The Office Roleplay!

Ryan Howard, wearing nothing but a pair of boxer briefs woke up distraught. His hair was a mess and his heart was still racing. His mind felt fuzzy over the events of what had happened in his small apartment bedroom as they replayed in his mind. He just couldn’t make out who was the person in his bedroom with him that night. His lips numb from the activities of last night, causing him to pucker them occasionally, trying to soothe them. Some discarded cigarettes littered his bedroom floor as he stirred around and finally built up the strength to sit up. He squinted his blue eyes, rubbing them, still clearly exhausted as he tried to think clearly from his hangover and the effects of smoking weed last night. “Was it Kelly?” He asked himself, walking over to the bathroom. He didn’t recall activities with Kelly to be this intense. He almost didn’t realize the stain of dried semen on his chest until he looked at himself in the mirror, hair a mess and neck red and sore.

Literate males only
Please be able to write multiple paragraphs
3rd person only

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