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The Purifier

Location: choosing Croc Crush
Interactions: @AzureKnight croc crush team

Tilnak tilted his head slightly to look down the hall while also being able to peer down to the small girl with his hexagonal compound eyes. Taking in everything she said and committing it to memory, from the description of the creatures themselves. Everything was important and could potentially be lifesaving to them.

Naomi stepped back into her office saying that she was very busy and needed to continue with her work. He bowed with thanks and pulled something from his cloak. Slowly he stepped inside of her office and left a small flower that was growing in and around a couple small rocks, the roots keeping the small jumble of stones and dirt together. The flower smelled sweet but not overtly so. Nodding again he left back towards the others, carefully shutting her door on the way out.

The rest of his group was still gathered in the open area conversing in what seemed to him like a civil matter. Waiting for a time to step in and talk as he unknowingly shifted the small amount of dirt he had collected in his hand. Stepping in when he saw an opening he waited for a moment for the others to pay attention before dispersing the dirt into a thin disk.

Pulsing and swirling the dirt to make a close enough replica of the map. Pointing out the heavier forested swamp areas and whispering key notes of what he was told. “Nests… dark… fog… thick t-trees…” motioning to area’s south and away from the main routes and village areas.

Before he came up he did hear the others talking about their powers and abilities so once he figured everyone was ok with the details he stood up straight. Uncorking one of the bobbles on his person he gently pulled a small stream of water from it adding it to the dirt that he pulled back into a ball turning the combination to mud. Placing a seed from another small pouch on his sash, Tilnak planted the seed and gently began a coaxing motion. Within a few moments a small green sprout emerged quickly blooming into a small yellow flower that he then affixed the flower to his shoulder.

Holding up his hand he started to emit a bright glow that soon enveloped the group in a translucent but blurry shield around them. He only did this for a moment before he stopped believing it was a worthy display of his abilities. Now all that was left was to get going unless they were waiting for other people still.
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ATTN: @The Irish Tree, @Polaris North, & @ReusableSword
Scarlett drew a sharp hiss, as Shavis summoned her attention - that damnable whistale, forcing her brain to abandon Human defiance for Bestial obedience. She hated how used to her movements Shavis had gotten thanks to her inhuman senses; the Belua knew her breathing patterns, her gait, and scent to the point that, even fully naked, she couldn't creep through the homestead that functioned as her jail without alerting the lightning ligress to her movement. It was part of the love-hate relationship that she held with her caretaker/jailer, as Shavis was the only standing defense against her dying of starvation, the elements, or her own suicidal guilt.

However, that whistle... she hated to her core for how much control it exercised over her; reminding her of her weakness, of her sin...

Still, she pushed past it, and regarded Shavis with a disdain melting into apathy.

Before she could speak, Hector spoke up; welcoming him back, inviting her to share her findings. Surely, Shavis had the same, rational desire for her to speak of her investigation - after all, she'd announced her intentions, naught but a few hours ago, so it had likely gone unforgotten.

Even though, she wished it to have done so.

"I do not recall agreeing to do your legwork, rifleman," she says, regarding Hector with only an eye turned sideways. She didn't share much in the way of approval or disapproval for the rifleman, but his disdain of her was evident. Humans, even Belua, couldn't hide their microexpressions - small facial tics, and subtle eye movements. Hector's underlying animosity was clear in the clipped direction of his speech and his active facial reposturing.

He was trying to tolerate her.

"Regardless, yes, my preparations are done," Scarlett says, "And, the information I have come to obtain is beneficial to only myself, so sharing would be wasteful. If you wanted me to obtain something worth report, you should asked"

Then, Tilnak arrived, and seemed to awkwardly mingle into the group. There was a relatableness to his actions, and she found him mostly harmless, until he cast his abjuration, and shielded them with his defense.

For anyone else, his display would be immediately understood and well-received, but Scarlett was a special cast.


A pulse of darkness exploded off Scarlett, as streaks of coal criss-crossed her face like tree branches - her blood vessels became more pronounced, and swelled with more iron than blood. Fully dilated, her eyes took in Tilnak, as she growled and snarled at him like a feral beast; blood splattered on the ground, as her right arm erupted with spikes and spines, while the vermillion serpentine summoned itself, wreathed in flames, around her body.

However, she didn't attack him - she was attacking herself, trying to dispel the shield that had caged her, even though it lasted for a moment.

Shavis would remember this self-destructive behavior from Scarlett when she was first hosted.

You couldn't just suddenly cage a feral beast without invoking its ire.
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@Enkryption@Polaris North@ReusableSword@The Irish TreeNPC(s): Lapis

With the party reunited and Scarlett finishing her preparations, the party was all set to make for the Marsh and begin their chosen mission. Hector opted to inquire into Scarlett’s preparations, as she had been gone almost all morning, and if she had any provisions to share on her own. Scarlett’s answer asserted that the preparations were for her benefit alone, and was filled with rude dismissiveness.

Even worse, Scarlett seemed to have a negative reaction to Tilnak’s display of his magic. Lapis could only describe it as her body going through strange physical changes as black coal and blood splattered from her. The familiar that Nadia gave to her coiled itself around her, attempting to keep her from attacking her insectoid companion.

”Um, excuse me. Could we not bash each other’s brains out before the mission even starts?”” Lapis interjected, wanting to avoid any more disputes. She wanted to say a whole lot more about what was going on with Scarlett, but Shavis seemed to be used to it by now and felt she had a good handle on it.

I wonder if Evevlyn’s group is going through similar problems… She silently whined to herself.

It would see this humble group of five would certainly have their work cut out for them. But, perhaps Scarlett’s new equipment, though only for herself, may yet win them the day.


The way towards the southern marshlands was rather far, it being late afternoon before the group finally arrived at their destination. The sun was beginning to set over a lush forest as the vermillion light washed over the dense trees, creating a rather exquisite scene. Unfortunately, the traveling road ended just at the edge of the forest, so they would have to take the rest of the way on foot. Thankfully the village wasn’t too much farther, but it would be best to move before night came upon them.

The walk to the village was quiet and uneventful, with the only sounds being the ambience of the woods and perhaps the reaver team chatting among themselves. Eventually, they saw smoke on the horizon. Upon closer inspection, it appeared to be coming from a house. Coming closer, they could see they reached the village in question. Being outsiders, the villagers immediately took notice of the reavers, looking at them with curious eyes. A townsman shortly came running up to them, a look of exhausted gratitude was worn on his face.

”Oh, thank the gods, you’ve finally arrived! We were starting to lose hope.” Said the man. His somewhat panicked and rushed tone insinuated that the situation had become even more dire than what was stated on the request board. ”Please, follow me. I’ll lead you to the elder’s home.”

The group were led further into the village, only then did they start to see the visual damage the Makara had caused. Various stables were either heavily damaged or completely destroyed, barns and houses were covered in claw marks and what appeared to be burn marks. Those likely came from the electric ability that some members of the species possessed. What used to be grazing fields were covered in dried blood, and from the looks of it there were scarcely any livestock left.

It was not a pleasant scene.

“Is that the reaver team? They’ve finally responded to our plea!” A woman said.

“Will they be able to drive away those beasts?” Said a man.

“I hope so. They’re supposedly from a place called the Eon Tower. I’ve never heard of it, though.”

“That’s not reassuring…”

The team’s presence there was stirring up much gossip. All eyes were on them to see if they could get the job done. The people were full of desperation and the hopelessness of their predicament has weighed heavily in their hearts.

Eventually, the man led them in front of a large house. It was decorated with tribal ornaments and hand-woven tapestry. The elder’s home, naturally. ”Here we are.” The man said, turning to them. ”The elder is inside. He can tell you more. He then walked up the wooden steps leading to the front door, giving it a few polite knocks. A few moments later, the knock was answered with a “Come in.” that came in a gruff, wizened old voice. The door was opened, and the group was led inside. There, they spotted an old man sitting on a futon in the middle of the room. He was bald, but had a beard that reached all the way down to his chest. Sitting with his legs crossed and his hands on his knees, he addressed the group as they walked in.

”Ah. Thank you all for coming. He said. ”As you’ve no doubt seen, our village has been in dire straits for the past few days. Those crocs have certainly done much to convert our community into their new territory. After speaking, the elder would break out into a small coughing fit, curling his hand as he covered his mouth.

”Please excuse me.” He said weakly. ” Now, of course we’d like for you to deal with this matter as soon as possible. However, if there’s anything you need from us, please let us know. We…don’t have much, but we’ll do what we can to assist.”

Lapis went before the elder first. ”Oh!” Please don’t trouble yourselves over us, Elder. You and your people have been through so much already. Although, I will ask if anything strange has happened here recently that you believe may have led to this.” She inquired.

”Hmm, no, I can’t say that I have, and that’s the strange part.” He replied, rubbing his beard. ”We’ve lived here for generations, and we teach our younglings to never venture too deep into the marsh further in the forest. As for if there’s some outside force that’s causing them to frenzy, I really couldn’t say.” He said, shaking his head.

”I apologize, I wish I could be of more help…”

@PaulHaynek@Silverstein@FrogRFlowRNPC(s): Evelyn

Josef looked at Leon with curious eyes, listening as he volunteered to spearhead the factory investigation, also taking note of his suggestion to drink less coffee. "Clearly that young man’s never worked a white-collar job before.” He said as the short eared fae left his office. "I can’t say much about the cut of his jib, but if the Tower thinks highly of him, his earned my trust.” He said, taking a sip of his own cup.

”Who cares, he’s just some weirdo. Not worth paying attention to. Please continue with your explanation.” Evevlyn said in a sharp tone. Einer and Asterope seemed to be of the same mind. However, Eve for now would keep quiet about the fact that she noticed Leon whispering something to Einer during their walk to the office.

”Well, I don’t have much more information, any that would be of major use to you lot.” Josef went on. Although, since the possibility of this being an inside job has been brought up we do have a few competitors in our industry. But, that couldn’t be it, there’s no way. We do a thorough background check on all of our employees. If one of them was a mole, we’d know about it.” He assured the party. Although, it sounded like Josef was trying more so to assure himself.

Meanwhile, Leon had left the party and made his way a little deeper into the compound. He naturally picked up on the lone worker who was watching them from afar. Perhaps due to his high intuition or more so his paranoia, he quickly marked him as a character of suspicion and opted to hunt him down. Finding him with little difficulty, he put his psychic powers to work and created a miniscule blade from his mind. Flickering it into the back of his head, Leon established a psionic link between himself and the unsuspecting worker. The worker felt for, not even a second, a peculiar jolt in his head. But, it was so fleeting that he didn’t even pay it any mind. More importantly, he was thinking thoughts to himself that would most certainly be of interest to the young fae.

”I need to head to the hideout after work and tell the others that they need to move now. With those magus here, it’s only a matter of time before this whole thing blows up in our faces. I think I remember where it is. It’s due east of here, hidden in a small canyon with its entrance being blocked by some boulders.” He scratched his head as he thought to himself. ”Man, couldn’t those idiots find a less conspicuous way of hiding their base? I guess stupid people are easier to control…”

Now, Leon knew that for certain there was a whole team of people in on the heist, and he even knew the general location of their supposed hideout. He could go back and tell the others, perhaps the more confrontational members of his team could pressure the info out of him. Of course, it may be more effective to silently tail him to the location.

Or, perhaps it would be better to continue listening for now. After all, the more information, the better.

@Hammerman NPC(s): Ruecian, Rozemyme

The fae couple had returned to the veteran magus, their preparations now complete.

”You’ve returned, hopefully the old man’s shop wasn’t too messy for your liking. Let us be off then.” Roze said.


Leaving via a magitech vehicle, the trip to the rendezvous point wasn’t awfully long despite being quite a ways away from the republic city. The trip was uneventful for the most part, save for a few moments of conversation between the magus passengers.

”I still don’t like this.” Said Roze. ”I wish the others were back.”

”We’ll be fine.” Replied her Belua comrade. ”All things considered, this is just a standard survey/purification job.””

”Rue, don’t take this lightly. The last team that went there was almost completely wiped out. Also, think about what’s become of the region, now that it’s been left unattended for the past few weeks.” She added in an annoyed tone. ”I would feel better if we had Xashan or Amelia with us.”

”If that thing was still there, I might agree with you. But, it’s long since moved on by this point. We’re just on cleanup duty right now.”

After some time, they finally arrived at the checkpoint, roughly in the late afternoon. The group saw officials scurrying in and out of various tents, horses riding and out of camp and being manned at the several stables posted up. Things here appeared to be quite busy; it was to be expected given the current situation. Ruecian went up to one of the officials to make himself and the rest of the party known. ”Afternoon, we’re the team from Eon, here for the special request.” He said. The man quite noticeably stood over the reptilian Belua, however, as soon as he took in Ruecian’s presence his entire demeanor changed.

”Y-you’re Ruecian Valeniquen!” He exclaimed

”Yep, in the flesh…” Ruecian responded, in an annoyed tone.

”You’ve no idea what relief your presence here brings.” He said, his spirits lifted. ”Over there is that…?” He looked over at Roze and the others. ”It’s Rozemyne Levina! We may actually be able to rest easy!”

”You don’t need to make such a fuss over it, fuck’s sake…”” Ruecian said, rubbing his head. ”Can you just escort us to whoever’s in charge here.”

”We understand the situation must be dire, but we need more information. We’ll do what we can to help.”

”Oh, yes, of course!” The man responded. ”I presume the other two with you are newcomers? We need all the help you can give.” He looked at Lanus and Renee for a moment.

The group was led into the largest tent in the camp. Inside, sat a man behind a large table covered with a map of the region. The man wore slightly different garb that was a bit more ornamental compared to the other officers in the camp, denoting him to be someone of importance. Along with him, sat a young looking woman with long bluish hair. She had a couple of bandages on her face. ”Sir, the team from Eon has arrived!” He said to the seated man.

”Very good. You may leave us.” Said the apparent head official, waving off the man with a gesture. The man made a bow, then promptly went back outside. The woman eyed the group that entered the tent. They only sent four!? She silently exclaimed to herself.
Her eyes widened a bit, however, while looking at Ruecian and Rozemyne. ”Welcome all. Please, take a seat. I find it most fortunate that the Blue Dragon Oracle and The Witch of the Triad have graced us with their presence. We’ve much to discuss.” Said the man. There were enough vacant seats for the group of four. Lanus and Renee were left to take the seats closest to the blue haired woman.

”We’re an outpost that has setup a perimeter around the surrounding area. A few weeks ago, a powerful abomination wreaked havoc in this region, decimating much of the wildlife and a few small villages as well. We’ve done our best to keep the rot from spreading, however, we simply don't have the manpower to fully purify the area. He said with a grimace.

”Hence why we’re here, yeah?” Rue responded.

”Indeed. Now then, allow me to introduce this young lady sitting with us today. He said, gesturing over to the blue haired lass. ”This is Rana Schuellen, she was the one who led the initial strike team against the creature. Unfortunately, they were all nearly wiped out. Thankfully, her and a few others managed to escape with their lives.”

”A pleasure to meet you all.” She said flatly.

”I regret to inform you that while the creature had since attacked another region since its initial appearance in this area, no one has seen it since. The creature seems to have simply upped and vanished without a trace. But, myself and Rana will be more than happy to answer any further questions you may have. Rana will also be accompanying you into the affected region as an advisor when you’re ready to set out"
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Renee Terfiel and Lanus Retily
Interactions: @AzureKnight

”You’ve returned, hopefully the old man’s shop wasn’t too messy for your liking."

Renee scowled hearing her words but opted not to say anything. Ultimately she got what she wanted and that was all that mattered.

"Well, I'd say my lady here was quite displeased by the condition of the place." Lanus placed a hand on Renee's shoulder with a grin. "But do not fret. We've got what we need."

Let us be off then.”

Renee gave a quick glare towards Lanus for his unnecessary remark before nodding at the woman. "Yes, let us be off. The quicker we arrive there the better."


Renee sighed, looking at the world outside her tiny window.

Oh, how she despised riding these steel machines. Sure, they might be convenient to move around large distances but the way they moved never sat well on her. She never liked being confined in a small space like this! Not to mention the fact that her stomach would churn if she were to ride on them for very long, which, for this case, was definitely the case.

She glanced at her partner who sat beside her. As expected, he was ogling Roze, who was sitting in front of him. She quickly gave him a good elbowing at the rib.

"Ouch, what was that for?!" He protested.

"Don't do that. You'll bother her." She scowled.

"Oh? Then should I look upon your beauty instead, my dear?" He gave her a teasing smile.

The elf's face promptly reddened. She looked away with a huff, crossing her legs and arms.

Lanus chuckled. Ah, how easy it was to tease her⁓

”I still don’t like this.” Said Roze. ”I wish the others were back.”

”We’ll be fine.” Replied her Belua comrade. ”All things considered, this is just a standard survey/purification job.””

”Rue, don’t take this lightly. The last team that went there was almost completely wiped out. Also, think about what’s become of the region, now that it’s been left unattended for the past few weeks.” She added in an annoyed tone. ”I would feel better if we had Xashan or Amelia with us.”

”If that thing was still there, I might agree with you. But, it’s long since moved on by this point. We’re just on cleanup duty right now.”

"I wouldn't count on that." Lanus chimed in on the conversation with a slightly ominous grin. "As a Reaver, I know very well that things can go south very quickly out there in the hunting grounds. Always prepare for the worst while hoping for the best."

Deep down, he already declared in his heart that he would sacrifice himself for Renee's sake if they were to be up against an opponent they couldn't beat or run from.


The moment they arrived at the checkpoint, Renee let out a relieved sigh. Finally. That took long enough.

Her eyes quickly scanned her new surroundings, taking in the sight of the busy campsite. She actually was in need of the lavatory after such a long and unpleasant trip and she was hoping they could take a break before they went to whoever was in charge of the place.

Suddenly, she felt Lanus's hand on her shoulder, giving it a light massage.

"You okay, dear? You look pale. Need some rest?"

Her heart skipped a beat. That smile, that gentle whisper of his — it was what made her fall for him in the first place.

With her cheeks slightly red, she answered, "Yes, I'm alright. Just tired from the trip, that's all. You know how much I hate those vehicles."

As someone who grew up in a village out in the boonies, she never experienced riding in one until she traveled with Lanus.

"I know. If you want, I can cover for you."

She shook her head. "No need. I'm not that tired."

"Well, if you say so." He knew better than to dissuade his stubborn companion.

The two then followed Ruecian and Roze to meet with the officials. They proceeded to introduce themselves as well, after the latter two did.

"Greetings." Lanus bowed. "I am Lanus Retily. Pleasure to meet you."

"And I am Renee Terfiel. Pleased to meet you as well." The female fae bowed as well.

”Y-you’re Ruecian Valeniquen!” He exclaimed

”Yep, in the flesh…” Ruecian responded, in an annoyed tone.

”You’ve no idea what relief your presence here brings.” He said, his spirits lifted. ”Over there is that…?” He looked over at Roze and the others. ”It’s Rozemyne Levina! We may actually be able to rest easy!”

Renee raised her eyebrows. Are these two really that famous?

Lanus, on the other hand, wasn't surprised in the slightest by the officials' reaction. Rozemyne was already famous for being a powerful elementalist. As for Ruecian, well, the many tales of his exploits were no secrets amongst those in the field.

”Oh, yes, of course!” The man responded. ”I presume the other two with you are newcomers? We need all the help you can give.” He looked at Lanus and Renee for a moment.

"But of course!" Lanus smiled. "If you need any galdrist or elementalist, I'm your man."

"And I will be happy to assist with any alchemy you might need," Renee followed, placing her hand on her chest.

They then made their way to the largest tent at the camp. Taking their seats, it didn't take long until Lanus eyed the blue-haired woman from top to bottom, earning another elbow from Renee.

"Hmm, you say you don't know where the creature is now?" Lanus scratched his chin. "That's worrying. What if it pops out when we are there? I don't think we're equipped to handle such a beast on our own."
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"Impressive little spell." Asterope told Leon, now that she was standing behind him, a few seconds after he flicked the small object.

A few minutes ago, she had stepped out of the office claiming that she would take a look around to try and find clues or anything that might have been left behind by the preparators, leaving Einer and Eve together. In actuality, she quietly followed into Leon's footsteps. mainly for two reasons; to make sure nothing happened to him as they couldn't be sure the place was wholly safe yet and also because she wanted to know what it is they discussed about with. The fact that the coffee turned out to be disgusting played a role, also.

The silvery haired mage spoke low and softly as to not Leon's hiding.
"You shouldn't leave on your own like that. It isn't safe. Beside, keeping secrets from the team? Quite rude." she said, obviously referring to him whispering to Einer earlier.

"Found anything useful on your 'first watch'?"
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Location: Marsh | Interactions:

From what she could gather, it would seem like they had a rather solid group. Scarlett wasn't used to being in a team, as far as she could remember, but it shouldn't be too hard to work around her moves. It wasn't long until they had all reconvened. She snickered when Scarlett alerted them that all of the information she had gathered was personal and not something they should be interested in knowing. "That's our team player right there." And maybe teasing the mage people warned you not to piss off wasn't the best idea, but Shavis never claimed to be full of good ideas.

Tilnak had also returned and showed them an imitation of the map and the breeding grounds of the Makara. "That's good information to have. We probably need to look into the breeding grounds so we're going to rely on you to help us get there, Tilnak. Thanks!" He then displayed his powers— earth magic and what seemed to be shields... thaumaturgy? Shavis was about to comment on it when Scarlett began her transformation, as Shavis saw it as, and it seemed to have been activated by the shield that Tilnak had formed around them for but a mere moment.

Once it was gone, she seemed to be staring at Tilnak but made no move to attack. Shavis gave a small, apologetic smile to Lapis before moving to Scarlett. "Alright Scarlett, you need to take a breather. Out we go. Come on." Because she had been used to it. Injuries incurred from trying to keep a ballistic Scarlett in check but feeling no remorse for the actions. And even if Scarlett harmed her then, she just bore it with a chuckle and waited for her to calm down before following the rest of the group.

The travel being as uneventful as it is, Shavis mostly exchanged idle talks with the others or played with Shadar during it. Hours passed by and the sun placed itself on the horizon and it didn't look like they would have a lot of time before nightfall. Shavis wasn't too keen on traveling in a bog during the night.

When they arrived at the town, they were ushered into the elder's home with urgency. As they traveled through the town, it was clear that the Makara had done their damage. Even if they didn't want to harm the makara, there was no doubt that the destruction they can bring was substantial. They had to solve this and quickly. As they were walking, Shavis summoned three small avian spirits before letting them fly off with the intention of scanning the immediate area around the town. Shadar, back to his full size, padded behind the group.

The town had become dreary and heavy with hopelessness and Shavis couldn't blame them.

They went into the elder's home and Shavis nodded in gratitude to the man who led them there. She put Shadar outside the elder's home to, once again, stay alert if something ever happens all of a sudden. Unfortunately, it didn't seem like the elder had any insight as to why the makara had started encroaching into human territory. "Haven't had visitors come through your town? Cause it's either a more powerful predator moving in or some folks carving up a piece of the marsh that's causing the makara to leave."
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