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Originally posted on Casual, but I was told it'd probably be better over here, so I moved it.

Tucked deep in the often-snowy mountains, there lies a town known as Clear Creek. Clear Creek is a small town with a very loving and tight-knit community. However, with the town being rather obscured, there wasn't much of a place for young ones to get their education. So, many years ago, Millie Snowstar, a kind, intelligent woman who saw the potential in everyone started up Snowstar School.
Ever since then, many parents and children have been happy with their experiences, and Snowstar School has been renowned as one of the best schools in the land.

And now, you are a student here! How does your story play out? :)

-Please write at least 3 sentences.
-This world combines humans and anthropomorphic animals- you can be either one.
-At the moment, you may only play one character. DM me if you want to play more (max 3).
-SS IS a K-12 school, but please only play characters in grades 5 (around 10 years old) or higher.
-Please add the following in your IC posts:

-Characters may be in relationships or have a crush, but please make sure the other person is okay with it. (also: max age gap between characters is 2 years. No, I will not be changing this.)
-This RP is not strictly school-focused! Characters can do whatever they want after school, during breaks such as lunch, recess, or study hall, or on the weekends.
-Field trips may be suggested. (DM for more info about this.)
-When 2 characters interact, make sure to take the setting and what grade range they are into account. The school is divided into "wings". Grades K-5 aren't allowed in the 6-8 or 9-12 wings, grades 6-8 aren't allowed in the K-5 or 9-12 wings, and so on. However, if the characters are at lunch or in the courtyard (where they go while waiting to be picked up/wait for classes to start + 8-12 can go there in study hall) and they are from different "grade wings", they can interact.
-Characters can have magical powers, but they must be controlled and should not be the main focus of their character.
-Staff characters are currently not playable.
And now... character sheets!

This RP will begin when at least 2 people show interest. We need characters and character interaction, babey!
And yeah! Thanks for showing interest! ^_^/
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I am still interested, just hoping some others pop in!
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Looks interesting! I might hop in :>
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