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Eiyu Kyori

~"There is a strength that exists without strength, and you’re going to learn the hard way that my might will surpass yours!"~

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Aki Rakuyō

~"The Noble Houses don't deserve to have that much power."~
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征服者 凱理 - Seifuku-sha Gairi

GaryChopin Revolutionary Etude Op 10 No 12 (Rain of Spiders Version)AstarothOrgan Grinder
~"Hello, Captain. It's nice to finally meet you."~
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Kyo Gensai

~"I wonder, will you be the next stepping stone? Or just more gravel between them?"~

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Miryoku, Seikō

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~"Cherish what you have, for it will not last forever."~
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Tsukiakari Yoite

"I find it always amusing, that the smallest of creatures believe they go unnoticed. That's why spiders exist. Did you know that? They know, they are observers, they bide their time. People see webs as symbols of deceptions, but I see webs designed to expose the truth,"

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Igarashi, Denki

I am the Storm
~"The calm before the storm."~

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