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Hello everyone I’m Love Dove as you can clearly see. As you probably guessed I am looking for some new partners, it's been a little while since I've got to role play with someone new. That being said below is a few things you should know about before roleplaying with me. Yes I know it’s boring but it’s kind of need to know stuff.

♦ I personally can write 3-6 paragraphs, maybe more, if you give me something to work with. Think my longest was around 30 but it was a lot of characters. I won’t give a word count but please be able to write at least three solid paragraphs. You get what you give, and I cannot stress that enough.

♣ I am a female, though I can play both genders. That's not required of my partners, but a big plus.

♥ I LOVE to double, because that not only gives us both more to play with but no one gets stuck with one gender if they really wanted the other. However, I do single pairings as well, so not required.

♠ I do ALL gender pairings (I missed changing this if you saw before edit)

♦ OOC chat is a must for me, rather it is on the thread or through PM. If you don’t feel like talking to me other than my character than it will not work out. I want help making, shaping, and in some cases changing the plot that is our rp. Do not come to me expecting me to make the whole plot line or carry the story. Also I want you to be my friend, I like my friends, they like me.

♣ Mature themes are perfectly fine with me. Blood doesn’t bother me, in fact most of my vampire roleplays have blood play in them because that is the largest part of being a vampire. Sexual parts will be taken to PM unless you want to fade to black, which is perfectly okay. However with that said I don’t want pure smut, whatever plot we use should be the main focus not the intimate parts.

♥ As you can tell by my name Romance is kind of my favorite,I don’t believe in love at first sight so it will happen slowly.

♠ If you read all this please let me know what your repeat song is atm :)

♦ I will not be able to post every day, sorry I can't do it. I have to have time to think it through and I am mostly writing on my phone. Also I work 40hrs a week and it drains a lot out of me. (You might work more, it's not a contest hon.) However, I am almost always around to talk.

♣ Do us both a favor and don't be impatient, nothing is more annoying than someone who only PMs me or yells in the ooc because I haven't replied to them yet. If someone else I'm roleplaying with replied before you did, chances are you will have to wait just like they would vise versa.

♥ I do not play fandoms. Sorry I just am not able to write fandoms.

For those that haven’t done running for the hills yet. Feel free to talk to me, my dears! I’m sure you will come to enjoy my weirdness, everyone does, just ask. Now onto the fun stuff, pairings!

*= Pre-made plot ideas
☆= Possibly darker plot ideas
Bold = Craving
Striked = In use or not in the mood for. (If you have an idea for them. Might be able to talk me into it.)
All plots and pairings can be made mature just ask when PMing me

Pairings Fantasy:
Rival Kingdoms/Covens/Packs/Ect
Royal X Supernatural Being ☆
Royal X Noble/Knight
Normal Human X Witch/Warlock
Witch/Warlock X Werewolf
Witch/Warlock X Dragon
Dragon X Priest/Priestess
Dragon X Human
Werewolf X Werewolf Hunter
Werewolf X Werewolf
Vampire X Werewolf *
Vampire X Vampire
Vampire X Vampire Hunter
Vampire X Human/Slave
Demon X Human/Slave
Demon x Werewolf/Hellhound ☆
Demon X Angel
Demon X Witch/Warlock/Wizard
Demon X Priest/Priestess
Super Hero X Villain ☆
Villains * ☆
Harem/Reverse Harem
Fairy Tales
Yin & Yang
Stuck In A Game **
Apocalyptic (Never did this one before.)
Dark Circus

Pairings Realistic:
Kidnapped X Kidnapper
Assassin X Target
Assassin X Assassin
Slave X Master

If you don't see something you would like or would like to mix and match. Ask I just might not have thought about it.

Few Plot Ideas

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Bump. Looking for one or two more.
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Bumpy bump; added Blood Driven
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