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[The Stoneworks - Erling Manor]

Yue gasped audibly, grabbing Archer's shoulders and shaking him with excitement as her Anime dreams were coming true. Archer sputtered and giggled uncontrollably for a long minute before regaining his composure.

"Careful, you're going to make her explode," he snickered. "As for not having to experience loss to the ravages of time... I guess marrying into our fucked up family is a solution, although that won't necessarily spare you: we live mortal lives. On the other hand, if you manage to hook up with the one or two of us who aren't fucking crazy, or get one of the nutters to like you enough to keep you... you'll have the added benefit of getting to raise your spouse's new incarnation in regular intervals. Also don't forget the possibility of your wife occasionally growing up with extra equipment," he grinned.

"Mythology is real, there's fucking Gods and Yokai wandering around in the world and you two want to talk about boring romance? Tell me about the DRAGONS!" Archer sputtered while taking a drag on his cigarette and broke into a choking laugh.

"Seems we've forgotten that Gods and Yokai aren't commonplace for our guest."
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"Ungh. Am I gonna get to sleep at all tonight?" Wolf's voice came muffled through the door as she slapped something rhythmically against her steel palm. After a few minutes of struggle and swearing she jammed something with the crinkle of thin plastic in her pocket, lifted an object to her mouth, and struck a match in a fluid motion.


"Fuck off, I'm under a vent," she quipped tersely.

"What? No, the patient's neural activity is picking up. She's coming to."

"Oh. Fuck, I'm sorry. It's been a long day," she muttered, and exhaled a tired sigh. "Status?"

"Escalating neural activity. Still no vitals. No heartbeat. No respiration."

"It's not the weirdest thing I've run into... but it's pretty damn weird. How's Jade?" Asked Wolf with a note of concern, and another deep sigh.

"Stable again. If she hadn't..."

"Yeah, we'd have all been fucked. I know."

"Oh. Wait a tick... this says her bed is empty."

"Oh God Damnit! Somebody find her before she melts her stupid brain doing something else reckless!" The sound of running footsteps echoed from outside the door, and Wolf lingered for a moment longer to swear under her breath. "Everyone is going to rest and recover today if it fucking kills me, I swear," she muttered, stomping down the hall in the opposite direction.

For a few long minutes everything was silent in Jemma's infirmary room, and then the air stirred. A weight flopped onto the end of Jemma's bed. A weight attached to a girl, who was smoothing out her rumpled, sandy blonde hair and tying it back out of her eyes. Her skin was pale, and stained with ruddy crimson streaks down her cheeks where she'd either been crying or bleeding... or both. She had been cleaned up recently, but there was still dried blood residue at the corners of her mouth, ringing her nostrils and collected in her ears. She met Jemma's eyes with her own vivid green ones for a long time, chewing on her bottom lip in apprehensive thought.

A pile of neatly folded, recently cleaned laundry was tossed onto Jemma's abdomen, and the girl snarfled loudly, rubbing her nose on the back of her arm and leaving a red streak on her skin. She tried to rub it off with an expression of mild annoyance before returning her attention back to Jemma.

"Hey. Um... I'm Jade. Are...? I brought you some clothes. And a drink," she explained, opening a bottle of water absently and chugging half of it. "Awwww... shit, I'll get you another one. My head is... a little melty," grunted Jade, trying awkwardly to find a place to put the half emptied bottle before she chugged the remains. She threw the bottle haphazardly across the room, and a gust of air carried it smoothly into a chute labeled with the recycling icon. Her eyes and head dipped for a moment before she jolted back to alertness and jumped off the bed.

"Right... what was I doing?" Jade paced across the room for a moment before ending up over Jemma, peering down curiously. "Are you a zombie? If you're a zombie... and I ask about it? Don't lie, 'niether. I'm psychic," Jade informed, with a note of suspicion.
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Raudd was fully fueled by the energy that both Yue and Archer radiated. One like a kid in a candy store, the other the candy store owner showing the kid all the kinds of special candy they have and handing out free samples. He had wanted to comment back to Archer about the mortality and changing nature of his family, but before he had any chance Yue's pent up energy burst out.

Archer got a little grin from Raudd as he reacted to Yue's words. "Dragons you say, well sorry to disappointing you, but they are just the people of ancient times trying to make sense of the giant dinosaur bones they happened to come across and filling in the blanks with their imaginations." He opened up leaving just long enough of a pause for Yue to react before continuing. "... At least most of the time."

"Now, how about I tell you a little tale about how Jörmungandr, the Midgard serpent came to be? But first I want you to know that most of Norse myth has gone through ages of mistranslations, creative retelling, and some exaggerations, the real stories are often more spectacular in other ways." He asks the giddy girl getting an enthusiastic nod almost immediately.

Raudd resettles him on the edge casting his gaze into the 'mountain face' in across the pond. "Long ago there was a tradition that the powerful men of the North were to set sail on the first day with favorable weather of the year, each tasked with bringing back the biggest bounty from the seas. Testing the waters for the common folk whether it made sense to go fishing yet, if you will.
As such three men of the Æsir lineage, Odin, Thor, and Loki prepared themselves for the trip when that fateful day of the year came, except Loki had been drinking till the early hours of the morning and was about as sober as a fish in a whiskey barrel. He knew that if he were to set foot on a boat that day he would be in for a seriously horrible time, which lead him to 'preparing' in another way."
He said with a grin on his face. This was one of the genuinely funny stories of the horrible, bad, and stupid crap Loki managed to get himself into or caused willingly.

"When the time came to set sail Odin and Thor met at the beach both arriving in their boats, only to find Loki on the shore without a boat in sight. He yelled to them "Look we can't go sailing, there is a wyrm blocking the sea." pointing to line of scales barely coming out of the water. Enraged by what clearly was shenanigans from Loki Odin and Thor sailed around the island to find a way around the wyrm, both to force Loki to concede and to maintain the tradition, only to find it ringed the entire island and had bitten it's own tail to prevent any gaps existing in the obstruction. Thor even sailed to the head of the wyrm and smacked it with the oars of his boat in hopes of making it lose grip, it only made the creature hiss in anger which lead to Thor swiftly choosing not to pursue that option any longer." He said while animating the movements of hitting some large creature in the head with a long oar with a little chuckle.

"What followed after was a long argument between the three with Loki unwilling to give in without getting out of the fishing trip all together... Eventually as the sun had started to get low in the sky Odin decided to give in and grant Loki's wishes for the sake of upholding the tradition himself. Loki then whistled to Jörmungandr and it let go of it's tail to dive under water. Almost as soon as the wyrm was out of sight Odin and Thor set on their way with Thor boasting he would get the largest catch this year within earshot of Loki. Who then egged Jörmungandr on to follow the boats and snatch any bait Thor set out."

Raudd unable to hold his laughter chuckles as he tells the last part of the story. "Unfortunately for the wyrm, Thor was a tiny bit stronger and faster than it expected and Thor indeed caught the biggest catch as he hooked the wyrm and managed to reel in what he thought to be a really big fish up until the point that the wyrms head broke surface. A struggle occurred as the wyrm also hadn't forgotten the oars to the face it had gotten, both sides taking blows left right and center. Right up to the point that Odin intervened and the wyrm spewed a cloud of poison and dissappeared to the depths. In the years that followed the wyrm grew quite a lot larger, though never to the size of circling 'Midgard' as attributed in the myths. Of course even though the wyrm had managed to escape, the same couldn't be said about Loki who had to deal with a severely pissed of Odin that had had a few days to stew on that anger on the seas."

He finished the story then looked over to Yue. "It's not quite an epic story, but it's quite a bit more interesting than just being the love child of a trickster god and a giantess. Quite a bit more silly though."
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Rat stared at Doll for a long minute while he tried to process what was happening, narrowing his eyes with a hint of suspicion that the boy might be trying to usurp him as the Templar's guide. His whiskers twitched as the mental cogs turned... the grinding and smoke was nearly palpable.

"STHSTHSTH. Fine! Rat is Doll-Child's guide," he conceded, after losing the staring contest with the child and blinking hard to clear the stinging in his eyes. "Away from underfoot!" Rat commanded, shaking a fist before scurrying out of the alley and around a corner. He poked his head back around at them.

"Come along. Come along! Rat guides you. Rat is your guide! First to Drowsy-Cap. He will know Big-Man, and Shiney-Plates. Watch! He will!"

Rat vanished around the corner again, though he didn't allow himself to get too far ahead of the group. They were led across town through side-streets and alleys to what appeared to be a residential area, and then to a particular property that towered over the other buildings. Rat paused as he approached the house his nose wrinkling. The ground was littered with broken glass, and the shattered remains of a night stand that had yet to be cleaned up.

"Here. It is here. Rat guides you. Rat is your guide. The Nest of Drowsy-Cap. Sends many packages to Stoneworks. YesYes. Rarely leaves," he explained, affording them a healthy pause before allowing them past to approach the door... which opened as they arrived.

"Thanks for breakfast," ID called back inside as she stepped out, closing the door behind her. She flinched as she turned around to meet the gaze of Rat, and then Doll and up to Maire. Rat and Maire she recognized immediately from their confrontation at the Stoneworks. The child... ID had seen him around occasionally in the markets but had never spoken to him. She always wore her mask and cloak while in town, and didn't really interact with the locals beyond what she needed in the market... something she'd be much more cautious about now since not wearing it had caused so much trouble.

"Umm...," she flustered awkwardly in the doorway under Rat's hard gaze. The rodent squinted at her for a long minute, and ID's burgundy eyes flicked towards Maire once. Did Rat recognize her? Was this going to turn into yet another confrontation?

"Out of the way!! Here to see Drowsy-Cap!!" Rat shrieked, shaking the sword at ID.

"O-oh! Sorry," she mumbled, though her stance relaxed visibly. ID gave them a nervous smile as she released the door and moved to step past.

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Máire stepped to the side as the woman moved to leave, cutting off her path. Something was... odd about her. Familiar, though Máire couldn't quite place it. She leaned forward, her face coming close enough that their noses nearly touched, so close that the woman could see the ever so slight, ever so subtle back and forth rotation of reticles in Máire's pale yellow eyes.

This woman, her hair, her eyes, that color...

Máire held her position for a long moment, their breaths intermingling in the small space between them, Máire's cold, the other's hot. Máire knew this woman, had seen her somewhere, somewhere important, but she couldn't quite pin down the memory. And even if she could- no, it was ridiculous. Máire didn't know anyone in the Undercity, and the woman she had come to find wouldn't be dressed so casually. And given the effort it had taken just to reach this point, she certainly wouldn't reveal herself just like that.

"Apologies," Máire said quietly, stepping away. "I mistook you for someone else." She slipped past the stranger, disappearing through the door.
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Jemma… Jemma tried extraordinarily hard to focus on the woman in front of her. She really did.
But the world kept shifting. Astral eyes prying open and slamming shut. The woman, Jade, was a beacon of light that was almost blinding. Around her flowed currents of the concept of wind, to say nothing of the leakage of [PAIN] and [DISORIENTED] that radiated off of her in waves.

Jemma coughed once. Blinking in surprise at the ink that leapt from her lips and struck Jade across the cheek. Then once more as ink pulsed through the flesh of her face.
Jemma continued to stare at the woman across from her, processing and yet not, her words. Ink whirled on her cheeks, spreading across her entire face before settling into a bright array of colors and contrasts. Red that centered around her eyes, with pinks and blues and purples settling over her cheeks, forehead, eyebrows, and lips. White and black settled into the background, with floral patterns giving rise to a rapidly formed ‘Sugar Skull’ on her face.

Her irises shifted, colors rapidly rolling through before settling on a startlingly normal chocolate brown. Her pupils contracted to pinpoints, before exploding outward into four-pointed stars.
She took a breath…
Wh- A zombie? No. I’m… I’m not, I don’t think? … Where are we?” She questioned, glancing down at her blanket covered form. “Why are… Why am I restrained? What’s going on? Am I allowed to leave? I want to leave.
She continued, voice shifting between pauses, as ink pulsed at her throat and settled on… something familiar.

She tried to sit up again, yanking on the straps of nylon and steel buckles that kept her limbs still. “I want to leave. Let me leave. I want to leave! Let me go!
Her skin thrummed, eyes slowly going wild as observational machinery began beeping and chirping in alarming tones. Jemma yanked again, slowly beginning to wail as she thrashed in place.
Let. Me. Go! I want to go! Let me go! Alex?! Alex! Alex help! I want OUT!
Jemma yanked once more, shrieking indignantly. The strap on her chest strained, pulling against her skin before snapping abruptly. Muscle mass that had formed in a bout of hysteria ached for a moment.
Then her forehead collided with Jade’s.
She paused, staring into Jade’s eyes for a brief moment. Just… staring!

And then her head sailed across the room with all the ceremony of a sneeze.
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