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Hello~ You can call me Cat. I have been on this website ages ago under a different name, but had to take a long break due to unforeseen circumstances. It's good to be back and writing again. I have 6 years of RP experience under my belt and can write multiple paragraphs/novellas. Soon, I will relearn BBCode and create an interest check. Feel free to say hi sometime!
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@Feline Overlord

Hi! Welcome back! Not sure if we ever communicated before, but if we have, nice to see you again, and if not, nice to meet you here.
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Welcome back to the Guild!
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@Feline Overlord if you don't mind me asking, under what name did you go by back when you were here? Welcome back btw, just curious. I changed my name a year or so ago. I used to be Blackmist16.
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