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Hello! I am A Story Teller, I do what my name implies usually.

For years I've been a DM across many games for friends, friends of friends, strangers who want to learn about it. I know some people here, but I won't say hello to you, I like the anonymity of telling my stories without friends thinking they can get away with things ;)

Every time I get an idea, these places form, worlds, nations, the people within them. I could thing of a million stories to tell in each one, but just writing was never enough, I needed people I couldn't predict, people I can't mold to just fit my narrative. I want my worlds to surprise me just as much as they surprise other people, to have unique and compelling people I couldn't have thought of myself to change these worlds in new an exciting ways.

I'll keep this brief, I have a lot of writing to do,

Things I like:
-My animals

Things I despise:
-People who only play Highschool characters with an anime picture and want to be a main character.
-People who don't eat Pizza (They exist, it's terrible. No, really!)
-People who just stop showing up to an Rp without an exit strategy.

Questions? Go for it, I'm working on ideas for a while :)
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