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I did not hit her, it's bullshit I did not hit her I did not! Oh, hi Mark!
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I would suggest switching Helios to Apollo if you wanted to use him. It’s not that important but just a suggestion.

Sorry to be a nuisance but how much can he lift with his strength? 1,000 pounds is probably a good idea. Look at the other sheets for how to make the sheet look the same.

yeah, about 1,000 lbs sounds good.
There, edited.
So his main power would be strength of some kind? Is that what you wanted for the character? The divine lightning is more of a damage dealing thing than something empowering a person. If you really want that empowered thing, you could always give him epic strength?

Yes. To start with. I was thinking that some other attributes would improve over time as he became a demi god, then a god.
@ActRaiserTheReturned Be creative, it is up to you. I and OP came up with our relics on a mythological/cultural basis and both took a bit of liberty with them, you can make the same with the stones. Zeus is not really a good of electricity, he is more of a King/Judge. The Stones represented divine or regal bloodlines, so perhaps they could also give your char some sort of ability in that sector. Than again you could also go with a more sky focused ability since they were carried by Zeus divine eagles.
Another idea if you want to go with electricity would be a weapon infused with it. A birthright could also be modern so a magical gun that shoots lightning is not out of the question. It could be forged by Hephaestus out of Adamantine and imbued with Zeus divine lightning. All this are just suggestions however, create what you feel is right but be creative.
Also I have a question. You have written that your char is not good at sports yet he has athletics and was somehow able to defeat a whole gang of thugs?
Also I realize I sound a bit hostile but again, not my intention.

@Avanhelsing Sorry if I take to much of a liberty here, you are OP after all

He was able to beat the whole group of gang members because before he was infused with Zeus'es lightning he was just a good looking guy, now he's empowered by Zeus.
Looking good!

I might wait a bit before posting the OOC just to see if more people are interested.

So what do those magical stones called the Omphalous stones do?
@ActRaiserTheReturned I am not the OP here, but I guess he meant more than just add a highschool sweetheart. Also your artifact is pretty uncreative to be honest. Especially greek mythology has so many artifacts you could use to fit your purpose. Just an example, one of the Omphalos Stones, something like Zeus Aegis or not to mention the ton of artifacts the heroes like Perseus used.

@Duthguy I realize you already have artifacts but if you perhaps want something a bit more different or flashy than a sharp weapon have a look at this. These skull masks were apparently made from the skulls of great defeated warriors so perhaps your char could use one of them to summon the faceless spirit/zombie of its previous owner to fight for him. I just wanna make this suggestion because if im honest a especially sharp weapon is kind of boring and would be more fitting for a good of war. Also your char could still just wear a regular Macuahuitl.

Sorry to you both if I sound like I dislike your chars. That is not the case, I just wanted to make a few suggestions.

Alright. I thought Aegis might be too powerful.
That is true. I am not going to use my guy for this one. Make a non death god for a change. In setting, not saying you have to do this, but Teotl Scions get power if they use their sacrificial knives to offer their parents some blood. Perhaps that's how it works? And for the Macuahuitl, it could be supernaturally sharp? Like it can cut into things that it should not be able to?

Add a bit more info to the sheet and it should be alright. I am looking for a larger group.

@The Narrator
The Character looks great! I have no issues with the character from what I can see.

There, I improved my sheet.
Name: Jacob Henry Thureau
Age: 18 years old
Pantheon: Dodekathion
Divine Parent: Zeus
History: Jacob Henry Thureau was an ordinary student in High School, pretty good at his specialized areas of study, but not too good at anything else. He never had any interest in sports, and was pretty good at the arts. He thought he was just an ordinary person with a few interesting quirks, like everyone else, until he was struck with lightning one day, and came out changed.
His personality was the same, but he found that he was stronger, faster, and tougher. He felt more assertive and finally had the courage to ask his high school sweet heart on a date. Finally, Jacob asked her out to the prom, and he had the best day of his life. Eventually, however, Jacob discovered he was the son of Zeus. How this came to be was that one day, an entire gang of five thugs decided they wanted to take April, Jake's girlfriend for themselves. Jake obviously knew what they wanted, and he fought them all off unarmed, using the strength of Zeus. (Able to lift over 1,000 pounds).

Abilities/Skills: Athletics, History, Artistry, Politics, Medicine, Presence
Supernatural Abilities: When in the presence of electricity his endurance and health is stronger. He also has epic strength as the son of Zeus.
Birthrights: The Thunder Ring. . . allows him to manipulate electricity.
How many players are you looking for? I just got the Setting from Half Price books.
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