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Please send interest over PMs, not in thread

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Dungeons, ruins and ancient relics litter the wilderness in the realm of Eidolon. Among the verdant growth of young trees, among the desecrated husks of lost eras, new powers are on the rise. You are among them, a fledgling Faction eeking out an existence in a world of magic and danger. Will you find your footing, reach your goals and become known to history? Or will you falter, splutter and fail before you are known to the world?

This is a weird idea I have wanted to attempt for a while. Primarily, you will submit your actions to the GM over PM. The GM will provide you consequences and ask for further decisions. Later, the GM shall create a post in the IC with a summary of rumours, mixed of both NPC factions and Players. At the start of the roleplay, you will not know who other characters are or where, and they will not know you. Only through vigilance and exploration will you become aware of other powers at work in the world.

As you can see, this roleplay is more like a forum game then a full fledged roleplay, designed to allow you to submit actions in between your other writing projects. There are game mechanics - minimum engagement is required and they will be explained as they are used.

PVP is not the aim of the RP, though a cinematic war or two could fit in nicely. Explore, build, recruit and claim territory to expand your Domain as you see fit. Loot dungeons for powerful artefacts to aid you in your goals. Stay out the lime light if you wish to be left alone.

Should two player factions happen to meet at the same location and time, a new PM will be created between multiple parties. The players and GM will create the IC rumour post together, depending on how visible the interaction was to get outside world.

This is primarily a sandbox roleplay, you will make your own goals to pursue. Rumours and quests can help direct your decisions, but at the end of the day you decide what your aims are. In order for the sandbox to function, time and distance are measured. Each hex on the map is equivalent to 12 miles, and crossing terrain takes time. As you explore, you may come across other players, previously unknown dungeons or monsters in the wilderness. While other factions may have heard some of the same rumours, everything you explore will be your own knowledge. No two players will have the same information as you will likely be pursing different goals and uncovering different secrets. Your information is valuable.

Below is a list of potential activities you may undertake:

  • EXPLORE: Scout out the local environment, explore the wilderness or unexplored dungeons. Weigh the risks and rewards of delving into the untamed lands.
  • CLEAR: fight local denizens or build a rapport with them, overcome traps and tribulations. Acquire treasure, gems, magical items and rare tomes. Bring them back to civilisation to upgrade your Rank.
  • BUILD: Build up your Domain by obtaining land, prospect new mines and build fortifications. Construct libraries, dungeons and workshops to create new spells, new creatures, potions and magical items. Hire specialists to produce goods and mercenaries to fight in your military. Attract people who will live in your land and pay you tax.
  • SCHEME: Listen closely to rumours to discover new delving locations and where powerful magical items might be kept, as well as what other players are up to. Pay close attention to trade requirements to complete lucrative mercantile ventures. Create a crime syndicate to spy, assassinate and undermine regimes to take over.
    Tamper With Mortality: should you wish, complete Apotheosis to ascend to Godhood. Do not do this.

Your Character
Your character is the face of your faction. You control your character and your faction at the same time.

You can be any kind of fantasy creature you like. You will be the ruler of your faction and go on excursions. Your faction will be comprised of some NPCs who can perform quests and missions for you, and others who live in your Domain without the ability to fight or explore, but may work the land or grant tax income. You can control your character, or if you prefer to control an NPC, your character can stay in your Domain and you can switch to a different viewpoint of a member of your faction.

I would like the majority of players to play new factions who start from scratch, but if you'd like to play as a human, you will be a vassal under the Kingdom - one growing into their own influence and renown.

Please take time to think about what style of faction you would like to play and what you would find the most fun, and then pick a race accordingly. While efforts are made to balance factions somewhat, your choice of race will inevitably affect the difficulty of the game. A sentient ratfolk will be a weaker fighter then a vampire king, and will need to rely on tackling lower rank dungeons, recruiting or intrigue tactics to progress. That being said, the vampire king is more likely to attract the ire of the local humans. Furthermore, a weakness to sunlight will not suddenly cease because it is an inconvenience to you as a player - more powerful creatures can be equally difficult. The world is a machination that will chug along, find solutions through the tools available IC.

The Map

During character creation, pick a hex on the map that will be the start of your Domain. Your local resources will have an affect on popular trade goods in your civilisation (if you are on the coast for example, you will have an abundance of fish). You are free to name or rename local landmarks as you see fit, such as rivers, mountains, forests, plains, ect.

The map is left deliberately unfinished - once player characters are created the human settlements and roads will be added back in, adjusted for player domains. If you wish to make travel less dangerous, you can clear monster lairs from the associated hexes. If you want travel to be faster, you can build new roads, utilise mounts or boats, or attempt to enslave a dragon.

Roads will not be visible on other player's maps until they have scouted or visited the area.

Finally some notes on the existing topography:
NE - The Blasted Lands: A strangely arid and rocky biome dotted with the occasional plateau.
E - The Dead Lands: A site of many a bloody battle, now a haunted burial ground littered with crypts to the long lost deceased. This place is forsaken by the living, but the undead thrive here.
S - The Thickets - a verdant jungle, some say forgotten beasts roam it's unforgiving depths.
SSW - Tanglewood - A haunted forest, rumoured to be filled with psiders.
SSW Swamp - An overgrown swamp, home of giant toads and supposedly stranger, scalier things.
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Please send interest over PMs, not in thread

After characters are decided, the next step is players picking a hex on the map which will be the seat of their Domain. I will then update the public map.

Further: since someone may ask, ranks are an indication of power. They go from SSS, SS, S, to A+, A, B+, B, C+, C ect to the lowest rank of F. It becomes harder to advance to each level the higher you go.

I will aim to start off characters at around C rank minimum as you are faction leaders, but race choice could affect it.
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Opening to 2 more players
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