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Julius Grant

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The ride down the elevator was a long one at that, the smell of vomit and cigarette smoke growing more prominent the further the elevator took them down. The swordsman replied to his comment while also assuring Adalias survival, how noble.

“And they said chivalry was dead”

Likewise, Julius also made it his goal to ensure Adalia survived too, not out of the kindness of his heart but more so because of her history.

Julius was a bit surprised that the elevator took them underground, he made sure to make a mental note of this. It won’t be easy to comeback this way once fighting breaks out. Eventually they reached their destination and Julius was mentally prepared for a brawl only to find out it wasn’t what he had expected.

Based off the first impressions you would think this place would be equally as rundown as the outside but it was a high-end luxurious restaurant. Instantly a million things began to fire off in Julius’s head as he retracted his staff to pen sized form. He was caught off guard by the exotic wild life that swam through the tanks that illuminated the space. His bewilderment was broke by the system in place to protect the identity of not only the workers but the clientele as well.

“Welcome to Yamakazi, Agents. Do you have a reservation?”

Was it that obvious to know who they were? Perhaps they knew they were coming already based off Rokkit landing the ship at their doorstep? It didn’t help they came off the elevator armed to the teeth with weapons ready for a fight. The older woman took initiative and opened up with saying they did not have a reservation. The honest route but this restaurant did not seem like the type to just have an open seat for 5 on hand unless by strike of luck there was a cancellation…

He then heard the swordsman contact shorty and asked if she was seeing this, Julius put two and two together and took the lead as he walked to the front, placing a hand on the older woman’s soldier. His expression changed from his usual deadpan to a very cheery one. The boy turned on his comms with a sleight of hand as he adjusted his long hair.

“I must’ve forgot to mention it but shorty here got us some reservations luckily. They should be under Adalia.” As he spoke he made sure to look at Adalia in order to con the employee into believing it, while at the same time simultaneously sending a signal for shorty to secure the group a table. Before the employee could double check Julius made sure to catch his attention.

“Also one of my colleagues here isn’t feeling too good and vomited on your elevator on the way down here, he suffers from bad motion sickness. Could I trouble you for a glass of water please?” Julius said as he gestured to Milton behind him. Julius hoped he would take the bait and buy shorty some time to secure a reservation for them. She didn’t have too but it was better than nothing.
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Milton Bertel

Margo patted the back of his neck as the team both went down the elevator. Despite his companions absolute disgust, including Margo, Milton didn't seem to mind that he was stepping in a puddle of his own vomit. Though he did very much mind smelling the disgusting mixture of both cigarette smoke and vomit. "Ngaaah." Milton whined as he scratched his nose.

Leaning against the handlebar of the elevator, Milton gathered his bearings. He was on a mission. Someone asked him to do something. Yes, he had to follow everyone. Exiting out the elevator along with everyone, the nice aroma of food helped relieve Milton. Now somewhat recovered, Milton took a look around. Everything was so... new. It was as if they weren't in a stinky, old house but at a hotel. Though not too farfetched of a comparison, it still looked so new to Milton.

Though just as he was about to wander off away from the group to explore, he stopped in his tracks. He couldn't move his legs no matter how much he wanted to. "C'mon, please m'lady?"

"No. You will stand here and wait in line. Understood, Milton?"

Milton let out a pout before crouching to the floor. Though when he did, it look had a unique view. What was this what it was like being short?
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