"My name is Optimus Prime. You have been sent to this planet as advanced scouts for The Arc. Cybertrons last, best hope for survival. I cannot guarantee your safety, i cannot guarantee that what you find on this planets local wildlife to be accommodating, i cannot even guarantee that you will ever see our beloved Cybertron again, but what i can guarantee is that your mission is of utmost importance to all Cybertronians, a fighting chance at survival. Your mission will be to arrive, evaluate the locals and survey. You are not to message home, lest the Decepticons find the location of our new colony, you are to gather intelligence and await further orders until contacted. May Primus protect you."

For those of you unfamiliar with it, Essence20 is Renegade Systems' D20 RPG system that is all about rolling bigger dice, as opposed to rolling the same dice with bigger modifiers.

The crux of this is going to be a "Kids on Bikes" Style RP where you all play as a bunch of kids living in a small city in England that one day, stumble upon some Autobots that have come to Earth. You befriend these Robots who then disguise themselves as vehicles around the town and work with the kids to defeat Decepticons and other threats to this little city. Of course, being that you have 2 characters, a kid and an Autobot, obviously, the 50 ton armour-plated warmachine is going to be better at most things than their human counterpart, but that doesn't mean your human is worthless.

Mostly gauging interest to see if anyone's up to this new system.