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Hello everyone! For some background, I used to roleplay a lot on different forums in the early 2010s, around my middle school period. I stopped in high school and never was on any dedicated roleplaying sites (nor have I tried any systems...) and am now looking to rekindle what I feel like was a fruitful creative outlet and plane of interaction in my life. I did a lot of scifi roleplaying back then, but I'm also interested in fantasy and other interesting or original scenarios.

Anybody else have a similar background, or has anyone else rediscovered something a part of their life they had lost touch with here?

Happy to be here : )
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I have on and off been here but started roleplaying about 5 years before this account. With the forums I notice when you commit to a game you should put aside a good hour and a half once a week to read what was written and start writing to get your post out. I struggle with that continual posting. I’m Gareth, welcome and nice to meet you.
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Hey there.

I used to RP in my highschool years, then not for ages. Tried to get back a few years ago to explore some concepts with minds beyond just my own, but couldn't find the right site. Near the end of last year I felt similarly compelled and started seeking places out. Never been here before, but it's exactly what I was looking for in terms of how the board's set up. Better, even.
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My story was that I was dragged here against my will by a friend during my junior(?) year in high school. I've been here since.

But anyways yeah, welcome to the guild.
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Ello, ello, ello, welcome to the chaos
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