I'd like to run a PbP campaign in my homebrew setting.

This will be a character-based and roleplay-focused campaign with plenty of combat, intrigue, exploration, and adventure. It will be sandbox after the first "arc" which will be railroaded for the purpose of:
* Getting used to me as a DM
* Getting used to each other
* Getting into character
* Establishing inter-party relations

Before you consider reaching out to me, there are some significant changes you should know about:
* I've made changes to many of the classes.
1. Bards have been recreated as non-casters and a pure support class.
2. Clerics have no armor proficiencies and few weapon proficiencies and a d6 hit die and are Charisma-based spellcasters.
3. Druids have no armor proficiencies and few weapon proficiencies and have a d6 hit die.
4. Paladins & Rangers are 3rd-casters (highest level spell is 4th and no cantrips).
5. Each class has unique saving throw proficiencies (some are the same, most are different).
* I implement a homebrew point-buy system for stats that allows for "greater" min-maxing and somewhat higher stats than standard point-buy.
* Characters have max hit points.
* Every character gets a homebrew "trinket" that will either be tied to their race, their class, their subclass, their background, or a combination of these. It will increase in power as the character levels and/or milestones are reached.
* I only use Milestone Leveling.
* Characters are required to be from the setting and have depth.
1. I don't allow "pocket dimensions" where a character is completely cut off from the rest of the setting and know nothing about it.
2. The following races will be discouraged and restricted: Goblin, Hobgoblin, Kobold, Bugbear, Minotaur. Some other monsterous/exotic races will need to be approved. They do not inhabit this part of the world but they do exist.
3. Joke characters without substance will not be allowed.
4. Edgy backstory, dead parents, antisocial characters will not be allowed unless there is a plan for them change over time (and sooner rather than later).
5. Characters must have a reason for adventuring and seeking out a party to join.
6. Characters must have a short and long-term goal.
* I allow homebrew content, but I will work on it to be balanced to the best of my ability. I have homebrew spells created that are allowed to be used. All homebrew content is subject to change at any time.
* The setting is civilization vs. environment. All civilizations/governments are largely benevolent. Corruption of political figures is very unusual and dealt with swiftly and harshly. This is not to say that there will not be any large conflicts, political intrigue, or signs of corruption.
* I stick to RAW and don't implement any optional or variant rules other than XGtE and TCoE content as well as some character creation things such as Ability Scores and Starting Equipment (I provide more equipment to characters if it makes sense for their backstory). I do not and will not use flanking, penalties for sleeping in armor, penalties for not sleeping, etc. However, I don't claim to be an expert on the rules and welcome civil discussion and arguments regarding rulings I make.
* Some specific rules: Counterspell - you don't know the name or the level of the spell being cast; Shield - you only know if the attack hits or not, not if the hit is critical like you would with Grave Domain's Sentinel at Death's Door feature; spells have flavor text that is not be taken as mechanical - see Chill Touch - it is affected by cover.
* There is a great deal of high-level lore already created. It will not be required to be familiar with or read all of it, but I will reference specific things that are pertinent to the character you are creating. But I will, otherwise, reference it ICly and OOCly. Conversely, I welcome and encourage collaboration in deeper world building and the development of specifics.
* I do not balance encounters specifically for the party. I create encounters that make sense to the story, the location, and/or the event it's related to. I never have the intention of TPKing or killing any character ever, going so far as to give an "out." But if that is not taken or character actions lead to harsh outcomes, I will usually follow through.
* There are consequences for actions, both good and bad, both seen and unseen, both known and unknown. Threatening the Mayor will likely get you arrested - resisting arrest will get you attacked by law-enforcement. Telling an NPC you're part of a specific organization might garner help or present resistance to the point of having you assassinated. Refusing the deal of a BBEG might get an entire town killed/destroyed. Giving money to that orphan might see that orphan rescue you in a time of need. Working with an Herbalist might get you free potions from another herbalist in another town or city that's more well-off.
* There will be grander events occurring throughout the setting without the characters' knowing. Whether or not the party includes themselves is up to them. They may not even hear about it unless they ask the "right" question or overhear a conversation in a specific tavern.
* The setting map is final and settlements are, indeed, an average of a 7-day walk between neighboring settlements (one of the main reasons why it's "civilization vs. environment").
* I will be using Foundry VTT. Character sheets will be made, maintained, and updated there. Combat and Rolls will be done there. It is free to use and requires no special requirements from anyone and doesn't require downloads or anything.
* Character development, cooperation with other player-characters, and working as a team is required.
* No evil alignments or Chaotic Neutral characters (I don't really use or reference alignments, anyway).
* It will be required to post at least twice a week/within reason. Posts will only be done once after I post unless otherwise stated. You will be skipped on your request or if too much time passes. Be honest with whether or not you can meet this expectation.
* Players are DM's of their own characters. I may ask a player if their character knows about something or not or has been to a specific place or not or has met a type of person or not.
* There will be no PvP unless all parties agree. I will not call for deception or perception or insight or sleight of hand checks when a character wants to do something to another character. Those two players will decide how they want to handle the situation. Actions against/toward other characters can be refused outright (though it's expected to act in good-faith).
* I'm here to provide the setting and information for your characters to help the players tell a grand story. If you don't think you can or will be able to contribute to creating a complete story, this will not be the campaign for you.
* Humor is allowed and encouraged to a degree. This is meant to be on the serious/epic side, but moments/scenes/events of hilarity are welcome.
* This is not a romance-centric campaign, though I will allow it if it makes sense and adds to character development and not self-indulgence. X-rated scenes will be fade to black. Profanity, nudity, vulgarity may and likely will be present, though alluded to and not explicitly described. Topics such as sexual assault, torture, self-harm/suicide, beastiality and other extreme fetishes will not be allowed, discussed, or present in this campaign.
* Posts are required to move the plot forward to some degree. I don't tolerate "time holes" where we have a discussion between characters for 20 posts but are still within the same 5-10 minutes in-game. Collaborating on single posts would be encouraged if you wanted to play out an entire conversation, but keep in mind in-game time and allowing the plot to move forward.
* Posts are expected to be at least 2 paragraphs - 1st paragraph reacting to what previously happened and the second paragraph performing a new action.

I may add to, remove, or amend any of the above.
You may respond here with questions or PM me. If you are interested, please respond to as many points as you can with relative detail (organized in any way you see fit).

Thank you for your time.