the warm breeze tousled their hair and peals of laughter mingled with the night air, the pair danced around the picnic blanket that doubled as a battlefield. Lukas swung his sword valiantly at the scales of the dragon, doing his best to dart away from the deadly tickles which rendered him a squealing mess. △△△, in turn, roared with mock fury, swiping his claws inches from the knight’s armor or countering incoming attacks. Their make-believe skirmish was both playful and earnest.

In the heat of the battle, the knight’s muscles strained as he delivered a powerful and decisive blow. The legendary blade struck the dragon’s midsection, its razor-sharp edge cutting through scales and sinew, causing the monstrous creature to stagger back from the force of the impact. △△△ exaggeratedly clutched his injured side, grimacing. He slowly withdrew his claws from the gaping wound and stared down at the lifeblood coating it. “Impossible,” he uttered. The triumphant boy stood tall, his chest puffed out with pride.

Gagging for dear life, △△△ collapsed dramatically into the nearest mound of plush pillows. There, amidst the feathery comfort, the mighty dragon lay motionless; its reign of terror ended… at least for now.

Behind lidded eyes, △△△ waited for the jubilant cheers of victory to subside and the little knight’s excited voice to recede into the distance before cracking one eye open. “Is he gone?” he asked Luz sitting next to him.

He opened both eyes to look up at her. A constellation of nerine flowers, the very ones he gifted her, adorned her flowing locks. A tender warmth spread across his chest at the sight of them. “You’re still wearing these? I thought the Princes’ Court ended.” His fingertips gravitated toward the petals, “I’m glad you like them so much,” then something beneath her expression arrested his hand in its pursuit. “Please tell me the reason why you’re looking so bummed out is because all the royal children want to marry you and you can’t decide which ones you’ll have to turn down?”
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Attire: Business & dinner fit
Time: 6:00 pm -> 7:00 pm
Location: Office -> Castle Dining Room
Interaction(s): @princess Edin
After concluding his conversation with Anastasia, Wulfric briefly retreated to his office. There, he checked that the documents he’d retrieved from the Guild were still in order. He then considered which guards to have escort Anastasia, and which to have watching over her covertly.

This was easy enough to decide, as he knew most of their guards, and knew which ones he could trust to protect his sister.

The greater issue was Delronzo himself. Wulfric had no idea how the man would play this. One possibility was that he would simply act as if he was innocent, and convince Anastasia that he had done nothing amiss based on the trust he’d managed to gain from her. This could be problematic, but Wulfric felt he could deal with it.

If he tried harming her by mundane means – trying to kidnap her, for example – then the guards he’d set on her should be able to handle it.

But what if he used magic again? If he erased her memories? His guards’ memories? With how easily he’d disappeared the evidence from last night, it wasn’t difficult to imagine he still kept it concealed with a magical illusion or some such.

Even more harrowing were the possibilities he’d mentioned to Anastasia. Besides the usual manipulation, maybe he’d even use magical compulsion to make her talk, or deepen her trust or – who knew what else, really? There were simply too many unknowns. Since Wulfric didn’t have the means to counter magic, he largely only had to hope Delronzo didn’t think it necessary to use it.

It also occurred to him that Anastasia was meeting him in person. This was an opportunity to capture him, and bring him in for questioning–

If your friend was being accused of something, wouldn’t you want to at least talk to them yourself before just throwing them to the wolves?

Wulfric sighed, and a skewed smirk formed. Don’t you know I’m one of those proverbial wolves?

Even so…he couldn’t bring himself to break her trust like that. He supposed it was similar for Callum. Even knowing they were in the wrong to trust Delronzo, to disregard how very likely it was that he was the culprit…Even when he thought torture of a suspect like that was just fine, he knew actually doing it would hurt them.

So, he would try any and all other methods he could think of first. Finding material evidence, gathering rumours, questioning the host without torture, convincing his siblings that Delronzo wasn’t trustworthy…

A part of him even seriously considered using magic. But he didn’t know enough about it, and doing it himself as inexperienced as he was would be too much of a risk.

What a shame he didn’t have a group of magical experts on hand.

Even if he lacked that, he still had resources a plenty. Besides ensuring Anastasia’s safety – this was absolutely the priority – he could have a few agents sent alongside to watch Marek, trail him, and investigate his establishments or hideouts.

In fact…yes…Alongside the guards, he would send some others.

It took some time for Wulfric to organize all this, from selecting the people, to speaking to them, to ensuring they’d all know what to do.

However, by the time he went to check the Dining Room, his father was still there. Taking his time enjoying that damn cake, of course.

“Father,” he greeted politely as he made his entrance.
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D I N N E R 6 : 0 0

I N T E R A C T I O N S :
everyone at dinner

M E N T I O N S :

Gods, I beg for mercy. Open the earth under us and swallow us whole.

Nahir did not let her emotions get the better of her as she watched the youngest of the Shehzadi’s threaten a member of nobility with death. Instead of watching with her mouth hung open, she downed her wine followed by the one left untouched by Layla.

Farim had done a good job explaining the situation to Mayet, but the rationale of his words only fell on deaf ears.

Another drink of her wine to swallow down the laugh that threatened to slip out as Mayet went on. Did she really think she was doing the family and her country a favor by threatening a member of the nobility? Did she think their mother would have been stupid enough to do that?! Nahir did not doubt that Mayet would have done anything to protect them, but her inability to see more than just herself was disappointing.

Lorenzo was an idiot, that much was true, a dangerous bumbling idiot. A simpleton with a loose mouth and no sense of awareness. Such a dangerous thing; to have him running loose around Sorian causing problems where ever he stepped. Did Queen Alibeth not know that such a dangerous man skipped so freely around her court?

“I was the fool. A fool to think bloodshed between members of our family could be avoided.”

A fool you are, sister. Nahir met Mayet’s eyes, knowing if she did not speak now the rift between them could never be repaired. No matter how many bridges, they’d always crumble because of her stubborn nature.

It would just be a temporary thing, of course, but inconvenient nevertheless.

“I will only act and move for myself and my interests.”

You’ve only ever acted that way, my dear sister. Your arrogance blinded you to that fact.

“My final warning.”

Mayet looked like a child trying to justify her arrogance and lack of manners. When both lionesses were gone, Nahir turned her attention back to the rest of the table in hopes to salvage what was left of dinner.

"Should we continue with this magnificent dinner?" Nahir look over them all with an easy smile as if she had not just witnessed her sister's breakdown seconds before. "Do try the chicken tikka masala, it has a pleasant kick to it. Lord Leo, you might find it to your liking." She waved one of the servants over, "More wine drinks for the table, please."

Everyone was in needed more alcohol after tonight's dinner.
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Location: Guest House Dining Room
Time: 6pm
Mentions: Everyone at the Alidasht Dinner


Farim could only watch as his cousin seemed to double down on every action. It was a bold manuever, but without even needing to read the room or hear the rest of her tirade, Farim knew things would be rough from here on for her and the others. She spoke on her thoughts to them condemning her actions, how the might Alidasht family seemed to be simply a shell of what it was. How they had essentially 'shown their true colors'. Many other words and threats were thrown, causing Farim to even further solidify his cold stare. There was a part of him that hated the verbal barrage that was being thrown between him and his cousin. The notion of keeping the family together was one Farim held to himself dearly. To hear her suggest otherwise hurt him deeply. But he wouldn't show such an emotion to her. He wouldn't give her that satisfaction.

Perhaps you and I have different memories of Auntie. She was the one reformed the Sultan. Made him the kinder man. But I know she too was a proud woman, and rightfully so. He thought to himself. He let her words flow forth, and if she would care to listen, offer her one final word from him.

"Sever our bonds if you must. I prefer you alive to hate me than stuck in the gallows for inciting a war between nations. Perhaps you may never forgive me for my acts, but it's a price I'm willing to pay, dear cousin." He sipped from his wine, the glass nearing its completion.

Heh. Alone. You're probably right, Mayet. I am as alone now as I ever have been. I have no immediate family, truthfully. A father who sees me as another piece to his game. A distant uncle far too concerned with his star children to be worried over some nobody. I do not know my mother, not even her voice or face can comfort my darkest moments. My brother is ever constantly away, on his religious journies and vision quests. Finally, my cousins who I have yet to see for many years seem to be slowly disproving of my actions. How long before Layla too sees me as some annoyance to cast aside? Or for Nahir to do the same? Munir as well? I truly wonder.

He heard Nahir speak up, and decided it would be best to try and lighten his mood. He nodded his head and sighed. "Yes. Chicken masala is just what I need." He reached for some of the dish and scooped it over to his plate. He looked around to see Duke Vikena chewing on some naan like a terrified child watching his mother scold him. His daughter, all too familiar in her grief, seemed to be appalled at the aggressive chaos that had resulted from this dinner. What could've been a blending of nations became an evening of grave misunderstandings. To top it all off, it would seem Prince Auguste had the full intent of sending for his cousin to be punished beyond what the Sultan decided. It only made sense, given the circumstances. If they were to decide Lorenzo's fate the Royal Family would naturally try to decide Mayet's.

Yet again Farim was helpless to do anything helpful. Why do I even bother. He meekly pushed some chicken into his mouth to fight back the temptation to wallow in self-pity. But the waves kept coming. All that talk. All that talk and for what? You try to calm the Sultan, and you just make him mad. You try to calm Mayet, and you just make her mad. Am I just doomed to fail at everything I endeavor? Fuck. This is all becoming exhausting. How many times do I have to try and be the diplomat only to fail miserably. I liken myself to being a master of foreign affairs but I can't even get my own family to like me.

His face simply looked on, his hand reaching for the last of his drink before looking at a nearby servant with a mortifying intensity. The man seemed to shake as he wondered what Farim would say. He merely lifted his glass and spoke aloud "Another please."
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Time:7pm by the end of the post
Interactions: @FunnyGuy Lorenzo @Rodiak Nahir @Helo Leo @Inertia Auguste @JJ Doe Riona @Lava Alckon Farim @Tpartywithzombi Lady Ariella @Infinite Cosmos Munir

The Sultan maintained eye contact with Prince Auguste as he spoke, acknowledging the gravity of the situation. He understood Mayet's anger with the situation but her overreaction had been deadly and costly. He was not impressed with her lack of control of her emotions and was heavily disappointed in her.

"I concur with your assessment, Auguste. Thank you for your honesty...My daughter Mayet's actions were indeed an overstep, and I offer my sincerest apologies for the distress caused. As the Sultan and as her father, I take full responsibility for the behavior, and I assure you that she will face appropriate consequences for her transgressions. My goal currently is to dismiss her for the time being and not make the situation any more stressful than it has become. Steps will be taken to prevent any recurrence of such incidents in the future."

In the background, he had heard Mayet's terrible words for Farim, who had honestly impressed him with his quick reaction. He was disappointed in Mayet's ability to cast away her family members over a disagreement. He shook his head at Mayet's initial statement regarding Lorenzo's statement toward her. He interjected quickly, "Mayet, as your family, we are always quick to come to your aid, but you reacted to such an extreme before anyone could say anything, that you did not give us a chance... You must stop. You are acting shamefully."

He then glowered as she spoke of his wife, comparing her actions to that of her mother. He felt deeply angered as she then presented cruel words to his nephew as well. If that wasn't bad enough, she had then lashed out at Lady Charlotte briefly.

The Sultan's composed demeanor faltered momentarily as he felt a surge of frustration at Shehzadi Mayet's continued defiance and sharp words.

"Mayet Ibn Raif Kadir!" He exclaimed, his tone tinged with frustration. "While I understand your grievances and the emotions behind your words, you must remember your place as a member of the royal family. It is not your role to challenge or question my decisions."

The Sultan's voice grew firmer as he continued, "Your actions tonight have already caused enough turmoil and embarrassment. I implore you to show restraint and respect. You act as if the Duke has been slinging insults across the table, but the only insults I have heard tonight have been from you and Layla. He may have said foolish things, but to pull a blade and threaten these people as well as the peace between our kingdoms is irredeemable."

As Shehzadi Mayet persisted in her aggressive outburst, Raif's patience wore thin, and a flash of intense anger crossed his face. Her relentless disrespect and disregard for the feelings of those present at the table struck a chord deep within him. He could hardly believe that his own daughter was capable of such childish and bold behavior.

He chose not to dignify her question with a response. Instead, he allowed her to continue her rant, a storm of fury brewing within him. The intensity of his anger was palpable as he watched her.

Silently seething, the Sultan ignored her words, not engaging with her provocation. It was a calculated decision, a deliberate choice to let her words hang in the air, allowing the weight of her own actions to bear down on her. He shook his head in utter disbelief at the audacity and recklessness she displayed. It was as if she wasdetermined to cut all ties with her own family.

As Shehzadi Mayet finally stormed out of the room, the Sultan's rising anger subsided, replaced by a simmering fury. He rose from his seat, his movements controlled but charged with intensity. Turning towards Prince Auguste, his voice resonated with a burning wrath as he made his decision known.

"Prince Auguste, I have reached a verdict in light of Shehzadi Mayet's outrageous conduct. I will be taking her back to Alidasht, and from this moment onward, she shall never be permitted to set foot in Caesonian lands again. I will leave with her in the morning, and my brother Hafiz will remain to look after my offspring as they continue the courting season."

His voice carried a tone of determination, revealing the depth of his anger and disappointment. "I ask for the same level of mercy from you and your family as we have shown Duke Lorenzo Vikena. Please consider my proposal as we continue our meal, and let me know if we need further discussion." he added, his words layered with a restrained yet seething rage. It was a plea that Mayet's life be spared despite the storm she had unleashed upon their family.

The Sultan grew silent and did not seem to have much of an appetite as the dinner went forward. He did not speak up to conversate either as time went on. The end, fortunately, came around rather quickly as the desserts were finally brought out. Plates were brought as they were before. The first contained delicious sweet baklava, drizzled in golden honey. Kunafa was brought out as well, which was a rich dessert made with thin, shredded pastry layered with a sweet cheese filling, soaked in syrup and often topped with pistachios. The last notable dessert choice was a semolina cake soaked in sweet syrup, flavored with orange blossom water and garnished with almonds. Sweet dessert wines were also served.

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Attire: Formal attire.
Interaction(s): Everyone currently present at the Dinner.

Auguste stared coldly at Mayet as she went on her tirade, seemingly taking a dig at everyone present. Though he tried his best to sympathize with her position, he found it difficult to do so as she seemed to be lashing out. He even silently agreed with her words regarding the relative bias of their country's laws, but to drag his family into her example struck a nerve. He could not help but think how such an outburst was triggered by Duke Lorenzo's boorish statements; he understood the anger but not the degree of the response. Surely one of royalty was able to handle insults, direct or indirect, in a much more refined manner?

A touch of pity laced his expression with how easily she cut ties with her own family, even Farim, who responded in a calm and level-headed manner compared to some of his siblings. Especially over a disagreement.

Auguste thought to respond to her words but it didn't seem like words were going to get through to the Shehzadi, as such he bit his tongue.

“I understand, Sultan Raif Kadir.” Auguste replied, recognizing the calm fury of the Sultan. “It has been a long day filled with rather... extenuating events. I will overlook this event and not push for anymore punishment under Caesonian law as an extension and consideration of our kingdom's long and bountiful alliance while also considering Duke Lorenzo's... misgivings earlier today.” He glanced towards the Vikenas and gave them an apologetic look.

“I only ask you to make it right with Duke Lorenzo and Lady Charlotte.” Auguste said in finality, finally moving past the event. He sat on his chair once more, to enjoy the dinner without any further interruptions. Auguste sighed internally, he was exhausted. Between this event and his lack of sleep, hopefully it was all today would bring.

“I have enjoyed the meal thus far, the chicken tikka masala so far. I have always had a penchant for spicy food. I think no other kingdom prepares them before than Alidasht.” Auguste said, a small smile on his face. The atmosphere within the dinner had been strained, likely beyond repair at this point. It was best to move past it, awkward as it may be.

Auguste began tasting all the desserts being served. Even as a Prince it was rare to taste delicacies from far lands. Others would be able to tell his delight at eating the desserts.

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Time: 7pm
Location: Castle Dining Room
Attire: Dress
Interaction: @FunnyGuy Lorenzo @Rodiak Nahir @Helo Leo @Inertia Auguste @JJ Doe Riona @Lava Alckon Farim @Tpartywithzombi Lady Ariella @Infinite Cosmos Munir @Terrance420 Alden

The room fell into a hushed silence as the doors swung open, and in glided the blonde princess. Her pale pink dress flowed behind her as she entered, a genuine smile illuminating her face. A falcon perched gracefully on her arm, adding a strange touch to her presence. Alden followed closely behind.

With a cheerful tone that wasn't overpoweringly loud, she addressed the gathered guests, her tone warm, "Hi everyone! I hope it's alright if I join you. Please continue enjoying your desserts, but I'd love to greet some of my friends here if that's okay,"

Though she appeared presentable and radiated a natural charm, there was a hint of weariness in her eyes, barely noticeable to those not paying close attention. She strolled into the room with an air of nonchalance, as if the formality of the dinner taking place barely affected her. Her gaze swept across the room, taking in the scene with curiosity and interest.

The Sultan raised an eyebrow ever so slightly. The Grand Vizier, on the other hand, shot her a piercing glare, but she quickly averted her gaze, sensing their strained relationship. She also avoided meeting Riona's eyes, knowing that they weren't on the best of terms.

"Princess Anastasia, you are welcome. Please proceed," the Sultan greeted her with a neutral tone, concealing any opinions he might have about her behind his composed demeanor.

Grinning brightly, she responded to the Sultan's welcome with genuine appreciation. "Thank you, your Majesty! "

"...Look at all these beautiful faces," She remarked as her gaze swept across the room once more. Her smile remained contagious as she acknowledged the stunning presence of Nahir and Munir, their sheer beauty leaving her momentarily in awe. She couldn't help but notice Leo's unexpected presence as well, looking as impeccable as ever. Recalling his friendship with Charlotte, she assumed he had tagged along with her.

However, as she observed the guests more closely, she couldn't help but notice they seemed more drained than she expected. With a hint of concern, she couldn't resist commenting, "... Guess the food was really good, huh? Did you guys eat too much?" Her voice carried a playful and teasing tone, aiming to lighten the mood.

"Anyways," Stepping aside, she gestured towards Alden, introducing him to the gathering. "And this is Alden Plannington, one of our Kingdom's advisors. He also came to check on things."

She first moved down to Ariella and whispered to her, "I'm so sorry I wasn't here to sit with you. I owe you and I hope you had fun... You gotta tell me everything later." Anastasia caught her gaze and smiled, "...By the way, you look amazing. The dress and hair ... I'm obsessed."

Effortlessly transitioning, she walked over to stand between Farim and Lorenzo. She couldn't help but admire Farim's perfect appearance, which seemed to have grown even more alluring since their earlier encounter. Leaning down slightly, she stood beside his chair, extending her arm with Thara perched upon it. She then spoke to him with a softly, "I made sure to feed her and give her plenty of love. I promise," she whispered, her voice carrying a reassuring tone. "And thank you for sending her, sweetie. And I'm really sorry I couldn't make it earlier. I promise to make it up to you," She gently rubbed his shoulder before turning her body the other way.

Anastasia had every intention of moving over to approach her brother but paused upon setting her eyes on Lorenzo. "Duke Lorenzo." She put her hands on her hips and grinned. " Duke Lorenzo fucking Vikena. ..." The princess looked to the rest of the room, "Can we stop and appreciate this ensemble? They don't play around in Veirmont. Yow! Matching hat and everything."

After emitting a playful giggle at her own words, she decided to grab an empty chair and carry it over to the back left of the table, positioning it between Auguste and Munir. As she settled into the seat, she tilted her head, ensuring she caught her brother's gaze. She offered a brief side-hug, gently wrapping her arm around his back, careful not to draw too much attention and embarrass him. "How are you holding up, my dear brother?"

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Lord Leo Smithwood

Time: 6 pm to 7pm
Location: Guest House; Dining Room
Interactions: Charlotte@Princess, Nahir@Rodiak, A terrible drink made by the world's worst mixologist@JJ Doe, everyone else at the dinner.

“Don’t be sorry. A good detective wouldn’t leave his partner without backup.” He whispered back to Charlotte. Despite how tense and melodramatic the entire affair was, it was an invaluable experience. It was situations like these that offered glimpses into who people were based on how they reacted. These were powerful people, and knowing how to gauge their reactions was useful. And Leo had not embarrassed himself. As the only Varian at the table, he had been a pretty good representative of his country. That was a win for Leo.

As Nahir ordered for everyone’s glasses to be refilled, she had staved off any potential embracement for Leo that rested inside a bottle deftly tampered with by Riona. His glass, along with the others at the table, was refilled and the wine paired nicely with the suggested chicken dish. The chicken tikka masala was both pleasing to the eye and the palate; warm-colored curry spiced enough to bring the sun's warmth to the body and rich enough to be called decadent. “Perfection, a bite like this could melt one’s stress away.” He said to Nahir after he had tried the perfectly tender chicken bathed in its curry.

“I would like to thank the high and radiant House Kadir for their willingness to share their nation's cuisine with us tonight. Every bite was truly something special.” Leo spoke, trying to bring a more positive atmosphere into the room once again as the dessert course was brought out.

At the start of the dessert course, Leo simply glanced at his empty glass, snapped his fingers twice, and glanced toward one of the servants with the expectation that it would be refilled. Since the servant he’d glanced at was not RIona, Leo’s glass was correctly filled with some sort of wine that smelled nothing like what he was used to. He ignored the strange scent of the drink, figured it must be some sort of exotic drink he’d never tried or heard of before, and in the excitement of yet another new thing, he took a large gulp of the strange concoction.

His taste buds sincerely wished he hadn’t because the foul, acrid liquid held a taste that reminded him of the way a skunk smelled. He could only assume that this strange beverage was some sort of test of fortitude because there was no way anyone drank this for enjoyment. But the drink’s pungency did not last, and Leo did his best not to make any childish faces at the table while he waited a few moments for the awful taste to reside, looking merely a bit shocked as he did so.

Then Leo felt the heat creeping up his throat. While the meal itself had been pleasantly spiced whatever had been in the drink was leagues beyond that. It started as a mild burn but the longer he sat with it, the more the intensity cranked up. He could feel his skin turning red, beads of sweat forming, and a churning in his stomach as his body fought to try and expel the drink. He choked bile and saliva back down and those too carried the drinks spice on them. But Leo Smithwood would not be vomiting at the dinner table. So he continued to keep his mouth tightly closed wondering if he should go outside and just his stomach win this battle.

But he stuck to his own advice, he was not fleeing the table over a spicy drink if Charlotte had managed to sit here through threats of violence against her family. So Leo covered his mouth with his fist and tried very hard not to pant like a dog at the table either. In through the nose. Out through the nose. Why was his whole mouth on fire?

And if Leo thought this dinner couldn’t get more bizarre, Princess Anastasia then walked in holding a bird, with her family's advisor Alden, and joined the table. Just in time to witness his struggle with overwhelming spice.

He began coughing vigorously into his elbow, before choking out, “I don’t know what that is, but it would certainly wake a man up in the morning.” He tried to make a light joke of his inability to handle whatever this spiced drink was, still thinking it was some sort of Alidasht test of fortitude, and if he was going to look foolish for having tried it at least he would appear in on the joke. Any thought of trying the desserts was gone, adding sweetness to the concoction that sat in his stomach seemed like a terrible idea.
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Time: 6pm
Location: Sorian Park, Princess Sadie's picnic
Interactions: @JJ Doe △△△, @Rodiak Mathias/Lukas

"Hm?" John's response to Mathias was a very instinctual look to the direction the knight was peering at. Ah, it was Count Fritz. A casual friendly look at least, before the count was chased away by his compatriot knight, a very determined and valorous knight, whose prospect was quite bright to become a legendary hero.

"Dragon? Ho!" John played along as well. "No, you would not dare! You mayhaps slumbered, your strength unparalleled, waiting for the moment our knights are weakest, but you have made a mistake! The knights have recovered, and is ready for your undoing!"

As Lukas chased the dragon around, engaging in what would be a fairy-tale fight of his life, the doctor remained in the background cheering for the young knight. And once the 'dragon' was slain, he gave Lukas a thunder of applause, as he returned to his father. "A hero comes home! Praise the fabled Dragonslayer!" He kneeled up from his sitting posture to show respect, before letting his father take the final say.

"Whew." John sighed amusingly after the little roleplay session ended. "Could use a bit of practice with kids." Finally, he could take a bit of breather and continue the conversation. "And yeah, life just finds a way to bug me with work. Though it isn't much for what's technically work. Much needed respite from the trip up north."
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Location: Damien Estate
Time: Evening

Song I wrote post to:

Mentions:@PapaOso Cassius @Tpartywithzombi Violet @Potter Persephone @samreaper Kazumin @Heartfillia Crystal

Calbert and Liliane sat in the luxurious bedroom of their home on the upholstered bench in front of their bed. The room had white paneled walls. The presence of huge windows lit up the dim room in the moonlight. The windows are adorned with blue curtains, adding a touch of color to the space. The flooring could be described as glossy and polished, reflecting the couple’s faces from the spot they sat. A chandelier hung overhead, swinging ever so slightly from time to time.

“Lily… I need to know everything.”

Liliane met her husband’s eyes with a reassuring smile. Beneath the tough and strong exterior was a sensitive man who had barely been able to handle the death of his daughter. However, she could present him with the same story as she would everyone else. Having meticulously orchestrated the events of the previous night, she sought to provide him with her desired narrative. With some assistance, swapping out Violet for another body had been a simple task.

“The body was a jane-doe, dear. Violet’s alright… The investigators should be back with an autopsy result very soon and they will provide their findings to both the Danroses and us… It seems there was a girl who looked just like our Violet… Poor dear. No one even knows who she was.” Her words hung with carefully crafted sorrow.

Unable to comprehend the perplexing circumstances, Calbert rose from his seat, his brow furrowed in deep contemplation. He paced back and forth, his mind wrestling with the inexplicable turn of events, while Liliane observed his turmoil from behind.

"She doesn't know," Calbert murmured, repeating the words in sync with the memory of her voice.

“Liliane, but she has the scar from the axe. You even spoke as… As if she had been resurrected…I don’t understand.” Calbert's voice cracked with a blend of emotions—confusion, betrayal, and a desperate plea for answers. His question hung heavy in the air, laced with a tinge of doubt, "...Are you lying to me?"

Sensing his anguish, Liliane swiftly intervened, "Please, drink some water, my love," she offered gently, retrieving a glass from the nightstand and then guiding it to his quivering lips. "You're in shock. It has been an arduous night for you. Let me take care of you. "

Calbert's eyes remained locked on Liliane, his hands trembling with disbelief. Despite his turmoil, he accepted the glass she offered and consumed its contents.

" We’re a team, you and I, Calbert. The only ones we can trust are each other.” She told him softly. “ Things might not make sense now, but in time you’ll understand.”

As he finished the last drop, a surge of anguish coursed through Calbert's veins, igniting an uncontrollable rage within him. In an instant of pent-up fury, he slammed the glass onto the ground, its shattering sound echoing through the room, mirroring the shattered pieces of his composure.

"I saw her, Lily!" he cried out, his voice laden with pain and desperation. "I saw Violet's lifeless body. She was dead, Lily. An axe had scarred her face, blood pooling beneath her... Lifeless." he reiterated, his words filled with the haunting images that tormented him. "And today, they came for me, attacking me in my own home. Who’s next? Cassius? Crystal? We are supposed to protect them! To protect her!"

Overwhelmed by his anguish, Calbert gripped his head, tears streaming down his face as his rage engulfed him.
"Cassius lost his mother, and I wasn't there to guide him… He’s been alone, Lily! ….I don't even know where he is now... And my sweet, innocent Crystal, if anyone were to harm her, I... That evil woman, she must pay! I want her executed publicly... No, I want her to suffer! I want her tortured so she can feel what it’s like to have an axe buried in her skin! "

Liliane watched him calmly as he turned to face her, his hands untangling from his hair as he asked her, “What did you do, Liliane? What magic did you use? …Do you have any idea the price you will have to pay? … What Violet might have to pay?”

She moved forward and took his face in her hands, soothingly rubbing his cheeks. "Shh… I did what I had to do for Violet, my love. All is fine… In the dark, it was a little confusing, wasn’t it? She really looked like Violet… But it wasn’t her. This was all a mistake. Violet is alive and well. She’s taken a stroll now and that is okay. It’s courting season after all…But, no need to worry, I have multiple guards watching over her from a distance, unbeknownst to her. They know to bring her home within the hour.”

Calbert's gaze was unsteady, seemingly entranced by her words, as if under a hypnotic spell, and perhaps he was. Lily was surprised that the spell had taken as long as it had to finally kick in. "Yes... She's home now. You're right," he replied, his tongue feeling numb with each word. "...And what about Cassius? Will he come back?" His concern extended to their son, while he held reassurance that Crystal was at least in the safety of her own room.

Liliane's smile blossomed, radiating reassurance once more, "Yes, Calbert, they are all safe. Cassius will be brought back home, and we will uncover the truth about Kazumin Nagasa and the woman who attacked us," she affirmed, her voice carrying conviction. Tenderly, she brushed a strand of hair from his face. "Darling, we don't need to resort to killing them. We'll simply make them wish we would." she emphasized, her words laced with a chilling determination.

There was a long pause as the two stared into each other's eyes. Suddenly, a wicked laugh erupted from Calbert's lips, signaling a sudden regaining of his composure. "Yes... You're right, my love... " he declared, a grin playing across his face, his eyes gleaming with a newfound resolve. "I refuse to lose again and now that the family is together again, I shall make our enemies regret their very existence while I remind the rest of those imbeciles just who Count Calbert Damien is." he added, his voice resonating with a fiery determination that matched the glint in his eyes.

His wife grinned at his words and without hesitation, she closed the distance between them, capturing his lips in a fervent and passionate kiss, to which he eagerly returned.

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Time: 7pm!
Location: Sorian Park Dinner Under Fireworks
Interactions: @ReusableSword Roman, @Mole Prince Felix, @Conscripts John, @JJ Doe Fritz @Tpartywithzombi @Rodiak Zarai/Matthias, @Blizz Lyra
Aesthetic: Dress, Hair, Flower Crown, Purple Flats

“I doubt his honesty, as flattering as his letter may appear to be. I would only advise caution, dearest sister.”

“Of course! But I do think it was a very sweet letter. How romantic, huh?” Sadie admitted to Felix with a smile, though she felt cautious herself. After a past like hers, romance could be frightening, especially from one she did not know well yet. Sadie wanted to keep the mood light so she added, ”It’s like something out of a fairytale book.”

She glanced over at the sweet little Lukas as he stacked pillows with Matthias and Mary. “Matthias, you’re such a good father, it really warms my heart! May I help build the castle?” Sadie took a moment to stack a pillow as well with a giggle.

It was such an endearing and hilarious sight to watch Count Fritz pretend to be a dragon with Lukas. While they were playing, she decided to address Lyra’s words. “ No disruption at all, Lyra. Please sit and enjoy some food with us.”

"Oh, of course. He certainly has a way with words, doesn't he? But, they all find their way with words when they see a prize they want. Mind yourself around men like this, Sadie," Lyra said, "Men are rarely worth your hand in marriage, especially as a princess. So many men these days only want the status of a wealthy woman's name, and not the love in her heart. Most are more trouble than they're worth." She said.

“You’re right, Lyra… We must carefully guard our hearts. Not everyone is as nice as they seem… However.” She gently took the brunette’s hand and said with a smile to Lyra,“It is okay for us to look for the good in others with some caution of course, don’t you think?”

As she glanced over, she saw that Lukas had been triumphant in his battle. Sadie applauded and came over to give the sweet child a kiss on the head. “Lukas! You’re my hero! I can’t believe how brave you are!”

Time passed as everyone enjoyed their food. Roman had stepped out to speak with Violet during it, and Sadie hoped everything to be alright. The fireworks sparkled and exploded in the night sky above them as they had enjoyed their treats. Sadie was completely enchanted by them. As the show began to finish, she looked upon everyone as it had been nearly an hour since they had sat together.

“Is everyone having fun? I hope the food was great! ” She asked softly and could not help but look back at the adorable little Lukas. “Lukas, I’ve felt so safe in this castle you’ve built me! Thank you so much. Are you having fun? …Do you wanna play hide and seek with me?”
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Time: evening
Location: the park
Interactions: John @Conscripts, Fritz @JJ Doe, Violet @Tpartywithzombi
Mentions in order:
outfit: Red tunic with a summer burgundy cloak and no hat

Roman couldn't help but give Violet a soft smile with a slight sigh, even if he was upset he still couldn't be mad around her. He didn't quite believe her when she said she was alright, it just made him want to pick her up and whisk her away from this place but he was a gentleman and would do the gentleman thing and take her back down the hill a little ways to talk with her.

Give me one moment to grab some food and we can find a place to sit down the hill and talk.” with a smile he gave her a slight bow and turned to go to the food pile.

He did, however, nod to the good Doctor, “I believe that is a wonderful idea, you can pull me aside at any time after the festivities. Same goes for you count Fritz.”

Roman moved quickly to the food and motioned for one of the nearby guards to join him for a moment.

"Can I help you, Lord Ravenwood?” the guard asked

Yes, take this.” Roman handed the man several coins and motioned towards one of the musicians down near the crowd. “Go and ask that man down there if i can borrow his guitar, give him those coins for his troubles.” Honestly he wasn't sure how much he gave the guard as his mind was elsewhere but it seemed like it was a lot.

Roman returned quickly to Violet and the others with a few pieces of food wrapped in paper. Offering his arm to violet with a soft smile, “would you like to join me?” Motioning to another blanket further down the hill.

Violet could feel their eyes judging her. The feeling of disgust, curiosity and pity was cloaking her , the guests making her feel welcomed with their words but judged by their gazes. She took a step back instinctively as she felt the need to run away. A shroud of shame encased her.

All but one.

He gave off genuine kindness towards her. It made her all the more curious as to who he was and how he knew her exactly. She offered him an empty smile “ Please, take your time “ She responded in her empty tone. She watched the figure bow and leave towards the food.

Violet shifted her weight onto her cane as she felt the headache continue to pound her head. She continued to ignore it, she felt that this conversation was more important than her tiny inconvenient headache.

Please to meet you Dr, I hope you have a wonderful evening.” She responded to Dr.John. She didn’t say much else, he created a shroud of discomfort over her.

She didn’t have to wait long for Roman to return, he was quite speedy she would give him that much. She looked down at an arm that was being offered too her. She looked up at the tall figure and then back down to his arm before accepting. “ Thank you.” she said as she wrapped her arm around his, She turned to face his direction as her weight shifted gratefully off her can and onto the arm of the brutish sized man.

She followed beside him, being escorted down the hill. Her legs were still weak and struggling to hold herself up as her pace would be rather slow and unnatural for a young woman as herself. “I apologize my legs are a little wobbly today..”

Roman took her arm into his helping her with her balance while trying to take off some of the weight off her legs. She almost felt like she could fall apart in his arms. He found himself crouching slightly and slowing his pace to better help steady her. Whatever happened to her last night was surely a rough experience. The hit to her head must have also been bad if she didn't even recognize him.

There is no need to apologize, I simply wish to help.” he spoke softly, holding only kindness in his eyes. “I will tell you about our meeting last night, how you looked in that raven dress, and our talk on the balcony.” he sighed slightly but kept his smile while he guided her to their seat to watch the continuing fireworks. “I even met with your father this morning but he said you left in the early morning.” When they reached their spot he set the food down to the side and helped her to her seat then found his spot next to her.

Violet slowly lowered herself to the ground onto the blanket. Using the cane to steady herself, she lowered slowly before feeling the soft fabric under her. “You met with my father?” She asked curiously. “Yes, I supposed I would have left as I only returned home an hour ago.” Her words seemed more questioned than matter of fact. “ May I ask you a question unrelated for a moment?” She looked over at her friend in question. “Do I repulse people?” she said bluntly, her face once again showing no signs of emotion by her question however, the fact she seemed to care about what the others thought of her seemed to be the only vulnerability she had shown. “ I felt alot of eyes on me, and sensed their discomfort. I would have left much earlier had you not agree’d to this meeting.” Once again her words fell back to that strange tone of voice she held.

“Yes I did, he didn't sound too pleased by our conversations we had the night before. I am glad you are back. You were rather blunt last night for our conversations, it was refreshing but I figured that was because you were not too fond of being at the dance with everyone.” he smiled at that thought but found his smile fading with her next question.

Again all he could do was give her a comforting smile, “forgive me for assuming but it does look like you went through some sort of… trauma since our last meeting.” he smiled softly, “not everyone is used to seeing that and fewer still know how to react to it. I've seen plenty of it.” He hoped that she understood what he was saying.

Violets attention turned to the man “ I - I don’t understand

Frowning for a moment he began to check some of his pouches only to stop and retrieve a small disk. He wasn't so vain that he would stare into the small pocket mirror but it came in handy when meeting important people after working in the shop. Roman opened the small mirror and held it out to her, “again i apologize if i'm being too blunt or forward… your eyes are red from the silver they were before, you have to use a cane to help you walk, your skin is a bit paler than it was yesterday, and you have another beautiful scar to add to the other ones.” Honestly Roman was worried, not just for her but also to how she might respond, the last thing he wanted to do was push her away or give her a reason to push him away. Her emotionless gaze was worrying enough for him.

Violet sat there in silence, listening to his description of her appearance. Her eyes were red? She figured her pale skin would be from her exhaustion but a scar? She watched him rummage through his pouches , the blurred figure moving around holding an object towards her. Her eyes clearly were unable to focus on anything, they searched around trying to gather in any information she could but make anything out. “ Please be blunt, It’s refreshing not being the reason for whispers. However, I unfortunately cannot see …” she omitted. “ I think I am blind..but you say there was a time I wasn’t?” again her voice seemed so dull considering she just told him she was blind.

Well yes…” that did catch him off guard, was this permanent or just something because of her eyes. “You talked in great detail about your stories and the books you liked to read. Then we danced and talked about what we were searching for in life. I do believe that i said something along the lines of your silver eyes are like moonbeams in the dark but now they are more like rubies…” he stopped and got a better view of her eye’s he wasn't put off by their change in color with everything he has seen and done there were few things that bothered him. The only thing that bothered him about them now was the lack or absence of emotion that once blossomed within them. “What is the last or first thing you remember about last night or this morning?” he asked patiently but quietly.

She took a deep breath as she looked away from him. Truthfully she really didn’t remember anything of what he said, or even the dance and if he was right then that just happened that night. “ I just remember more of a feeling then memories or thoughts…” she paused. “ I remember warmth, silence.. peace… Just a calmness that I’ve never experienced before. It felt like laying in the middle of a wildflower field with the sun warming your skin to the perfect temperature, no worries, no pain, just peace.” She shrugged her shoulders “ It sounds silly, I am aware but that is all I have. Then I just remember being in a carriage with my mother who wouldn’t stop fawning over me. That is about it..

Roman watched Violet closely, watching for a reaction or some kind of emotion. The explanation she gave sounded like she was at peace with whatever happened and now she was just healing unless she was lying to him, somehow he doubted she was. Still, it wasn't exactly what he expected to hear then again it was better than nothing at all. “Well you did have a few glasses of wine by the end of the night. I remember leaving with some of the others somewhere but that's all a blur as well. At least I didn't get that bad of a hangover like all the others. Still… it's strange that neither of us can recall the events of last night.

I dont think wine would take my eyesight , cause large scaring to my face and make me forget even the basic of things.” She said in a rather serious tone, almost sounding frustrated. “ I wish I had answers but I don't. “ Her headache was certainly not helping any matters either. “ Its not a blur, I simply have no memories. Faded images of my parents and I believe a sister but I dont remember anything but that carriage ride..no dinners, no dancing, no childhood …nothing.” Her voice was still void of much but there appeared to be a glimpse of frustration, a small hope that inside her somewhere was still a person struggling to fight through.

Listening intently to what she was saying with a sigh, he really wished he could help her with this but maybe this was all he could do for now. “Crystal Damien is your sister… oh and apparently a half brother cassy… casius… cadvieous… I can't remember what he said…” he fell silent again as he stared at her, “I apologize, I really want to help you and I'm not sure how. The only thing I can think of right now is just talk to you and maybe give you a hug if you would like." He honestly didn't know what he could do to help more but he really wanted to do more for her.

It is quite alright Lord Ravenwood. I assure you I will be fine.” She wasn't sure she even believed that. Her eyes happened upon a glow close in the center of the man's chest. As her eyes were drawn to it, a bright blue color radiated from it. Violet could hear whisperings and children's laughter coming from the light. A sense of fear and anger came rushing over her as she unknowingly had reached for the object off his chest, holding it ever so delicately in her fingers. Roman…Roman…The voice called out as if he were searching for him. “ You have a friend with you, “ she said bluntly. “ He is not very happy whoever he is,” she said before pulling back away from him. “Why do you carry him with you?” she asked curious as to why someone who be carrying around such an angry soul.

Tilting his head in curiosity, Roman watched her reach out to him; he wasn't sure what she was doing until she picked up his necklace that had come out from under his shirt. He felt a spike of anxiety for a moment when she held it but it quickly subsided. What she said next didn't make much sense, “A friend?...” he trailed off as he looked at his necklace and furrowed his brows. The memories of when he lost his friend to the ritual came back for a moment then dissipated, “that's not something i'm willing to talk about out here… too many ears.” His tone was serious but not mean or upset. “How can you see that?

I am not sure, Just see a very strange light coming from whatever that was.. Kept speaking your name in a really aggressive tone. Almost as if they had a grudge or hate towards you..That is a rather dark thing you carry.” Her voice continued to keep its emotionless tone. “ It’s none of my business either way … Just something I noticed.” She turned her attention away from him as she adjusted herself on the blanket.

She was curious however, he mentioned her having a scar on her face yet she had yet to see it. Slowly she lifted her hand to her face , first feeling around and not finding anything until she moved her finger tips over the left eye. Her fingers began to trace a rather thick raised mark above her eye, it moved down over her nose, nearly missing the eye itself. It was as if her face was split by this rather large marking.

Roman was truly caught off guard now, was Bjorn still in there? He rubbed the pendant that hung from his neck and remembered for a brief moment that night when he lost his friend. “Some of us will always carry our mistakes with us, sometimes literally.” he could only think of how or why Bjorn was in there in the first place if it even was him at all. Did that ritual work and they didn't do the right thing? Was it something else entirely?

He was stuck staring at his necklace for longer than he thought when he did look back up to her she was running her fingers over her face. He watched her quietly trace her fingers over the new scar that definitely was not there last night, even makeup would have had trouble concealing that from him last night. “It's okay. you told me last night that others said that you were tarnished because of your scars. I still believe that they are beautiful.

“Although your words are kind Lord Ravenwood “ she felt her hand drop down to her lap, truthfully she had enough. The visual of that scar was large in her mind, although she couldn’t see it she understood now why her appearance made others uncomfortable. “ The world does not agree, nor do the guests of the event up the hill. “ She seemed to not be bothered as she was the night before. Violet would have likely cried herself to sleep, hidden in her room for months on end and walked around with a veil over her face. This was different however, she didn’t seem to care one way or the other. “ Seems that whatever did happen, I now too have to carry my mistakes with me for the world to see. At Least yours is rather hidden..” she eyed the necklace again “ But he certainly is loud.” Her eyes narrowed in on a shadowy figure that could be seen banging around in its constraints “ He certainly wants out, but best not allow that to happen.” She leaned into him, her hands propping herself up as she narrowed back into the necklace. “That is enough out of you, I don’t like your tone.” she said rather sternly, yet no one was around.

While still crouched, in inches from his chest, Violet's arm gave out from under her. Her body collapsed slightly into his lap before she caught herself. Her body crumpled into him as she struggled to push herself up “ I'm sorry… Not quite sure what happened. Just a weird dizzy spell I think. “ She remarked but the truth was she hadn’t been feeling well all day. Her body felt weak and frail causing her to have a headache as if she hadn’t eaten for a month. Something about him however smelt.. enticing. She lingered for a moment longer before she broke the pull she had towards him and tried to steady herself into a sitting position again.

Again he smiled at her and nodded slightly, “that is true, if they knew some of the things i've done they would shun me as well… but it's not a mistake. Someone did this to you.” his anger flared again for a moment then subsided thinking about his necklace again. He didn't react as she came further towards him and didn't really know how to react as she spoke to the soul that was stuck in his necklace. Then she fell into him, he held her for a moment and then helped her back up.

It's ok, would you like something to eat?” he asked, offering some of the food he had brought to her.

Yes..That might be a good idea. I don't remember the last time I had food…” She accepted a sandwich and carefully unwrapped it. “If we only met last evening, why do you care so much?” she asked before taking a bite of the sandwich. She made a face, the taste was questionable. It was better than nothing but it was certainly hard to swallow her first mouthful. “ You don’t owe me anything to help me..You even left your friends to make sure I was ok.” She took another bite.

He also enjoyed a bite of the sandwich and found it to be ok but satisfying for street food as she asked her questions. “I enjoyed your company and our dance. Those from the northern territories, like myself, are quick to form bonds no matter how minor. Our lives are hard and up until recently rather short so we take what we can get and try to find the things in life that gives us joy, then celebrate them.” speaking of the guard returned and handed off the instrument to him he ordered earlier. The man didn't stick around the two retreating quickly.

Roman strummed the guitar and began to tune it, handling it like an old friend. “If anything I believe you are a friend and we treat our friends like family as they are the family we choose. So why help you? Because I like you and I care about you.


The word echoed in her mind. He liked her and cared about her ..as family. She could hear the voice from his necklace taunting her, laughing at the fact she clearly saw him as something other than family. She wasn’t sure what she felt towards him, but she certainly didn’t feel this towards her mother or father. There was some kind of pull or draw to him, she didn’t seem to have towards anyone else. Perhaps it was just due to their conversations the night prior, that her mind just felt a familiarity.

She was startled by the loud and abrupt strum of the guitar as she felt her hand to her chest catching her breath. “ That startled me “ she said, her voice still void of any fear or joy. “ I suppose that speaks to your character, family is an important thing I would imagine.

Apologies, I didn't mean to.” smiling at her softly, he really didn't mind the facial scarring it reminded him of the injuries his sister sustained. Not even the strange eye color was off putting to him, strange definitely but not entirely too off putting. Softly strumming the guitar and thinking about family, “well if everything aligns correctly, if we are able to grow this bond between us then maybe you can be a part of my family permanently.” he smiled again and thought about what he had just suggested a bit more carefully.

It's not a marriage proposal but I wanted to be direct with you so you are aware of my intentions to find a wife this summer. If this is too much and you want to run, that is fine, I am perfectly fine with just being friends.” Roman looked away to take a bite of food and then begin to strum the guitar again. “Do you mind if I sing something?

Violet sat there, strangely too stunned to speak. She felt the first thing she had this whole time, her heart skipped a beat. It was a strange feeling, one she couldn’t quite describe. Why would someone want her? She couldn’t even remember what he looked like, or the conversations they had. Not to mention the large scar on her face, yet he sat there and considered something as big as sharing a life with her even with all her faults and issues.

No, people are cruel. This was likely some joke he would bring back to his friends to laugh at later.

I don't think in my state I could run..” She said softly, showing the first sign of Violet. The real Violet. Her subtle joke made her smile lightly but it faded rather quickly. It was a passing glimpse of her, showing that she was still there…somewhere… ”Sure, I don't mind.” Her emotionless voice returning.

“You did say you don't remember our conversations last night, but we talked about our family’s, what we do in our free time and what we want for our future. I am the oldest of 9 brothers and 7 sisters. 4 of my siblings have passed away.” while he idly talked his fingers found the right cords and placement. “I am a blacksmith and craftsman by trade. Still, everyone living in the north is a warrior in some fashion. But I am not one to run away from a good time.” he spoke as he started to play the guitar and the melody for the song.

The tune was simple and relaxing at least for him, it was a song he had heard in one of the taverns from varian. It was quite popular with those people.

(Curse of the Fold by shawn james)
“Give me your heart and I'll show you how to feel
Send me your soul and you'll know what it is to be free
We all need a deeper purpose
One that's true and bold
The only thing that could hurt us
Is the curse of the fold.”

He wasn't singing quietly but he also wasn't shouting it either, just a song for those around him.

“I once knew a man who had fire in his eyes
Bloody right hand, he had taken his enemies' lives
The past was his torture
The future held his hope
Until he chose his fortune
As the curse of the fold.

Although you may feel like giving up
It's not the only road
The path less often traveled
Holds the highest, the highest of hopes”

He had his eyes closed for the first few verses of the song making sure he wasn't forgetting anything but by the last two verses he was paying attention to the almost unreadable companion. Next to him.

“Some used to say that I'd never scale this mountain
Now that I'm close they shut their eyes and draw their curtains
Those who don't believe
Will always encourage defeat
They'll scream and shout and scold
For the curse of the fold.

Although I felt like giving up
It's not the road I chose
The path less often traveled
Held the highest, the highest of hopes
Held the highest, the highest of hopes.”

Continuing to play the guitar a bit longer before he stopped and looked over to Violet with a closed lipped smile on his face. “I do enjoy that song, it's one of the ones that i am happy that i learned when i did.”

Violet sat rather quietly, her fingers had found their way into the grass blades as it pulled on one after the other. She could feel his eyes on her as she continued to just sit and listen , the words holding quite a bit of meaning behind them. She felt as if she had fallen into some relaxed trance, her mind being pulled from all its thoughts as she looked over at him “ You have a very relaxing singing voice. Thank you for sharing that. “ Her voice continued to sound emotionless, but yet she seemed somewhat genuine in her statement. “Well I suppose you should be getting back to your event. I feel like I've occupied much of your time as it is. I do appreciate you answering my questions.” Violet used her cane to prop under her as she unsteadily tried to stand back up.

It seemed they only had enough time for one song at the very least he chose one of his favorites that wasn't a drinking song. He watched her try to stand after giving him the compliment. Without hesitation he quickly got up to help her to her feet, “it's quite alright, you are not a burden. Those people up there.” motioning towards the others at the top of the hill, he could see them all talking and smiling. “They are my people, that is where my loyalty lies. I will always be able to spend more time with them, I can't say the same about you.”

Holding gently onto her arm to steady her, “at the very least allow me to walk you back to your carriage or back home if you did not arrive in one.”

They are my people, that is where my loyalty lies..

Those words hit her , the feeling of those peoples eyes on her.. The sense of disgust and confusion she felt with them. If that were true, if those people were his people then she certainly would not feel welcome around them.

It is quite alright Lord Ravenwood. If I'm honest, I would much prefer to walk home by myself. It is no offense to you but your friend is rather noisy and my head is already hurting as it is. “ She paused and looked back down at his necklace “ Yes .. you win. However he can’t hear you so all your shouting is useless.” Her tone was firm but still void of anything.

Violet leaned against Roman for a moment before shifting her weight onto her cane and steadying herself. “ Perhaps next time we meet, he will be less of an issue.” Violet said about his invisible passenger.

Thank you for reminding me what a friend is.. Lord Ravenwood.” Violet's eyes still struggled to focus on him, her crimson orbs dotting around but for the first time this evening a small smile spread on her lips. It didn’t stay long, however it was sincere. “ Have a good evening.” Violet turned around and began making her way down the hill towards the forested exit of the park.

Continuing to smile softly at the girl and nod, “as you wish i would normally insist but it seems you have a few guards wandering the crowd just as i do. I will leave you in their capable hands and hopefully we can see each other more through the week. You can always find me at the blacksmith in the afternoon.” Roman walked with her quietly until they reached the bottom of the hill.

“In case you don't remember, I did mention that I believe your scars are beautiful because I have a sister that has similar scars and she is the most beautiful of all my siblings. I thought you might have wanted to know why I don't have any issue with your scars. Scars that you said made you ‘tarnished goods’.”

Patting her arm gently with a smile, “I do hope you have a wonderful evening and you get plenty of rest. I can't wait till our next meeting, Violet.” another short bow and he returned to the spot they were at.

Roman didn't waste too much time to hand off the guitar back to the guard. He really only looked back now and then to watch her leave a little longer. Returning to the top of the hill with everyone else just in time to hear Sadie talk about just how Lukas was her hero. He made sure to lock eyes with John with a head tilt and no smile that basically said, “Lets Talk.

Violet hadn’t seen any guards but then again her sight was so bad she wasn’t surprised. Her mother must have sent them out after she found out She had gone for her walk. At Least there was that.

She stopped for a moment as he said his goodbyes, the words about her scars sat with the weight of his words on her chest. Her face didn’t show any signs of a reaction but she certainly felt something, unsure of what it ment.

She heard his footsteps as he took his leave, she stood still for just a moment. Soaking in that feeling of acceptance and care. It had been a nice change from all the disgust, discomfort and panic. It reminded her of that feeling she had not long ago. Peace.

Turning back around, Violet walked off at a slow pace towards the exit.
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Sjan-dehk & Kalliope

Part One

Kalliope couldn’t help but smile some as Sjan-dehk told her to just come as she was, that they wouldn’t want Izahn to not recognize her. She didn’t voice her worries that he may not recognize her anyways as she’d truly changed quite a bit in the last two years. She was no longer this scrawny little thing who was clearly underfed. Her skin was no longer as jaundiced as it once was either and she actually looked healthy.

She quietly followed him as he had them move, listening to his words. ”Could always make their heads explode…” She said with a slight smirk and then busted up laughing. ”Of course I only jest, but sometimes you really wish with people like that.”

After exploring more of the ship and Sjan-dehk pointing out more things, he asked about the use of the beach. ”It’s a public beach so I wouldn’t imagine you’d need permission. If anyone wants to cause trouble, however, just leave them to me. I’ll sort them out real quick.” She said with a kind smile which caused Sjan-dehk to chuckle and glance sideways at Kalliope with a grin. She neglected to mention that there may be some that could throw a hissy fit.

“I’ll hold you to that if it comes to it,” he said a little teasingly. Then, he let out a little sigh, though his face never lost its mirth and mischief. “I’d honestly love to do it myself, but I don’t think it’ll do my people any favours if I start roughing up the locals. First impressions and all that.” Either way, it likely was late enough that people wouldn’t be around the beach much anyways. Kali wasn’t lying either about taking care of it, she could be very persuasive.

"Trust me, some in this city need some roughing up and I'd be more than happy to do so." She said with a giggle before glancing back out over the water.

He returned his gaze to the water as well. The first of the Sudah’s boats was already ferrying pinpricks of light towards the beach, and the second didn’t look like it would be far behind. Sjan-dehk guessed that the same thing was happening on the other side of the massive ship, which meant two boats heading for shore and another two still boarding. That didn’t leave him with as much time as he would’ve liked to show Kalliope the Sada Kurau in her full glory, but then again, it wasn’t as if his ship was at its best as things stood.

“They’ll be ready soon,” Sjan-dehk said and pushed himself away from the railing. Kalliope watched the small twinkling lights moving across the water for a moment longer before following suit. “Assuming they don’t mess up ferrying themselves across calm waters, that is. There’s not much to the ritual, to be honest. Usually, it’s just starting a small fire on the beach and reciting our words.” He looked at Kalliope with a little smile. “But if there’s anything different, I’ll let you know. Just follow my lead and everything will be fine.” Kali briefly wondered if it would be inappropriate to offer a song after the ritual, but she figured she could ask later if anything. She could also wait till they began clearing out before offering up her own song alone.

There was just one more thing Sjan-dehk needed to do before they could go. As much as he detested fussing over minor details of stuffy rites and rituals, he supposed he could make an exception for this particular occasion. Sjan-dehk knew nothing about Izahn’s life, but he knew that he died true to the Way. For that alone, he deserved to be sent off properly. “I’ve to get some things from my quarters down below. I won’t take long, but you can follow me if you prefer.”

"Oh, well if you don't mind me following. Keep me from sticking my nose anywhere else I shouldn't be then." She said with a mischievous smirk as she motioned for him to lead the way.

Sjan-dehk grinned and beckoned for Kalliope to follow. “Well, like I said, Sada Kurau isn’t a big ship. You’d be found out eventually if you go snooping around,” he started as he walked back down the steps. Slower this time; despite the glow of the lanterns, it was still difficult to see much. “Then I’d have to come find you to get you out of trouble again, and I think we’ve had enough of that for one day.”

"I suppose I can save you from getting me out of trouble until another day." She'd joked with a giggle while following him.

His quarters wasn’t far from the quarterdeck. It was directly beneath it, in fact. Not exactly the place most captains would’ve had their rooms, but this was just one of the many changes Sjan-dehk had carried out during the refitting of his Sada Kurau all those years ago. By her original design, his quarters would have been on the gundeck like any other ship, but Sjan-dehk chose to have it moved up to the main deck to make space for four more broadside guns and two chasers.

He led Kalliope through a pair of doors behind the ship’s wheel. “There’s not much to see. Feel free to look around, all the same.” He stood aside to let her enter first before quietly shutting the door behind them. As far as quarters went, Sjan-dehk’s was rather austere. A desk stood in the centre, in front of a wall of large windows. Ledgers and maps were piled high on the plain, wooden surface, and more crowded the shelves on either side of the room. Sextants, compasses, and other tools of navigation acted as weights to keep them in place.

Once Kalliope had stepped through into his quarters, she'd done just as he suggested and began looking around. Her fingers trailed over some of the stuff on his desk, picking up a compass at one point and examining it before continuing on.

“Sorry for the mess,” Sjan-dehk said a little sheepishly as he walked over to his bed. It was more of a cot, if he had to be quite honest. A step up from the hammocks issued to a regular sailor, to be sure, but not at all luxurious by any stretch of the imagination. He picked up a woven, conical hat from it. This one, unlike the plain one he’d been wearing for most of the day, had elaborate patterns painted across the surface. A swirl here, a pictograph there; it looked simply, yet elegant at the same time.

"If you consider this a mess then I suppose I should never let you see my room." Kalliope laughed, thinking of the books and often clothes discarded all around her room. She knew servants would have likely attempted to tidy up her things, but she had faith that if her friend Riona caught wind of it then she'd have put a stop to it. Kali could always rely on her and in turn she tried to make sure Riona could rely on Kali.

He gestured to a roughly-shaped crate in the corner of the room. Swords of all sorts – as well as a handful of firearms – laid inside with no real care. “Don’t suppose you’re looking for a weapon? I’ve collected more prizes than I’ve any need for. Feel free to take anything that catches your eye. You can think of it as a gift, or an apology for the trouble you faced earlier. Either would work.” None of them looked as if they had been maintained at all, and to be honest, Sjan-dehk hadn’t really given them much attention since the day he plucked them from the cold, dead hands of their former owners.

She’d noticed the weapons and lingered there, casually looking through them until Sjan-dehk suggested she take one. It was only then she began looking through them more like a giddy child in a toy store. She did eventually settle on an interesting weapon, a falchion with an oddly black colored blade. It wasn't anything fancy and certainly needed some love, but it drew Kalliope in almost like a siren lures sailors to their deaths.

After placing the hat on his head, he grabbed a yellow sash embroidered with red patterns from the same cot and tied it high on his waist. Then, he pushed it down, tucking it behind the belt supporting the various pouches and weapons he kept on his person. “Symbol of office,” he explained.

His voice pulled her out of her thoughts and she found herself glancing at him, taking him in for a moment. "Oh my, it seems I've got quite the handsome date tonight. I'm certainly underdressed now," she teased. She wasn't lying, however, when she'd called him handsome as he truly was quite handsome. She wasn't afraid to admit that even if others often found her too bold for saying such things.

Kalliope’s compliment had come as a complete surprise. A welcome one, granted, but Sjan-dehk couldn’t fight the light flush that came over his cheeks, all the same. Thankfully, he’d been looking away at the time as he searched for the sword that he’d left behind. He cleared his throat as he picked it up and slotted it into the empty frog on his belt. “You flatter me,” he said as he stood back up and turned to face her, grin on face and eyes looking her up and down. “But I think you’re pretty enough the way you are.”

Much as he’d said it to tease her, it wasn’t entirely a lie. It wasn’t one at all, actually. Kalliope truly was a beautiful sight to behold – even if he’d never actually seen anyone with hair as red as hers before – and in the short time that he’d known her, she seemed like a decent enough person. There was more of her that he knew nothing about, of course, but for now, Sjan-dehk could at least call her ‘pretty’. Even if he did look a little impish when he did so.

“Let’s go,” he said and led her back onto the main deck.

Once she'd strapped her new weapon to herself, they left for the beach. Kalliope had been right about not many being down there currently, only a small handful of people exploring for shells and other fun things as the ride slowly made its way out. "Looks like it's going to be a perfect night for this," she said with a soft smile.
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Sjan-dehk & Kalliope

Part Two

The beach, as Kalliope had described it, was perfect for the ritual. What few people that were present had better things to do than to gawk at the Sudah’s crew that were disembarking their boats. Those that were already ashore had already been put to work; some were assembling a stone square with loose rocks and mud whilst others unloaded stacked wooden beams and planks within its boundaries. “It’s a beautiful night indeed,” Sjan-dehk remarked and drew in a deep breath of the crisp, night air.

“Captain Wasun,” a voice called out to him. It didn’t sound too happy. “I didn’t think you would join us.”

Sjan-dehk sighed and turned. “Well, I changed my mind, Captain Kaisahn.”

The man who commanded the Sudah was a mirror of his vessel. Large, bulky, and with all of the airs of someone important. His beady eyes looked down over his prominent nose as Sjan-dehk, who looked back with arms folded and brow arched. “Well, it’s good that you’re here. Had you done your duty-”

“Are you implying I didn’t?” Sjan-dehk interrupted and unfolded his arms. One of his hands dropped to the grip of his sword. There was barely-hidden anger in his voice when he spoke once more. “Had you done yours, Captain, none of us would need to be here. My duty was to protect your ship, and that’s what we did. Yours was to keep Sudah out of danger in the first place, which you didn’t.”

Captain Kaisahn’s eyes narrowed. “You overstep your boundaries, Captain. You may be a Lesser Marquis, but remember which ship takes precedence.”

“This is merely talk between Captains,” Sjan-dehk replied. “I warned you that our ships were too far apart and you didn’t listen. Now I’m telling you that I did what I could based on what you ordered. I’m surprised, Captain Kaisahn. Officer such as yourself, you should know how this works. It’s how we’ve always done things throughout the war.” Kaisahn bristled, and Sjan-dehk knew that he’d hit a sore point. “Oh, I meant no offence. Sometimes it slips my mind that some of us never actually fought.”

The Sudah’s Captain didn’t reply immediately. He pressed his lips into a thin line, then turned his attention towards Kalliope. “And who is this? You’re inviting strangers to our rituals now, Captain Wasun?” Kalliope smirked up at the man, wiggling her fingers as a greeting to him. She'd been silent so far through the whole exchange.

“She has her reasons to be here,” Sjan-dehk replied and placed himself between her and the mountain of a man. “Nothing that I'm in any position to say, and nothing that you need to know. She’s my guest.”

Kaishan’s eyes narrowed. “It’s my crew that we’re sending off, Captain Wasun. I have the final say.”

“And she has her reasons to be here.” Sjan-dehk knew that it would make things all the simpler if he just told Kaisahn everything that Kalliope had told him, but it didn’t feel right to do so. Something that personal, something with so much meaning to her, that wasn’t anything he had any right to decide to share on his own. All the same, he could see where Kaisahn was coming from. If Sjan-dehk was here to send off any of his Sada Kurau’s crew, he’d likely be just as prickly. “We won’t disturb anything. I’ll take responsibility for her if it makes you feel any better.”

Kaisahn grunted and waved his hand dismissively. “Do what you want,” he growled. “But if she makes a fool or a mess of anything, you will have to answer for it, Captain.”

With that, he stalked off.

Sjan-dehk turned to Kalliope and sighed. “Sorry. You’re really seeing the worst of us today,” he said with a sheepish smile on his face. “Kaisahn’s a cunt on good days, and it bloody hurts me to speak in defense of him, but he’s got good reason to be one today, at least.” He jerked his head towards the bonfire that was steadily being built. “It’s never a good feeling to lose any of your crew. It doesn’t excuse him being rude to you, but…” He trailed off and sighed. “I can understand where he’s coming from.”

"He certainly seems like quite the ass, but I understand all too well how the loss of people you care about can affect you." She said as she gave him a soft smile.

He remained silent for a moment, but then quickly recovered. “We should get ready,” he said and tilted his head towards the bonfire. To give credit where it was due, the crew of the Sudah had built it in good time, even after accounting for the number of hands they had working on it. Now, they stood in orderly rows and columns in front and on the left of the bonfire. Sjan-dehk led Kalliope to the right, where the two of them stood alone. “We arrange ourselves by ship,” he explained in a quiet whisper. “For now, just stand still.”

A robed figure stepped out of the middle block of men. Their hands were pressed to their chest, one over the other, but they slowly raised them to the sky as they approached the stone square. “To these foreign lands, so far from home, we sailed,” she intoned. Hoarse and creaky as her voice was, it still rang in the silence of the night. “For those whom we left behind, we accepted risk. For the betterment of all, we turned our prows to the unknown.”

The words were different from what Sjan-dehk remembered, but he supposed that a change to suit their current circumstances was warranted. Proper, even. “When it’s time to say anything, just repeat after me or keep quiet,” he muttered to Kalliope from the corner of his mouth.

“We, fated to live, have lived. For that, we give thanks to Sea and Sky.”

“Wind and Waves carry us,” Sjan-dehk recited in unison with everyone else.

Kalliope glanced briefly at Sjan-dehk as he began speaking, doing her best to repeat the words just as he instructed her to. Her voice was a lot more quiet, however, as she didn't wish to disturb anyone in case she messed up.

“And may they guide us home.” The robed woman turned around, her arms and eyes still directed towards the starry sky overhead. She closed her eyes, and breathed in deep. “And may we bring those no longer with us to their Gods, their Ancestors, and their Homes.”

“Their names be whispered on the wind forevermore.”

The robed woman nodded to someone else in the congregation, and a man stepped out carrying a blazing torch. He approached the bonfire reverently and stood unmoving before it. “Now may the dead gaze upon our light. May they know that their sacrifice was not in vain. May their souls rest easy.”

“And may a kinder world greet them.”

With a nod, the robed woman gave the torchbearer the signal to light the bonfire. Though weak at first, the flames and sparks quickly spread and soon the beach was illuminated by the roaring fire. Waves of heat washed over Sjan-dehk, but he stood still like a statue. “All must end someday.” The robed woman was now shouting to make herself heard over the fire. “But all will start in time. Grieve not their passing, and shed no tears, but celebrate their life, and hope to find them upon verdant shores, within hallowed halls, and upon gentle waves!”

“May we all be as fortunate!” Sjan-dehk caught his breath before turning to Kalliope. “Follow me. I’ll do this part with you,” he said as he marched himself towards the fire. Several others were doing the same, some with items in their hands which they tossed into the flame, others with nothing but words. “We burn gifts for the dead,” Sjan-dehk explained. As they approached the bonfire, the heat became more and more intense and oppressive. “Give them something to do wherever they go, you know? But words can be enough.”

He stopped a short distance away from the fire. “You should go first,” he said to Kalliope with a gentle smile. “I think you’ve got more right than I do.”

A flush came to Kalliope's cheeks as she realized she didn't have any sort of gift on her other than the necklace, but she figured Izahn would be offended if she burnt that. So words would have to do, but as she approached the fire she realized she wasn't sure what to say. What would be the most meaningful words? She stood there awkwardly for a long moment, but then she realized what she could say. Or more so, sing. She would gift him a song, something from her heart and that she'd once sung to him before.

The notes drifted from her, a siren's song full of heartache and feeling. While the song was one of something happier, the tears now falling down her cheeks spoke of her grief. The last notes left her and she stood there silent for a moment longer before turning and moving back next to Sjan-dehk. "Apologies if that wasn't appropriate, it just felt right."

“No, you did nothing wrong,” Sjan-dehk replied softly, his voice barely heard over the roaring flames. A song was the last thing he’d expected from her, and he’d be lying if he said that he didn’t feel the emotions lacing her words in his soul. He cleared his throat. “It was beautiful. You sing very well. I’m sure Izahn heard and felt it as much as I did.”

Now it was his turn, and truth be told, he didn’t know what to do. He didn’t have anything to burn for Izahn, nor did he know enough about the man to offer anything beyond bland platitudes, and those were surely not at all appropriate for the occasion. He drew in a deep breath. The scent of burning wood and thick, soupy air charred their way into his lungs. “I don’t know you, Izahn,” he began. The truth was always a good place to start. “But I know what you did. I don’t know how you lived, but I know you died well. My name is Wasun Sjan-dehk. You likely knew my father as your lord. That we could not save your life is our failure. That I will tell your people of you is my promise as Fourth Lesser Marquis. Rest easy, and may you find a kinder world.”

Kalliope listened intently as Sjan-dehk spoke, his words carrying a mix of sincerity and respect. The flickering flames danced in her eyes as she absorbed his eulogy for Izahn, feeling the weight of his promise to honor the fallen man.

He stepped back and looked at Kalliope. Her tears glistened in the firelight, as did the trails they left on her cheeks. “We can go back,” he said quietly. At the same time, he undid his sash and pulled it free before handing it to her. “For your ah…” He trailed off and gestured to his own face and eyes. “Someone somewhere probably disagrees with how I’m using this thing, but it’s really just a symbol. End of the day, it’s a piece of cloth, and it’ll do what cloth does just as well.”

She glanced at his sash and briefly hesitated before gently taking it and holding it close to her chest, grateful for the small yet meaningful offering. She softly dabbed her eyes, surprisingly not all that embarrassed for showing her emotions in front of him.

Her voice was soft, carrying a touch of melancholy as she responded to him, her gaze fixed on the burning pyre. "Thank you, Sjan-dehk," she said, her voice tinged with a mixture of sadness and gratitude. "Your words for Izahn were truly heartfelt. I'm certain his spirit felt the warmth and sincerity in your tribute."

The ceremony didn’t last too long after that. It never did, in Sjan-dehk’s experience; after saying their goodbyes and giving their offerings, nobody wanted to linger around. There was work to be done. Memories of the dead should never stagnate the living, as it’d been written, after all. After a few final words by the robed woman, the crowd started to dissipate. Men returned to the boats whilst others stayed by the water’s edge for a moment longer. Kalliope remained by Sjan-dehk's side, the faint scent of smoke lingering in the air. Her gaze followed the departing mourners, silently paying her respects to their shared loss.

“I’ve to thank you,” Sjan-dehk said to Kalliope as he watched the rest go about their business. “If you weren’t here, Izahn would’ve had to be sent-off by a stranger.” He looked back at the city for a moment. “I’ll be going back to Sada Kurau. We have an early day tomorrow and I told the men to sleep early. Have to lead by example, you know?”

She turned her attention back to Sjan-dehk then as he expressed his gratitude for her presence during the somber occasion. A gentle smile curved her lips, though sadness still lingered in her eyes. "I'm glad I could be here with you, Sjan-dehk," she replied softly. "Your kindness and generosity in including me in this is something that means more to me than I can even express."

Her gaze shifted toward the distant lights of the city, a touch of longing in her voice. "Returning to Sada Kurau sounds like the responsible choice and it honestly sounds nicer than what I have to do," she acknowledged. "Your crew are fortunate to have a captain who leads by example and cares."

A brief pause followed, the crackling of the fire filling the silence between them. Kalliope took a step closer, a gentle breeze rustling her hair as she held his sash out for him. "I suppose I should also make my way into town as I have a few things I need to do before the night ends," she said, a small smile gracing her lips. She paused for a second, considering a way to repay him for his kindness. "If you aren't too busy over the next few days, perhaps you'd allow me to show you around Sorian? I promise to make it far more enjoyable than some of the other stuffy nobles who might take up the task."

Sjan-dehk could feel his cheeks heat at the rapid succession of compliments. He left out a quiet, nervous chuckle and pulled the brim of his hat a little lower over his eyes. “You flatter me. I don’t think I did that much,” he said. He honestly didn’t; bringing Kalliope here had nothing to do with him as a person. It was simply the right thing to do – Izahn deserved to be sent off properly, and Sjan-dehk could hardly do that himself.

He looked out at the sea. “It’ll take a while before I can do anything about that promise. Still not sure how long we’re planning on staying here.” He chewed on his lip for a moment. Being stuck in harbour – as that was essentially his situation – sat poorly with him, even if it was due to no one’s fault in particular. He looked back at Kalliope. “But it has to be done. That’s the Way as all of us are taught.”

When Kalliope reached out with his sash, Sjan-dehk gently placed his hand on hers and pushed it back. “It’s alright. You can keep it for now. No one’s going to miss the bloody thing, least of all me. You can give it back some other day.” He took a step towards the city and glanced over his shoulder at her with a grin. “Or tomorrow, if you don’t mind showing me around then. I’d be more than happy to have you give me the tour than some noble who likely doesn’t want to be there and doesn’t know their way around beyond the castle walls.”

He beckoned for her to follow. “If you don’t mind, I can walk with you until we need to go our separate ways.”
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