Eusimare is a godless world, ruled by cold logic, and the enigmatic laws of magic. Despite this, intelligent life has not only managed to survive in this strange world but thrive in it, taming nature and magic both in an effort to stave off entropy and ensure their race and culture persist.

Of the creatures mad enough to challenge the world itself, the most prominent are:

A particularly prolific species, ponies are renowned (and infamous) for their adaptability and ingenuity. Great pony kingdoms can be found the world over, and they have established themselves as a majority over most of the Great Continent

Dragons are ancient, powerful creatures that can and have influenced cultures and history the world over. Commonly found as the tyrannical dictators of their own countries, dragons are not to be trifled with.

Other creatures:


Magic is the arcane force that permeates all living things. It is life, consciousness, and a tool with which creatures may reshape the world according to their will.

Magic- unfiltered -Is usually perceived as blue light emanating from the magic's focus. Magic channeled by living creatures is "colored" by their own emotions and perceptions, giving creatures such as unicorns their trademark colorful auras.

The spirit
Every living thing- be it plant or animal- possesses an internal, incorporeal "spirit" usually conceptualized as an inner flame, although by definition an entity's spirit has no defined form.

The spirit is the source of an entity's magic, and it is the core of their consciousness and emotions. Sorcerous creatures channel magic from their spirit to influence the material and immaterial, although many creatures have also adapted to manipulate magic within their environment as well. A creature that loses its spirit- and continues to function as a "living" entity- loses their consciousness and becomes a mindless animal incapable of rational thought or empathy. Under normal circumstances, the spirit only leaves the body when it can no longer contain it. I.e. "death."

Nidir is the popular term given to the Eusimare underworld. Nidir is believed to be a plane of existence "below" the material world where the spirits of the dead travel to, and is also the source of external magic and gemstones.


Eusimare is a pre-industrial setting, with most civilizations using wood or stone tools, and advanced nations using metal.


Eusimare is divided into


There are seven major continents in Eusimare, although some creatures may argue there are only six or five.

The Great Continent is the central and largest landmass in Eusimare, featuring a wide array of environments; towering mountains, lush forests, vast deserts, and more.