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Hey, so is there a discord channel for this RP? like 75% of my activity is on discord, it's a lot easier to communicate and coordinate stuff there imo. :D
If you put the translation in captions I would love to see that :^)

For a while now, Ava had been quiet. It’s not like she lost her voice or had her head in the clouds, she just didn’t know what to say. They were running around through the city, but it wasn’t their city, and every second she had to spend there was a second too much.

Even as Alex spoke to her, she could do nothing but nod to his questions. She was honestly impressed by how casually Alexander and Hakuro dealt with the situation as even when Ava suggested to go after laurence, it was just to keep her mind focused; it felt like her brain would explode if anything else showed up to question her entire existence.

And of course, right as she thought that, Alex dove to the floor followed by the shimmer of what had to be Laurence running straight past them. That was it, they’d hit rock bottom, if you looked really close, you could even see the smoke leaving Ava’s ears as she looked at the boys with dumbstruck eyes.

“A-are we sure that was Laurence? He didn’t see us? Uh, he must’ve been running for a reason right?” She quickly responded to Alex before looking where Laurence came from, hoping that nothing would appear.
Hiya folks, I'm very interested in joining this RP
I do have a few questions though, hope you don't mind me PMing you Haruharara :)

“Don’t feel like it...”

Snow said, her body curled up and eyes staring forward into deep space. As diligent as Ryuma had been, the smell of blood was ever lingering in the bathrooms, and the sound of an active shower was the only noise to fill the air. As Snow took a deep yet stuttery breath, she slowly rotated her head towards Ryuma, revealing two fatigued eyes that had yet to look completely alive. Her expression was not of terror or desperation, it was a tired face of defeat and solitude.

Slowly grabbing her towel and wrapping it around her tightly, she bend over forward, intent on getting up from the cold wet floor, but her trembling limbs proved quite a challenge. With every inch she moved, it felt like thorns pricking her legs, trying to make her collapse all over again. But looking at Ryuma shortly, Snow breathed in once more and mustered all her strength, shooting herself up from the ground.

“I’m gonna get clean clothes, it’s freezing here.” She dully spoke, walking out of the shower stall and past Ryuma. As she walked by the mirror, her head instinctively peered into it, though the foggy looking glass revealed nothing but a white and pink silhouette, perhaps for the best, so she kept walking. Before she could reach the exit though, she noticed something; turning around, she walked right past Ryuma again, albeit more swiftly this time. A shower was still running, and the stall door was closed, but there was nobody there but the two.

“Ryuma, why is this shower turned on?” She asked as she stood in front of the stall door with furrowed eyebrows.

Over at the crime scene, the chaos had not yet loosened its grip on everyone as they all tried to come to terms with the murder and make sense of it. And in the middle of them all stood Flare, her head tucked down and mind running in circles. She tried to rationalize what had happened in so many ways, but every attempt did nothing but make her more confused. Killing is never the answer, not a single time was it the solution to Flare, no matter what way she sliced it, it was wrong and unforgivable, and nobody should ever have to suffer from it.

This thought process kept up for some time, until someone bumped into her shoulder, snapping her back to reality. As Flare abruptly looked up, she was greeted by snow’s stiff body being carried by Ryuma, causing even more confusion. Snow was alive wasn’t she, then why was she like that? Seeing Ryuma carry her away like that, Flare wanted to run after them and ask, but instead, she looked at the body again and sighed.


Naomi was dead, and she died right here in this place; didn’t even get the chance to scream for help. ‘God knows I would’ve come running’ she thought to herself, yet all she could do now was remember her. And even then, thinking about it, Flare actually didn’t even get to know Naomi, not in the slightest; through some cruel fate, Flare had missed every interaction she could get so now, what was there to even remember? Nothing but the info on the e-pad.

Taking the pad into her hands, Flare started scrolling through the students, swiping right multiple times, until her finger stopped, it’s tip on the picture of the deceased. Yet as Flare read through the info, she spotted a tiny notification icon in the corner of the screen, and upon tapping it, something revealed itself.

“everyone! Check your E-pad!” She shouted holding hers above her head. “There’s information a-about Naomi.” As she spoke, she remembered Monokuma’s words.

“I’ll provide you with further instructions once the investigation time is up-”

“This monokuma file has info not unlike a case file you find in detective shows...I think we’re supposed to investigate, the bear said so; something to do with a class trial.” Though she still spoke calmly, her tone was somewhat high, slightly depicting a more desperate side.

There were footsteps; distant, but coming closer with each passing moment. As soon as Ava noticed it, her head slowly turned toward the noise; her breaths becoming shallower with each inhale, and then Hakuro appeared.

To be honest, Ava wasn’t sure what she expected to see, but it sure wasn’t the asian tarzan from yesterday. Though looking at him, his appearance did stir Ava’s thoughts. He was still wearing the ridiculous outfit from yesterday, so it might not be cosplay after all, but having a nimble guy like him around could come in handy, as his traversing skills could definitely be useful in these anomalous surroundings.

But as Ava was pondering about potential uses for hatman, her attention was suddenly pulled in by Alexander. He had been saying god knows what, and was now pressing his back against a wall, probably pretending to be a detective or sneaky dude or something; everyone had their own way to deal with stressful situations, but wasn’t that a little extreme? Maybe Ava was the odd one out, as her preferred way of dealing with stress involved facing it, followed by running towards it at full force, getting to the root of it, and pulling it out completely.

Unfortunately, she had not gotten such an opportunity, as her stress levels skyrocketed again due to the sudden voice appearing behind her, resulting in Ava releasing a squeaky yelp. When she turned around, her confusion once more reached peak levels, her glassy eyes barely able to register the bird in front of her. Really, blinking occasionally was the only sign that she was still alive as her entire body froze in front of the raven, who was talking with Hakuro; why was he not shocked by this entire scenario anyway?

The bird spoke again, but it’s words didn’t make sense at all, in fact, none of this made sense, not their surroundings, nor the raven itself. Ava would’ve been absolutely sure she was hallucinating if it wasn’t for Alexander and Hakuro experiencing the exact same events; to be honest, Ava wanted to slap them for actually making her believe the raven.

And then it mentioned something; it was Laurence. The sudden shock of being teleported to a different world completely stole her attention, but it was right after Ava and Alex followed him into the alley that it started; it was Laurence who got them stuck here. Ava looked up to the raven, her eyes regaining their spark, followed by a loud slap, both of her hands pushing against her cheeks as her eyes filled with determination.

“Let’s do it, let’s get to Laurence. If he stumbled into this place like us, he’ll be alone.” Her worried eyebrows raised slightly as she thought of what Laurence might be experiencing. “You two might not think much of it, but I would be terrified to be-” She clenched her fist as she looked to the ground for a second before pulling her chin up again. “I’d be scared.” Her cheeks still red and stinging from her little pep-up, Ava’s stress finally dimmed and the root had been pulled out as she walked up to Alex and softly punched his shoulder with a smile. “Besides, Alex is totally right, staying in this cramped corner won’t fix anything.”

“Ahaha, I know you’re trying to be stoic but, you’re not that reliable.” Ava joked with a smile layered in fear. It was easy to tell she was confused and scared as she cautiously surveyed her surroundings while holding her hands close to her heart. One second, she was running behind Alex as he chased after laurence for some reason or another, and the next, every living being in sight disappeared. It felt unreal and Ava was unsure whether it actually was. But although her knees were trembling, Ava tried to put considerable effort into keeping her composure, taking a deep breath in and out, and turning her gaze to Alexander.

Taking a step towards him, she extended her hand until it gently pushed against Alex’s chest. From her expression, it seemed like she was testing something, but as she looked at Alex, blinking a few times, she quickly retracted her hand.
“Answer a few questions for me won’t ya?” Although she still sounded confused and on edge, a sparkle in her eyes revealed a sense of curiosity emerging. “Laurence just disappeared behind a corner that leads nowhere, and when you went after him, we uhh…” She raised her arm to point towards the sky. “The sky turned green, and all the cars and people disappeared right?” As soon as she finished her question, she stared at Alex for multiple seconds before starting to walk back and forth, frantically mumbling to herself.

“Please, just confirm I’m not going crazy over here.” She snapped at Alex, who returned nothing but a grim, stoney glare. His eyes honestly looked a bit dead as she continued to pace, murmuring to herself before being interrupted by a firm grip. Looking up, she saw Alex looking down at her, perpetually looking pissed off per usual.

"You aren't, but we can't just loaf around here like a buncha' chucklenuts." Eloquent as usual as she felt Alex gently tug her arm with that same steely expression he always had, though she swore he looked a tad softer at the moment. "We need to get going if we are going to find a way out of here; lets walk and talk."

Still dazed by their circumstances, Ava looked up at the tall boy. It was somewhat comforting to know she wasn’t all alone, and that combined with her curiosity to find out what’s going on gave her enough courage to start walking. “Y-yeah sure.”

A scream, a banshee’s cry that could pierce the walls of every cabin on the island. It was not a scream of anger or excitement, it was terror, and it’s arrival made Flare shoot up from her sleep out of anxiety. “Lilly...did you hear that?” She asked with a gruff voice that had not had the time to wake up yet. “That didn’t sound pleasant, I want to see what’s going on.” Rubbing her eyes, she began to drop her feet on the ground. Looking at the nightstand, she grasped for her jacket, but as she pulled her arm into one of the sleeves, that familiar TV lit up again.

“A body has been discovered!”

Flare froze. Despite having put on her jacket, a frozen chill crawled through her entire body. As she slowly turned her head to Lilly, she could see the fear in Flare’s eyes. With the sound of the handcuff dropping to the floor, Flare darted out of the cabin at breakneck speed, staring into the distance, and to the crowd surrounding Naomi’s cabin. But as she closed the distance, each step became smaller than the last, until her movement had completely halted in front of the crowd.

“What is this? Why are you all standing here?” Her voice was quiet, and it took every ounce of will she had to take the necessary steps forward and look inside the cabin, only to regret ever doing so. It was true, a body had been discovered, and this wasn’t a prank or a sick joke anymore; it was real. Clenching her fists, Flare looked closer at Naomi, at her pale skin and her unmoving position, to the cut at her throat. It was disgusting, absolutely horrible, and as she kept looking, her fists turned white and as a question brewed inside of her.

“...Who did this?”
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