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Character Name Creation Date
Captain James Graham 9/22/2011
Guy Sauvage 11/10/2011
Vincenzo Messina 1/12/2012
Darin Torblad 3/3/2012
Liam Donnelly 3/21/2012
Bill Carson 3/30/2012
Guy Girard 4/15/2012
Jacob Carpenter 5/21/2012
Tony Collins 5/21/2012
Nick Harman 5/23/2012
Damon Stackhouse 5/25/2012
Clayton Morris 5/30/2012
Eric Sapp 6/1/2012
Joe Filion 6/19/2012
Kichiro Takagi 7/6/2012
Kichiro's Spellbook 7/7/2012
William Talbot 7/7/2012
Aditya Je'Kal 7/17/2012
Captain Tom Stewart 7/20/2012
Katsu Ota 7/30/2012
Bodzil Foxe 8/17/2012
Don Webb 8/25/2012
Mars Anthony Edward Lokken 9/1/2012
Ben Giguere 9/15/2012
Alonzo Martinelli 9/24/2012
Jackson Steel 10/24/2012
Thomas Stewart 3/1/2014
Karol Zabek 12/17/2014
Brian Park 3/1/2015
Mok Rogak 3/14/2015
Garathos Vollnar 3/12/2017
PMC unit organizations 12/18/2018
Mumbaka Map 12/18/2018
The Empire of Bakushima 11/16/2013
Higashi Momoru 12/24/2019
The People's Republic of Raetia 12/11/2013
Sasha Drokhov 12/31/2019
The World of Anhuac 10/12/2016
Magnus Confederation 12/12/2021
Joseph Hooker 7/1/2021

Active Roleplays

Firefly: Second Verse by wanderingwolf & sail3695

Future Roleplays

Misthios - An Assassin's Creed based adventure set in a world of my design, with loose ties to Ubisoft's game. The World of Anuac
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Name: James "Jimmy" Graham
Age: 47
Gender: Male
Appearance: Jimmy is 5'10" tall and weighs 190 Lbs. He maintains a short haircut; high and tight which is a throw-back to his days in the Army. Jimmy enjoys running and lifting weights. He is in excellent condition and has been somewhat fanatical about what he inserts into the temple that is his body.
Weapon: AR-15 Assault Rifle purchased on 19 January 1993 (The day before Clinton was inaugurated) and a S&W Model 10 .38 Cal revolver. Jimmy also carries an assortment of blades; a Gerber Mark II Survival knife, a Pilot's survival knife, a Machete and a Leatherman.
Class: I am a fighter (regardless of what age you request) Jimmy spent 21 years in the US Army retiring at age 39 as a Major. He has experience with a variety of weapon systems including the M16/M4 variant, M203 Grenade launcher, M249 Squad Automatic Weapon, M60 Machine Gun, M240 Machine Gun, M2 HB Machine Gun, M1911A1 ACP, M9 semi-automatic pistol, .357 S&W Revolver, Glock-17 Pistol and S&W .40 Caliber handgun. Jimmy has extensive experience in small unit operations (Squad and Platoon Ops) as well as Company and Battalion level operations. He has participated in at least four combat operations.
Personality: Jimmy is pretty laid back most of the time. He is considerate and respectful of others. He hates the Yankees and will kill for the Red Sox, growing up in Dedham, just south of Boston. Due to the loss of his family, Jimmy is however filled with rage over the alien invasion and will kill on sight, any of them he sees. He loves his brothers and sisters of his current unit, the 2nd Mass.
Bio: Upon graduation from Xaverian Brothers HS in 1982, Jimmy enlisted in the US Army.
Events, Schools & assignments Enlisted Tour in the US Army:
- Infantry Basic Combat School, Ft. Benning, GA 31 Aug 82 - 21 Dec 82
- Parachutist School, Ft. Benning, GA (3 Jan 83 - 31 Jan 83
- Ranger School, Ft. Benning, GA 5 Feb 83 - 11 APR 83
- PFC James Graham assigned to 2nd Battalion, 75th Inf (Ranger), Ft. Lewis, WA 14 APR 83
- deployed to Grenada in support of Operation Urgent Fury 25 OCT 83 - 14 NOV 83

PFC Graham was involved in several firefights with Cuban soldiers on the Island of Grenada. He assisted in the evacuation of American college students at the Medical school on the Island.

In 1985, Jimmy left the Army to attend college at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. While in College, Jimmy joined the Massachusetts Army National Guard and Reserve Officers Training Corps. While in the National Guard, Jimmy served with B Co. 2nd Battalion, 104th Infantry in Greenfield, MA. Interestingly enough, the lineage of the 104th Infantry Regiment (US) includes the 2nd Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry Regiment which saw action in Cuba in 1898. Jimmy graduated from UMASS/Amherst with a Bachelor's Degree in Political Science and a Commission as a 2nd Lieutenant in the Infantry in 1989.

Events, Schools & assignments Officer Tour in the US Army:
- Infantry Officer Basic Course, Ft. Benning, GA Jun, 89 - Sep, 89
- Rifle Platoon Leader, C Co. 4th Battalion, 6th Infantry, 5th Infantry Division (M)
- Deployed to Ft. Smith, Panama in support of Operation Just Cause 20 Dec 89 to 20 Feb 90

- 1 Jan 91 Promoted to 1st Lieutenant
- Temporarily assigned to assist units of the Louisiana Army National Guard preparing for deployment to the Persian Gulf during Operation Desert Shield Aug 90 to Feb 91
- Permanent Change of Station (PCS) to the 2nd Battalion, 22nd Infantry, 10th Infantry Division (Mountain) at Ft. Drum, NY.
- 1 January 93 promoted to Captain
- Captain James Graham, A Co. 2-22 IN (L) deployed to Somalia in support of Operation Restore Hope.
- Captain Graham returned to Ft. Drum, NY in Jun 1994
- Captain Graham attended the Infantry Officer Advanced Course (IOAC), Ft. Benning, GA Nov 94 - Apr 95 Upon completion of the IOAC
- CPT Graham attended the Special Forces Qualification Course (SFQ) at the John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and Schools (JFK SWCS) at Ft. Bragg, NC; also known as the "Q-Course."
- Phase I of the Q-Course; 24 days at Camp Mackall for the SF Assessment.
- Phase II of the Q-Course; Assigned 18A Special Forces Officer Branch and training in Arabic. - Phase III of the Q-Course; Small Unit Tactics (SUT) and Survival, Escape, Resistance and Evasion (SERE) training
- Phase IV of the Q-Course; Operation Robin Sage - an unconventional Warfare exercise completed by all SF students.
- In June, 1996, Captain Graham assigned as Alpha Detachment Commander with the 5th Special Forces Group (SFG) at Ft. Campbell, KY.
- Participated in several clandestine operations in the 5th SFG AOR.
- Dec 2001, Captain Graham was deployed to Afghanistan to assist and support a Brigade of Aghanistan soldiers of the United Islamic Front also known as the Northern Alliance while fighting against Taliban forces in that country.
- 1 Jun 2002 promoted to Major.
- assigned as Battalion Operations Officer 2nd Battalion, 7th Cavalry, 1st Cavalry Division, Ft. Hood, TX 19 Jun 02
-15 Aug 03, Major James Graham retires from the US Army after 21 years of service. (time in the MAARNG is included in years of service for retirement.)

After leaving the military, Major Graham returned to his family in Dedham, MA, met a woman named Cynthia, they married and had four children named Marie, Albert, Rose and Christine. Jimmy did not have a civilian career lined up and took a job working at a Home Depot initially. His wife worked in health care as a Radiologist at Mass General Hospital in Boston. The two agreed that Jimmy would take on the responsibility as Stay at Home Parent. Jimmy did not have a career option that could compete with his wife's salary working in one of the three major medical centers in Boston.

After the Extra - Terrestrials arrived, Jimmy tried to protect his family, but he ultimately failed. All five of them perished before his eyes. This single traumatic event has affected him the most.
He is filled with rage over the loss of his children and his wife. His rage motivates him to drive on. His discipline keeps the rage under control so he can fight.

While attending High School and College, Jimmy studied French. He is fluent in English, French and Arabic.

While in Panama in 1989, Jimmy helped to secure "La Commandancia" while fighting against the Panamanian Defense Force (PDF).

In October, 1993, Captain Jimmy Graham was Company Commander of A Company, 2nd Battalion, 22nd Infantry. His unit was called in to help rescue members of B Company, 3rd Battalion, 75th Infantry (Ranger) and Delta Force soldiers trapped inside Mogadishu, Somalia. They rode aboard M113 Armored Personnel Carriers of the Pakistani Army.

Ranger School teaches young soldiers how to survive under the least amount of privations, with very little stress and the maximum amount of stress. Small Unit Tactics and leadership are the focus of Ranger School. IOBC prepares young Lieutenants how to be Rifle Platoon Leaders. The IOBC student learns small unit tactics at the squad and platoon level. The course instruction is similar to what is taught at Ranger School, but without the stress. IOBC and IOAC are both "Gentleman's schools." IOAC teaches young officers Company and Battalion level operations. It prepares them to be Battalion staff officers.

The 5th SFG Area of Responsibility (AOR) includes Afghanistan, Bahrain, Djibouti, Egypt, Ethiopia, Iraq, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Oman, Pakistan, Qatar , Saudi Arabia, Seychelles, Somalia, Sudan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, United Arab Emirates, Uzbekistan and Yemen. From 1996 to 2002, Captain Graham, remained with his A-Team completing various clandestine missions, both humanitarian aid and support as well as Direct Action missions in the region covered by 5th Group.

(OOC: As a note, many of the items covered in this bio are based on events that occurred in my real life. All the weapons and equipment listed above are items that I can actually lay my hands on in my house. The names have been changed.)
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Name: Guy Sauvage (Pr: Gee Sah - Vahj')
Age: 32
Gender: Male
Nation of Origin: France
Branch of Service: Armée de Terre (Tr: French Land Army)
Most recent Unit of assignment: 1er Régiment de Parachutistes d'Infanterie de Marine, 1er RPIMa (Tr: 1st Marine Infantry Parachute Regiment or French Special Air Service)

Rank: Sergent-chef (Chief Sergeant = Sergeant First Class in USA)
Callsign: Le chat (Tr: The Cat)
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 210 Lbs.
Specialization/Squad Position: Guy served with 1e Compagnie (1st Company, 1er RPIMa) The soldiers of this company specialize as Pathfinders , Divers & Snipers. Guy is trained in all three areas. His strength is as a sniper.
Clothing & Equipment: Current French Army combat uniform, black jungle combat boots, black weight lifting gloves and a NCStar CBG2911 tactical back pack, color green, Barret MRAD .338 Lapua Rifle system (laser range finder and 7x50 scope), and HK45 Semi-automatic pistol (trijicon night sights), Night vision devices (attaches to helmet), and Dragonscale Armor

Items carried on person: Olive Green Combat Assault vest, two olive green canteens at the rear left and right along the waist, four pouches containing two each 10- round magazines for the Barrett MRAD sniper system, a tactical holster on the right outer thigh for the HK45 pistol, a first aid kit, a butt pack attached to the rear and a camel back hydration system. Guy has a Kevlar construction helmet shaped like the German Falschirmjager helmet of WWII. In his pockets he carries a lensatic compass, a Green whistle, grease pencils, black ink pens, a small notebook, protractor, binoculars (7x50mm) and three rolls of black electrical tape. In his butt pack; one MRE (Meal, Ready to Eat) broken down, cleaning rag, weapons cleaning kit, Cleaner, Lubricant & Preservative (CLP) bottle. He has nine 10-round magazines that are all full (90 rounds), four magazines for the HK45 (40 rds). He wears a current state of the art smart phone and blue tooth communication system hardened to withstand EMP attached to the left forearm. When he is not wearing his helmet, he wears his French Parachutist's Maroon beret with 1er RPIMa regimental crest. Attached to his helmet is a set of Goggles (Sun, Wind and Dust) Guy has a Gerber Mark II Survival knife attached to his assault vest, a Gerber boot knife at the top of his right boto & a Leatherman tool on his belt.

Items carried in his pack: Three MREs, one extra set of combat fatigues, four empty 10-round magazines, five Black T-shirts in zip lock bags, seven pairs of wool socks in zip lock bags, wet weather poncho, poncho liner, four bungee cords with hooks, three rolls of OD green duct tape, two hundred feet of 550 Lb parachute cord, one brown towel, a two-quart bladder canteen attached to pack, Intrenching tool (E-Tool) /with carrier, a climbing harness, locking D-ring, figure eight descender, various military snap links, four small spools of trip wire with four small nails inside each spool, Nomex hood. His Ghillie suit is rolled up and attached to the top of his pack.

Combat Load:
Rifle: 15.6 Lbs (loaded)
Pistol: 2 Lbs (loaded)
Assault vest (Loaded): 20 Lbs.
Pack: 54 Lbs.
Total: 91.6 Lbs.

Mental and Personality Profile:
Guy Sauvage is a professional soldier. He is quiet, disciplined and moves with a purpose. He has complete self-confidence and there is nothing he cannot do; at least in his own mind. Guy is an experienced sniper, trained soldier in hand to hand combat as well as Fire team and squad tactics. He is trained in Counter terrorism, pathfinder and SCUBA diving. Guy Sauvage picked up the nickname of Le Chat due to his ability to move stealthfully in any environment. He is as quiet as a cat.

Biography and Service History:
Guy Sauvage was born in the Paris, France suburb of Evry. His father worked for the French Rail system working out of Paris. As a young man, Guy's father served in the French Army as a soldier in the 35th Infantry Regiment. Guy knew he did not want to work for the railroad and found military life to be exactly what he needed. He fit in perfectly as a soldier in the French Army.

Guy enlisted at age 17after completing secondary education. He attended Infantry school and served with the 1st Infantry Regiment, 1st Mech Brigade for three years. After spending three years with a mech unit, he attended Parachute training and Special Air Service training. He discovered that he really enjoyed jumping out of an airplane. Para training was conducted at Pau, southern France.

Special Air Service training involves 12 weeks of "adaptation training" and "stage commando" which separates the men from the boys. This training is physically grueling and mentally challenging. The highest attrition rate comes from Adaption training at about 75%. Once Adatption training was complete, Guy then advanced to "stage CTE RAPAS" for six months. This is the technical training involved with being a member of the 1st Paras (SAS).

After 40 weeks of training, Guy was promoted to Caporal-chef de première classe. He spent one year in the 1st Para (SAS) as a Corporal 1st Class before attending the Professional NCO School,
École Nationale des Sous-Officiers d’Active (ENSOA or National Active Non-Commissioned Officers National School). The ENSOA trains young NCOs for both initial (squad leader) and higher-level (platoon leader) functions. The school lasts four months. Upon completion of ENSOA, Guy was promoted to Sergent at age 22.

Guy has spent the last 10 years as a member of the French SAS regiment known as 1st Parachutist Marine Infantry Regiment. During this time, he has attended Sniper School, Diving School and Pathfinder school. During the 10 years of his service in the unit, he has spent all of his time with 1st Company. As such he has performed of a Pathfinder and as a Sniper the most. He has participated in only a few clandestine operations involving underwater entry/extraction. After ten years in the Army, five years ago; Guy was promoted to Sergent-chef , his current rank.

Guy has performed several deployments to North Africa and the Middle East as well as Somalia and other areas on the Dark Continent.

Guy speaks French, English and German
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Name: Vincenzo "Vinnie" Messina
Points / Tokens:
Age: 24
Gender: Male
"Vinnie" is 5' 9" tall with a slender build. He walks with a slight limp, from an injury to his right leg. He wears his black hair greased back in a DA and has brown eyes. His ears stick out giving him a recognizeable appearance. He wears double breasted tweed suits, black, brown or navy and a wide brimmed cream colored "boater" hat with silk band of bluish-gray. His ties are silk, solid in color and never flashy. Vinnie prefers to smoke Cuban Maduro cigars. He carries a zippo with an Italian flag on the side of the lighter's body. He either wears black and white penny loafers or a pair of Black wingtips.

Rank: Associate
Affiliation: Falcone crime family

Speech = 0
Strength = 3 (+2) = 5
Accuracy = 4 (+3) = 7
Constitution = 2
Speed = 0
Driving = 1
Lock picking = 0
Arson = 0
Demolition = 5 (+3) = 8

Positive Traits:
• Boxing Fan
Over the years of watching boxing you have picked up a thing or two. Once a round the player can use this trait to win a strength roll when in a melee fight even when they roll and lose. +2 Strength

• Unflinching Killer
Killing is not something that comes easy to most people, luckily for you there’s some kind of screw loose in that department. Once per round when in a kill or be killed situation you can use this trait to gain a +3 on either Strength or accuracy.

• Demolitionist
You know your way around a bomb! +3 Demolition.

Medium Traits
• Reserved
You keep things to yourself, so the police are less likely to notice you however so are your peers and higher ranked individuals.

Negative Traits
• Gambler
Gambling is your vice and if you’re not gambling you’re looking to gamble. At least once a round the player will feel an unstoppable need to gamble (at GM’s discretion) and will receive a -2 to all stats until they have and if they win it will change to -1 if not it will stay at -2 for 5 turns.

Vincenzo was born in #### on November 21, 1918. His father served with the 8th Infantry Regiment in the Army along the Texas border from 1912 to 1916. He got out before the US was involved in the War in Europe. He did however see fighting with the Mexicans across the Rio Grande and it had an adverse effect on him.

Vincenzo's father, Giuseppe was an abusive drunken gambler. He played with whores and came and went as he pleased. Giuseppe never married Vincenzo's mother who was one of his "girls". Giuseppe abused Vinnie's mother, Dolores and left her sometime after Vinnie turned five. Vinnie does not have many memories of his father, but feels overly protective of his mother.

Life was rough for Young Vincenzo, growing up on the streets. He did his own thing and was frequently involved in fighting. The boys in his neighborhood gambled frequently and got into fight with the Irish boys in a nearby neighborhood frequently.

An uncle took Vinnie under his wing and who had served in WWI as a Combat Engineer. Vinnie became fascinated with Uncle Johnny's Field Manuals on explosives. He learned a great deal about them and would later apply that knowledge to the craft. He also took to shooting an early age. Being able to hit targets accurately became very natural to him.

Today, Vinnie likes to gamble on fights, frequents the track and can be found in a local card game or crap game at least three nights a week.
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Name: Darin Torblad
Nickname: Barbarossa

Race: Dwarf
Gender: Male
Age: 56


Darin is 56 years old which is equivalent to a 21 year old human. He stands 4' 2" tall and weighs 210 Lbs. He has red hair and beard with black eyes. His red beard (Barbarossa) is often decorated with braids. Darin "Barbarosa" Torblad has old Dwarven tatoos on his face and forehead as depicted below.


Strength: 17 (+2) = 19

Dexterity: 13 (-2) = 11

Willpower: 13

Perception: 13

Charisma: 13

Hit Points: 25

Biography/ History:
During the time when Moria fell to the orcs and all that is evil, Darin Torblad's parents had been in the lands of man. Darin was born in Rohan, but his parents and the small band of Dwarves who lived in his clan near the mountains of Rohan raised Darin with a pure Dwarven culture. He has an appreciation for man, but hates the elves. He desires more than anything to return to Moria and restore the Dwarven homelands to their former state.

Darin Torblad acquired the nickname Barbarossa later in his youth as he grew his flaming red beard. The humans of a nearby community had given him the moniker and it stuck. In one of the human tongues, the name means, "Red Beard". Darin is usually even tempered, but tends to get the dander up when someone other than a dwarf makes derogatory comments about the Dwarves of Moria. When someone makes disparaging comments about Moria and its downfall, Barbarossa starts to become upset. He also tries to remain calm. If the comments continue, Barbarossa's face turns red. He will make every effort to contain his anger. If it still continues, he will as politely as he can tell the offending person, to kindly shut the hell up. If the person does not heed his warning, he will jump into a fight and expect any dwarf within earshot to join him.

Darin carries a three foot Battle Axe as his primary weapon, but is also proficient with the bow and will use that for ranged targets. He carries a hand axe and dagger on his belt as well. Darin carries a leather back pack, quiver with 30 arrows, 3 weeks rations, candles, flint and tinder, 3 flasks of oil, small leather pouch containing coins, 100' of rope and prayer beads.

Weapons: Battle Axe, hand axe, Bow & dagger

Armor: banded armor: Chest, Grieves, Shin guards, boots, mantle, forearm guards, gauntlets, and battle helm with horns.

Clothing: When not wearing his armor, darin also has a cloak, under tunic, wool trousers, low leather boots, Leather belt, and Over tunic

Money: inside the small leather pouch are five gold, thirteen silver and eight copper coins.

Darin "Barbarosa" Torblad speaks Dwarven and Common fluently as well as about 25% fluency in Elven and 10% in Orcish. Darin worships the Dwarven God, Moradin. He prays to Moradin every morning before breakfast and every evening before bed time.

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Name: Liam Donnelly
Nickname: "Sharkey"

Age: 43
Gender: Male
Position: Guide

Appearance: unkempt. Liam has light brown messy hair and wears a thin whispy beard and mustache. He doesn't care for shaving. He has deep penetrating blue eyes that seem to look right through a person as if he knows what they are thinking. Liam wears T-shirts and jeans with a black leather jacket. The jacket appears brand new and is one of his finer possessions. He typically wears an old pair of black leather combat boots and has several tattoos over his body.

Personality: Liam is a no-nonsense man who really never paid much attention to his appearance. His voice is gruff and hands are calloused from working on the docks or on ships at sea. The texture of his hands mirrors his personality -- gruff.

Liam is defined by determination. Once he sets his mind to doing something, he will doggedly pursue the task until the goal is achieved, even if he has to die to accomplish it. As a testament to his daughter determination he's still alive.

Liam's vices include cigarette smoking and whiskey. When intoxicated, Liam is a bad drunk, looking to pick a fight with anyone near him.

Biography: Liam grew up in the Dallas, TX suburb of Garland. His father worked for the Union Pacific railroad and spent most of his time working, drunk in a bar or sleeping. As a child, encounters with Donnelly Senior usually were brief and meant Liam was meeting the backside of his old man's hand. Life was rough for Liam, but he made his own way. He doesn't take crap from anyone and if someone tries, he gives it right back; more than they probably wanted to deal with.

Liam spent eight years in the US Navy and learned a few languages along the way. Liam has always had an affinity towards learning foreign languages. He does know the languages necessary for the current mission. It was one of the reasons he was hired for the job.

After the navy, he spent the next fifteen years working as a longshoreman in New Orleans, LA as well as trips at sea aboard merchant ships. During Liam's many trips abroad his curiosity with foreign languages and the customs of new places piqued his interest. Liam quickly became known as the person who knew where the best places in the worst places were. He also established several contacts around the world which facilitated his ability to get whatever it is he desired.

Special Item: Colt M1911 .45 ACP with Ivory pistol grips. The pistol had been given to him by his grandfather before he passed away.
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Name: William "Bill" or "Billy" Carson
Age: 36

Physical Appearance: Bill Carson is 72" tall (6') and weighs 180 Lbs. He has a slender build, with Sandy Brown hair and Blue-gray eyes. Bill has a scar along the left side of his head; noticeable along cheek and he's missing the left earlobe.
Clothing: Bill wars stone washed cotton Butternut colored trousers, Pale blue buttoned shirt, brown leather vest, Broad brimmed black hat with a black plume on the left side. black leather gun belt with a colt 45 revolver on his right side.

Background: Bill Carson was born and raised in Albemarle County, Virginia in the Shenandoah Valley in 1843. Young Bill learned to ride a horse at age 8 and has been in the saddle ever since. As a boy he played with the young slave boys on his father's cotton plantation. Bill feels just as comfortable in the company of Negroes as he does with Caucasians.

In 1861, Bill was 18 years old and a member of a local Militia Cavalry organization. After the attack on Ft. Sumter, SC in April, twelve Cavalry Militia units organized into the Virginia 1st Cavalry at Winchester in July, 1861, under the command of Colonel James Ewell Brown Stuart. The Cavalry Regiment was under the command of General Thomas Jackson.

Bill Carson saw action at First Battle of Bull Run, and several dozen other actions until he transferred to a new organization. In January 1863, he joined the 43rd Battalion, Virginia Cavalry, Partisan Rangers. The unit was organized as a Guerrilla unit under the command of John S. Mosby who had served with Bill Carson in the 1st VA Cav. Bill admired Mosby and once said he would follow the man to the four corners of the earth.

As a member of Mosby's Rangers, Bill participated in the Greenback Raid and attacked Maj. Gen. Philip Sheridan's wagon train at Berryville as well as the famous and daring raid far inside Union lines at the Fairfax County courthouse in March 1863. Mosby's Rangers captured three high-ranking Union officers, including Brig. Gen. Edwin H. Stoughton. The story is told that Mosby found Stoughton in bed and roused him with a slap to his rear. Upon being so rudely awakened, the general shouted, "Do you know who I am?" Mosby quickly replied, "Do you know Mosby, general?" "Yes! Have you got the rascal?" "No, but he has got you!" Mosby's Rangers also captured 30 or more sentries without firing a shot.

When the war ended, Bill didn't know what he would do for work. He spent some time in a Union Prison depot, where he contracted a bout of Yellow fever. Bill was one of the lucky ones. One in five men who got the fever died.

Bill returned to the Shenandoah Valley and his Grandfather's plantation. The old farm had been burned to the ground, his parents and grandparents were all dead and his former Negro slave friends had left the area. He did not know what to do and decided to head out west to find a new start in life.

After visiting many cities in the west, he wound up in San Antonio, TX where he worked as a farmhand for several years. After reading the notice from the Texas Rangers about the Bandidos near El Paso, Bill mounted Angus and headed West in search of adventure.

Equipment: Black Standard-bred horse, 15 hands tall named "Angus"; The pistol and Carbine mentioned below, 100' of braided hemp rope, Saddle, bit & bridle, Saddle bags, saddle blanket, sleeping blanket; saddle mounted rifle holster; 100 rounds .45 ACP and 100 rounds .45/70 carbine rounds; 2-quart aluminum canteen; hard tack; beef jerkey; $12.65 in cash; beans; 9' hunting knife; flask of whiskey and a deck of playing cards


Single-action Colt 45 revolver and...
a Sharps 1874 Cavalry Carbine, .45/70

Other: Bill Carson is Quiet, Pensive, intelligent, but undereducated. Due to his years of experience in the saddle, Bill is an excellent horseman and marskman. He is also an excellent tracker. Bill suffers from frequent nightmares about his wartime experiences. This interferes with his concentration or ability to focus. He often consumes alcohol in large quantities to help deal with his problems.
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Name: Guy Lawrence Girard
Hometown: Salem, NH
Heritage/nationality*: French, English & Native (Seneca)
Age: 14

Guy has blonde hair and blue eyes. He is 5' 5" tall and weighs 110 Lbs. He dresses in whatever is the current fashion with his hair generally in an unkempt or wild appearance. Guy is very confident, flamboyant and can come across as arrogant. He desires the center of attention, speaking out frequently, often at inappropriate moments.

House: Seneca
Connections to the Department of Magic?: Yes
Parent's magical status/occupation: Lawrence, his father is Captain of the Central Investigation Section within the Magical Law Enforcement Agency in Salem, MA and a former Seneca House member at Adirondack Academy. Lawrence is of French Canadian descent and Seneca Indian and his family has been in the US for over a hundred years. Barbara Mather, Guy's mother is 10th generation to Robert Mather, one of the founders of the Adirondack Academy. She is active in the Magical Community and on the board of directors of the Salem Oracle, the Magical Newspaper published in Salem, NH as opposed to that other Salem.

Favorite subjects at Adirondack: The Dark Arts, Transfiguration & Potions
Wand: 9 1/2 in. and made of fir with a dragon heartstring core. This wand was created by Reginald Klarwasser of Salem, MA.

Biographical statement: Guy Lawrence Girard, who is often referred to as "Larry" was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. His father married into the Mather family of New England which assisted him in being elevated to Commander of the CIS in the Magical Law Enforcement Agency. Larry's mother is a direct descendant to one of the original founders of the Adirondack Academy.

A native American ancestor haunts Seneca House named Otetiani and also goes by the name of Sagoyewatha. Otetiani can be seen with a large portion of blue cloth tied over his head, wearing a crimson red coat as worn by the British during the American War for Independence and wielding a Peace Pipe. The former Sachem gives Guy Girard advice from time to time. He typifies the wise old Grandfather to the young man.

When in muggle school in Salem, Guy jumped at the chance to act in plays that his class would put on for their parents around Christmas time each year. He recalls playing the part of "The Best Elf" in the play by the same name when he was in 2nd Grade.

Guy has a happy child hood. Some may say the child is spoiled, he has never gone wanting. He plays for the Seneca Quidditch team as Chaser. He is a fast flier and very agile. excelling more at sports than academia. Master Girard uses the updated Firebolt (version 3) for playing Quidditch.

Guy's parents own one of the few Mansions in Salem, NH; a vacation home on Lake Winnipesaukee and a Swiss Chalet in the Adirondack Mountains.
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Appearance: Jacob stands 5' 10" tall (178 cm) and weighs about 174 lbs (79 Kg). He has long unkempt brown hair and blue eyes. His beard is scruffy and symmetrical patches of gray hair have sprouted on this chin. Jacob is in fairly decent shape; slender and his hands are calloused from work.

Name: Jacob Carpenter (nick: Jake)
Age: 35
Nationality: United Kingdom
Birth Place: Bellingham, England
Profession: Construction (Carpentry, Masonry & Plumbing)
Personality: Jake is a quiet pensive man. He is confident and knows himself well. He can be prone to outbursts when provoked or exhausted.
Biography: Jake was born in North West Northumbria in the village of Bellingham. He attended local schools in or near Bellingham and graduated from the Queen Elizabeth High School in Hexham. After graduation in 2003, Jake joined the Royal Marines and spent four years in uniform as a member of 45 Commando.

In the four years, Jake was with the Royal Marines he traveled to Northern Ireland, the United States, Norway and to Afghanistan. In January 2004 his unit deployed to Northern Ireland for 6 months in support of peacekeeping operations, returning home in June. In September 2004, Jake deployed with 45 Commando to the United States training with US Marines at 29 Palms, California and later at the Marine Corps Mountain Warfare Training Centre, high in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Jake trained in cold weather warfare in mountainous conditions. In 2006 Jake was promoted to Lance Corporal and given the added responsibility of leading three other soldiers. That same year, Jake and 45 Commando was deployed to Norway for further arctic training. Later that year, the unit deployed to Afghanistan in support of Operation Herrick. Jake's job in Afghanistan was to work alongside Afghan National soldiers and help them learn their trade as soldiers. The unit recovered from Afghanistan in April 2007 and Jake left the military the following June.

He found employment with Bellway, one of the largest construction companies in the United Kingdom. He quickly learned the trades of Carpentry, Masonry and Plumbing. Since the company he worked for was located in Dudley, north of New Castle upon Tyne, Jake relocated to the region living in a flat in Longbenton.

In the first year of living in New Castle, Jake met Meridith Brine who he fell in love with and married 20 months later in September 2010. Jake and Meridith made a lovely couple. Jake often referred to his wife as "Meri" or her nickname, "Pep". Their first bairn, William was born in October, 2011 and their second, Michelle was born in April, 2013. Bill and Shelly were well adjusted young children.

As the outbreak of dragons grew, Jake's fears and apprehensions broadened. In late 2013 with a newborn and a two year old, Jake took his young family to Alnwick Castle about 40 Kilometers of where he lived in New Castle on Tyne. The presence of dragons frightened everyone. Jacob and Meri were most concerned with taking care of Billy and Shelly. The small community grew and grew over the years, but then the dragons' presence increased snatching people who dared to walk far from the protection of the castle walls. Late in 2018, Meri was taken by one of the more aggressive dragons, who earned the name, "Red" or "The Red King" for his dark reddish hue.

Life after the death of Meri is filled with darkness for Jake. The knowledge that his two young children ages 7 and 8 keep him going. If not for them, Jake would undoubtedly fall into a state of depression. Occasionally, something will remind Jake of his "Pep" and he is forced to find solitude.

Other: On a scavenger mission, Jake acquired a few tools to help him fend off the dragons. One was a L129A1 sharpshooter rifle, chambered in 7.62mm. He was able to gather up two boxes of 7.62mm ammunition or 840 rounds. He has fired a few of these, but has most of this stash left. He also have 12 20-round magazines for his rifle.
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Appearance: Tony Collins is an impressive looking man at 6' 4" tall and weighing just under 250 Lbs. His body is sculpted to perfection from more than 30 years of body building and weightlifting. He is of African descent with dark skin and has taken to wearing a goatee since the dragons showed up and the formality of an army went away. Tony wears black combat boots, black combat trousers a Black bullet proof vest, elbow and knee pads and a black Patrol cap that is normally worn backwards. He also wears black weight lifting gloves.

Name: Anthony "Tony" Collins
Age: 50
Nationality: British
Birth Place: Matlock, UK
Affiliation: Dragon Slayers
Profession: Soldier
Personality: Quiet, disciplined and focused. He can be jovial at times.
Biography: Tony grew up in Matlock, the county seat of Derbyshire in central England. Tony had a difficult time as a young man, getting into fights often and in trouble with the law. He lost his father at the age of 10 and his mother had a difficult time raising the unruly youth. As a teen, Tony was a bad egg and had a dark cloud hanging over his head.

Tony joined the British Army right out of High School. The Military corrected his attitude and he was able to channel his energies in other ways. He got into body-building and excelled physically, tactically, technically and academically in many ways in the military.

Tony served as an Infantryman with 2nd Battalion, The Parachute Regiment (2nd Paras) at Colchester Garrison from 1988 to 1991. At the conclusion of this assignment, Tony then went to 1st Paras Training Battalion as a Lance Corporal. He assisted instructors at the Parachute training school until he was promoted to Corporal in 1994.

After six years in the Army, Tony felt comfortable as a soldier and knew this would be his career. He then applied for and was accepted into Special Air Services Selection. SAS selection lasted 19 weeks; Tony would agree that this experience was the toughest of his life and would prepare him for what was yet to come going toe to toe with a dragon. Never in his wildest imagination would he have ever expected to be in Northern England fighting dragons.

He spent six years in SAS with Air Troop, B Squadron, 22 SAS Regiment and saw many covert operations around the globe and at home in the interest of the crown. In 2000, Tony was promoted to Sergeant and given his own SAS Team to command. When the British got involved with the American's Operation Iraqi Freedom (2003), Tony's SAS team was dropped near Basrah prior to the Allied forces crossing the Kuwaiti-Iraqi border and conducted Long Range reconnaissance and Surveillance activities on Iraqi Army units in the area.

In late 2003, Tony was promoted to Colour Sergeant and left the SAS temporarily, returning to 3rd Para where he served as a Platoon Sergeant. The unit had recently recovered back from Iraq when Tony joined them at Colchester Garrison. In 2006, the 3rd Paras were deployed to Helmond Province, Afghanistan. Colour Sergeant Collins saw extensive fighting with the Taliban in July and August of that year. The fighting continued throughout the deployment, but nothing was as fierce as those first two months. Two years later, the unit recovered back to Colchester where Tony found a promotion to Warrant Officer 2. This promotion elevated him to Company Sergeant Major of No. 1 Company, 3rd Parachute Battalion.
After 20 years in the Army; either in the SAS or the Paras, Tony was content with his life. When he wasn't training with his unit, he was lifting weights. Keeping his body in top shape is extremely important to Warrant Officer Collins.

Once the dragons were uncovered, life for the nation, the world and for Tony Collins changed. Tony saw most of his "brothers" perish under the fire, claw and might of the awesome beasts we came to know as dragons. The next ten years, saw Tony fight with various underground groups in a futile effort to suppress the dragons. Tony claims to have killed no fewer than 25 dragons including three that he dropped single-handed. His body is marred by scars from the beast's armored skin or claws. Tony counts his blessings for still being alive.

Other: Tony's favorite weapon to use against the dragons is the AA-12 Auto Assault Shotgun which fires a 12-gauge round and uses a 32-round drum magazine. The weapon can fire semi or full auto at a 300 rounds per minute rate of fire. The Frag-12 is the most effective round used against the dragons in Tony's opinion. This is a High Explosive Anti-Personnel (HEAP) round which perform like a miniature hand grenade. Tony alternates his drums with HEAP and Buckshot. Tony also carries a Sig Sauer P229 chambered in .357.
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Nick Harman stands 6'2" and weighs 200 Lbs. He is thin and lean with dark skin, brown eyes and a bald head. He is physically fit and shaves his head. He has dark skin and brown eyes. He speaks with a French accent.

Name: Nicolas "Nick" Harman
Rank: Lieutenant
Position: Helmsman, Navigator or 2nd Officer???
Species: Human
Age: 30

Background: Nick has studied Martial Arts since he was five years old. At age 12 he received his first black belt in Chinese kempo karate. By age 15, he was introduced to the sword and fell in love with the elegance and grace a person with a finely crafted sword can be. He trained with a local master in St. Etienne in the way of the sword; mind, body and sword until he became qualified to be called a sword master or the Japanese term, "Kensei". He received this status just prior to the Dominion War.

Nick was born in Saint Etienne (Saint Stephen, European Alliance) in 2352. His parents worked in politics, but his family had all worked at the Weapons Manufacturing industry in St. Etienne; Manufacture d'armes de Saint-Étienne(MAS). French is Nick's native language, but he learned to speak English and German in school as well as Linguacode. He has since learned some Bajoran after serving in Star Fleet. After graduation from High School, he attended Star Fleet academy in San Francisco and was commissioned as an Ensign working in Operations (Pilot/Navigations). He excelled in combat skills from shooting to hand to hand combat; with swords being his specialty, but there is rarely a need for this level of weapons skill.

Nick was initially assigned as a pilot aboard the USS Musashi (NCC-71809), Sovereign class heavy explorer. He was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade aboard the Musashi. He spent four years aboard the Musashi before being reassigned to Starfleet Operations at the Academy in San Francisco. Nick was promoted to Lieutenant (O3) shortly after returning to the Academy to work in Operations under Admiral Lefebvre. He served at the Academy in various capacities including teaching assistant for three years.
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Name: Damon "Stack" Stackhouse



Appearance: Stack is 6'0" and weighs 190 Lbs. He is an African American from Garland, Texas. Stack has spent the last four years of his life as a Texas Ranger for the Texas Department of Public Safety. He is in excellent shape from regular weightlifting and running.

Weapons: Stack's personal sidearm, worn in a shoulder holster is a Sig .45 ACP. The pistol holds 8 rounds in the magazine and he carries two spares attached to the holster. There is a Remington 870 Pump action shotgun in the trunk of his silver 2012 Chevrolet Caprice, equipped with an interceptor package. The trunk of the unmarked law enforcement vehicle contains a First Aid Kit, Fire Extinquisher, O2 Tank with mask and hose, a tactical vest/body Armor, a black pack pack containing survival equipment and a 9' hunting knife.

Sig Sauer .45 ACP

Remington 870 .12 ga. Shotgun

Personality: Stack is a pretty quiet person; observing everything at one time. He analyzes situations before acting. Stack is an avid Texas Rangers baseball fan coincidentally enough. Stack is a calm secure individual who respects the opinions of desires of others and places other people's needs above his own.

Damon Stackhouse played High School football for South Garland High School. While playing tight end, he completed 17 receptions his senior year of High School and scored one touchdown. Stack attended the University of Texas at Dallas on West Campbell Rd. in nearby Richardson, Texas where he received a Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice. Damon Stackhouse initially worked as a reserve Officer for Garland Police for one year before accepting an appointment to the Texas Rangers. As a Texas Ranger, Stack is assigned to Company B in Garland.

Clothing & Equipment: Stack wears a pair of black cowboy boots, denim blue jeans, T-shirts of varying colors and descriptions and a black leather jacket. He also wears a Texas Ranger's baseball cap and a Seiko wristwatch, gold and silver. A badge holder is fastened to his black leather belt on the front right side.
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Name: Clayton Morris

Nationality: American
Age: 38
Rank/Title: Gunnery Sergeant, USMC/Squad Leader, PMC
Military Occupational Specialty: 0300 Infantry
Appearance: "The Riddler" stands 5'11", and weighs 195 Lbs. He is of African American descent. Clayton Morris is of excellent physical condition with very short hair; maintaining a USMC standard High and Tight haircut. If he were to allow his hair to grow, one would see gray hair in his beard and on his temples.


- Served as a Marine Squad Automatic Rifleman, Grenadier, Team Leader, Squad Leader, and member of a Marine Special Operations squad.
- Airborne School
- Force Reconnaissance School
- Marine Special Operations Course (MARSOC)
- Light Infantry Leader's Course (PMC sponsored)
- experience driving an AAV-7 and EFV
- USMC Physical Fitness Score: 295 of 300.
- Expert with the M4 Carbine hitting 40 of 40 targets at his last Range Qualification
- Proficient with M249 Squad Automatic Weapon, M320 Grenade Launcher, M9 Pistol, M2 .50 cal HB Machine Gun, M240 Machine gun, M14 Rifle and M16A2 Assault Rifle.



Clayton Morris is serious about his work. He knows that survival is dependent upon his ability to play close attention to detail and to insure those personnel he is charged with preparing for combat take their training seriously as well as the preparation requirements for combat. When in combat, Clayton Morris is "Serious as a Mother Fuckin' Heart Attack" and that is what he will tell you. When he is not on an operation, not training or not on duty, Clayton Morris is a fun-locing Marine with a great sense of humor. His sense of humor earned him the sobriquet of "The Riddler"; known for making folks laugh.


Clayton Morris is originally from Cleveland, OH. He worked for his uncle for a few years before deciding to go into the military. He spent 16 years in the US Marine Corps, leaving the Corps on the new "Early Retirement" package. After he retired, he realized that his missed the lifestyle. It was one of those situations where he hated it when he was doing it, but loved it when he wasn't doing it. This piqued his curiosity about Private Military Contractors. He joined Blackwater Global Inc two years ago. He has seen numerous combat situations in the Middle East serving as a PMC and as a Marine.

Clayton's duty assignments include:
- Squad Automatic Weapon gunner, B Company, 3rd Battalion, 1st Marines (3-1), 11th Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU), Camp Pendleton, CA (1994 - 1995)
- Grenadier, C Company, 1st Battalion, 4th Marines (1-4), 31st MEU, Okinawa, Japan (1995-1997)
- Promoted to Corporal 1 Jan 97.
- After being promoted to Corporal, Clayton attended the US Army Airborne school at Ft. Benning, GA.
- Attended Marine Force Recon Training on Camp Pendleton and Coronado, CA in early 1997.
-Team Leader, D Company, 1st Reconnaissance Battalion, 1st Marine Division, Camp Pendleton, CA
- promoted to Sergeant 1 Mar 99.
- Squad Leader, A Company, 3rd Reconnaissance Battalion, 3rd MarDiv, Okinawa, Japan 1999
- promoted to Staff Sergeant, 1 Mar 2003.
- Assistant Platoon Sergeant, B Company, 2nd Reconnaissance Battalion, 2nd MarDiv, Camp Lejeune, NC 2003
- Attended Marine Special Operations Course (MARSOC) 2006 - 2007. This is a 7 month course conducted at Camp Lejeune, NC. During the Course, Clayton Morris received intensive language training in Farsi.
- Member of A Company, 1st Marine Special Operations Battalion 2007 - 2010.
- Promoted to Gunnery Sergeant in 2008.
- In 2010, he took an early retirement from the USMC.

In 2003, many units from the 2nd MarDiv saw action in Iraq, the 2nd Recon Battalion remained at Camp Lejeune. Between 2007 and 2010, A Company, 1st MSOB saw at least a half dozen operations in Afghanistan searching for Osama bin Laden as well as intelligence gathering operations in areas of Iran. But there are no records of those operations in Iran.

While serving with the PMC, Clayton has been serving in Kandahar providing security to Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) operating in the Afghanistan theater of operations. His squad of PMCs has made contact with the Taliban on several occasions.

Relationships and Acquaintances:

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UNF Registry File

Eric Sapp
Serial Number:
Date of Birth:
30 March 1992
Place of Birth:
Boston, Massachusetts (USA)

74" (6'2")
Weight at 1G:
200 Lbs.
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Physical Description:

Eric Sapp is of African American descent He is physically fit; diet and exercise are important to him. He lifts weight six days a week and runs distances six days a week with sprints on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Eric exists on a 2200 calorie a day diet; eating five small meals a day. Eric has a thin black mustache that stops short of the ends of his mouth. Eric wears his hair skinned on the sides and back with a small layer of wiry black African hair on top of his head; a hairstyle known as "high and tight".

Psychological Assessment:

Eric Sapp is a well adjusted man who works well under pressure. He calm and cool under most situations. Eric is very analytical, taking time to study a situation before jumping right in.

Eric has an ascetic face and his facial expressions are considered emotionless and severe. He prefers to not attract too much attention to himself. He tends to behave in a self-restrained manner with strangers, always maintaining a long psychological distance. His speech is clear and logical and he always follows a logical progression. He also has a tendency to emphasize key words. When defending his concepts and ideas during a confrontation his logic can become solid and absolute. He cuts out all irrelevant details that may cloud the argument.

Although the first impression of Eric Sapp is that he is emotionless, when inspired during conversation an emotionality previously unseen begins to emerge. His eyes start flashing with a fanatic light and his passion increases as the conversation progresses. However, he still tries to maintain self-control. Eric will sustain conversations only if he finds them interesting. He prefers to remain silent rather than give an opinion on a subject to which he is indifferent.

Service Record and Remarks:

Eric Sapp was born in 1992 at St. Elizabeth's Hospital in Brighton, a borough of Boston, MA. His father was a professor of aeronautical engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, MA. Eric had a fairly easy upbringing, scoring high marks in class and excelling in athletics. He was a Star Wide Receiver for his High School. His discipline in school and teamwork on the football field, gave him a recommendation to the US Air Force Academy at Colorado Springs, CO in 2010.

Even though the Klinat Union interrupted the landscape of all of earth's infrastructure and its military, Eric completed his education, graduating from the USAF Academy in 2014. He attended Pilot's school as an Ensign. By this time, all the nation's Air Forces and Armies of the planet adopted the naval ranks to maintain uniformity.

In 2016, Eric married his high school sweetheart, Carla Knight. Initially, Carla followed Eric to his duty stations. In 2017, she gave birth to Eric Sapp, Junior and two years later in 2019, Carla gave birth to Clarice Sapp. After the birth of their second child, Carla agreed to return to Boston and lived with her family in Brighton.

He was initially assigned to an F-22 Squadron. He was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade in 2015 and Lieutenant in 2017. At the age of 25, Eric was given command of a Squadron of F-22s and a promotion to Lieutenant. Five years later he was promoted to Lieutenant Commander and given command of a Strike Group in the United Nation's 5th Strike Wing. The Squadrons, Groups and Wings also transitioned out of the now obsolete F-22 and given strike fighters which could attain extremely fast rates of speed while traveling in outer space. The Klinat Union shared technology was unbelievable. Eric Sapp felt right at home in the cockpit of this new strike fighter.

At the age of 35, Eric Sapp was promoted to Commander, the normal progression rate for officers of the United Nations Forces. Fast track is only four years from Lieutenant to Lieutenant Commander and four years from Lieutenant Commander to Commander. With the announcement of the Achilles class mothership, UNFS Earth Commander Sapp was chosen to command the 3rd Strike Wing. He was promoted to Captain shortly after his elevation to Wing Command.

3rd Strike Wing

Wing Commander: Captain Eric Sapp
Executive Officer: Commander Leslie Snipes
Wing Maintenance Officer: Commander Li Wu Zheng

8 ships per Squadron - 24 per group - 72 total ships

7th Group Commander: Lieutenant Commander Robert Mbutu
19th Squadron Commander: Lieutenant Ali Topcu
"Five Aces"
20th Squadron Commander: Lieutenant Roman Czerepuszko
"Iron Lancers"
21st Squadron Commander: Lieutenant Niels O'Reilly
"The Stooges"

8th Group Commander: Lieutenant Commander John Higgins
22nd Squadron Commander: Lieutenant Katerina Ninkovic
23rd Squadron Commander: Lieutenant Vitorina Paladino
24th Squadron Commander: Lieutenant Griegor Milenkovic

9th Group Commander: Lieutenant Commander Gerard Dupont
25th Squadron Commander: Lieutenant Edouard Marchand
"the Marne"
26th Squadron Commander: Lieutenant Iqbal Ram
"Emerald Fighters"
27th Squadron Commander: Lieutenant Jamila El-Hashem
"Golden Dragons"
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Name: Joseph "Joe" Filion (AKA: "Fill" or "Big Joe")

When the End of Days began happening, Joe and his family spent most of their available time in church praying. His children were only 5 and 6 years old then. They did not understand and their parents tried desperately to make sense of it for their children. It was easier when Pam was alive, but once the children's mother passed, Joe had a very difficult time explaining what was happening. He forced himself to be strong for the children. He had to reflect back on his combat tours in the Middle East to help him cope with this changing new world.
Gender: Male

Age: 47

Joe suffered from depression when Pam died, but within the first year following the event that created the current apocalyptic situation, he got over the loss. He experienced the same thing years earlier when his father died and then eventually when his mother, two sisters and their families passed away at all. It was devastating initially, but he did come to terms with it and has hardened as a result. But his heart had toughened up from friends who he'd seen killed in Afghanistan and Iran while he was on active duty.

For the most part Joe is an upbeat positive man. He prefers to give people the benefit of the doubt, but in this crazy world has come to the conclusion that it is dangerous to trust someone too early. Approach with caution is the buzzword when encountering strangers.

If Joe is well rested, he is a sane man. If he gets tired or has to go long extended periods of time without sleep, he becomes irrational. He will yell at people for no apparent reason. His children become nervous and skiddish when he gets like this. He used to beat Joe when he was little, but quickly learned to stop doing that. It served no purpose for his son and the lack of beatings helped to develop a strong relationship between father and son. His daughter idolizes him, looking up the older Filion man.

Joe looks younger than he really is. This is a quality he inherited from his mother. Once when she was 47 years old, someone asked her why she married such an older man. Dad was 50 at the time and he always looked older due to a rough life of beer drinking and working on the railroad. The older William Filion had lost his father when he was 10 in 1968 and that had a negative impact on him as well. Mom appeared 40, so they must have appeared at least 20 years apart.

Joe typically wore either golf shirts or T-shirts and jeans with a soft brown leather shoe before everything went to hell. He wears a gold/silver colored Seiko wristwatch and his wedding ring. He also wears the dog tags that were issued to him when he was in Basic Training thirty years ago. Today, he wears what is left of his old US Army ACUs; relics from his past life. He outfitted his two children with these uniforms as well. Joe also wears the a dark grey baseball cap depicting the blue and red insignia of the Buffalo Bills. Joe recalls feeling excited for the Bills' prospects prior to the apocalypse.

Joe has a leathered appearance to his skin and a few scars under his clothing you cannot see when he is dressed. There is a small scar, front and back on his left shoulder. They were gifts from a Taliban insurgent in Afghanistan when Joe was 19 years old.

Joe stands 71" tall and weighs 205 Lbs. He is soft in the middle, but otherwise average to above average strength for a middle-aged man. Joe is primarily of French Canadian Descent, but also one-quarter Seneca Indian. His skin tone is fair, but he tans well in the summer time; attributable to his Native American heritage. Joe's blue eyes have always been one of his more alluring features. Although he prefers a high and tight haircut for his brown locks, as of late, he has allowed them to grow out, to include the beard, which has filled in with many gray hairs. He is always on the lookout for a qualified and willing barber.

Joe's strengths include an organized mind coupled with years of experience in small unit tactics at the squad, platoon and company level. Since his days with the US Army and New York Army National Guard, Joe has always qualified expert with rifle and pistol. People often joke that there is nothing more dangerous than a second lieutenant with a map and compass. Joe enjoys countering that quip with the reality that he has an uncanny sense of direction. He always knows where north is.

Danger Sleeping BEAR! Please don't wake him up. Joe becomes irritable if not allowed to sleep at least six hours straight, uninterrupted. This makes him difficult to work with when he gets like this. He becomes crabby and miserable, yelling at people for no apparent reason. His wife used to refer to him as Grumplestiltskin. Due to three ear infections in the left ear when he was younger and a failure of the left Eustachian Tube to drain properly, his hearing is 10% impaired in the left ear. Joe can be lazy if not properly motivated. He is easily distracted. It is a terrible thing to admit, but he tends to remember things just a little wrong. Joe talks too much. He tends to be overly friendly and may divulge personal information that is irrelevant to what is going on. He is susceptible to the TMI bug. He engages the mouth before the brain too often; saying inappropriate things.



    - Dillon Reloading Press
    - storage bin containing gunpowder, ammunition dies, primers and spare projectiles
    - Molds for crafting 5.56mm (.223 cal), 7.62mm (.308 cal), 7.62mm (Soviet), 9mm (pistol), .45 cal (pistol) and .30-06 Cal (rifle) projectiles.
    - Photographs of his deceased wife.
    - Ambrose, Stephen, "Citizen Soldiers" (1997)
    - Ambrose, Stephen, "D-Day; June 6, 1944: The Climactic Battle of World War II" (1994)
    - Ambrose, Stephen, "The Victors; Eisenhower and His Boys: The Men of World War II" (1998)
    - Ambrose, Stephen, "Band of Brothers" (1992)
    - Miscellaneous copies of Military History Magazine from 2015 and 2016.
    -16ea 20 round aluminum box magazines for M1A
    - 6ea 15 round aluminum box magazines for M9
    - 12ea 30 round aluminum box magazines for M4
    - 8ea 7-round aluminum box magazines for M1911A1


    - Gerber Mark II Survival Knife
    - Leatherman Multi-Tool
    - M9 Bayonet (Joe Jr.)
    - Assault Vest (Joe, Terry & Joe Jr.)
    - Sleeping bags (All three)
    - poncho & poncho liner (All three)
    - M1A SOCOM 16 CQB Carbine (7.62mm) "Joe"
    - M9 9mm Beretta "Joe"
    - M4 Carbine (5.56mm) "Joe Jr."
    - M1911A1 Colt .45 ACP Pistol "Joe Jr."
    - Mossberg 500 tactical 12-gauge Shotgun "Terry"


1. Shortly after it was clear the end of days was upon the citizens of Western New York State, Joe Filion acquired a High Mobility Multi-Wheeled Vehicle which he used to travel around the area in with his two children.

2. Check out: Joseph Filion's Journal. I will remove items below as they happen in the journal.

3. They joined a group of survivors who caravaned together for several years. Over time, the members of the group died off or moved on with other groups leaving Joe and his children alone.

4. Although, Joe began with complete sets of Army Combat Uniforms left over from when he was in the New York Guard, most of those have ripped out and rendered useless. He has taken to wearing dark colored cotton trousers, combat boots, dark colored T-shirts and a black leather jacket. He still wears a Buffalo Bills baseball cap. His dog tags remain around his neck and he still wears his watch and wedding band.

5. Moving around the area allowed him to link up with "Grisha" and O'Keefe. Although Joe has been offered to ride on the inside of the T72, the former Infantry Officer has declined every time. His son, Joe Jr. has filled in has driver and gunner from time to time. But so far Terry and Joe Sr. have remained outside the turret.

6. Not long after linking up with Grisha and O'keefe, the HMMWV they have been using broke down. Instead of attempting to find repair parts, they have been forced to abandon the utility truck and transfer their equipment to Grisha's Tank.

7. Watson brothers drive a car bomb into Grisha's T-72. Joe Jr. punctures an eardrum, but survives the explosion.
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"Shikou wo karanisuru, katachi ga naku nari, mizu no youni ni naru." Empty your mind, be formless, shapeless--like water. - Bruce Lee

Name: Kichirō Takagi

Age: 35
Race: Human
Sex: Male

Appearance: Kichirō is 5'8" (68"), slender and lean. He is bald with a small patch of hair at the back of his head forming a braided ponytail roughly 18" in length. Kichirō Takagi is considered a handsome man with well-defined facial features. He wears a thin goatee, black in color. His eyecolor is brown with hints of a green and orange. Kichirō wears long violet colored silk robes with silver decorative trim. He occasionally wears a tanned cowhide leather vest with lamb's fur lining and a similar cap, when the weather is inclement.

- Has an excellent command of Martial arts in the gōngfu discipline.
- highly skilled in the use of the Bō stick which is used to harness ones ki rather than to use as a weapon. It can be used as a weapon for self defense, but Kichirō would never offensively strike someone.
- Fair skill in the use of the Tui-fa.
- he possess exceptional agility.
-Through meditation, he focuses his and regains his energies.
- His Ki focuses elemental powers of water, channeling the ways of a healer.
- is an avid herbalist.
- is a fair Alchemist/potion maker.

- Due to the nature of his calling and ongoing quest, Kichirō is unable to use any weapons in an offensive manner. He may defend himself, but he cannot use any edged blades at all.
- Kichirō does not wear armor other than the clothing on his back.
- Since Kichirō is positively inclined, others attempt to take advantage of his kindness.
- Has taken a vow of poverty and celibacy.

Equipment: Kichirō wears long violet colored silk robes with silver decorative trim. He occasionally wears a cowhide leather vest with lamb's fur lining and a similar cap, when the weather is inclement. He carries a Bō stick which he uses as a walking stick and he wears Tabi on his feet. This is a sock/boot that is made of cotton around the ankle and leather around the foot. It is a thin layer of leather and serves only to protect the foot. The Tabi is one piece.

Kichirō carries a small pack containing items needed for spell casting, flasks of oil, food, candles, incense, flasks of water, flint and tinder, parchment, quill and ink, spell book and a bed roll.

Personality: Kichirō is focused and reticent. He cares for all living beings and is saddened by loss and hardship. His sadness is not crippling and Kichirō will do whatever he can to allay the suffering. He is soft spoken; reserving speech only for when questioned.

Brief History: Kichirō was raised in the Eastern Lothirian province of Kozakura in a small village known as Fujihara. Kichirō's grandfather suffered a defeat at the hands of a member of a rival family. His actions brought shame upon the family. As a result, the grandfather's eldest son was obligated to give up his eldest son to the local monastery to become a priest in an effort to rid the shame cast upon the family name. As part of his commitment to the temple, Kichirō then had to swear off his family, severing all ties with them. Regardless of the lack of contact with the family, they remain full of pride for their son.

From an early age, Kichirō was destined to become a priest of the Order of the Impenetrable Crucible. He has lived at the Temple since he was five years old and has been studying gōngfu since he was six years old. A majority of his teachings have been religious in nature. He was taught to sacrifice his own desires over those of others. He feels no material attachments to this world. He has harnessed his inner energy or Ki through the element of water. Kichirō's purpose is to heal as many people as he can in this world.

Much of his time is spent in deep meditation communing with the spirits and strengthening his energies; his Ki. This is where he gains the ability to cast any of several different spells. He maintains a book where he annotates his spells in his pack. Each time he encounters a new spell, he must spend time focusing on this spell which is written in his book. After several hours of practice, he is able to hone this new spell and use it when needed.

When Kichirō was 25 he took a vow of silence for one year. When his year was up, he had successfully completed the vow and was allowed to leave the temple at will. He remained with the temple for an additional six years before he took up a personal quest. With the temple leaders' permission, he began a personal quest to heal as many people in the outside world as much as possible. He has been on this quest for the past three years.

During his time with the Temple, Kichirō has studied his religion, armed (Bō stick and Tui fa) and unarmed combat (gōngfu) as a means of allowing his energy to flow through his being and his spirit, caligraphy, herbalism, alchemy and potion making.

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Kichirō's Spellbook

Kichirō's Spellbook consists of known spells and spells he has acquired and is currently studying. These are still yet unfamiliar and he is working toward understanding their use. These are studying spells.

Known Spells

Current spells studying (Additional Spells may be added by Kichirō as they are encountered in a campaign or RP thread. Once Kichirō feels comfortable with a spell, acquring confidence with his casting ability it will be moved to the Known spells list above. But that will only happen after he has had some unforseen accidents or mishaps.)

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Name: William Randolph Talbot
Sex: Male
Age: 42
Appearance: "Will" Talbot is 6'1" tall and weighs 195 Lbs. He has an immaculate appearance. His hair color is dark brown, kept short and has brown eyes. Will tends to wear dark colored Brooks Brothers suits, with or without pin stripes and bright colored ties. He prefers reds, but will wear a blue/silver combination or some other color depending on his mood. He almost exclusively wears white shirts. On occasion he has been known to wear a light blue, pink or yellow, but that is rare -- normally white with buttoned tab colors. Will wears highly polished black leather Testoni dress shoes.
Firm: District Attorney's Office
Position: Assistant District Attorney
History: William Talbot grew up in Queens, New York. After High School, he attended the New York University and received an Associate's Degree in Criminal Justice. When he turned 21, he hired onto the New York City Police Department and was initially assigned to the 25th Precinct on East 119th Street in Manhattan as a beat cop. He spent five years working the streets and then took the Sergeant's exam where he was elevated to a supervisor's position. After three years as a Supervisor, he took the Detective's exam and joined the Detective Bureau at the 90th Precinct on Union Ave in Brooklyn. During his first five years with NYPD, he completed a Pre-Law Bachelor of Arts degree at NYU. After spending three years as a Detective in Brooklyn, Will resigned with the stipulation that he could return in five years. After that time, he would have to go through the application process again.

With eleven years of Law Enforcement under his belt and countless court cases of testimonies, Will Talbot Entered Law School at Columbia University. Will's Father helped his son pay for his education. At the age of 35, Will graduated from Law School with his Juris Doctorate of Law (JDL). Six months later, Will pass the New York State Bar exam and applied to the New York City Law Department where he spent his first four years working as a court appointed attorney. Finally, in his fifth year, he was appointed as Assistant District Attorney in New York City. He has been working in that capacity for two years.

Personality: Will Talbott is a very serious minded man with a focused mind. He pays attention to details and looks for ways to think outside the box. Outside the courtroom, Will enjoys playing Basketball at the gym and lifting weights. He enjoys some of the finer things in life and loves to argue for fun.
Specialty If Applicable: Will specializes in Crimes against the person and Narcotics. He spent time working as a Narcotics detective and briefly as a Homicide detective for NYPD.
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Name: Aditya Je'kal

Race: Elf
Kingdom: Ali'tian
Age: 190 (appears 19 year old human)
Gender: Male

Physical Appearance: Aditya keeps his dirty blonde hair short cropped and generally neat in appearance. If the length reaches his shoulders, he gets a trim. His eyes are dark blue and piercing. An object of his stare might believe his eyes to be piercing his or her very soul. His skin is very fair and smooth. It appears as though he has not worked a day in his life or exerted himself in anyway. He is strong, as strong as a 190 year old elf should be, but his physical strength is not exceptional by any means; more average. His agility on the other hand is considered excellent and has aided him in his youth in winning several sporting events with other elves in his age group.

Aditya typically wears white undergarments; trousers and a blouse cinched up by a leather belt at the waist. His footwear consists of either a mid-calf soft leather boot with fur at the top and small tassels or poms at the rear of the boot or a knee-high black hard leather boot used for riding. He also has a pair of soft leather sandals, similar to moccasins that he wears around the palace. He wears a golden necklace depicting the icon of his father's family. It is a symbol of <Fill in blank>. Aditya generally wears either a red or dark purple tunic over the white under blouse and then a violet robe with or without a hood over this attire.

When he goes into battle, which has happened on a few occasions, he has a full set of layered steel armor. His arms, chest, hips and lower legs are covered by the layered steel armor. His back, thighs, groin and neck are covered by mail armor. He wears a pointed steel helm with a mail skirt at the rear of the helm to protect the back of his neck. The layered armor allows him to move freely and improve agility when dressed in armor. Many of the pieces of his armor are adorned with red and gold colored silk for ornamental purposes.

Character Bio: Aditya worships his father, Adrastos Je'kal as most sons do, but the casual observer may not detect a few differences between the two. Aditya admires his father's power, intelligence, diplomatic skills, generosity, martial prowess and his bearing. On the other hand, Aditya is selfish, pompous and arrogant. He is intelligent to the point where he knows to listen to his advisors, but will always seek glory; attempting to triumph his name whenever possible. Aditya seeks to build a glorious reputation for himself as not only a skilled warrior, but as a talented leader of Elven warriors. The only times Aditya is generous is when it serves his own purpose. He would never miss an opportunity to boast his accomplishments.

Aditya passionately hates humans especially the Northern Khar variant. He does not care for dwarves or the southern Norivanian humans. He is however curious about the Oolarg from Mallik and would like to learn more about them. They are very reclusive, which only piques his interest.

Although he passionately hates the humans in the North, he tolerates his father's position. It would be a lie to say he is not waiting for the day when his father passes the crown to him, but he is in no hurry to have his father assassinated. He remains devoutly loyal to his father. He would never consider committing patricide or contracting someone else to do it for him. He does love his father.

It is known in the north that Aditya does not share his father's compassion for the Northmen. For those in the North who appreciate the tentative peace, they remain silent, not wanting to upset the delicate relations with the Elves. For those men desiring a return to troubled days when warriors swept down from the frozen north and raided the Elven forests, this could be an opportunity to return the world to the way things used to be. Their lust for battle may be renewed with the son elevated to the Ali'tian Throne.

Aditya believes the Elves are racially superior to humans and dwarves. Half-Elves; those of mixed bloodlines are scum, something to be scraped off ones boot before stepping inside a dwelling. Half-Elves do not deserve to be at court let alone hold any positions of responsibility.

Aditya has not yet bound with a dragon hatchling. During the preceding Dragon moon festivities, Aditya was stricken with an ailment that had him bed ridden. He was forced to remain in bed with a fever. The illness weakened him physically and made him delirious. He was near death during this illness, but his constitution and desire to live pulled him through.

Aditya has ridden horses since he was very young and is considered an excellent horseman. He also has trained on the use of the Elven Bow which he has acquired an exceptional skill level in its use. His bow of choice is an ornate Elven construction made from the finest Osage wood available in the Mörka Forest. This forest is located east of the Insjön Blod Lake. The Lake was at many times in the history of the Ali'tian and the men of the North reddened by the blood of both peoples.

Aditya did train on the use of the sword and acquired an above average skill level in its use. He has always preferred ranged or mounted combat over melee fighting. He has also begun training at the novice level on the use of natural magical arts. He can prepare a small sample of potion that provides a boost in energy to anyone who drinks it. Some have given it the name Aditya's energy drink. It does not provide a huge boost, but enough to overcome mild fatique, not enough to tip the scale in a fight toward the user.

The military leaders of his father's house have trained him in the Martial Arts of a Leader of men. He has studied complex engineering systems and understands basic tactics for maneuvering large formations of elves on the battlefield. He is a strong proponent for the combined arms techniques for integrating foot soldiers, heavy swordsmen, longbowmen, Light Rangers and mounted Dragon Riders in combat. He sees himself as a Mighty Elven Warrior King who will one day rule all of Khar, in a nation devoid of humans and dwarves.

Meticulous in appearance and attire, Aditya demands that the servants pay special attention to his clothing which is usually either white, red or dark violet in color. He becomes aggravated or seriously annoyed if his articles of clothing are not well taken care of.

Having never ridden a dragon, Aditya is secretly fearful about the experience. He would never express this feeling outward or say anything that might make him appear weak, but the fear does reside within. In that same breath, he is excited about the upcoming Blood Moon festivities. He has no idea what dragon will choose him. He knows it will happen. He has considered the various dragons and is kind of hoping for a black dragon to compliment his lithe agile abilities. He sees himself as a mounted archer toppling his enemies from the saddle wielding his Osage Bow.
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National Army & Specilization: US Army, Infantry
Name: Captain Thomas Stewart

Age: 29
Ethnicity: Irish-American
Birthplace: Boston, Massachusetts
Brief History:
Tom Stewart graduated from the US Military Academy at West Point in 2008. Immediately following West Point, he spent time with his professional development.
- Infantry Officer Basic Course at Ft. Benning, GA 6/08 - 10/08
- Parachutist School at Ft. Benning, GA (Airborne) 10/08
- Ranger School at Ft. Benning, GA 10/08 - 12/08
- Assigned to B Company, 1st Battalion, 505th Parachute Infantry Regiment (PIR), 82nd Airborne Division. Served as Rifle Platoon Leader and Battalion Mortar Platoon leader with 1-505 PIR.
- Assigned to 2nd Battalion, 36th Infantry (Mechanized), 3rd Armor Division stationed at Ayers Kasserne, Kirch Göns, Germany in January 2012.
Initially assigned as Battalion S1, Personnel Officer as a First Lieutenant.
- Promoted to Captain 1 Jun 2012
- Infantry Officer Advanced Course at Ft. Benning, GA 7/12 - 12/12
- Assigned Company Commander, C Company, 2-36 IN (M) in 1/13
- Assigned Company Commander, A Company, 2-36 IN (M) in 1/15

Equipment List
Items carried by all personnel in the company: US Army Combat Uniform (ACU), tan combat boots, black weight lifting gloves, MOLLE System (MOdular Lightweight Load-Carrying Equipment), AN/PVS-14 Night vision device, and UCP intercepter Body Armor. The MOLLE (AKA: "Molly") contains the Rucksack, a breakaway patrol pack, Assault Vest and Hydration Bladder. The assault vest contains four pouches containing two each 30- round magazines for the M4 Carbine or four pouches for M249 Box Ammo or 24 slots for 40mm grenades, a tactical holster on the right outer thigh for the M9 pistol (if carried), a first aid kit, and a butt pack attached to the rear. Kevlar helmet, Intrenching Tool, poncho, poncho liner, spare uniform, extra socks (In ziploc bags), extra T-shirts (in ziploc bags), extra underwear (in zimploc bag), three days of rations (one in butt pack on Assault Vest), Mountain sleeping bag, wet weather gear, weapons cleaning kit, foot powder, sunscreen, four empty 30-round magazines, four bungee cords with hooks, OD green duct tape, two hundred feet of 550-Lb Parachute cord, a brown towel

Items carried by Leaders/CPT Stewart:
a lensatic compass, a Green whistle, grease pencils, black ink pens, a small notebook, protractor, binoculars (7x50mm) and three rolls of black electrical tape, Goggles (Sun, Wind and Dust), bayonet, a Leatherman tool on his belt, spools of tripwire, & a Nomex hood.
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