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So, big shocker, after watching Gilmore Girls, I have the bug for a slice of life RP in a fictional small town in New England that we can make together. Complete with a coffee shop, a bookstore, a small town hall and a green, our characters will just live through the trials of living in a town of 1000, where everyone knows everything about everyone's lives, and you can't get through a single month without some sort of festival or celebration on the green.

I'm probably rambling.

Those who understand, understand. Those who don't are probably not still here anyway.

As far as pairings go, I prefer to play female characters but if we're doubling, I'm willing to do a male character for your female OC.

I've been here so long that I don't feel the need to make these things like weird job pitches or applications. If you're interested, comment below or PM me, and we can kinda discuss where we wanna take things <3
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This sounds fun :) would be down for something like this.
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Might be interested!
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sending you a pm!
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