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Fuck it now I wanna gush.

This man. This motherfuckin' man.

This dude is probably one of the best GMs I've ever played with.

I remember when his Worm setting started about a year ago and I saw it. I knew nothing about Worm and I submitted a character that was... bad. Really bad. So bad that I don't want to go into detail on how bad it was. He pointed out the problems with him and when I scrapped him, he was... I'd say pleasantly surprised with how I acted and my willingness to continue trying. After acceptance of my actual first character, I went through some weird ass phases and ended up in a bit of turmoil because my naive brain was eager to post. Henceforth, Pro told me to dial it back and give people reaction times. I agreed, and afterwards I joined the Skype group he had set up for that setting.

Brotherhood ensue. Despite what he had going on in his life, he was there when I had questions and shit about settings, and I have since been in several settings with his other characters, like the ghosty spirit V, Bartholomew K. Runch, and probably the best so far, Shrimp Brigade Prime.

From being willing to give me a second chance with characters, giving me a shot at making some dumb (but incredibly funny) art for you to use in New Horizons, and tolerating my dumb self when I've been the biggest of idiots, this guy still somehow thinks of me as a good sport.

In the wise words of the mailman from Rick and Morty...

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Shout out to the wonderful @Ophidian for sticking with me until our first RP together drew to a lovely and touching close. It might not have turned out like what we were anticipating, but that's far from a complaint. This gentleman is as clever as he is conscientious and I couldn't ask for a better partner, and that goes for both his delectable posts and our inspiring and reflective OOC chatter.

Cheers, love, to many more! <3
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I've said it once before in this thread, but these people are amazing. Not only have they helped me in the past, but they're also the cast of my longest RP yet on this forum. Five months, nearly 300 IC posts and 1000 OOC posts (including countless Discord messages), and even with a couple of bumps along the way, we're still kicking along and slaying titans like nobody's business.

As always:

I like myself because Idk. You're cool too.
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@Sanctus Spooki gets a special mention because I haven't been so fracking excited for anything as awesome as our roleplay since I first watched Vikings. The time and effort you put into your posts, the detail and diction presented,and how well you manage to mesh the characters into a pre-established setting so well is just so amazing!

A toast to you!

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Okay, have to throw a major gush out there to all my peeps in Darker Than Black! @Dragoknighte @Sigil @Morose @Scallop @Nallore & @FantasyChic. We have hit a new milestone and DTB joins the ranks of Duplicity and The Walking Dead to be in the 2 year strong club of the Rps I am currently gming!!! OMFG Can you believe it!?!?! So take a bow you sleuths! Two years, on our third chapter, and we still have only just begun!

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Oh ho ho! Time to gush again! This time about my peeps in Soulless Regency: @mnkee @Sigil @Rivaan @Sputnik & @Morose. It's been 12 months already since we started this twisted adventure. We have laughed, we have cried, and currently most of you I am pretty sure plotting a 101 ways to slaughter Lord Rutherford. Hard to believe it's already been a year. You lot have made me stress, pull my hair out, scream, and constantly be on edge to what the fuck you are going to pull next. I mean seriously, you have given me more headaches than any single group ever has and that is saying something. And you know what?

I love it!!!!! Thank you so much for the awesome year and I cannot wait to see what the next one holds. ^_^
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Oh, I know. We are all here to roleplay, share stories and release our imagination, creat an amusements that will never do any harm to the world we are living. But what can we do other than roleplaying? To me, it's reading and exploring around soundlessly. As a short-tempered person and slow learner when it comes to patience, my time in this website guided me to read other roleplayer's works/projects and adventures and as simple as it seemed, I had my fun as a reader.

I feel better at a mere sight of roleplay post of a creative stranger; they don't know me, and I don't know them in return, yet here we are— the writer is folded between the pages of characters while me, all clenched, curious, and not waiting for inspiration's kiss on the forhead. It's all about paying attention while it connects me with others. It makes me eager. I want to always stay eager.

I enjoy psychoanalyzing, observing without judging. The true measurement is not what I hear, it's reasoning no matter how wild and ridiculous, good or bad, there is always art inside the human mind. I'm not here to mention or specify my roleplay companions only, I'm here to express how grateful in general I am to be in here, whether roleplaying or reading, I always learn and improve.

Guess my thanks goes to this community as a whole since we share the same common and passion. Unless you're a dog hater, fuck you.
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I have never been one to write unnecessarily long and I won't start now. And so keeping it brief and to the point, I simply love these three who have been a part of my RP family for over an year. In fact if not for them I would have quite possibly abandoned my RP and most likely would have stopped RPing.



@Ryver et Rhine

All three of you have made RPG a memorable place and Chrono Asylum a memorable RP and I know for a fact as long as I have you guys with me, we will finish CA one day. You guys are the best. =p
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Okay, it is no secret. I gush about the peeps in my RP's a lot. Why wouldn't I? They are freaking amazing! I am very lucky to have one of the best group of Rpers to get down and dirty with between the posts. We plot, scheme, and roll out never ending twists and turns. Between the six Rp's I am currently Gming it is never a dull moment. Whether it is trying to stop a global conspiracy in Darker Than Black, surviving the latest trials and tribulations in The Walking Dead, hunting down a Necromancer in Duplicity, solving a mystical prophecy in Deeper Than The Sands, traveling the 'Verse in After Miranda, or just #fuddling in Soulless Regency my Rpers keep my on my toes! And I sure as hell do what I can to keep them on theirs.

Collectively between the six Rp's we have lost dozens of characters but that doesn't stop us. Doesn't matter how sick one of us gets, how much work or school is stressing us, what is going on we keep trucking. Sure we have had our hiccups along the way but it doesn't matter. We deal, we correct, and we move on. We trust each other to pick up on cues, roll with the punches, and handle anything that comes our way. They were all amazing when they joined up but seeing each of them grow over the months/years is astounding. I would tag them but there are soooooo many I don't think the forum would actually send out all the tags. Just know each and everyone of them rocks and they all will forever have my gratitude for letting me Gm all this madness!

Yet, gushing about them is not why I am here today. This is a little more than that. Today Soulless Regency hit its 1 year strong mark. That in and of itself is amazing but there is more to it than that. With Soulless Regency reaching this milestone it pushes another one to the spotlight. Now I currently have 6, count them 6 Rp's that have been running for a year or more! To be specific, I have 3 at the year+ mark and 3 at the 2 year mark. Now that is something. So I am here to pat myself on the fucking back!

I don't care if it comes off as prideful or ego. I am damn proud of myself to be able to put together not just one but half a dozen Rp's that are trucking this long. Ones with complex story lines, wonderful posts, twists and turns. Rp's that not only bring in new people but ones that hook people to go "I am going to join this one and this one and this one too that you are hosting!" It takes a hell of a lot of work that has to be fit in between my own persona life, which is hectic as hell. I dedicate a lot to these Rp's, months of planning before each one is launched, a lot of one on one time with each Rper to keep things going, working in their minor story arcs but still keep the main ball running. Romance and heart ache mixed in with mystery and shock. Knowing when to and where to place clues, when to throw a monkey wrench into the works, when to shake things up, when to let them just roll.

Without the Rpers in my group I know I wouldn't have near the success with my Rp's that I do but I also know what I do is a big chunk of the success of my Rp's. And so damn it, I am gushing about myself. Every now and then a Gm has to take a step back and give themselves a pat on the back. Marvel at the work they do and just be proud of what they have helped to bring together. So this is my moment and I hope it serves as a reminder next time I get stressed out and want to scream over shit going down that in the end it is completely and totally worth every last ounce of frustration. So for myself, and every other Gm out there that does the job, I just want to say well done! We rock!

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