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Evening there folks.

The name is Damycles. An average fella in his twenties that happens to have a passion for writing, you know, when the hyper-focus kicks in and I can actually get stuff done for the day but that's besides the point.

Wouldn't say this is my first time doing forums but I can say it's been a while and in-spite of all the other things I've been doing during the time in between there is something nostalgic about coming back to a forum to post stories again.

My genres are honestly pretty flexible. I do have a soft spot for Noir, Sci-Fi, Romance (Especially Jane Austen style Regency Romance), and a bit of fantasy here and there but my main focus tends to be more around the characters themselves than the genres they inhabit. Because of that, I like to write in first person a lot. I don't have to but it's my comfort zone even if that might seem a little weird considering the environment. I just really like the way you can dive deep into a perspective character's psyche with first person and how playing around with the way they describe information as well as what information they consider important enough to mention can not only add color to the prose but also imply so many things about the character without overtly saying it.

Honestly, that's probably why Noir is up there for me. But hey, happy be to be here, happy to be a part of things, and happy to learn more and refine my techniques along the way.

Also, the profile picture I have is just a little thing I sketched a while back. I do art as well and whilst I can say my stuff is better than that picture now this was still the cutest one of the bunch. Squirrel Paladins just have a vibe to them, you know?
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Welcome to the Guild!
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