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Added Destiny, it's a big mood and mostly what I'm looking for right now.
Foghorn Coast is a pretty usual American 'nowhere' town. The people are pretty spread out, population just over a thousand. Big enough to have its own highschool, but small enough that if you get a girlfriend, her father probably got into a fistfight with your father at some point when they were in school. That's not to say everyone knows everyone, but everyone knows everyone in their corners of town.

Nothing special ever happens here. There's a parade once or twice a year if the highschool sports teams win some big game, but otherwise it's just business as usual. As the name of the town implies, it's an old lake town that used to deal heavy with fishing and cross-lake shipping. Of course, there's not much reason to ship things across the lake these days when you can just drive around it or fly over. So the town's sort of stagnated and refused to catch up with the times.

Yes indeed, Foghorn Coast is the kind of town where every up and coming kid's talking about how they're going to 'make it big' and 'leave this nowhere town someday'. But people don't often leave Foghorn Coast... 'least, not for long. Visiting relatives out of town, going on vacation, sure it's all normal. But the last time someone moved out was... well, not likely you can find someone who remembers anyone moving out.

Best not dwell on it though, you're here, and that probably means you're here to stay. It's not quite bad either. It may be a small nowhere town, but it's a retirement town that's for sure, with all the fancy log cabins your grandfather could dream of.

Sure isn't the sunny paradise most dream of though. In fact... it's pretty foggy all the time, and the sky's always gray like it's ready to start raining at any second. Oh well, what do you expect form a lake town called Foghorn.


This is a RP that will be very slice-of-life, however will also deal with themes such as:

The Occult
Dark Fantasy (Vampires, Witches?)

Our characters will have freshly moved into Foghorn and start finding some really weird stuff going on. Always the sorts who are up for adventure, they set off to uncover the truths of Foghorn's mysteries. It starts off as simple mystery hunters, but could build up into much, much more.

PMs only please, posts here will be ignored for not fully reading.
Bump, added a Super Hero idea.
Probably not anytime soon as a lot of things came up IRL after I made the interest check and it's been fairly important, and not the sort of thing that I'd want to start running a RP during as there's no telling how much time I actually have to dedicate to writing at the moment (And for the past month), and could have to drop at anytime.

At a time where I'm more available I would like to get something like this started though, yes.
Probably as straightforward as it gets with the title, so I'll make this quick and clear.

I can post most days, but I would like someone who can be understanding when a day or two goes by and I haven't posted. Sometimes I just get very tired. I would like someone who can post frequently as well though, or even someone willing to RP over Discord for a more consistent back and forth experience.

As the title says I'm looking for Female x Futa RP. I am however, not too picky on who plays what. I lean more towards playing the futa characters myself, but am at least willing to be flexible on that part.

These RPs are differing levels of smut-driven, ranging from a 50/50 split in smut/story, to a full 100% smut focus. So, keep that in mind. In most cases, story will not be outright thrown aside, but it will be just a part of the RP.

I don't like just having one character each. Be open to playing multiple characters please. I'm not asking or demanding that you play a ton of characters, just that you be willing to have a couple main characters, and once in a while play background characters who could be anything from one-time appearances, to characters that will show up time and time again.

Be open to ideas for things we will include. 'Kinks' I guess is one way to put it but just things in general. If you're too close minded and keep shutting down my ideas, I will quickly lose interest. It's called not being compatible.


Star Wars - Senator's Protector

Padme Amidala is sent on missions all over the Galaxy to represent the Republic, and attempt to gain the support of the different systems. It's dangerous work, and especially with her close relationship with the Chancellor, she is often given the best bodgyuards, often a Jedi. While her preferred bodyguard is Anakin Skywalker, as he is not only secretly her lover but also a powerful Jedi who has assured her safety countless times... lately, he has been unavailable. And so, Padme has been saddled with a new bodyguard for the time being. Worse yet... this new bodyguard quickly discovered her secret marriage.

Looking for someone to play Padme for the most part. Who the bodyguard is, that's open to suggestion. It could be Ahsoka, or another Padawan. Perhaps simply a gun for hire or some sort of Commando. The focus of the RP would be on loyalty, and betrayal, such as Padme with her marriage, or the bodyguard with their oaths to the Jedi Order.

Pokemon - A New Journey

Time and time again, young blood is sent into the wilds to begin what is worldwide known simply as, "The Pokemon Journey". From town to town they travel, building their team and challenging Gyms for badges. Some seek to be the greatest trainers the world has other seen, others just want to be Pokemon Breeders, taking care of and raising Pokemon to be strong. One such pair of fresh trainers sets their eyes on a bright tomorrow, as they leave their home town, starting Pokemon in... Pokeballs, and ready for whatever comes next!

Two OCs at least starting a journey together. It can be any region, any Pokemon, and the idea is a long-term RP in which the characters travel all over the region from one town to the next, challenging Gyms, meeting new friends, and getting into all kinds of trouble. I'm up for many types of pairings with this, from sisters to girlfriends. It could also be fun to play, as a sort of side-pair, their rivals who set out at the same time and are more, bully types.

World of Warcraft - The Journey

Two souls, determined to be the greatest adventurers the world has ever seen. Perhaps one wants to become a great Smith. Perhaps another wants to become a great Archaeologist. Whatever their goals, they'll need to travel all across Azeroth and beyond, from town to town, camp to camp, finding all who will give them quests so they may further their experiences, and even delve into deep dungeons to uproot the ill intent of villainous... villains.

Long story short, we'll be playing OCs just, playing the game... except, actually IC. So rather than 'Doing quests for experience and leveling up', they are just going on an adventure and doing odd jobs for people who ask it of them.

DC/Marvel - Super Heroes Suck

Bit of a short one this as there's a lot of freedom to be had. Basically imagine if Super Heroes were far more 'normal' people, and they sucked at their jobs. Better suited for helping people get their cats out of trees than stopping world ending threats. Sure, some of them are pretty good at their job, like Black Widow being a secret agent. But is she 'Save the world from Thanos' good? Definitely not. This would be one of two things:

Either a silly spinoff RP where the characters constantly screw up in funny ways, only to succeed by sheer accident...

Or, a much darker deal where characters end up dead for trying to play Hero.

Destiny - Old Fireteam, New Member

A Fireteam just lost their third member, and now they need a replacement. It's never easy, moving on, making room for someone to take the place of someone you lost. But Guardians have to do it. Sometimes, the Light isn't enough, even it has its limits. But you fight on anyway, and now's your chance to teach that to some new blood, as they take their first steps into this dark world, filled with hope for tomorrow.

Basically we'll play a Guardian Fireteam taking place in Destiny 2 (Before Beyond Light), and get up to all kinds of adventures.

League of Legends - Jinx is in Love

Jinx is a well known criminal of Piltover... everyone knows her. Nobody would ever think that she could have a crush. A psychotic person who has no interest in the safety of others, destroying entire buildings simply because she wants the attention and fun of a chase. The law is her plaything, and it's clear that Order will not quell Chaos. So what possibly can? What about innocence?

A blonde girl who shines as bright as the sun, a girl from Demacia, how could Jinx not take notice?

(A crazy play between Jinx and Lux, including other characters such as Ahri and Sona. Definitely preferring to play Lux in this case.)
(A RP Inspired by Princess Mononoke)

Long has the world been ruled by Spirits of nature, who take the forms of massive beasts. The Wolves of the Hunt. The Boars of the Feast. The Tigers of Kings. These great beings are worshiped by Man, venerated for what they offer, so long as they are kept in a good mood. They are not seen as simple spirits. No, they are seen, and venerated, as Gods. For so long has this been the way... but mankind is no longer content with this life. They wish to grow, to expand, to become something greater. And this... displeases the Spirits. They see Mankind as children, stumbling through the world, destroying as they grow, and so they must be kept in check.

Man is no longer content being seen as children, and are now ready to claim the world. Many do not agree, but a group called "The Church of Man" has come forward, promising the betterment of Mankind through more violent methods. They have grown quite the following, building a port settlement deep in the territory of the spirits. Freedom, Liberation, a world for Man. Humanity will become the Gods. No... they will create a world, where there are no more Gods.

Where this church came from, nobody really knows, but they will show the people that these are not Gods. They are nothing more than Beasts to be put down like any other. If they can kill one to begin with, it will surely show the people that this is the path, yes?


So yeah, basically a monster hunting RP with the theme of, the things being hunted are powerful Spirits who are treated like Gods as most, but technology is booming and new weapons are giving humanity the ability to actually fight them.

The world includes some minor magic, like enchantments or the use of magical gems that can do many different things, and more holy magic, such as priests who have 'divine' magic to heal the wounded, or the knowledge of how to truly kill a spirit. Pistols, Rifles, and Canons are newly devleoped, and while not the most reliable of weapons, they can be improved through further engineering development.

The players will decide which 'targets' they want to go after, which come in the form of requests from the different guilds of the town. Completing requests will allow the guilds to expand, and bring about perks that the hunters can make use of. Wanting better weapons is going to drive the group to help out the Smithing Guild. Better firearms, the Engineering guild. There are multiple guilds with multiple requests, and ignoring some for too long may cause them to lose favor with the church, or to simply get the job done through other means.

I'll go into more detail if there's enough people interested, so let me know.
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