The title says it all! I'm looking for a kind of cute slice-of-life RP, with a slave x master pairing. Nothing super serious, though if we really click I don't mind adding in more serious elements as we go!

The premise I currently have in mind is kind of silly, and definitely isn't set in stone. Feel free to adjust, adapt, or completely overhaul everything here.

We begin our plot in a large fantasy town! Lots of trade, plenty of adventurers coming and going and bringing piles of treasure along with them to help keep everyone in business... Except your little store. Unfortunately, your store has fallen on hard times ever since your parents died and left it to you, and after numerous loans and mounting debt, the debt collectors have come to take the only thing you have left to pay for everything -- Your freedom!

...Oh, the store too.

Lucky for you, they have a buyer lined up for both you AND the store already! Enter my character: Quaela Ubruten.

Quaela is more than happy to take over ownership of the store, but she plans to take ownership of YOU as well. Your debts will be paid, and you'll still have the store to tend to and live at, but you'll be the property of this stranger! What could possibly happen next?!

So... it should be mentioned here, that I'm looking for a roughly 70:30 Smut to Non-smut split for this. Further details can be discussed in PMs if you're so inclined! I'm only looking for a female character to play with. Thanks for reading!