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Polina Laye
Farisian Maid

Polina perked up as Livia called her out by name. It would seem that her credentials had been noticed after all… Although even if Giselle hadn’t seen it fit to provide more details on her employable skills during her correspondence with Livia, the Farisian maid doubted that mistress of the Violet Garden didn’t have the intelligence resources to build a robust profile on every maid that she employed.

Either way, Polina was eminently qualified for either task. She considered herself exceptionally skilled at bodyguarding, and no doubt Lucrecia had a similar skillset, but she ultimately found the role a bore. She found herself far more interested in playing the role of a noble for a night. Those were some skills that she didn’t get to use often, and one night of somewhat unrestrained amusement sounded like a good time to her. She glanced towards Lucrecia, raising an eyebrow in silent communication before speaking to Livia. “It would be my pleasure to act as your escort for the ball, mistress,” she replied, with a light smile.

Assuming Lucrecia hadn’t an issue with it, she was a good bodyguard, too. Polina suspected that Livia didn’t truly need a bodyguard, but she had no real evidence to back it up.

She felt excited. This was going to be a fun mission. Now, how far could she play the role of an unhinged Farisian noble without jeopardizing the mission too much? Hmm.

Maybe she could get away with a reasonable amount, considering the demon maid would be tagging along. It really seemed like a recipe for disaster. Well, that wasn’t her problem, was it?
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Katherine's face went from amazement and glee to shock and disappointment. She took a step back as if she had been directly hit with sharp words in a physical sense. "Suited toward.... another endeavour? But I wanted a pretty dress....." The Firbolg uttered, taken aback by being put on the other team. The team where she continued her existence as a maid. She clung to one of her teammates, Lyssa as she were the closest and put on a show. "Lyssaaaaaa... I wanted to wear a pretty dress..." She cried, though it seemed a small bit fake. There weren't many questions to ask from the Firbolg. She was much too busy pitying herself for not being able to wear the dress she had already planned in her head. "Woe is me...." She complained again as she hugged Lyssa.
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Her tail furiously swishing back and fort, Elizstrazia was decidedly less then pleased. Certainly, the idea that the slap to her backside was a compliment wasn't lost on her, but she had still been directly touched without her permission.

Not that no contact was good, but she didn't say it was okay!

On top of that, this mission was nothing like what she'd wanted. Eliza wanted something where she could tear through the enemy until there was nothing left but blood and guts.

This wasn't a mission where she could do that at all.

She wasn't going to throw it all away just because she didn't like it, but she wasn't happy, either. Certainly, she could conceal the parts of her body that marked her as a demon, but she didn't like to do it at all.

Still, it looked like that was going to be necessary.

"... Hmph... I'll do whatever, then, as long as we can get this stupid mission done with and move on to something better."

That was her only comment on the matter, really.

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Maison d’Violette
0800 hours.

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“Eeeh~?” Lyssa giggled, leaning into the hug. “Silly Kat. You’re already wearing a dress that looks pretty on you.” The pink haired maid responded with a light grin. “Oh, Oh I know! We can go pester Tiki for a dress for later! Ooor maybe they’d be fine with you going with just your underwear! You’re pretty enough I don’t think anyone would mind~”

“I’m vetoing that idea.” Livia replied with a sigh. “As much as I’m sure some of you would love to see Miss Katherine without her dress on, lets refrain from it.”

“Aww~” It was Lyssa’s turn to pout folding her hands behind her back and pursing her lips in a pout before giggling and her attitude almost doing a one eighty. “Well its fine I’ve already seen it anyways!”

“...I’m going to ignore that comment.” Livia cleared her throat as Nynette glared at Lyssa, pulling a knife from her dress and cleaning it more than what was likely needed. “I realize this may not be what you wanted, Eliz…but think of it like this; If something goes wrong and your partners are physically threatened, you're the perfect candidate to help resolve such an issue.” A small frown. “And in my experience, missions involving demons hardly ever go to plan.”

~The Daily lives of Maids~

Havershel Estate

The days leading up to the auction were a flurry of activity for the maids. Training. Preparations. Bernadette fixed the radios while Viatrix could be found most days leading up on the shooting range, practicing her long range marksmanship. Livia kept herself busy in her study most days, declining requests to spend days among the maids and prefer focusing on work. Finally, though, it was the day for the operation to take place.

Running down the street of the city, the personal luxury vehicle rumbled, Livia wearing a fashionable dress suit herself made of dark reds and golds. A violet colored shoulder cape hanging over her left shoulder while at her right hip had the slender blade she carried for self defense fastened to it.

“Before we get there, some background on Sir Havershel that may be useful for the both of you during the showing.” Livia began, addressing Polina and Lucrecia. “About a decade ago is when the higher society became aware of him.” The private luxury vehicle was driving down a road, just on the outskirts of the city, passing by several wealthy villas and even a number of Vineyards. “Started a vineyard and winery that makes high class, luxury wine for wealthy clients. It was quite a hit…and that’s where most of his wealth and fame comes from. His family was otherwise just a small time fief holder until he started this business of his. A few years later he married the daughter of another noble family and not long after he had a son. He’s known for throwing…quite some private parties and being of a somewhat difficult temperament in private. I have several suspicions about him in general but I’ve not thought it important to look into him so far as its mostly harmless. If there’s anything else you need to know, now’s the time to ask. Otherwise we’ll be arriving shortly.”

The vehicle would slow, rumbling up to a gate as it’d pull through as the driver would state their affiliation and show their invitations. Curiously, though, there was also a horse-drawn carriage that seemed to carry a banner of the Church of Oros parked off to the side…

“Crrrk-” Lucrecia would hear the static of the radio on her ear crackle quietly. “Hello Lulu, hope you didn’t forget our deal.” Myrilla voice spoke over the radio quietly. “Remember the plan.” She had given the maid a little relic of her own. Something that was an exact replica of the totem the demon was sealed in, that was also sealed with a lower level demon. It should hold up to passing scrutiny. Long enough to fool anyone looking at least. “I’ll leave the rest to you. Don’t disappoint, or I’ll have to get a little rough with you, but I think you might like that, yeah, ahahah. I’ll be in touch.”


“Hello hello? Can you hear me?” Bernadette’s sleepy voice would break the infiltration team's silence. “Good. I wove the head gear and wiring into your headdresses to make it extra discreet so you can talk and hear me without anyone getting suspicious.” The Infiltration team arrived much in a much different fashion than the others. The Clemantis dropped them some distance away out of sight. The ideal scenario would have been to infiltrate in the early morning hours with a good cover story, but due to the somewhat hasty nature the operation had begun they had opted for a quicker and somewhat more dirty approach.

Their goal? Find a way inside one of the auxiliary buildings in the estate, blend in with the servants and find out any information regarding Havershel and his potential crimes as well as the location of the artifact and a way into the vault.

“The ball will officially start in an hour. Lady Livia and her escorts will be arriving here soon. Many of the maids will be distracted then, so it’ll be a good opportunity to start poking around.” Now at the edges of the property, aside from a few guards standing at a back entrance and a servant out in the yard cleaning linens no one so far had noticed them.

“Thank you, Detty, I’ll take it from here.” Viatrix’s voice interrupted. “Bernadette is correct. Just know that I’ll be watching from the Clemantis. If anything happens you can count on me, fufu. Tiki made sure to match your uniform to the dresses of the Havershel estate down to the finest detail so just watch your words and you'll be fine.” Viatrix giggled lightly. The radio would crackle, followed by silence. No doubt they should keep contact to a minimum unless it was something extremely important. That just left to figure out how to get inside the building properly.
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Katherine and Eliz didn't have much to work with. It was late in the morning so there was no real sneaking in the stealthy way. "I want to be the one wear a dress and going into that ball like some noble lady." But it didnt work oit that way. "It's such a disappointment being passed up by the early shooting maid."

It was then that Bernadette spoke on the comms. "Yes, I hear you. Loud and clear." Kqtherine had let her annoyance be known quite obviously before this moment and in her voice. To her other infiltration allies, she motioned to the maid cleaning linens. "We'll say you two are new at being maids and need the experience with linens. What do you two say?"
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Havershel Estate

During the days leading up to the auction, Lucrecia participated in her regular maid duties. However, she did make sure to find time to practice the magic she had learned while studying with Rosanna. Of course, her mind was also filled with thoughts in regards to the plan she had made with Myrilla. While she had already agreed to the operation, she was still filled with mixed feelings. One could even say that she was actually...nervous, in spite of her years spent hardening her mettle. Depending on how this went, she was in danger of facing the wraith of either two dangerous women: her unpleasant hardass of a combat instructor, or the matriarch of their organization herself.

Myrilla did swear on her honor that she would take full responsibility for the operation if it came to that, but there was no guarantee how Lady Livia would react to it. Myrilla was one thing, but the Signora was another matter entirely. She was frightening in a different way, Lucrecia felt there was some type of darkness that laid under that stoic professionalism Livia usually shows, she for some reason felt that she may no be prepared to see that side of her. She certainly didn't want to, as she could probably come up with a much worse punishment than having her head served as an hors d'oeuvre. However, Myrilla said something about being able to meet with that sack-o-shit Rosandic, and she was not the less curious. Well...less curious and more so bloodthirsty.

She was so focused on her thoughts that she didn't notice Livia talking about the mission as they road to the Havershel estate. "I see, Signora." She responded, hoping to give Livia the indication that she was indeed listening. "I do have one question. Are there any other dangerous items aside from the relic in question that should be investigated? Why is the one relic mentioned in particular of so much interest? How much do you know about the demon that lays inside?" After asking her question, she of course heard her radio buzz, along with the gritty voice of her instructor on the line. She silently and without any gestures confirmed her orders, not wanting to give Livia any raise of suspicion. She figured simply asking about the relic along with other items made enough sense on its own, as they were there to confiscate it from the noble in the first place.

Hopefully, things wouldn't turn out to grimly for the accented maid...

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