Hey fellas and fellates,

I'm looking for a post-apocalyptic RP, ideally set in the Fallout universe but open to original settings also. To keep things brief, I am not looking for any specific pairings but will add that I lend myself well to male roles with a dominant (err, whatever that might mean to you) role within the interpersonal relationship we'll be writing about. Whether that is a smutfest 18+ NSFW superparty or just a normal relationship is up to us to decide, but my characters tend to be forceful and masculine. Maybe to a fault. I can bounce off of any characters except those that are basically empty shells. You can play a self-insert or a super original character, as long as they're well written.

Either way, that's what we are working with. Thanks for reading, my atom bomb baby.

PM me if you want to chat about the idea!