Lily Freya Jones

Name: Lily Freya Jones

  • Lil

Gender: Female
Age: 23

Magic use

Schools: Necromancy
Key spells
  • Cause fear
  • Animate dead
  • Inflict wounds

Lily is an outspoken and spunky young woman. Her language of choice is sarcasm and she, very visibly, won't put up with 'stupid people and stupid questions' (as stated by Lily herself). Lily is very sensitive and feels things very deeply and because of such has big feelings and big reactions to even the smallest of things. Lily will quickly resort to vengeful, anger and emotional outbursts, less out of calculated moves but more so out of natural instincts and a lack of self control.

Lily does actually care for the people around her quite a bit but she tends to hold everyone at an arm's length. Although she is brash by nature she does tend to come across as more cold and callous than natural for her as she's afraid to let people in.

Lily lived a rather average life- par her magical ability. In school she was the quiet kid in the corner of the room occasionally giving snarky remarks and was quite alone- not that she minded. She's rather spend her time with the company of her books or MP3 player than people. In her magical life she had relatively decent connections with the other children of the witches and warlocks. Her parent were both in the fields of necromancy and due to this Lily took an affinity to such.

In her later high school years Lily gained a small group of close friends within which she found a best friend in Maddy King (non-magical human) and a future boyfriend in Kyle Nguyen- a budding witch who'd moved from a coven in Minnesota. Her life just cruised on- she did well enough in school and nothing truly major happened in her childhood.

After graduating Lily decided to just work for a few years, enjoy her youth and build up some saving so she could live comfortably while she studied. She wasn't certain what she wanted to do and she wasn't in any rush to start her future. She worked at a bar for a few years before temporarily relocating to Phoenix to study design. At the mid-year break she returned to Tanner for the holidays but arrived a day early to surprise Kyle to find him making out with Maddy. Lily berated them in a fit of rage and hurriedly left the scene. Later that day she invited Maddy to 'talk it through' but Maddy arrived at the location to find the corpse of her dad attempting to attack her (as controlled by Lily).

It didn't take long for words of the incident to spread and although the rest of the non-magi thought the woman to be crazy the magically inclined knew what was happening, and it was pretty obvious who the culprit was. It wasn't long for the 'magical clean up crew' to come after Lily and she was quick to grab her friends who were also being hunted and hightailing out of the town.