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UPD: It seems like I've finally found a tête-à-tête game or two.
Always open for suggestions, though

I enjoy playing sophisticated characters. Not your usual edgy boy parents died long before conception, hometown burned, raised by wolves since five, but, say, somebody able to pull 'I have a very particular set of skills' speeches or '- Walt, what happened? - I WON' one-liners after ages of teasing things with clever detail and George Martin-like writing.
I tend to do people capable of terrible deeds, but my characters are rarely completely without reason and unhinged. Best of them, nice guys and decent wives, tend to be on the verge of breaking, or possess a trauma. Their skeletons may be locked in the closets, dark prophecies and dirty secrets - pushing flowers from deep under soil, royal fuck-ups and crimes one could regret - vanished from memory of common people, but you know what any Chekhov's gun does in the end.
I wanna go on a journey with a character that lives a lie, and make the mask eventually slip.

For partners I just want some interesting characters by interesting players that are not lazy to sit back and do zero legwork and research for plot development. Age matters little to me, I play mature themes that are not porn and somehow count as appropriate for teens. Just don't be a brat and do whatever it is on your mind if you build character first and then do details for character reasons. You never know what actually works unless you see some tired bunch of tropes served right.
What I sure as hell know won't work with me is smut for the smut sake. Not interested. Sex and chemistry are fine as a side dish but plot comes first.

Fandoms (I prefer to say universes or worlds) I am well-versed in AND willing to play (only those that come easily into my mind)
Nirn (The Elder Scrolls Series)
Mostly interested in Imperial characters and Empire-centric plots, but would like to play as Redguard or Khajiit, too.
Valoran (League of Legends, Arcane Series, etc.)
I have a particular OC in mind that can be well tied into some lore parts and factions
Forgotten Realms (well, Dungeons and Dragons, you know)
Not terribly interested, but I am used to roleplay heavily in DnD and this is a go-to world I know a lot, since I also roleplayed as Coran-the-Politician and have a lot of leftovers for current chronology to do detective and cults and shitton of adventure pre-BG3. Can also act as semi-DM for such a plot.
Witcher world (NOT the series-inspired plox)

There could be others. Look, I mostly play OCs, and am really meticulous and even pious about canon at times, but I managed to roleplay and actually pull it with universally positive feedback as:
- Varric Tethras from Dragon Age
- Vertigo-like Lucifer (comic, not series, with David Bowie faceclaimed)
- Sheogorath (GMed completely insane quests while on enegry drinks and antidepressants and it was DELIGHTFUL, DE-LIGHT-FUL!)
- Gregory House (complimenting Cuddy's tits, of course)
- well, Coran, that good-natured hedonistic fella with 20 DEX from the start and left-side-brain that got best of him was mentioned. He also recently died in somewhat canon comics. I do lots of research:3

So, you can see the pattern. I do sharp-tongued, witty guys with dubious morals and, if happy, shit-eating smiles and quips.
Well, those are the most belowed by all, obviously.

As of OC-gestalts I have in mind, there are few I really want to do, maybe in combinations.
1. A doctor. Physician, alchemist, somebody who dabbles more in dirt and blood rather than heals all neat and nice. In addition I'd love a terrible neighborhood or antisanitary, miserable setting. Maybe also story about serial killer or some shady operations.
2. Retir(ed/ing) (trying to!) assassin past their prime. John Wick, Nobody, Leon the Professional - you know the type
3. Arya Stark book canon-like female character. Arya, the Wolf-Child, Arya, the Blood-Child, Arya, the Dark Heart, Arya, who knows better than most, that all men must die (Quinn's Ideas). Or, light version, a character like Sorry/Apsalar from Malazan series, that was possessed but broke free from her grim trade and fate and is healing.
4. Inhuman creature caught in human body or posing as one for safety or out of loneliness in prevalentely human world.
5. Former gangster/religious extremist, also alone in the world and stripped of former ties, willingly or not

I can mix and match.

I terribly enjoy 'punks' and am kind of punk for life, but steampunk is the one I am not interested unless it's something inspired by Frostpunk game. But, say, dieselpunk with speakeasies and mafia? Skypunk? I'm in.

Post-a-day/several per week, 1 to 3 partners, I live in GMT+3, don't like pink tieflings and cookie-cutter magic and social systems. Open to play any type of relationship except slash (fem is fine, father-daughter, family, friends, subordinates are most welcome)
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I may be interested. I have a thief character I'm really wanting to use again. I originally wrote her in the Avatar (Last Airbender) universe, then later in a steampunk one. Not a big fan of writing in the modern era. She's a con artist, natural actress, and.. a cat thief that's afraid of heights. Very emotional character and I spend a lot of time writing in her head.
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