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Well, since it's so long since I was last here, I feel I should do this again.

Hi, I'm SammyPanda, or just Sam. I was an active user here constantly until about 2011/2012 when I decided to take a leave of absence. I was back briefly around 2018/2019, but still had spates of being rather inactive when it suited me or when life just decided it wanted to kick me square in the bollocks and leave me reeling around in pain.

Anyway, in terms of Roleplay I'm a slice of life writer with a particular love for drama, fluff, comedy and a speckling of romance when I feel my characters need a bit of love and affection with someone they just... click with. I don't always write romance, however! Only if I feel it suits the situation, plot and/or characters.

Outside of roleplay... Let's see.

I'm Sam. 27 from England, with a deep rooted passion for hockey and hating having to be social.
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welcome back.
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Quite a few of us are coming back from the depths of inactivity it seems! Welcome back!
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@HockeyNut Welcome :)
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