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  • Name: Velvetica Hraesleg, the Steel Princess
  • Age: 18
  • Gender: Female
  • Race: Human
  • Appearance: Velvetica is a petite girl standing at around 139 cm in height. Her hair is a pale blonde, and her eyes are an almost grey shade of blue. Her clothing often sports rich red and gold colors, her armor only lightly decorated.
  • Personality: Velvetica is not referred to as the "Steel Princess" for no reason. Cool to the point of being called cold by some, she possesses an extremely strong will(to the point of stubbornness), a dedication to what she sees as the duty of the Hraesleg family, and a willingness to carry out said duty. Even from a very young age she was interested in combat techniques and strategy, and this interest has not faltered as she has grown older. Her approach to her unit of the Hraesleg Lions is one of meritocracy: Those who show promise are those who earn their place in her forces. These extends to perhaps unorthodox choices, such as magi with skillsets some would see as bordering on the heretical or other similar individuals found dubious by other members of the nobility. To Velvetica, merit and loyalty to her cause are what is required. Of course, she will still deny those who engage in such acts as necromancy and other truly wicked arts. Violating the peace of those who have died is an abomination, just as declared by the Church.

    Velvetica carries herself with considerably pride and self-assurance, a girl confident in both her skill with her blade and her skill as a leader. She believes that her conduct is not only a point of pride for herself but for the Hraesleg family as a whole, and behaves accordingly. Velvetica does not suffer fools lightly and will not hesitate to point out the flaws of others, something she has done ever since she was quite young regardless of the social standing of her target. When targeted at her own forces, it is in order to point out their weak points or admonish them for conduct. Otherwise, it is often quite a deliberate insult towards someone she finds distasteful. Velvetica is also quite a sarcastic girl at times, something that has not always endeared her to her fellow nobility. Still, when she believes someone shares in her ideals of protecting the land and its people, she is quite cordial and polite towards them.

    Velvetica loves her elder brother deeply, seeing him both as a family member and an exemplary warrior to be admired. Her initial interest in swordplay was due to having seen her brother training, but it grew independently from there. In addition to art related to combat, Velvetica strongly appreciates natural beauty and has a collection of pressed wildflowers. She also deeply enjoys sweets and indeed food in general, to somewhat shocking degrees due to her petite and slender build. She is surprisingly easily embarrassed in spite of her stern demeanor, and will quickly attempt to cover it with angry outbursts. Her room boasts a considerable collection of stuffed toys, likely to the surprise of any one of the soldiers under her.
  • Brief Backstory: It was when Velvetica was very young that she selected her own future path in life. When playing in her family's garden, she caught sight of her brother training under his combat tutor, and watched him for several hours. From that day forth, her dedication to her family's martial legacy was assured. She insisted on starting her training as soon as possible, with as much exuberance as many children would display towards a new toy, and eagerly pursued her lessons with gusto. She also immersed herself in books of historical combat and strategy, developing into an incredibly promising student rapidly. She wouldn't be able to deny the praise from her teachers and her parents spurred her on, of course. As she grew older, her dedication only increased, and the ideals of the Hraesleg family were etched firmly on her heart. To protect the land and its people. When she was old enough, she asked her father to allow her to command a unit of the Hraesleg Lions. Initially he resisted, and only reluctantly agreed to her request when she could be deployed in a relatively peaceful location unlikely to face any serious threats.

    After clearing the area of bandits and defeating an orcish warband, however, Velvetica's unit swiftly became rising stars in Velt's border defenses, and it became far more difficult to deny her requests for more potential recruits and more freedom to combat a wider range of threats. Indeed, Velvetica has swiftly become the current face of the Hraesleg Lions due to her command, currently working alongside the longtime ally of her family, Lord Ostaric, to secure Velt's Southeast borders.
  • Equipment: Velvetica wears finely-crafted armor, though it possesses no unusual qualities beyond its high quality. The sword she wields is an heirloom weapon of her family, known as Starshine. A finely-balanced, slender-bladed longsword of elven make, Starshine possesses the capacity to gather and store magical energy before using it to coat the blade and greatly enhance its edge or release it as a projectile. Indeed, it is known as Starshine the Infinite Edge due to a large amount of stored mana being able to cut apart a target from across a battlefield, as well as everything in-between. Due to Velvetica's personal lack of useable mana, it dangerous to utilize high levels of magical energy without allowing it to gather and store it for an extended period of time. As such, the "Infinite Edge" is a last resort only to be used when she has no other choice, as it greatly threatens her life.
  • Skills: Velvetica is trained in both strategic and personal combat, allowing her to command her forces and fight on her own. Trained intensively in a school of swordplay derived from a modernized form of Enneteca, Talderian combat arts, she operates as a high-speed, agile opponent that uses speedy slashes and thrusts aimed at vital areas. Coupled with Starshine's magical capabilities, this results in high-speed swordplay capable of piercing armor and even cutting a grown man in half if struck correctly.
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